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$10 Waffle Cones (5-4-23)

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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May 4, 2023 6:16 pm

$10 Waffle Cones (5-4-23)

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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May 4, 2023 6:16 pm

On a Star Wars Day Drive, Josh breaks down what the Carolina Panthers schedule is going to look like, explains how the Warriors-Lakers series is getting the NBA Finals treatment, brings the Top 10 segment back to list of his top 10 Star Wars-sports names, voice of Charlotte FC, Will Palaszczuk, joins the show to discuss the Panthers-Chiefs Germany game and the dessert cart at Bank of America Stadium, WD goes to the movies to decide whether or not he thought "The Natural" was any good, and voice of USA Baseball and host of the ACC Baseball Etc. podcast, Daron Vaught, joins the show to discuss today's news around Alabama baseball and how much is too much for an ice cream cone, in Unusual Questions.


He's amused Cam Newton. He's been insulted by Charles Barkley. When some idiot in the press asked him, if you know what you know now, what you scheduled this game. He's interviewed Matthew McConaughey. And he's taken on Big Blue Nation.

He's just completely taking the wind out of my safety. It's time for The Drive with Josh Graham. You are on a Thursday Drive WSJS News Talk Sports for the Triad where it's about time we start talking about the Carolina Panthers schedule. There was news on that front today, not this fall, but in 2024 the Panthers will be meeting the Kansas City Chiefs in Germany.

Boy is that going to be a wild Oktoberfest depending on when that game is scheduled. Don't look now, but one week from tonight the NFL is expected to drop its schedule in full for all 32 teams. And if you're the Carolina Panthers, and if you're a fan of the Panthers, you should expect this season to be the first time in five years that they get multiple primetime games. If you get multiple primetime games that means TV networks, the NFL, they believe you have a product that the entire nation should see, that people are gonna have interest in watching. You should expect multiple primetime games because that's how appealing Bryce Young is.

That's what happens when you take a quarterback with the number one overall pick. He's the kind of star who when he does a national TV morning show, it's Good Morning America. It's not Get Up. That's the difference. The entire country, sports fans, non sports fans, they watch GMA. Sports fans watch Get Up.

That's the difference. He's transcendent. He's a star. He can be a household name even if you're not a hardcore sports fan.

The casual sports fans will know who Bryce Young is. The Panthers, looking at the schedule, they're expected to play, this is interesting, they are going to play the four other teams that took a quarterback in the first three rounds of the draft. They'll play the Texans, they'll play the Colts, they'll play the Detroit Lions who took Hindon Hooker, they'll play the Tennessee Titans who took Will Levis.

That doesn't mean they play all those rookies head-to-head, but obviously that matchup with CJ Stroud, you've got the first two quarterbacks taken off the board, one and two, going head-to-head. That's gonna have some appeal. Folks are gonna want to watch that. That has Thursday Night Football written all over it. Texans Panthers in Charlotte. The game that's most appealing on the schedule though is the game in Chicago. We know the opponents, we just don't know when the games are gonna be scheduled. That's what we're going to learn in a week. The first game I have circled, Panthers at the Bears.

Think of all the storylines. It's gonna be the DJ Moore revenge game. They also have former Panthers Deontay Foreman and Phillip Walker on the roster. PJ Walker, don't know why I just called him Phillip.

Houston Roughnecks for life. Plus, Justin Fields is gonna be playing the quarterback that the Bears could have had if they kept the pick. Justin Fields, for the first time, is going to be playing the team that passed on him with the number eight pick just a few years ago. That game in Chicago has enough storylines that you could see that being on Sunday Night Football. You could see Troy Aikman and Joe Buck calling it on Monday Night Football. And if none of those options succeed, the Dallas Cowboys are coming to Charlotte. That's enough of a possibility for a primetime game alone. Just the fact that it's the Cowboys. When it's the Cowboys, odds are it's gonna get a prime slot.

4.30 Sunday afternoon, Thursday Night Football, Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Football. That's how the Sunday Night theme goes. Or do you think of Carrie Underwood when you think of the theme first? Do you think of the Football Night in America theme or do you think of... I think of the actual theme, weirdly enough. Good for you. Carrie's bright though.

Yes, she is. Green Bay is playing in Charlotte too, but no Aaron Rodgers. This is probably the most interesting thing about the Panthers' opponents. They play on the road, W.D., at all three of the Florida teams. So they go to Tampa, Jacksonville, and Miami. Go to all three of those. So expect primetime games, multiple primetime games, for the Panthers.

Something that hasn't happened since 2018. On Twitter, at WSJS radio if you want in. That's where you can tweet us.

That's where we're streaming video in addition to YouTube and Twitch. Will Dalton is the executive producer of this show who watched The Natural for the first time last night. He will tell us what he thought a little bit later on. And W.D., it's May the 4th. Happy Star Wars Day to everyone that celebrates. For those who are not watching our video stream right now, who are you wearing first off? So I've got my big Mandalorian and Baby Yoda shirt. Uh-huh.

Grogu if you want his actual name. Thank you. That's what I'm wearing. And behind you, there have been folks in the chat, emailers, tweeters, saying, well Josh has the MJ poster and yep has a jersey behind him.

Why doesn't W.D. have anything behind it? What is behind you now? So what I have here and actually this is a this was a long time coming. I've been planning this for a while. It just so happens to be on Star Wars Day.

It's a couple of Star Wars posters for like Star Wars trading cards that like stores would put up. So they'll say like on sale now. So I've got that behind me here. Check that out. Yeah. On all of our different various streaming platforms. Yep. And make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Yeah.

Five people in particular. Could you subscribe today? Thanks. Yeah. It's gonna happen the overall. I undersold our audience. Yeah.

I'm gonna be punished for that. Rightfully so. Getting to basketball, we said going into this series, Lakers, Warriors, that this was going to be the most highly anticipated second round series in NBA history.

That is not overstatement. And now we're seeing the NBA and television executives have taken notice. Because game two of this second round series is now getting the NBA Finals treatment tonight.

It's a nine o'clock tip. Just like you see with the NBA Finals. There are no other games happening tonight other than Warriors Lakers.

Obviously. Just like the NBA Finals. And you should expect a massive NBA Finals like ratings number tonight too.

Because this is what dropped in the morning. 7.4 million people watched game one on Turner. That is the most watched second round game in the history of cable.

And there were other. That game didn't tip off till 10 o'clock. 1015 at night. Now it's gonna start at nine o'clock a little bit earlier. LeBron, Steph, Thursday night. Thirsty Thursday.

Oh. It's going to be a massive massive number. So what are we going to watch? The Warriors have too much pride to think that they're not going to win tonight. The Warriors will figure out a way to win on their home floor because you can't fake urgency. Golden State has it tonight. The Lakers they already achieved their goal. Anthony Davis said oh we knew we had to take one of two out in San Francisco.

They did that. Golden State is an amazing home team. They'll get it done at home. And two of the three core players that Golden State's had during this entire run. They didn't play that well in game one.

Five learned anything about great players especially if you're playing at home. You don't see them play poorly back-to-back games. Draymond Green and Steph Curry will be a lot better. Steph was 10 of 14 or make it 10 of 24 with five turnovers in game one. Draymond only had six points and he never ever stopped AD. Anthony Davis is the key in this series. So if AD goes for 30 and 23 again maybe we are talking about the Lakers being up two games to zip. The problem with that is Anthony Davis is as inconsistent as we've seen a superstar be over the last couple of years. Take the last three times prior to this week that he scored 30 in a game. The next game that's followed that? Very subpar.

I think twice he scored like 12 and 15 points in the games that followed 30 point outings. So if we've learned anything about AD he can't be consistently great like he was the other night. The Warriors are great at home. They're going to have urgency. It's gonna be a fantastic ratings number that they draw. I don't know if it's going to be a fantastic game.

I think Golden State wins it and it wouldn't surprise me if they do so handedly. Longtime listeners of the show are going to be very excited about this. See we've been on the air for about five years and there's a bit that we started this show with that we haven't done in about a couple of years.

Haven't done it. But since it's Star Wars day we're gonna introduce the WD who has no idea about the history of this segment. It's our top 10 list in OG segment. My top 10 Star Wars sports names are next on the drive. Oh yeah did I mention today was a Dash day? Today and tomorrow your chance to see the Winston-Salem Dash face the Greensboro Grasshoppers. First caller gets a couple of tickets right now. We'll give away another pair later on in the show. We've also got a pair of Carolina Thunderbirds tickets that we'll be giving away.

The phone number is 336-777-1600 if you want to make your way out. The truest stadium this is for Saturday's game. So not for tonight not for Friday but for Saturday's game if you'd like to go see the Dash in Winston-Salem. While we're thinking about baseball before we get to the top 10 list reviving a segment we haven't done for a couple of years now. The big story out of baseball is not out of the majors but in college where Alabama baseball coach Brad Bohannon was fired today five days after there was this suspicious wagering that surrounded the Crimson Tides game against LSU.

Apparently they had a starter that was gonna go that was suspiciously benched in favor of a guy who hadn't pitched all year right at the last second. Alabama lost a game and this is swirled during the week. I know it was serious when Greg Sankey the SEC Commissioner put out a statement saying that this is something that we're gonna take very seriously that was a couple of days ago and now the school's saying they'll have no further comment on an ongoing review of what happened but seen enough to fire the Alabama coach. Now there are two ways to view this story. One and really it's this story with the Calvin Ridley story with the stuff that happened with the Detroit Lions a couple weeks ago the frequency hearing about stories like this. The first way you can view it is it's happening because sports betting has become more commonplace in more places and when that happens it's more popular when it's more popular it encourages athletes to get involved coaches to participate even knowing they're not supposed to we're not gonna get caught given how many people do it now everybody's doing it who's really going to care that's the first way to look at it. The second way you can view it this kind of stuff's always been happening but now that we're seeing more regulatory infrastructure in more states to flag suspicious behavior we're just seeing more people get caught.

Perhaps both those things could be true but really those are the two schools of thought when you see these types of stories you can arrive wherever you would like on that. Now let's get to the top 10 list WD this used to be before weekly positivity this used to be the polarizing segment this used to be the thing people we've loved the top 10 lists or hated the top 10 lists there's this wonky music that I think on the first week of the show we had a salesperson named Heidi. Heidi if you're listening love you hope you're doing well she described it as this bougie music that is hard for her to listen to and then we just rattle off 10 things it's a top 10 list really we're stealing from David Letterman in a sense but we haven't done it in a couple of years OG listeners of the show know what's up it's because of Star Wars day my top 10 Star Wars sports names. Oh yeah! Top 10 Star Wars sports names. You excited WD?

I'm ready to go. Number 10 my number 10 Star Wars sports name Hannah Stormtrooper. Hannah Stormtrooper. Number 9 ARG2D2.

Fitting. Is that an ARG2D2 sitting right next to the phones here? It is it has a little remote so it goes up and back. Prove it. But let's see here let me see if you can make that happen very quickly you have a remote control how much did this thing cost I don't know our morning producer Gregory bought it here you go look at this thing oh it moves it moves it moves my number eight Star Wars sports name Big League Chewbacca. Death Star. When you played baseball were you a Big League Chewbacca guy?

A sour apple to be precise. Over double bubble you were more Big League Chewbacca over double bubble. I remember sitting at college baseball games we get so bored that I it was a game to see how many pieces of double bubble you could put in your mouth I love it. Big one. I think we ended up at 9 10 or 11 in that range. Not bad.

Double bubbles. Number seven. My number seven Star Wars sports name.

Kobe one Kenobi. Number six. My number six Star Wars sports name. Death Star La Tulele.

Haven't heard from. Is Death Star La Tulele still in the league? He play for the Bills anymore?

I'm not sure. Do you remember Death Star La Tulele? Well I was thinking about DJ Uwe Young La Le when you said that. No I mean his La La Le. The Panthers I think it was the 2013 draft took Death Star La Tulele number he was a first round pick by the Panthers.

I don't know if he's still in the league or not I don't know. Double check that for me real quick I'd like to know Death Star La Tulele's whereabouts. Number five. My number five Star Wars sports name.

Brady Yoda. Did you stay up till about midnight two three in the morning to watch the latest on the Mandalorian or was it oh wait you said you were gonna go to the movies. Yeah I didn't end up doing it. So WD it hurts. I was tired. I'm gonna watch I'm gonna watch a movie. I'm gonna go watch Rounders. I'm gonna go watch Heat even if you don't ask me to. I'm gonna do this and you never do. I'm never even when it's Star Wars flake. Listen I was really mad at myself about this but I was hungry I was tired I still needed to watch the natural had other things to do.

What do you have on Death Star La Tulele? Um it looks like he's still in the league I think. Good for him. Yeah he's still with the Bills. Oh no he's a free agent.

Oh well hopefully somebody picks him up. Ten years not a bad run. All the Orioles just gave up a home run. Good.

They're still up eight to five though and the Royals a little bit distracted. Number four. My number four Star Wars sports name. The Buffalo Sabres. Hello there. I was thinking about the Buffalo Sabres last night because Lindy Ruff is the head coach of the New Jersey Devils and the last time he coached a playoff game at PNC Arena before last night was game seven of the Eastern Conference Finals where the Hurricanes beat the Sabres.

Some guy named Rob Brindamore scored the game winning goal in that game seven to send the Hurricanes to the Stanley Cup. Number three. My number three Star Wars sports name. CP3PO. Do it. That one's deep cut you'll have to ask Joe Obius about that one.

Do it. You know you know. CP3PO. Number two. My number two Star Wars sports name. Luke May the force be with you.

Oh. And number one. The number one Star Wars sports name of all. Count Dooku. Nice.

It's been the top ten Star Wars sports names. Bringing back an old segment. You know I have been around for that segment one time.

When did we do that? When you surprised B. Dot with it after your wedding.

Remember your top ten wedding things or whatever. Oh. But that was it. Specialty. Comes out on special occasions now. That's right.

Star Wars Day is one of those occasions apparently. Then we've got horse a rock band. Ha. Tomorrow.

That's right. Buckle in for that buckaroos. That should be a lot of fun.

Another thing that we do on an annual basis surrounding the Kentucky Derby. Make sure. Where are we at YouTube subscribers right now?

See. About a month and a half ago we started putting up videos regularly and we got the 200 on Tuesday. Like just 200. So I thought no way we can get the 300 by Friday.

I'll just you know I'll just mention on air I'll wear overalls for a week. If we get the 300 subscribers by the end of Friday show. Where are we at right now? We're at 295. I mean it has been incredible. Right.

So perhaps with a day to spare we could already be at that figure. So I'm already trying to figure out logistics to get the overalls here in the studio. I heard you on the phone.

It's not fun. Oh I think it's great. I don't enjoy that very much but if we do that by the end of the show today that would be fantastic and also terrible. Search The Drive with Josh Graham on YouTube and be sure to subscribe. It's gonna be a big sports weekend for us on The Drive. Tomorrow WD and I will be at game two of the Kane series in Raleigh against the New Jersey Devils. Then on Saturday our entire WSJS team gonna be riding out to the Queen City as Charlotte FC is in action at Bank of America Stadium. If you can't get inside the bank you can listen to our next guest call the game on WSJS.

Of course it's Will Pelagic voice of Charlotte FC popping in for his weekly visit. Willy P between the soccer and the Wells Fargo being in town how crazy do you expect Charlotte to be this weekend? It's a popping weekend. I really feel like this is one of the best weekends we have here in the summer. One of the best weekends that doesn't involve a Panther game I would say even over the course of the season because you do have Wells Fargo going on during the day. You might be having to tangle with a little bit of rain on Saturday early so that could be something that maybe foils plans for folks who are trying to get out and possibly do both but at least from the latest forecast I've looked at it looks like we're gonna be okay for the game. Might have some rain before maybe some after but it looks like the time that's around the contest at least as the forecast sits right now it should be okay but as long as they're able to get all 72 holes in there this weekend it should be a lot of fun and I was already out there yesterday. They always do a fantastic job Johnny Harris, Gary Soba and the folks over there at Quail Hollow. Very very much a great opportunity to see some of the best in the world. I think 18 of the top 20 and 23 of the top 25 players in the PGA are here this weekend for that event so it's it's a lot of fun. I didn't even know rain might be in the forecast. I'm unafraid of that given it's in a city and especially when last weekend I'm wearing my Abbott brothers hoodie right now for those who aren't watching on YouTube.

I was at Merlefest last weekend and I'll tell you what camping out at a music festival when it is raining. That hits different. That hits different. Not to mention you guys won't have to contend with the rain because you'll be living the sweet life. That's right.

Sweet life with WD and Josh. We're gonna be enjoying that on Saturday. Now I will give you a pro tip around halftime. They're gonna come around with a very scrumptious dessert cart. Leave room at halftime for the dessert cart. What's on the dessert cart? They got all kinds.

They got cookies, brownies, cakes, and things. It's good stuff. Love that.

That's a great pro tip from Will Pelagic. This might be an unpopular opinion today about the Panthers Germany game that we learned about for 2024 but I don't like it. I don't like the fact they're playing the Chiefs in Germany. Not because it's overseas but the fact it was supposed to be Pat Mahomes first visit to Charlotte and now the Chiefs you know their next trip the way that the NFL schedule works is set for 2032. That's the next time they're gonna be in Charlotte which means there's a chance unless Pat Mahomes is playing for someone else that Pat Mahomes might never play in the state of North Carolina in his entire career unless he plays 15 plus years. Given the way the schedule is constructed Will shouldn't these overseas games exclusively be either division games or at worst conference matchups? I think it should be honestly and I'll give you a similar type of type of feeling. This was not necessarily on the same vein of like wanting to see Patrick Mahomes but a buddy of mine who was I think an executive down in Atlanta had never since he'd been down there seen his beloved New York Jets play the Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta and it just so happened that last year was the first year they was scheduled to do so well guess where that game ended up getting played?

In London. So he's sitting there he's like he's not gonna get a chance to go to London so I think from that aspect there are similar situations I think it's you know you don't if you do don't if you don't I all think that maybe having it as a vision game makes it a little easier because like you said it prevents those opportunities like Patrick Mahomes not coming to play in Carolina but then. Just think about that for a second the league is positioning him as being the guy the biggest star in the league and he might never get to play in one of the stadiums playing a decade plus for the team either fix the schedule that they play more often or fix this piece of it.

But I also think this is a situation where you know they're trying to use that strategic partnership with Germany and they also want to send one of the best players in the world and showcase him on a worldwide scale this is Roger Goodell trying to say you know what we want to make sure that we further our game in Germany I hate that the Panthers are somewhat of a I don't want to say sacramental land to put that in that fashion but at the same time there there could have been a better matchup I think for the Panthers in that way just to make that happen but we'll see what happens if they end up you know if that ends up coming to fruition 100% for sure coming up here in two years. Will Pelagic, Voice of Charlotte FC with us let's close where we started soccer we're ten games in Charlotte's won twice and has nine points I know since baseball is a marathon you you kind of get laughed at if you're talking about the standings at this time of the year a month in or a couple months into the MLS season at what point of the MLS season is it fair to start peeking at where you might stand across the league? I always look at the halfway point of the season because that's 17 games by that point you will have at least usually played every team or almost every team in your conference at that point you play everybody in your conference twice and then the teams outside of your conference you play eight times so from that aspect you're looking at a scenario where Charlotte FC I think won't get its first return game until next week when they play Atlanta they'll have a couple more coming up here in the next couple of weeks and months but I always like to say that the halfway point is when I actually start looking at this and saying okay where is the conceivable best finishing spot for Charlotte FC when you start scoreboard watching maybe is a little bit later on there will be a natural break in the season this year for the first time in that in the middle of July when they break for the League's Cup that almost will be like kind of a core speaking that will basically take that first two-thirds of the season and split it up with what should be the stretch drive of the season so from that aspect that might also be a particular grid point because that comes again right around the couple weeks after 4th of July so I think we'll know by that point whether or not Charlotte FC is ticketed for a chance to try to go for a playoff hope but like you said it is probably too early but I also feel like again the concerns are there for a lot of people especially when you think about the way last week when they had a chance with a victory or any kind of point last week to get themselves closer in towards potential playoff spot but a loss to DC and they're back in the 14th so it just shows you how unforgiving this league is but also forgiving at the same aspect because three points this week and with the back in the playoffs so there's a lot of fluctuation going with the way the table has played out for Charlotte FC this season. Then the one Charlotte FC match 1-0 in those matches we'll see what happens.

We'll ride that. Which match was it last year? That was in May of last year I forget who the opponent was off the top of my head. Was it Cincinnati? Cincinnati that's who they played.

It was a big big goal from Sverdersky in that contest. That's right. All right WD get ready we've got you know snack cart dessert cart that we're gonna be keeping tabs on you've got all your Star Wars stuff we're gonna be excited WD and I will be riding out together to Charlotte the rest of our team will be there too.

Will Pelagic thanks for your visits each and every week enjoy the golf and we'll see you Saturday night. So tell WD to keep his lightsaber at home there is a clear bag policy at Bank of America Stadium. Oh he's got one! He's got a lightsaber. He's got a lightsaber.

I didn't even bring this. It's a green one. What Jedi has a green lightsaber? Luke Skywalker of course. Oh and Yoda.

Oh don't get me started. That's right. Thanks Willy P. Thank you guys. 336-777-1600 first to call in gets tickets to our Saturday Carolina Hurricanes or Carolina Thunderbirds game right here in the Triad. They're trying to win a trophy. It is a best of five series and the first two are at home so if you want to go out to the annex the first to call in gets those tickets at 336-777-1600. Carolina Hurricanes are on the mind because tomorrow we'll be out at PNC arena for game two against the New Jersey Devils. I'm emotionally invested in Carolina Hurricanes hockey. I am also emotionally invested in my Baltimore Orioles who are losing and WD spoiled the lead here just like the Orioles have oddly enough because when the radio show started today my beloved Orioles were up 8 to 1 and morale it was good here in Studio B. Then as we're talking to Will Pelagic I hadn't given baseball a second thought. We're wrapping up that interview I look down at my iPad screen it's 8 to 6 and then it becomes 8 to 7 and the Orioles get out of a jam with the bases loaded with the strikeout they got out of the sixth at the end of the seventh inning Kansas City leads Baltimore 9 to 8. The O's were up 8 to 1 and now they trail 9 to 8. Morale has shifted inside Studio B. Now while we're talking about baseball it's time for us to talk about perhaps the most iconic baseball movie ever some would say that it is it's nearly 40 years old came out in 1984 the start of this movie was set in 1923 so I guess we could say it kind of was kind of is a 100 year anniversary of sorts of course we're talking about the great Robert Redford movie the natural it's time for at the movies with the WD unless you're talking about Star Wars movies aren't exactly Will's thing but that's about to change because Josh can't stand it anymore the movies will talk to WD a short while ago put out his six Star Wars original trilogy ranked ranked the six movies and he put the original Star Wars and the 70s last I love all six I just that's the one I'd if I had to rank them don't say you love them all I do love that's fine if you love them all but you love that one the least which it's close it's still it's close well it's not close enough that's the problem which he's getting dumped on rightfully so so I'm worried about what he might think about the natural it seems like he does like this movie though based on talking to him before the show how much did you like the natural well I really liked it really from the open just because it did hit home for me because thinking about all the time I spent with my dad you know practicing and out of the field so I I liked it from the jump also I found it really interesting that it was set in the 20s at least I think it was some beginning was the 20s and then 16 years later I think it's set around like pre World War 2 1939 is when he's actually playing for the New York Knights right so just that period in general I found really interesting because usually when you see these sports movies they're set in the 80s 90s or current day I don't feel like we've gotten to see a baseball movie of baseball back then other than I guess maybe 42 right well that's post World War 2 so there you go it's a little bit yeah there aren't many movies that are set in this period and the beauty of period pieces if you do it right they are timeless and doesn't matter if you're watching it in 2023 or 1984 the movie could still have the same impact because it's set in 1939 it's set in a period of time that's already behind you I think it's the end of this movie might be the best sports scene ever it might be the best sports movie scene ever the music playing it's a Randy Newman score you probably know Randy Newman is the guy who does all the music for Toy Story I do know he's the one that sings all those songs it does all those songs but he did the famous score from the natural the home run off of the lights you see off of Wilford Brimley pops glasses the explosion of the light players coming out of the dugout the slow-motion trot around the bases still gives me goosebumps every time I watch it you won't find many sports scenes that are better than that one it's probably the most iconic sports scene of all time I also like the fact that he could just foul one off on command at that do those trying to take a picture of him when he was taking BP yeah several times actually a couple times he you know somebody made this point I was reading a few years ago that before the rules have shifted and all baseball's now starting to get back to normal mechanics like in the analytics age Roy Hobbs would be the perfect player all the guy does is Homer strikeout and walk he's not hitting many seeing-eye singles he Homer strikeouts or walk like he is the perfect guy to have in 2020 Major League Baseball 2015 analytics baseball that's who really Hobbs is what didn't you like about this movie how did he not already suspect that iris son wasn't his son he's not very bright how he might he also might not be a good person either yeah like there's nothing that really makes you think that this is a nice guy he says he loves the lady at the beginning and then the first person he runs into on a train he's now smitten with yes come on dude you just said you were gonna marry this person that's tough like the manager is telling you that this girl's bad luck who by the way just dated the guy who for reasons still unknown died by running into an outfield wall don't think that could really kill you but then again I don't know what's in those walls oh I'm still just gonna talk to this lady who's bad news even though it is convey center so maybe it is a little bit more understandable when you think about it that way maybe Robert Refford she's not a good guy Roy Hobbs isn't a good guy I suspected that could be the case there and he's not that bright now to understand like the first question you ask he didn't ask to ask ask how old is the kid yes and if she goes oh it's funny you should say he's 15 Oh 15 years ago today well well 16 years ago you and I were in a barn that's why didn't you just ask right didn't even think that tough and the kids throwing motion was tough at the end too in the wheat field the most obvious thing not to dislike about this movie and once I point this out it's gonna affect anybody re watching this movie again kind of like the Jerry Maguire like timeline at the end yes right Robert Redford was 47 years old when he was Roy Hobbs 47 when you're looking at the first 20 minutes of this movie and it's Robert Redford who is playing the 18 year old kid it's that's a stretch it's a stretch oh we got some makeup he's running okay that's that makes it a whole lot more believable right no not really maybe you should have just had a kid actor or an 18 year old actor and we see Robert Redford first walking into the dugout with doc and company that or pop and company that probably would have been a little better so it's hard for me to unsee that a little bit what's the best quote from the natural this is not really known for quotes but what do you know I didn't it didn't seem like it was my personal favorite you've got a gift but it's not enough his dad yeah I like good Glenn Close had probably the quote of the movie that I don't remember verbatim right now my favorite quote from this movie was when Michael Madsen's character the right fielder that Roy Hobbs replaced just completely botched a fly ball in right field that gave a team a lead and he said I lost it in the Sun and it's the most overcast day Wilford Brimley looks up to the sky and says blinding that's pretty good rotten tomatoes score for the natural 1984 86 88 nice work speaking of nice work to RBI single for Jorge Mateo the Orioles are back in front 10 to 9 oh my god they put you through the ringer they do this it's the most stressful team exhausting team in baseball but that's been at the movies with the WD some are celebrating Star Wars Day May the 4th be with you WD is one of those he's got a lot of Star Wars stuff in the control room others might be celebrating dash days because today and tomorrow will be given away Winston Salem dash tickets three three six seven seven seven one six hundred the first to call in right now gets tickets to the Saturday night game at truest Stadium morale is high in studio B right now as Darren Vaught joins the show and it's not just because I'm always excited to see Darren when the show began the day the Baltimore Orioles led the Kansas City Royals eight to one at about the halfway point of the show the Orioles trailed the Kansas City Royals nine to eight Baltimore just held on to a 13 to 10 win in the last minute they grabbed the final out there were two runners in scoring position so the tying run was at the plate but Baltimore the birds they are 21 and 10 now if the Braves hold on here against the Miami Marlins they will be 22 in 10 the O's will have a three game set with Atlanta that starts tomorrow which series should I be more excited about WD you know who Wake Forest plays this weekend they play Boston College in Winston Salem and Boston College is one of the best teams in the ACC Wake Forest is by far the best team right now which series should I be more excited about given the fact we don't see O's Braves all that often that series or should I be more excited given where we're at in the standings for BC and Wake Forest and Winston Salem get excited for O's bravos this is look I mean look it's a matchup that doesn't happen that often and when it does how often has it been the case that they're they're one of the best teams in the AL one of the best teams in the NL I mean this is this is a big-time series as much as I love BC I am on the BC bandwagon in terms of their place in ACC baseball this year having one of the best years in their program's history Wake is far and away the best team in the conference and maybe the best team in the country besides LSU and I think they give LSU a run for their money if they meet in a three game series so I would not expect that one to be as competitive as O's Braves the big story in college baseball today is Brad Bohannon being fired Alabama five days after stuff started to swirl about a game last Friday night you probably know the details more than I do but apparently a starter a Friday night starter was pulled at the last minute and they brought in somebody that generally doesn't pitch on Fridays and there were a lot of suspicious bets that were made that were flagged that led to Alabama baseball being taken off the boards in some states for people to bet on the curious bets were placed at the Cincinnati Reds ballpark while the Reds were out of town I knew it was a big deal when I saw Greg Sankey put out a statement a couple of days ago I didn't expect so soon though to read a statement this morning from Greg Byrne the Alabama AD that Bohannon was out of the job but we've seen these stories now and I think we're starting to get to a point where we need to have a conversation about this with sports betting becoming more popular at all these different places I think we all understand that you shouldn't bet on the sport that you are a part of we understand you need to have integrity to the game maintained but there are also rules that prohibit players from betting on other sports I understand it in fact we see that punishment you know being handed down I think in the Detroit Lions situation a couple of weeks ago and we saw Calvin Ridley suspended for a parlay when he was injured and hurt couldn't even play he was suspended an entire season with the Falcons and it seems to me Darren there are two ways you can view this you could say that stories like this and how more more popular they become is a direct result of sports betting becoming more familiarized more popular lies more normalized legalized across the country and people wanting to be a part of it players coaches because it is a popular thing there's more familiarity so there's more participation or there's a second way to look at it that things like this have always happened and because there's more regulation more regulatory infrastructure in place that it's just getting caught more often the suspicious material where do you stand on this story what's most bizarre to you yeah I mean I think from a baseball perspective it stands to reason that Bohannon getting the pink slip in this kind of fashion means that Alabama's got him him red-handed right I mean there's no way he was not involved in something fishy when as you said Friday starter was pulled in favor of a reliever that is not typically used in a situation like that look you don't need insider trading to make a bet against Alabama versus number one team in the country LSU this year that's the funniest thing about it right is that I mean LSU is probably winning that game anyway they're the number one team in the in the conference tops in the country by far and away and Alabama is not you know they made a regional a couple of years ago and Bohannon by all accounts a young and promising coach we've got breaking news on the subject would you like me to share it with you yeah absolutely so apparently according to ESPN sportsbook surveillance video again this would have been at the Reds ballpark indicates that the person who placed the bets had been in communication with Bohannon at the time so it could have been as simple as some are thinking that Bohannon placed bets no it could have been as simple as Bohannon gave a better information about a pitcher whether or not a guy was going to start due to his arm being sore whatever and that better used information to place high value bets and you're like you mentioned the Calvin Ridley case and things like that I think what's what is more of a disaster scenario for the sport and for just the circumstances in this case is not necessarily Bohannon betting on a game in which he is coaching and it is him making decisions based on a bet right I mean we're essentially throwing a game right and what I'm saying and what that's the big known and what I'm saying is it's not even it doesn't even have to be that egregious to be a fireable offense if it's as simple as sure you're commuting you're giving information to somebody with the intent on them placing a bet because you know somebody's hurt that isn't going to be able to pitch that night that in and of itself is enough to make it stink and to affect the integrity of it where people could suggest the scenario that you just laid out yeah and again it's it's I don't know that the proliferation of sports betting across the United States makes this worse or or less manageable to your to your earlier question I think you know we've seen this type of thing all over the place over over many many years I'm thinking of who's the the the Boston College basketball men's basketball player from from back in the day way back like 40 years ago I'm glad you brought up Boston College yeah but but I will say this that makes me lean the latter example that things like this have happened for such a long time but now we have a better chance of catching people doing this because of how regular regulated if this is across the country in a way that it wasn't even regulated ten years ago yeah I mean look if this happens 20 years ago do we even know no chance do is Bohannon out of a job because again it's he did it it and I'm not I'm speculating on intent and and exactly what was going on but if we are to suspect the worst would it be him picking a spot pretty wisely in a game against the number one team in the country LSU that they might have gotten walloped anyway I don't know right is that it is that a less less catchable game to try to pull something and it is funny like it was an eight six game so like you're playing the number one team in the country and is an eight six game that LSU ended up winning it's like all right well hey well if you're really trying to throw the game then you didn't do that great of a job I don't think that was his intent to try and like fix a game or anything of that sort I think he gave information to somebody and that's also a big no-no for the reasons we just talked about let's get to unusual questions with their invite last week guys made it out that I got mad at Josh and I left the press conference that's not right I thought it was an unusual question and it's okay it's time for unusual questions with Josh Graham Darren I don't know if you can see this and if you have an unusual question for us three three six seven seven seven one six hundred is the phone number I've got my Avett brothers hoodie on went to go see them at Merle fest last week and our seats pretty much everywhere we went we were sitting on a hill we were sitting in a field so you had to strategize a little bit how you go about doing that when you go to a concert venue whether it be like Walnut Creek or whatever they call it now in Raleigh and there are some others in the state too that have those grassy areas where you can sit and watch a show you're sitting at a concert in a grassy area how are you approaching it are you a I'm gonna bring like a beach chair type of guy are you a blanket person does the screen location matter most to you stage location how are you approaching it it's a good question that that scenario sort of like the lawn scenario is the ticket that you would purchase at these these venues always I'm not I am NOT bringing my own chair although I respect the those who do probably like a blanket depending on the scenario I'm also kind of a wanderer like I like to just like get up and move around some depending on the specific musical act I'll try my hand it observing it from different perspectives from angry you know I mean like you get up close a bit you back away because the acoustics are gonna be better in in some areas and it's just gonna sound better so I'd like to move around it depends on the company I'm with too I can be a little all over the place WD my unusual question yeah okay what is the best thing to come out of the frozen food section of the grocery store Wow I have a sweet tooth so I'd probably say we're going top shelf we're going Blue Bell ice cream oh yeah yeah we're gonna go Blue Bell cookies and cream or even just French vanilla ice cream I think that's the best thing that you get out of there or you might be able to get these great break and bake cookie sets that are pretty good that you can get at a lot of grocery stores too I think it's got to be something on the sweet tooth end because to be honest I used to when I was in college or you know early 20s eat a lot of stuff from frozen food sections not so much anymore I've graduated from that yeah it's um it's tough for me to get down on like meals out of the frozen section you know vegetables is fine you know the bet in the bags you can incorporate those in meals that's that's fine so I'm gonna go sweet here too I'm a big fan of the something like the Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches those are great I don't know that you can go wrong with that I don't think I thought I thought I was gonna have something to add to that but as I'm thinking about it no you can't go wrong were you going sweets to WD or were you gonna go meals I I don't really do meals like that anymore from the frozen food section proud of you but I'm gonna go against the grain here since you guys covered the sweet stuff which is fantastic to me it's a tie between the Tyson Buffalo chicken tenders yes and the Red Baron pizzas now Red Baron can get out of here I love Red Baron no I'm a Red Baron I did like Red Baron right there and more than some of the Wow then some of the others pizzas wise but I'm saying compared to the Tyson you're right on the money with the Buffalo chicken and there's a Tyson yeah right on the money I um I watched food Inc as a college student don't do this we don't we don't do frozen chicken okay Darren I don't do Tyson what's yours not then how about you give me your unusual question all right so this is also ice cream related how fun went to Washington DC over the weekend you and B dot B dot was part of like the correspondence dinner doing stuff because B dot is everywhere but was he really there okay so I would jr. and he was hanging out with Diana Ross that's B dot and Nate Burleson course he was of course he was so I was there didn't even realize correspondence dinner was going on and I was with my girlfriend and we were walking through the district and it seemed like kind of dead so it's even more bizarre this is not my unusual question it seemed even more bizarre after I learned that the correspondence dinner was that weekend and it's just like man to be a big city as Washington is it's just kind of like kind of sleepy but anyways we were as we were walking around this was on Saturday there are in the in the National Mall area food trucks galore yeah okay a lot of them specifically ice cream trucks we've been to a few museums that day on our way back to the hotel said okay we're gonna get some ice cream no no price pictured anywhere on the truck and we asked for two waffle cones okay pretty simple two two waffle cones okay vanilla ice cream mine was dipped in Oreos earth was chocolate fudge dipped okay the guy's like thanks $20 oh I now look I don't mind whatever I turn to me to me if he would have said seven bucks a pop I know it adds up if you keep rounding up but what the hell right what's the difference between seven and $10 she freaks out Oh after the fact paints it of course but it was like we just got robbed 100% it's got wrong okay that's the question do you agree $10 for an ice cream and to be fair yeah it was a big ice cream I'm gonna go I'm gonna go full Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction $10 ice cream cone do they put bourbon in it or something I got taste $10 waffle cone yeah it's way too much it tasted but you pay for it you pay for it and then you're like alright I just take it you just take it you just take it it's a convenience thing you just say it's they entice you with the truck it was good ice cream to be clear like it was you know I don't know that there's such a thing as bad ice cream but I guess you know out of a truck you could figure out how to have bad ice cream Darren bot you're on the lotto tonight 1120 that right 1122 pick three pick four cash five and also the drill Eric Bockett who's a an ECU guy Clemson's coach on the pod with you talking Keith LeClair if you don't know the Keith LeClair story that's a pretty cool thing to listen to ACC baseball etc get that a listen Darren bot we'll talk to you next week buddy sounds good see you guys
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