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Americans Need Hope

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 25, 2020 5:00 pm

Americans Need Hope

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 25, 2020 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/25/20.

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The Line of Fire
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Heard a preacher say without faith it's impossible but without hold its improbable stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866343866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown plucking friends to quantify great to be with you today. I will speak about hope and encouragement about having a vision about having some sense of confidence purpose going forward will talk about politics which parties bring hope in the hearts and minds of its appearance, followers, and what he calls, 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 so any question of any kind, like we do on Friday is we never get everybody on Friday when open the phones again today so anything on-call about Bible theology, politics, culture, whatever you want to talk to me. Give me a call 86634.

Truth is number to call okay. One major thing I want to draw attention to grab this paper here. The SPLC, the Southern poverty Law Center was once a highly respected organization that really worked for justice that exposed various KKK groups and things like that over the years it has morphed into a far left hip group that does a lot of damage, even a hate group itself that you could rightfully say it's the most dangerous.

A group because it's been so widely respected in FBI and local law officials would reline its data which groups are hate groups and things like that and then to this day. You've got groups like Twitter or YouTube or Google or Amazon going to me who's a hate group would work with her not so you end up with these absolutely extraordinary extraordinary absurd things such as such as that the alliance defending freedom in Christian legal organization which has won numerous cases in the Supreme Court that the ADF is a hate group yet and that you can't designate some of your Amazon sales to know they give a certain percentage to charity. They don't qualify they will qualify because there are hate group going to the SPLC. You've even had Congressman Stenson and someone will you doing happy, he group they branded the American family Association's Tim Wildman a hate group okay II got on their list years ago of 30 new leaders of the radical right yeah a friend contact music you know they're on the run� Serious. Literally it made my night. I felt this spiritual euphoria in this before the ADF I think was listed as a group. I got listed as as leader that the new radical right along with David Duco for grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis in the former leader of the Black Panthers Malik Solutia bylaws. I was on the list fitting that my birthdate right what what I was anti-gay was it that was my crime server compassionately preaching what the Bible says I was anti-gay on the SPLC hit list so anyway. More and more people and exposing them and calling them out and urging groups like Amazon and YouTube not to work with them and not to rely on them or Facebook or whoever is working with them, and behind the scenes.

From what I understand groups like the FBI have stepped away from relying on their data because it's so mixed, so check this out a resolution from the Republican national committee resolution refuting the legitimacy of the Southern poverty Law Center to identify hate groups, whereas Southern poverty Law Center as POC is a far left organization with an obvious bias by the way, with a whole lot of money.

Where is this POC makes a practice of incorrect incorrectly labeling persons and organizations as hate groups.

By the way, the missing a Muslim calling for reformation in Islam call a person a hater, whereas the actions of the SPLC observed to mobilize persons to act in hate and violence towards those on its hate group list as the family research Council suffered a violent attack tutored support of the traditional family, which the SPLC has named his hateful by the way, someone found the store the FRC from the research Council, DCO your hate group found their address in DC and winning with the goal of massacring people coming as many as possible and that Chick-fil-A sandwiches got this squeeze them and put them on their faces.

After killing as many people as possible guard got shot in our behalf. The tackle gun hold him and in this suit is the efficacy literally has blood on it.

Where's the Obama administration legitimize the SPLC and acted upon the request of the federal government formally identify individuals and organizations is a groups with this POC was further legitimized when the Obama Obama Biden administration gave them the ability to provide input to the department of homeland security and wears legitimize the SPLC puts conservative groups of voices at risk of attack therefore be it resolved that the SPLC is a radical organization and that the federal government should not view this organization as a legitimate foundation equipped to provide actionable information to DHS or any other government agency. Well done, well done that's excellent.

That's important is the right thing to do. Call out the SPLC for who they are expose them for who they are made, their kingdom, crumble in terms of labeling good people and good organizations to be haters and by the way, they never pulled the article about me.

If you click on the link goes nowhere is been for years. They never apologize to me to admit they had been Carson on their list.

Yeah, I was on similar list to Ben Carson is on Bill O'Reilly and Fox News drew attention to the apologize, but that that's how crazy extreme. It's been so for an organization that once did good. It is really become dangerous.

In many ways because it has been respected that it be exposed for the wrong that it has done for the blood on his hands literally because of FRC we could have been an absolute tragedy get someone getting that if we hate that the shooter that that one after Republicans in an almost killed Steve Scalise and terribly wounded others. He got a lot of information from the SPLC that fed him.

Oh yes, there are dangerous groups on the right absolutely dangerous groups on the on the far right, absolutely. But we recognize them as such. Think they do not have the respect to the government that you have respected big business. They do not have the respect of the media, but the SPLC does have the respect that's the difference both dangerous hate groups, one rightly recognized as such.

The other hobby respected, let it be recognized for who it is for who it is for the individuals involved. You think they're doing good. May they have an awakening to understand what good really looks like okay I have just been reading about the, the Democratic national convention Republican national convention watching excerpts of speeches and then reading transcripts of speeches and things like that but what I find really interesting is that the conservative commentary on the DNC convention last week was it his gloom doom. Who wants this stipulated in the Stanford just hate tromping America's terrible and terrible and I assume the RNC would come within a message of hope. This was accomplished and this is the good etc. was interesting is reading the left-wing coverage of the RNC their surrogates doom and gloom its apocalypse, so it is just very interesting to see how the how the right was covering the DNC and how the left is covering the RNC but when I'm curious to see is to resonate with the people as a whole.interestingly, the ratings for the DNC compared to four years ago tanked dramatically.

The TV ratings tanked dramatically. Was it lack of hope. Was it just beating a dead horse over and over an evil tromp and evil. America with was that it, or was that the nature of the convention on a live convention and adjust like sports is this a decrease in viewership and things like that without live with an audience in wisdom was that it all the way you'll be able to tell is what happens with the RNC.

Now the only staff that was available to me before I started radio maybe will find a different one. Once we get further into the show as as the Nielsen ratings and things like that are or are put up the been posted.

Haven't seen it yet, but C-SPAN I think the viewership that tuned in to watch the RNC live on C-SPAN compared to the DNC last week. I think you select seven times higher for the RNC this week. The DNC last week. So that's interesting.

Will find out why that is, is, as things go on but but here's what I want to say is it is not good to be unrealistic. It is not good to give a false sense of hope. It is not good to tell someone everything can be fun when it's not like that's what the prophets did this at shalom shalom of Angelo. They said peace peace when there is no peace always wells well when nothing was well but it's very important to always instill hope whatever message comes up, the profits would speak of doom and gloom and judgment by this a good future. If you repent. But if you humble yourself.

God will bless Jesus and the book of Revelation rebukes five of the seven congregations in Asia minor, all except for Smyrna and Philadelphia or a strongly rebuked, but each one ends with a promise. First he says whatever good he can before bringing the negative word. One case is just a negative word live to see it even there. Each one ends with a message of hope. Each one ends with a positive vision and that's how God communicates with us. Obviously, some of this being forever damned warm will not have hope.

That's one of the most terrific things of all, it's all over. There is no future hope for the righteous. There's always a future hope and just in our communication so we'll see again. Who gets this better because that could be who mobilizes more voters come November, the one that can still more hope.

The one that can still vision of positive change without hope it's is hard to live look the same. Proverbs chapter 13 verse 12 and I quote this in my in my new article that hope motivates better than pessimism.

Hope motivates more than pessimism. The latest article.

So what is in Proverbs chapter 13 verse 12 that that hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire to fulfill old is a tree of life when it finally happened, your life, your yes it also states Proverbs 1814 the human spirit can do a sick body who can bear a crushed spirit so there is plenty of physical sickness in our land today with with the pandemic. The top the list is a lot of emotional sickness, pain, depression, suicide, suicide rates before covert, 19, the highest it been since World War II times now much higher, much higher stress among young people. This is a moment where Americans eat hope and the greatest hope is not could accompany the political party it's gonna come from the church preaching the gospel. That's the ultimate lesson that's a message will be back taking calls at 866 the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown broadcast I noticed a friend sent me a link in my conventional websites but group that I would call hyper critics hypercritical now going after someone else that I would call hyper critic and it's kind of the war. The hyper critics and we shall see how the retaliation goes back and forth in each one tearing down the other, and each one denying the others true follower of Jesus was preaching the true gospel and this is one of the issues with hyper criticism, constructive criticism of Sagan's wonderful life giving is helpful based on truth.

It produces good fruit, hyper criticism, constructive criticism tears down rather than builds up in the problem is that none of us think that with the guilty party.

The words we all think were doing the right thing and the good thing and that where the righteous ones. The others of the bad ones evidence human nature to see things like that.

So we have to humble ourselves, get low on of the Lord be strongly accountable really be open to constructive input help and be in fellowship with with other leaders and believers and then bear good fruit bear good fruit.

Make sure if we tear down error that we build up with truth, 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 you know if you're getting shot at from both sides.

If you'd dock, oh what happens yeah exactly right. Let's go to the phones will start with Sarah in Knoxville, Tennessee. Welcome to the line of fire after bran. Thank you so you dearly lead alarmed by an not connected, not connected that way.

But whenever I call they need on the peace treaty that with time between Israel and may you at present time facilitated. I was just wondering what your thoughts were on.

I know that it Revelation 1 of the nine or wanting it were to be looking for is a peace treaty signed, but Israel and broken that we find that when you find that in the book of Revelation. Specifically, to be honest, I should have my Bible). I think that the study that time are not working. Can you were that the antichrist would not bring a private company] yeah think that they would be happy. Treaty signed with Israel that would be broken Like tribulation right so is ironically right right right next to say this, that to me. It's not so clearly spelled out could be could be like what Daniel speaks of in the ninth chapter of the 70th week is kind of an end time parallel. There may be other verses that point in that direction. I can see the idea of there being a false peace based in other passages.

Ezekiel 38 and 39 speaking of Israel. Dwelling on walled cities when the final attack comes against them. First, this loan is five Paul writes that when everyone sing peace and safety than sudden destruction will come so I expect that as we get towards the very end of the age that there will be a false peace that Israel and the nations settle into, which is then broken and then God fights for his people and delivers. But as far as the UAE, the United Arab Emirates and this peace treaty.

I look at it overall as a positive thing that other words, it still one data time when Israel made peace with Egypt that was very positive. There was nothing into the world was that the antichrist and that was what 1979.

Thereabouts and then when Israel made peace with Jordan about 25 years ago. That was also good that was positive help both nations was that if the end of the world. So I look at this is overall positive in terms of for the moment. In other words, your average Israeli or of by large, the majority of what understandably positive about this.

It could bring with it. Further economic benefit and and peaceful relations with Saudi Arabia and others is still debatable because as I mentioned on the air that the Saudi plan. Saudi Arabia said they will not have full recognition of Israel, peaceful relations until Israel accepts the Saudi plan which would be go to back to priest 1967 borders and allow 5 million Palestinian refugees or their descendents to come back to Israel, so it is completely untenable and undoable.

But bear in mind that to this day. These nations do not recognize Israel and that's that's how deep-seated this is. And yet we do believe that these nations that are Abraham. It that do descend from a common Middle Eastern father Abraham do have a spiritual destiny. There are prophetic words about them turning to the Lord. For example the end of Isaiah 19 speaks of Egypt and Syria, which is today Iraq. Turning to the Lord and worshiping the Lord along with Israel, so I there could be a false peace at some point, but I don't see that as is happening right now so I'm not alarmed by this. I think overall it can be viewed in a in a positive way. The subsidy debate about any creed that Israel makes, but was happening more and more is that the common enemy is being identify, so it's pretty much the enemy of my enemy is my friend and the big enemy for United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, know it is wrong and now the alliance between Iran and Turkey. And, you know, there are many camping proven to my knowledge, yet, but the absolute horrific explosions in Beirut that if cost so many lives and devastated the ready suffering people in Lebanon. The best theory I've heard is that the reason that ammonium nitrate was stored there.

The 2500 tons roughly of nitrate was still there at the port was because Hezbollah was going to use it for terrorist purposes.

That's why they'd not been removed or disposed of as it's something they've used numerous times and in the past in terror attacks from what I've read and understand.

So it has block courses sponsored by Iran and and is helped devastate Lebanon and is hurt Syria as well.

So you get a common enemy here and that's what's basically happening that Israel United Arab Emirates and bitter that we stand together against Iran in their terrorism and what you're trying to do then be enemies.

And we shall see what comes out of it in the natural is positive long-term will be part of a false peace. Maybe in the years ahead that could ultimately happen at that point that's rubbing into those and it even then it's just it's of that's going to ultimately come to pass, like it or not but anyway, thank you for the calls and the questions and questions. Some of the things you've learned go back and read the word again and see if you're convinced our reading Scripture.

I do believe that I do believe this is accurate, especially the end times. I continue to do that question certain assumptions I have on secondary issues and stated the word fresh all right 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go over to Jack in Leesburg, Virginia welcomes on a fire. A more modern topical occupy questionable fiber required under legal mandate out of the ark. But what about me and blow yes so it's it's a very sunny question because no government is perfect, correct so by giving to Caesar by paying taxes to Rome supporting Rome and Rome was certainly involved in some barbarous acts for sure right if your support of the Roman Empire. We because we live in a democratic republic and were not under an emperor or system like that. We do have we do have more freedom in terms of voting people in and out and and advocating for certain laws, etc. but if if if we knew for a fact I I've said in the past that by giving money to American government a certain level we are supporting abortion the disable Planned Parenthood under the Hyde amendment or this can't actually get our money. The date the federal money cannot be used to support abortion under the current system of but when you're supporting an organization that provides abortions and is doing wicket work evidence it. It is not that far apart. In that sense is likely point back to previous generations was slavery how evil your cycle thought a mixture yet what they did was evil and unacceptable inexcusable. Yet at the same time we have to be careful about how self-righteous we are. So in short, when I'm given to the government. I know that that may be supporting the military, and maybe the military is too aggressive with a certain situation in their civilian casualties on giving to the government's and the government is withholding money that should go to the poorest. Whatever notes is an imperfect system, but what I would say is because we are in that situation, will we pay taxes to an imperfect government, imperfect leadership that we do everything in our power to not participate in the shedding of innocent blood, and let's say you had Democrats do come into full power, let's say Joe Biden's elected president, and the houses of Congress go completely Democrat and they decide to remove the Hyde amendment NSA federal funding for abortion. That would now be a situation where we as Americans with as followers of Jesus and people of conscience would have to say en masse. We cannot we cannot in good conscience pay notice if I know that money is now specifically going for specific purpose to take the lives of the unborn, canine, consciously I can't pay and suffer the consequences could be something that must be considered, it would have to be three that were otherwise were paying taxes to an input system estimated that over then might have to be a mass protest. Thank you for the question number plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, you know, day in day out out hearing it fresh. Remind yes yes Y ES!

Yes, we must have a gospel based moral and cultural revolution. We must see a change come society in so many ways is losing its mind so much has been undermined in so many ways so much as a been lost in the church in terms of reference for God reference for his word and devotion to reaching the lost. The fundamentals obscured by summative or church inanity needs to be radical change begin with you and me and from there spreading out the world around us and its latest daunting to think of changing America conduct 3 to 30 million people with massive divisions but but all things are possible with God and we can see one life change at a time.

Can't we and maybe if that is the one life changes made to family changes with members that the family changes that other changes come in and maybe dad is radically save the mouse and praying for him for years. The data gets radically saved. Now the moms on five fire excited that the husbands finally say their servant got together.

Maybe the 16-year-old kid the sonnets, but a rebel maybe gets radically converted and now he goes on has an amazing calling God and comes atop judge stand for righteousness, and you just never know the ripple effect. You just never know what can happen with a life turning Socha don't be disheartened by the darkness and the hopelessness around us look to the Lord and be encouraged.

Jesus is Lord. He is working as planned in the earth.

If you could be in the presence of God. You would not find worry, anxiety, fear, so we as God's people with take hold of his grace, his goodness, his promises and and after worshiping him adoring him. Let us walk with hope. As we walk into a dark and dying world like phone lines are open any question of any kind were taken today as we do on Fridays, but we always run out of time with many calls we can't get to so respects your time today, 866-34-TRUTH 863487884. Don't miss tomorrow. This same time doubling up very important interview with a medical doctor talking about some shocking truth about sex change surgery and the like, and I will play some clips for you from Hillary Clinton get your take the first will go to the phones and let's go to Rich in Des Moines, Iowa. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you for a quick call? Watch on her people back to back care of the lady about the revelation, Israel and what I've always wondered Bible up using it as their timeline of the coming of Christ is the antichrist among us and walk upon your now and if so, why come forward. Yes, I uprooted where got it so the answer would be. As I understand that it's possible he's on the earth now, but he hasn't come forward because it's not time for them to be revealed in the listings have not fallen into place sufficiently for him to rise up to lead a one world government, and whatever things have to fall into place have not yet done it prophetically and and across the globe.

So it's not time for him to be revealed. He would be ineffective.

He would fall short.

There has to be some type of crisis or situation that he rises up in the midst of her or something. We just don't know all the details not there is the fascinating thing does the devil know with perfect accuracy. The unfolding of God's perfect plan have to say no he doesn't.

Only God knows so how does the devil know was time for the antichrist, so that, and because the antichrist is even being, not some eternal being could be that Satan has somebody marked as a potential antichrist in each generation. Is that possible, and you could speculate right of there is a Jewish tradition animal agree with this, of course, that in every generation. There's a potential Messiah. There is a righteous Jewish leader and if the generation is worthy than he would be revealed as the Messiah. Because each generation is not worthy that person just looked at as a great leader of the generation and that's it in their dead and you said what so, is there some circles in Judaism that believe in a type of reincarnation little bit different than him to reincarnation but a similar concept that the soul lives on and based on this understanding, the soul of the Masai would then be born to another person and then a person.

Person person again. I don't believe that for split-second but Judy is in us to think like that because the Masai could potentially come at any moment.

CF Teva potential Messiah. So the same way could be that there's a potential antichrist someone that that Satan grooms and grips and in that wants to use in the destructive way and if the time is right, that person would be revealed as a final ruled it could be.

It's possible, as good as a regular going interviewing being the devil would know the outcome of when you clearly don't see what we know and I will not think you're really doing is just vendor it. After Frankie felt are not a member of the contractor government can mean is that's that's one part of it.

In other words, he is the devil and his murderer and destroyer and hates God and God's people. So he's got that's what he does right is like a humble yourself and make peace and try to fix things repents not happen.

So that's that's one thing he wants to destroy as many lives as he can. Another thing is that we can if we can deceive ourselves.

Could Satan deceive himself, could Satan actually think that he could change things.


Maybe he's that's even. Either way he's going to do whatever he can just like some criminals are done they go on the blaze of glory. They know the going down but getting on the blaze of glory and whatever degree he can hurt God and hurt God's people give some subtype of satisfaction from what I understand last quick note rebel or the garden work as children are puppets because I want it done. Everything passport future than any neuter is Archangel going to turn on him why he allowed best Angela dwelling. He just didn't want puppets and that's what he wanted. He will then kind of plan to let foldout if you if you think of it, the whole reason that he brings us into existence. So the Angels a part of the plan with the ultimate plan is fellowship with the beings is so that you have a people that he can love and that you can love him and worship him, glorify him and enjoy him so.

Love cannot be coerced. Love must be freely chosen and ultimately here's the other side to it. Rich is that we made wrong choices, but because of those wrong choices ultimately in the end will know God even better. Ultimately, in the end will even be better for ourselves what we will end up being and having forever in Jesus is greater then who Adam and Eve were and what Adam and Eve had so through the pain.

There is a glorious outcome as well. He thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go over to David in Durham, North Carolina. Thanks for calling Alana fire Dr. Brown really enjoyed your overview of aren't the emotional situation of US Billy appreciate that question was kind of drawing on the Tower of Babel, the situation where there was a breakdown of communication people reached out for different God possibly user parallel. Maybe with what was going on in our country. I don't think there a lot of people people talking possibility of Civil War I tend to think that there's a bit of a revolution idea going on personally but just doesn't make any sense of that.are they willing yes yes no yes in terms of self-will in terms of human beings asserted themselves against God in terms of human beings wanted to do their thing and not have the true Lord is the God yes as far as everyone uniting together in a common cause of quite the opposite. As you mentioned, Civil War. I mean this massive division. As for revolution being in the air.

Listen II wrote the book revolution 20 years ago. The subtitle called holy wars pre-9/11 so holy war entirely spiritual images were putting on a new addition comes on October 6 revolution an urgent call to holy uprising and what I was shouting from the rooftops about cultural change coming and dangerous times coming in either the church wakes up, or societies going in the wrong direction. When I was shouting from rooftops 20 years ago I left a shout as loud.

Now what shouting more loudly assert little because there is this in front of us and and people talking everyday about revolution revolution.

This is revolution of the quote after quote in the new edition of the book of people today. In today's riots in processing this is revolution with about revolution and basically if it in terms of some of the Democratic Party platform and in some of this socialistic direction it's going, or even even just think if I checked the platform the other day. I think the word Christian occurred. Once the word transgender occurred 15 times of what that's like different priorities being put forward so in that sense in terms of something driving this that's ultimately anti-God antichrist anti-Bible yes that's why Bibles were being burned in Portland and she was being same. Where beyond aware that a rule right were gonna will be the ones but as far as coming together in a unified way. Oh no known FSU said Civil War mean we we are tearing apart at the seams.

Without God's merciful intervention. It's only going to get worse. He thank you for the call which is why we need to meet with the Lord.

We need to meditate on Scripture, we need to worship at his throne as we do that step back and look at the world around us and things are different. We get a heavenly perspective, we worship the God who sits enthroned weed door and honor the Lamb that was slain four cents and as we do or vision changes. We in the midst of pain, physical pain, emotional pain, financial pain social pain chaos crisis in the midst of all that our perspective changes and I want to be here shouting even more loudly.

Yes, the cultures coming apart at the seams the nations being shaken but Jesus is Lord we have a message of eternal strength, eternal confidence, eternal salvation in him and the Scripture say all the guys can shake everything that can be shaken right. Habakkuk sees me, Haggai, Hebrews you that the righteous it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I want to tell you stories have the lock legitimate hope which you don't tell us with dying.

There's no hope. All doctors could be no problem be dissolved time. I am working to be good I do mean that or when someone is absently failing grades and you think I get to Harvard may be no I don't mean false hope, but because God is true in his word is true. This promise is true.

We have a true and real hope in him.

I that's a we conveyed others, but I will only give you some little insight I gained in ministry some years ago, but first one of the subject without. I could do a whole show on this good feedback but were not okay. I was interacting with an old friend on Facebook Jewish not a believer of some liberal Democrat very much, Peter and he happened to mention and trumpets cheating now in these cheating now for the 2020 election for November elections, and I assumed he meant whatever the alleged post office scandals, which is I can understand is complete nonsense.

But people believe it. Now what we hear consistently from hilly Clinton and other Democrats that accomplish this, he will concede if Trump loses that he's going to he's a script: military years something or whatever. I just found these comments fascinating.

She's she's doing an interview with Jennifer Palmeri and Jennifer asked her what if it's a close election, so it's let's check out these clips to close election like Sabine and Nino went in as a bite and when anything trampled down, but I think they have a couple of scenarios that they're looking toward one is messing up absentee balloting.

I believe that helps them so that they then get maybe a narrow advantage in the electoral college. On election day. Okay, so this is this is no now it's out there to be millions of people to hear this and believe it. Okay, I'm just saying what's being said, not even analyzing the claim at the moment but just it's out there. They were couples.

There is looking for is one messing up absentee ballot, do we actually have evidence that or perhaps you're choosing people do what you really I'm just asking questions here okay the conversation continues. I was told in Detroit. The Republicans had already lawyers challenging T mailing voting and a local reporter talking to one of the lawyers he knew was told it was a dry run for November so we have a massive legal operation.

I know the buying campaign is working on that we have to have poll workers and I urge people who are able to be a poll worker we have to have our own teams of people to counter the force of intimidation that the Republicans in Trump are going to put outside polling places evidence. Please have evidence of that evidence.

Please see people with this believe is only a Trump says things that are accurate.

People wrong with them believe that you, you know, I do my best to call balls and strikes tell it like it is what concerns me those okay what we went where is the intimidation the Trump all intimidation 2016 where where was her with. I was tall I heard here's hearsay, but this type of stuff is out there and now millions of people believe it is it it's it's a very ugly situation written it it's it's a very distressing and disconcerting situation to see so much disinformation, misinformation, or just opinions being put out URI right on the five op-ed pieces we) less the Hassan clock notified me still Mike Brown's opinion, what is was a bit of Mike all given my opinion.

While it might be you know what restaurant you recommend to your unit which book on this okay to be opinions on things, but life-and-death issues not only my best wisdom from God's word and try to sift things through in our society and convey wisdom. Okay, last clip listen to the conversation, but at least we know more about what they're going to do and should not see under any circumstances, because I think this is going to drag out and eventually ideally people when we get on and if we are as focused and relentless. At the other side, so don't concede under any circumstances. What I saw.

The accusation was the Donald Trump if he loses will not concede if he loses, try to find a way to stay in power get the military support of us.

I thought that was the accusation we are hearing that route we were hearing that Declan said as much. Now she's actually saying Job I should not concede under any circumstances.

What if were able to vote in person.

Everything is fine with that. And what if it's an absolute landslide just a curiosity I unloads you happen what if it's an absolute landslide and don't concede under any circumstance.

I mean it's this kind of stuff. Now that is coming from someone on that level. I find concerning and I draw attention to it because just watch this is going to be the new dogma.

This is going to be the new reality okay with that negative report is your story with I was ministry in Italy with a dear friend. Tell your brother who's preach the gospel, Italy for decades and leads to missions team. There and traveled around the country for years and attentively to outreach by the day and in meetings tent meetings at night. Amazing evangelistic teams working sacrificially for decades. I honor them deeply creased trailer was posted in Italy.

Christ is the answer with teams and other nations as well. So one not administered within the service. Pray for the sick and we had some attestations miracles member.

One fellow had been to numerous doctors with ailments and his feet and legs to forget the details, but numerous doctors. Nobody could fix his condition. He was instantly healed was rejoicing in and others instantly healed and and people were blessed and as we were leaving the tent to go have a meal this brother, Victoria, Victor, my translator said to me, a brother, the people were blessed tonight. They're very encouraged that it is wonderful deep voice and I wanting to sound spiritual and wanting to demonstrate my compassion said yeah, but what about those that want healed because we pray for when I feel and that bothered me and can certainly so I was glad people were blessed excited that there were healings, but I want to draw attention to those who weren't.

This is not in the public meeting others, just the two of us right.

It's one thing in the public meeting to minister to those who want healed, administered grace and hope and say even if you not healed God's grace is on your you can glorify him in the midst of sickness and paperwork and keep praying for healing right is one thing but this is not just a private conversation, deflated things he just did say much.

We have our meal, but he was encouraged because of God moving and I like I, burst the bubble. There so is as a start of the broadcast time. I hope and welcome back to that I will want to encourage you to build on what condos do to build on answers to prayer. It yes we agonize over unanswered prayers. Yes, we agonize over those were not touched, revealed, yes, we agonize over situations where it seems people want God and can't find and we we are burden for the state of a lost and dying world. But if that's what consumes us without communion with God and and fellowship with God and hope in God and faith in God that will do nobody any good will just become part of the problem.

In fact will be more depressed than those were ministering to. Because were taking on all the problems of all the people you was a pastor leader exposed to tons of suffering tons of pain if you pray for the sick and do that is a ministry of them over the years with some a primary ministry then you're exposed to. Tons of people on here or you could call the talking, pray for this, we can pray for them to go to the hospital sure exposed to this so much what you have to do is is build on what God is doing you do evangelistic outreach may be in in rough area in your neighborhood and you get a crowd 300 people listen to music and enjoying some of the stories and testimonies in the much get up to preach half the people walk away and then you give an altar call in for people come forth, and two of believers in just one of the print prayer again. Another is the thing that serious but then when I gets generally wonderfully born-again. Focus on focus on that your burden for those that that heard and didn't respond to that walked away but focus on that one is that person really is demonstrating the fruit of salvation, have them share their testimony and thus suddenly your building what God is doing. Do that in your in your ministry always share good testimonies. I walk in a way that I get easily encouraged by the Lord and wake up most days.

Was it my head clear you wake up and I'm encourage him excited about doing the work of God encouraged to be on the radio encouraged to be writing and encourage me traveling and speaking but I know even then they hearing good testimonies is encouraging to me what God is doing and so important for so many build on the good you pretend prayers that were answered, but one was recklessly answered Col. that and go back to it and rejoice in it, and thank God for his goodness and faithfulness. Let's grow in faith. Let's grow and hopeless grow in confidence as we do, we can really literally shine the light all the dark places around us. For those of us who know the Lord. We live with eternal hope which share some of that hope with people around us to really trigger my website Esther Brown asked K DR check out our latest articles, latest videos stand with us

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