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Poor, Lisa Faye

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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November 22, 2023 6:38 pm

Poor, Lisa Faye

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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November 22, 2023 6:38 pm

On a Wednesday Drive, Josh explains how the Panthers and Titans are virtually the same team, as they go up against one another on Sunday, tells what will happen to the Tar Heels, if they don't tighten things up right away, after beating Northern Iowa in their first game in the Bahamas, voice of ECU Basketball, Daron Vaught, joins the show to discuss raw ham, in Unusual Questions, Josh hands out nine picks, including one for Bama-Auburn and App State-Georgia Southern, in Graham's Gamblin, and 6th man of the Tar Heels, BDaht, joins the show to tell if Josh's concerns about the Heels are warranted and to see if Josh knows what it means to "throw it back", in Grahammar School.

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The Drive with Josh Graham
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This is The Drive with Josh Graham Podcast.

Three internet sensations, guys! Tune into The Drive weekday afternoons, 3 to 7 on WSJS. Welcome to a Wednesday Drive.

It is WSJS, New Stonksports for the Triad. We're due to NFL Thanksgiving football tomorrow and Duke hoops on Friday. This will be our last live show of the week.

It's live action, Tracy! That reminds me, the Tar Heels just beat Northern Iowa and the Bahamas. We'll get to that game in just a few minutes. But first, you know the Spider-Man meme?

Where there's one animated Spider-Man pointing at another animated Spider-Man as if to say, hey, we're the same guy. That's what Panthers-Titans is this week. Even though Tennessee has a couple more wins than the Panthers.

Carolina will be meeting their equal in Nashville this week and the similarities are kind of crazy. Both teams are playing a rookie quarterback in front of atrocious offensive lines. Both Tennessee and Carolina top 5 in sacks allowed. Carolina with 39, Tennessee with 35. Bad news for the Panthers today. Austin Corbett, who started the year on IR, will finish the year on IR joining Brady Christensen on the Panthers-O line. Linemen that are out for the season. Each Tennessee and Carolina have lost three games in a row. Two of those three losses for each team by two touchdowns or more.

They're pretty much in the same spot. Both teams, they lean on their defenses. The best player on each defense is a run-stopping tackle.

For all the shine that Brian Burns gets, Derek Brown has been the most consistently good player on the Carolina Panthers this season, proving his worth of being a top 10 draft pick a few years ago. Jeffrey Simmons is that dude for Tennessee. Each team, Carolina and Tennessee, this is how good their defenses can be at times, have held opponents to 20 points or fewer in losses this year.

I'll say that again. Carolina and Tennessee each have had three games where they've held teams to 20 points or fewer and lost those three games this season. Despite the similarities, though, we all know how this goes. The Carolina Panthers are not beating the Tennessee Titans. Here's what I know about Mike Vrabel. He doesn't lose to Frank Reich. They shared a division together in the AFC South. Mike Vrabel has beaten Frank Reich in five consecutive head-to-head meetings when they were in the same division together. Now they meet with Frank Reich. Fair to say on the hot seat right now.

And Vrabs at home is one of the better X's and O's coaches across the NFL. Also, aside from the Chicago game, Carolina has no shot at winning on the road. Who's really betting on them to do so?

Not me. I'll tell you. I'll tell you who I'm betting on. Later on in the show, the Tennessee Titans are going to beat the Carolina Panthers, but they are their equals.

They are equals, nonetheless, given where they are halfway through the season. On X, at WSJS radio, if you want in on the show, you can get in on the chat, too, on YouTube. Make sure you're subscribed to our YouTube channel where we're streaming video. In addition to X and on Twitch, Will Dalton, the executive producer of this show. W.D., let me start with you, since you are the Tar Heel fan in studio right now, the sixth man of Tar Heel basketball, B.

Dot, is going to join us a little bit later on. Carolina 91, Northern Iowa 69, how good do you feel about it? I feel good about it in the sense that they played a really nice second half. I didn't feel good in the first half. There were some changes in the first half. Seth Trimble starting over Elliott away. Paxson. After over Paxson Wojcik, which means Paxson Wojcik was benched. He's not the starter, but it's not Elliott Cadeau that's starting there still with Seth Trimble. They still need to tighten up on defense, so that was not good in the first half, but second half, they figured some things out, so we'll see.

Here's my take. North Carolina continued to play with fire today, and it needs to stop doing that or they're going to get burned soon. And I mean real soon, like tomorrow soon, if they do not stop with the way that they've played in these first halves.

It is getting ridiculous. Against Northern Iowa, the Tar Heels trailed by six at halftime. To your point about their defense, they allowed 41 and a half of basketball to UNI.

But this follows the same script we saw in Chapel Hill. First three games. They struggled with Radford playing with their food only led by five at halftime. Struggled with Lehigh led by single digits in that game at the break. Against UC Riverside, should have been up by 20 at halftime. And final five minutes, missing free throws, making mistakes.

Armando Baycott hasn't missed a lot of free throws this year, missed two. And the final stretch is in that first half. Only up by 11 against UC Riverside. To their credit, they lay the smackdown in the second half, and today certainly did that 16 to 1 run to start the second half.

34 to 6 stretch at one point. Carolina handing it to Northern Iowa. But you can't get away with that against high major teams. North Carolina hasn't played one of those yet. They will tomorrow.

This trend needs to stop right now. Texas Tech or Villanova gonna be the opponent tomorrow at 2.30 on Thanksgiving Day. And this will begin a run of seven straight against high major teams. Many of whom are very good, like Tennessee. Just see that battle they had with Purdue last night?

That was great. Incredible game. That Tennessee team, a week from tonight, will be in the Smith Center. UConn, the champs. They know how to pack Madison Square Garden. That's where North Carolina's gonna play them, the number five team in the country, in just a couple of weeks.

You've got that. ACC play is not this weekend, but next weekend starts with Florida State in the Smith Center. You've got to play Kentucky in SEC nation, in SEC country, in Atlanta.

These are all consecutive. Oklahoma to end that run. There are no more UNI's or Radford's or Lehigh's on the schedule. And what I know is if you miss nine of your first ten shots the way that you did today, you're not gonna be down six at halftime to Villanova tomorrow. You're gonna be down 20.

Nine times. Just like Maryland was. Maryland was trailing 35-15 before they could even blink last Friday night. And that will happen to the Tar Heels if they don't get it together right now. This feels eerily similar to last year.

Thanksgiving tournament, they're playing in Portland, they play the University of Portland, and they're playing with their food in that game. Incredibly tight game, they figure out a way to win, and everybody's telling me, haha, it's gonna be alright, right? Then they lose to Iowa State. Then they lose to Alabama in that 4-0-T game. Then they lose a couple more games in a row after that. Let's hope that's not what happens here.

Let's hope that this is the wake-up call that, man, you can't do this anymore. You can't do this anymore if you plan to be a good team, and it's ranked 14th in the country, if you plan to live up to that type of expectation. They continue to play with fire today, and it's frustrating to watch because you see the talent. Harrison Ingram, he looks the part. Cormac Ryan hasn't so far. Really, the only transfer that's looked the part so far is Harrison Ingram, and you know what you got in Armando Baycott and RJ Davis.

Armando! Both of whom didn't play all that well today, and they still figured out a way to win. I just want to see them put it together and start a game right, and I hope that's tomorrow at 2.30, and we'll let you know who they're playing as Villanova and Texas Tech just tipped off from the Bahamas.

Fired up today. That call had three of my favorite things. ECU, the Pirates, the number one play on SportsCenter last night.

That's one of the things it had. Number two, half court shots are always really cool. And number three, Darren Vaught calling it the voice of ECU basketball who's on a run of ten games in ten days or something stupid like that. What do you have, Wake Volleyball today?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Wake Forest Volleyball on ACC Network Extra. Back to business after the holiday with high school football. ECU is at George Mason, first road game on Saturday, and then we finish this stretch with High Point hosting Mount Olive at home on ESPN Plus Sunday. That's quite a game in Greenville, America at Minges Coliseum last night that you had. It's good to have you in studio with us. You are the voice of ACC Baseball, et cetera, one of the co-hosts of that podcast. We'll get to some baseball in a bit.

Of course, some football on this menu as well. But right now, we've got to give the people what they want, and what they want is unusual questions. Last week, guys, everybody made it out that I got mad at Josh and I left the press conference.

That's not right. I thought it was an unusual question, and it's okay. It's time for unusual questions with Josh Graham. We're going to keep this tight. We're going to keep this tidy. Rather than having to call in and ask us an unusual question, the first person just to call WD right now at 336-777-1600 gets tickets to Wake Forest Charleston Southern Friday.

Black Friday Hoops at Joel Coliseum. Thanks for listening, and whoever wins, congratulations. Would you like to start us off, Darren, in terms of an unusual question?

I think I will. I was taken by surprise a bit earlier this afternoon. Did you guys see the Hall and Oates news?

Yeah. Darrell Hall is suing his longtime bandmate, John Oates, and it got a restraining order against him? Do we know why?

So all I could find in the reports was that the lawsuit deals with quote, contract slash debt, end quote. So I can only imagine John just owes Darrell a bunch of money. Yeah, he's a man-eater. Is he? Or is Darrell saying, I better have my money by the time, by quote, when the morning comes? I'm sorry, I botched that.

I tried. There's a lot going on behind the scenes. You probably might get a private eye or something. Private eyes?

To keep a look at it? Private eyes are for sure involved in this. Probably. You never know what you'll find.

Okay, so question, stemming from that, do you have a duo that broke up that most affected you, most broke your heart? Oasis. Oasis. Yeah.

That's keeping it on the music side, too. I mean, this could be anything, right? This could be like... If the Avett Brothers broke up, that would really shatter me.

Yeah. It would shatter me because they're now... Oh, by the way, the fourth thing that I enjoyed about that bump that you had, Coldplay, involved in it, too. It's a Coldplay song. It's true. I think Avett Brothers have overtaken Coldplay in my power rankings.

I thought about this in the shower earlier this week. I think the first time in my life, Avett Brothers have overtaken Coldplay. This was like a beat-down, drag-out discussion you and I had when we saw Avett Brothers, what was that, like a year ago? Year and a half ago? Year and a half ago.

March of 22, yeah. Just to pull back the curtain and let people know what we talk about is actually usually pretty much the same stuff we talk about on the air. People do say that sometimes. Hey, what's... Are you guys... What do you guys like off the air versus on the air? There might be a few more curse words, but it's pretty much the same. Definitely. For me, there for sure are. Still, a ton of unusual questions, if I'm being honest.

Just like, you know, hey, what do you guys think pizza boxes are thinking about? Can I fire off an unusual question? Go ahead. Unless Will's got a duo that broke up that broke his heart. Oh, please. Cam Newton and Greg Olsen.

That's fair. That one kind of hurt. I thought you'd say Cam and Luke because didn't Luke finish?

No, they finished at the same time. Anyway, I'll say this is related to tonight because I'm a Costco man. I have in my office cubicle a pack.

I have some pack in a sandwich bag, some potato chips. Oh, today's the day. I'm going to go get a hot dog. I'm going to gas up. Costco day.

However, I got to go. So Haines Mall Boulevard is where that Costco's at. If you go like a block and a half away from the Haines Mall Boulevard up Stratford, though, there's a Sheetz gas station there.

And Sheetz, kind of like they did for the 4th of July, where everything was $1.76 for gas, this week, Thanksgiving week, it is $1.99 a gallon gas at Sheetz gas station's Thanksgiving week. I told you about this. What? No, Jay Austin. Jay Austin told me to tell you about it. Got it. So my question is, what's the furthest you're willing to go out of your way for a deal on gas? Whether it's something extreme like this with Sheetz or something that you're just like using like a gas counter app or some sorts.

Oh, it's a little bit cheaper there than here. I'm the worst person to possibly ask about this. I don't care. I don't look.

Give me knuckles, man. You and me. It's all close enough, right? If I wasn't getting a hot dog at Costco, I probably wouldn't care at all either. I mean, you know.

My wife does care a lot. You know, so like growing up in a small town, it's very much like, you know, you talk about the weather, you talk about the gas prices. So my parents will ask me, like when I drive home to see them on holidays, they'll be like, oh, did you get gas on the way? How much was it here?

Like I tell them I stopped halfway in Mount Airy and they're like, well, how much was gas there? Man, it's crazy here. I don't care. I don't look. I like I need it. What am I going to do?

What am I? It's all within 10 cents of each other, no matter where you go with this special exception of Sheetz having the deal. But I just 10 games in 10 days, Darren, you probably should care. I'm filling up a lot.

Yes, that is true. Putting a lot of miles on the car, but I don't care. I just pull up to the pump, fill it up and I go on my happy way. W.D. strikes me as someone who might care a little.

I have started to care more recently, you know, living on my own, paying bills and whatnot. And it's a long trip from Greensboro to Winston. Flipping Goodwill clothes so that the needy may not have it and he may flip it for a dime or two. Don't make me feel bad. It's tennis rackets, not clothes. Oh, that's right.

A racket. I tell you, when it gets too far, it's more so like if it if the amount it would take me to drive to wherever this is to get the cheaper gas is just going to be like gas burned anyway. Like, it's not worth it. If that makes sense. It makes sense.

Because I'm a customer guy. It requires some math, too. What's your unusual question, W.D.?

Too much math. Yeah. So you had to know with Thanksgiving being tomorrow, this is going to be food. I haven't done food related stuff in a while.

You've stayed away from food. W.D. should, for people behind the scenes, me and Darren were like, oh, so what Thanksgiving food question are you going to ask? So I'm not going to go the cliche like, what's your favorite side?

I'm actually going to go the opposite way. What is like a staple food that is usually at your get together that you stay away from every year? Like for me, stay away from. Oh, from. Yeah, it's different.

Right. For me, it's deviled eggs. Same. I can't do it. They stink. I would eat so many deviled eggs. They stink.

I've never once looked at the deviled eggs and got them. Nope. Can't do it. I'm out.

They stink. Stay away from. So.

All right. Poor Lisa Fay, my dear mother. There's always two meats, right? There's a turkey. There's ham.

Poor mother, one year. She got a honey baked ham that just needed to be. It was not precooked, but it was I don't know what you call it if it's like somewhere in between raw and precooked. There are instructions on the label, right? You still need to cook it, but just it doesn't require as much of an effort to cook it. Poor Lisa Fay thought all she had to do was nuke the thing. Did not cook it thoroughly.

Not all the way through. So they slice it up. I take some home with me.

This has been several years. I take some home with me and make a sandwich the next day. And I get like violently ill from the ham.

Oh, Lisa Fay. Have not touched the ham since. It's a running joke in our family. I often will give her grief about whether or not it's fully cooked when I walk in. Have not touched the ham since. And that's been unusual questions for the day.

Love you, Mom. Forty nine and forty four on the season. Six and two last week, three and oh in the NFL.

This is the part that makes me sad, though. It's the final week of the regular season, which means this is the final time I can say something like we have sixty five college football games on tap this week. So we're taking full advantage of it. We got a big card in front of us here.

And I had to cut down a lot of other picks that I liked a little bit to get to these nine that are in front of me here. So let's get to them. It's time for Graham's gambling.

If you're not gambling. Come on now. Let's talk some money. You're not trying. You're so money.

You don't even know what you do. Let's play some bats. I'm going to make you rich. This is Graham's gambling. Let's start with college Friday afternoon at noon. Boston College is hosting Miami, so you know what to do, right? You know what to do. You know who to take. Boston College.

That's right. Eagles plus eight and a half. It's senior day for B.C., Miami. They've emptied the bucket against Louisville last week. Came up short. They have absolutely nothing to play for here. Give me the Eagles who are bowling this year. Maybe to win outright on senior day, but at least to cover eight and a half points. And also on Friday, Arkansas is getting a top 10 team in their house in Fayetteville on Friday. It's number nine, Mizzou, Eli Drinkwitz, his team looking really stellar this year. We like the hogs, though.

Why? Sam Pittman learned that he's going to remain the head coach in Arkansas for next year. The locker room loves that guy. They love playing for him, and he would love to go into the off season with some momentum. It's senior day for Arkansas as well. This has been a bit of a fun rivalry in recent years.

K.J. Jefferson might be playing his last game in a hogs uniform. So we like the home team getting eight and a half points again. How about that?

B.C. plus eight and a half at home on Friday. Arkansas plus eight and a half at home Friday. Pig Suey. We're going hogs.

Send me that cash out, family. This might be my favorite college pick. Flipping to Saturday's games. App State laying eight and a half at or against Georgia Southern.

This game's at the rock. App has legit championship hopes in the Sunbelt. They need to win, and they need JMU to win against Coastal Carolina, which I think is going to happen. JMU last night learned that their postseason bid officially denied, and they're not going to try and find a solution in court legally.

So that's what's at stake for App. You can play in the Sunbelt championship next week, likely with a win, knowing that's what's at stake. And the fact that they're at home and Georgia Southern is a bad road team this year. I think they've maybe won one road game all year long, blown out and many others. They're also honoring Armani Edwards.

They're retiring as number 14. App State by a million on Saturday afternoon. Let's go to the Commonwealth Cup, where my first reaction was to think Virginia Tech has bowl eligibility on the line. Let's take the Hokies minus a few points against Virginia. And then I remembered, don't bet against Virginia Cavaliers.

My wife has put a hex on me. Anytime I bet against her who's bad things happen. So instead, what we're going to do, I think a lot of points are going to be scored in Charlottesville. Anthony Calandria might be the most entertaining quarterback in college football this year. Every time he throws it, is it going to be a touchdown?

Is it going to be a pick? No one knows, maybe himself included, but he's been playing pretty well of late. And Virginia has been scoring a lot of points, 30 plus against the Blue Devils, who have a great defense last week. They scored 30 plus against the Tar Heels in Chapel Hill.

They're playing better ball and Tony Elliott's an offensive minded coach. Meanwhile, Virginia Tech, when they play bad defenses, and Virginia's defense isn't great, they score a ton of points. Even last week in a loss to NC State, they dropped 28.

Against my Boston College Eagles, they dropped nearly 50. So total 51 and a half here, we're going to go high on that Commonwealth Cup over 51. From the Commonwealth Cup to the Apple Cup, Washington State getting 16 and a half from U of Dub. This is the last Apple Cup before Washington leaves to the Big Ten Conference.

I think Washington State's going to make this an interesting game. Cam Ward, one of the most fun players in all of college football. Not the one that you're probably thinking of first when you hear Cam Ward. I've got my Canes gear on right now. Cam Ward, who knows, might even transfer somewhere else after this season.

Apparently he has his degree from Washington State, his bombs posted on social media. So this could be the last time we see him in a Cougs uniform. It's the Apple Cup, it's a rivalry game, and 16 and a half's just way too many points. Go back and look what Washington State did to Colorado last week if you need evidence of how well this Washington State team can play. You know they're motivated to get Wazoo or to get U of Dub even though the game is in Seattle. I think it's going to be a really fun game to follow Saturday night.

See me at Cash Out, fam. Next college game, Clemson, South Carolina. Remember when North Carolina got nine sacks against this South Carolina offensive line? Remember they had nine sacks? Remember when South Carolina beat Clemson in Death Valley last year? Well, Clemson's figured some things out and now they're going to Williams-Bryce Stadium at night, the number seven.

I don't care, lay them and laugh. The Tigers are going to ravage the quarterback of South Carolina, which I can assume right now is still, what's his face? Number seven that I was told was going to be good all these years when he was at Oklahoma and then transferring to South Carolina.

Don't know why I'm having a brain fart on all of this. Oh, Spencer Rattler. Yeah, Spencer Rattler. R.I.P. to him on Saturday, Clemson wins this game big against the Cocks.

See me at Cash Out, fam. Two in the NFL. How about we have a Thursday night play? See, we have games that you can follow on Friday, on Saturday. We'll have one on Sunday in a second.

How about on Thursday night, tomorrow night? We love home divisional underdog and the Seattle Seahawks are getting seven from the San Francisco 49ers. We love the fact that it's a road team on a short week two with San Francisco, Seattle. They were a bit banged up against the Rams. We don't know if Kenneth Walker, the former Deacon, he's going to play tomorrow night. Gino Smith is going to. It seems like he had a bruise on his elbow, came back into the game, though, against the Rams and even put Myers and field field goal range in order to try and win that game.

He just missed it, unfortunately. Seattle needs to win this game after losing to the Rams in the division on Sunday. They're getting seven at home on a short week. We like the home divisional dog in this spot. Send me that cash out, and this is my favorite pick of the week. Chargers plus three and a half against the Baltimore Ravens in L.A., an absolute must win in primetime for Brandon Staley. If he plans to keep his job, the Chargers need to win this game. Justin Herbert and company, they always score at home, and I don't know if the Ravens are going to be able to keep up with Mark Andrews out of the lineup. We like the Chargers go charges go plus three and a half against Baltimore.

Send me that cash out real quickly in review. After going six or two last week, five over five hundred for the season, we got Boston College at home, plus eight and a half against Miami. We have Arkansas getting the same number at home against Mizzou.

Those are the Friday game Saturday app state laying a little bit more than a touchdown against Georgia Southern. Oh, I forgot a pick. Got to give out a pick.

This is probably the one I feel the least confident in, but we'll give it out anyway. Iron Bowl, too many points. Auburn plus fourteen and a half against Alabama.

The Tide, they've been on a roll. Auburn lost in a blowout at home to New Mexico State last week. So of course, you've got to take Auburn in this spot, right?

That's how that works. Maybe they're looking ahead to Georgia next week, and this is in Jordan Hare, fourteen and a half, too many points there. And also, don't forget, Hugh Freeze's first shot against Nick Saban returning to the SEC.

He once won back to back games against Nick when he was at Ole Miss back in the day. So we like Auburn plus fourteen and a half against Alabama. Getting to the rest of the picks, Commonwealth Cup. We're going Virginia, Virginia Tech over fifty one, Washington State plus sixteen and a half at Washington and the Apple Cup. Clemson laying a touchdown against South Carolina and in the NFL. Tomorrow, Seahawks, home divisional dog plus a touchdown. And we like the Chargers. What's a field goal and change against the Ravens in a game you could listen to on WSJS Sunday night? Send me that cash out, fam.

It's both those games you could listen to on WSJS. That's nine. That is nine. Nine times. There's so many picks that I forgot one.

This is why I wanted to have B Dot on today, other than I love that dude and we need to do grammar school before we call it a Thanksgiving break tomorrow and Friday. Guitar Heels played earlier today. And given how much talent on this team, as you would expect with North Carolina, it's frustrating to watch how the script has been the same through the first four games where they play with their food, it feels like. And you're only leading by five at half against Radford and nine against Lehigh. And there were some stretches in the first half against UC Riverside and you're trailing by six to Northern Iowa. And then you see how good they can be in the early stretch of the second half.

They end up winning in a walk. But starting tomorrow against Villanova, it is a stretch of seven consecutive games at least that you're going to play against high major teams. And when Maryland got off to a slow start against Villanova on Friday night, they were trailing by 20. If Carolina misses nine of its first 10 shots tomorrow at 230 against the Wildcats, they're not going to be able to rally back the way that they did today. So my reaction, and I'm being called a Carolina hater for this per usual, is I wish this team would stop playing with fire the way that they're starting these games and would start better and play a little bit more of a complete game. Make me feel better about this team versus where things started to go wrong the last two seasons under Hubert was during the Thanksgiving tournaments, Purdue and Tennessee and Connecticut two years ago and last year after barely getting past Portland. That's when the four game losing streak began.

Tell me why this team's different. I wish you would shut up. That's what I wish. I wish you would shut up.

I wish your Twitter would get hacked and somebody would just take over those responsibilities. I'm so sick of you, Josh Graham. We as a Carolina fan base are sick of you. Stop talking about us.

What? Stop talking about us. Just stop it. What do I do? Stop talking about us anymore. We don't want to hear from you. But what did I do? I'm just trying.

I want this. Are you not frustrated? Watching as a fan? No, no. Yes. A little bit sometimes. But I'm also understanding that these guys have to figure it out.

Josh. That's what I'm saying. We agree. They need to figure it out now. No, we got time to figure it out. You got to understand the context matters.

Okay. Like starting off early against a Radford team. That was some of those guys first time playing in the Smith Center in front of those lights. Like they have to get their bearings. Like you want Elliott Cadeau to start right now. He has to get his bearings. He still finished with 15 points.

By the way, you're right. That second half. That second half was the best we've seen from Elliott Cadeau this year.

And Seth Trimble got the start over- First half of this game, first game, first half of this game in the Bahamas. These guys are in the Bahamas, man. They just got off a flight. They're enjoying themselves. They go, oh, we got to go play some basketball too. Yes, it took them a little second to warm up.

Yes, it was frustrating. You got to understand, just like any other year as a Carolina fan, we understand it. When teams are playing us, it is their national championship. Now games we play like tomorrow against Villanova, that's a team that is used to playing high quality opponents.

So that's going to be a big matchup. Luckily for us, we had a warm up. We got a chance to dance with the devil, but we came out on top. We showed how dominant we can be.

Coach H.D. is still learning how to work these different lineups and who goes where, who plays better. It was so refreshing to see Armando only have 10 points, RJ only have 13 points, and we still win by 30 freaking points.

A year ago, you talked about the Thanksgiving tournaments. I'll tell you why this team is different because a year ago, Josh Graham, if Armando would have had 10 points to finish a game and RJ would have had 13, we lose by 20 or 30 points. So win by 20 or 30 shows you that we got weapons in the cupboard. All we got to do is figure out how to put them together, how to play them effectively, and we're going to be fine.

What we need you to do is shut up. They do lose that game a year ago if he has that type of game, except if they're playing Northern Iowa. That's my point. It's like, we're going to learn a lot the rest of this week, I think. Even with the Northern Iowa, even if we do scrape past that and get a dub, it's not about 30 as convincing as it was today. I mean, again, you got Cormac giving you 15, you got Cadeaux giving you 15 off the bench, Jalen Withers gives you another. Well, context is important with Cormac too. I mean, he missed his first three threes tonight.

He was three of 17 to start the year from three until the second half of this game. So it's, again, frustrating because you know the talent level that's there and it's not just a one off. If it was just the Radford game, I'd be like, yeah, that's the first time under the light. But when it's the same script four times, then you could be concerned about it. We know you want to be concerned about it. You want to make it a thing.

And it's not a thing. We were down six points at halftime and we had missed 14 shots. We have missed 14 shots and we were only down six points.

I was perfectly fine with that. I'm just got Cormac shots are going to fall. This guy's a shooter like like Harrison Ingram is a mismatch. He gave us 16 and 10 today. He's a mismatch.

He's a billionaire. Like, we are going to be fine, Josh Graham. I agree.

I do. I think they're going to be fine, too. This is because I have a high expectation.

That's what it is. I have a really high expectation. We won by 30 today.

We almost put up 100 points. You want to go back to the first half of them starting off slow. It ain't how you start. It's how you finish.

If you ain't first, you're last, Ricky Bobby. Let's get to grammar school. I'm excited to ask you a question. Josh Graham has his own way of speaking a level level level level level level and just when you think it can't get any worse. Josh is going to attempt to learn B dots vernacular.

I'm going to put one in the air. It's time for B dots grammar school B dot free game during game postgame brought to you by heritage hardwood floors. When it comes to flooring, they have no ceiling and heritage hardwood floors.

When it comes to flooring, they have absolutely no man. Maui's been awesome. Purdue last night going head to head with Tennessee, Kansas, just played Tennessee a second ago. And right now it's number two Tennessee on Wednesday and in a whiteout game, first white out in the Smith Center in 10 years and it's a week from the night. You have two versus four right now Purdue going up against Marquette. Marquette handed it to Kansas dot.

My call cast question is this. Where is Marquette University located? Did a screen freeze or is he having a dramatic pause?

He's got a dramatic pause. Okay. Did it freeze?

Do you know where Marquette is located? No. Wait. Let me think. I'm going to put out a guess. All right. No, I don't know where Marquette is.

It's a very good. God, that's a great question. It's like asking somebody that's not from here, where's way forward? I mean, come on, man. They had some really good brothers that played there. I mean, Jimmy Butler and D Wade. Yeah, D Wade.

So I'm thinking like D Wade because I think that maybe D Wade would have stayed close to home. Illinois. Wisconsin. Damn it. So close, now you know, but now you know, you know where Marquette is now.

It's in the state of Wisconsin. A lot of Packer fans rooting for, I never would have guessed that ever. Well, there you go. See, you learned something today.

It was a great call. Cast it question. What do you have for me? Oh, by the way, by the way, if somebody can call in and help me, I have a pair of tickets for wake forest in Charleston this Friday, black Friday. If you want to watch the Demon Deacons on Friday and help me out in grammar, school 3 3 6 7 7 7 1 600.

And don't forget all Wake Forest Demon Deacons basketball tickets come with a pillow. Is that right? All right. Oh, yeah.

Cause you're going to be sleep watching some NyQuil. It's pretty good. Josh. What is the percolator? The percolator?

Yes. The percolator. This can go in many ways. See, like when I think perks, I think like positives like a house or a job or something.

I also think about Percocet, which probably is more the direction that this is going in perk a later or perculator percolator P E R C O L A T A R percolator 3 3 6 7 7 7 1 600. Yeah. He asked that as if the spelling would, uh, would give him a lead and then he throws that numbers out because I don't wait a minute. Can I share it? Can I share what WD just sent in the chat in our private chat? Yeah.

What's that? Josh's dad just text him. Bryce is too small. Your dog.

All right. He is also, I need to get it out in front of me. Cause I think he's trying to send me like grammar school hints to like my watches going off.

I don't want to look dad. Don't give me, he's clearly just listening and Googling things like he doesn't know what a percolator is. WD. Do you know what a percolator is? I think so. What is it? It's like a coffee pot. Oh, I'll go with that.

It's like, it makes sense. Coffee pot, a percolator put on the stove. Is that your final answer? That is a hundred percent wrong as hell. What the hell was my dad just messaged me a coffee pot. What?

No, not in our community, baby. The percolator is a dance. Hey, I need you to pull this up. W D show. I'm Josh during the commercial. It's a song.

It's a song. It's time for the percolator. It's time for the percolator. It's time for the percolator. It's time for the percolator. It's time for the percolator.

It's time for the percolator. Number two, what does it mean if someone says something slight? Something slight. Something slight. Correct.

Three, three, six, seven, seven, seven, one, six hundred. Please. Help. Did we all say that in unison? I think so.

Did you just play that drop too? Yeah. Something slight. Something slight.

Oh, man. Because slight could be someone skinny. It could be a slight like catching a stray from someone. I mean, can you give me some level of context of when something slight might be said? Yes.

All right. So if somebody is giving someone a compliment, their response to that compliment would be something slight. Something slight in response to a compliment. Oh, three, three, six, seven, seven, seven, one, six hundred.

Who should I go to here? Keenan. Keenan, what's it mean when someone says something slight?

Hey, Keenan, what do you got? Yeah. So basically it's all right, like, you know, something slight, it's got variable meanings here, but I've only ever heard, you know, you go into the malls this weekend, you have something slight. Yeah. It's one of those. It can be used in many forms, but it's all right.

So it's like to blow something off? No. That's not what I said. Sorry. Keenan. You just. You got it. Something slight. Let's see. Let's take it easy.

I just like that answer. I'm going to let him. I'm going to let Keenan go. What's hilarious is he knows when he uses it, but he can't verbally tell you what the definition is.

That's what's so funny about that one for Keenan. I know that he knows. And I don't know how to verbalize it if he can't verbalize it. But I can. I can verbalize it. As soon as I say it. If I was talking to Keenan, he'd be like, yeah, that's exactly what it means.

You could still give him tickets for the effort. Okay. What, what is it? I don't know. No, you have to give us a guess. Okay. Something slight. I'm going to go with like, you're blowing off somebody or you're blowing off something like somebody says something and you're like, Oh, something's light. All right. So they screaming pause in the back with your, what your, what your answer is.

They said, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. That is incorrect. A hundred percent. Incorrect. Some slight, some slight means no big deal is no big deal.

Like if I say, Oh, I'll see you with your Carolina hurricanes, um, pull over on the day. Some flight, you know, just like what Keenan was trying to say, but not doing a very good job of it. That's what was fighting. He was trying to say it's dope. Where was Keenan calling from again?

That would be the great town of, okay. What's the last one. What does it mean if she is throwing it back, Josh Graham? Hey now pause.

You can't say the second question and then pause this. Um, if I'm going to assume dancing, she's dancing. That's what I was going to say.

Like she's dancing and using her rump. There we go. Correct. That is correct. I'll give you that.

You give them a, give them that not a satisfactory grades today, but at least you didn't go over three. All right. Now you've been right to point out when I'm wrong about Brandon Miller, it seems, um, the mellow ball getting off to a better start than I thought, right? Still too soon to say on that, but you might be right. You might be right. All right. You were, I'm going to call you out. This is like a Thanksgiving argument, whatever you were wrong about the, uh, about coach prime. Yeah.

I mean, Heisman trophy stuff, and they might be one of the best teams in the country. Four and seven dot four and seven. I do want to say this. I want to be honest.

Yes. I may have been a little premature with my, uh, celebration because you said you're a hater for not saying they're going to be great right away. I'm like, dot, let's just wait till they play somebody. They were great right away, but here's the phase now. Um, like coach prime said at the beginning of the season, this will be the worst they will ever be in my opinion. I think it's eventually going to work.

I do, but I had to figure out how to play, had to figure out the speed of the game and all of that recruiting laws and all of that. I saw right through it. And uh, when, when you're right, you're right. And we'll give you your flowers when you're wrong. You're wrong. We'll let you know.

Uh, but we'll close on a high. We had Robert Walsh on last hour and Kyle, Kyle, the Amazon driver called in and said, Robert inspired him to try and do more stuff. And then he took a class of yours when it came to hosting, and now he's going to be a P.A.

announcer for a local high school team. So how cool this show is to help motivate people and get people to things. That's a pretty cool way to close out the week, I think, before the holiday.

No, I'll attest to that, Josh Graham and I honestly, it's crazy you say that because I wanted to give Kyle, the Amazon driver, a shout out for that very reason. Um, and this platform is really, really, um, due to your freedom of just allowing people to be themselves. It's really giving folks a confidence. I got a chance to see Robbie when I was in Tennessee a couple of weeks ago and he's doing well out there. Yes, Kyle takes my P.A.

on an arena hosting course and he's a very dope protege and for him to get that job at Western Alamance is right on time for him. I think that's dope. But all of that is like, we're all, um, of your cloth, you dig what I'm saying? Like, we're all a part of the drive family.

You did what I'm saying? Like, so seriously, man, like, I appreciate you for allowing me to have this space on your platform for as long as we've been running it. And I'm sure that Robbie and Kyle also appreciate it one in the same and bringing in W.D. and just everybody who you touch, Josh, like for real pause. But we appreciate it for real for real pause that I love you, man. Happy Thanksgiving. And I'll talk to you next week. Same, but love you, man, W.D.
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