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It's Basketball Time

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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November 14, 2023 6:04 pm

It's Basketball Time

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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November 14, 2023 6:04 pm

On a Tuesday Drive, Josh explains why this is "disaster week" for our local NC football teams, tells why he's concerned about Duke, tonight against Michigan State, college basketball writer for The Athletic, Brendan Marks, joins the show to tell why it's not a big deal the Elliot Cadeau isn't starting for UNC, WD goes to the movies to tell why "Superbad" is one of the funniest movies he's ever seen, and Hayes Permar, of Sports Channel 8, joins the show to tell why he's pulling more for Dave Clawson than David Tepper and to play a "Sam Hartman themed" Skips or Plays.


This is The Drive with Josh Graham Podcast. We're internet sensations guys! Tune into The Drive weekday afternoons 3 to 7 on WSJS.

So we're on a Tuesday Drive. It is WSJS News Talk Sports for the Triad. Where after watching Superbad for the first time last night, WD texted me, quote, That might have been the funniest thing I've seen in my life. We're so happy for him.

He'll share all his initial thoughts on that classic later in the show. But as we transition to football, locally speaking, this is disaster week for our football teams. Disaster week.

It's not that there are potential landmines all over the slate where we could potentially see slip ups. No, that's not what this week is. Instead, this week is being the picked on kid in school and knowing all day that the beat down is coming from the bully on the playground.

And there's nothing you can do about it. That's what this week is for our state's teams. Let's start with the Panthers. They are double digit home dogs to the Dallas Cowboys. This game is going to be packed at Bank of America Stadium and it's going to be three quarter Dallas Cowboy fans there. They're going to take over the stadium.

They're going to probably beat the Panthers the way that they beat the pants off the Giants a couple of days ago. And there's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that is concerning as well. Frank Reich, for example, would not answer yesterday who would be calling plays.

Here he was being directly asked, is Thomas Brown going to continue as the play caller on Sunday? I have not totally, you know, dialed that in, you know, pretty much as I've said, we've been collaborative in much of what we do. I'm still evaluating the whole thing.

And so, you know, and how it actually is going to function or not. But is there a chance you might be more collaborative than you have been the last few weeks? You know, I just I'm really just thinking the whole thing through.

No, I'm not going to touch that one. That's what Thomas Brown would have said if he was being asked these questions. We'll hear from Thomas Brown later on in the week. This is a recipe to firmly put yourself on the hot seat. Disorganization, bad offensive performances when you're the offensive guru with the quarterback that you handpicked.

While the guy that you could have picked is starting to go off. Home stadium takeover. An owner that seems perfectly proud of the fact that he's impulsive. You know, with concerts.

That guy, David Tepper. Potential blowout. The Panthers game, that just has disaster written all over it. Then in college, Wake Forest clashes with Sam Hartman this week. John Dell of the Winston-Salem Journal said that Sam Hartman's not doing interviews this week.

That doesn't surprise me at all. There was a month stretch last year when they were ranked 10th in the country that we didn't hear from Sam. Sam didn't speak after all the interceptions that he threw in the ACC championship game.

So that's kind of his M.O. And that doesn't seem like it's changed now that he's in South Bend. But this week, it's gonna be tough for Wake given the state of the program right now. Going up against perhaps the best player in the history of the program. And not really having much of a chance to win. You're going to South Bend. Wake's coming off two brutal losses, collapsing in the fourth quarter against one in-state rival.

And then not really competing at all. That's Dave Claussen's words. Against NC State over the weekend at home.

Now you're going to South Bend. Sam Hartman, who had played in most of the bowl games during Wake's record bowl streak that got up to seven straight. Is going to be the guy that ends Wake's bowl streak. Because if they don't win the last two games, they're not going to go bowling. Unless they catch a huge break. But that would also require them to beat Syracuse as well in the finale.

So that doesn't seem great. Then you've got App State. You have North Carolina. Both heading on the road in marquee spots. The Mountaineers. They're facing unbeaten James Madison. College game day is going to be at James Madison for that.

So that's a big stage. And the Tar Heels are headed to Clemson. Both teams, App and North Carolina, more than touchdown underdogs heading on the road.

So it's not even a secret. This week has disaster written all over it. It's disaster week for our local teams in the state of North Carolina. OnX at WSJS radio if you want in. That's where we're streaming video.

In addition to Twitch and YouTube. Well, Dalton is the executive producer of this show. W.D. 's a freak.

He's a fast skill life. W.D. needs more of a thinking man's picture. Other than Anchorman, Superbad might be the most quoted movie that we've done. I'm Mean Girls. That's a good one, too. Mean Girls.

But this one is in that realm. Let me tell you. Right when we wrap up today, we'll get to at the movies with the W.D. Later on.

And of course, we'll get submissions for movies to do next week. For next week. Right when we wrap up today, though, we'll have pregame coverage for Duke Basketball on WSJS. Michigan State is the opponent in the Champions Classic. And at face value, this is a concerning matchup for the Blue Devils.

It really is. Eric's. I watched it up close at Cameron on Friday. Arizona exposed Duke's lack of toughness and their lack of size in the post. In that win. Between two top 15 ranked teams, Duke clearly missed Eric Lively.

This is something that a lot of people just took for granted. Oh, you're just going to slide Kyle Filipowski down to the five and that's going to be OK. There's a reason why Derek Lively is having an incredible start to his rookie year in the NBA. And was one of the more impactful players in the league for the final month and a half of the season.

Kyle Filipowski. He's not a five. He might be the best four in college basketball, but it doesn't look like he's a five. Arizona bullied Duke on the boards. Thirteen offensive rebounds just in the first half alone.

Second chance points galore. Arizona challenged Duke's manhood, so to speak, and Michigan State's whole brand is toughness and physicality. They don't really shoot threes. In fact, I think they only have two or three makes from threes up from three and their first two games combined.

They can't shoot it where the lick. That's not how they win basketball games. They're a team built to succeed in the Big Ten, which is a meat grinder.

It's fist fighting each other, bare knuckle fist fights every single game it feels like. That's what Michigan State does. And obviously they're talented, talented enough to net the preseason number four ranking in the national poll.

Right now, they're ranked number 18 after the loss to James Madison last week. Somebody is going to feel like the sky is falling after tonight. Somebody has to lose.

Both Duke and Michigan State are one and one. Somebody is going to be one and two and asking real questions. And if you want something that feels like a determiner, determinator tonight, that's not a word. Determinator. Tyrese Proctor.

I think you get what I'm talking about here. That's the X Factor tonight. He is that. He's the key to the game. His stat line will decide whether or not Duke wins. He was bad against Arizona. He had that key turnover late.

And the one thing that really stood out to me watching him on Friday night. I just assumed from last year to this year from his he reclassified to play last year as a freshman. So he was a year ahead of schedule, very skinny guard. I just assumed that he was going to pick up a ton of weight and pick up some muscle. It doesn't really look like he's done that. He still looks very slender, really small.

Looks like he could be pushed around a bit. And he was by Arizona. So we'll see. Duke didn't shoot it all that well from three either. I don't have a lot of expectation that Michigan State will shoot it well from three.

Again, that's not really what they're about. So tonight feels like it's going to come down to can Tyrese Proctor handle the physical play of Michigan State? That was a problem. In the second half of that Tennessee NCAA tournament game, too, when really Rick Barnes ramped up the physicality in that game. Can Tyrese Proctor handle that and not be a liability for his team, but instead be a guy who hits outside shots and wins the game for Duke?

That, I feel, is going to be what decides it. Michigan State, Duke. It's a concerning matchup for the Blue Devils, but an intriguing game nonetheless. Seven o'clock. Game one of the Champions Classic.

Kansas and Kentucky is the nightcap. Hayes Permar. Sports Channel 8 theater owner. Shout out to the Rialto joining us here on WSJS as he does each week. The skips or plays with Hayes' theme is reuniting songs or missing somebody's songs because this is the week that Sam Hartman is going to face Wake Forest in South Bend.

Which leads to this obvious question, Permar. Who's going to have a worse weekend? David Tepper seeing his stadium fill up with only Cowboy fans as his team is double-digit underdogs or Dave Claussen given the state of Wake football right now and facing Sam Hartman. It does stink. Wake's been so good for so many years. It's been such a good run for them. It stinks, A, that it happens.

The world has basically evolved now. We're like, yeah, Wake, if you have a really, really good quarterback or a really, really good running back, this is probably going to keep happening. And it just kind of stinks to think of that reality. But it would at least be fun if Claussen had been doing what they were doing every year and just like reloading, not stopping, like not doing it on a three-year cycle. But consistently winning, you know, seven, eight or nine and going to Notre Dame with at least like a chance to win and a chance to like, then you could fire up the troops of like, hey, that guy didn't want to play with us. Let's go show him what he's missing.

You know, but like it doesn't seem like that's something they'll be able to pull on now. We'll see. I got no love for Tepper right now. I admit I was I feel like I was pretty early on the not anti Tepper, like I don't hate him personally, but just like it seemed like people were bowing down to be like, well, the guy was smart enough to make all these billions. He's got to be smart enough to run a football team. And we're like, dude, Jerry Jones has been a billionaire running his team and running his mouth for years with very, very, very little to show for it. So I don't know who's going to have a worse weekend, but I'm pulling more for Dave Claussen than I am for Dave Tepper.

I'll say that. I'd have more sympathy if he got Taylor Swift to come to Bank of America Stadium. Like even next year, your only hope is when you play the Chiefs now that Taylor is going to come. But guess what? For the first time in eight years, the Chiefs are set to play in Charlotte.

Oh, wait, that home game is going to be in Germany next year, which means not even going to get Taylor then, assuming that they're together a year from now. I know I put you on this. I put somebody else on this, too. Has anyone asked about this?

No one has. I want answers. Why did we get Swift? You know, we made a play for Swift.

Mr. Concert. I'm more concerned about that than I am about the Bryce Young situation right now. Dude, Kansas City. It was the joke during the summer. Why does Kansas City get two nights of Taylor Swift?

And we don't. I mean, it could have been Bryce Young dating Taylor Swift. Who would Taylor Swift be dating for the Panthers?

I'm trying to think. It wouldn't be Bryce Young. It'd be like Luke Kuechly. They're probably close to the same age. If Krista McCaffrey were still in the team, there it is.

Yeah, yeah. But Kuechly's wholesome enough. McCaffrey's with a model right now, though. If Greg Olsen were single and back to Taylor Swift, Greg Olsen would have been. Third leg Greg? The tight end to tight end comparison you're making there. I think it's Kuechly. I'd forgotten about third leg Greg.

Yeah, a lot of people had. Now let's hit the Gary Hahn drop. Let's move this thing along. Let's go to the sidelines.

Tony Haines. Okay, now it's time to get to skips or plays with Hayes. Okay, hold on. Before we do that, on the matter of Gary Hahn, he announced his retirement, correct?

He did. Can I get in? So he's not going to do basketball? No, it's after basketball. That's what Gary told me over the weekend.

Okay, okay, okay. Exclusive Josh Graham info. Well, I need Gary Hahn to let it all hang out during basketball season.

I need takes on peace in the Middle East. I need 2024 election stuff. I need all of it from Gary Hahn in the closing days. Just bring it on.

They can't fire you any faster than you're firing yourself. Let it all hang out, Gary. Let's see it.

Let's go to the sidelines. Tony Haines. That's all Tony Haines getting in the elevator to go down. And that's what I thought of when that happened in Winston-Salem. Okay, that's the characterization you gave us.

Reunions, you miss somebody. Yeah, that's it. That's a deep well.

That's a deep reservoir, I think. What's the first song you have to sing? The first song is Baby Come Back by Player. Baby come back, any kind of fool could see There was something in everything about you Baby come back, any kind of fool could see There was something in everything about you Baby come back, any kind of fool could see When I just kept living without love Page permanent I say it was hard to choose, because a lot of the songs in this genre are bangers. Remind me, what's the song that Cusack had on when he had the jukebox up in the air?

Shoot, I wish you hadn't, if you hadn't of told me, I could've told you. Because for some reason, my brain goes to, Don't you forget it. But that's Breakfast Club That's Breakfast Club. I forget what the movie is, but I'll look that up as we hear the next song. I want you back, Jackson 5. Gabe Claus is listening to this at his office this week.

I like little Michael. How many times has that song been in a... Skips her place? Maybe a few. That song has been sampled a lot. But it's still a banger.

It's a play. And the John Cusack song is In Your Eyes. In your eyes. We like to heat your eyes. I am complete, your eyes.

I want a day when we're running out of joy. People always ask me what my favorite guest we've had on is. Cusack's up there. Cusack was just a random one. Like, oh, he's coming to the triad for something. And then he was just so game to talk about whatever. Him and McConaughey.

Those are the two that probably stand out. Yeah, there he is. You gonna do that with me on here? Just right in my face?

Just tell me Cusack's a better guest than I am, really? Well, let's see how you can step up your game on the final song here. We have two plays so far. We gotta go three for three and a route?

We might. This third song actually checks off two boxes. It checks off the box of the reunion genre, but it also checks off the box of we've got tickets to see Chicago.

They're with Earth, Wind and Fire. What Chicago song do you have? It's hard to say I'm sorry. And after all that's been said and done You're just a part of me, I can't let go Here we go. Prince Henry kept away Oh, this is great.

Just for the day Told you. Isn't the harmonizing? There's a pop song recently that has elements, like callbacks to this song.

Probably the weekend. Maybe, could be, see that. This song's great.

The bridge? It is. Told you. Alright, I'll give it a play. We'll let it go.

It's hard to say I'm sorry It's a good power ballad. We'll let it slide. 7, 7, 7, 1, 600. We have one more pair of tickets to go see Earth, Wind and Fire and Chicago.

That's an interesting combo. Next August in Charlotte. 3, 3, 6, 7, 7, 7, 1, 600. Not at Bank of America Stadium, I don't believe. So David Tepper not involved in that. 3, 3, 6, 7, 7, 7, 1, 600.

On the way out. So, Duke plays tonight. First time since they lost to Arizona on Friday. Caleb Love won that game. I still remember taking those calls before the K game at Cameron where people were saying, I'm sick of watching Caleb Love.

I'm done with him. And then they went on that run. And then he got scapegoated for this past season. And then many of those same people that hated on him when he left are now loving him again because he beat Duke with Arizona. What have you enjoyed about Caleb Love's career and the legacy he's carved out? That's a great question. What have I enjoyed about it? I mean, I was at the Final Four in 2022.

You and I were standing on Bourbon Street together looking at people. I don't agree with the way Caleb Love plays basketball all the time. But it does seem like he, it seems like he blocks out what is being said about him when he's on the court.

He seems like he's going to do what he wants to do. And that has resulted in some insane highlights. I mean, he will, the shot over Mark Williams is almost, I feel like in Carolina fans' minds, as big as the Luke May shot. You know what I mean? Oh, bigger than that. Like Walter Davis just passed away.

Like, I don't know. They're still talking about Walter's shot 50 years later. That's how Caleb Love's going to be discussed. All right. But here's the thing. Even though it was Duke, it's only extra big because it was Duke and it was K's final game. And in the Final Four. Yeah.

But here's the thing. Like it was a semifinal. There's no, nobody remembers, nobody counts times you went to the finals.

Hold one second. Your championships or your Final Fours? I will argue this because I think it's, someone asked the only way it could get bigger if it was in a championship game. I disagree because the Final Four, the way that things work, you play Saturday and then it's such a quick turnaround to Monday. So I'm like, you have the entire week of buildup. Like if you and I, think about this, if you and I were doing radio that week, like we are, and there was the possibility that Duke could play Carolina in a championship game, then you only have the one day, the day of a buildup when you have a full week knowing that you have that game. It's totally different.

No, but here's how to prove it and why I'm right. Even though it was in the Final Four, that would have been a bigger game, I think, in a regional championship, which we know wouldn't have happened because they wouldn't put it in the same region, right? So it's like a hypothetical. But then one of those teams is going to the Final Four and the other one is getting denied the Final Four. Advancing to the championship, like nobody ever lists, Duke and North Carolina, when they say, here's the legacy of us, they say ACC titles, Final Fours and championships. Nobody ever says title game appearances, right? Making it to the final and losing is ultimately no different. It was a little bit of a difference because it was Kay's final game. That mattered. If Austin Rivers... If he had done all the same things, if he had eliminated Coach Kay from the tournament, stopped Duke from possibly getting the glory, and it had been in a regional championship, so you're going to a Final Four and denying Duke a Final Four, I think that's a bigger moment. If Austin Rivers' shot still has a lot of resonance today, then Caleb Love's shot is going to be remembered forever, regardless of what he does. It will, but we were comparing it specifically against Luke May's. To Luke May? Yeah.

Like, come on now. I mean, for all intents and purposes, it was a buzzer beater. It should have been a buzzer beater, but... Caleb Love's shot's going to be remembered more than Luke May's shot, just because of the Armageddon situation that they had never played in the tournament, let alone the Final Four, and it was Coach Kay's last game. All of them.

Okay. And the symmetry that Caleb Love handed John Shire his first home loss, and handed Coach Kay his final loss at camera, too. But Luke May's was at the buzzer. There was still some more game to be played. Like, Love's shot was big, but they still, like, there were more shots after that. That is true. History, as time goes by, history's going to remember that as, like, being a buzzer beater, and it wasn't. Hayes Permar.

That's very true. I appreciate you being here, my friend. We'll talk to you next week, the week of Thanksgiving. Thank you, guys. We're a few hours away from the Champions Classic in Chicago.

No. 9 Duke facing 18th-ranked Michigan State, followed by No. 1 Kansas, meeting the 17th-ranked Kentucky Wildcats. And joining us from the Windy City, it's our friend Brendan Marks.

From the Athletic, he drops by. Okay, Brendan, going into Friday night, John Shire said that playing a team as good as Arizona would be a valuable data point, and win or lose, they were going to learn something from it. As Duke prepares to face its second consecutive top-20-ranked team, what did you think the Blue Devils learned, or what do you think you learned that might give you pause about the Blue Devils? Yeah, you know, I think what the Arizona game, to me, showed was that some of the vulnerabilities we had questions about coming into the season.

I know it was great that Duke got back the experience it did. Obviously, you've got a National Player of the Year candidate, Kyle Philipowski, but there were questions. And a big one of those was, how do you replace the Derek Lively-sized hole in your lineup?

And quite frankly, I don't know that John Shire hasn't answered that yet. And so, obviously, Kyle Philipowski is going to be able to do whatever he wants offensively. He's looked terrific so far this season, but he can't do it alone. And so we saw Duke get taken advantage of on the boards in terms of second-chance points, in terms of offensive rebounding.

And so that's the thing that we may have taken for granted, just how much Duke needed that. And so I'm interested to see what they look like tonight. I think Jon Stewart might get more of an opportunity than he had in the Arizona game. I think he can be an answer to some of that, but that's something that Jon Shire is going to have to figure out to get this team to reach its potential.

In the best-case scenario, what do you think Shire is hoping the lineup and rotation will look like by the time February March arrives, specifically in the post? Yeah, I think we're going to start to see this even as early as tonight. I think that Jon Stewart's minutes are going to rise, and I think that Ryan Young's are probably going to fall. The fact of the matter is that Ryan Young is still a valuable player, but there are some games where you can't play him. And I don't know if people realize this, but at the end of the Arizona game, when Tyrese Proctor tried pivoting in the post and was called for a travel, a large part of that was because Ryan Young was drawing a second defender in there and cut off Tyrese's driving lane. He just does not space the floor the way Duke sometimes needs them to, and he is a limited player. So there's going to be opportunities for him, but I think that in the front court, Kyle Filipowski is going to obviously be the guy. Mark Mitchell has to be better than he was against Arizona, and I think he will give him the health situation. But I think that Jon Stewart surging is something that I am expecting, just based on the limited minutes that we saw against the Wildcats. Yeah, that travel was a big deal. You could look at Filipowski on one side of the post where he's supposed to be, then Young comes in there and everything gets kind of clogged up a bit.

Brendan Marks is on Twitter, at Brendan R. Marks or on X, I suppose. Read his stuff in The Athletic. Real quickly on North Carolina, what have you taken away, if anything, from the first two games the Heels have played? I think that this summer Hubert Davis had to make a really difficult self-audit. He had to say, okay, what are our shortcomings? And quite clearly it was shooting the 3-pointer and it was moving the ball.

And so he went out and in the portal he attacked players who specifically bring those attributes to the table. And I think that through the first couple of games of the season, what we've seen is that I think he was pretty successful in doing that. It's obviously going to depend on how things continue to play out, but in guys like Cormac Ryan, Harrison Ingram, I think, has been really encouraging in terms of both of those things. In terms of shooting the ball, he's been better than I expected.

Cormac Ryan is not going to have many games like he did the other day where he's missing as many shots as he has. R.J. Davis has been sensational. You've got guys who are moving the ball. Elliott Cadeau, the ball movement has been there. I know that he hasn't been the 8-assist guy that some people thought he would be.

I always thought that was ridiculous. But he's been a great addition as well. So I think even Jalen Withers is a guy who can be some connective tissue. We knew that Hubert targeted these guys. We didn't know how the results would play out.

And I think early returns say, hey, he might have actually done pretty well in the portal. So I'm interested to see how this team continues to gel and basically what these guys can become over the long course of the season. Maybe I'm making too big of a deal with this, but it is interesting that Elliott Cadeau is the first 5-star player, the incoming 5-star player that Hubert's had since becoming the head coach at North Carolina.

Like actually arriving on campus, playing for the Tar Heels. And with two 5-stars I believe visiting over the weekend, it is a little bit, I guess there's a contrast between Cadeau coming off the bench in favor of Paxson Wojcik who transfers in from Brown versus the way Jon Shire, who has gotten all the 5-star players it feels like, handled say Tyrese Proctor a year ago as a reclassified player, starting him right away. What have you made about the way that North Carolina is easing Elliott Cadeau in? Yeah, I mean I've seen your takes, Josh.

I know you. I've seen the takes about it being bad that Cadeau is not starting. And quite frankly I couldn't disagree more. I think that what Hubert Davis is doing is something that he has not been able to do for basically the last two seasons since getting this job. He is holding Elliott Cadeau accountable. He is saying, I am not giving you this job. I am going to make you earn it. And thus far, with his defense, with some of his offense, he has not earned a starting job. He has not earned it yet and therefore he is not starting.

So I think it is tremendous that he is doing that. Are other 5-star recruits going to see that? And are they going to think, man, like I'm not going to come here. If they are, then those are not the 5-star recruits you want. You want 5-star recruits who are willing to compete. And I think in a guy like, I don't know Ian Jackson as well, but Drake Powell is the epitome of that next year when he comes in. So Cadeau is going to be fine. He's going to be a big piece of this team. He's going to continue to get better. But the fact that he's not starting now, not only do I think it's okay, I really applaud Hubert for sticking with the ethos that you have to earn everything that you get. I'm fine if 5-star doesn't start right away. I mean, to see her little, I was perfectly fine with that.

I was perfectly fine with other instances that it's happened. Like I think Marcus Page didn't, or he wasn't a 5-star player. But the point being, has Paxson Wojcik earned it?

He got here. I mean, how's Paxson Wojcik playing? I see what you're saying here, but defensively what he does.

His hustle, his competitiveness. And also the simple fact of the matter is, we're talking about if you do start Elliot Cadeau, you're starting two sub-6-foot guards. Quite frankly, I think Elliot's been better running the second unit when he's had more autonomy.

When he's out there with R.J. Davis, not that it doesn't work, but I think that R.J. having the ball in his hands is better for him, and I think Elliot having the ball in his hands is better for him. So rather than trying to force them to split it, hey, you've got a really, really good second unit now. Something that North Carolina fans have been clamoring for. So I don't know that adding Cadeau to the starting lineup necessarily makes them better. And here's the thing, the most important thing. It does not matter if he starts games, because by February he's going to be finishing them. That's the most important thing.

And he is going to be there, he's going to be fine, like I said, but I have no issue right now with him playing the role that he's in. You're on the phone, you're in Chicago, Brendan Marks is joining us. Have you ever seen the movie Fight Club, Brendan? Several times.

Okay. Well, one of the things that's fun on rewatch of that movie is when you see the slight flashes of Tyler Durden during the movie. What you don't see since you're on the phone is, W.D. in the midst of this conversation, I just now realized on YouTube, Twitch, and on X, has been flashing the Brendan Marks meme. And it's only on the screen for a half second throughout this conversation. And it's making me smile every single time he does it. And I just realized he's doing it. He just flashes it up for a half second.

With that in mind, W.D. watched Superbad last night. Yesterday, App State's coach, Sean Clark, he jumped on the show. He wanted to talk football a little bit, but really he just wanted to see what movies W.D. 's watched. And he just threw movies at him. He recommended Fletch, the Chevy Chase movie, so W.D.

might watch that. What are some of your most watched movies, Brendan? Like, if you think of movies that you've watched more than any other, what comes to mind?

I've got two, and neither of them is a very conventional answer. The first one is Cool Runnings. I used to go to summer camp every year and probably watch Cool Runnings.

I've probably seen Cool Runnings 50 times. So that's very high on my list of most watched. And for a similar reason, Spaceballs is up there. Spaceballs? I have seen both of those far more times than I would like to admit.

W.D., have you seen Cool Runnings? Well... Have you seen Spaceballs? I love Spaceballs. Hey!

I love Spaceballs. There we go. There we go. Okay, well, we're going to throw Cool Runnings onto the poll. So Fletch is on the poll, Cool Runnings is on the poll, and in about 15, 20 minutes when we figure out whatever else is on the poll, these are going to be movies that W.D.

potentially watches because Cool Runnings, an excellent choice on your part, Brendan Marks. That's why we rely on you on so many things. Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, look out boys, it's basketball time. Brendan, enjoy the hoop tonight, and we'll talk to you sometime soon. Appreciate it, y'all. The Drive with Josh Graham, only on WSJS.

Very excited for this. Hello, Mindy. You really enjoyed it when McLovin walked up to the cashier with the fake ID.

Hello, Mindy. It's got extra hops. That's right. Excellent stuff. You watched Superbad for the first time last night. You've told me that this might be the funniest thing you've ever seen. So let's get into it. So I'll just tee you up. You said it might be the funniest thing you've ever seen.

Why? What did you like so much about it? Well, for starters, it feels very genuine as to how high schoolers would actually go about trying to sneak alcohol.

No, I just think high school experience in general. I rewatched it and all I can think is most high school teen movies play way too much into the clicks deal where it's like, oh, I'm part of this group and you're part of that group and we don't coexist when really my high school experience and a lot of high school experiences are, oh, are you going to be at that party on Friday? Oh, I'm hanging out with these guys. And it wasn't really the separation that existed. And you're best friends in life.

You're never going to have friends that are as close or as good as the ones you had when you were in high school. And to a degree, that's what this movie is about. It's a friendship movie at its core and then just has a bunch of other funny stuff on top of it. Yeah, like some of my favorite scenes were the scene in the store where McLovin goes and, hello, Mindy.

He attempts that right before he gets punched in the face. And then that all happens. The scene at the party, all that was funny. Which party? The one party with the adults or the party with the high schoolers? The party with the high schoolers.

I don't know, man. The scene with the cops. Maybe this is just me getting older. But now I kind of relate more to the adults at that party more and find that more funny and relate more to the cops played by Seth Rogen and Bill Hader than I do to the high schoolers.

In fact, I think what I'm hitting on is the cast. This is like the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2012, where it's like they're all on rookie contracts, Harden, Westbrook, KD, and you could afford to keep them together. Now, if you tried to do that, well, I guess maybe you could do it now because Westbrook and Harden are on the same team.

But when they're at their primes, you can't really do that when they all become stars because of the salary cap. You could not afford to make a movie today that has Emma Stone, who's won an Oscar, Jonah Hill, who's nominated for a couple of Oscars. I think he might have won one of those, Wolf of Wall Street or Moneyball. Bill Hader, who's doing Barry. He's doing TV shows that he's starring in now on HBO. Seth Rogen, who was the biggest comedy star of the 2010s. You couldn't make this movie now and get all those people together. Michael Cera.

It's really just a lot of people thrown together who are very funny representing a generation of comedians on TV. Okay. What didn't you like? The fact that McLovin chose, so he could have easily passed for 21 or 22, maybe. Yeah. But he chose 25. That's the joke. Wow. I mean, that's the joke. That's the entire bit.

Sure. The Hawaii, like he chose Hawaii. He chose McLovin as a name.

And only McLovin. Yeah. Only. What are you? Seal?

What are you? An Irish R&B singer? One name?

One name? It's really hard for me to pick something. I'd probably just say that they don't make movies like this anymore. Unfortunately.

They just don't. Where the last decade or so, everything gets nitpicked. Oh, what is this movie about now? It can't just ever be about, oh, this is just really funny and people are going to laugh. Let me turn my brain off for a minute and enjoy this. It's not that.

It has to mean something. Yeah. If you do something offensive, the think pieces are going to come out.

Like I can imagine if this movie came out 10 years later, the think pieces that would be released about, what? Are people who enjoy this movie in high school going to think about Jonah Hill's character? Is this good? Are they encouraging alcohol?

Alcohol consumption for young people? Bad. Oh, this says a lot about law enforcement. Those are the two funniest characters in this movie. So good.

I saw somebody recommend that. People talked about this, there being a sequel to this. I don't think that's ever going to happen, but if there ever was a sequel, I just want it to be a TV show starring the cops. Yes. That's it.

Seth Rogen, Bill Hader, those guys as cops, bringing back those characters would be great. Best quote. Here we go.

Enjoy your remaining years. That would be lovely. I wish I could say what the woman said about that dream sequence is incredible.

That would be lovely. Would you like me to buy you alcohol? I don't know why these two mean a lot to me, but it does like when the party gets busted at the end and it's the two officers, Bill Hader and Seth Rogen at the door, they opened the door and you see the two cops and Bill Hader says, Oh no, it's the cops. And then I didn't pick this one up until watching this time.

Seth Rogen's walking into the room with his gun pointed at these high schoolers saying, I'm going to assume you all have guns and crack. I have. That would be lovely written down, McMuffin, the drunk guy on the bus.

Have you ever looked into his eyes? It's like the first time I listened to the Beatles. I had that one written down.

And the Dave Franco's cameo in this. Come on, man. We're down two points. It's soccer. Greg. Greg.

It's soccer. Excellent. Oh, man.

Any more you'd like to share? Yes, but I can't. Okay. Instead, give me a Rotten Tomatoes score. I'm going to go high with this one. Ninety four. Eighty seven percent. Not bad. And that's been at the movies with the W.D.
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