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Why Sean Hannity Shouldn't Be in ‘Caitlyn' Jenner's Corner

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 10, 2021 4:30 pm

Why Sean Hannity Shouldn't Be in ‘Caitlyn' Jenner's Corner

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Well, a quick word to Sean Hannity.

Sir, you don't try to win a battle by surrendering the war. It's time for The Line of Fire with your host, activist, author, international speaker, and theologian, Dr. Michael Brown, your voice of moral, cultural, and spiritual revolution. Michael Brown is the director of the Coalition of Conscience and President of Fire School of Ministry. Get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Friends, I am not your online pastor, functioning as a pastor, doing my best to be a pastor of an online flock, although we do our best to minister the Word to you with grace and truth. I'm not on the air primarily to be the evangelist of the hour, mainly doing outreach broadcasts. I thank God for the many fine pastors on the air and the many fine evangelists on the air.

I'm not even here exclusively to teach the Word, although I thank God for the many fine teachers that are there. I am here by God's will and with your interest. I am here as your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity. I am here as your voice of moral, cultural, and spiritual revolution. I'm here by God's calling on the radio in terms of why we're doing what we're doing, and in our video broadcast to do my best to speak to what is happening in the culture and the world around us based on the Word of God, with the help of the Spirit of God, and always exalting Jesus. With that intro, welcome to the broadcast.

Michael Brown, delighted to be with you. Here's a number to call if you want to weigh in on any of the hot topics we'll be talking about today. 866-34-TRUTH, 866-348-7884. For those watching, we'll actually show you footage of a pastor being arrested on the streets of Canada, his crime inciting people to gather illegally. Yep, tell you about a British chaplain fired from his job and reported to the government's anti-terrorist organization, his crime bringing a Christian message in a school, a private school supposedly that has a Christian ethos, and an encouraging letter from a parliamentary member in Canada, encouraging a father who suffered for seeking to do what is right for his teenage daughter, encouraging his father who at that moment was in jail.

A lot to talk about. Let me remind you that Jesus is Lord. That doesn't change. Let me remind you that all authority in heaven and earth belongs to him. That doesn't change. Let me remind you that the Word of God is eternally true, that we God's people in him are overcomers, that we are indwelt by the Holy Spirit, that we're promised challenges and difficulty, even hatred, persecution, for the gospel in this world. That's a given.

That's a given. It's also a given that light shines in darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it. So we're going to be talking about some heavy things and some things that are negative and even discouraging.

But ultimately, to me, this reminds us of the truth of the Word, reminds us of the spiritual conflict that we're in. I'm not mad at those who identify as transgender. You'll see where I'm mentioning that in a moment because of the interview with Sean Hannity and Bruce Caitlyn Jenner. I'm not mad at transgenders or gay activists. I believe in their mind they're fighting for what they believe is right and best, not just for themselves, but for others.

They don't want to see others mistreated the way they were mistreated, hated, even violently attacked, and therefore they stand for what they stand for. I understand that and I stand for what I stand for, knowing that this is the message of truth and love that the whole world needs. So my goal is not to get you angry on a kitchen. No, it's not in me to do so. If I speak to you out of my own heart by the Spirit, I said by the Spirit, praying for God's grace and anointing of wisdom as I speak.

It's like an insight, hatred, anger, murderous, venomous attitude. I could go burn a building down, but you may get on your knees and pray. You may feel a holy outrage that causes you to stand for what's right and best for your family and to reach out to those that differ. So let's be world changers.

Let's not just get upset, but in Jesus, let's be world changers. Okay, Sean Hannity does an exclusive interview with quote Caitlyn Jenner last week. I want to just run the beginning. They play a campaign video. Jenner running for governor of California has announced that to oust Governor Gavin Newsom as they have enough votes for the recall and in certain ways standing for conservative values. Yeah, so a campaign video is played. You know, making Jenner out to be a champion is going to stand for what's right and even fight for pastor's rights to gather during COVID, you know, all these kinds of things and then the interview starts.

So I want to play the beginning and then just a little bit of an excerpt or two from the interview. Here we go. Caitlyn Jenner now joins us. Wait a second after that opening. Yeah, I'm out of here. That's the campaign. I'm moving on. Yeah, that was the scariest thing I've ever heard.

My friends have leaving California actually worked my hair. The guy across right over everything. He was packing up his hanger. I said, where are you going? And he says, I'm moving to Sedona, Arizona. I can't take it anymore.

I can't walk down the streets and see the homeless. But girls, transgender sports, people that like joy that say the wrong thing. Joy that says, you know, I mentioned a second ago, my mom sometimes, you know, when she gets upset, you know, she I don't have a problem with that. The community has a bigger problem with that than I do. I stick with my statements that I made. I think we have to make sure that the integrity of girls sports is there.

I think that's extremely important how you came down on the sports side of the issue. I don't know why to be honest with you. I don't know why they keep asking that.

What do you think, Sean? I don't know. Why do they keep asking me that question? Great question.

Okay. This is what I would describe as trying to win a battle by surrendering the war. This is saying, hey, Bruce Jenner slash Caitlyn Jenner. Jenner is now famous transgender icon famous as a sports hero before that. Now is a transgender icon and therefore many on the left would like Jenner and now Jenner is opposed to Gavin Newsom and the crazy policies in California. So to paraphrase the old saying the enemy of my enemy is my friend, right? So Jenner is an enemy of Newsom so to say becomes a friend of Sean Hannity. Well, you can be friends. You can love somebody even care for them.

Love your neighbors yourself and all that. Jenner may be a decent human being in many ways, but you do not lead a conservative movement as a major voice, right? He's one of the most watched, listened to conservative voices in America and proudly identifies as Catholic, right? Sean Hannity. You don't now welcome a transgender icon on your show as Caitlyn. Any references to Jenner where to she her either from from Hannity or the narrator leading things in you've already capitulate.

There's a discussion. Well, look, they're bigger issues than gender pronouns and they both agree with that and hang on. Of course, they're bigger issues than gender pronouns, but there's a whole agenda with this and you don't capitulate on the whole agenda because someone says things about you have biological boys in sports. They shouldn't be allowed to to compete with girls. That's what Jenner says.

Why do they keep asking? Well, obviously they keep asking because he was an Olympic hero now transgender. What does he have to say about that? Yeah, biological boys shouldn't compete with girls in sports.

Well, if they're biological boys, then he's a biological male and you don't refer to a biological male as a she or her here the campaign video they played. Here's here's a line from Jenner. I wanted to carry the torch for the parents who had to balance work and their child's education for business owners who are forced to shut down for pastors who are not able to be with their congregation. Well, I appreciate that Stan, but we do not need a transgender activist to fight for for pastors and religious freedom. You say no Mike you're missing the whole point. This is the brilliance of it.

You see you get someone who's on that side and then you use them to expose the bankruptcy on the other side. No to repeat that is like winning a battle by surrendering the war. Could you imagine in the first days when it was announced that Bruce Jenner was becoming Caitlyn and woman of the year. I don't think Sean Hannity was referring to him as her or she back then. I don't think that Sean Hannity back then would have said. Oh, yes, Caitlyn.

Of course, we are and we'll have her on the air and celebrate her campaign for governor of California. I mean look this is the largest societal confusion that we're dealing with. This is the larger reason why many kids are confused.

Well, the education system is turned upside down. I'm just looking at a headline on National Review from minutes ago. Biden HHS Health and Human Services redefine sex as non-biological in new anti-discrimination rule change.

I mean, this is major massive. No sex is not biological. Sex is what you perceive it to be. Do you realize where this ultimately goes and then with the Equality Act looming, which would completely gut religious freedoms in America in a large part of the battle being over transgender quote rights. You do not embrace someone as transgender. You embrace them as an individual care for them love them, but you do not embrace them on your platform as she her Caitlyn when it is a biological male.

You have parts of the issue here lines like this. I just pulled this out. I love this country. I'm a patriarch.

I love this state. I can't go to my hair salon. Bruce Jenner would be a patriarch in sports except he now identifies as she as Caitlyn has had sex change surgery. So how can she be a patriarch and if you're a patriarch, you'll go to a hair salon. You won't refer to it as a hair salon.

So this is this is part of the larger mess large confusion. Remember Professor Jordan Peterson before he became internationally well-known before he became internationally celebrated as a brilliant conservative intellectual when he found out that laws in Canada were going to mandate speech and say for example that if if Caitlyn Jenner was a student in a school that he would have to refer to him as her so government enforced speech. He said I'm not going to comply if they force me they find me I won't pay it.

They put me in jail. I'll go under hunger on a hunger strike. He said I won't do it. I'm not gonna let the government mandate my speech. So it's not even what you can't say but what you must say that goes even further which you must say and he's especially when some radical ideologues behind it. Well, that's what Sean Hannity just did in the show because the platform did normalizes nobody deal. Hey, if it's perfectly fine for the most watched conservative TV broadcast in America to give a platform to Caitlyn Jenner and welcome her as her right welcome him as her and celebrate the common goals you're fighting for Etc.

You've surrendered you've surrendered the war and in the process it is a big big mistake. We've watched this happen for years now and now once again repeating the cycle when are we going to learn? It's the ideology. It's the ideology. That's the issue. I pray for God's best for Bruce Jenner. I don't demonize him.

Like I said, he may be a decent human being in many ways and obviously went through some internal pain to do what he did. But please it's the ideology. That's the battle.

That's the issue. It's the line of fire with your host. Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire 866-342 truth truth.

Yeah, true and truth before I take calls and get into some other matters here a few years back Prager. You which is so brilliant and does such an amazing job of putting out high quality video after high quality video. Just dealing with key issues in the society and getting great thought leaders on and multiracial multi-ethnic and in five minutes, they put things together animated form really easy to listen to the hundreds of millions of views of their videos. So a few years ago. They made the mistake of doing a video. So I got approved by the folks that sort of stopped it and it was a gay conservative and he was saying I'm a Christian first American second conservative third and gay fourth and the strategy was to try to open the eyes of those on the left to the right being more inclusive and to challenge some of the ideology Etc. So there was a an uproar over this and I was involved in the middle of this. In fact, this is what birthed our consider this videos. It was out of this that that we got some funding to start putting out videos like this of our own. So we were able to do a number of those starting with can you be gay and Christian and Prager never advertised once it was out. They realized it was a mistake never pushed it advertised it thereafter. And so we I never made a public issue of it either the fact is I bring it up now because it's the same ideological error that LGBTQ activism remains the principal threat to freedom of religion speech and conscience in America and around the world many nations around the world.

It is it is not because of some monstrous power that gay activists have it because of the solidarity that they have in the business world the solidarity they have in the media and Hollywood and things like that that there is there is solidarity for the cause and therefore it has become the cause and those who differ will be demonized. In fact, guys, let's let's switch over to the situation in the in the UK. And let me read through this press release.

All right, just just saw this news today actually earlier today. So it's a press release from Christian concern in in England a school chaplain reported to terrorist watchdog and forced out of job for sermon on identity politics. Okay, Christian chaplains launch legal action after being reported to the government's terrorist watchdog and losing his job for delivering a sermon in a school chapel that encourage respect and debate on quote identity ideologies supported by the Christian legal consent to Reverend. Dr. Bernard Randall 48 who is ordained in the Church of England and as a former chaplain of Christ College Cambridge is taking Trent College to court for discrimination harassment victimization and unfair dismissal and employment tribunal hearing is expected to be heard at East Midlands employment tribunal from 14th June 2021 in June 2018 the independent school, which has a quote Protestant and Evangelical Church of England ethos invited the leader of educate and celebrate activist organization Ellie Barnes into the school to train staff. The aim was to teach staff on how they could quote embed gender gender identity and sexual orientation into the fabric of your school. Miss Barnes openly declares that the ethos of educate and celebrate is quote to completely smash heteronormativity.

That's what we want to do. Dr. Randall whose job description declared his role to be the particular voice and embodiment of Christian values which were at the heart of Trent's ethos was alarmed when during the training Miss Barnes instructed staff to chant smash heteronormativity. Furthermore Miss Barnes were only informed staff that quote gender identity is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act. So anyway, he raised concerns. He was assured by the head teacher that he'd be involved in a decision-making process found out that the school adopted policies without his input. They thought well he he might disagree so they left him out. So after asking students what subjects they'd like to hear in his sermons during the summer term Christian Chapel Services.

Dr. Randall was approached by a student who asked him whether he would address quote. How come we're told we have to accept all this LGBT stuff in a Christian school. So so now let's let's hear from this chaplain himself in his words as he describes what happened and tells you about the sermon that he preached that caused him to lose his job and get reported to the anti-terrorist arm of the British government to repeat. I am not making this up.

Let's listen. I never ever thought that giving a sermon would lead to me being dismissed and reported for prevent and safeguarding and treated in such a way. Yeah, so here's the background details so mind-blowing. I was thinking I'm not going to work again because I've been accused of being a terrorist. This is the sermon I gave in June 2018. But remember that religious belief is just as protected in law as sexual orientation and no one has the right to discriminate against you or be abusive towards you. Yeah told by the school that his sermon undermined the school's agenda comprehend how I'd done anything so wrong that I needed to be suspended ruffled a few feathers maybe but then as a Christian minister sometimes that's your job. No one should be discriminated against simply for who he or she is.

There was not a word of violence. I wasn't stirring up anything except respect when ideologies compete. We should not descend into abuse. We should respect the beliefs of others. I meant what I said respect people you disagree with love your neighbor and the fact that in this day and age a sermon should be deemed effectively blasphemous by other people which is never have occurred to me before this happened but that could be something that would happen in 21st century Britain, which I thought was a liberal tolerant society.

Yeah, there's a reason we've been warning about this for years. There's a reason we've been documenting street preachers in England getting arrested simply for sharing what the Bible says about marriage and family and sexuality. The only thing that surprises me is that this pastor who seemed quite guileless and what he did in other words. Hey, let's let's address the issue say it's fine to differ fine to have open debate. Just be respectful and loving towards one another. You don't just have to accept everything be it about the Christian faith or about the Muslim faith or about Brexit in politics or about LGBT issues.

Let's have open discussion. That's what Christians do. That's what he's saying in a sermon.

So very guileless in that respect he had differences and spoke to them and students asked him to but in a way that everyone should able to say. Yeah, that's fair. That's gracious. That's Christian. That's what we'd expect you to do sir city gets fired reported to to anti-terrorist government organization. The only issue I have is to be that shocked that it happened.

I'm glad he was that shocked and that he came into this innocently in that regard. But here let me give an example of something in 2006 Mel White. Dr. Mel White publishes a book called religion gone bad. We'll put it up on the screen for those watching religion gone bad subtitle the hidden dangers of the Christian right September 7 2006.

That's the release date shows on the picture here on Amazon religion gone bad the hidden dangers of the Christian right. So dr. Mel White was a well-known fuller seminary professor. He was a fine Bible teacher pastor was a ghostwriter for Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell married with children and then came out saying I've always been attracted to men. He went through counseling. He went through electroshock therapy. He went through exorcism and everything and when nothing changed and he was trying to commit suicide his failed to succeed but tried to commit suicide. He and his wife agreed to an amicable divorce and she even wrote a forward for his book where he tells his story and he became maybe the best-known quote gay Christian activist working tirelessly for years to change views on this and then in 2006 wrote the book religion gone bad. That was the title of it.

Well, then I saw a few years later. He had another book out because I was getting his books and reading trying to understand where he was coming from and be able to respond in a biblical and Godly and gracious way. So look at this new book that he puts out. All right, the title is holy terror lies. The Christian right tells us to deny gay equality with a date of May 22nd 2012. So almost six years later holy terror the lies Christian right tells us to deny gay equality. He calls it holy terror very strong words. Okay.

So here's the shocker. It's the same book. It's basically the same book.

How do I know because I have both of them. I had religion gone bad. I read good parts of it and I start reading holy terror. It's like isn't that the same illustration used in this other book and read a little bit more.

Wait a second. It's basically the same book but over six years his tone got even more militant even more extreme. Now warning not about this religion going bad, but about Christian terrorists, right? I mean, what other word are you going to put on it Christian terrorists? He if he said calls it holy terror and he said my Christians who believe that the Bible says that marriage is union of one man and one woman and that God created men for women and women for men and that this is his intent and that and that God is against gay sex and gay relationships while he loves the people he's against that. If that is quote holy terror, then those who hold to that these Christians who hold to it would by his definition then be Christian terrorists. So I'm not the least bit surprised that this pastor for preaching that message gets reported because that's the that's the lie that's being sold. These are violent extremists and they're dangerous. No, we love Jesus.

We love our neighbor and we're going to preach the truth. But friends how many times for how many years do we have to say? It's been wake-up time. The alarm sounded years ago more than a decade ago longer than that.

It sounded and some are still a nap some more. No friend no time for them. No time for that back with your calls and more. It's the line of fire with your host. Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling eight six six three four truth. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire, you know, oh couple years back. There is a publicist who wanted to get me on a major conservative show TV show and he said one of the other the guy had multiple TV producers. So there any number you could try to imagine who I'm talking about. I'm not giving specifics for reasons here, but big shows like that have multiple producers and I was told the challenge is that there's some really aggressive gay producers working with this show and it's going to be hard to get me on from this perspective.

Perspective of biblical family values when it comes to sexuality. So there's a lot of sellout. There's a lot of compromise along the way in many many many different circles. And that's why it's it's unfortunate but it's not a shock to see Sean Hannity embrace Bruce Jenner as Caitlin as she as her it's not a surprise that this would happen there.

I don't know behind the scenes what goes on who his producers are or aren't whether I was talking about him or not. You'll just have to guess and wonder but this type of stuff is not uncommon. This is not uncommon. Okay, we go over to the phone starting with Dan in New Brunswick Canada. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi, Dr. Brown.

How you doing doing? Well, thanks great on on the the interview just just a comment. I watched the interview and I'm a conservative believer. I certainly don't believe that Caitlyn Jenner is it. Yeah, it's Caitlyn. That's Bruce Jenner. But but Bruce's policies versus I think the interview is great.

I think it was it was fantastic. I think he should be voted in his policies are wonderful. Now here's here's my question and and you know, I could be wrong here but you had supported Donald Trump. You did warn believers about idolatry some of Trump's, you know, less than Godly character traits. So what separates a Donald Trump who I mean the man's a blatant pervert. What separates him from Bruce Jenner other than the transgender issue other than that, right?

Yeah. So first the first thing is that he was not that when you say is a blatant pervert. I don't know what you mean by that perverts a very strong word, but there were issues with his speech and his character that were concerning that I could address as for the fundamental stands. He was taking in the major Hills.

He was willing to die on those were the hills to me that that had to be foundational. If for example, he had been pro-abortion or liberal on abortion and never would have voted for him if he had been vocally actively pro-lgbt instead of somewhat of a mixed bag there. I wouldn't voted for him if he had not stood with Israel the way he did. I wouldn't voted from there are the three fundamental things for me, which are lines that can't be crossed just for me when I vote one is abortion. The other is is family values, which includes sexuality and the other is standing with Israel. So if a candidate may be a little weak on one but rocks out on the others and I have to evaluate that candidate versus others.

I might evaluate but but otherwise I'm looking for be able to check off all three strongly and transgender issue to you is a it's a deal-breaker was massive. It's I've been warning for over 15 years that the principal threat to freedom of religion, speech and conscience in America. I could say Canada. I could say Australia. I could say UK and other places. The principal threat to freedom of religion speech and conscience is LGBT activism.

It was initially LGB activism when I was sound of the alarm the tea has been added to it. So you could go to jail for several years in Norway go to jail in Norway. Let's say I on the air I made reference to Bruce Jenner as he so I know what I'm doing. I know what I'm saying. I could potentially go to jail for doing that.

It's been the law in New York City for a couple years now that if I did that in the workplace, I could be fined up to $250,000. You have various states now didn't know that you have various states fighting for girls sports that are now having to pass laws saying. Okay, a biological boy cannot compete side-by-side with a biological girl. We're about to have controversy potential in the Olympics where some of the stars and female sports that might take a lifelong dream of a gold medal away from someone.

A woman that's worked to be the best could go to males who identify as female. The list goes on on the whole case. I mentioned with Jordan Peterson in Canada, you know Rob Hoogland who just got out of jail because of the strong activity of his lawyer after being sentenced to six months in jail and I think a $30,000 fine when I talked to him face to face in 2019. He was ordered by the court not to refer to his daughter as she or use her name even in the privacy of his home. And if he was found doing that he could be arrested. So you're in Canada.

Yeah in Canada. Just just search for Rob Hoogland h o o g l a n d and the whole thing that launched Jordan Peterson in Chinese International Fame was was when the law was passed nationally about use of pronouns and when he said, yeah, so so this is now I got you know, I understand it's the larger ideology that is such a terrible threat. Now, let's break it down one step further the ones that suffer the most of the kids. So there is increasing confusion with young people, especially many teenagers teenage girls struggle with their bodies. They don't feel right and it's pretty as the other girl.

Why am I fat or just the changes that come to them as they're growing up? I mean, this is very common. You now have what's called rapid-onset gender dysphoria. It's becoming like a plague where you have maybe 15 16 year old girls who have never previously identified as male or thought they were male or always happy being girls. Now, they're actually questioning their gender identity and now they're being diagnosed with quote gender dysphoria and there are now girls 20 years old that have had full mastectomies and say what did I what in the world did I do especially they found it with girls with maybe mild autism and further, you know body identity issues that in group whole groups. They've been coming out saying we now identify as transgender to the point that the British physicians have had to say we got to slow this whole thing down because the policy had been that if you've got a 10 year old you say that yeah, that kid is gender dysphoria. Let's put them on hormone blockers to stop the onset of puberty and potentially make them infertile for life.

But let's do this and now they're being told wait and see let things develop longer. Yeah, so there's the larger agenda the Equality Act in America. If that passes that effectively guts religious freedoms. So for example, if your church is is used your church building is used for weddings gay couple comes you must allow them to have a wedding. Otherwise, you're discriminating you have a Christian preschool for kids three four years old for the parents to drop off while they go on the work before the kids go to kindergarten and I come in, you know, very obvious male with a mustache wearing a dress identifying as Michelle and otherwise qualified for the job.

You'd be required to hire me. Otherwise, you're discriminating against me Michelle Brown. Yeah, it doesn't doesn't ring right doesn't ring, right? Yeah. Yes, so so that that's why I love your question and I'm so glad you asked it but that's that's ultimately ultimately the issue and Jenna in the interview did say that he's been Progressive, you know in other ways his whole life and then conservative in some so to me is a massive mistake a massive ideological mistake and like I said, I have to agree.

Yeah with that you so you you may win a battle because Bruce Jenner is saying yeah boy should not compete with girls in sports, but you've you've surrendered the war. Hey Dan, thank you for questioning me on this and allowing me to explain. I appreciate it. You bet. You're very welcome. All right, eight six six three four truth. Yeah. All right.

Thanks for the note guys. Jenner also became pro-gay marriage in 2017 after being against it previously. You say hey look better to get rid of Gavin Newsom. Well, maybe we're there's a lesson we're supposed to learn here. Maybe there's something we could we could learn from all of this. Maybe there's a lesson we could learn from our experiences with Donald Trump or act in the end his shortcomings his failings his actions. His words became his worst enemy and then became the enemy the Republican Party, which is why two candidates ultimately lost in Georgia.

They may not have been the strongest candidates anyway, but you wouldn't be talking about the Equality Act passing and other things happening because of the 50-50 split in the Senate is still have been 5248 Republican Democrat, but once you're you're you're attacking the Republican officials in Georgia and calling people enemy of the state and throwing Mike Pence under the bus and and and the day of the storming of the Kappa and all this other stuff going on. Okay, okay their consequences. So when you think of Trump if he had humbled himself and repent it of acting like a school child look none of my grandkids.

Okay, the youngest is 14 now none of my grandkids. If if I if I saw them talking to others the way Trump talk to national leaders or talk to local reporters or whatever. I'd be I'd be shocked and mortified be shocked and mortified if they did it five years ago.

When they were you know, nine and twelve and fifty I'd be shocked if they did it then. So there are consequences for bad behavior and to the extent we just identify with a candidate. Okay, fine. If you say I'm not thinking about God. I'm not thinking about about Christian views. I'm not thinking all I'm thinking about is a political thing which candidates better and I know that I'm a citizen of a heavenly kingdom in this world and the world's messed up either way. So I'm just voting pragmatically and I'm not putting my trust in a candidate. I'm not identifying with a candidate.

I'm just choosing between just like going to the restaurant and get an appetizer for this comment. So for that whatever that's how that's how I'm voting. Okay, that's that's your call. That's that's obviously your call. But now when Christians are going to strongly identify with a candidate, that's our man. That's our woman. That's the one then we make a big mistake.

Then we make a big mistake. All right. Okay, Mike in Greenville.

I'm coming your way next. We've got a break in a few seconds, but I want to let's just show this footage. Let's just roll this footage from Canada.

Okay as I'm speaking as we come to the break. I want to roll some footage. This is Pastor Arthur Pulaski in Canada. You see him if you're watching he's on the street being handcuffed on his knees in a suit and tie by Canadian police and you'll see him then dragged away after that. They arrested him as he pulled away from church.

The charges were inciting people to assemble illegally. I mean, it's shocking footage. He's in a prison cell right now as I understand it shocking footage. Now, he's calling the Nazis and Gestapo. You might say he's he's provocateur when they came to his church building and basically marched in an Easter and and he was able to get them out just with the force of his voice kept calling Nazis. Well, he comes from Poland and any and he saw the reality of communism there and what things were like and knew of the ideology of the Nazis. So in his mind, that's how he's being treated.

I don't know him at all, but it's still shocking footage. This is over covid issues in Canada. It's the line of fire with your host activist author international speaker and theologian. Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual Revolution. Get into the line of fire now by calling 866-342 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks friends for joining us on the line of fire again. I don't know all the background with the pastor in Canada all the situation. I do know that they continue to meet during covid restrictions. He was then threatened with arrest and arrested for quote inciting illegal assembly and handcuffed on the streets as I understand it rather than going back to the church building.

He was arrested once he drove away and handcuffed on the streets. It's it's a crazy day in which we're living. I don't know all the ways in which these things were handled. I do understand the desire to be safe during a pandemic. I also understand this massive government overreach and overreaction. So we will continue to monitor that 866-342 and I've got some encouragement from Canada. I'm going to share a letter with you in a moment. But first to the phones we go to Mike in Greenville, South Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire.

Well, hello, Dr. Brown. Thank you for your show. Sure.

Thank you. The bit to me the biblical aspect of this is very clear first. The Bible's very clear about the fear of the Lord being the beginning of wisdom and addressing the issues and and the evils of it. God's very clear an example of Sodom and Gomorrah, and I'm convinced there were probably three types of people other than lot his family. Who who did escape sectors wife obviously, but the three types that remained in some of the more I'm convinced were the ones that were the homosexuals committing the abominations.

Then there was a group of residents that were supportive in light of being fairness. And then the third group of the were the ones that were they were against it, but they tolerated it and for those that have read the Bible they know the outcome and that's dangerous for America. And if we look back in history at one time in America, not only was homosexuality illegal if convicted it carried the death penalty. So our founders and early Americans knew that not only the evils them being given over to a reprobate mind, but the dangers for the nations that the nations that tolerate it. Yeah, and yeah, let me just jump in like and obviously as you're kind of reflecting and speculating and what would be going on in society, right you are painting a picture of where we are right because you're either you want to be fair-minded and open-minded and so on you end up affirming even celebrating things that are in of themselves evil wrong destructive now look please please hear me and I want to expand on something Mike was saying, but please hear me for a moment. The issue is not simply what someone does in the privacy of their home.

The issue is not simply who a person is attracted to the issue is how something ultimately affects the rest of society. Hey Mike, thank you. Thank you for your call. And and let me let me further comment on that. Let me explain. You may have a gay couple next door that the nicest neighbors, you know and trust totally trustworthy if you needed someone to hey, could you be on the lookout? I'm getting this package is expensive package.

I think it's going to be coming today. Oh, we're home. You bet you bet where your eyes when you're out. They are reliable. They are trustworthy. They're friendly.

They're just great couple except it's a man with a man or a woman with woman. Otherwise, I mean nice people or they're raising an adopted child or a child from a previous marriage and they just love that kid. I don't doubt that for a second. I don't doubt that that some of the nicest people in society hardest-working, you know, best friends family members, whatever identify as gay or lesbian or bisexual transgender.

I doubt that for a second. However, the issue is once you've and then there are others who are engaged in every kind of sexual perversion the same with heterosexuals. The point is the point is it's not just something happening in the privacy of someone's home. It's something now that redefines the meaning of marriage for the whole society. See it's where it goes.

It's where it goes. Just the act itself is sinful and wrong in God's sight. Absolutely true a man to be with a man woman to woman is a fundamental violation of God's order design plan. Absolutely true.

No doubt about that. But the the issue now becomes how it flows out into society indoctrination of children and schools from from preschool on up intimidation on college campuses attack on religious freedoms redefining of marriage. Now laws that would would make it discriminatory to say that a boy can't compete in girls sports and on and on. That's this how does it affect society's all that's why God began to lay this on my heart in 2004. Reach out to the people with compassion resist the agenda with courage.

It's the agenda. That's the issue. Yeah, it's true about Sodom. I'll read from Ezekiel chapter 16 that this was not the only issue says in Ezekiel 16. 49 this was the guilt of your sister Sodom. She and her daughters had pride excess of food and prosperacies, but did not aid the poor and needy. They were haughty and did an abomination before me.

So I removed them when I saw it. So so there you have it all these other things are there first and then that kind of gives place to the final manifestation of the abomination committed. Obviously homosexual acts rampant, but it's the other things that are singled out first pride excess of food.

Prosperous ease not eating the poor and needy haughty and did the abomination. Let's look at America for all those other things then ask maybe this is a process of how we got where we are. Okay word of encouragement from Canada. So Rob Hoogland in prison for violating court order referring to his daughter and the treatments that she was getting and how why he was opposing her transgender transition. So he's in jail and Derek Sloan conservative parliamentarian in parliamentarian in Canada wrote to him.

And let's put this on the screen dear Rob. So sorry to hear about your recent turn of events stay strong. The biggest changes come from government overreach like this. You will gain far more notoriety for your public fight on this and on this issue than if you had remained silent. This is a tough time but know that you were in the hearts and minds of many. I spoke personally with Pastor James Coates who was also in jail the spring covid certain holding services during covid and he really wants to reach out to you.

Your team is busy looking to get you a crack criminal defense lawyer who got him out of prison for now. This is a low point but it's things like this that will cause your plight to spread in the government to eventually break stay strong. And for now just focus on getting through this whatever you have to do just stay cool. Stay calm and take one day at a time. You're in all of our prayers Genesis 49 18.

I look for your deliverance Lord. What a great letter what a great letter from someone who understands what happens. It is government overreach like this. It is this these extremes which then make martyrs out of individuals. It's just some guy trying to go about his business and do what's best for his daughter's teenage daughter and and someone else, you know, pastor in England. Just trying to answer questions from a student's a chaplain and speaking at a school a street preacher. These people are not intending to be known nationally little and internationally.

They're not expecting to lose jobs or go to jail, but it's what happens and when enough of it happens people begin to wake up. Look I'm all for doing whatever can be done to keep people safe during a pandemic and with dear friends of mine in India. I've been checking in with them regularly.

How you doing? Because a few of them had covid one lost a loved one one of the Christian ladies. We worked with there for many many years close with her and her husband actually baptized them when they were teenagers. Her mom passed away covid related just a few weeks ago. A number of the family members gone through having the virus.

It's ravaging India Christians are dying as well. I am all for doing whatever can be done to keep people safe. But there are many many reasons to question various government policies many many reasons whether it was Trump or Biden or Fauci or someone else or the CDC or the HW the who there are many reasons to question things and you can't even question now if you if you're governor DeSantis of Florida and you put a video on YouTube just saying hey others have different views, you know Harvard MIT Stanford whatever the scholars scientists are from they've got different views different approaches and the video gets removed.

There's a reason for questioning things. Look there was just a boxing match in Texas this past in Dallas this past Saturday night that had the largest indoor crowd ever. So it's a stadium with a roof on it largest indoor crowd ever for a boxing match like 74,000 people.

That's in one place in Texas. Why because they've relaxed the restrictions and Florida had an event both mixed martial arts combat sports related. This is a couple of weeks ago couple Saturdays ago, and they had a 15 something thousand people and they were body-to-body.

I imagine the vast majority weren't wearing masks. So you get states questioning things then you have a pastor saying we're going to go on and hold our services and getting arrested for it. There are lots of things that bring society to a breaking point. Our goal is not some armed revolution. So why do you talk about revolution?

I've talked about revolution for years because I'm talking about a gospel-based moral and cultural revolution and that happens when when people say enough is enough. No, no not to pick up weapons to take up the cross and follow Jesus and say enough is enough with us living compromised lives. We're going to stand and do what's right regardless of cost or consequence. That's what disciples do. And when the government continues to overreach people ultimately say enough is enough. Let it be in a peaceful Godly Jesus way. Let us set that example. Another program powered by the Truth Network.
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