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It's Aliens (6-6-23)

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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June 6, 2023 6:52 pm

It's Aliens (6-6-23)

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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June 6, 2023 6:52 pm

On a Tuesday Drive, Josh explains why he's sick of Alabama, reacts to the PGA Tour merging with LIV Golf, Chip Patterson, of CBS Sports, joins the show to discuss the reaction of PGA Tour players to the PGA-LIV merger, Josh breaks down what to expect in the Duke-UVA super regional, explains his latest epiphany about aliens, and Hayes Permar, of Sports Channel 8, joins the show to play an "Alabama themed" Skips or Plays.


He's amused Cam Newton. He's been insulted by Charles Barkley. When some idiot in the press asked him, you know what you know now what you scheduled this game. He's interviewed Matthew McConaughey and he's taken on Big Blue Nation.

He's just completely taking the wind out of my safety. It's time for The Drive with Josh Grant. You are on a Tuesday Drive WSJS News Talk Sports for the Triad where in addition to learning about a massive bombshell in the world of golf today, which we're gonna get to shortly, we now know that number one Wake Forest is going to open its Super Regional against Alabama not Friday but Saturday afternoon. Noon first pitch.

It'll be broadcast on ESPN. Frankly, we've had enough of the Alabama Crimson Tide on this show the last few months. It's been roll tide overload around here and it all started when the Carolina Panthers drafted Bryce Young number one overall. W.D. we were following his every step at the combine in Indianapolis.

Then when the Panthers traded for the pick, that sound was played on a daily basis. Is it gonna be Bryce? Is it gonna be CJ? What was Bryce Young having for dinner in Tuscaloosa at his pro day when the Panthers visited? Does Josh McCown wanting to school CJ Stroud at basketball have any bearing on who the Panthers are gonna take at one?

Every day for about a month and a half. That's what we explored and then the Panthers took him and then it was OTA and seeing Bryce courtside at a Laker game and now it's you know rookie mini before that it was rookie minicamp it was his jersey number hey they're wearing black jerseys this week at practice that looks fire so we've broken down his every step and that also included watching a lot of Alabama tape watching a lot of Alabama take and listening to tape and listening to takes from guys like Paul it's a lot of Alabama but that's the good version of it the good version of it is you have the number one pick you took the Heisman Trophy quarterback you should feel pretty excited about that the bad version of it is what we're seeing with basketball the Hornets drew the number two pick and the draft in the lottery and most mocks have Brandon Miller being Charlotte's pick Brandon Miller from the University of Alabama heck even a mock draft today from ESPN's Jonathan Cavoni has Charlotte taking Brandon Miller but even he acknowledged in the mock it's good Anderson probably a better player but let's talk about fit and when you talk about Brandon Miller here's a fun sports radio topic let's talk about a murder from a few months ago that uncomfortable scandal and Brandon Miller's role in it of bringing a loaded weapon to the scene of the crime that ended up being a murder weapon isn't that fun now let's talk about basketball fit somebody died how's this guy going to translate today's MBA if that's not fun for you how about we talk about Miles Bridges I'm sure that would be a lot more fun so there's an Alabama situation that's great right and then now Alabama baseball that's the program that stands in Wake Forest way of getting to Omaha Alabama baseball of course they're coming in a college world series appearance is hanging in the balance starting again Saturday at noon and what's the big story with Alabama a month ago their head coach who by the way was once a Wake Forest assistant once upon a time fired because of a gambling scandal what's going on over there at Bama you have former football players gambling in the league like Jamison Williams you've got you know basketball players involved in some shady stuff one guy kicked off the team for actually murdering a woman your star player having a passive role a loose role and what happened that night oh he's not involved in this at all he didn't violate any team rules got it and then yeah you fired a head baseball coach because of gambling once again we've had enough of the Alabama Crimson Tide just about enough I don't want to talk again about Alabama for a while until football season gets here after this weekend when Wake Forest mops up the Crimson Tide at the couch on Twitter at WSJS radio if you want in on today's show that's where we're streaming video in addition to YouTube and twitch well Dalton the executive producer of this show will what are we giving away on today's show we have some tickets for need to breathe they're gonna be coming to the Greensboro Coliseum love need to breathe they've done stuff with Gavin DeGraw I was just at a wedding this weekend where the first dance song was a need to breathe song is that right all in on need to breathe so where they're gonna be there'll be a Greensboro Coliseum in November November 17th we got a couple of pair we'll do that later on in the show also speaking of music it skips her plays with haze day what's the theme this week Alabama oh I'm sick of Alabama so what's the theme going to be Alabama well listen we were praying and skinnered in there I'm sure maybe I mean we were prepping and I saw how into this you're kidding so I thought you get a little little jab at the most undefeated content that's right is not smart sports takes it's bothering the host bothering the host is undefeated that allows transitioning things to this big golf story this might be antithetical to what works in sports talk looking at the sports talk format but when a huge breaking news story such as the PGA Tour merging with lift golf comes down like it did this morning it's better to ask questions rather than to weep to conclusions and spew takes especially when there's so much uncertainty like there seems to be right now in the golf world which has led to many people being upset and rightfully so this is why we want to bring on perhaps the best person to talk to here in the triad the executive director of the Wyndham Championship Mark Brazel is going to join us in less than a half hour so make sure you're around for that we'll get some questions asked maybe break some news depending on some of the things that he has to say there but when I was in journalism school at East Carolina University I was always encouraged to ask these types of questions well what's the how how did this happen what exactly happened why did something happen and usually you could start to get the picture of what exactly you're looking at when getting those questions answered and I realized today with this story we don't have a lot of answers to those types of questions the timing the motivation and the execution of this merger they are all perplexing the first question I had when I saw the headline why now why now it seems like live golf is struggling it's not really picking up you know a lot of traction there were reports that the the teams on live golf were struggling to pick up sponsorships and the PGA based on reports over the last few weeks appeared to be winning court cases lawsuits that players have filed against the PGA Tour so why now get in bed with live golf this is why I want to hold off until things become more clear maybe things aren't as great from a legal standpoint as they were couched to be perhaps there were some financial incentives I'd imagine there are for the PGA Tour doing this because the motivation piece is even harder to figure out right now it's an egg on face moment for PGA Commissioner Jay Moynihan it is like the players are upset with them this supposed to be a player lot run sport they're incensed with them because they weren't really kept in the loop and he also is getting dragged through the mud by 9-11 families who he used to help shame lived effectors a year ago and now you're gonna partner with live proving you to be a hypocrite if you're gonna put yourself on the line like that there better be some financial incentive to do so but what exactly is that financial incentive is it as simple as the same people that were funding live golf the Saudis now saying hey they've already taken all the heat off of you for me from a year ago you see how little people cared after a little while why don't you take our money now could it be as simple as that I don't know players seem satisfied with the new elevated events so I don't think it's fear of more guys defecting from the PGA tour that ended up with this news headline there as you can see there are just so many questions that we don't have answered for such a big headline with a lot of ramifications that are probably going to follow we don't know what the structure is gonna be our live guys gonna play the same events as PGA tour players what does the re application process look like applying for membership for players who had left what type of punishment might there be for those guys who defected will there be any punishment at all because it seems that they will have to operate under PGA Tour rules based on this release today are some events maybe even the Windham championship have to become team golf events since team golf was something that was featured in the press release today the PGA Tour they kept players in the dark here like even guys who turned down hundreds of millions of dollars to defend the PGA Tour and go against live talking about Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods they seem to be in the dark on this and rightfully players are upset we did your bidding we turned down millions of dollars because we felt that this was right and we did it on a moral stance and now all of that feels for not because you got in bed with live this isn't me saying that the PGA Tour merging with live is the wrong thing to do this is not me saying I'm not taking a stance on moral grounds when it comes to this I never really did but it is puzzling and because it's puzzling it's fascinating why did this thing happen why how what these are questions we don't really have many answers to right now but who knows maybe Mark Brazel can help us answer some of those a little bit later on I honestly don't know where chip Patterson got a degree he's from CBS sports covers college sports covers golf but where I went to school East Carolina University the journalism school was big on asking the questions of what when how why those types of questions when dissecting a big breaking news story such as the PGA live golf merger that we're looking at the day and I don't have many answers to a lot of those questions when I think about the bombshell that dropped this morning chip what's the greatest question you have right now in response to this news how many of the big-name stars who left the PGA Tour to join the live golf tour will be deciding to reapply from membership as it has been stated in the PGA Tour release that they will have a quote thoughtful process put in place to allow for reinstatement would someone like a Brooks Koepke who just added another major championship to his trophy case and even admitted that had he not had the same injury issues and health concerns at the time that the offer was presented to him may not have taken that does he want to come back to the PGA Tour or does he involve the does he enjoy being involved with live golf or does he enjoy you know the schedule the way the tournaments unfold this that or the other Dustin Johnson you know probably I'm not gonna end up saying that about some of the ones on the older end of the spectrum that's probably the thing that I am most interested at this moment because a door that seemed permanently shut both by PGA Commissioner Jay Monahan and many of the you know prominent stars I hope they never come back now all of a sudden that door is going to be open again I would say Josh that the reason that my question that I have is my biggest question is so simple it's because the other questions seem unanswerable and it's because like it doesn't even seem like the details are hammered out this is the like agreed to in principle of big business decisions there is so much more work that has to be done from things as simple as naming whatever this for-profit entity is going to be that encompasses all of the PGA tour the DP world tour formerly the European tour and live golf trying to figure out you know are there going to be events that are encompassing all of these that are new that are going to be created that all seems like they haven't even figured it out yet so I will stick with what you know like what all the football coach to say just I control what you control all right we control controllables all right what I know what has been put in writing is that stars who left the PGA tour and seemingly were never going to be allowed back are going to have that door open so I asked Brooks Koepka Dustin Johnson others are you gonna come back who's most angry today oh so the easier answer would be Rory McElroy or tiger ah 700 800 million dollars I have a I have a theory that Rory tiger a very very very small circle had had an inkling that this was coming because Rory had cooled on some of his live criticisms in recent months and we haven't heard tiger be out on the floor I mean it's not like he's Tiger Woods has not spent a lot of time in the spotlight in general but he hasn't necessarily been on the forefront of attacking live golf and I I wonder if they might have had an inkling I'll tell you you know who's angry the golfers who have already taken to social media and talked about how blindsided they are by the decision how they are upset for the way that they caped up for this tour and now feel like everything that they were doing seemingly to protect the tour has just been thrown into the trash all the effort all of those public statements all those press conferences and now to just you know find yourself in a position where you know all that was was gone and you aren't even included on it I'll tell you what there is going to be the Canadian Open is this week those who are playing in the Canadian Open are starting to arrive Monday and Tuesday there is going to be a players meeting with Commissioner Jay Moynihan and please please tell me that those Netflix cameras that are filming the documentary right now as we speak please tell them that tell me that they are going to be in there because I have I'm I am NOT sourcing out to PGA Tour golfers again I'm reading from social media and I'm talking to golf journalists who are talking to golfers the overwhelming feedback is that members of the PGA Tour it felt out of the loop they feel blindsided and a little bit betrayed for the fact that all the work they did to cape up for the PGA Tour when things were looking rocky for the fact that they turned down money to go to live in order to stay with the PGA Tour all the talk about legacy it really just might have been about leverage chip Patterson he's with us here from CBS cover three podcast as well which transitioning things want to get into football very quickly couple quick hitters here who's the trendiest team in the ACC this offseason that you're almost certain you're going to fade when the fall arrives I'm not gonna go all the way with Florida State yeah I because you can find and I'm actually thinking about this as a story idea for the summer is just to find the teams I'm gonna call the mystery teams I'm gonna scan all the way to early top 25s and I want to find the biggest Delta I want to find the biggest difference I want to find the team that is number five in one ranking and number 24 in another ranking and Florida State might be that team just because I think the belief is the ceiling is so high and I still I look at the thing that Mike Novell is done with this team that I'm really impressed by and that I think gives Florida State fans real hope is that there is quality depth on this roster that they have surefire like you can count on them power five level players all through the two deep and Florida State didn't have that offensive line in particular absolutely cratered in the late Jimbo Fisher era in the Willie Taggart era no they couldn't even find five much less ten and right now I think that they've got real quality depth on the offensive line at the skill positions all throughout the defense and so that quality depth does give a very high floor but I will tell you because also it's only Florida State or Clemson the entire ACC conversation if you're gonna talk about winning the ACC winning this conference this year in a divisionless format it's going to be Florida State or Clemson I'm proud of you not saying North Carolina there I'm proud that's very analytical by Chip Patterson now I want to appeal to the emotional as a Hornets fan do you want Brandon Miller or Scoot Henderson Scoot Henderson I there is a it is and it isn't for all of the reasons okay like it is and it isn't for all of the reasons because the time the talent is undeniable you know like you were just amazed watching this guy and covering this guy and and looking at these huge performances and the way that he can become just a scorer at all three levels and and then at the same time like I just there's there's something about not just like the the decision making process right like if it's it's not even the again it is but it isn't the association with the murder the tragic murder in Tuscaloosa but it is the fact that you are in position to be associated with it right like my friend Gary Parrish had a great line all throughout the coverage of the story as it was unfolded as it unfolded he said if you don't have a team rule that somehow encompasses that because they said he didn't violate any team rules the cops have cleared his name this idea that Gary Paris said if you don't have a team rule that says that driving around at 2 a.m. with a loaded gun in your car is a violation and deserves some sort of punishment then what kind of program are you running and so I was take that forward as a fan and just say like from the decision-making process I do not think good decisions were made in that situation so it is but it isn't for all of those reasons give me scoop but at least he had a legal brief from his attorneys that he handed the teams at the combine at least he had that I'm sure that was very assuring chip Patterson it's you're very assuring I feel assured after talking golf with you and we'll have to catch up sometime after the Hornets inevitably do not do the right thing are you scoot over Brandon Miller to absolutely hundred you can even go basketball is like oh good another scoring wing I don't want to hear about fit when you're picking second in the draft don't talk to me about fit I don't care these guys are 18 and 19 stop talking about fit six years ago you don't know what's gonna happen we might be playing basketball on the moon chip Patterson let's talk about fit for six years from now pick the best player yeah best players good Henderson let's go chip Patterson appreciate you brother sounds good y'all be well wake up with Jeffrey Griffin and triad today weekday mornings at 7 now back to the drive with Josh Graham we talked about wake being in the supers they're not alone among North Carolina teams thanks to Duke last night and Conway taking care of that game seven and doing so emphatically so we will get to them in a second but WD speaking of not being alone aliens are in the news they're in the news WD because this there's a whistleblower who used to work in like the higher portions of US military intelligence who is saying that there are spacecrafts there are non-human origin origin spacecrafts that have been discovered by the government that they're not concealing that they're hiding and somebody just today after this story asked the White House what's the proper term press reporter press secretary yeah press secretary Kareem jump here the question was are we alone and if not if we were not would you even tell us and she gave like a non answer to that I'd prefer you did the Department of Defense and let them answer that question I just sent you a video see if you can play this for me very quickly just heard this right before going on air this whistleblower did an interview I don't know the network I'm not big into politics if this is a news channel it sounds like a news channel news nation sorry don't really follow all that closely but I read this story and I've been devouring this stuff because aliens scare me and aliens also intrigue me because for the last year or so WD we've learned more and more has been revealed to us than has been revealed in my previous years combined it just seems like things are being casually said it yeah they're UFOs huh we've known about these for a long time and wait a minute you always used to say that this was like crock-pot stuff crazy people stuff do you have this clip this is from I've got the whistleblower his name's David Charles Grush Air Force veteran and was a high-ranking intelligence member who has now become a whistleblower being interviewed on news nation talking about spacecraft these are retrieving non-human origin technical vehicles you know call it spacecraft if you will non-human exotic origin vehicles that have either landed or crashed we have spacecraft from another species I want to hear more can I hear more can I hear more of that I want to hear what is the answer to that question was from another species we do yeah how many quite a number you're kidding no no I thought it was I'm not kidding just so casual about the entire thing we have we have spacecrafts from another species yeah now we do very casually the way he said yeah uh-huh that's the part that's most jarring about the entire thing where do you stand on aliens WD it's a big universe out there I feel like this should be a bigger story than the way it's being covered like I hear about all this other stuff that's being reported people wanting to talk about pride month and then the reaction there's the other side of people who don't like pride month and everybody's talking about that meanwhile we all should be talking about aliens and the aliens are watching spacecrafts have been discovered the aliens are watching us and seeing all the other things we're bickering about and laughing like I I feel like I'm watching X-Files right now and my my I got goosebumps talking about this right now that's not the right clip what clip were you gonna play Oh Kelsey in on this it's insane that's what Kelsey was gonna say when he walked up on the podium and before Patrick Mahomes interrupted him no no no he wasn't gonna say that what he instead was going to say was aliens existed the government's covering it up before Mahomes restrained him Mahomes stopped him Mahomes knew Mahomes knows too that's why Jackson Mahomes is so disliked people are trying to shut him down well he has the secrets the alien secrets people really don't like that dude they do not yeah he's high up on the list of universally Sarah Bradford's not on board when it comes to aliens and really yeah this is something that we never discussed prior to getting married so I could tell that she like looks down on me once she learned that I believe the aliens exist see it used to be you don't talk about religion or politics when you go out on a date add aliens to the list no you need to talk about those things you need to know what somebody's values are on the first date okay maybe not the first day all right but that is something that needs to be discussed and aliens aliens yeah Sarah Bradford I could tell she looked at me as if I was somebody saying that wrestling was real it's a big universe she looked at me as if I was somebody talking about you know well I'm not gonna say what I was about to say out of fear that you won't be eating dinner tonight no no no not that oh there might be kids listening to the show don't want to say certain things aren't real not I see we're not gonna do that now no they are real don't don't do that mm-hmm still real to me Duke Virginia that's gonna be a fun super regional really will be I it guarantees an ACC team that's gonna go to Omaha wake should be there too that'd be pretty good if you have a fourth of the teams in Omaha and familiarity with baseball you know this because you played the sport that's what makes it fun I get excited anytime they throw up the graphic this guy has this this is this guy's batting average against this pitcher I love that so getting that it's super regionals where guys have faced each other for multiple years even with conference matchups at this stage that's pretty cool same applies to South Carolina Florida and a super regional even though it's in Charlottesville Blue Devils they're not gonna be afraid man like they let last weekend of April they took two out of three in Charlottesville and they scored 26 runs in those three games so between them the firepower we saw on display in game seven yesterday and the 26 runs they put on the board in that series a couple of months ago or a month and a half ago watch out for Duke Duke's looking for their first College World Series trip since the early 60s Virginia meanwhile has the most recent ACC national championship in baseball and they went to Omaha just a couple of years ago so really there is a stark contrast between the two that I think makes this a compelling matchup and that series see Wake Forest is gonna play at noon on Saturday that's when their series starts in Winston-Salem Duke Virginia will be at noon on Friday which bad break for Duke they have to play Monday night and then they have to play they get the quick turnaround going on the road to Charlottesville that's pretty tough on them Josh Wsj s hey sperm are joining us we'll play skips or plays with Hayes in a moment we have a poll question out which alien themed movie should WD watch for the first time and the choices are alien et predator and Independence Day our friend Connor O'Neill has chimed in on the issue saying I will think less of will for as long as he hasn't seen Independence Day hashtag welcome to earth he says the poll question right now Independence Day is second to et right now in that running Hayes perm are out of those for the original alien and predator et or Independence Day which of the four would you recommend WD watch first all right I might surprise you here but I've only seen 50% of these options do you want to take a guess as to which two I've seen you've seen predator and you've seen et I've seen et and I've seen Independence Day I've never seen predator and I've never seen aliens presently enough Wow so I think he's the classic I don't know that's tough he hasn't aged well actually you can you coming out of the 80s et felt like one of the five biggest films in history is like Godfather Citizen Kane et so humongous but I decades on maybe not so big so but I managed to go alien even though I haven't even seen it I think it has more cultural cache area right now where do you stand on aliens after the news drop of yesterday that there's this big whistleblower who used to be high up and intelligent saying that a spacecraft has been discovered and actually multiple that the government isn't telling us about and we're seeing more I don't know if you can relate to this but it seems to me in the last year we've seen more stuff leak or been been revealed in public channels confirming things that have been suggested for decades upon decades then pretty much the rest of the years of my life combined like we've seen this it used to be it's the lead singer of blink-182 and then a bunch of kooks who are saying that this thing has happened or these things are happening and now it's Congress now it's people who have the bona fides where do you stand on it well I think we've got the kooks in Congress right I think you just saw the issue right there Congress people started embracing conspiracy theories it's a conspiracy theorist became Congress people but that's another story I okay here's here's my belief yeah well I used to go statistically speaking with all the planets that are out there discovered and undiscovered of which there are many there's got to be a decent chance that there's life somewhere else right although I have now read theory saying I hear you on that that statistics would say that but also statistics would say if it's that likely that there's one or more you know other species out there somewhere that we would have seen some side of them at this point so I'm still erred on the side of I don't know if it's taking the same form of as advanced as human or or beyond or if it's just like life in bacteria form on another planet but just in general life somewhere else in the universe I'm betting yes I don't know on my belief that some sort of form has actually made contact with earth she don't believe that I think that we would know about it she's probably listening to my voice right now say this but yesterday I was reading this story and we've been married this month will mark a year since we got married and she like this is a conversation we have never had before we never talked about aliens so she heard I was reading the story I told her what I was reading and she said to me last night do you believe in aliens I said yeah and she looked at me the same way that someone would look at you if you believed wrestling was real like very dismissive aliens you believe there are life on other planets or you believe they have visited ours I feel like those are tremendously different things okay I don't remember if I asked this clarifying points but she she kind of looked at me like I was a 12 year old talking about how macho man is really in a in a feud right now with fill in the blank now let's get now let's get used to looking at you like that I think it might happen several times throughout your marriage valid point now let's get to very important stuff skips or plays with Hayes Hayes perm are is somewhat of a Renaissance man an expert in the finer things but he hangs his hat on music loves this God and he's no friend of Satan he was like oh six in busy with the sticks been watching big Mike a little trick trip I just need a Zion and someone he can dunk on today Hayes will decide if this music is smash or trash blows or blows it's time for skips or plays with Hayes and WD I told him how sick I was hearing about the state of Alabama and more specifically Alabama Crimson Tide through the Bryce Young cycle and the Hornets maybe drafting Brandon Miller and all that crap he was dealing with back when he played earlier this year and there was that scandal Alabama baseball's coming to visit Winston-Salem this week so of course after I said all that WD said how about I do like an Alabama themed skips and plays with Hayes and that's what he's dug up here Hornsby I'm going to see Bruce Hornsby tonight in rally we could have done that oh that's pretty cool maybe you could get Bruce to play at the Rialto one of these times I'm working on that hey do you have beat out on this week sorry before we start yeah that's gonna come on on Thursday yeah dots gonna be in here all right have you ever done the term milk man no okay put that on the docket for at get beat out to ask you well now you'll go look it up but it's it's going around I won't even tell you what it's linked to because then you'll figure it out WD write that down and I won't look it up and we'll revisit that on Thursday just like WD we'll have to watch a movie that we'll talk about on Thursday this is us teasing a show that's two days from now rather than tomorrow again not following the sports radio rules the way we're supposed to now let's get to Alabama theme skips or plays with Hayes WD did clarify it's not just songs by Alabama he wouldn't even confirm there is a song by Alabama in this well we start us off we we will confirm there is no sweet home Alabama because we thought that was a little too really on the no no sweet home Alabama okay what do you got we can't do the all the next Dixieland delight I was thinking the all of the alternate lyrics although I'm sure some SE school somewhere has alternate lyrics for sweet home Alabama too what's the first song you have then Alabama did make an appearance where do you stand on University of Alabama and Tennessee claiming this song their ability to claim this song because it's talking about Tennessee Saturday night but the band's Alabama the band's Alabama have to hear the full arguments you know I'll recap the arguments real quick the folks the folks in Tennessee are saying that the song is written about Tennessee the folks in Alabama are saying the band's called Alabama I'm claiming it for North Carolina screw those guys we're taking it this is a play there's a play it's a good tune hey I didn't include the lyrics in there because I don't think the FCC would allow me to do that what's the next one the next one is Alabama shakes hold on oh good bone I felt like I needed at least let us get to the singing part lead singer has a really raspy voice of memory sir there we go that's a play that's a great song the good soon hey Alabama shakes has some bangers all right you got more to add but the other feel-good music I like them so that's good good song no way that WD can mess this up from here you're not so it's not sweet home Alabama you said okay I I don't know what direction you're gonna head in now but I never said I hope it's Christmas in Dixie by Alabama no we already did in Alabama so I don't think WD is gonna do multiple Alabama songs what do you got it's Kid Rock all summer long I remember the chorus of this song singing sweet home Alabama all summer long I see what you did they're cheating I'll say in general I think there's too many like lawsuits over you know stolen riffs these days and I assume Kid Rock plays paid for these riffs but it's one thing to like rip off one riff and make it like your whole song they got to another thing to rip off to where was London and and you know Alabama yeah so dumb skip this crap get it off my radio get it out of here at the skip Wow singing sweet home Alabama all summer long on the way out oh we're not on the way out of her more I'll give you a dealer's choice you want to talk about golf or do you want to talk about super regionals let's go golf let's go golf okay how invest how interested are you in the PGA Tour live golf story do you think it seems like one of those stories to me that maybe a lot of people in the media like talking about but fans probably don't care that much about what is your interest level I can agree to the center like average dude it just turns on his TV wants to see you know just like you do any other non major actually even major weekend when you go to turn on your TV on the weekend you want to see big names on the leaderboard right like it sucks when you turn in to a US Open but it's a bunch of nobodies at the top and so I think that the average fan was mad that it was just you know decreasing the chance at most televised events and you were gonna see the biggest names at the top including Brooks Koepke, Justin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau, Patrick Reed, others but I do think there is some interest in this story and I'm not claiming like nobody's no fans gonna not watch the next major because they're mad at golf or even the next golf tournament I don't mean in any of that sense I mean there is interest in like how quickly the PGA you know yeah like a high how high a ground they tried to take and how quickly they conceded it to the detriment of some players that like if this was what it's going to be give us the heads up and let us just get some of this money right I mean I just I think that is a story there and and how it plays out moving forward for that I mean even even Tiger Woods like I'm sure he'll chime in and not say a whole lot about it but I just it's to the human interest out of me which is what always draws me to sports I'm very curious about the relationship between the people who run the PGA tour and the people who play on it especially the ones who stuck their neck out to help you know save the tour from being sucked under even earlier than they were enjoy Bruce Hornsby tonight Hayes we'll talk to you next week I will now if I found out once I owned a theater people just start giving me free tickets to stuff so I'm getting even more free tickets to things that I normally do I believe you've given me a free ticket or two it over the years and so now I'm just awash in free tickets well that's my life pass it along we'll do something rally from Johnson
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