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How's The Peeping?

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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May 12, 2023 6:47 pm

How's The Peeping?

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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May 12, 2023 6:47 pm

On a Friday Drive, Josh gives a explains why he thinks the Carolina Panthers should wait to start Bryce Young, voice of Charlotte FC, Will Palaszczuk, joins the show to discuss who he'd like to see Duke go up against ACC/SEC Challenge, TV broadcaster for the Carolina Hurricanes, Mike Maniscalco, joins the show to discuss what makes Rod Brind'Amour such an effective coach, and WD shares a story about a peeping Tom, in Take It To The House.

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He's amused Cam Newton. He's been insulted by Charles Barkley. When some idiot in the press asked him, if you know what you know now, what you scheduled this game. He's interviewed Matthew McConaughey. And he's taken on Big Blue Nation.

He's just completely taking the wind out of my face. It's time for The Drive with Josh Gray. We've made it to a Friday Drive WSJS new stock sports for the Triad where the NFL schedule has finally dropped. We have 18 weeks set in stone for all 32 teams but zeroing in on the Carolina Panthers however the game shook out was going to be viewed through the lens of what it meant for their number one overall draft choice at quarterback.

We knew that. This may be an unpopular opinion today but based solely on the schedule the Panthers should hold off on starting Bryce Young right away. Now obviously how Bryce performs in training camp, how he performs in the preseason, certainly matters a lot more than the placement of these games if he's outperforming Andy Dalton and it's obvious.

But if that's not the case, if it is close, if he does have a lot of things to grasp, you know, being a rookie going into the year, the schedule makes it a tougher decision than it otherwise would have been given how things shook out and here's why. Two of the first three games are on the road. Atlanta?

Not known to be the most hostile of environments. They'll be charged up for the opener. That's tough. Crowd noise the entire deal. He's dealt with it at Alabama, we know that, but what he hasn't dealt with, probably an edge rusher that's as good as Bud Dupree is, who the Falcons picked up in the offseason, or Kaleis Campbell who they added as well.

They really bolstered things up front. Then you got the Monday Night Football game that follows that. Then you're on the road at Seattle which matters because after Monday Night Football, it's a six-day prep where you're going on the road to the West Coast.

That's as tough of a turnaround as you're going to find in the league. Seattle's gonna play on Sunday and they're gonna be at home by Sunday night. Carolina plays the next night and then they go to the road and they have to fly across the country. That's not easy and Seattle has one of the greatest home field advantages out there as well. Sandwich between those two games, you got the New Orleans Saints who Andy Dalton played for just last year. So if tendencies matter to you at all, if experience matters to you at all, if knowing the personnel matters to you at all, you might consider starting the veteran pretty early on and rolling out Bryce Young a little bit later on because this is kind of crazy. Carolina hasn't opened the regular season against an NFC South opponent in nine years. 2014 you have to find the last time that happened. Now they're opening up this year with two NFC South games and the Panthers, they're trying to win the division this year.

They think they can win right now. So you can't afford to have a rookie just go out there and let's just figure it out. You can get some of those rookie mistakes out of the way against division teams from Jump Street.

That's a really tough ask. It's not a knock on Bryce Young. You might be thinking you drafted this guy number one you should think he's pretty good.

Last I checked Peyton Manning was drafted number one too and he went three and 13 his rookie season. You don't have to play Bryce Young out of the gate. There are two spots that make some sense if you want to start him a little bit later on depending on how Andy Dalton does of course early on in the season. You have week four against the Minnesota Vikings. After that two out of three on the road stretch and playing in Seattle you're at home against the Vikings.

That's still a little bit daunting too when you consider Zendaria Smith and Daniel Hunter might be the best pass rushing duo in the National Football League but it is at home you can open up there. The next two weeks Detroit they're off on a 10-day prep. They played on third they will play on Thursday night the week before they play the Panthers so they'll have a 10-day prep. You have to go on the road to Detroit who a lot of people think you're gonna be pretty good this year and then Carolina goes on the road to another playoff team at Miami then they go into their bye week. So the two spots to me just based on the schedule it would make sense to break Bryce Young in would be at home against Minnesota in week four or after the bye week against Houston where you're supposed to beat Houston you would open up at home and you'd have two weeks to get ready and it's a little bit more manageable of a stretch than any of those three game periods I described earlier.

Weeks one through three weeks four through five it's not a popular thing today to say it's not popular to say you drafted this guy number one you're not gonna start him right out of the gate I understand that but the way that the schedule fell it's gonna be a more difficult decision than I think a lot of people are suggesting that it's gonna be and who knows maybe Bryce Young outperforms Andy Dalton in a way that's so obvious where you absolutely have to start the guy right out of the gate hand the guy the car keys in that situation I reserve the right to change my opinion if that happens in the preseason obviously football comes first that matters more than the placement of the games but based solely on how the schedule shook out I don't think it was favorable to Bryce Young and to Carolina in a way that it might have been if you opened up the schedule say with the Houston Texans at home or if you did open up against the Packers now with without Aaron Rodgers on your home field and you're playing non division opponents your first couple of games out there games that have a little less urgency attached to them than the division games obviously do on Twitter at WSJS radio if you want it we have a Twitter poll up when would you start Bryce Young if you were the Panthers based on the schedule weeks 1 through 3 so right out of the gate weeks 4 through 7 after the bye week week 7 or red shirt those are the four options that we presented your thoughts welcome at 3 3 6 7 7 7 1 600 the Twitter feed is also where you can stream video in addition to YouTube and twitch make sure you subscribe there the reason I'm wearing overalls without a shirt underneath today oh boy is because of how many of you have subscribed well Dalton the executive producer of this show WD it is the last day of overalls week and this is the most uncomfortable I've been all week you know Robert our former producer he actually thought you were in a good position there to maybe do some arm farts into the mic but you've forgotten how to do that yeah I became an adult he doesn't believe you Robert Walsh he knows I'm sure he probably did it does it every day to start his day yeah well routine Robert says it doesn't count wearing overalls for a full week if you don't go shirtless so here I am I have and I'm not in love with it here on this rhinestone cowboy Friday what I am in love with though yes yes the Carolina Hurricanes have advanced to the conference finals Mike Maniscalco gonna be a guest with us on today's show at 5 30 make sure you're around for that they won an OT last night to take out the Devils in five games and what struck me from the game was just how special of a coach rod Brynden Moore is how special of a coach he's turned out to be before he became the canes coach he was already an all-time player Hall of Fame caliber player it's ridiculous he isn't already in the Hall of Fame as a player and he might be better as a coach he already is one of the most important people in franchise history his number retired the whole deal but he might be even better as a coach and it's the feel of the game that he has that was on display a special feel for the game that he has it was on display last night when they needed the most he might be the best coach in the sport I mean in overtime you have a power play there's a stoppage you have a timeout you could use it to keep the first unit out there instead Brynden Moore with a hunch had some unconventional thinking that was rewarded in that moment where he decided he was gonna put out there the recently cobbled together line that featured a fourth line center and Paul Stasny running it and that hunch that piece of unconventional thinking was rewarded with an overtime goal to win the series here was Rob Brynden Moore on the thinking of keeping that unit out there or putting that unit out there well the other group didn't wasn't doing too much and to be honest it was interesting because you had a minute there you have your timeout and you're like okay Jeff we're talking do we take the time out let these guys go and I'm I'm like no but you know Stas is great face-off guy and this is kind of a feel I said let's let these guys get a crack at it and he won the draw and you know they run their set and quick he's been thrown down there doesn't play much on the power play but I know one thing he's gonna stand in front and you know you got reward for it. Quickie is Jesper Foss who tapped in the game-winning goal. Think about what Rob Brynden Moore's done since becoming the Cane's coach. Let's just think about it this year. He's overcome losing not one not two but three top six forwards this year. Losing Teva Terabon in a playoff series against the Islanders losing Andres Fechticov losing you know Max Pacioretti who didn't play much at all this year. You lose those guys and you're still in the Eastern Conference Finals and you score 24 goals in five games against the Devils. Close to five goals a game across a five goal series or a five game series.

That's incredible. He's made the Eastern Conference Finals now twice in five years. He's made the playoffs every year as the Cane's coach winning the division three times the last three years in a row and it's easy to forget this now but when he inherited the job when he became the head coach the Cane's had missed the playoffs nine straight years and here they are in the Eastern Conference Finals again and gonna be favored likely against whomever they play.

The Hurricanes have a special one with a special feel and he just might be the best coach in the National Hockey League. We will be joined by Will Pelagic of Charlotte FC in just a few minutes for our weekly visit. First some college basketball news today. Duke's schedule at least the non-conference almost complete for next season. Today we learned the Blue Devils will be facing Baylor at Madison Square Garden. This will be right before Christmas that they play shortly after the Tar Heels are playing at the Jimmy V classic. A very good opponent. Obviously Baylor won a national title a couple of years ago.

Most of the meat is on the bone now. We've gotten to the meat of the non-conference schedule to this point. The rest of the way I think there are four possible spots they can fill. You're probably gonna fill that out with teams that are not so good.

All due respect. Pay games that you expect to win and the first week of the season they're going to face Arizona and Durham. They're gonna face Michigan State the following Tuesday. So they'll probably play three games at least in the 8-9 day span. We don't quite know who their opener is going to be against yet. There's a Queens College game that's out there.

They joined D1 last year. They'll be in Durham right before the new year. You got the Blue Devil classic and MTE that they're gonna be playing around Thanksgiving time that will give the Blue Devils three games that they probably should win. There's one more big item, one more big shoe to drop with the schedule and that's the ACC SEC Challenge matchup.

And this is the biggest thing that we need to know for everybody. Is the ACC SEC Challenge going to be in December like the ACC Big Ten Challenge was or is it gonna be like the SEC Big Twelve where games are played in January? Because if I were given the two options I'd like it to be played in January. You halt conference games for a little bit and for a week you have these great out-of-conference matchups where you're not worried about how developed teams are. Oh this team's gonna be a lot better a month from now than they are at this moment.

I think you'd probably have a more valuable data point if that were the case. In terms of a team to face Alabama makes the most sense to me I would say. But that actually might be a good place to start with our first guest today because we're now being joined by the voice of Charlotte FC, Will Pelagic, who joins us each and every week.

You can listen to him tomorrow as in Atlanta. Atlanta United facing the Charlotte FC super team that we saw last week in person get a 3-2 win against New York FC. Before we get to the soccer what we were just talking about on the way in, you own a degree from an SEC institution at Mizzou. Who would you like to see Duke draw in the ACC SEC Challenge? I'll clarify I own a degree from a Big Twelve school.

That's what they were when I was there. Yeah I'm a East Carolina guy. Conference USA stand up. So I prefer my Big Twelve. I think I think my degree took a downturn when it went from Big Twelve to the SEC. So I don't know if I'll claim that but in terms of Duke's potential partner in the ACC SEC Challenge, give me Duke in Alabama. That's what I'm saying. Two big brands.

Nate Oates. Man, that's what I'm about. I think you and I are aligned in this. How special was last week's game for Charlotte to see them net three and not give up the goal late. Not it to be a tie but to get the result they wanted. It was a lot of fun. Probably one of the most fun games that we've got a chance to see at Bank of America Stadium.

I'm thankful that you and your cohorts got to see it live as well too. I need to ask you how the time was for you guys in the suite as well but in terms of what we saw on the pitch, it seemed like every time Charlotte had themselves a punch, New York City came with a counterpunch but then Charlotte once again added a counterpunch of their own and that's something that I feel like we really haven't seen much of from Charlotte in either of the first half a year and a half in their time here. So I think from from that aspect you're seeing maturity, you're seeing resolve and I also think you're seeing a team that's playing for its manager.

I think that Christian Lattanzio is somebody who has put forth the charge and said hey look this is gonna be something where we need you guys to be have all hands on deck. They're in a situation right now Josh where they're gonna be playing midweek contests every week for a period of about four weeks in a row maybe five if they get one more win in the US Open Cup. So it's a scenario where you've got games twice a week it comes fast and furious and they've been able to stand up to the challenge at least in these first two of this stretch.

I'm very very impressed with what we've seen. You mentioned us being in the suite I need to give you a lot of credit. A week ago you joined us and you said hey make sure you keep a lookout for the dessert cart that shows up around halftime.

Now we went to visit you and Jess in the booth with the entire cohort at halftime of the match, W.D. stuck behind smartly because he was there when the cart came by. When I came back I saw a cart going by and it immediately triggered in my head oh this is the dessert cart that Will was talking about. So I hawked it down like Ben Watson back in the day hawking down champ Bailey in the playoff game that was me tracking down the cart and then one of the gentlemen on that cart said what what sweet are you in and I told him I got you and he brought me some cheesecake that was fantastic. Mmm as I said did I did I not speak eloquently enough about the amazingness that came from that? Yeah it was fantastic W.D.

got a cookie. What was the highlight of your trip to Charlotte FC W.D.? Just the overall vibe was really good man like David Tepper he's got it going on. We need to go to the supporters section next time. Yes the beer shower we need to get in on that. If you go I suggest you wear clothes that you're alright not wearing again because they will stink if Charlotte FC scores. Cameron indoor stadium for the Duke Carolina game I do the same exact thing when it comes to shirts hey you might not want to wear that again okay understood. My takeaway from the schedule is an unpopular one that we've mentioned earlier that I don't think it's a good thing if you want Bryce Young to start right out of the gate I don't think it's a good thing that a team that wants to win the division is opening up with two games that you don't really want to ease into you're playing two division opponents two out of the three are on the road the middle game is against Andy Dalton's former team so there's some familiarity there and what's probably most important is it's a Monday night game that follows that's followed by a West Coast road trip on a short week to Seattle which is one of the toughest places to play I don't know if it's locked in stone that Bryce Young is going to start I don't think the schedule makers did the Panthers any favors if that's in fact what they want to do what do you think? I think about it from a different different context Josh I think what they did was they made the runway happen for the Panthers to actually start Bryce I think what they basically said was hey look we're going to give you two important games right away and they're basically daring him hey by the way there's your opportunity to give Bryce two important games because if you're the Panthers you want Bryce Young playing in all your important games and I say this is somebody who has been very much the you know I'm not 100% angry if Andy Dalton starts the season but I always said you know as a clarifier I want to wait to see what the schedule looks like because depending on how it looks you end up maybe needing to change your mind I think this probably changes their mind because do you want to have the Panthers playing on Monday Night Football with Andy Dalton standing back there or do you want to be able to show off that shiny new car in my opinion I think you want to show up the shiny new car so from that aspect they're doing all the right things they're gonna say all the right things this is not deter their plan I think eventually they want to get to a point where Bryce Young is their starting quarterback in week one it's just a matter of whether or not he can actually show the prowess that we all thought he could buy that made him the number one pick it's an interesting other side to it my thought is just play the guy gives you the best chance to win and I don't know if right out of the gate that Bryce Young is a better quarterback to have out there than Andy Dalton and these are games that you have to win like I mean Peyton Manning went three and thirteen his first year these these things happen so I don't I don't I don't disagree with the theory about that I really don't but because again I get yelled at this morning by Mac being like do you not think that Bryce Young is the guy who can make things happen do you think why would you drop the number one if you didn't think so so I see the other side of it but I also understand that at the end of the day this is a business and I think David Tepper wants to have Bryce Young back out there on the field I'm not saying he would dictate policy in this fashion but I think part of the reason why that schedule was put forth the way that it was is so that the number one overall draft pick and be on the field will pelagic it's good to see you and we'll talk to you next week I wanted to make some sort of pithy comment about the about the overalls but I know it's being done for a good cause so yeah I'll refrain yeah it's you know so you don't think I should wear it next week when we chat no comment the Carolina Hurricanes are off to the Eastern Conference Finals after a gentleman sweep of the New Jersey Devils and now we're being joined by Mike Maniscalco canes play-by-play man for Valley Sports and Mike let's start with the important stuff wd has seen the natural since our last conversation he's watched gladiator this week for the first time and per the recommendation of app state football coach Sean Clark in studio this week he's gonna watch pretty woman next week your thoughts you can skip pretty woman oh wow no I mean there's there's just other movies I put in front of pretty woman that's all first off the natural filmed in my hometown of Buffalo New York so that's a good one thumbs up Robert Redford was amazing and that the cast was phenomenal although they in the words of Peter Gammon's absolutely bastardized the book which they did if you read the natural there's no happy ending to the book no there is not and then there's gladiator which is are you were you not entertained will oh I was very entertained yeah that movie is unleashed hell that is one of my one of my top fives have you seen the untouchables yet oh you don't even know what that is I bet no like 86 87 yeah bump that one bump that one in front of pretty woman I'm not saying don't watch pretty woman I'm just saying there's you can skip it until that'd be like the top 100 movies I would say he would need to watch that's like in the 90s yeah mom is on the list I mean I get it it's just it's probably the top mob movie we haven't gotten to yeah we made him watch Goodfellas and he watched the Godfather's obviously but we haven't gotten to that and casino he watched the departed we haven't gotten to casino or the untouchables yet if we got into a Bronx tale yet no we have another one on the list all right well write that one down Mike Maniscalco joining us this week pretty woman my mom's favorite movie happy Mother's Day to my mom so that should be fun next week what struck me last night watching Rod Brind'Amour's postgame press conference after the canes quenched the series man just how special of a coach he is obviously he was already a special figure in Carolina Hurricanes history he's as humble as they come so he'd never say this but his intuition to put that recently thrown together power play grouping out there with Stasny that ended up in the game winning goal rather than calling the timeout and going with the first unit that's just the good stuff I mean having a feel as a coach overcoming the loss of three top six forwards and you know still scoring 24 25 goals in a five-game series and you know after a nine-year playoff drought five for five for making the postseason three division titles and now two Eastern Conference Finals appearances you're around the guy every day you remember being around him when he was a player what do you think sets him apart just you use the word his feel for the game he doesn't coach the game as a coach he's coaching it as a player and he still sees it through the eyes as being a player and that is a tremendous advantage Josh and I've said it before I will say it again anytime anybody ever asks me why have the Hurricanes gotten to this point how have they reached this level it starts and it ends with Rod Brind'Amour yes you have to have players you have to have talent you have to have guys who can score and then play the system but you have to have somebody to empower those players to go out and play the game the way that the Hurricanes do and they play the way that Rod Brind'Amour played they are unwavering in every shift with what they do they are determined to play the game the right way it's a hard way to play for 60 minutes but when it is right and everyone is invested what you see is what you've seen in these first two rounds of the playoffs from the Carolina Hurricanes that they are it doesn't matter what the score is if they're up five or down four they're going to play the same way they're never out of it but it starts with Rod Brind'Amour and he's gonna be the one to tell you that it's the players and yes that that's a huge hand and I think the Canes have and I'm not gonna do the small market thing the way that the Canes play they are not going to attract bright lights because they don't have a hundred and fifty point guy they have guys who could go anywhere else and put up more points in a different system they really could but they wouldn't be the same players that they are they I don't think they'd be as great of a player like Sebastian Ajo could go someplace else and I think he could get a hundred points but he is a superstar in this system the way that he plays he's a point per game player for the Canes and then on the back end they brought in Brent Burns everything they wanted him to be as advertised but Jacob Slavin I get into this rant all the time Josh and you and I've talked about it he's the best defenseman in the National Hockey League I know there's other parts to it there's the offensive side of the game and I think he really has more on that that he can give but you just watch every single night what these guys do and you understand okay this is why this team is in the position that they're in right now which is four wins away from the Stanley Cup final and what strikes me about Jacob Slavin is the down-to-earth nature of him as well last week when I was at game two I think of the series I go up to Jacob we had him on in the show and he was like hey you and I we talked about this and all the sudden like five ten minutes later we were talking about what churches we go to and he was telling me oh I know that pastor I know this person it's as if we've been friends for 10-15 years and I faced today but that's that's the whole locker room it honestly is Josh there's none of that you know I'm bigger than the team or I need this that's why this team is so successful that they're able to put that ego and they all have it you know they're all great players you get to the NHL you get to any top level of a sport you have to have an ego to get there I mean everybody does but the fact that they park theirs for the betterment of the group and I've always said it this sum is far more important than the parts for the Carolina Hurricanes and they all know that so it's a good group of guys to be around and you can walk in and have a conversation with any any one of the guys sitting in front of their locker room after a game or after a practice Mike Maniscalco is with us here from Valley Sports voice of the canes table terrifying and we saw him skating in a yellow no-contact jersey yesterday he broke his hand during the Islander series of course I know you're not a doctor but did you stay at a Holiday Inn Express is it realistic to think he could return for the Eastern Conference Finals I have honestly no idea and any as I have learned when you are asked these questions and you're in the position that I'm in whatever answer you give where if there is a hint of saying well maybe it turns into all this guy said today it's a definite thing I know I know put it on the ticker ESPN scroll Mike Maniscalco again not a doctor but holiday the answer the answer is I don't know and if you're in a yellow contact Jersey you're not close to playing until you put a red jersey on I just know it's a broken hand and you know there's so much that goes into it you get the broken hand you're gonna lose your conditioning for a little bit then it comes down to the ability to handle the stick to shoot to maneuver and be able to not just make a pass but accept the pass the other way and the little things that go into it I cannot give you an answer that would be adequate because I don't want to sit here and say there's no way and then maybe he does play and I don't want to sit here and say maybe he does and there's no way he he does it's for the doctors for the team and it's really up to him I do know that the team is doing everything they possibly can to get him onto the ice to make sure that he's comfortable but at this point in time I do not have an answer that I could give because I did not stay in a Holiday Inn Express and I am if you saw my grades in high school college they were better I am clearly not a doctor. Mike Maniscalco is with us here and you know I guess you've been around the sport for a very long time when I think about Carolina Hurricanes history when it comes to guys coming back Eric Cole coming back for game six of the Stanley Cup finals after going out with that rough hit against Pittsburgh in March of 2006 that comes to mind what's what's the craziest thing you've ever seen somebody try to play through?

Oh 2009 when it was all said and done in that that run Ray Whitney played with a pin in his finger didn't plan that out until the end of the end of that that's one injury that stands out to me guys have played with separated shoulders like you know grade one sprains that would keep you out for a month but you know they find a way to play I mean through history there's Jack Youngblood for the Rams what was that in 79-80 played on a broken leg through the NFC Championship game and then the Super Bowl so I mean guys played with it the Whitney one is the one that's that comes to mind there are other you know guys have played on a torn knee ligament to get through a postseason and then for the for the NHL playoffs Josh I mean run the gamut I mean guys have played through everything through broken wrists and you know broken hands and broken toes and you know they they find a way to get there but the one that stands out and we didn't know the Whitney one until it was over I mean and we're around it every day like how do you not notice this but that was it. Game five Maple Leafs and Florida Panthers tonight Florida trying to close out after going up three games to nothing they are up north tonight could the bracket have fallen better than it has for the Carolina Hurricanes? You know it's funny because everybody says that they had to go through the Islanders and you know even when you win a series in five games or six games it's tough to get through it and I know when everybody says look at the bracket well Josh what if Florida or Toronto wins in the next round then are we gonna sit here and say oh the bracket broke great for Carolina I mean any team you play especially in the Eastern Conference you know Toronto was a betting favorite in the preseason to win the Stanley Cup the Florida Panthers last year why does everybody forget Florida have the best record in the NHL last year? Because really what people are saying I guess is lazily they're just saying oh the Bruins lost.

I mean that's it as the story of this year was written you know that you look at what Boston did and you're like oh they're this this Goliath they can't be beat well you know the story about Goliath he gets beaten in in this situation you look at what Florida and Toronto bring to the party they're not gonna be an easy out no matter who it is and for me the Florida Panthers with what they've done I think this is what they were expecting to do all year long they've just gotten to it the postseason. Mike Maniscalco hope you're doing okay what was see give some advice to the people out there you're great you're a great person to go through for advice. Your go-to Mother's Day move like what should the fellas be doing who probably right now listening to my voice had forgotten Mother's Day is on Sunday. Candlesticks always make a good gift we found out where they're registered and get oh no I'm sorry that's bull derm and that's for a wedding. So the number the number one thing to do is call mom like that no matter where you are you call mom that is the first thing you do on Mother's Day you know give mom a little bit of leeway to sleep in I would say like around 9 30 10 a.m. just to call over to mom. FaceTime or we talking cell phone? I mean if they're technology you know if they're technologically savvy well yeah FaceTime FaceTime is better you know because they get to see you but the old call whatever is done make sure you get a Mother's Day card it does you can go sentimental you can go funny you can do whatever you want it really truly is the thought that counts. Flowers I always say know your mom there's some moms who want them there's some moms we're like oh you know whatever but you should have this all mapped out and I think that we're doing the public service announcement here know that it's this weekend you know don't let don't let it sneak up on your Sunday morning and you got to run out to you know the local grocery store to find a card good luck with that mind you that's probably what I'm gonna end up doing on Sunday morning but here we are now I got I got some time though so I can at least map it up but the phone call or the FaceTime is key that is that is 100% the key because that tells you know mom we're thinking of you and it cards nice yeah it's better to be home I imagine against the brunch thing like that's become the big thing yeah you take mom out for Mother's Day brunch and you know all that does is clog up the middle of my day and now I'm thinking more of me take her out for a nice dinner take her out for you know a nice breakfast maybe if you want to do that but the whole brunch thing I think it's I think it's getting a little played out maybe make dinner for mom for all the time mom made dinner for you if you are if you're savvy in the kitchen if not you know order out there you go it's the best advice I can give right now mom if you're listening Happy Mother's Day excellent advice she is listening Mike Maniscalco thanks so much she never misses a show Josh ever does like we she's one of your thank you thank you to the Maniscalco's Mike I hope to talk to you sometime soon thanks for doing this anytime will Pirates of the Caribbean to the curse of the Black Pearl if you haven't seen that one oh I love that okay he loves series I'm not a big series guy like Star Wars this is dang yeah Pirates of the Caribbean that's his jam he hasn't seen Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings though I mean I have seen all right that's it's a fire yeah spider-man all those yeah Guardians of the Galaxy I have not seen any of those any of them any of them that's all right but I hear the newest one is a tearjerker we're going all right we're going to no offense to any coaches out there putting pretty woman on the list but we're moving that down two notches oh I'm for this I love superhero move the untouchables and guardians of the galaxy volume one have to be seen before everyone I did the best man I do what I can there he goes Mike Maniscalco from Valley sports joining us and shout out to all the moms across the triad and specifically my mom who I think is listening to this right now I know my dad probably is and he's probably running over Debbie Debbie the talking about you yeah I love my mom and I am NOT gonna say anything more about cards or anything of that nature because understanding that he's probably brought the phone to her by now I know she's probably listening to this but I'll be mom what do we got and take it to the house it's a rhinestone cowboy Friday it seems fitting with what I got on right now New Jersey police are on the search for a very unusual peeping Tom next on the drive now back to the drive with Josh Graham it is a rhinestone cowboy Friday WDS wearing shades indoors for some reason hey we're all wearing stuff I have overalls on smell these okay not that bad I put them on right before the show starts I take them off as soon as the show ends we got through the entire week today shirtless though was sweaty uncomfortable but it all culminates at this point I dedicate this to the audience that is responsible for me wearing this get-up now let's sing some Glen Campbell like a rhinestone cowboy riding out on a horse in a star spangled rodeo like a rhinestone cowboy getting cards and letters from people I don't even know and oh oh to close the week out let's take it to the house brought to you by East Coast wings and grill the last order of business for this week what do you have WD in New Jersey police are warning the township about a peeping Tom take those shades off no you're you're indoors yes but the future's bright it's unsavory it's Friday okay Friday so in New Jersey before I was so rudely interrupted sure they're looking for a peeping Tom who's a goat and not Tom Brady Tom Brian reminds me of my favorite line from the movie talented mr. Ripley which I know you've never heard of no no how's the peeping Tommy Tommy Tommy how's the peeping Tommy how's the people police are advising people not to take the law into their own hands by trying to apprehend him the goat apparently has just been wandering up around the township showing up at people's doors just looking into people's windows do you know the movie psycho classic probably the most famous peeping Tom scene ever shower yeah I know that look at you or movies see you're in on that Norman Bates the entire deal the Bates Hotel we get it but do you don't even know who Philip Seymour Hoffman is he's one of the best character actors ever I know the name yeah but you can't name a movie you don't know what he looks like psycho well no that's the 40s oh I'm talking how's the peeping Tommy Tommy I can't say the first line that he said in that movie but it's one of the greatest introductions to a character I've ever seen in Paris if you know the movie you know it and also I'd venture to say the most handsome a movie the most handsome and actors ever been in the movie ever might be Jude Law in The Talented Mr. Ripley which also has Matt Damon Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow in it it's a great movie really is one of the best casts that have ever been collected at a movie that movies about 25 years old now so yeah how's the peeping Tommy I only know Gwyneth Paltrow well I know from a couple movies now you know Matt Damon is come on I said Gwyneth Paltrow I know you said I know Gwyneth Paltrow is but you know who Matt Damon is yeah I said Matt Damon yes I do trying to tick me off to close things out yeah we got to figure out a Philip Seymour Hoffman movie to introduce to Capote he's not really a lot of fun neither is the master gotta watch Guardians of the Galaxy yeah according to Maniscalco no you're still watching Pretty Woman next week ah you are like I'm sorry this is the drive with Mike Maniscalco it's the drive with Josh Graham and per Sean Clark's orders you're gonna watch Pretty Woman next week so you know what Julia Roberts is all about enjoy the weekend and we'll be back for a Monday Drive
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