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Camp Seagull (3-2-23)

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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March 2, 2023 6:16 pm

Camp Seagull (3-2-23)

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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March 2, 2023 6:16 pm

On a Thursday Drive, Josh reacts to the passing of Carolina Panthers founder and former owner, Jerry Richardson, and discusses his complicated legacy in the state of North Carolina, reacts to Notre Dame upsetting Pitt, in Mike Brey's final home game with the Irish, WD goes to the movies to review "Friday" with 6th man of the Tar Heels, BDaht, in studio, and Daht wants to know if Josh knows what a "flick" is, in a session of Grahammar School. Then, Hayes Permar, of Sports Channel joins the show to give his thoughts on the passing of Jerry Richardson and to play a "mystery themed" Skips or Plays.


He's amused Cam Newton. He's been insulted by Charles Barkley. When some idiot in the press asked him, if you know what you know now, what you scheduled this game.

He's interviewed Matthew McConaughey. And he's taken on Big Blue Nation. He's just completely taking the wind out of my face. It's time for The Drive with Josh Graham. You are on a Thursday Drive, WSJS NewsTalk Sports for the Triad, where in the last hour or so, it was announced that Jerry Richardson has died at age 86. And leading up to this show, behind the scenes, we've really wrestled with what to say about him. Because you want to respect the dead, especially in the immediacy of it, but it's also been only five years or so since that Sports Illustrated bombshell that nuked his Carolina Panthers ownership. You remember that. Blue Jean Fridays, racial allegations. He didn't even fight it.

He'd just walked away. That last home game that Sunday against the Green Bay Packers, I guess the 2017 season. So here's how I'll put it today. There are few sports figures in North Carolina history more important than Jerry Richardson, but also few have more complicated legacies that they leave behind. Nowadays, we really struggle with compartmentalizing the good from the bad. In music, R. Kelly is a terrible person.

However, I still bump to ignition when it comes on. I love I Believe I Can Fly. Does that make me wrong? In movies, Kevin Spacey seems to be human scum. You can say that and believe that while also saying his roles in Seven and Unusual Suspects, they're iconic. You can love those movies. Both movies, I believe we've made WD watch.

I have indeed. You watched Friday last night. We'll talk about that a little bit later on this hour. B Dot six band of Carolina basketball going to be in studio with us too. The same can be true here for Jerry Richardson. He brought pro football to the state of North Carolina.

The Carolina Panthers are the most popular, most important sports team in our state today. Would somebody else have done it if Richardson didn't do it in 1993? A couple of years before the inaugural season?

Maybe, but we'll never know that. Before 2017, when Richardson was an owner, he wasn't viewed as a bad owner. He wasn't viewed like Dan Schneider is. He wasn't viewed to be cheap like the Brown family with the Cincinnati Bengals. No, he was one of the more respected owners. When you looked at the power structure among ownership, it was Robert Kraft. It was Jerry Jones. It was Jerry Richardson.

He always protected the shield. When you go back in the history of the NFL, you don't see a lot of people who own teams after they played in the league. George Howless was a coach and then he was the owner of the Chicago Bears. Then you have Jerry Richardson who played for the Baltimore Colts and then became an owner in the sport. That's a success story that should be celebrated.

We can talk about those things while also acknowledging he's going to be remembered for Blue Jean Fridays and being a bit of a creep and a bit might be selling it short. Those allegations, they're damning. He never fought against them. When you don't fight against them, you leave it up to everybody else to make up their minds. And when you don't have a rebuttal, it's not wrong for them to assume that everything was written. Everything that was written was true.

When you don't fight back on it, when you just decide to leave. Jerry Richardson, dead at 86 today. It's okay to honor him and bring up the bad stuff today.

Tell the whole story. We don't seem to do that anymore. On MLK Day or when anybody brings up Martin Luther King, you never hear about the infidelity. You don't hear about the other parts of his life that made him human, the mistakes that he made in his life.

It's always just the good stuff. And we turn him into something he's not. We turn him into this divine figure that didn't have flaws. And I think there are flaws in that logic. Everybody has to co-produce stuff that their families or that they themselves are involved in. Michael Jordan involved with The Last Dance, making sure the really bad stuff didn't make it into that doc.

The Elvis movie came out last year and you got the Presley family probably making sure, hey, maybe we don't feature so much about the druggy stuff at the end because we don't want that part of the story told. We really struggle with this. We do.

With how to talk about the dead, how to celebrate and also bring up the lesser aspects of things, the complicated aspects of things. Few sports figures in our state were more important than Jerry Richardson, but it's complicated. Will Dalton, the executive producer of our show, however, and wherever you're listening, appreciate that or watching on WSJS radio, on Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch. Shifting gears to college basketball. In Greensboro, it's round two of the ACC women's tournament and we've got three of our locals on the docket today. How about Megan Jebbia and Wake Forest Hoops staging an incredible comeback against Florida State. They keep their season alive, advance to play Louisville tomorrow. Early in the second half, NC State, slight lead over the Syracuse Orange and Courtney Bankheart's 18th ranked Tar Heels will face Clemson at six bells tonight. Meanwhile, on the men's side of things, we should have known yesterday there would be some luck of the Irish type of magic in Mike Bray's final home game.

We should have saw that coming. They upset Pitt, whose loss just made Saturday's finale for the ACC a lot more intriguing than it already was and it was already pretty intriguing. Duke's likely playing for a double by in Chapel Hill now. So while North Carolina needs to win the game in order to make the NCAA tournament, Duke has scenarios now where they could be the two seed, the three seed or the four seed.

Those are in front of them. Now, some of those scenarios would require Virginia losing to Louisville, which probably isn't going to happen. But then again, we thought the same way yesterday about a team tied for last place, facing a team that was in first place.

That's in Charlottesville. We like Virginia's chances there. If here's the most likely scenario. If Duke wins Saturday, they need either Clemson or Pitt to lose. They need Clemson to lose at home at Little John Coliseum.

Yeah. Or they need Pitt to lose at Miami, which is the more likely scenario. So one of those things probably will shake free for Duke. So if you're the Blue Devils, if you win in Chapel Hill, likely your first game is going to be on Thursday with a double by rather than playing on Wednesday. Pitt and Miami, speaking of that game, that's now for an ACC championship. So Virginia probably going to beat Louisville in order to have at least a share of the ACC title. But Pitt and Miami, they don't, they don't care whether or not you tied when they hang the banners. Like they are playing for a banner Saturday. You're playing for a chance to say forever more that you won the ACC in 2023. That's what's on the line on Saturday. I believe regular season championships matter when you talk about 20 game schedules.

I do. Some of it might be uneven. Some schedules might be more difficult than others, but it's 20 games in the Atlantic Coast Conference. And even if you're tied for first place, that means something at least to me. So the winner of that game, first place in the ACC, that's a high level game being played at Miami. And since Pitt lost against a not so good Notre Dame team, that was a quad three loss. You also got to watch out for Pittsburgh on the bubble.

How crazy is this? Pitt can still be with a loss on Saturday against Miami. There is still a scenario. Let's say Clemson also loses to Notre Dame. They can be a double by team in the ACC tournament and be on the bubble similar to Clemson. Like that is still very possible. Or how about this scenario? Pitt loses, Duke loses. Clemson and Pitt would be double byes in the ACC tournament and still might have to do some work in Greensboro in order to get into the field. Think about how maddening that is. You have four double by teams in the tournament and half of them might still be on the bubble.

What were you going to say, W.D.? It makes my brain hurt. It does.

It does. But that's reality. It feels like Pitt is going to have to win one more game in order to solidify itself, whether that's at Miami or their first ACC tournament game, likely on Thursday. But as we mentioned, still a chance it could be Wednesday as well.

That's probably required in order for them to get into the field. As crazy as that might sound. So March Madness, it's only been March for what, 24, about 38, 40 hours? And we already have crazy stuff happening left and right across the country and certainly in the ACC. It's the drive with Josh Graham, WSJS.

Beat up! Six-man of Tar Heel Basketball will be in studio with us in just a bit. We've got sound from Armando Bacon and Hubert Davis. Ahead of the Duke game that we'll have him react to.

Perhaps we'll do a not verbatim and have him tell us what the players and coaches are really saying when we play him the sound. The big news of the day is that Jerry Richardson passed away at 86 years old. Thomas. Thomas Davis just checked in. B dot walked in and hit me in the throat.

This professional over here. Thomas Davis just sent this out on Instagram. I'm literally at a loss of words for me to try to explain to you guys what this man has meant to me and my family and so many others would take a lifetime. Mr. Richardson taught me so many life lessons over the years and I will forever be grateful for the friendship and the bond that we had.

I'm truly heartbroken and sad over the loss of my friend. I was able to become the player that I became because of him because he encouraged and motivated me to keep pounding. When I went through my injuries and everyone told him it was time to move on and turn the page he said no. He believed in me when no one else did. He gave me a chance when no one else would. I know a lot of guys feel they were his favorite player but we all know it was me lol. Please keep the Richardson family in your thoughts today and your prayers today.

Rest up my friend. So that's Jerry Richardson's one of the best players that Jerry Richardson had for his Carolina Panthers the last couple of decades. Now we transition things to a movie there's no chance Jerry Richardson has ever seen. 1995's Friday. So W.D.

B. Dot watched Friday for the first time last night. I think we were in agreement a week ago that this was probably on Mount Rushmore if not the greatest cookout movie ever. Especially when you're talking about comedies no doubt about it Friday is definitely up there.

You know I can't really put together a list right now but Mount Rushmore top four for sure. And even though it came out a decade and a half before social media hit I don't think there's a movie that's more memed more quoted than this movie. I said going into you watching it for the first time yesterday that there are going to be many things that you see or hear in this movie that you probably have already seen on Twitter and whatnot and think oh that's what this is from. Did you have that experience? Goodbye Felicia. It was fun. I heard Josh closed the show last night or yesterday with Bob Felicia. I was like that's so awesome he's going to know what that means. And it was interesting when I was listening to it the other day and you were talking about Hoosiers and what you didn't like about Hoosiers was it was like every other. But then Josh let you know that set the tone.

That's why and this is sort of like in that same vein Friday set the tone for so many things that we talk about and laugh about in the urban demographic and to see it come to life visually is like so applauded by us. Did you ever do you know who Felicia the actress's mom is or no no no her her son excuse me. Felicia's son is former Miami quarterback Brad Kaya.

A few years ago I remember I learned this when he was a practice squad player for the Panthers so I walk up to him in the locker room like Brad. Is it true your mom's Felicia. Yeah. And as how often do people oh gosh tell you bye Felicia. Oh my gosh. When people know it's a daily basis.

I bet. And she imagined if Felicia is your mom. First of all her name's not Felicia and she hates that. Like she's a you know an actress a real person.

Something I learned today like doing a little bit of research about the movie. Felicia most people are spelling it wrong. It's actually F E L I S H A. It's not the way that to put it.

Alicia L I C I A. To put it less delicately it's not the way that white folks generally spell it. That's not that now like any Felicia I've never seen black white.

No I've seen I broadcast to games that had Felicia spelled with I S H A. Yeah I've never seen it. OK. I've never seen it. Well there you go. I don't think that's carcastic.

I just say it. I don't even know how to spell it. I just say a couple people might have learned something from this segment whether it be about Felicia's son Brad Kaya former ACC quarterback or the spelling of Felicia. What did you like about Friday W.D.

enough about us. It was very chaotic. It was very chaotic.

You know kind of like catty shack. Yeah. Yeah. Like it's just constant chaos. I really it's no fluff. There's no fluff hour and a half.

You just fly right through it. It's hard to quote this movie without cursing. Yeah. So be careful.

So many of the things I'd like to say. Yeah. You just got knocked up. That's right. The kitchen monologue. Oh yeah. What's that actor's name. He plays Leon Lonnie Love and Mark John Witherspoon.

Hilarious rest of love him. Right. This movie. I didn't realize Ice Cube was 24. Chris Tucker was like 22 or 23 when this movie was made and Ice Cube wrote it about to say he was 24 when he wrote it.

Josh like taking a break from NWA for a minute. Like you know what. I'm gonna stop talking about F the police and I'm gonna write this comedy that's gonna be like the quintessential standard for all black films moving forward. And it might be the only movie I can remember that doesn't make the hood a scary place. Actually makes the hood a fun place. It's not like boys in the hood or you know. That's a good point. Yeah. It's not like that at all. It's a society.

You don't want to go to any of those. You know like this seems like a hood that you might want to hang out in. Yeah. Until Deebo comes riding on that bike. Take it off. Don't tuck your chain.

Oh that's that scene you were talking about. Eating up all the food. I like pig feet. How come every time. I like dog mold.

That's my favorite. I wish you wouldn't eat chicken. How come every time I'm in the kitchen. You in the kitchen.

You in the kitchen. I was scarred by them. The idea of putting water in cereal. It just it made my skin crawl. I can't imagine.

Is that a thing. I've never. Now like seriously you have folks to joke about that but sharing bath water and eating and like eating cereal with the water. I've never ever witnessed. I've never seen it anywhere.

I think that's like one of those urban folklores. I don't know if that really happened. What didn't you like about Friday. It's tough not to like something about this movie but I've got one thing maybe because it's just so chaotic it can be hard to keep up with the story a little bit.

The last 30 minutes. I didn't need this to turn into a violent movie really when it started to get to nighttime. I didn't need the violence. I didn't need I didn't need especially Deebo punching women. And I don't think I needed the after school special feel of John Witherspoon say oh you've got to be a man to fight somebody like you don't you know you don't need to make you a man to have a gut. We didn't need the after after school special feel of it.

Why did we stop having fun. Now obviously that's the thing though that's the hood. Like as much fun as we have in the hood that fun that you have in the daytime it always turns into some sort of devastation at night. And that's when Deebo attacks at nighttime. And that John Witherspoon conversation has happened way more times than you would think especially in the urban demographic like an urban demographic Josh in the hood it's a lot of cats out there shooting and just not fighting. And black fathers really have to help like I'm telling you and black men in the community we tell dudes like look yo put the guns down yo fight like you might win you might lose but at least you live.

You live to see another day like for real for that is real urban dialogue. But they did bring it back where at the end it looks like Smokey learned his lesson. No he didn't.

I was lying. Smokey never learned his lesson. A little joke about that or a little piece about that Chris Tucker right Smokey. Yep. Huge comedian Rush hour I'm sure you feel you like and everybody wanted him to come back and be Smokey but can't do it anymore.

After that he sort of gave his life to Christ and didn't like the imagery that he had put out as him being this big pothead and that's why he never came back to the Friday series and that's why they went got Mike Epps for the next one. Yeah. I don't even acknowledge the other ones do you.

Hell yeah Dae Dae is off the chain Mike Epps is that dude. What are you crazy? How many are there? Three. They're all great. What's the best quote that we can say on the radio? I'm not gonna go buy Felicia because we already covered that.

This is the one I got from Smokey. Weed is from the earth. God put this here for me and you. Take advantage man take advantage. It's Friday. You ain't got no job. I'm about to get you. How'd you get fired on your day off or or this is just a line I throw around all the time. You ain't got the line Craig. Smokey are you taking us?

You ain't got the line Craig. All right Rotten Tomatoes score audience score. What did you think it scored at 88? You're doing pretty well lately 91% really if he gets it within five bands win. He's been doing good. I remember last time you do is like I think I'm a little low.

He was like two points off. My boy Debbie D is rocking out with it on it. Oh, man. There's some breaking news. Is it what happened or that according to NFL live the Panthers have reached out to Aaron Rodgers. Hey, I don't I don't want that.

That's what movies you are an idiot. You don't want Lamar Jackson. You don't want Aaron Rodgers. I don't want to give up so much for a quarterback with that much risk attached to it.

That's what I want. Gambling bro. I know. I'd rather I'd gamble on a cheap contract and drafting a rookie over that you've done that. You know, they haven't time again. You haven't gotten this when have they gambled and drafted a quarterback when Cam Newton was the last time and that worked out pretty well last time they kept drafted quarterback in the first round. So you're telling me pass on Aaron Rodgers. Correct. If he was a free agent, I feel different.

I'm talking about Aaron Rodgers in the NFC South. Stop playing B dots here in studio. So we're going to have him translate some sound from Armando Baycott Armando Hubert Davis from just the last couple of hours here ahead of the second Duke game. We call it hashtag not verbatim and that's next on the drive.

All right, whenever you're ready. This is the drive with Josh Cram. The sixth man of Tar Heel basketball be dots hanging out in studio with us. Have you noticed before we get to not verbatim how crazy March has already been and it's only been 24 to 40 hours of March. What's been crazy?

What have I missed? So last night five ranked teams lost on March the first and quoting number nine Texas Kentucky to Vanderbilt. The first place team in the ACC last night Pittsburgh losing to the team tied for last place Notre Dame and Alabama was down 17 midway through the second half to Auburn rallied all the way back went to overtime ended up winning it by five. So those were some pretty crazy games from last night and then today checking in on what's happening in Greensboro after winning in round one against Virginia Wake Forest scored two points in the second quarter against FSU. They're playing the number five seat. They're down 18 at halftime 34 to 16 Wake Forest wins by 11 what they outscored FSU 49 to 20 in the second half to win 65 to 54 and right now NC State's beaten the brakes off of Syracuse. They're up 20 with about two and a half to go North Carolina and Courtney Bang Hearts Club.

They they are in action at six o'clock facing Clemson number 18 team in the country. Can't get there fast enough. You're gonna be there tonight. What? You know doggone well I'll be there. Let hat on crown on teed up talking trash.

Thank you. Getting to the Tar Heels. You're also going to see B Dot I'm sure on Saturday morning when college game day is at North Carolina and Duke Reese Davis will be our guest at about this time on tomorrow's show. You'll get reacquainted with your guy Jay Billis. Yeah, hopefully gives me a good name drop on television.

That'd be love help my Instagram numbers go up a little bit. You know what I'm saying? WD. I know what you're saying. Now let's play not verbatim with some North Carolina quotes from earlier today. This is in the last couple of hours from inside Carolina. This is for sure Leaky Black's last home game. So that's all that Hubert would talk about. He would not pontificate on if it's Caleb or RJ or Armando's final games in Chapel Hill. He wanted to talk about Leaky and this is what he had to say about Leaky's home finale his senior night. Haven't had really time to think about that this is his last home game.

I don't want it to end. I think my hope is everybody wants to be around good people people that encourage you people that put a smile on your face in the five years that I've been around Leaky three years and assistant to as a head coach. That's what he's done for me for people who don't know how this works. You hear a clip and you think you know what Hubert Davis means when he says something or one of the players but B Dot tells you exactly what they mean to say. How great would that have been if Hubert started doing the same thing? I'm like can he maybe do that Saturday night if they win?

Give him the mic B Dot. That'd be so great. Armando Baycott wanted to go back to the first Duke game and the idea that maybe they weren't as locked in as they should have been after the success they had against the Blue Devils last year. Yeah, definitely. I mean, I think it definitely was somewhat of a hangover kind of from all stuff that happened last year, but also to I think we figured I guess with that ranking like who's guaranteed to win a lot of games and think we figured that out that that's not how it goes. Listen, when we got back to camera, the chairs were still wet from the water. We had splashed around in there last year after we had beat them. We were still riding off that high. We wasn't locked in.

But if anybody knows that the end of the season rankings and numbers means nothing, we do. We went from AC to the ship, baby. I thought you were going to quote another boy's defense song.

Hashtag not verbatim. Is that what you wanted? No, no, we don't need to do that.

Don't need to do that in response to everyone. But going back to that first game, North Carolina only shot three free throws. Again, state and facts. Hubert Davis was just stating facts after that game talking about free throw disparity. Derek Lively was the best player on the floor and he only had four points in the game.

You don't see that very often. Talking about eight block shots in it. So Hubert spoke to trying to neutralize Derek Lively's impact and figure out a way to get to the foul line. It's a huge part of our offense to 100 percent. We want to attack the basket to post penetration offensive rebounds. You know, guys like Derek Lively challenged that because not only is he a great shot blocker, he does he does a terrific job of altering shots and he does it really well without fouling. Listen, man, all our guards know C, RJ, Seth, DeMarco get in the paint. Aggressive attack every time offensive the devil we trying to do. However, that dude Lively, he's a beast. He's an animal. He knows how to block shots and he does it without touching you.

That's very, very important because touching you could get you a charge, not basketball charge. Hashtag not verbatim. Had to clarify that. Yeah. So that's been verbatim for this week. How worried are you for North Carolina Saturday?

I don't know, man. I'm sort of starting to sip too much of the winning punch, sip too much of last season's punch and just understanding that this team is already playing NCAA basketball, tournament basketball the same way we were doing last year. What I don't like about this game is last year going into the Duke game, the last game of the season, nobody expected anything from us. This year going into this game, it is a big, big game for us. It's senior night.

It's ESPN game day going to be there. We need this game in order to continue to boost our chances to get to the tournament. And that's such a good point that you bring up because while North Carolina still had so much attached to that game a year ago, they had to win it maybe in order to get into the tournament. There was still no pressure on Carolina because all anybody wanted to talk about was Coach K. The stakes feel similar that they did last year, but now there's not the Coach K piece and there's this pressure that if you don't win, there's an embarrassment of being preseason number one and potentially not getting into the field. And who wants to have senior night after an L? And what better win could it be for Duke, who just finished their season 16-0 at the house, than to come in and ruin our senior night the way we ruined senior night for them last year?

The tables have turned a lot in similarity to last year, but in differences of the teams. And I don't like it. Would that be?

It won't be the same as the Final Four, but it would be to take the NCAA tournament away from Carolina and send out Leakey and Armando and all those guys that win. It's not the same. But that's quite a response for Jon Shire. Yes, agreed.

Agreed. And what's crazy is I said that I did not want to be in this situation. Like at the beginning of the season. You said this a month ago.

Yes. I said I didn't want to be in a situation where Duke held our season in their hands, where we have to beat Virginia at home and we have to beat Duke at home in order to make it to the tournament. But the thing is, if we do win this game, I really, really like our chances at the tournament. There you go. Your reaction continues to pour in on the passing of Jerry Richardson at 86.

Steve Smith tweeted this out. You taught me a lot. You will be missed when I lost my grandfather. You filled that role. And I'm appreciative for that. R.I.P.

Big Cat. And it's a few pictures of Jerry Richardson and Steve Smith together. B Dot is in studio at the sixth man of Carolina Basketball. Yeah. I voted for you sixth man of the year for ACC Hoops. Definitely should. Not really a strong category this year other than Dot.

Ryan Young and Nike Subandy are probably the top two options to. Man, I definitely should have been in the running for six man. Should have voted for that.

That would have been hot. Can you write in votes? If so, you should have.

We'll find out. Oh, we've got grammar school to do that is sponsored by Heritage Hardwood Floors. That's the first time I was able to say that without actually singing it. And yeah, you're right. It's not as good. Sponsored by Heritage Hardwood Floors.

Heritage Hardwood Floors. Yeah. Again, Dot's been overworked over the last few weeks. I'm working on it guys. It's March and there's great basketball being played. Winston-Salem State's floor done by Heritage Hardwood Floors at the Gain Center and Cleo Hill Jr. was on with us earlier this week said it felt like Gain Center North in Baltimore as WSSU won their second C.I.

Double A championship in three years. Dot, you are the mouthpiece here of your alma mater, Winston-Salem State. So how are you following that game prior to North Carolina-Virginia Saturday?

I was very excited. I had not even thought about Virginia and Carolina because I was so locked in on the C.I. Double A championship. Us getting there as a 5C, we were very excited. A lot of fans had traveled up to Baltimore as it has moved from Charlotte. And our chancellor, he will be retiring from Winston-Salem State University in June.

So to be able to send our chancellor out with another C.I. Double A championship like you just said, the second in three years, the 13th overall, it was a great day to be around man. We were very, very excited and we painted the city red and we look forward to getting some back to back action next year. On that note, sponsored by Heritage Hardwood Floors, it is time for Grammar School. Josh Graham has his own way of speaking. And just when you think it can't get any worse, Josh is going to attempt to learn B-Dots vernacular. I'm going to put one in the air. It's time for B-Dots Grammar School. B-Dots free game during game postgame brought to you by Heritage Hardwood Floors. When it comes to flooring, they have no ceiling.

Okay, so you know who sponsors this segment. One thing that I didn't deliver on last week was 10 toes down. I didn't deliver on that again. Oh, I delivered this time. Oh, RJ, what's up? RJ, after all the talk about effort the other night, it seemed like you guys were 10 toes down in terms of the effort here.

How would you describe it? Nah man, I think the effort was there tonight. It was just, um, we were really locked in on defense. I think we got a lot of stops when we needed to, but then also when we got the stops we was able to execute and get a bucket on the other end. And I think that's what got us going. And we weren't playing the catch-up game this time around. We were able to come out early.

Momentum was on our side and kept it going. Did I use 10 toes down correctly? Yeah, you did.

See, you shouldn't have even asked. His face looked like I said something funny. Really?

It did. Yeah, that was RJ Davis. That's because he knows. Because he knows. He's figured it out.

Yeah, he knows we're grooming you here. That was well done though. Thank you. That was very well done.

Definitely was 10 toes down. Good job. I don't even have one for this week. I have to think of one. Okay. Well, we'll come up with that. Maybe by the end of this, it might even be included in the segment. Who knows? I got a caustic question for you though.

Let me hear it. Mike Bray won last night, his home finale as the head coach of the Fighting Irish at Notre Dame. When is St. Patrick's Day? March 17th. That's correct. Let's go. March 17th?

I know that because I have a Hornets game that day against the 76ers. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Slumpdog Millionaire, man, I'm telling you. Like you're doing things in life and you don't even know why you have to remember these things.

And then you're playing a game of grammar school. Is that the whitest holiday? St. Patrick's Day or President's Day? It's up there. President's Day is pretty white.

Proportionally, probably. That's right. That's fantastic.

Yeah. I do like the idea of St. Patrick's Day being our Juneteenth. All right, let's celebrate. Get some green beer up in here. All right, what do we got?

All right, up first. This is new. I had to run this by Zay. This is a real thing.

And I don't know if this is just an urban demographic or is this just jargon that you may need to know? You know what air jail is? OK, air gel.

J-A-I-L, air jail. One word. No, two words.

OK, gel. J-E-L is a word. Not that word. Not that jail. Prison.

Jail. Yeah. Oh, gotcha. That's what I said. J-A-I-L. Yeah, air jail. That's what I said.

Understood. Three, three, six, seven, seven, one, six hundred. Air. This is a weird one to me, man. This one. Jail.

This is one that if you would have asked me, I would have been like, what? I don't know what that is. Do I have anything I can bribe people with? No tickets today, do you? We've got Wake baseball tickets for the weekend.

They're ranked fifth in the country. No tickets. But what does the middle of that Venn diagram look like? Yeah, the people that would know what air jail mean. Yeah, understood. I think people can kind of figure that one out at home.

But yeah, that's something I do have to bribe people with if you should want to see the fifth ranked team in college baseball. Air jail is. I'm going to say it's like you're in a room or in a closed space that has somebody who's smoked cigarettes or like in a room that stinks. Hmm. They're smoking stuff. Yeah. Or like just something stinky.

Air jail. Dirty laundry, maybe. Yeah, that's wrong. It's wrong as hell. Has nothing to do with any of that.

You could see where my why my brain went there, though. I don't. Air jail. Like you're in jail. You're in a bad situation.

It smells bad. OK, what is it? It's when you hold an animal up in the air as punishment. That is a real thing. Like if you Google air jail like there, it is a real thing. Google it. So Lion King, the beginning of the movie, they're putting Simba in air jail. Yes.

OK, but he isn't being punished. So it isn't really the thing. But yes, what's the next one? All right. What's a flick? Mm hmm. I know what my every fiber of my being wants to say. Say it. It involves movies.

Yeah, it does. Of what? Of what persuasion?

Of what caliber? Just right. It's like a movie that is generally for females, like a chick flick. That's what people say. So, yeah, it's a movie like a romantic movie flick. Is that your that your final answer?

Sure. And that is the wrong answer. A flick is a pornographic video. Well, that's romantic. What is love, Dot?

What is love, Will? You could argue that. You could argue that.

I want to go to the judges on this. I said movie. We said love was in this movie. You did say those things. I deserve something.

The fact that I went to a movie and I also bet I can find places that call a flick any movie, but not involves loving it. It is close. It's so close. Do I get the final call?

But don't you be influenced because you have to work another hour and a half? No, no, no, I'm not. But that is a form of it is a form of love, love and video. It's definitely he definitely got that part. That's why when he said that I was like, he knows he just doesn't want to say the P word.

But then we didn't say the P word. He made it a chick flick. Now, it's definitely not a chick flick. It's definitely not a love story movie. I love story.

What did you say? You said something romantic. Yeah. Yeah. It's definitely a romantic.

There are there are romantic ones, so I'll give it to him. All right. Say less. All right. That was close. But just know I still have a shot here. Here we go. All right.

What two liquors make up Incredible Hulk one is brown and one is blue. Incredible. Yeah.

Did Mike Bray have one of these last night? I mean, who's to say? Three, three, six, seven, seven, six hundred.

That's what Josh does when he needs your help. Incredible Hulk. Incredible Hulk. Which two drinks, which two liquors make up Incredible Hulk?

One is brown, one is blue. Are they going to have Incredible Hulk at ACC Hospitality next week? You could get one. OK, I'm going to go ahead and assume that one of the liquors is that hin dog. You better not be getting answers on on on Twitter. I see your Twitter moving.

I'm not it. Well, my feed update. That's not my mentions.

Where are you? Where are your mentions? That's my mentions. This is just my your mentions just updated. Oh, did they? I didn't see anything.

Who am I going to on the phones to help me out? Andy and high point. Oh, for Andy. Incredible Hulk. What is what are the two liquors that make up the Incredible Hulk? Hennessy and Blue Wave. Blue Wave.

That I wouldn't have guessed that. I appreciate that. Thanks so much for your help, Andy.

I figured out the hin dog piece of it, but Blue Blue Wave I wasn't going to get. So I'm going to go with that. Is that your final answer? Yes, that is incorrect.

No, Andy. Hypnotic and Hennessy. Hypnotic is the blue liquor. Hypnotic and Hennessy. Now, I don't even know what hypnotic is. Sweet, sweet liquor.

But I mean, there's a rap song. If you type hypnotic and Hennessy, it will say Incredible Hulk hypnotic spelled h y p n o t i q hypnotic. I could see that. I can't see any of these being used in sentences. Yeah.

After Duke and Carolina. No, no, you probably. How are you guys going to celebrate? Going to watch a flick? No, I definitely don't want to watch that with the boys. How are you going to celebrate some Incredible Hulk?

Possibly, but they probably don't know what Incredible Hulk is. You don't think Armando? Armando.

On the set of Outer Banks? Here's your question. You can ask any of them, have they ever heard of hypnotic? Saying that you've never heard of hypnotic. Find out if hypnotic exists. Ask them, have you ever heard of a liquor called hypnotic? There you go. We'll have to figure out what the word is going to be. Hypnotic.

It's not going to be hypnotic. Dot, appreciate you being in here, buddy. Thanks for having me. During today's skips or plays with Hayes Fermar, we'll tell you how to win some tickets to some concerts that are coming up. But before we get into that, as Hayes joins us from Sports Channel 8, we learned today that Jerry Richardson died at 86 years old. He was important. One of the most important figures in North Carolina sports history brought the Carolina Panthers to Charlotte. Well, I mean, there wasn't a Carolina Panthers before that.

He just brought pro football to Charlotte. So yes, he was important. He also had glaring flaws, obviously, with the Sports Illustrated report, Blue Jean Fridays, all of that.

And that should be noted as well. But even before the SI report, Hayes, I don't recall Panther fans having this, you know, lovey relationship with Richardson or speaking reverently about him. Maybe that's just the owner dynamic in sports. How many people, how many fans actually love their owner speak or think about their owner so often?

Usually it's just, hey, look how big his Bojangles Big Gulp is and how he's riding around in his cart and looks like Grumpy Cat or looks like Scrooge. That's usually what the conversation tends to be or tended to be when Richardson was an owner pre-SI report. How has the news hit you today?

It hasn't, really. News of Jerry Richardson doesn't affect me that much. If I'm forced to deep dive into what I think about Jerry Richardson, I've got to think Hardee's, man.

He brought the California Raisins to North Carolina. Do you even remember Hardee's? Hardee's?

That's how Jerry Richardson made his money on the Hardee's franchise. Yeah. Do I remember Hardee's? Yes. Do you remember the California Raisins?

I don't. I don't remember the California Raisins. In the 80s, before they fully announced that Hardee's and Carl's Jr. were the same thing, they just basically had the same marketing deals going on different coasts and that's why somehow the California Raisins became a huge thing, but you'd only get them at Hardee's.

Before Bojangles were ubiquitous, Hardee's was one of the best fast food breakfasts you could find, too. I'll always thank Mr. Richardson for that. If you want a think piece on them, I won't be able to offer one up live on the radio. That's not why we come to you.

We don't come to you for think pieces. We come to you for California Raisins and also for interesting things that we haven't thought of, such as some of the funnier pieces of things. You're really good at finding the funny amid the seriousness of talking about people, especially after they pass away. I gave you the California Raisins.

Don't take anything that I'm about to say next. Please don't take it as any defense of any behavior, some of it being somewhat lewd or old-manish into outright, overt race and sexism issues, but I think of Jerry Richards. I have no idea if he was a member of Augusta, but he could be. He's in that same club of rich southern men who were, I'm sure, thought of as gentlemen for good reason because they were polite and treated most of the people that did this well, and they probably even gave to great charities and helped people in need. There are probably a lot of people who could say, well, yeah, Jerry Richardson did this and this. Heck, he led that white guy, Brent Burson, he gave him a charity, like, let him be an NFL player just as he was his neighbor.

So we could see, like, the man is not, like, totally a cold-hearted, terrible person. I do think, much like you say he could have been a member of Augusta, probably going back to the 60s, 70s, and 80s, probably a similar type person, his sins are probably not that much worse than the other people who did that. Now, he kind of had them cast at a bad time when we were sort of dealing with some of that issue. I think in history we'll look back and say, so there are probably people who did a lot worse things than Jerry Richardson, but because they did it four years earlier, they got away with a lot less.

It's a point that B. Dot brought up when he was in here in studio. He's like, man, the things you sound like you're talking about with Jerry Richardson, the way he felt towards women and things like that, how is that different than Jerry Buss to a degree where it's like, well, Jerry Buss and Jerry Richardson came from a different time, but our sensibilities have evolved and Jerry Richardson probably stuck around too long. Well, I was going to say, that's also probably where it's no offense, this isn't necessarily an age thing, but sometimes it's a rich thing. When you are so out of touch, when you're not able to keep up with the times, if you're not willing to do the work to know what is the right way to act and run a program, whatever level you're at, then it is time to move on.

Whether it's because you're too rich and you don't care enough to do it anymore, or you're too old and you don't want to put in the time to know what the proper way to run a workplace is. So, yeah, in that sense, that was just flaws probably as much as anything. I find it interesting, you know one of the big things about me is I'm a Camp Seagull guy down in the coast of North Carolina. There are some YMCA camps in the Triad area, campaigns, Camp Cheerios, some great camps like that. And I think Jerry Richardson was a Seagull guy, and it makes a lot of sense. Seagull in its own way I think has raised a lot of great people. I'm not one of them, but there are many people that I can point to from that camp that have done great things, and they would point to the camp as one of the reasons they did it. Including, a good friend of mine is an African American guy who's on Broadway, and he would point to Camp Seagull as one of the places that helped him the most. Camp Seagull was run by a guy kind of like Jerry Richardson, who had some antiquated views, and for a long time didn't even hire black people, right? That was before my time.

So, I don't know. These people have complicated stories. Your friend and mine, David Glenn, used to say, let's tell people's whole body of work, the good and the bad, and Jerry Richardson definitely has it, but that doesn't mean that everything he touched has to be evil. I mean, I'm glad that we don't honor him with a statue in front of the Carolina Panthers, but yeah, we should be thankful that he brought big time sports to Charlotte and made North Carolina a bigger place and a place to be. So, I don't think everything he touched is a terrible thing because he did some terrible things.

Well said. Now let's get to skips or plays with Hayes. Hayes Permar is somewhat of a renaissance man, an expert in the finer things, but he hangs his hat on music.

Loves this God, and he's the friend of Satan. He was like oh six, getting busy with his sticks, been watching Big Mike and Lil Trinket trip. I just need a Zion and someone he can dunk on. Today Hayes will decide if this music is smash or trash, blows or blows.

It's time for skips or plays with Hayes. I honestly don't know what the theme is. W.D.

says it's linked to giveaways that we might have here. All right, W.D., you take the wheel. So I'm just going to go down the row here song by song and give the context. So we're going to start off with Doobie Brothers because we do have Doobie Brothers tickets on our Twitter.

They're going to be in Greensboro White Oak Amphitheater on September 7th. So that's going to be the first song here. So I decided to go listen to the music. That is the first Doobie Brothers song I think of any time their name comes up. Really? Yeah, it's the first one that comes to mind. I'm thinking, you don't know me but I know you do.

That doesn't surprise me. This doesn't have enough full Michael McDonald voice for it to be Doobie for me. Yeah, Michael McDonald going to be in the house in Greensboro and that's going to be cool. 50th reunion tour. I'm skipping on this. I got excited when you said Doobie Brothers. I can get down to Doobies. But I don't know exactly what I was looking for.

But this was not it. So I'm disappointed and therefore I'm skipping even though it's technically a good song. Yeah, if you're skipping Listen to the Music by Doobie Brothers, I have no idea where we're actually headed to next.

But man, Hayes has a high, he's grading with a sharp pencil today. What's the second song that you have? What's the second group? Okay, so Guns N' Roses. They're coming to Spectrum Center. Charlotte. Oh, don't do it. This is going to be August 29th. So we have two pairs of tickets on social for this. One's are on our Twitter.

One's on our Facebook. Don't do it. Don't do it.

The criteria is the same. I like the band. I'll probably like the song you're playing. It's just a question of whether or not this is going to be one of the songs that I really like about this band. So even though even if I skip it, it's not that I don't like the song. It's just not one of the ones that I wanted to hear when I heard this band. So you can win tickets on Twitter and on Facebook to go see Guns N' Roses.

Retweet or share the post. There are three songs that I love by Guns N' Roses. There's one song that if you choose here, I would be against it.

And I bet you Permar's on the same page. But let's find out together. Mr. Brownstone. What? Okay. Okay.

That was not among the ones I was thinking. Let it play. Let it play.

I was not expecting this. I got to think on it and I got to say, I need to hear some of it. I need to hear some of it, too, though.

Permar, do you know this song? I don't need to hear. I know. I know. Yes, it's off the appetite for destruction.

Okay. This is a play. It's a great riff. It's an underrated song.

I wasn't expecting it, but she's been dancing with Mr. Brownstone. I forget what. This is a reference to some drug. Maybe heroin, Mr. Brownstone?

I think that might be it. Hey, Permar. Heroin Bear would be a lot worse movie than Cocaine Bear.

Heroin Bear. They were great. I wouldn't say they were great. They were very good for Guns N' Roses. Slash way closer to peak Slash than Axl is closer to peak Axl. You can look at Axl and be like, all right, this is definitely an aged guy. Most of the time, the notes come out right and the song's still bang, so we're okay. But Slash is still like jamming it up and you're like, all right, I respect that.

He's still going pretty strong. So go to our social media to win tickets to Guns N' Roses and also to the Doobie Brothers. I don't believe we have any other giveaway, so what's the third song?

What's the third group? So Hayes, I watched the movie Friday last night for the first time. Oh, brother.

Yeah. So I decided, let me pick a song from the soundtrack. So I decided to go- Good soundtrack. With Mary Jane. You guys are going to kill me.

This is definitely a play. Great song. This is pretty good. If I recall, this is pretty good.

Soundcheck in general. I want to get next to you by Rose Royce. Underrated song. But no, this is a good track in general. Keep Your Heads Ringing by Dr. Dre is on this.

Yes. This is a play. Great tune.

Doobie Brothers and Mary Jane. What is it? Is this an April 20th playlist? What's going on here? We're a little early on this. It's too smart.

April 20th? What do we- Hayes. What's that all about? My dad's the DARE police officer back in the day. So everybody thought I was a narc growing up.

Everybody. Wait, you are? Hayes Permar with us here. That's been Skips or Plays.

You're not a narc? Come on. Get out. Skips or Plays with Hayes. By the way, so we need to figure out what movie we need to make WD watch next week. What is your Mount Rushmore of rewatchable movies? Give me just a few movies that, if it's on, Hayes Permar's watching it. The Fugitive last night came on some cable channel.

That's a great one. And that was on the 2AM. Partly because a lot of it's still in the North Carolina.

Harrison Ford, at peak Harrison Ford. I didn't know that. I just assumed it was West Coast, like Washington State. That's shot a lot in North Carolina. When he goes jumping in off the falls, that's up in North Carolina. The train wreck is in North Carolina. And you can go, like the bus and train, that was not on private property.

So they didn't even have to clean it up. You can go hiking half a mile off a regular trail and find the wreck from the Fugitive. How awesome is that? That's incredible. So that's high up on your list.

Anything else? Yeah, it's comedy-wise, I'd go Mallrats. I don't know if that stands up if you watch it today if it still feels the same. But that's one that I used to know. It used to be, there was a level of Mallrats where I bet you could put it in, let it play. I can't write out the entire script without prompting, but with a video playing in front of me on silence, I can give you almost every word to that, including long monologues about what is and is not part of the food court in the Mall.

Excellent work. I think the Fugitive. Yeah, Mallrats and the Fugitive. WD, there's no chance you've seen the Fugitive, right? No, I have not.

Also, did you know this? The Fugitive has sneaky roots in Les Miserables, the novel that inspired you to play it. Oh, see, this is my controversial statement that might intrigue WD to watch this movie strongly. We'll go with the Fugitive for now, for next week.

That'd be pretty good. I think it's Harrison Ford's best role. I do. I think it's even better than Indiana Jones. I think it's better than Han Solo. That's what I'm saying. I don't say that disrespectfully. I say that in respect for Richard Kimball, Dr. Richard Kimball in the Fugitive. So that'll be the movie. It's kind of cool because he kind of plays like, he kind of gets into playing the action role by accident.

He's not meant to play that role like Harrison Ford or Indiana Jones, but he kind of, I guess Indiana Jones kind of does the college professor into adventure things. Yeah, there's a lot going on. This is great. I think Ross Martin's won our Guns and Roses tickets. That's great. And Jay Austin is right again. I didn't have Camp Siegel references on my Thursday bingo card today.

I'm a Siegel alumni. Great show today. Okay.

It's pretty good that we've checked a lot of boxes with Haze Permar. Are we going to see you in Greensboro? We'll see. We'll see.

You know, I mean, it'd be hard to keep me away. No plan. Big Four Wednesday. Big Four Big Wednesday. We'll see if Duke, you know, does the job in order to give us Big Four Big Wednesday because Wake's locked in, State and Carolina are locked in. So Duke has to lose against Carolina or Pitt needs to beat Miami to keep Duke out regardless of what happens.

So we need to have Big Four Big Wednesday or a Big Four Big Wednesday. Yeah. When I came home, there was a man in my house and then went on. You find this man.

You find him. All right. See ya Haze. See ya boys. There he goes. Haze, you didn't want to. Hope to see you next week Haze. Your mic's on. I know.

I'm totally on right now. Yeah, that's fantastic. Like it's, Haze got sick of us. He's like, I'm done. I'm not going to talk to you guys anymore. I'm just going to quote Richard Kimball quotes from Fugitive. That's what I'm going to do.
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