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God Is Good (2-8-23)

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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February 8, 2023 6:33 pm

God Is Good (2-8-23)

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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February 8, 2023 6:33 pm

On a slammed Wednesday Drive, Josh explains the deja vu that Carolina is experiencing, after last night's loss at Wake, tells why Lebron has had the greatest NBA career of all time, shares his one-on-one with Ty Appleby after the Wake win, 6th man of the Tar Heels, BDaht, joins the show to reacts to the current state of Tar Heel basketball and to see if Josh knows what it means to "double up" in Grahammar School, and voice of USA Baseball & High Point Panther basketball, Daron Vaught, joins the show to discuss talking at the dentist and leaving messages on cars, in Unusual Questions.


He's amused Cam Newton. He's been insulted by Charles Barkley. When some idiot in the press asked him, if you know what you know now, what you scheduled this game.

He's interviewed Matthew McConaughey. And he's taken on Big Blue Nation. He's just completely taken the wind out of my face. It's time for The Drive with Josh Graham. You are on a Wednesday Drive WSJS News Talk Sports for the Triad, where last night was deja vu all over again for the Tar Heels. For the second year in a row Carolina has arrived at a fork in the road and the game that pushed them to the brink was against Wake Forest in the same building at Joel Coliseum. And even though the Deacs won by 22 last season and last night somehow ended up just being a seven-point loss for the Tar Heels, last night felt a lot worse. And to steal a line from Hubert Davis last night reasons because we know they should be better than that.

Too many guys are back from last year's team for this squad to be in this position again. But you can really tell today, WD, who watches the game and who looks at box scores. It reminds me of Kevin Durant when he was once ranting on Bill Simmons podcast about air quote blog boys. Blog boys. You don't actually watch the games you just look at the box scores you see what the margins are how many points they put up and the seven-point margin is very deceiving because Wake Forest led by 20 plus at halftime they led by 20 for most of this game it was a blowout credit to Hubert Davis after the game for not doing the oh well we fought back and we put in a good effort in the second half and I was proud of that none of that crap none of it and after the game ended many of these players they understood that this was not an acceptable effort for them they were preseason number one they made it to the final four last year and here they are in the same position again at around the same point and the same building as last year dealing with this same uncomfortable conversation now I go to a lot of games usually this time of year two or three a week and haven't even tried adding up over the years how many basketball games I've gone to but in the regular season I've never seen a a more dramatic unusual somber awkward postgame press conference for a regular season game then what happened with North Carolina last night North Carolina's incredible incredibly accessible their folks over there they do a great job and giving us players and preparing them for the pros where got reporters going to be going into your locker room you got to be ready for that if you're gonna be a college player wanting to play in the NBA and Carolina produces pros we know that so usually they would open up the locker room ten minutes after a game ends we go in we get our stuff Hubert Davis then meets with the media I don't got an opening statement you guys just fire off questions let's do our thing last night was different the game ends ten minutes passes we're sitting there in the bowels of Joel Coliseum we're right outside the North Carolina locker room and we're just waiting 15 minutes passes 20 25 30 Wake Forest players are walking out of the locker room with already showered and pizzas celebrating the win Steve Forbes is looking over has North Carolina done their stuff usually it's protocol that the visiting team the losing team I should say they speak first because they got to get out they got to get out of Dodge get back to Chapel Hill they're looking over what's going on 30 minutes passes 35 close to 40 minutes after the game the sports information director for North Carolina Steve Kerster has been there for decades walks out of the locker room and says the locker room is not going to be open we're gonna bring out some guys to you though and we immediately know oh well something's up here oh something's up when Hubert Davis met with the media there were three or four different points of the press conferences where he had ten second plus pauses when trying to answer a question it was like he was walking on eggshells they don't want to say the wrong thing wanted to be thoughtful listen to our guy Armando Baker after the game do apparently he addressed the team after Hubert did it was a full-on coming to Jesus meeting as Baker outlined here I mean really I just told everybody like I'm not gonna quit you want to be here be here on Thursday if not just go home you know the university like this and just have no pride I mean I'm not perfect either but I love this university and just god damn when giving out that performance is just unexcused this is the optimism I've got for you today though because of last year can't write him off last year a lot of people did and it was hard to blame them you had a first-year coach what are they gonna do go to the Final Four well that's exactly what they did so for that reason you can't write him off Wake Forest and Joel Coliseum represented the turning point for last year I remember Brady Manick telling me after that 22 point loss Hubert they thought they were gonna get a pissed off Hubert Davis telling them to run gas or is it practice the next day and Hubert was super positive and said how cool is it that you guys get to play at North Carolina and all this they thought it was a joke why is this guy super positive well that's exactly what that team needed and the next night they played Virginia Tech on a quick turnaround and that's when things started to roll and get pushed in the right direction for the Tar Heels we'll see what's next for this group and when you look at the schedule four of the last seven games are at home and it's a really good home team they've only lost one game at home and two of the three road games are against bad ACC teams I think Florida State and Notre Dame so don't write them off it's not the day to overreact and panic even though it seems like the Tar Heels themselves might be overreacting a bit three three six seven seven seven one six hundred is the phone number will Dalton the executive producer of this show will you hanging in there you seem pretty somber in that postgame yesterday well so I'm not panicking because I we already I'm not even a Tar Heel fan but when I got home from the game last night I told my wife I'm bummed out I'm bummed out after dealing with that Carolina team and I was bummed out I Wake Forest was certainly happy we'll get to them but Wake Forest went first and then the North Carolina guys bummed me out well okay so we you're talking about this was kind of the turning point last year did it feel this because I wasn't in locker-rooms last year this time did it feel like that last year at any point I don't think you know at the time you don't know at the time but then when you start to get some nice wins in February things started to turn around and I guess we'll see but it did feel like that was it's gonna break one way or the other after last night that's how that yeah let's go to Ed and Winston Salem who wants in verse Ed you're not gonna overreact today are you no sir I first of all let's get Wake Forest credit and also coach Forbes I mean he doesn't have the talent and he right now he's not recruiting the ballplayers at Carolina and Duke does and he does a hell of a job I mean I've watched that game last night and I could not believe how much Wake Forest dominated him and to me what they play like reminds me I've been a Carolina fan for 50-plus years and they played like a Carolina team I mean they were everything they'd done was you know there's almost perfect that was almost a perfect half and give Carolina credit they did come back and score 60 points but that to me that game was never never in doubt I knew they were never win when you know by putting themselves in that much of a hole but I would like to briefly go over the schedule you you mentioned that briefly yeah do you feel good about the schedule yeah I mean you're talking about a few more quad ones left you got NC State on the road you got Miami next Monday that's a quick turnaround for them in Chapel Hill Duke comes there I mentioned the bad teams that you play on the road other than NC State that's the reason why Carolina fans should feel okay right yeah yeah and like I say they've got some big name team you know Clemson Miami Virginia Duke all at home if they could win three of out of those four you know and win five out of the next seven maybe six out of the next seven and win two or three games in the ACC I think they'll be okay but if they continue to play like they have and our two guards shoot 37 shots and make 35% you may be saying in IT but I'm still optimistic and and hopefully Hubert's 40-minute talk last night oh we'll you know get him back on the right track yeah thank you for the call Ed I second that on the guards taking that many shots in a game but it does feel like a collective real quickly jumping to the NBA last night LeBron broke Kareem's scoring record and even though most of the sports media recognizes that's a significant news headline today it seems weird that the most incredible part of this feat is being missed largely today at least to me here's what's most impressive to me LeBron isn't even known for his scoring per se and he just broke the scoring record think about that for a second when I think of LeBron it's his ability to facilitate get the the ultimate get the team into the right shot guy he's not Kevin Durant known for scoring Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan no he's I don't mind having just as many assists as points if that's what the game dictates or rebounds I that's what I remember when you think about his most iconic plays they're not all scoring it's addition to pass his most iconic play might be a block in game seven of the 2016 finals so when I look at LeBron that's the part that's most impressive to be and in my opinion LeBron still needs to win another title to make a strong argument for being the greatest player of all time but that does not mean he hasn't had a better career than Michael Jordan has and it's okay to parse things with nuance that way like let's take it to the NFL no better there has been no better playoff quarterback ever than Joe Montana when you look at how often he got to the playoffs and how much success that he had no better regular season quarterback to Peyton Manning neither of those quarterbacks is the greatest Tom Brady's the greatest because of overall sample size consistency and the overall resume nobody in the NBA has had a better career than LeBron because unlike the other grades and you can pinpoint whoever you care to here he never let anything get in the way of basketball never all this longevity and nothing's gotten to gotten in the way of that Larry Bird he he would drink heavily in the offseason and be out of shape by the time he showed up in the fall dealt with back problems obviously for those who know you think about Michael it's gambling it's baseball that got in the way in points greatest player not the greatest career you think about magic classic partier notorious partier to the point where that got in the way of his career LeBron has been most impressive in the social media age never has had a controversy unless you count the decision which in hindsight doesn't look that bad at all never had a significant injury and if you think that's luck it's not when you consider how he takes care of his body which is a big part of his influence as well the impact he's had on the sport people trying to follow in his lead the way that he's poured into his body that's something that he's changed the NBA with he's given everything to that league never played in college basketball jump straight to the NBA won a championship for a franchise that has never won in his home state won a championship for the staple franchise the LA Lakers it was incredible to watch last night in a great moment that Kareem was there to hand the basketball off and all of it and they stopped the game it was fun to watch but LeBron I don't view him as the greatest player ever but I do view him as having the greatest career ever and you can parse those things I think after setting the ACC record for free throws made last night a record that stood for over 60 years in the ACC we caught up with Ty Appleby one-on-one and you'll hear that conversation next on the drive wake up with Jeffrey Griffin and triad today weekday mornings at 7 now back to the drive with Josh Graham as far as an individual performance in my memory bank for a point guard the best especially against an opponent like that with those kind of players tremendous now with Steve Forbes with some really high praise for Ty Appleby last night he's coached a lot of very good point guards over the years he had AC law back at Texas A&M one of the more fun players in Big 12 history that's before A&M joined the SEC he had Fred Van Vliet at Wichita State he had Alondis Williams who was the ACC Player of the Year for Wake Forest last season and it was a historic night for Ty 35 points because of the COVID year he's playing his fifth season of college basketball I got fired oh it's true that is how many seasons that you've had Ty I got fired oh and 35 points that's the most he's had since December 5th of 2018 two teams ago he played for Florida the last two years prior to joining the Deacs and then was on Cleveland State he scored 37 against Bowling Green back December 5th of 2018 and he broke the ACC record for free throws made last night 23 of 28 the record was 21 before last night set in 1957 and 1959 so you're talking about a record that stood in the ACC for 60 plus years that he broke and the way that he broke it I was in the back so I didn't see any of this happening I had already gone downstairs thinking that the game was going to end in just a couple of minutes 15 free throws were attempted by Ty Appleby in the last two minutes of that game last night so he breaks the ACC record really cool for him and then outside the Wake Forest locker room I had a chance to catch up with Ty now here with Ty Appleby Ty I got some Ty Appleby trivia to start things out do you know how many times in your career which I believe tonight was game 144 you've had 20 points plus 10 assists and five rebounds how many games yeah this was it yeah I'd say I cuz I don't really you know get that many rebounds like that you know when I'm on the offensive board you know or in the defensive board I feel good sometimes you know sis I think that's just come you know naturally especially with the the guys I play with now that you shoot the lights out so it's really keep it real simple for me you had obviously the ACC record for free throws as well what were you most proud of in your game tonight it seemed well-rounded but what were you most proud of um I think I'm proud of you know how my teammates you know back me up you know all through the night I'll say that for sure you know even some shots you know that I took you know that wasn't like you know so good anything like that you know my teammates were never mad at me you know they kept telling me to keep taking shots you know keep running off and control the game so I think that's what I'm much proud of today for sure one thing I always notice about when you play when you make a mistake you're very quick to hit your chest and point over to coach Forbes yeah why yeah cuz they know they know especially you know about you know miss a read or you know bad shot I tell them you know that's not gonna happen again that's on me have you ever rolled the crawl rolled the quad at wake yeah yeah I did it on last game I think Clinton when we played Clemson in her exact last time is that gonna be in the cards tonight I think so it might be you know if I hear about it you know I might go ahead and show show up and everything like that see you've only been here for a little while but I'm sure you've noticed around town a lot of people wear light blue it feels like does that add to the incentive to get a win like tonight um I feel like you know we every game you know we come out you know we think we're gonna win we like one of the best you know offensive teams you know in the country so we feel like you know it's gonna be trouble you know just stopping us on the offensive here we just have to you know do I think defensively and we'll be all right do you know how many minutes a game you average when you were at Florida I think like 27 26 it wouldn't it wasn't that many 28 last year 27 the year before that you're at 36 minutes a game now is there an adjustment physically to be unable to do that in the summer you know in the summer when I first got here you know I took it like a month off of basketball like after I graduated so you know once I got here Starkey got me a he got me in shape so I applied Starkey for that one he got me in shape for sure how do you celebrate wins like this go home rest go home and rest and get ready for the next one for sure no doubt tie thanks for the time thank you appreciate the time from him WD I'm disappointed in myself B dot he's gonna be in studio at the six man of carolina basketball I just couldn't find a spot to say God is good to somebody and have them do that I WD you were getting video of this like somebody standing there watching like I knew when he gave me that line that there was no way I could work that in seamlessly into cuz it's not even a question it's not a question it's a statement but but you're hoping someone to respond to which is not the prompt of grammar school it's not but what you could have done cuz he had a heck of a night yet God's gonna do it but and he would have said man but the Wake Forest sports staffer there is gonna look at me like I have two heads if I do that there was no I want to be professional there was you standing right in that moment yeah Keyon was there he must have been behind me he was right behind you watching the entire interview happened making sure that I don't ask crazy stuff I mean hey understandably so by the way we've got unusual questions that we're gonna play do later on today oh by the way Wake Forest next in action it's the Hall of Fame weekend so they're gonna have a lot of luminaries in Winston-Salem Saturday good storage tech Reese builders has our Wake Forest giveaway sponsored in an addition to that also on the Winston-Salem fairgrounds annex campus out that way the ACC HL the ACC Hockey League has the first weekend of a few that they have in February starting this week we're gonna be giving away tickets to that as well later this hour so your chance to win a four pack of tickets for two events out there on the annex fairgrounds the Winston-Salem fairgrounds out that way in about 20 minutes your chance to win real quickly looking at tonight's schedule it's another hoop night but it's kind of a bummer of a hoop night Charlotte's facing the Washington Wizards this is the last game before the trade deadline so let's hope let's cross our fingers let's get on our knees and pray that this is the last time that we see make some Plumlee Terry Rozier we see Gordon Hayward in the Charlotte uniform I don't think it's gonna happen I think that they're gonna move Rozier I think they're gonna move Plumlee but you would think Oubre would be the easiest to move but he still hasn't returned from injury yet I don't think they're gonna move Gordon Hayward but I still think Rozier and Plumlee they figure something out at worst it'll be at least Plumlee going so you got that tonight and you've got three ACC games that frankly I just don't give a rip about Syracuse at Florida State Notre Dame at Georgia Tech Boston College in college at Virginia Tech none of those teams might make the NCAA tournament none of them so you know what tonight's about Swayze night it's Swayze night last night when I got home I couldn't go to sleep then I was bummed out by the Carolina postgame so you know what I did I started to get to work on today's show and I threw on Roadhouse and how did that go it's just a dumb movie that cheered me up well I'm doing the double feature tonight I'm doing Roadhouse on my own because I'm a man of the people and everybody wants me to watch it ghost and then ghost ghost I might I might watch ghost tonight too because better than watching these basketball games better than that Oh you were how would you describe the chemistry on the team right now I'm on the scene that was another area that could potentially be improved at the rest of the season I do I agree with them on doing that I was Hubert Davis last night in 15 minutes we're gonna play not verbatim which is one of the games B dot plays on social media after North Carolina games I haven't done it in a while man so that should be good in 15 minutes that was a press conference a lot of people are analyzing from last night since I got you here we've got grammar school that we're gonna play in a second we haven't had a chance to talk about your first experience at Cameron indoor stadium obviously not the result that you wanted but the experience I said on Monday that that was the loudest I've ever heard Cameron because usually for that game there are more celebrities there are a lot of former players it's not the diehard fans that are living and dying by every possession there were a lot of those in the stands it was the nastiest it was the drunkest it was the loudest I've ever heard Cameron in North Stadium but what did you think um I was told to shut up and sit down I was flipped off by a guy in front of me and a guy behind me called me an a-hole so I enjoyed you know just the camaraderie with the Duke fans of course it wasn't the results I wanted they were raucous the first person I saw was show smooth aka Chris Lee outside doing some doing his his hit for the news and he just looked so professional and great out there I wanted to run to interrupt his set and give him a big kiss on the face but I didn't I just put it on my Instagram very nice of you it was cool though man like I like I was telling you off-air a second ago it was interesting because my vantage point I'm so used to being so close and in such close proximity to the action whether I have tickets it right with the family section or I'm working on the court that I was so far away that I didn't feel like I got to I didn't feel like I got to just say what you mean you wanted to curse out Jeremy Roach in real time yeah yeah I didn't get the impact the game the way that B dot would have liked to impact by like six man would have likes to impact the game you know I'm saying like I got the frat knives with the fans and again the guy behind me he got upset cuz I was standing up cheering he's like bro keep please listen I'll wait in my whole life to come to Cameron and watch Carolina Duke like I'm not gonna sit down often I'm not a person it tells people it shows or a games to sit down and he's like well if you're not gonna sit down then you're an a-hole you wanted to be that guy that rolled up on pit right after that timeout yeah that's what I wanted to do that's V dot I want to jump out there let's go get in trouble for that nothing out there cuz there was the pit player that gestured who is this guy yeah then the other two they were point like hey man get him they were snitching fan just ran on the floor no no that's six man absolutely get it right my boy you did no but he was on me anyway man Jeff because he's from Charlotte what's my man name gosh what is the dude who torched us Cummings mm-hmm the other one Henson is that his name I don't know hence I don't marry us Burton Burton yeah him the one with the little bitty cornrows that didn't already reach all the way to the end I was letting know about that too every time he was taking free throws so by the time I ran on the court they already tired of taking notes on these Duke freshman things that you're gonna say to them when you're on the floor now I'm never I'm never prepped like that I'm never probably it's all crazies are yeah they're super prep they've got the notes they're Duke students I mean they put out some nasty work though that game that was some nasty work Josh I mean they were just the drunkest and nastiest I've ever heard camera a respect to that guy to respect to the guy who got so drunk he passed out and they had to like stop the game and escort him out that was oh gee I like that now happens four or five times a year it doesn't happen every game I like that now it's hot in there that was pretty he should be a he should he should be getting it in on campus let's get to grammar school Josh Graham has his own way of speaking and just when you think it can't get any worse Josh is going to attempt to learn B dots vernacular I'm gonna put one in the air for B dots grammar school brought to you by heritage hardwood floors when it comes to flooring they have no ceiling it's pronounced heritage hardwood floors make sure you get that right but nevertheless grammar school brought to you courtesy of my good folks over there heritage hardwood floors man we appreciate them as a matter of fact tomorrow night I'll be going and making my first and only trip all season to Winston-Salem State you know you're gonna be in the building game center I get to actually touch the heritage hardwood floor because they actually did the design and the flooring there if you need them to come to your school do your gym do your kitchen do your living room whatever they do businesses they do homes they get it in what is it the ceiling is the roof is that what is that what it is yeah the ceilings the roof that as Michael said oh yeah no there's this when it comes to flooring they have no ceiling there we go there we go Thank You Catherine and Jesse dig it grammar school is very simple if this is your first time checking us out first of all where have you been we've only been doing this three years but we're here four years but welcome and we got everybody playing to like players coaches like everybody play NBA day in their NBA playing grammar school it's pretty ridiculous RJ trademark RJ looked at me last night after the game say you're not gonna ask me one of these types of questions are you no I told you I wasn't gonna be able to work that in not a Carolina but on the Duke side you could like that would have been really hard no wonder a lot of white folks on that team Jerry Roach gets it Jeremy Roach is your he's your token he gets it you go to Jeremy Roach you put your hand up in air like a high-five and you say God is good he's gonna say all the time also also I think you violate your own prompt you have to give me a word to incorporate in a question not a statement itself I'm telling you though that's how it works I need to incorporate something into a question not using statement no you can't tell me how you have to use these words it's not gonna always be a question sometimes it's just gonna be a call and response in the locker room that you it might not be God is good that might not be what but sometimes they're just calls and responses Josh okay so to even this out a little bit guys just so I'm not the only one looking stupid not knowing some of the terms of the urban binoculars you put it I've got some I got a caustic question for you all right who's Patrick Swayze oh my god that honk from the 90s who was in ghost who he's gone now I think he did he get paralyzed I don't know if he got paralyzed but I know we lost Patrick Swayze but he was did you kill Patrick Swayze I don't know Patrick Swayze he's dead yeah is he yeah oh he is yeah thanks 100% thanks Lisa yeah thanks Lisa I love Patrick Swayze and goes he didn't know Patrick Swayze was yeah now the context yeah so he's watching ghost and Roadhouse tonight because I rolled up in here looking like Patrick you look just like that I was in his head I was like wow he's not have a crush on Timmy Moore dude was so listen those is so amazing like that movie aged super well I watched it like a year ago tonight I'm gonna I'm gonna watch it WDS gonna watch it I've already seen it but in Roadhouse what's on pottery now Roadhouse I don't know if I may have seen it once I haven't seen it well enough to dedicate it to memory I wouldn't throw it out as a Patrick Swayze that's what I'm saying I think we made the right choice with goes what's the first word you got for me though first you have to use fluke oh okay you have to use fluke in a sentence in an interview this weekend fluke being like something wasn't legit correct okay I can do that all right I'll do that fluke is your word you've already last week you get a zero I got a zero all right you didn't even try I did try I every time I talked to somebody I was thinking about this I'm in the Duke locker room after their biggest win and all I'm thinking is God is good guys good for those who are clueless right now each week we give Josh words and phrases that he has to use out in the field okay it's not him just learning the words now so the term last week was the call-and-response God is good all the time and all the time God is good that's the call-and-response okay so he was supposed to use that last week in any locker room he chose not to he could have used the last night with coach Forbes I told him he could have used it with Tyree Apple there was a it was just me and him and WD thought I was perfect there was a sport no no there was a media like a sports media staffer standing right there that I didn't want to look like a jackass if so why do you feel like using the vernacular is making you look like a jack if he wants to judge your religion that's his problem that's the first word you have for me you know I'm getting disappointed I'm starting to think you're taking you're making a mockery of this segment and not really trying to use it and instill it in your life I'm not I don't really like what's going on right what's the first word all right what does it mean to double up we are double up which is different than leveling up totally different from leveling up which is a great song by Sierra yeah three three six seven seven seven one six hundred that's what Josh Graham does when he needs to use you as a lifeline yes we would like for you to participate in today's show call up three three six seven seven seven one six hundred if you know what it means to double up and I'll even bribe you we've got one more pair of tickets for Wake Forest Georgia Tech Saturday and I think we're gonna couple that with ACC Hockey League Championship tickets as well if you help me out are yours no shame competitive just trying to win the game dot you ought to be ashamed yourself double up are you not gonna try to talk through it try to rap that was horrible no yeah I'm trying to think there was a song that had a similar cadence to that that had me thinking double up I don't think it was that cadence at all that we're in quite on double up I'm gonna say interestingly enough there is a song called double up huh any good purpose great Nipsey Hussle r.i.p double up um I'm just gonna say double up means that what do you tell me if I'm in doubt and I don't know something no no no there's not what do I tell you it's what have you decided you're going to do this is one of two answers that you like to depend on if you're stumped and they are what one is drugs one is guns so I'm gonna say I'm gonna go with guns and say that it's like two pistols all holding two guns try you doubling up I like what you did right there see that's all you got to do sometimes just think it through I mean you'll still be wrong like now but it's important that you think it through no that's not what double up me okay what the name it pretty means to get $40 worth of something oh okay so like you pay half or say it again yeah you get like $40 worth of drugs for 20 bucks oh well okay shoulda went drugs shoulda went drugs people also do it with the EBT cards yeah they do but the food stamp cards like somebody give you 50 bucks and then you let them use $100 worth of your food stamps it's a hundred percent illegal but people do it what's the next one what does it mean if something is bogus if something's bogus it means it's illegitimate hmm it means it's like terrible quality mad hmm I'll give you that I'll give you that on bogus a terrible quality fake sort of in the same day I was gonna say fake I don't know I don't think he was all right what's also interesting is how you didn't use WD as a lifeline that was kind of strange and I felt like WD knew that I love the nipsey help hustle song yeah yeah yeah double up all right what's the last one all right what's a bucket in the hood what's a bucket which is different than describing a basketball player as a bucket correct totally different do I have a lifeline not at the moment okay sorry just saw you on the phone over there a bucket in the hood what do we call a bucket three three six seven seven one six hundred and you need this to get a satisfactory grade yeah cuz you missed the first one which was double up and you got the second one yeah which is bogus and what is a bucket what a bucket is so that's a noun a bucket yes and now I know what an actual bucket is you do verb things with it oh yeah it's what you were getting in that mixtape all right WD I'll use you as my lifelong what's a bucket I don't even think I know this one oh no I don't think I know this why did he say it was like what you were doing to mixtape with such confidence as if he knew what it was right you made I was talking about the basketball reference oh yeah yeah I was a bucket and that okay a bucket you you do verb things in the bucket I'll give you another word for a bucket to please this is to help you out since nobody's calling to save your life today a bucket and a hoop D are the same thing oh I've heard of a hoop D have you hey DJ I need a new audio for the intro hey DJ I need oh I've heard of a hoop D right after I'm gonna put one in the air thanks DJ who am I going to WD oh my gosh it was hilarious oh it always happens that the moment that I need help they're not there already already out for us already what's a bucket my kids call it a dunk but it's an old vehicle that's barely usable if usable at all thank you Artie thank you very much Artie get Artie's information so you give him his ticket right now I already didn't call up here for free he didn't call up here to help you he called up here for them tickets if you need tickets call us back Artie absolutely congratulations Artie day is that your final that's my final answer that is a hundred percent correct a bucket a hoop D Oh vehicle Josh Graham and that's been grammar school oh I've heard of a hoop D oh I need a clip so at the end of the year bro we just drop in all of those oh just a montage it's gonna be like a four-minute montage of just your little ridiculous sayings I'm not going to look forward to tomorrow the nuclear overreactions from Carolina fans I like wake for us to win tonight I like Virginia give me the home teams in the big ACC matchup the final seconds here as Virginia has pulled into a three-way tie for first place in the ACC and I think LeBron's gonna break the record tonight Westbrook with it give it to LeBron at the right elbow LeBron one-on-one against Kenrick Williams backing him in turns shoot as we welcome Darren Bhatt to the show when you go three for three and some picks like that last night you deserve a victory lap tap yourself on the back sometimes pat yourself on the back I don't know why I said tap that'd be weird if you were just tapping yourself on the back pat yourself a little bit more comforting so you're trying to get your own attention just tap tap yourself that's what you do you tap someone on the back when you're just like hey hey guy that's right so just patting myself on the back Darren joins the show you know him from high point basketball doing play-by-play for them and doing play-by-play and other contacts you know him as the voice of the USA baseball podcast what's the title of that again that Darren Bhatt well okay covering the bases it's covering the bases but that's been on hiatus for like a year and a half I still have this written down as being Darren Bhatt's title so sorry about the defunct as if he's not your friend and you don't know what's going on with him it's all good he doesn't listen to he doesn't listen to our podcast I'm on the I'm I don't need to listen for the this segment anyway yeah what about the other clip I see clips the other two hours and 45 minutes if you say something particularly compelling and I get word of it I make it a point to listen yeah likewise yeah likewise you know you don't need to you don't need to listen to my stuff we all do stuff like that's the thing about being in these these circles like what everybody does stuff like I'm thrilled if if you were to listen to something that I do and just say something nice about it or or anybody else who's I mean you know it you do three hours of radio a day right like that's it's borderline impossible to hear and see everything yeah still expect that of you though let's get to unusual questions last week guys everybody made it out that I got mad at Josh and I left the press conference that's not right I thought it was an unusual question and it's okay it's time for unusual questions with Josh gray let me start for one for the room what's the deal with Twitter can't tweet yeah Twitter's down apparently they were trying to can't tweet there and try it yeah apparently Twitter's down if you try and send a tweet it'll give you a you have reached your Twitter or your tweet limit and my tweet decks not even working right hold on yeah this is let's see in real time this is crippling to see if there invite can tweet something at both me and I've had other things going on and I've scrolled some Twitter but I realized I think you can only tweet if you schedule a tweet I could see thing that's happening right now we're sorry we weren't able to say no we're not okay we're not gonna retry we're not gonna put that in drafts because it was a test so whoa so don't tweet the show we can't see it three three six seven seven seven one six hundred if you got an unusual question for Darren Vaught myself and the WD earlier today I'll get us started for real earlier today I had a dentist appointment last Friday for the first time in my life I forgot that I had a dentist appointment and I felt terrible that I had overslept it and I got the phone call hey and the lady seemed mad at me even though she wasn't saying mean things at all it just seemed like she was mad so then I got one rescheduled for today and I know that the people who are at that dentist office listen to this show not gonna impact my what I say right here though what is the appropriate level of conversation to have with somebody who's cleaning your teeth like I'm talking from my end the person that did my teeth today was fantastic her name is Meredith she was fantastic two thumbs up to her she was just straight down the middle like let's just get the business get this thing over with get you out of here which I appreciated but it's still kind of like what's the small talk that you should initiate in what's the appropriate level of conversation you owe the person as a human being to have in that situation this is fundamentally similar but different from another circumstance that I find to be sort of offering up the same questions and that's getting a haircut hmm but what but while you're being worked on by a dental hygienist you in in a lot of cases literally can't talk to them yes if they do try to talk to you sometimes again do every time and they're the most pleasant people on planet earth I think they're the top category of anyone so like you feel bad that you can't the woman who normally cleans my teeth when I go to the dentist like we've gotten to know each other her husband is an athletic director in the triangle at a high school so it's a high school that I've covered once or twice before so like we sort of talk high school sports and she's very interested in me working in sports so she's got plenty of questions as far as that's concerned and that's that sort of thing but most of the time like she'll ask a question and she's got two tools in my mouth and it's like I don't know what you want from me here who won the game last night wait for okay good now spit like let's go to Andy and high point who has an unusual question for us go ahead Andy yeah hey Josh it's a it's cereal soup thank you no no thank you Andy it's not thank you how do you distinguish call Andy there's no such thing as hot cereal I mean maybe they're oatmeal that's not then that's oatmeal it's oats they all got different names we'll just call them by their different names I've heard I've heard it meal called hot cereal before no I'll answer that question was saying cereal is not the same as soup because soup isn't a meal cereal is is it yeah that's breakfast that's right if you have cereal that's enough sometimes sometimes cereals dinner I don't know about that I do yeah I mean you know you're you're a little more domesticated than me see I don't remember the last time I've had cereal I don't eat breakfast I do intermittent fasting during the day so I I swear on whatever I've never I haven't had cereal and years plural I don't know that you need to call it that you can just say you you're a finicky eater during the day dude I love cereal I as a kid I used to love cereal when I was in college I ate cereal but I cut breakfast out of my diet I don't eat breakfast so I eat an early lunch like Josh you're it you're an adult man if at any point you just want a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch you can you can go to the store you can grab it I know here's the thing they they don't sell those in one bowls they don't so if I get a box of cereal I'm gonna have that urge once and then I'm just gonna have a box of cereal sitting there for another year that doesn't get eaten it's just gonna be Fruity Pebbles or Cap'n Crunch sitting on the fridge all right this has become a new question you've got a half a box of cinnamon toast crunch in your home you're really not gonna eat it for a year okay there's a chance I find that so hard to believe there's a chance I'm probably gonna eat that next night what's your unusual question Darren Bhatt all right so this is a situational question I was leaving the campus at UNC last night where I teach my course two days a week and as I was starting my car to exit the parking area on campus where I parked two spots down from me there was an empty spot in between me and this vehicle two spots down from me I was looking down at my phone and I heard a crunch so I look up of course there is a person who has backed into this vehicle two spots down from me now this person does not realize I'm in my car even though my lights are on and my car is running I assume they don't realize because they certainly did not act like someone bore witness to this whole thing she gets out of the vehicle she gives it a quick look and she drives away huh to reveal a very obvious mark where she hit this this other car so in this case do you do as I did take note of the license plate number pulled out a scrap piece of paper write that on there hey saw the whole thing this person backed into your car and just left WTF here's their license plate number my name is Darren here's my phone number and stuck it under their windshield I got a call in a voicemail from this person earlier today happy to help them out because what a trash move this guy Darren what a flex this is Darren flexing in a major way right now if the beginning of this segment wasn't a great enough flash or flex for yours truly then Darren bought being a great human being you know I'm cool with it I like guys posting their L's or posting their W's I should say like Darren's doing right now on a radio show it's great I I definitely would do that I definitely would WD might not because I mean he's always said he's the guy that never ever would consider pulling over to the side of the road to help somebody not say I would never ever consider it you said you want a one scenario you got a snitch will all right I was right there and this the question that would be great for unusual questions does do snitches get stitches in this instance like does every snitch deserve stitches I don't know I'm like yeah no it are there karmic forces at play to the point where I'm gonna walk out to my car later and it's gonna be scuffed up because someone else backed into it and just drove away hmm what's your unusual question w ding so this is actually something I saw on a tweet earlier I think one of our fans Andrew Chwianowski on Twitter he put out a tweet saying he went to Costco and bought one item and he feels like he did something wrong oh every time so the question get myself a rotisserie chicken and I'm leaving they're like that's it so that was yeah so that was my question is like would you go to a Costco or Sam's Club and only get one thing easily and you know why because I'm going to the food court to get the hot dog and the mountain and I'm also gassing up that's right so even though in this line I have one thing for you in this self checkout getting myself a hot dog and a drink for a buck fifty and then I'm gonna fill up my car with gas that's usually 20 cents cheaper than the gas that you get other places I could see it happening because I don't like there's not a lot that I would buy in bulk so right I mean like that's what I'm saying so like every time I go to Costco I'm not buying something in bulk I'm going to get a rotisserie chicken for my lunches for the week where I'm gonna get the here's a clutch one take note of this WD the street tacos that they have it's 12 little tortillas with like some cilantro and some avocado salsa and some regular salsa some cheese and then you have the chicken in there you could just make yourself four different lunches separate that stuff out boom you're set for your lunches for the week I get my coffee from Costco in bulk a massive bag for ten bucks there you go I'm about it yep I support that I do yeah I think this was a really productive unusual question sesh think we learned some things we learned that actually I don't think you actually answer the question what's the appropriate amount of conversation to have with somebody who has utensils and tools in your mouth I guess nothing okay you got to acknowledge a human's existence working a service you know them right or even if you don't I didn't know the person that was working on my teeth today she's cleaning my teeth and then the doctor comes in I didn't know who she was but yeah I was friendly polite as as we before before tools went in my mouth and guess what to her credit she didn't talk to me while I while tools were in my mouth and I appreciated that that's good that's the mark of a good dental hygienist yeah yeah cuz I can't talk back but I just need to know what the bare minimum is that's what I had to figure out and then uh soups not cereal and cereals not soup it's okay to go to Costco and buy something one thing yeah that's okay and Darren Vaught I don't even think it was really much of a question what he asked but a nice flex of him doing a nice now I mean it was since it was sincere and then I I like dude some people don't like getting it other people's business Oh Dave and Winston Salem who writes in tell Darren snitches get stitches oh he's also not a fan of yours not Dave and Clemens Dave likes you he loves me Dave and Winston Salem says has WD dried his salty little tar heel whole tears tears that's what he wrote it wasn't salty in the first place Dave I need to meet Dave this needs to happen because I I don't I don't like people not liking me WD is such a tar hole that is the greatest instance of self-awareness in your life well I mean it's facts that's I don't like people not liking me I mean I'm gonna tell you a pet peeve of mine when people say that is facts that's facts that you don't like that those are facts what about when someone says it's hype rather than hyped which is actually what makes sense I don't really say they're one of those circling back to Twitter where we began who to follow no Twitter whom to follow yeah Darren thanks for being here we'll talk to you next week all right see you guys
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