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May 25, 2023 6:09 pm

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The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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May 25, 2023 6:09 pm

On a Thursday Drive, Josh reflects on the Canes getting swept and what needs to change for Carolina, moving forward, discusses the mystery surrounding Jeremy Chinn, writer for, Darin Gantt, joins the show to discuss more concerns about Bryce Young's height and what a joins camp between the Panthers and Aaron Rodgers' Jets would like like, WD goes to the review "Miracle", and host of the ACC Baseball Etc. Podcast, Daron Vaught, joins the show to discuss what he's seen out at the ACC Baseball tournament in Durham, a fathead of Josh's face, and baked spaghetti, in Unusual Questions.


He's amused Cam Newton. He's been insulted by Charles Barkley. When some idiot in the press asked him, if you know what you know now, what you scheduled this game.

He's interviewed Matthew McConaughey. And he's taken on Big Blue Nation. He's just completely taken the wind out of my safety. It's time for The Drive with Josh Graham.

You are on a Thursday Drive WSJS News Talk Sports for the Triad, where in about the most painful way possible, the Carolina hurricane season ended last night in a sweep by the Florida Panthers. And amid the wallowing and self-pity that's out there, and you're seeing plenty of that today, there are some suggestions, and it might be by the minority of hockey people out there, but enough to acknowledge it at least, there are suggestions that the Canes need to either blow up their core, they need to heat up the coaching seat for Rod Brindamore, or even go big game hunting and free agency at some point this summer. For the Canes, the solution is none of those three things.

The real solution for them is already in that room. It's on this roster. And for the Canes to make the next step to the Stanley Cup a year from now, they need more from their stars, not to make big swings and free agency. The mystery box doesn't always contain the best answer. Sometimes what is right in front of you, what you already have is good enough.

You just need to continue to invest in it. Let's start with Sebastian Ajo. Is he a star or isn't he?

It's a simple question. Is Sebastian Ajo one of the best players in the National Hockey League or isn't he? The Canes, they're one of the best teams in the National Hockey League.

They had the best, the second best record in the sport. He's the best player on this team, I'm told. Well then why doesn't he play like the best player on the team when it matters most? In Carolina's last six playoff games, the sweep by the Panthers, the last two games of the Devils series, Ajo did not score a goal. Ajo had two points. He didn't have points in the last few games for Carolina.

That's not going to cut it. And when you look at the season-wide stats, this was not a career year for Ajo. Last season was a better year statistically than this year was for Ajo. That is it to say he had a bad year. He had a perfectly fine year. He had a year that 95% of the National Hockey League would be perfectly happy with and that might be too low of a percentage. But we're being sold that Sebastian Ajo is among that 5%, that top 2-3% of the week. That's the type of elite player he is.

Well then you need to expect more from him. He still hasn't broken through given those parameters. Next year he's going to turn 26. Regardless of sport, we're told that your peak physical performance, your prime so to speak, it's the four years between 26, 27, 28, and 29 years old.

That's when you're at your physical peak. Ajo is entering that stretch and needs to be bigger for the Hurricanes. Then you need the obvious two of your top six forwards to be healthy.

Andrei Svechnikov needs to be healthy and on top of that needs to be better than he was when he was healthy. Ajo to start the year the first month and a half was on pace for 40 goals which Carolina I think has only had two players in franchise history that have netted 40 goals. I believe the last one was Eric Stahl who did that.

I think it's Stahl and Jeff O'Neill if memory serves off the top of my head. Could be wrong on that. But not many players have done that. He was on pace to do it and then he hit a huge slump. He started slumping. So he needs to be healthy, he needs to be on the ice, but he also needs to be a 35-40 goal scorer. That's what he needs to be at a baseline. That's what we were told he was going to be as a top one, top two pick in the draft a few years ago. And guess how old he's going to be at the end of next season? 24 years old, entering the playoffs, getting close to those prime years. Max Pacioretti, you need something from him. He's supposed to be one of your top six guys.

Hopefully he can have a healthy season next year. That's why Rob Brindobor is not talking about blowing it up or feeling like this year was a failure or any of that even though they didn't reach their ultimate goal after being swept in the conference finals. Here he was last night. That's the unfortunate part of this is he's going to look back and everyone's going to say you got swept and that's not what happened.

Let's get to the other clip. This was Rob Brindobor talking about the players that they've missed. It's tough to get this far without your top players. Like the fact that we did that without the two of the top guys that we'd missed, you know, we missed one all year and then we missed special. I mean to do it, to come in and actually outchance the team for four games and in this time without those guys and then lose Slavin and still continue to you know forge ahead and that's just that's that's why I say I'm super proud of this group.

The window's still wide open for the Canes. Next year that entire core between 26 and 29 years old Aho, Svetch, Slavin. When they signed Brent Burns last summer they signed him to a three-year contract. Last I checked, you're not completely checked out after one year of a three-year contract.

So you've got Burns around it. A lot of these guys are still locked down forwards. They need more from them. It's in the room. The answer isn't in free agency.

It's in the room. Those are the guys who need to be better. That's how Carolina takes the next step. It's not by adding players this offseason.

It's by getting more out of the guys who need to be better for you during the season. Don't give me System. Don't give me Josh. Oh man they have so many guys and Brenda Moore asked them to play.

No no no. You need more from Aho at this point. You need more from obviously guys who were hurt who I'm not blaming.

You just need them on the ice. The solutions on the roster. On Twitter at wsjsradio if you want in. It's where you can tweet the show.

It's where we're streaming video in addition to YouTube and on Twitch. Will Dalton is the executive producer of the show. W.D. how about those Baltimore Orioles last night? How about them? Man I thought it was going to be a great night for me when at about the same time the Canes were tying the game at the end of the third period the Orioles going into the seventh were down five to one and then ended the seventh up nine to five. So I was thinking oh both my teams are going to rally from behind and this was going to be good.

At least one of the two won. And speaking of baseball Wake Forest got my Wake gear on for those watching on the stream. The Deacs rolled Pittsburgh in Durham behind Rhett Louder today. Darin Gantt will join us to talk Panthers in a bit but from the ACC baseball tournament Darin Gantt or Darin Vaught. We got a couple of Darins on today's show. He'll be joining us later in the show.

Yeah too many Darins. But speaking of Darin Gantt and the Carolina Panthers. Checking in with the Panthers the mystery in the mythology surrounding Jeremy Chin right now is beginning to reach absurd levels. So coaches refuse to tell us where he's going to play. First it was Ejiro Evero the new defensive coordinator who was protecting Chin information like it was the nuclear codes and then yesterday it was Panthers linebackers coach Peter Hansen who said this when asked about what we should expect.

Where we should expect Chin to line up. As far as what we're doing I think it's pretty pretty public knowledge that he's been a nickel quite a bit with us but beyond that we'll we'll see what he can do and and I'll defer to the strategist of coach E and and let him have fun with him. But will he actually play I mean I mean one of the linebacker roles in this defense at all? We'll see at this point uh we'll see at this point obviously we haven't gotten that far but uh we'll see what the future holds because um like a lot of our secondary guys we see him as a superhero we just don't know uh you know which which cape he'll wear really from day to day. Oh superhero come on they signed Von Bell you know he's gonna play safety he signed him for the Bengals you got Xavier Rhodes back there or Xavier Woods excuse me at safety so he's gonna play nickel and when he's not playing nickel he's probably gonna play linebacker close to the line of scrimmage. I don't know why this is a big secret but the superhero piece of this is where it started to get weird somebody followed up on we see him as a superhero we just don't know what type of cape he's gonna wear. Anybody in Charlotte knows he's awesome you know can pretty much do anything the superhero uh thing fits with him um but I mean play the piano the harmonica then whatever he wants to do on the field whatever he wants to do on a basketball court he's like you know the modern version of Bo Jackson or something uh he's pretty impressive.

What is he talking about? How do we go from superheroes to a piano player? The piano is what stood out to you?

I heard harmonica and I'm thinking I heard a lot. Is he sitting in the locker room channeling Bob Dylan hey mr tambourine man oh we're gonna get ready for some football today boys is that is that what he's doing? Bo Jackson? Bo Jackson? The way they're making it sound like is he's gonna step out there and start jumping over like playing like Troy Palomale jumping over the line of scrimmage he might come out with the jetpack who knows they're not telling us anything but oh a superhero he plays harmonica yeah they've already had a superhero his name's Cam Newton during the off season he could come uh play your birthdays at bar mitzvahs with the piano and with the harmonica but here's what's crazy and it's a sign of how good the panther's defense is the panther's defense is so loaded he might not be one of the three most important players on that defense i don't even think that's out of a take like brian burns is the most important because edge rusher is the most important defensive position given you know how things are so quarterback heavy nowadays and he's the edge rusher they don't really have a reliable guy on the other side it's the biggest question with the defense and then given how often teams throw the ball who's your best corner you drafted jc horn top 10 pick he's supposed to be your lockdown corner and then derek brown you don't see a lot of big dudes like him top 10 caliber picks hitting the market that often stopping things up in the middle those are the three most important guys and then it's jeremy chan i don't say that as a shot to jeremy jeremy's plenty important but that speaks to how much talent is really on this panther's defense let's talk football with our friend darren gant he joins us hall of fame voter as well one of our favorites to catch up with four weeks ago today darren bryce young was drafted by the carolina panthers since then he's met with fans he's held a few press conferences he attended the nflpa's rookie symposium he went to rookie mini camp and now has begun otas this week with the panthers over that time dg what's the best bryce young story you've either seen or heard yeah you know what uh bryce is continuing to do all the things they expected him to do coming out of alabama all the adult mature things all the fast processing things on the football field but here's a neat little bryce young story from today actually they had an event out here at stadium coinciding with their ota practice this morning they had it out in the stadium and set it up as kind of like a reward for psl holders who hit certain benchmarks that you got to come to a practice and get some autographs afterward well it got a little warm they've been practicing you're out there on the turf and everybody was ready to go on in and get on with their weekend and there was still a line of people waiting to get bryce young autographs a lot of people in alabama nine jerseys out and bryce was practically one of the last players off the field you know there were opportunities for him to probably escape but bryce hung in there and signed till his line was emptied out and all the people who came on to see bryce young and saw bryce young so it's a little thing but um you know he just continues on a daily basis to you know beat us over the head with the fact that he is a mature adult who happens to be an nfl rookie have you been able to get in a room with him yet we we've had some conversation i mean just brief conversations he's been really busy lately uh doing a little uh football work and i took a little vacation right after the draft so we haven't had a chance to sit down and have the big roy firestone conversation where i make him cry and that kind of stuff but uh yeah we've had a chance to visit a little bit he he he comes off he appears to be the thing he comes off as and i know that might sound like a twisted up way to explain him but i i think this is who he is i i don't know that this is necessarily an act he appears polished because he is polished and he appears confident because he is confident so i i think all those things for a rookie who is is here in the building you know i'm a big show me don't tell me guy and just watching the way he works watching the way he treats people around the building watching again the way he treats fans who sit out in the sun looking for an autograph at the end of a practice on a thursday morning before a holiday weekend when everybody's trying to get out of here suggests that he's doing it the right way we need to uh talk about that vacation we could do that in a bit here's how i know you're old you're referencing roy firestone i bet you wd doesn't even know who roy firestone is i i don't never heard of him see i became friends with roy firestone because we were in the same orioles fan group and go birds yeah so he just fell on wd it was uh it was a tire store out off business 40. no no have have photographers been put on alert about angles to which you should shoot bryce young because it's kind of alarming how many people are fascinated with him what it looks like standing under center it seems well here here's some breaking news bryce young remains the same height he was the day he was drafted first overall this just in you could confirm that you could confirm that where yeah i want to do a growth chart thank god the thank god the hornets didn't win the draft lottery and victor women yama didn't roll in the town or we could have recreated the mugsy bogs you know minute bowl poster um you know growth charts what are we doing yes rice young remains the same size he was the day was drafted and you know what he's going to probably remain that size barring a late life growth spurt that not many people in their 20s enjoy he will remain five foot ten when do we get over this how long is this a thing no you deep you all i'm picturing now is ma'am what a bummer it was if charlotte would have won the lottery we could have had webin yama side by side with bryce young and then you could have got dale jr to come by and you could recreate the carrie collins dale earnhardt uh senior dell curry photos too maybe maybe we should have him hang around with more nascar people because they're all little right we darren gantz with us here we have the preseason dates the panthers are going to open up with aaron rogers and the jets hypothetically if the jets agreed the joint practices with carolina what do you imagine spartanburg south carolina is going to look like with bryce young and rogers sharing a field well spartanburg south carolina is like the opposite of a darkness retreat it's uh yeah i think every in addition to the sun and humidity every television camera light in the world would be there to see that go down no you know it'll be interesting i think it's kind of curious to see i mean you know aaron is coming at this stardom thing from a different place but uh you know it's a little bit of a contrast a guy who has lived his life in the public eye and now on the pat mccaffee show on a regular basis versus a guy who's very measured and very in control of his own messaging and and not really creating the kind of off-field headlines the other guy is why are coaches being so secretive with jeremy chin we saw ajira evero evero excuse me a few weeks ago not wanting to tell us anything and then it was you know peter hanson yesterday the linebackers coach not wanting to share any secrets too before comparing him to beau jackson i mean doesn't the signing of von bell make it pretty obvious he's probably gonna play closer to the line of scrimmage yeah one would think i mean and if it's obvious why is there so much mystery about it now i i think that jeremy's main role is probably going to be playing nickel and nickel is effectively the base defense in the nfl and if you've got someone with safety size and and the ability to run like a corner uh who can do that job you know it kind of fits into where the game's going anyway i mean i wrote yesterday about derek brown and a lot of people are worried about the difference between him being a defensive tackle on a defensive end well he's going to be in a base three-man front on probably 20 25 of the snaps so what you call him where you worry about him on and up probably not the biggest uh deal with jeremy i think he is going to be on the field pretty often there were i i think you've seen a lot of defenses over the last five ten years kind of evolve into a thing where a three safety rotation is kind of normal anyway and three safeties on the field at the same time we know jeremy can make plays near the line of scrimmage he did it when he was rookie uh less often last year and and i just think that it's kind of a natural he's going to here's what he's going to do he's going to play nickel until they find somebody who's better at it than him or or have him do something different and he's going to be in the box in certain situations certain personnel groups they're going to mix and match them a little bit and you know if you think about the idea of playing nickel with dante jackson and jc horn outside uh and jeremy as kind of a bigger body inside to cover bigger slot receivers because again that's becoming more and more the norm in the league i think it has an opportunity to work but they're going to use them in a lot of different ways if you want if your goal is to make jeremy chin one particular thing i think you'll become frustrated over the course of this year because to run the defensive arrow wants to run he wanted those two smart um veteran safeties in the back end of it and then xavier woods and bomb bill you've got that now so now you can use this specialty tool in a lot of different ways darren gantt is with us here and one of the things i love about darren gantt from one of the many things cultured man about town but also man of this world too i saw you were in paris a couple weeks ago that vacation that i have bookmarked to ask you about and darren another thing i love about you is you have a thick southern drawl that's just syrupy and fantastic what was the highlight of your trip did anyone ever point out asking where you're from you know the french thought of me as one of their own i guess i'm like jerry lewis they recognized my comic genius early on and just kind of made me one of their own i was wearing a beret too that might have helped no not really um no i mean that i think people recognize in a pretty good hurry i was at a titanum hot spur game a couple weeks ago and and i think people recognized early on you're you're not from north london are you no but when you're all singing the harry cain he's one of our own song you know we're all part of the same family right so uh no it was a it was a good time great trip saw all the things you here's a little underground nugget for you the mass transit in europe is incredible a it's so efficient even someone who doesn't speak the language can use it in the train station under the loo they've got so much freaking art at the loo that in the subway station underneath the museum there's a sphinx there are these marble roman busts of emperors just kind of hanging out in the subway because they've got so much art that they've probably appropriated from other people um my wife wouldn't let me call them colonizers uh that they just stick it in the basement down there where the train goes and i mean that was that was amazing to me but i am now a sophisticated european traveling after 51 years i finally got a passport and put it to some good use and after a life spent here in the lovely carolinas yes darren gant will be wearing a beret for the panthers home preseason opener against the jets you can count on that and uh in between that we'll be reading his work and having him on this show as always dg the time's always appreciated friend yeah man have a good weekend let's check in on the acc baseball tournament wake forest thumping pittsburgh today 11 to 2 the final now i see scores at different places i see 10 to 2 and i see 11 to 2 wake one big ret louder was the story though great again seven innings pitched three hits allowed one earned run six strikeouts tons of major league scouts were there close to 20 based on some reports that i saw wake will play the winner of state and miami tonight how fun would that be weather allowing on saturday if you get nc state perhaps if they were to beat the number one team in the country the ncaa tournament a regional bid laying right there in front of them weather allowing again and also nc state needing to beat miami north carolina right now is facing virginia and that is one nothing tar heels as of right now with virginia batting elsewhere tonight we could have two closeout scenarios you could have vegas completing a sweep of the dallas stars that's in dallas and miami is going back to boston tonight and boston they're trying to close things out up three games to one i think it's gonna be a dallas win to prolong that stanley cup western conference final and i think miami's gonna close out tonight speaking of shipping up to boston we have boston dropkick murphy tickets that we're giving away today to pair later this year they're going to be in greensboro white oak amphitheater and your cue to win the next time you hear this so yes the next time you hear this so that'll be your cue to win not right now 336-777-1600 if you want to go see the dropkick murphy's later this year those tickets go on sale tomorrow now to the main event it's time for wd to tell us about a movie it's shameful that he hasn't already seen and this week that movie is miracle 2004 unless you're talking about star wars movies aren't exactly will's thing i don't get it you want cups of swine but that's about to change because josh can't stand it anymore this is and the movies with will dalton okay starring kurt russell documenting the 1980 us olympic upset of the soviet union them winning the championship do you remember who they beat in the championship in the gold medal game it wasn't finland was it it was finland oh there you go well done the united states hockey team the greatest sports moment of the 20th century according to sports illustrated what did you like the most about the movie well i like the intro where they kind of tied the historic events of that time into the movie oh you like the you like the intro well like just the way they tied it into the historical moments of that time elvis dying watergate and all those things see i go in a different direction on that like some of it was relevant like the jimmy carter stuff yes that was relevant but i don't know why the how the fall of saigon and elvis had anything to do with hockey three years later four years later fair enough but i like i get why you like it and it happens in a lot of movies the the air movie ben affleck and matt damon the nike movie is now available on amazon prime they have an opening sequence just like that to bring you to 1984 and a great dire straits song that's playing another moment i really appreciated was in the game vs sweden at halftime when um intermission come on man intermission that's right we're talking about hockey here um when uh herm got mclanahan really pissed off yeah because because they were already a skater down with oc yeah being hurt and so he gets him all pissed off he kind of gets in his face and then coach walks off and says that'll do it yeah that was kind of a that's coaching moment uh what's great about this too is there's a reason why none of these actors went on to really do anything because they're not actors the hockey in this movie is incredible yes like the sports scenes themselves find me a movie that looks as authentic the sports themselves than miracle does and the reason it looks that way is because gavin o'connor the director rather than finding actors and teaching them how to skate and play hockey he found hockey players and taught them to act and it probably would have been horrendous had he gone the other way no i'm sure there are some actors who probably could skate who are from canada like taylor kitch or something like that but i it these guys it just felt very authentic and i heard somebody make this point i forget who it was i want to give credit to where it's due but it's a good one that the way this movie was made was very similar to the way that herb brooks coached the team where herb brooks knew that you couldn't rely on stars and you had to be a sum of all parts in order to beat the russians you don't want an all-star team you want a team that's playing to a system and that's how he made this movie where it's like you have all of these guys and you don't have a star actor who's playing any of the players you don't have that guy it's a sum of all parts type of movie and herb brooks is right there at the center of it what didn't you like about miracle this isn't gonna be popular probably but the scene where he's running them to death it just crossed a line for me it's like okay enough like they're it's 1980 man i i know when i took that into account but like remember remember the titans and i'm sure it doesn't age well when denzel washington's telling his players that water makes you weak right and again like i'm coming at this from an athlete's perspective yeah and yes there is a a way to go about it where you do build toughness but there's also a line where it gets ridiculous and it's like okay this is not making anybody better it's also the best scene of the movie yes it is that and that in the speech the principle of it right here's what i didn't like this was a big part of this was big news as the movie was coming out i remember it 20 years ago or so herb brooks died right after principal photography of this movie was completed in a car accident he died in a car accident and never saw a cut of the movie never saw it and that's why they had the thing at the end where it said he never saw it he lived it yeah which is right died right after they finished like principal photography on the movie kind of crazy uh best quote it's the entire speech yes that's see for me that's the entire speech see for me that's the cop i mean yes you're right but i'm not gonna cop out to that so for me it's gotta be looks more like a couple of monkeys trying to hump a football to me yeah yeah great moments yeah come to a great opportunity got a hot date in about an hour how's that looking and that's how that's what you have here boys if we played them 10 times they might win nine the entire thing i used to know it by heart i used to think that they took that thing verbatim from her brooks and then i figured out that no that's not what happened oh they didn't no was there a speech at all no probably not no that's that's hollywood stuff but i'm cool with the hollywood stuff in this no i'm cool with that in this case like how would you know what herb brooks said for sure in that locker room in 1980 verbatim like how would you know you wouldn't for sure you wouldn't so it's fine that they had the speech he did say and this actually didn't make it into the movie like in between the second and third what herb brooks has been quoted as saying by many of the players was saying if you lose this game you'll take it to your bleeping grave how'd that not make it into the script oh wait it's a disney movie and that's oh wait rotten tomatoes score let's i'm not can you get within five of the audience score on rotten tomatoes ah let me try an 86 90 that was gonna be my first guess and that's been at the movies with the wd let's go out the derm side of the acc baseball tournament where darren vaught joins us now you know him from the acc baseball etc podcast saw him with danny graves you know on the pod every week we see those two together danny graves on my tv all throughout this week darren tell me right now where north carolina and virginia stand before we get to some of the other teams uh let's see josh they are at seven to two and we are in i'm trying to see i'm in a tucked back yeah it was in the six or seven yeah yeah two outs top eight and north carolina's up seven to two against them it's been a big day for uh the heels this is a big one for them um put together some some big run innings a couple of threes up on the scoreboard for carolina good start out of jake nap so uh good crowd this is fun day fun day at the bat let's broaden it and talk about ncaa tournament significance for a lot of these teams and since we're talking about the tar heels right now do they still have hope of potentially hosting a regional depending on how they do the rest of the weekend yeah i mean there's an outside chance uh i saw the d1 baseball projections as of this morning had north carolina as the two seed in columbia and that's if south carolina still is able to host um and that had it as south carolina as the number 15 overall seed so therefore if you kind of work backwards in serpentine like fashion although some of it relies on proximity i mean that has north carolina is like the third two seed so theoretically only like three spots to jump in order to maybe be one of those fringe host teams um this is a big win that's going to improve their rpi a lot if they can hold it against virginia here um we'll see i mean obviously there's some impending weather saturday and sunday that might shorten this week for all acc teams but certainly i mean if games are played and the entire tournament is played and north carolina comes out on top i think they'd have to be have to be considered in the hosting conversation so there's an outside chance i'll tell you who's probably most hoping that there are games this weekend is nc state who's in action tonight against miami because if they win they would be pitted against wake forest given wake's win against pit earlier today what does nc state need to do to feel good on monday afternoon about their hopes i think they feel good and they should right now as things currently stand a win tonight would do them a lot of favors so um i again i i think they feel good but one more win could not hurt now obviously with the the impending weather and and chances and chances of semi-finalists being determined and no semi-finals or finals being played there is speculation around the press box that okay it's not a big deal if the four teams as semi-finalists are in right and there's a great chance that that's the case imagine if it's nc state though and they find themselves in that same scenario as they were last year the first team out and they did not get the opportunity to play one maybe two more games maybe get an auto bid um it could be very nc state stuff ish if that were to happen for sure so i don't know we'll see tbd a couple quick things before we get to unusual questions darren vaught he's out at the debap where north carolina is taking care of virginia as of right now just how many scouts were in the house for ret louder and wake forest earlier today um i don't have an exact number for you a lot let's just say there there was a lot of heat here at debap and there has been all week because again like ret louder one scout told me he thinks he could be a major league starting pitcher right now like he could go to a big league team and be their number five in their rotation tomorrow so he obviously warrants a lot of attention of course we know brock wilkin is draft eligible and is going to be a high draft pick bance honeycutt nick curts next year are going to be top picks if not number one and two um man it's it's just cool to see and it's a lot of you know my role with usa baseball introduces me to a lot of these scouts over the years i'm seeing a lot of a lot of faces i normally don't see until uh about july because the collegiate national team is in town the 18u national team is in town but uh the acc championship because of the star power has been an event for scouting departments some teams have you know a handful of guys here uh just for one team yeah so one last thing tomorrow night before we get the unusual questions um tomorrow you know who's playing in the game tomorrow at 11 a.m right well yeah it's our it's our last effective semi-final i talked to their head coach mike gambino it's boston college boston college and i bring that up only because the face i made as i said boston college in that tv interview i wish i never did now is it's now been created it turned into a fat head by kyle the amazon driver who now wears it around his neck as if he's um flava flave with the clock he has surprised b-dot over the last week with it somewhere saw that he surprised me and my wife my wife at a winston salem dash game and he says he's tweeted us that part of his mission tomorrow is to try and surprise darren vaught with this thing out at the debap tomorrow my man kyle the amazon driver i will find you i will if you're here tomorrow i mean it can't be hard to miss come on it'll be up on social media somewhere i'm sure and we'll make it happen at darren vaught kyle knows how to get you know get let me know where during the boston college game boston college it's all coming together now let's go ahead hold on can i precursor unusual questions please with something that you you keep referring to that thing as a fat head and i don't know that that's technically accurate because fat heads was like a specific brand right and he got it he got it from he got it from the fat head website he did yeah so you can you can make your own now and instead of just something that sticks on kyle the amazon driver's bedroom wall it's something he can carry around with him or wear around that's what he's done that's what he's done all right okay i stand corrected let's let's move on yes and we move on to last week guys everybody made it out that i got mad at josh and i left the press conference that's not right i thought it was an unusual question and it's okay it's time for unusual questions with josh graham and since darren's on location i'll let him start oh by the way 336-777-1600 if you have a question for us to answer you can win dropkick murphy's tickets for later this year in greensboro i think that shows in october tickets go on sale tomorrow first to call in with the question gets those tickets to see the dropkick murphy's darren you love uh yourself some boston themed things so because you're you like the red sox and all now ask me an unusual question ask all of us yeah this is also uh musically themed i'm pretty sure this is a recycled unusual question which goes to show how long we've been doing this segment but also uh i think it's great great fodder at any time jackson vanderbrake for north carolina his walk-up song is the stroke and it gets every everybody all the fans clap up above their heads the team has gotten into a a routine where they're at the railing outside the dugout and they do it it's a very cool thing there's a guy named anthony stephon for virginia who's who walks up to anthony's song moving out yeah and um it has sparked some some conversation about best walk-up song i don't expect you guys to know acc players walk ups i barely do for most of them um but maybe like a player of old perhaps a nickelback do you remember a walk-up song that was your favorite oh the nickelbacks huh you by the way would be the one guy i've ever met to refer to the song as anthony's song rather than calling it just moving out um you would be that guy moving out is in parent i know i know it's in parenthesis i know it's in parentheses parentheses but no one else calls it anthony's song everyone calls it moving out um and i think the other one's a billy squire song so correct billy squires the stroke yeah wd what was your walk-up see in high school i would always go forever by drake but in college i went i get around by two pop that's pretty good yeah i brought it that's good yeah like the best for a player is hard to say i know i don't remember walk-ups for players but i do remember walk-ups for closers and i always thought california love for the dodgers closer circa just a few years ago whose name uh kenley jansen i thought that was pretty good and um i thought the pretender when jim johnson used to close games for the orioles was great and it's hard to beat inner sandman with mariano Rivera yeah yeah i so i frequented some games with family my dad was born in atlanta the braves were sort of my nl team most of my games going to big league parks as a child were at turner field i loved when marcus jiles as their lead-off batter hit the nickel backdrop in it which is what marcus jiles when marcus jiles would walk up up to the you know you remember the jay-z lincoln park collaboration num and encore num and encore and the entire crowd at turner field would be like what the hell are you waiting for great karaoke song oh my it was incredible vibes whenever marcus jiles would come to the plate to that song it's but by miles my favorite walk-up for anybody ever excellent okay i got a sports question for you so we made wd watch miracle this week and i rewatched it too and all i could think was we need more movies like miracle and i mean it in this sense if you go back like the tv cameras weren't so great pre-1995 or pre-1990 and i think miracle because of how accurate it is too is a great document for sporting events that you wouldn't want to go back and watch the actual thing of because the footage isn't so great i think if we're looking pre-95 what sports move what sports moment would you like to be seen like to see in a full length motion picture i'll give you a chance to think because i put together a short list i i would love to see don larson's perfect game in a movie and you can kind of do it like for the love of the game and document his life as the perfect games happening i'd like to see hank erin's home run chase potentially done i think there's some something there the 1983 nc state basketball team would be perfect i mean they won the championship at the buzzer i mean it it's just perfect it's just perfect who who plays jim valvano now that is an excellent excellent uh ray romano ray romano there you go i mean you would you would you not have to get the the the performance of ray romano's life out of that i'm not saying he's not up to it but i i i would have concerns about the heavier the heavier parts of that role although i get david schwimmer oh i mean same questions but you know maybe maybe i could see david schwimmer playing jimmy v i think those are both both great you know what i would love to see in a a feature film narrative sort of of way what's that how about jim abbott's life and career like a biopic and and and maybe you know the sports action centers around not as much you know maybe you show the no-hitter as a as a big leaguer but i would love to see him pitching for team usa in cuba against the that historic victor mesa team um because you could capture the environment of an international baseball game in cuba so well with modern cinematography uh and obviously jim abbott's story pitching one-handed i mean that that would be great idea that you know what i might get started on the spec script for that come on that question question answered that's excellent what do you got wd well darren's out at the ballpark and i think you and i were talking hot dogs if you're about to ask what the best ballpark food is i'm gonna fight you no i've already done that i know but this actually might be a recycled question i'm not sure is a hot dog a sandwich of course it's a recycled question will i wasn't sure that's the request denied request come up with something else yeah request denied that's is spaghetti and lasagna the same thing no that's an interesting question because they kind of are just different noodles yeah my wife made something that i my wife made something that i you
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