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This Generation's Julia Roberts

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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March 28, 2023 6:14 pm

This Generation's Julia Roberts

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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March 28, 2023 6:14 pm

On a Tuesday Drive, Josh discusses how Hubert Davis needs to move UNC basketball into the future, how productive DJ Chark can be for the Carolina Panthers, adds a new wrinkle to "Josh Is Out Of His Mind", Taylor Vippolis, of the Dan Lebatard Show and Inside Carolina, joins the show to discuss whether or not Caleb Love's exit from UNC was actually a "mutual" agreement, and Hayes Permar, of Sports Channel 8, joins the show to discuss whether or not he things the Canes can still win a Stanley Cup, without Andre Svechnikov, and to play an "Eric Church themed" Skips or Plays.


He's amused Cam Newton. He's been insulted by Charles Barkley. When some idiot in the press asked him, if you know what you know now, what you scheduled this game.

He's interviewed Matthew McConaughey. And he's taken on Big Blue Nation. He's just completely taking the wind out of my safe. It's time for The Drive with Josh Graham. You were on a Tuesday Drive, WSJS News Talk Sports for the Triad, where now that the dust seems to have settled on who's leaving Chapel Hill, six transfers which of course included Caleb Love yesterday, it's now time for Hubert Davis to move North Carolina basketball into the future.

And that doesn't simply mean finding guys in the portal. He's gonna be able to do that. In fact, he added a player yesterday from Brown University. No, Hubert needs to make sure his program is up with the times.

And that means making sure you have a handle on name image and likeness. Which for as clearly as NIL has touched every aspect of roster building in 2023, it was also clear that this was a problem area for Carolina last season. Now, NIL has to become a priority for Carolina. Just listen to the former players. The Carolina family members. Antoine Jamison and Vince Carter saying that NIL clearly was a distraction for the Heels.

It led to some of the contentment. They said that if NIL existed before their final season together in Chapel Hill, they probably would not have gotten to the Final Four back in the 90s. James Michael McAdoo's making jokes about NIL. And former players that I've talked to said that this is something that is different and it doesn't mean it's a good thing. Hubert Davis, throughout last season, how many times was he referencing agents in press conferences? He did it before the start of the season. When Hubert is doing a press conference, he's not just talking to the reporters in the room. He's not just talking to Josh Graham.

No, he's also talking to his players and he's talking to parents and he's talking to agents, which he made sure to make clear multiple times last year. Talking about those who were worried about NIL deals, which is completely new in college basketball. Elsewhere in the ACC though, Duke and Miami have figured it out. And is it a coincidence that those were the two best teams in the ACC last year? The two teams that figured out NIL better than anybody else?

Probably not. The Canes obviously set the template, drew a ton of criticism, namely from a basketball coach at Syracuse, who's no longer at Syracuse. You can put the math together.

You can do the math on that. They got to the Final Four. They're gonna be playing UConn on Saturday, which you can listen to right here on WSJS.

Shameless plug. But do you know how I know Duke handled NIL incredibly well? Did you ever hear one story about what these five-star players were receiving in NIL from Duke? Did you ever hear one story about it? Any drama whatsoever? Did you hear John Shire talking about NIL in a negative light or agents in a negative light?

No. And why is that? Duke prepared for it with the position that I suspect you're gonna see a lot of college programs pick up this summer. They were forward-thinking. They hired a general manager whose one responsibility is dealing with NIL, dealing with it with high schoolers, dealing with it with transfers, dealing with it with current players on the roster, so that way John Shire doesn't have to think about it at all.

Hubert Davis needs to make this a priority. Carolina's season is going to be dependent on it because it's dependent on the portal, and these two things are linked. You've had six players under the portal. There are five openings on Carolina's roster right now. The player that they got back yesterday, Paxton Wojcik. He's not a dude. He's not a guy who's gonna start for you. He's not a guy I don't even know if it's a guy who's going to play for you. Maybe he plays for Roy Williams, but given the way Huberts played with his rotation, I don't even know if that's a guy who plays. Certainly not an NIL type of guy.

You will know who the NIL types of players are. Carolina needs to figure that out if they hope to compete. On Twitter, at WSJS radio, if you want in on today's show, since we're talking Tar Heels once again, we are sending our thoughts out to a great friend of this show and somebody who's been very good to us over the last few years, Eric Montras, who's a legendary player. We learned he was diagnosed with cancer and just a flood of people wanting to send well wishes to Eric Montras, including Bill in High Point, who joins us now. Bill, real quickly, what do you got on the big guy inside who we've gotten to know in recent years as the longtime now color analyst for Carolina basketball?

Well, Josh, thanks for taking the call and yeah, I watched Eric Montras grow as a player, then I've watched him grow as a color commentator. He's one of my most favorites right now and I think he does, you know, the games and all so well and I just want to, you know, send out my family's prayers and best wishes to his family and hope this thing gets, as Barney Fyfe would say, nipped in the bud. See, I'm all about it. Thank you for the call. Well wishes to Montras and a Barney Fyfe reference. I'm all about that. I wish most of the feelings I get from Carolina fans right now are as well-meaning and as positive as Bill in High Point's getting the show started off the right way. Will Dalton is the executive producer of this show. Taking your calls at 336-777-1600 on Twitter at WSJS radio is where we're also streaming worldwide on, you know, video streaming, YouTube, Twitch.

I sound like such an old man the way I'm describing. Video streaming. It's moving pictures.

You can see my face. It's amazing what the whippersnappers do when they watch their games and stuff now. Taylor Vipilas is gonna join us from Inside Carolina. You might know him as a part of the Dan Lebatard show as well.

That'll be in about 20 minutes or so, but shifting things a bit. Frank Reich spoke to the media today out at the NFL head coaches meetings and listening to how glowingly he spoke about the Panthers newest weapon DJ Chark, it struck me that he believes at DJ's best this DJ can be as productive as another DJ. The DJ that they sent to Chicago in order to get the number one pick. This coaching staff has a lot of familiarity with DJ Chark. Frank Reich coached in Indianapolis so the first few years that DJ was in the league, well he played Indianapolis multiple times a year when he was with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

How did he do against Frank Reich? Well when he was healthy DJ averaged five catches per game against Indy and a touchdown per game against Indianapolis. Deuce Staley who Reich said today was a central part of trying to convince DJ to join the Panthers. He was in Detroit with DJ this past season.

So they have first-hand knowledge on the type of guy that they're getting. Here was Frank Reich at the coaches meetings in Arizona. Listen I was, make no mistake about it, I really wanted DJ, a lot of us did. I've had my eye on him for a couple years now. I think DJ is a down-the-field threat. I think he's a very competitive, hard-working player from all the Intel that we've gathered. And if you look at his career, even though there's been some injuries along the way, he's consistently producing over 14 yards of catch.

You might be thinking, that's true by the way. 14 yards of catch over a pretty decent sample. That, only the elite wide receivers really do that. But what's the catch? How do you get this guy on a one-year deal? It's not just because Frank Reich is awesome and it's not like they're paying him a ton. It's only a one-year deal.

The big knock is what Reich kind of mentioned in the middle of that. He's struggled to stay on the field. He hasn't played 16 games in his five seasons, 16 or 17. In fact, over the last two years he's missed more than half the games that the Jaguars and Lions have played.

But to Reich's point, when Shark does play, good things happen. The one season he played 15 games, he grabbed 70 balls, which is more than DJ caught in 17 last year. He averages 14 yards of catch, that's no joke. And some of the stuff he's been dealing with is an ankle injury, ankle stuff. He had surgery apparently back in January according to Mike Kay's reporting, who's out in Arizona from the Charlotte Observer.

And they're hoping that it is no longer a problem anymore, the ankle problems he's had in the past. If you can get him on the field, you might have a one-for-one replacement for DJ Moore, even though we recognize that is a pretty big if. Carolina, they've now gotten to a point and this was a goal for Scott Fitterer, that they don't need to take anybody with that second-round pick. There's not such a glaring need in one given spot that they have to go. Like if you would have told me before DJ Shark that was the case, I'd say, well, hey you got to take a receiver with that second-round pick. Now you could if the right guy's there, but you also could go defensive end lining up across from Brian Burns. You also could find a linebacker there. There's a lot of flexibility. You could go tight in with that pick. There's flexibility.

If there's a running back that you really like, I wouldn't even be against that as a second-round pick. They could take a receiver there, but they don't have to, which is exactly where they wanted to be. For the first time since the pro days last week, Frank Reich spoke to the media out in Arizona. You'll hear that in just a little bit. And with that in mind, we welcome Taylor Vipilas to the show that you might know from the Dan Leboutard show or as an inside Carolina Tar Heeled insider. And the reason I was thinking about you today is you have these videos that I've seen in recent weeks with Leboutard called hashtag who that is and you did DJ Moore today and the guys seemed to struggle with it. So I'll put this on a tee with that in mind to ask you, out of the smart people you talk to looking at what the Panthers have in front of them at number one, including yourself, I'll qualify you as being one of those smart people, what's your lean on what the Panthers do?

Not what they should do, what they actually do at number one? My lean and my gut from from talking to people is that the Panthers go CJ Stroud. I thought he he looked pro ready in the playoffs against Georgia which is if you look pro ready against Georgia that's the closest we're gonna see to the pro level in college. I think in that game specifically he showed enough to me to still be that that dual threat ability and in comparison to Young he does it in a lot bigger of a body and when you're picking one and as the Panthers are and they traded up and traded away assets to get it and you have your franchise's future in the balance of a pick which is a scary thing to have. Bryce Young being five foot ten being listed at five foot ten is enough to to scare me off but I think it's it's a good problem to have picking between Bryce Young and CJ Stroud and the the team I would love to be because I think the Panthers have a lot of pressure on them I would love to be the Houston Texans because I want that pressure off me whoever you don't take is coming to me. And you're also last week I said it's the it's the difference between a scholarship grant kid and the the person that has the rich dad the trust fund baby where the Panthers give up the draft pick which means they have absolutely no room for error if they get in trouble with the school they're probably you know done and working at a convenience store the following semester right while the trust fund baby if they mess up oh daddy will just talk to the principal and figure it all out the Texans didn't have to give up anything for that pick and to your point a lot less pressure as well. Taylor Vipilas is with us here on WSJS getting to the Carolina piece of it I always love the expression mutual parting of ways like in relationships is there such a thing really as mutual parting of ways or I think as Gwyneth Paltrow put it conscious uncoupling I think is the word she put it it always has to be someone's idea first you there could be reasons for both sides to part ways but in Carolina's case Jeff Goodman's reporting it was a mutual parting of ways the people I text they say the same thing as well and you're incredibly plugged in with your ties to Carolina do you believe Caleb Love's exit from Chapel Hill was actually a mutual agreement here this this might be the most mutual of parting of ways I think in in the history of parting of ways because Caleb Love I think had gotten to the point where for him he needs a fresh start and for Carolina and the expectations that coach Davis has the direction of the team it was hard to see how Caleb kind of fit into that picture but me personally like I I hope Caleb goes on to have a ton of success at his next school because I truly believe that he is a he's a misunderstood player because I went to the I followed the team during the tournament run last year I did a feature on Caleb Love and kind of his upbringing and I think the most obvious thing from talking to the people around him is that Caleb Love grew up only learning how to play basketball one way and that was wanting to be the guy who takes the shot and you saw how awesome that was in the highs of the high where he puts the final dagger in coach K's career the best game I've ever seen from a player in person the the UCLA game in the sweet 16 but at the same time you saw the lows where this Carolina team misses the tournament completely and the problem with Caleb Love is he's their highest usage rate guy he's already an inefficient player and you're surrounding him with pieces that didn't bring out the best of him you're surrounding him with non shooters and kind of clogging up those those driving lanes so I think it was a Carolina trying to fit a square peg in a round hole for three years of Caleb Love's tenure but at the same time his work and wanting to be the guy who always takes the shot like that that earned him a ton of respect I think and my hope for Carolina fans is that they remember him in a good light and for for that tournament run that I think you're seeing now where where no one seed goes to the elite eight for for the first time in quite some time how hard it is to make a tournament run and I think that kind of gets taken for granted at times yeah that last piece that you mentioned is what interests me and I give my producer Will Dalton credit because sometimes he'll pinpoint something that I hadn't thought of like last segment perfect example we were talking about the NFL jersey stuff and he said does that mean JC horns gonna stop faking wearing the number zero by putting the tape in between the eight he wore essentially zero last year and then yesterday he asked the question of all questions when are we gonna see Caleb Love on the amateur heel video I don't know and see with inside inside Carolina does one thing very incredibly well do a lot of things really well but one thing I think they do incredibly well is they have the pulse of the fan base an accurate pulse I don't think social media is a great pulse of things I mean I compare the guy to Austin Rivers yesterday which I think is a compliment I mean the guys a lottery pick first round draft pick and you would have thought I compared him to I mean you pick a garbage player and that's exactly who I compared him to oh he's like Jayden shoot at Duke okay let's calm down for a second VIP you see the reaction from Carolina fans and it's a little bit deeper and there's a lot more that I think you have access to with the apparatus at inside Carolina what's the fairest way to assess how Carolina fans view Caleb he is the most polarizing player I think in in Carolina basketball history I'm trying to think of who who number two would be but you have a portion of the fan base that loves him you have a portion of the fan base that hates him and I think it's it's been it's been drastically understated how much he took on social media from the fan base when I talked to his dad last year he was like Caleb Caleb's a 20 year old kid he sees everything and he's reading the messages no matter how many times you tell him not to like he's seeing it and I think they're there there's a difference between telling people they're not a fit or they're not an efficient player like you're you're criticizing the basketball player but when it gets to the fans who and it's not a Carolina fan thing I think it's just a fan thing in general when you get to the your cancer you're you're spreading the rumors about you know things off the court I think that's when it kind of goes to a level that it's it's just there's really no place for that he's on Twitter at T Vipulos you know him from inside Carolina and the Dan Leboutin show joining us on WSJS okay so figuring out what happens beyond you know Caleb love you know they have to go into the portal to figure things out and you've got five spots remaining how much faith do you have in Hubert now really for the first time having the opportunity to build a roster the same four starters that he's had the last two years are the four guys that Roy Williams had a couple of years ago being able to identify guys out of the portal and also get a handle on NIL which former players are saying was a problem and even Hubert during the season last year constantly is bringing up agents if I'm being honest not that much faith because you have a track record where players are already transferring out that he had just recruited which is a worrying sign for for the evaluation and the development process and then you look at the transfers that Carolina has brought in Dawson Garcia was a miss from from on the court off the court was a miss you have Justin McCoy who's already transferred another miss Pete Nance you've probably put in the miss category just because North Carolina misses the tournament this year and then you have Brady Manick who was was a an average player and then Garcia leaves and he elevates into Carolina you know he this tier of Carolina where Brady Manick's name now is synonymous with with a level of greatness and a level that Carolina wants to get back to you so you're you're 25% on the portal Caleb loves three-point shooting percentage sorry it was sitting right there had you have a 25% from the portal you have players that coach Davis has already recruited transferring out and it's hard to feel you know too optimistic but I think the what you can hang your hat on is that 2024 recruiting class being the number one in the country and it feels like the way Carolina is gonna have to get out of this problem is to just recruit their way out of it and the you mentioned the piece with Antoine and Vince where they're talking about the pickup and for me that's that story I don't think you could talk about enough because that that should send off a ton of alarms for for how bad the the leadership was for the basketball team this for this past season so help me out on that front for people who don't know the story it's it's Antoine Jamison and it's Vince Carter saying that Antoine went to shoot around last year or not shoot around he went to a pickup session during the summer last year and then he said so you guys gonna play tomorrow and the players told him now we're scheduled to go next week when I texted former players about this they said well Huber or at least when I was playing coaches are restricted and what they can do outside of air quote practice sessions and that the pickup is then just organized by the players what are what reaction have you gotten to that story relative to well how much is Hubert Davis responsible for and how much is on the players yeah this this isn't this isn't on Hubert Davis the pickup from from what I understand is is all on the players and and the players wanting to be out there the coaches might say like hey this is the day former we're gonna have we're gonna make sure former players are there to have you guys have a good run of games but it from the sounds of it the the players are there all the time and when you have a player like Antoine Jamison looking to you know either watch the team play pickup or get in the pickup games I don't know if Antoine did he clarify if he was playing in the game I think he said his sons were with yeah and they were the ones playing yeah so just the fact that the players don't have that mindset of let's get as many games as possible during this tournament run for for the audience that is listening to this I'm wearing my Marquise Noel shirt and I fell in love with this Kansas State team and Jerome Tang and Jerome Tang said it best I thought in one of his post games after Duke where it was like we won that game because we have dudes like Carolina to get out of this they're gonna need to recruit dudes and they're gonna need a recruit people that love love basketball and not just love the perks of what comes with basketball I thought that's what that was with the lavender on the way out I that the most heartbreaking thing that happened to me in March aside from my bracket being toasted all my Final Four teams gone in the first three days of the tournament was being in the K-State locker room and seeing those guys and the music and all that they were great to be around but I commented the first time they whipped out the the practice day they whipped out the the jumpsuits the jumpsuits and the the the warm-up stuff that they had that was the lavender color and I thought that was sweet and I pointed out to one of them and they said what size do you wear and I told him large and they said we don't have any more larges heartbreaking I love I love that Kansas State this shirt just came today oh it looks good it looks good just in time dip we'll have to do this again man thanks for coming on with us and keep up the great work with Tar Heels Dan Lebatard and all the stuff that you do. Appreciate it always I thought the introduction to the Josh's out-of-his-mind segment featuring John Calipari was a win last week but it's a work in progress as you often see with new segments we're trying to figure things out do something a little bit different right until we hit the sweet spot it'll take some time before we get there the crux of the segment though needs to be hot fire takes because I often get that label attached to me oh you're a hot take artist oh you're just looking for clickbait by the way never do the clickbait thing unless there's an actual link for people to click on that's true oh you just needed your clicks today huh where are where's the link to click on oh you mean it's just an opinion that you dislike got it so I get that attached to me so often and I don't feel like that's what we do but I feel like there's an audience for that so for that portion of the audience this segment is for you hot take central Josh's out of his mind Josh is out of his mind crazy fool just telling stories and here's the wrinkle I want to add it can't just be takes from me for the next five ten minutes I want to get WD involved and somehow we need to get the audience involved in this too but Josh I thought the purpose of this segment was the creation of it was John Calipari said your name when he was actually talking about Josh faster he didn't say WD well actually I don't think he heard the full clip because we actually did have Cal mentioning WD's name which means we have the dropper WD can be in the mix WD deliver a take real quickly so we can unroll unfurl this new piece of sound the Carolina Panthers will draft Anthony Richardson WD is that it was mine you didn't know coach Cal had dropped WD's name did you hey I was in Greensboro too that's right I was right up in there all right explain the Anthony Richardson pick it's there's so many Panthers people that are making this out to be Cam Newton 2.0 you got Thomas Davis you got Luke Keakley who was gushing over him then Frank Reich earlier today was talking about he literally quote he screams top of the draft type of guy even watching his tape before the pro days and before the combine and honestly you hear a lot of people talking about how like his tools have the potential to be the best of anybody in the draft any of them now why else would they bring in the Avengers coaching staff but to coach up that guy that is a pretty thing hot take you got there the UD is that of his mind I'll raise you a Panthers take you mentioned to the Panthers are gonna take in round one I'll tell you who they're gonna take in round two they're gonna draft North Carolina wide receiver Josh downs Josh is that it was mine look at the guys they've picked up so far DJ Chark Miles Sanders Hayden Hurst who's the receiver I'm forgetting about Adam Thielen the land all receivers that play well in space that's what Josh downs does incredibly well to Carolina might take them with that second round pick or they might trade back gain some more draft picks take them towards the end of the second round got a pair Anthony Richardson or some people call him ar-15 there you go with one Josh downs give me another take hmm let's switch it over to Tar Heel basketball sorry I guess I guess former Tar Heel basketball Caleb love he's gonna go to Louisville WD is that of his mind I do think that Nolan Smith was his recruiter at Duke and he wanted to go to Duke but Jeremy Roach was already signed and couldn't go to Duke depending on how strong that relationship is if he wants to stay in the ACC too that would it be a bad place for him well not only that they'll let him do all the shooting but of the six teams he narrowed it down to coming out of high school Louisville was one of them they do need to make a splash after this last year they do need a high quality guard I guess he can be high quality sometimes oh man it looks like LL that's just coming back to a mess Ellis in love that'll be a mess of a backcourt no he declared for the draft good don't even want to imagine LL us and Caleb love trying to coexist in that backcourt that would be crazy let's go to movies Emma Stone is this generation's Julia Roberts Josh is out of his mind the running joke in the 90s was always oh there's this great part somebody get Julia Roberts on the phone she was the actress you'd always just plug into every role I think that's who Emma Stone is nobody in America was more lovable as an actress Sandra Bullock would be in the conversation of this but I think Julia Roberts takes top top of the of the mantle top step here like ability and Emma Stone every role she's in likable how many of these movies have you seen WD do you know who Emma Stone is yeah she was a Gwen Stacy in spider-man that's right okay I was starting to question myself I thought she was Mary Jane wasn't Gwen Stacy who was Mary Jane in that spider-man then I don't think there was oh I forget what her name is figure that one out because I thought Emma Stone might have played that role I did a Emma Stone double feature on Saturday and watched easy a and then I watched la la land and I love both of those movies and she's likable and everything she does and she's never had a scandal I don't really know what Emma Stone thinks about every subject under the Sun which is a plus she kind of minds her own business and doesn't really get in trouble at all either I haven't heard many people say negative things about Emma Stone so I'll go as far to say Emma Stone this generation's Julia Roberts Shailene Woodley oh okay I haven't seen that spider-man yeah you got one more for me I do let's go back to The Bachelor cuz this is here that I didn't get off my chest yeah Katie ended up winning over Gabby who Zach slept with there was some real drama and the finale last night you know they never addressed the fact that Gabby got kind of drunk went through the mud a little bit drugs that drug through the mud because of Zach never addressed that but I feel like behind closed doors it will be addressed and we did talk about Katie having the crazy eyes also friends with Gabby that and Zach's just a doofus and doesn't again no one to shut up I'm gonna say they break up within a year or in a year they're gonna break up wt is that it was mine I don't think it's a hot of a tank I think it should be hotter than that for it to be six months out of your mind like WC is that it was mine six months I don't know if they're gonna last six months yeah I'd be surprised if they last six months for all the reasons that you just outlined all right let's close things out I might be biased but small dogs are the best kinds of dogs Josh is that it was mine they can just sit on your lap their bathroom situation is a lot less of a situation that's great less maintenance I love my willow except this morning I was doing a radio interview as a guest and I just gotten out of the shower sorry to present that picture for you thank you sorry about that Zach but it's relevant to the story here in the sense of I'm on the phone and willow decides this is the moment that she wants to play she wants to play so I get down to her level wanting her to calm down so I started scratching her head as I'm answering a question about Caleb love and halfway through the answer this is the part where be getting out of the showers relevant she jumps to an unfortunate area of the male anatomy scratching and clawing and stuff while I'm on the ground held it together for the interview but man that was tough would you have known if you were listening to that interview like something was going on no chance like you didn't go no proud of myself how I handled that but even would that be in the case small dogs are in fact the best kinds of dogs I like this added wrinkle the next step is getting the audience involved but there's no chance that John Calipari has said the names of the audience at all the way that he said my name and said w-d's name mellow mushroom he did shout out mellow mushroom did still waiting for that sponsorship mellow mushroom come on mellow mushroom at some point between now and the end of the show your chance to win Eric Church tickets before you even have the ability to buy the tickets he will be in Charlotte in September along with whiskey Myers will tell you when you can win those tickets later on we'll tell you what your cue is we'll play a Eric Church themed skips or plays with Hayes in just a second and that's because Hayes perm are is joining us now and it might be because we have part in the interruption often on in the studio when we're doing this show or because Hayes per Mars long-winded usually but I feel like we should do a handful of topics here not like rapid-fire answer in five to ten seconds but quicker answers here so we could get to as many topics as possible does that sound good Hayes perm are and his dog that he's clearly walking yeah they just took like two minutes asking that question but I'm long-winded all right whatever I'll keep it short yeah let's go who do you want the Panthers to take it number one head sister out heart says Richardson whoa but my gut says traded for Lamar Jackson though well they wouldn't make the money work yeah so you want Lamar Jackson to be the guy okay are you glad that Caleb love is transferred am I glad I mean on what level like if I'm the UNC fan do I think our team has a better chance of progressing next year without him maybe that's the only sense where I see the positive to him transferring other than if he's unhappy and thinks he'll be happy or better suit his career than I'm you know that that that makes me happy to that sort of the purpose of the transfer portal just like coaches players can now pursue the place they think will have the greatest success but like now none of it feels good right I mean I know he took a lot of shots I know he had a bad shooting percentage but to do the things he did and then on top of that come back and average like 15 points a game on a team that wasn't terrible they weren't great held up against their expectations they weren't even good but they definitely were not terrible so it's a just it leaves a bad taste in your mouth situation so I won't say I'm happy he's gone but I hope for the best of success for him and yeah I think there's a decent chance guitar heels progress better on the court without him touching and dribbling the ball and shooting ball as much as he does follow up to that Taylor Vipulos joined us earlier he called Caleb love perhaps the most polarizing Carolina player ever among the fan base in ten years or a dozen years or so from now when fans remember Caleb love is it more likely gonna be remembered like Jason Capel is remembered is like the best player on a bad team that also happened a few years before that to go to the Final Four or to be remembered like Austin Rivers is by Duke fans even though you lost to Lehigh in Greensboro you hit the shot that matters most I think we'll mostly remember his highlights you know the shot is I mean it's a picture with these days where anything can be a video or a gift if your moment if your sports moment creates an iconic picture that's pretty that's pretty tough to be that is etched in people's memory so I think that far away will be what people remember that in the whole the whole run and his whole play there there Carolina Hurricanes close a gauntlet tonight a five-game gauntlet as we're getting close to the end of the regular season playing the Rangers twice home and home facing the Boston Bruins shootout loss the other night while they were wearing the jerseys of the total totally fictional Hartford Whalers franchise which was pretty cool really nice of them to do that and they have the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight I also remember that they played the Toronto Maple Leafs recently too they've split the games two and two now I know they got a point against Boston so we'll see what happens tonight against Tampa can the canes win the Stanley Cup without Andrei Svechnikov yes if they get really good goal-tending and that's what I think is more of a problem if you think about it like this they're gonna have a decade run where they make the playoffs almost certainly like it'd be hard to see them missing the playoffs in the next two or three years with the quarter they have right so they're gonna have a decade run to go in the playoffs and if you do that there's a decent chance you win a cup and there's a really good chance that the year you win the cup isn't necessarily the year you had the best team you know what I mean like the whole point is you put yourself in there every year and the chances are the brakes go your way so they could very easily win a cup in a year where they aren't the best canes of the run you know what I mean and and so then that's what it comes down to little little things like a goalie getting hot as nails is it hot as nails I don't think you can get hot as nails no you get get very hot I think I was about to say something that I wasn't sure I could say is radio yeah that slipped in nails there at the last second just to censor myself yeah so I think they could win it I mean they're not that obviously they're they're more of a favorite is such as playing but I think they can win it and it might come down to to checked off or something either to check off getting hot or Freddie Anderson staying super healthy and being really good for sustained period in the playoffs hey sperm are is walking his dog from sports channel a I got a puppy in the past week what's cuter puppy pics or baby pics or maybe a better question what's more obnoxious puppy pics or baby pics I think people tend to go even more overboard with their baby pics I got I got a friend on Facebook they're not in your listening area fortunately and I'm like dude I am super happy super excited about your baby but this is just too much and puppy pics are cuter because you know what I'm gonna be honest some babies are ugly every baby is like the most beautiful thing ever to like its parents right you got to see the baby but yeah there's some there's some not cute babies out there and there's not there's not really ugly puppies there's cuter puppies and less cute but they're all cute jokes on you with our growing following on social media with video and live streaming right now there's no doubt that that person you're talking to is listening to you right now by what you're talking possible the baby's aunt is a wake forest grad that's the closest time like the baby's mom I mean there's no doubt that she's a fan of the show there's no doubt you got a puppy we just blown right through that yeah a week ago her name is willow willow the dog all right well you're doing a good job of not over posting on social media I feel like I tried to do that especially when they were like really little I didn't want to get accused of only getting a puppy just for the cute pictures now as they grow more you know I put them on stories and stuff but I think I've I've posted three photos in a week that's pretty good all right three photos in a week I don't think that's overpowering it it is a havanese poodle I don't know what that is I do know I don't like poodles didn't even go poodles in it I'm out on very nice let's get the skips or plays with Hayes Hayes perm are is somewhat of a Renaissance man an expert in the finer things but he hangs his hat on music loves this God and he's the friend of Satan he was like oh six getting busy with the sticks been watching big Mike little trick trip I just need his eye on and someone he can dunk on today Hayes will decide if this music is smash or trash blows or blows it's time for skips or plays with hey are you in on Eric Church's music case you know I'm really not I I've heard him and I'm gonna have to hear a couple of his songs this is like bad for I've nothing against the guy but I don't think I don't think I like his voice that much I'm not to be reminded if it is what I think it is but I don't think I like his I don't like it I don't like his toes that sounds like I don't like his attitude but I'm not I'm not a huge Eric Church fan but I'm open-minded yeah this it might you might come around on some of this didn't I send you some of the bluegrass from a few weeks ago I don't I never got a response on that but anyway Merle fest that's right around the corner too we'll be giving away Merle fest tickets sometime soon get back at getting back to bluegrass what's the first Eric Church song you have well for the per Hayes perm are remember Eric Church a a granite Falls native here in North Carolina on the western part of the state Springsteen I should throw it out there that my wife loves Eric Church might be your favorite country artist Springsteen was in Greensboro over the weekend so one second country music people love singing about ages love thinking about ages Tim McGraw got a song 17 all right so you know what I'm gonna play this is the plate it's a good tune it's got a good melody here's the other thing I think about Eric Church hey I don't really like his voice it's kind of weird it's a little nasally it sounds like he's like pushing it a little bit not to get to like singer into this but here's the other thing you know there's like bro country and then there's like people who are recognized as like good cool out your artists like Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson right now you I mean I feel like Eric Church wants to be the personality of one of those people it's in like the cool country like he thinks that's kind of where he is but in reality his songs are a little more but bro country than then his persona would admit and I feel like that's why I can't quite love him but I like him and I respect him so that's yeah I'm glad you did that because I'm getting texts from Dave and Winston Salem that says that Springsteen's the best country song ever Sarah Bradford said this is my favorite Eric Church song so good start for Hayes Permar it's a play but it's like all right shut up now take the win take the win 500 country songs of all time take the win let's go to the second one what do we got hell of a view Oh it does sound like he's pushing it I'm not the best at like I've got music theory nerds who've got better terms you know I people who like drink wine have like all these different adjectives to describe one I don't have all the adjectives to describe it you know different types of voice but I'm just telling you doesn't give me this is skip I'm not feeling this skip hey all right one play one skip what's the last Eric Church song no shut up per Mart skips or plays with Hayes skips your church is a real name you tell me this is not a made-up country name Eric Church I don't know if I buy this I will double check on Wikipedia as we hear the third song which is titled drinking my hand Kenneth Eric Church born May 3rd 1977 this is a this is skip this is what I was telling you he seems like he's a cool dude but this is a bro country song work all day drinking my hand first of all Eric Eric Church has never had a job we worked all day and he referred to the boss as boss man like that just that didn't happen and you know like I'm out at the skip and I like Eric Church the person but I'm not a huge fan of his music yeah also huge Carolina fan that went to Appalachian State and doesn't even rep at state football that much yeah that kind of doesn't sit well neither Hayes thanks for doing this buddy we'll have to do bluegrass sometime soon when we give away Merle Fest ticket or what about we could do J Cole because I'm going to Dreamville this weekend I like that that's pretty good you got an extra ticket for me I do not unless my niece says she doesn't want to go but here's the real question is like will perm our end up on stage you know will I do a cameo with Drake and J Cole I'm not it's at Dix Park I mean this is my hood I mean the dog park that I normally go to is right next to where the stage is I was watching the build it for like two weeks I think I might be able to pull it off we'll see if I can get on all right I'm not doubting you there he goes hey sperm I do I'll give you a shout out shut up I made Josh we're able to try out no chance he's gonna do that all right there he goes
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