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July 16, 2020 6:07 pm


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July 16, 2020 6:07 pm

On this edition of The Drive with  Josh Graham Josh breaks down the Coach K vs UNC rivalry, Baseball for Dummies, Comparin' with Daron Vaught, and more. 

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We've got a lot to do today.

The Athletics' Brendan Marks, Sim15Minutes, Louisville head coach, and App State legend Scott Satterfield in 45. But I want to start with the Duke-Carolina rivalry in a bit of a roundabout way. I've often said this.

Perception is often reality. Take Wake Forest football. They keep making bowl games every year, yet. Every bowl magazine, or I guess the preview magazines that are released around this time of year, and at ACC kickoff, Wake is picked second to last and many people think they're going to miss a bowl. Their minds are made up on the Demon Deacons, so until perceptions change, this is only going to continue happening. Also in politics, because I feel the way that politics are covered, very similar to sports. You see the president have a press conference. If you're a fan of him, if you voted for him, you probably think what he's saying is awesome.

If you didn't, even if he does something that we can all agree is positive, like wear a mask last week, you're going to find a reason to bash him. Your mind's made up. Perception is reality. With the Duke-Carolina rivalry, the perception has always been everything is equal. You put up the graphic, last 100 games, it's split 50-50. It seems like that graphic's been on a television screen the week of Duke-Carolina since the beginning of time. But, this stat right here, I think, points things in a different direction.

I just put this up on Twitter in the last hour. Coach K has now faced Roy Williams' coach Tar Heel teams the same number of times he's coached against Dean Smith. Coached Heel's teams. 38 games. Coach K from 1981 to 1987, or make it 1980 to 1987, that's 17 seasons, was 14-24 against Dean. Coach K against Roy Williams, 17 seasons, from 2003 to 2020, 22-16. K's record versus Dean excludes the two games Duke faced North Carolina, where Pete Gaudette was filling in, in 1995.

Here's what I take away from that. Coach K has had the same advantage over Roy Williams that Dean had over K. But the perception is, it's K versus Roy, they're both Hall of Famers, they're both on the same terrain, it's pretty equal in that regard. The head-to-head record, I think, tells the story here. Dean Smith, as I mentioned, that 24-14 record, had two win streaks of four games or more against Duke, never lost more than three times in a row to Mike Krzyzewski.

In that 22-16 mark that K's had against Roy, two four-game win streaks never lost more than three games in a row. And it also doesn't help Roy's case when he was at Kansas 1-3 against Duke, including the 91 championship game, Grant Hill throwing down that alley-oop. Coach K has recruited better than Roy, he hasn't missed the NCAA tournament the entire time both have overlapped in the ACC as head coaches, and that's the same exact thing Dean Smith did when Mike Krzyzewski entered the ACC. Recruited better than K, didn't miss the NCAA tournament the entire time the two overlapped.

But you might be thinking, this is the initial pushback I had myself when I got the stat. Oh, a lot of these wins for Dean had to come when Duke was building the program, when K early on was struggling, almost lost his job. We saw it in the documentary, The Class That Saved Coach K, that launched the ACC network. Same thing for Roy Williams, he was recovering trying to rebuild the program when Matt Doherty went 8-20.

However, the advantage wasn't just set early on. Coach K has twice as many wins in the series over the last 10 years than Roy does. 18 wins in the last 10 years to Roy's 9. Coach K has won the last 3. North Carolina's last 2 wins in the series was against a Duke team that didn't have Zion Williamson on the floor.

All but 30 seconds of that game in Cameron. Meanwhile, Dean Smith, he wasn't just piling on Roy, or excuse me, K, in the early 1980s. Dean beat Duke 8 of the last 9 times he faced him. It was his most dominant stretch against the Blue Devils while both Coach K and Dean were on the sidelines together.

You can tweet the show at sportsubtriant, 336-777-1600 is the phone number. Again, the perception, Roy and K, they're on the same wavelength. Roy winning 3 national titles in the last 15 years, K only winning 2. If you go the last 2 decades, K has 2 more.

Pretty even in that regard. I think you learn, it's the purest sample a lot from the head to head. It's the same exact sample we saw of Dean vs. K that we now have for K vs. Roy.

Robert Walsh is the producer of this show. Reading these stats, it reminded me of a really indelible moment that happened earlier this year. It was following Wendell Moore's game winning shot against the Tar Heels inside the Smith Center. And I think this comment from K got overlooked in a lot of ways because of how frenetic that finish was in double overtime. But it always will stick with me being in the corner of that room, seeing Coach K nearly move the tiers, talking about what Dean meant to him. He even acknowledged in this clip you're about to hear that Dean is the greatest. And in doing so was talking about the rivalry as well. This is again from after the Duke dramatic buzzer beating win against the Tar Heels earlier this year. Once we started winning at the level that he won all the time, I understood him. And he knew I understood him.

And you don't break a sprint record or any record unless you're running with the best. And I think both of our programs have made each other better. He made our program better by us competing against him. I want to shift things to the current state of media. Because last night, really the last 24 hours, have showcased how much the news business has changed.

The Washington football team at the start of this week announced they were officially going to move off the name Redskins. And apparently things are only going to get worse for Dan Schneider and his image. As yesterday rumors surfaced that the Washington Post is going to have this bombshell report. Many people think it's linked to I believe an ESPN report from years ago involving Dan Schneider and trips for some big time partners with the Redskins involving cheerleaders.

And the internet was just out of control. Sports media, since sports are lacking, the major sports, we don't have those to cover. Many major outlets today have turned their platforms into pregame shows essentially for a Washington Post story. Like I'm not blaming the Post for this, but damn. Like I believe the reason we haven't gotten the Post story is because it's not finished yet. But word got to somebody else and you have pro football talk saying that this is going to be incredibly damaging to Dan Schneider.

Yadda yadda yadda. You go through a lot of other stories where the media seems to have already decided what their takeaway is for this story that hasn't released yet. I mean haven't you seen this Robert? If you look online haven't you seen, oh Dan Schneider he's going to sell the team. Oh it's all over for Dan Schneider. And we have no clue what's in this story. Like this isn't me standing up for Dan Schneider, but this is me remembering, I don't know, a month ago how we all leapt to a conclusion on the Bubba Wallace story only to be wrong. It seems like we're not learning our lesson to be a little bit patient.

We just want to rush it, throw things out there and throw it against the wall so that way if we're close to the truth we can gain some sort of credit, some likes, some retweets on social media. I'm so convinced Twitter isn't real life. Like every study I read, between 10-15% of the United States is on social media, or I should say on Twitter.

10-15%. But if you listen to radio shows and you listen to some television shows, most of the content seems to be driven by what a few people on social media say. It's the issue I have when people fly, angry fans fly planes over stadiums. Like the NASCAR fans in Alabama flying a defund NASCAR banner after they got rid of the Confederate flag, banned it from events. Some ran away with that saying, oh, there it is, NASCAR's fans, they're a huge problem. When in reality, you're probably talking about one person, or if a lot of people are throwing money together, a dozen people. That doesn't speak to the majority, just like six angry people on your Twitter feed right now. I might even have them right now, angry Carolina fans saying, oh, how could you say Duke Homer that Coach K is better than Roy?

You know, those six people I don't think make up the majority, but they get the most attention because they're the ones that you see right in front of your face because they're in your mentions. That's where we're at. That's where the media is at right now, where we're essentially doing pregame shows for a Washington Post story that hasn't dropped yet.

And we're already being told what the conclusion is, rather than take a breath, wait, exhale, and see what the story has to say. Brendan Marks covers the ACC Big Four for The Athletic. He talked to Steve Forbes earlier this week. Want to get his thoughts on that conversation. Also, he'll give us some insight on Duke and North Carolina's social justice initiatives, those really neat social media videos that Coach K and Roy Williams of the Tar Heel basketball program put out. Brendan will join us to tell us what he's learned next. This is just crazy talk. Just listen.

You're on the drive with Josh Graham. If you've listened to this show for a while, you probably already know what I'm about to say. But if you don't, I'm a nerd.

I'm a massive nerd. Robert knows this. I kind of geek out on stats and numbers, and we were just talking about this stat of Roy Williams facing Coach K in just as many games that his mentor, Dean Smith, has faced against Coach K. 80 to 1997, 17 seasons for K versus Dean, and Roy's now been at Carolina as the head coach for 17 years. So he's faced Coach K for those 17 seasons, 38 matchups. You have 22 and 16 mark for Coach K against Roy, which is pretty close to the mark that Dean had against K, 24 and 14. When I look at that, I immediately think, OK, Coach K, the perception is that he's right in line with Roy Williams in terms of them being equals. But those numbers tend to tell me he has the same advantage over Roy or a similar one that Dean undoubtedly had over K. Dean being a better recruiter, Dean never missing the NCAA tournament during that stretch, K doing the same thing in the last 17 years with Roy. Brendan marks from the athletics with us now.

Last night, I should probably reveal, when I was doing a lot of research for today's show, I got excited and I immediately called Brendan, because I know he covers Duke and Carolina very closely in addition to what he's done this week, talking to Steve Forbes. We'll get to that in a bit. But you heard my reaction to that stat.

When that stat hits you, how does it hit? I think that on its surface, I get where you're coming from here, Josh, but the thing that as I was thinking more and more about this after our conversation last night, I kept thinking there was something I was missing, and I think it's the grace period. It's that when Coach K first started back at Duke in 80, he wasn't taking over a bad program, but he was taking over a program that needed some serious influx of talent. And really, it took him a couple of years to get that whole thing going. Obviously doesn't make a Final Four in his first five years there.

So there was some room to grow. So during those first couple of years, you're going to see sort of the disparity between Dean Smith and Coach K. A little bit different in the case of when Roy Williams took back over UNC because of the almost immediate success that he had, obviously winning the National Championship, so soon after taking the job. But my comparison to that opening stretch for K is the late 2000s, early 2010s period, up through the mid-2015s, when obviously UNC was dealing with their academic athletics scandal and not getting the same caliber of recruit they were used to. So I think that it is a convenience stat. It is very interesting, but I'm not sure that it tells the whole story of the two halves of Coach K's rivalry with UNC. I think it's a good sample. Obviously, there are a lot of other metrics.

It's only one metric. There are a lot of others to evaluate as well. Follow Brendon on Twitter, at Brendon R. Marks. And while we're talking about Duke in North Carolina, really got a lot out of the story that you wrote earlier this week. Coach K, when I was out on vacation, had an emotional video that is the most viewed social media post that Dukes ever put out there, where Coach is talking about Black Lives Matter.

And then North Carolina, shortly after that, compiled a bunch of players from all the national title teams, dating back to 1957, ending with Michael Jordan, but starting with Roy Williams and spending time talking about Charlie Scott being the first Black basketball player to play in the Atlantic Coast Conference. It was really powerful. You provided a lot of details on how both those stories came to be. What did you find most interesting, though, in the research that you did and the people that you talked to? Yeah, you know, I'll start with Duke and then I'll go over to North Carolina. At Duke, the thing that I found to be the most interesting is not by himself, but Coach K, with the help of his staff, Nolan Smith obviously has played a huge role in driving a lot of these conversations in Durham locally and at Duke specifically. So Nolan Smith, Chris Carwell, Nate James, John Shire as well, they and Coach K really had a number of conversations between themselves. And the resulting product was a massive, massive, you know, 100 plus person alumni Zoom call.

So you've got guys like Trajan Langdon on there, but you've also got Shane Battier, Elton Brand. I mean, you've got really big, iconic figures in Duke history, over 115 of them, current players included on this call. And in any form like that, normally, I think we can all imagine Mike Krzyzewski very obviously leading that call.

Whatever the conversation would be about, he would be leading. The thing that I found most interesting about the making of these two videos, especially the Duke one, was that on that first call with 115 of his most talented, most successful pupils, Coach K was basically silent. And he just listened the whole time for over two hours as they talked and shared their stories, shared their pain. He just listened. And I found that so interesting that that Coach K has the intelligence and the knowledge and the compassion to know what he doesn't know and to be willing to listen to people who do know what it is like to be a black man in America today.

So I thought that that was extremely educational, and it was just interesting to me that before he spoke, he really went straight to the source and was willing to listen first. At North Carolina, on the flip side, I think the coolest thing is the collection of players that they got together. Obviously, Coach K's video is just Coach K. The UNC video has a number of players in it as well.

Michael Jordan, you mentioned. But going through, and North Carolina has so many players they could have chosen from, Charlie Scott, the first black player at North Carolina, is not in the video because he's not a national champion. So I think the way that they narrowed down that pool was especially interesting. And Sean May and Kendall Marshall and Eric Hoots and obviously Hubert Davis and Steve Robinson and the rest of the coaching staff, they have also been having these same internal conversations, and to know their alumni base well enough to be able to say, okay, the fan base is going to resonate with Theo Pinson saying the particular phrase, my skin color is not a weapon, because people do recognize Theo Pinson so clearly for what he achieved on the court.

So I thought the way that UNC used its alumni base was incredibly powerful, and really both videos together were in their own separate ways. But just really interesting diving into those processes and finding out a little bit more about how these two coaches and titans of our sport would be willing to take the time to listen and educate themselves on something so important. It's Brendan Marks from The Athletic with us, and he has today a write-up on Wake Forest basketball. Had a conversation with new coach Steve Forbes, you can follow at Brendan R. Marks. One thing I found interesting from Coach Forbes, just how interesting of a summer it's been for all of us, but taking a new job, he said to you that this week was really the first week, or it might have been last week, was the first week he felt like the head coach at Wake Forest because of how long it took for him to move there and getting players going into the building, hearing the faint sound of the basketball bouncing in the building with some of the athletes now back on campus. So for us, we obviously had a chance to catch up with him, and it led to some national headlines. When he sparred a bit with Kentucky, he showed a bit of his personality, which we all saw when he spiked the medical face mask, saying that he was going to be the head coach of the Deacs.

That's how we were all introduced to that. What was your first impression of Coach Forbes and the personality he had? Yeah, you know, I obviously have read and heard a lot about Coach Forbes, obviously saw everything that you guys had going on with him. I'm shocked that any sort of controversy would follow you, Josh. And, you know, everyone talks about this guy being a straight shooter, and God, is it true. I mean, I hopped on the phone with him, and my in-laws live in Winston-Salem, and I told him where they were, and he was like, oh, you know, I'm right down the road.

Do you have any restaurant recommendations? And he's telling me, you know, he's just so honest and so raw and so relatable. He's a guy who you just want to go and get a beer with and talk about. And, you know, in addition to saying that he hadn't really felt like the coach until he fully moved into his place at the beginning of July, he said, listen, I haven't even met half my team yet, so it's very hard to do personnel, because I don't know what my guys even look like.

I've never had a face-to-face conversation with them. You know, he said that, you know, as far as watching tape, he said, I'm actually not as big a fan of watching tape, because it teaches coaches to have a preconceived notion of what a player's skills and deficits are, and he prefers to make that evaluation himself. So, just a very, very much a guy who beats to his own drum, I think he's got that sort of personality that will really endear itself to fans, to recruit, hopefully, to players. But I really think that him being so honest and as much of a straight shooter as he is, is something encouraging for Wake fans who are obviously looking for a shot in the arm for their program. Great stuff on Wake, on Duke in North Carolina as well.

Follow him on Twitter at Brenden R. Marks from The Athletic. We had Kara Lawson on yesterday. I understand you're going to catch up with her as well. I've got a little something in the tank right now about Kara. I've been tracking down some phone numbers today, doing some digging, and I hope that people like what comes out tomorrow. It's been a very interesting dive into someone that, again, I think Duke basketball fans are really going to enjoy it. So, we'll see how it goes.

We'll see if I can pull it together in time. You know, I don't always do that. Thanks for doing this, buddy. It's good to hear your voice. Hope things are safe. Likewise. Stay safe. There you go.

That's Brenden Marks from The Athletic. And while we're talking about Duke, something's going on with Zion Williamson right now as he left the NBA bubble for an urgent family matter. Which means he doesn't have to quarantine for 10 days if you violate the policy. It's something that David Griffin said was significant enough for him to be excused. Then you have this report on The Athletic from Shams saying that Zion suffered from leg cramping this week and missed parts of practice before he left the team earlier today. They don't think it's related, but something's going on.

There's smoke there. And you can't tell me that Zion and his star wasn't a significant factor in the NBA bringing 22 teams to Orlando. They wanted him to have a chance to make the playoffs because he's that big of a star.

I think that's definitely a big part of the reason that happened. If he's not there, then that's just a massive loss for the NBA and really for all of us. Scott Sanderfield is going to join us in a little less than 20 minutes. And now that we're a year into Scott and Max coaching 10 years, did the Tar Heels make the right choice? Did they choose the right candidate if those were the top two?

I'll tell you next on The Drive. I was told by a pretty good source about a year and a half ago that after Mac Brown was hired by the Tar Heels, Scott Sanderfield was contacted by UNC seeing if he had interest in being the head coach in waiting and the offensive coordinator underneath Mac's staff. And while he was offered that, I think maybe the same day or even the day before, he was offered already the Louisville head coaching job. So the Heels were saying wait to become a head coach while the same league, same conference had a school offer him a head coaching job. I don't know if Sat would have taken North Carolina over Louisville.

I'd like to think it'd be an easier move for the family. He's from Hillsboro, of course, pretty close to Chapel Hill. So there's reason to believe North Carolina had their pick between the two.

And I think there were a lot of questions at the time. Mac or Sat, what's the better hire for the Tar Heels now that we've seen one season of them both overachieved, the Louisville exceeding expectations in year one, North Carolina last year certainly. I think it's become pretty clear that Mac Brown is a better fit for Carolina than Sat.

Satterfield, by the way, going to join the show in about 10 minutes. Scott's background was just too similar to Larry Fedora's. Anytime somebody's fired, odds are the replacement is going to be an inverse of whoever got fired.

Right? Like if you're somebody, if somebody in your office was incredibly lazy and got fired, somebody in management and that was the big gripe against them, odds are the person who's going to come in, not going to be that. Going to be more hands on, going to be more aggressive, going to be more active because that's what they want improved. That's part of the reason why they made a change. Larry Fedora, his track record was offensive minded coach, head coach at a group of five. He was a top 25 program at Southern Miss before North Carolina hired him. And when you look at Satterfield, group of five background, head coach, younger, it's just very similar to what came before. And it would have been more difficult for casual Carolina fans to get excited about Satterfield versus what they already knew were drawing on nostalgia, drawing on Hall of Famer, drawing on name, that name being Mack. The cupboard wasn't empty in Chapel Hill. Mack was more prepared to win now in the ACC than Satterfield was.

I believe that. If Satterfield takes the job, I'm convinced Sam Howe isn't flipping from Florida State to Carolina. He flipped because that's Mack Brown. I watched him on TV. I know he's a Hall of Famer.

I know he can win. There's name recognition with that. We've seen that in the recruiting thus far. But a lot of the players that Fedora had, really talented guys who were already in the building, really talented guys. Wide receivers, running backs, like a ton of talent, offensive line. These aren't guys Mack Brown brought in.

Already there. So Mack, he just steps in. He was already prepared, knew who his staff was going to be, has more contacts, ready to win at this moment. So it was far better for Carolina to generate buzz and to try and capitalize on what Fedora already had there. But, I will say this, and this might not be what Carolina fans want to hear, Satterfield's in a better spot in Louisville too right now. It was a better fit for Satterfield to be with the Cardinals than to be with the Heels.

I get there's the geographical convenience, but that doesn't always work to your benefit. Satterfield, he's rebuilding. He's installing in Louisville. And I feel like if North Carolina was a rebuilding job similar to what he's facing with the Cardinals, there's going to be more pressure for him to succeed given how close his successes were up the mountain in Boone. Less people in Kentucky are familiar with what App State is about than in Chapel Hill, in the state of North Carolina. So I think a little bit of that unknown quality lowered the bar, lowered the standard, and it was easier for Satterfield to get people drummed up, to get people excited, to exceed expectations in year one.

And Louisville has, I think, more resources than North Carolina does given how lucrative that Adidas deal is. Anyway, we'll talk to Satterfield about a ton of things when he joins us in 10 minutes. Usually at about this time, we're going over throwback baseball players. Darren Vaught is a guest on today's show.

We're doing Compare Him with Darren today. So to give people their baseball fix, Robert, he has some baseball questions for me in a segment we call Baseball for Dummies. Robert doesn't know diddly-squat about baseball. When Robert hears, Strikeout, he thinks all about his failed past relationships. When Robert hears, Breaking Ball, he winces.

Gas? Get the point. While everyone else is swinging for the fences, Robert is simply trying to get on base. This is Baseball for Dummies. All right, Robert, just fire away what's on the top of your mind.

Questions you have about baseball I can fill you in here on. Josh, why do the Orioles suck so bad? Why don't you pull up a chair, Robert? Come on.

Sit here. Sit here on my lap and I'll tell you why my life has been painful following this baseball team. Really, I think it comes down to ownership. The Angelos family, man, there's no more painful purgatory in sports than being a fan of a team that has a bad owner. Great fans, great arena, great city, terrible owner, and you're just in purgatory. Washington football fans, Dan Schneider, you're dealing with that. And with the Orioles, it's just been a cheap owner making bad decisions at points. The Chris Davis contract, there are a lot of reasons things are tough.

Another reason, they're in the AL East, same division as the Red Sox and the Yankees. So good luck winning consistently when you're going up against those Titans. What's your next question? What is whip? Like the stat whip?

I'm assuming so. I just see it a lot on baseball. It's a stat for pitchers. I think it stands for walks plus hits per inning. I think that's what it is.

And you would like for it to be low, not high. Mariano Rivera was a closer. I know his whip was unbelievable. Maybe even the best. I actually don't know the answer to this.

See if you can look this up for me. Who has the best whip in Major League Baseball history? I would guess Rivera just because he's a closer, there's less chances for him to get knocked around. But among active players, I know for a fat Clayton Kershaw's whip, one of the best among active players.

So those are the two that stick out to me. Is Mo Rivera number one in whip? No, he is number three.

Oh, who's ahead of him? Addie Joss with a 0.9678 and then Ed Walsh out of the Walsh clan with a 0.9996. Ed Walsh, that's like old school.

You're talking about like early 1900s when you're talking about Ed Walsh. So yeah, Modern Era, Mo Rivera and Clayton Kershaw pretty high on that list. Top 10?

Yeah, he's number one of active players. Awesome. So is that what you're looking for? Like what's an average? Like are most guys going to run you like three, four? You're not going to get guys who are closer to one. Okay, that's pretty good to be one.

Gotcha. Tell me about Gaylord Perry. What's his deal? I just like picturing you sitting there.

What do I want to know about baseball? Who's Gaylord Perry? Well, he's from Williamson.

Nice. So Eastern North Carolina guy. I'm not sure if you spent much time in Williamson at all. I did not.

Right there near Washington, North Carolina. I spent a lot of time there. He was a Ranger. He was a Red Sox.

I don't want to look down because I now have it pulled up. I don't want to see what other teams he played for. It appears he played for the Giants too, but he was a pitcher and very old timer type. Played for like 20 years from the 60s through the 80s. That's Gaylord Perry.

Cool deal. One of North Carolina's best. And a great name too right there with Catfish Hunter, another North Carolina native. But we could maybe get to that on another edition of Baseball for Dummies.

Louisville head football coach and App State legend Scott Satterfield is going to join the show next on The Drive. So the Washington football team bombshell story from the Washington Post has dropped. The headline, 15 female Washington employees alleged sexual harassment while with the team.

Now, I haven't had a chance to read this yet. I'm very conflicted because I am not a Washington Post subscriber. I do subscribe to many different outlets. I don't subscribe to the Post.

Robert, is this story worth subscribing to the Post? Actually, I'm not going to go to you. You know I don't pay for anything. You don't pay for anything. You steal fights. You steal anything. In fact, I caved over the weekend and said, hey, can you send me a link?

And you didn't even do that for me. You can't. You can't be wishy washy.

You can't. All that week you were like, oh, don't you feel bad about stealing? Don't you feel bad about stealing from these poor Dana White?

And you know what? I would have felt bad. So I'm glad I didn't. So I'm very conflicted right now because obviously this is the biggest thing in sports right now. Darren Vaught, what should I do?

Darren Vaught from USA Baseball and High Point Athletics, what should I do here? So I actually, having not read the story either, just went to pull it up moments ago. And on the Washington Post website, they're saying you can try one month for one dollar and then cancel anytime. So it might only sink you one dollar. But that one dollar, think about all the things you could do with that dollar. Right here it says you can do it for free.

You get like three reads a month, kind of like the athletic does. So do you have it up right now, Robert? Yeah, I got it up. I got the whole thing. I didn't pay nothing.

Once again, I'm never paying for nothing. Give me some cliff notes of it in just a bit. Do some reading really quickly. Darren, we got comparing to do here, which I just now realized Robert has all the things that we need to do in comparing. So how about, Robert, how about you start this thing, give us the music very quickly, and then pitch us something to compare very quickly so that way you can then get back into the story and tell us what's said in this.

Okay, this is not one of the articles that I can read for free, so we can do comparing anyway. Washington Post, you think you're going to get me for a dime? A nickel? No way, not paying anything. Now Josh is going to be paying the dollar for the free bus and then quickly canceling after the bus. I have so many fake emails for HBO Go, you don't even know.

Anyway, I'm going to split this up today. Robert is so debaucherous, but he's so proud of it. Anyway, this is evidence, kids, that if you're proud of your flaws and you recognize them and you're confident enough that it actually can be something people praise you for.

Maybe they're drawn to. All right, Josh, I didn't even have this written down, but I would like you to compare me getting everything for free to Indiana Jones stealing the idol at the beginning of his first movie. I haven't watched any of the Indiana Jones movies. You haven't even, oh my, okay, at the beginning of the show Josh was like, I want to compare some things too, you should let me compare some things. Darren, do you want to steal this one?

Then I give him one to compare and he can't even do it. You haven't seen the big boulder scene, Darren? Yeah, yeah. I mean, I've seen them. I'm not particularly fond of them, so it's not like I've seen them a ton.

I know in the most recent one, the aliens come out of nowhere. The boulder scene is what you're referring to though, right? I was going to say that both I and... Are you afraid that some thing, idea, concept is going to come bouldering after you if you do pay for things? Is that what you're getting at?

No, I'm going to say that we both come out the other side unscathed and with the treasure. Josh, I would like you to compare the CP3 trade to the Lakers getting vetoed to the Redskins not being able to change their name because a lawyer trademarked them all. Well, both are nonsense, right? Like, Washington in the NFL has enough money they can grab that name and it's kind of ridiculous to think that an owner would know that they're probably going to have to change a team name without securing any of the potential replacements before announcing that they were going to change the name. I mean, even David Tepper did so gain names for the MLS team before the announcement even came that they were getting one.

So you got to think a little bit ahead of time. As for the CP3 trade, it should have never been nixed. I still think it's awful that that happened. He should have got a ring with Kobe, for sure.

I don't know about that. I really don't know if they if he should have got a ring, but that would have been a really strong Lakers team. I forget, was that post Steve Nash or pre Steve Nash? Pre, right? It was before they tried or maybe post.

Hold on. Yeah, it was Steve Nash, Dwight Howard. Yeah, they had several like all star cluster teams like Gary Payton and Carl Malone, for instance, on one team. And I always get the chronology mixed up. I think that was post. That was after all of that was behind them.

Yeah, sure. So that's the best way I could compare. Darren, I would like you to compare the NC Dinos being in first all of quarantine to Adam Sandler having a resurgence career on Netflix. Well, much like being in quarantine, Netflix is all we've got.

And the KBO on ESPN has been all we've got. And it just so happens that Adam Sandler is the biggest name who regularly has worked on Netflix. And whether it's good or not, we're going to watch it. Now, I think you and I talked last time I was in studio. Robert, we've liked his most recent thing, the mystery movie. Yeah.

And I like to uncut gems a lot as well. So the quality he's stepping up his game. It's almost as if Adam Sandler has been watching KBO baseball, particularly the NC Dinos. And he's he's producing films and at a first place caliber. Darren, you are a pro at this.

You are getting very good. It's almost SAT like how you compare those two things. Josh, I would like you to compare the Nets signing Michael Beasley only for him not to be able to contribute during these playoffs to buying a bag of salad and it going bad in your refrigerator.

Gosh, I do that all the time. I have a drawer full of groceries right now that are just all vegetables that went bad. Well, I'm sure Michael Beasley has had his fair share of bad greens. Probably some good greens, too. Yeah, I'm sure he has had some good greens, too. But it outweighs the bad. Let's be real. Yeah, let's just say greens aren't going bad in Michael Beasley's house because he's been a smoke all of them. I was looking for buyer's remorse on the Nets and the grocery shoppers line, but that works, too. And mine was better, we can agree.

Yeah, yeah, for sure. And Darren, the last one I'd like you to compare. Josh being a Blitnikov voter to the song American Pie.

Josh being a Blitnikov award voter to the song American Pie. Oh, OK. It's a good question because there's the movie as well. Yeah, the song.

Yeah, OK. So I would imagine Josh is in such a role, such a position, because for the longest time, I'm envisioning Josh as the jester on the sidelines in a cast while the players were trying to complete a forward pass. According to the song, that is. And you watch that enough and, you know, you become a well versed person in speaking about wide receivers, although, you know, we know Josh could not be a capable wide receiver given the chance to do so physiologically.

I'm not a whiskey or rye guy. OK, Darren, actually, I was looking for you'll never hear the end of it. We can agree. Come on. That's the best joke I've made in a long time.

Well, don't say don't crush it by saying that's the best joke I said in a long time. Every time, God forbid, we talk about a wide receiver that has received a single Blitnikov vote. Josh will bring it up every single time. I mean, we love David Glenn, but we've made fun of DG for doing this for how many years?

Like for sure. I mean, 30, 40 years covering the ACC. I don't know. I forget. Well, he got to a point where he would just round up and then he caught himself like, you know, from 25 on. He would round up to 30 and then he caught himself and he's like, OK, I got to be more precise now. It was great.

It was great. We told him we told them like, you know, this is a bit where people see how many different affiliations you say when you ask a question at a press conference. So he purposely did the over of like David Glenn with the David Glenn show, the athletic dot com, ACC sports dot com. Like he did all of those sports journal and the ACC sports journal.

Sorry. How did that go over at the press conference? Oh, I mean, the coach doesn't care because they know DG. But DG was like, man, I just I just secured the over for a lot of people who might be interested in this thing.

Let's be clear, Josh. Well, many media members had money on it. There was an actual pool. Yeah. If gambling were legal. Oh, wow. So who who tipped him off to that? That's got to that was me.

That's got to be insider trading of it. Did that did that sully the bets at all? Well, they didn't know. So no one found out. Those people that are probably listening to this show are just now finding out if they took the under. It's your fault that you swindled them out of there. Yeah.

One of those dollars is going to the Washington Post. Darren Vaught, thanks for doing this, buddy. You got it.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You got you actually had someone on yesterday at the USA baseball pod, right? I did. Somebody I appreciate you mentioned that somebody you became familiar with in your time in Colorado because you would catch Rockies games. Troy to the whiskey was on the latest edition.

That one dropped yesterday and it's covering the bases. The official podcast of USA Baseball. Find it wherever you get podcasts. It's a lot of fun. He's actually an assistant coach at the University of Texas now. So we talked about his transition and trying to figure out what was next after after playing too low. He's the man. Hey, thanks for doing this, man. All right. See you guys. There you go.

That's Darren Vaught, USA Baseball and High Point. Yeah, I'm going to pay a dollar. I didn't realize it was just one dollar, if I'm being honest. Going to read this. Now I'm doing the lazy thing that you shouldn't do as I'm trying to host a radio show. Trying to see some of the cliff notes of what the story consists of. Without having to read it. Three three six seven seven seven one six hundred.

What extents do you go to to get out of paying for subscriptions? Seven seven seven one six hundred on Twitter at sports of trying because I just see a lot of people getting other people. Hey, here's a way you can read it for free and then you click the link, Robert. Oh, no.

And it's the large man with an even larger. No, no, no, no, no, no. I think it goes straight to like a SpongeBob clip of Patrick saying something. God, I wish people Rick rolled steel.

I wish they did, too. But this looks like it's going to be the end of one Dan Schneider. Like, Jerry Richardson.

It was the same thing, man. Same thing that did Mr. Richardson it. Probably going to do Dan Schneider in, too. Like, you already got a lot of your corporate sponsors not happy with you. Threatening to pull money away from the team if you don't change the name that you've been just. So staunch against any change of. And now 15 women alleging that there was sexual harassment within the building.

Good luck with that. And I just hope Ron Rivera, who unfortunately has had to work for some creeps, it seems. Doesn't break down the practice huddle with Mr. Schneider on three. The way that he did against the Green Bay Packers the day the Richardson stuff broke. Mr. Richardson on three. Didn't really date well.

Not a great look. Is there going to be the video if they announce that the team's going to be sold in the next day? Is Diddy going to do another video where he wants to buy the DC Redskins the way he said he wanted to buy the North Carolina Panthers and revamp the halftime shows? I would I would accept Diddy as an owner. That would be cool. Yeah, just not rich enough.

Yeah, he's got a group of people, I'm sure he can get investors together about that kind of money. Robert, what do you got taken to the house today? Somebody pooped in my bed. Oh, really? That's next on the drive.
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