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Cauliflower and Cheese Sauce

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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November 17, 2023 7:25 pm

Cauliflower and Cheese Sauce

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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November 17, 2023 7:25 pm

On a Friday Drive, Josh explains how the Panthers game against the Cowboys could be the nail in the coffin for Frank Reich, tells how Miles Bridges is an uncomfortable necessity for the Charlotte Hornets, right now, recaps Jim Harbaugh accepting his three game suspension and other events of the week, in Keep It Simple, voice of the High School Football Game of the Week, Dave Polaski, joins the show to set up tonight's playoff rematch between Grimsley and Hough, and Josh and WD talk sharks on the highway and sing Rhinestone Cowboy to ride off into the weekend sunset.


This is The Drive with Josh Graham podcast.

We're internet sensations guys! Tune into The Drive weekday afternoons 3 to 7 on WSJS. We've made it to a Friday drive WSJS noon stock sports for the triad and we start with an important programming note. Duda Duke basketball tipping off at a strange time tonight for this evening 6 o'clock right here on WSJS. We're gonna wrap up at five o'clock rather than six and High School State playoff football will be moved to the interwebs You can listen to that game starting at seven o'clock kickoff at 730. Dave Pulaski will be calling that game and will join us in studio to tell us about the matchup. Moving on to Panthers Cowboys.

Let me appeal to the video gamers in the audience. If you've ever played GM mode on Madden maybe they call it something different like franchise mode and you get to play GM and be the general manager that makes all the moves and stuff there are times where you don't really feel like playing each individual game because either your team so good you just want to skip to the playoffs or your team so bad you want to wait till the season to end. You don't want to wait till the season to end so you just simulate to the end and hey now we can make all the moves in the offseason to improve the roster. Well the Carolina Panthers are the latter of that and for Frank Reich if he loses Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys and it's as ugly as it appears it can be then it's a wrap for him and you can just simulate to the end of his Panthers tenure. That's what Sunday is. You should expect the Cowboys to bury Frank Reich and the Panthers Sunday at Bank of America Stadium because we just saw the same movie last year. That rules last game was against the superior 49ers team that when they arrived in town took over Bank of America Stadium. Their fans it was completely red and gold and the Panthers lost that game by three touchdowns. Sunday's gonna be an absolute Cowboys takeover. Everybody knows it.

Even Frank Reich. Listen to Frank Reich earlier today say that they they've been preparing to use a silent count on offense in their home stadium because of what they expect to be in the stands. I think everybody knows how well Dallas travels. You know we have a great city that other teams like to other fans like to come to so you know we're prepared we practice silent count this week you know if we have to use it so we're prepared either way. Other fans they just like to travel to our city and not your own.

Oh we've got this great city. They love to come to our city and watch football games at the stadium. What about the fans of your team in your stadium? Seems like it'd be a lot easier for them to get to the game than the visiting fans you would think. He's talking about the Panthers as if they're the Chargers in LA where there are two LA teams and none of them have been around that long so they don't have these long like standing generational fan bases.

It's unbelievable and it's sad too. And what's also sad is Dallas is coming off hanging 49 on the Giants last week and they've won three of their last four games so they can put it on teams. With that being said though a couple of things don't be surprised if the Panthers start the game well. The offense this is a kitchen sink game if I've ever seen one. Everything you've got you're gonna throw it into this game. The urgency is gonna be on the Panthers side we know that.

So watch out for something tricky. Laviska Chennault for example is playing in this game haven't seen him in a while. Maybe you get him involved in something some type of trick play. The defense quietly has been playing very well. It's kind of crazy nobody's talking about how well the defense is playing because when the Panthers win a game everybody wants to talk about what Bryce Young did on that drive to beat CJ Stroud but the defense held the Texans to 13. The week after that Bryce Young threw two pick sixes they lose the game so everyone's talking about Bryce again but the defense again only allowed 13 points to the Colts and the only reason they allowed 13 was because of that bad call on Xavier Woods that gift wrap to touchdown for Indy.

Their only offensive touchdown of the game. The Chicago Bears held them down where they weren't scoring it's on on the Panthers defense either so they've played well solid certainly in the last three games however Dallas is a different animal. Dallas is going to prevail eventually. This probably is gonna play out a lot like the Miami game a month ago where Carolina had some urgency going into the bye they wanted to show some things and they were up 14 to nothing perfectly scripted and the urgency was with Carolina and they still lost that game by 21 points. Miami spotted Carolina 14 it's a lot like when the Atlanta Braves have like that that Frozone type person I forget the name of that you know what I'm talking about they give the fan a head start by about 10-15 yards in a race and this guy just tracks them down that's what this game is gonna feel like maybe you'll spot him some points the freeze.

The freeze is what we call it. That's it the Panthers are that fan that's trying to outrun the freeze getting a 10-15 yard head start and then the freeze still hawks them down that's what this game's going to be but the other thing is this even if they lose this game and they lose it bad it still be surprising that if Carolina fires Frank Wright next week that would be a surprising deal. This is why I used the GM mode Madden example like you could just simulate to the end like it would be a death nail David Tepper would not forget that image of us a game that's completely packed with visiting fans and the Panthers losing by a ton and it's just gonna be hard to overcome that.

That's what it would be it'd be a death nail. Carolina they have three straight road games after this and they'd be 1-9 with the loss on Sunday. It would be inevitable that's what it would be it might not happen next week but it would be inevitable that Frank Wright's gonna lose his job and I like Dallas to win this game 31-17. On X at WSJS radio if you want him Will Dalton the executive producer of the show knowing you and your interests WD do you want the good news or the bad news? I already know the bad news just tell us. Joe Burrows out for the year tearing a wrist ligament you knew it was bad when they had the sideline shot yesterday and he's you know going down to like nearly down to a knee.

Yeah he was hurting. Can't hold on to the football that's tough but even with Joe Burrow in the lineup they probably weren't making the playoffs in the loaded AFC that was a tough loss yesterday so I mean Burrow is gonna miss time so the fact that he's out for the year if he was gonna miss any time at all he probably the the Bengals weren't gonna make the playoffs so I don't think it's as big of a deal as some are making it out to be as long as he's ready for next year but still bad news nonetheless. Do you want the good news?

I'd love to hear some good news. So the Greensboro Swarm are in action tonight and tomorrow at the Fieldhouse. Leaky Black and Amari Bailey will be making their swarm debuts at the Fieldhouse tonight so you can go out get some tickets see the swarm. Going from the swarm to the Hornets I don't know if this qualifies as good or bad news but it's worth talking about. Miles Bridges 10 game suspension is up and for the first time in 583 days he's gonna be in the lineup for the Charlotte Hornets. Now it seems the fans of the team are struggling with how to feel about this given the off-court problems that he's had and they are well documented and we've talked about ad nauseam when relevant.

Here's where I stand on it. Keeping Miles on the team and choosing to play Miles are uncomfortable necessities for the Hornets right now. He's an all-star caliber player in Charlotte. You got LeBron James before you know he stopped playing for Charlotte before last season talking about how he's one of the elite guys in the league he's a dude. But here's the complete list this is the part you need to realize if you're not a Hornet fan. Here's the complete list of Hornets all-stars since the the name change from Bob Katz to Hornets. Like this is we're talking about close to 15 years of Hornets history now. Here's the complete list of NBA all-stars. Kimball Walker and LaMelo Ball. That's the list and Miles Bridges could be that type of good. So Charlotte doesn't have the luxury as an organization to have that type of talent available to them and simply discard it. This is not they are not the Lakers they are not even the Miami Heat they're not the Celtics they can't just discard them. Those organizations maybe they could.

Would they? I don't know. Here's the grown-up reality though where you're having a grown-up conversation about this rather than trying to posture and do the social media thing where hey I'm gonna get a bunch of likes and say ah this is a Hornet that the Hornets are playing. Miles Bridges. He's gonna play for somebody.

That's the reality. He's served his suspension. He's going to play for somebody. Why not you?

What does taking a moral stand grant grant you? Oh the fans should you got you owe it to your fans to not play Miles Bridges. Really? What fans? I mean are these same fans if the Charlotte Hornets cut a deal with those air quote fans that they're doing it for would they do what would the fans show up now if the Hornets said hey we're gonna cut Miles Bridges because you want us to social media says we should. Are you gonna watch a 25 win basketball team now?

Is that what you're gonna do? Like Miles gets the game because we saw it with Kobe in 2004 and we've seen it with several other examples in sports. If you start winning people are gonna forget. They are. They shouldn't.

It's again having a grown-up conversation here. The Hornets trying to run a business and they're not the Lakers or the Celtics. He's gonna play for somebody. Why not you?

And this was Miles yesterday. I think communicating what I'm trying to say decently. I mean I know a lot of people feel a way about me being back and I understand that and I have to like I said before a game they trust back. So I'm just going out there looking out there to play. I feel like if I can do this some more wins I feel like people's perspective will change a little bit on me.

Just trying to get out there and help the team as much as I can. I miss playing against these fans. 25 win team without Miles Bridges.

Fans aren't showing up. You might lose some of those people but I venture to say if the Hornets are decent with Miles in the lineup you probably gain more people than you would have lost by keeping him. I'd say so. That's the truth.

If you want to say that's an indictment on the human experience that's fine. An indictment on fans sure but that's the reality. And there are two scenarios of how this plays out for Charlotte and they're positive. Either he makes Charlotte a playoff team which he could.

He is that good remember. The last two years that he played in Charlotte they were playing teams and he was the leading scorer on those teams. So that's one scenario. Or Charlotte is not a playoff team and you can flip him at the deadline get something in return for him and since you're not making the playoffs you're likely gonna have a top 10 pick in the draft that doesn't go to the San Antonio Spurs.

You'd likely have a top 10 pick and you continue your rebuild but you get something back in exchange for Miles. It is uncomfortable sure I'll give you all that but it is a necessity that he plays and that he stays a Charlotte Hornet. To recap the week in the most efficient way possible we keep it simple. My wife just texted me that she spotted stand-up comic Theo Vaughn at a restaurant in downtown Winston-Salem just a few hours ago.

Is that right? He's playing Joel Coliseum tonight. Two weeks from now Burt Kreischer who's another noteworthy comic gonna be playing Winston too. I am certainly in favor of Winston-Salem becoming a home for top comedy acts. I'm all about it. My wife and I saw a stand-up comic as I mentioned at our church last week which is the last place you'd expect to watch a comedy show but we enjoyed that.

We went to an open mic a few blocks from our house Tuesday night that was better than I expected it would be and yeah how about this just top acts visiting the try-and so that's pretty exciting. A lot going on tonight perhaps we can get to that in a bit. Right now though let's recap the week since it's Friday and the most efficient way we know how to by keeping it simple. Five words or less.

That's all Josh gets to tell you where your favorite teams are at. It's as marvelous and as simple as that. Let's keep it simple.

All right. 3.20 in the afternoon. Who's in the club this early on in the day? Let's find out together boys and girls with the dance break. Boston College.

Live action. No no no no no. And this win when there's so much for us. Love the s*** out of you man.

Is this for you? It's Luigi time. Crying in the club. Mac Brown and Ron Moore. They're in their fields out there. Then Jimbo back there. A lot of coaches in there. We have an update on Jimbo. What do you think Jimbo Fisher has been up to this week?

He's been kicking it. Like where? Somewhere tropical?

Probably. Yeah turning the old phone off getting the lump sum seventy six and a half million dollar buyout. How about that?

Okay where are we starting? Caleb Love and Arizona beating Duke last Friday night. Caleb gets the last laugh. His career is going to be remembered even if he makes it in the NBA for what he did against Duke. Winning at Cameron, Coach K's last game. Beating Coach K in what turned out to be his last game overall and the first ever matchup between Duke and North Carolina in the NCAA tournament and it was in the final four. That's what Caleb's gonna be remembered for. So for him to go in there and hit those clutch free throws and assist on the go-ahead bucket and pick off that long inbound pass.

I felt really good for Caleb Love because he's been through it. He's been scapegoated by Tar Heel fans. He's been mistreated by Tar Heel fans.

Don't just take it from me. The sixth man of Tar Heel basketball, B-Dot, said it the day that he transferred out. The Michigan stuff where he wasn't admitted felt political and felt like a rift between the University and Juwan Howard.

Things not related to Caleb Love. So I felt really good for him that he was able to close out that game and have that moment. UNC beating Duke on senior night. Drake May's last game probably. Maybe Max and storming the field.

A lot of angles to this. There is the Mack Brown piece where he's saying he's not retiring but we'll see. We'll see in a couple of weeks how the next few weeks go. There is the Drake May piece where that's gonna be his last game.

He's gonna go to the NFL. And there's the field storming piece where it's just another reminder of how unserious Carolina football is. When you're two touchdown favorites. When you do nothing in the red zone. When your defense blows another lead. Duke's playing with their third string quarterback that you decided that that was going to be a good idea. Either people letting it happen or students doing so. Just seems that Mack Brown who spent a lot of time at a serious place that doesn't really have field storms all that often.

If you injected him with truth serum he probably wasn't a big fan of it. Wake Forest getting destroyed by NC State. The low point for Dave Claussen.

That's it. It's the low point for Dave Claussen. And I don't say that lightly knowing that he only won six games his first two years but that was building towards something.

That was red shirting classes and you just kind of understood it was going to take a while with the approach that he was taking. The standard had been elevated. This is a standard year and you lose two brutal games. One that you should have won at Duke where you collapsed in the fourth quarter and then one you don't show up for.

One you don't compete in. That's the part that was staggering and Dave Claussen to his credit was very honest after the game. Very honest in his comments to the media this week that that he was wrong about what this team what he thought this team was going to be and he he that this team is not competitive against the pack. We mentioned it a minute ago Jimbo Fisher being fired by Texas A&M. Mike Elko should be... Mike Elko is the fit. I'm trying to think if there's another coach that you could consider as being an equal fit or just as good as an option. I know Jeff Traylor apparently interviewed as UTSA's coach legendary high school coach around there now at UTSA. Mike Elko coached at A&M. Things went south after he left A&M. He's winning at Duke in such a short period of time he's figuring out ways to do so and compete with the third string quarterback doing things that no one across the country has done and he's the exact inverse of Jimbo Fisher which is kind of what you're looking for when you're firing somebody.

He just checks all the boxes in a way that nobody else does. College football heavy but I mean a lot's happened. Jim Harbaugh accepting his three game suspension from the Big Ten. This whole scandal is dumb.

It really is. The punishment is dumb. It just feels personal because it's Jim Harbaugh and it's Michigan. I don't think the air quote cheating that's been done is all as impactful as people make it. I don't think it's that big of a deal in the actual football that Harbaugh is not going to be on the sideline when all the work happens throughout the week. So in a way it's the perfect punishment for the crime.

Both are a lot on the surface and a lot for show and there's not really a lot of teeth to it but the entire scandal wall together is dumb. That's all we have time for here in the club. All right let's get one more dance break.

Was it supposed to be magic? Yeah you know again at that point you know we're... Nah I'm not gonna touch that one. Whoa Merry Christmas! Yeah Matt Ruhl's hanging out back there. He's having a ball with all this Panthers news. So bizarre. We have high school football tonight, playoff football.

That's not the bizarre part. 7 o'clock pregame starts. 730 kick Huff and Grimsley from Greensbury.

Dave Pulaski and studio will be on the call for that. No the weird part is Duke basketball's tipping off at 6 o'clock so we're off the air at 5 and like in the next half hour we're gonna be taking it to the house and singing Rhinestone Cowboy like in 15 minutes. Kind of crazy how quick of a turnaround it is but getting into the high school football. Advance to the later stages of the playoffs. What does the picture look like right now for the triad? Is the triad in good position?

Bad position? About where you thought they would be? I would say about where I thought we would be. You know you still have the the three key favorites for state titles from the triad still alive. Of course that's the top seed Reidsville over in 2A, Dudley in 3A and then Grimsley of course in 4A but that road to the 4A title is so tough. I mean you're playing Huff a team that is on an 11 game winning streak in the third round and then if you win that one you potentially could play either Weddington or Charlotte Catholic in the fourth round. You're not even to the regional final yet and you're playing other teams that could just as easily win the state title as you. Now going into it high school OT had Grimsley as the pre playoff favorite to win the state title. So we'll see how it plays out but right now I would say the triad's in pretty good position about what we expected. You still have Mount Tabor over on the other side of that 4A bracket although they have a really tough test against Butler today.

You have Huff Grimsley. If memory serves, didn't those two play in a playoff classic last year? Yeah that was their first ever meeting and what a way to lift the lid on that one huh? 40 to 37 in triple overtime that Grimsley ended up winning on a game-winning field goal after making a defensive stop. That ended up propelling them into the regional final. That was a fourth round game last year and that was a matchup that really both teams left everything out on the field. Huff still talks about it a little bit especially going into this game I'm sure was discussed during the 83 mile bus ride up from Cornelius for this game.

So there's gonna be motivation on both sides. 7 o'clock pregame start 730 kick. How much different do these rosters look versus a year ago?

A decent amount. Huff has a new quarterback this year. Their backup quarterback is now the starter. Tre Blaigme is the starting quarterback this season. Last year it was Tad Hudson who is now one of Drake May's backups at Carolina.

So it's a little bit of a different offense in terms of their dynamic play. Tad Hudson is there a more North Carolina Tar Heel sounding name than Tad Hudson? Does he sound more like a North Carolina Tar Heel baseball player or a guy who's like in the mix round one and Augusta? Tad Hudson. Augusta. Yeah I'll go Augusta. Hello friends.

A tradition unlike any other. Tad Hudson for power. Although I could see Tad Hudson coming out of the bullpen for a... Let's get Coach Forbes, the other Coach Forbes. Let's get him in there.

Sorry to interrupt that. Different quarterback play. Yeah different quarterback play. So the offense isn't quite as dynamic for Huff as last year but their defense is arguably even better than what they had last year and they traditionally always have a really good defense. They're only giving up eight and a half points per game this season. You go through their starting lineup. This is how it reads of Division One football commits in just their starting lineup.

Oklahoma, Georgia Southern, James Madison, Coastal Carolina, and Louisville. Not bad. That's pretty good. I'm looking at your hat.

You got for those watching on Twitter or I guess X, YouTube or Twitch. Dave Pulaski in studio with us has got the UCLA hat because you produce UCLA football in downtown Winston-Salem. Pretty cool what we have in downtown Winston with Learfield IMG. Tomorrow's the UCLA-USC game?

It is. I've always thought that game was always like right after the Thanksgiving holiday and it's just a reminder. Tomorrow when UCLA plays USC, what are they going to be wearing? Color on color. Powder keg blue against Cardinal Red. Some of the best uniformed games in college football.

So I'm going to look directly into the camera right now as we have for years now. NC State, North Carolina. Figure it out. Please. Figure it out. Last year I was at the game at Keenan Stadium. You know what I did? I walked up to Boo Corrigan and I said, you game for this in Raleigh next year? He said yes. I walked up to Bubba Cunningham. I said, you cool with this? He said yes.

Figure it out. That's what I'm saying to you. No alternate jerseys. Oh, we're going to wear our dark helmets. No. For once, Carolina Blue, home jerseys for the Tar Heels against NC State Red home jerseys.

Head to head. This isn't hard. Yeah. At the end of the day, Jeff.

Why is Jim Phillips involved in this? Can he make it happen? No. Oh.

Not if the teams agree to it now. It's good. This is it. The schools can do it. Well, you could broker this. You've already done the work. I have. Well, come on. Okay. This is a reminder. Call somebody. I'm going to remind Boo Corrigan and Bubba Cunningham.

I'm going to see Bubba tonight, I think, in Chapel Hill. I'm going to remind them what they told me a year ago. Figure it out.

That's what I'm saying. UCLA and USC actually forced the NCAA to change its rule because at the time, it had to be color jersey against white jersey. And if the team violated it, they lost a timeout. So, whoever ended up wearing the color jersey being the road team lost the timeout. The other team would just turn around and call a timeout there. So, both teams had two timeouts. That ended up causing the NCAA to say, you know what?

That's okay. There it is. They've done the hard work. They are proof that you can do it. Now, do it. Just do it. This is not hard.

It shouldn't be. Next week, crazy to think. It's Thanksgiving. So, I don't think we're going to be talking next week. We'll talk a couple of weeks from now when we get to the semifinal stage of the playoffs. I had some leftovers today, some Thanksgiving leftovers because I had a Friendsgiving at my place last night.

Okay, Pulaski. I'm not going to ask you your primary dish because there's only two possible answers to that. We had a little Thanksgiving thing at Alex's daycare today, by the way.

That was pretty cool. What's the side dish? The side dish for me of choice? Yeah.

Cauliflower in cheese sauce. That's new. I used to love it.

That's new. I used to love it. My grandmother would make it and I loved it. Cauliflower in cheese sauce. I'm not mad at that answer.

I kind of like that. I am. It's okay.

Me and Dave will be healthy. Infuriating. Well, besides the cheese sauce. I was going to say the cheese sauce. That's what does it.

That sounds good. I am violently upset. Violently? Violently.

I'm just, I'm grabbing my chair right now. While we're talking state playoffs. Shout out to my high school, Franklin Academy High School outside of Raleigh. They are playing, I believe Davidson Day, some school from Charlotte area in Greensboro tomorrow at McPherson Stadium, high school state soccer championships. 2A, I once upon a time was a midfielder for four years for the Franklin Academy Patriots. We never made it to states or anything like that, but shout out to those guys.

Wish them the best of luck. Were you ever a top-notch athlete, Dave Pulaski? Top-notch? Yeah.

No. What did you play in high school? Baseball. Baseball, football, and basketball.

And I played baseball in college, but I was not top notch in any of those. I was about to say UNWD can bond over that. We have. We have. Yeah. You have that. Shout out to Monmouth Regional going six and four in football this season.

So there's that. Boom. Up in New Jersey.

Cauliflower with cheese sauce. Dave Pulaski, seven o'clock, pregame start, 730 kick. Have a great call. Hopefully tonight's game is as good as the one a year ago. Huff Grimsley from Greensboro.

Should be a lot of fun. Get out that way. Thanks, man. That's Dave Pulaski in studio with us. WD, I can't believe I'm asking you this question this soon, but on this rhinestone cowboy, what do we have in ticket to the house? It's a headline I didn't think I'd read today.

A shark sighting on the interstate. Next. Josh Graham loves to talk sports.

He also loves to take herbal body baths to keep his skin supple and youthful looking. You're on the drive with Josh Graham. One more reminder. We've been saying it all show. We're off the air. In just a few minutes. Six o'clock Duke basketball tip on WSJS. Pregame coverage starting in just a few minutes with David Shumate from Cameron. You can listen to Dave Pulaski, Huff, Fade to the left. Seven o'clock pregame, 730 kick on

Exclusively online, just like last week. Okay. If you missed any of today's show, best of pod, you can find it still.

Search the drive with Josh Graham, iTunes, Apple podcast, Spotify, and Anchor. We'll take it to the next one. We'll take it to the house in just a bit. Let's do some singing a little bit earlier than usual.

Okay. Let's close out the week on a high note by taking it to the house. Pass the 15, pass the 10, pass the five for the drive. We'll take it to the house. One, two, three. So weird.

Take it to the house. Some people were just getting off work. Hey, I get off at five o'clock.

Sorry. Duke basketball weird six o'clock tip. Enjoy Duke. I got to get to Carolina. I guess I'll get there in good time with it being an eight o'clock tip.

I'll say. In Chapel Hill. Enjoy the basketball. Enjoy the high school football on

What do you have to take it to the house? A shark has been seen on the interstate. Where? Now the scenario is apparently somebody was driving behind a truck and somebody was transporting a big catch. Somebody caught a shark. So the shark was like laid. I mean, big one, like laid out in the back of a pickup truck cruising down the highway.

The guy got a good video of it. And apparently the viewer who sent this believed it's about a nine or 10 foot long bull shark. So, yeah, I mean, it's like, hey, it's about to fall off the truck. Actually, when you look at the footage here, like it's just dangling off.

The tail is actually probably scraping the road a little bit here. Are you when you go to the beach, are you a guy that generally spends a lot of time in the water? I do like to get in the ocean.

Now, I know a lot of people are skeptical about it and they're like, oh, stuff is in there. But see, I just I don't like getting in the water all that much in the ocean. Not because of what's in there like sharks, but twofold. One, the water is generally very dirty.

It is. I try to put that out of my mind. And number two, I don't like having all the sand that comes along with when your feet are wet walking in the sand versus when your feet are not wet walking through the sand. I feel it's a lot easier to clean your feet and not have all the sand. It's part of going to the beach, though. Yeah, I enjoy it. Again, I like sitting on the beach and reading and napping and I like sitting under the pier, which Hayes Permar makes fun of me for.

You do do that. I enjoy going to the beach. It's just that I don't spend a lot of time in the water.

And then it's an added bonus that if I'm not in the water that much, I don't have to worry about sharks. I might try to go to the beach actually here this month or next month in December because my parents... What beach would you go to? I'd go to Myrtle Beach. In December? Yeah, because my parents don't want to go to the beach. And I'm like, okay, well, I'm probably going to take some days off in December. And it would be cool to go to the beach at Christmas time. Why?

Just Christmas time at the beach. Okay. Yeah. Well, it'd be fun. You enjoy that. I will. Not a problem to be getting in the water on that deal.

It'd be a little chilly. Good luck. High school football tonight. Best of luck to Grimsley against Huff on We pass things along to David Shumate and company Duke Basketball. I'll be at Carolina. Follow our coverage on YouTube as I'll have stuff from the Panthers game as well. Talk to you next on a Monday Drive.
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