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Do You Own An Iron?

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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October 27, 2022 6:32 pm

Do You Own An Iron?

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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October 27, 2022 6:32 pm

On a Thursday Drive, Josh previews NC State-Virginia, tonight, further dives into the unlikely story of Panthers QB1, PJ Walker, gives his bet for Ohio State-Penn State, and others, in "Graham's Gamblin", WD goes to the movies and reviews "Get Out", in the spirit of Halloween, 2-time NC Sportscaster of the Year, David Glenn, joins the show to discuss the type of case Drake Maye has for Heisman and who should be more concerned going into the weekend, UNC or Wake Forest, and voice of High Point Panther basketball and USA Baseball, Daron Vaught, joins the show to preview the World Series and discuss the most underrated candy, in "Unusual Questions".


He's amused Cam Newton. He's been insulted by Charles Barkley. When some idiot in the press asked him, if you know what you know now, what you gotta schedule this game.

He's interviewed Matthew McConaughey. I do think O'Tario. And he's taken on Big Blue Nation. He's just completely taken the wind out of my city. It's time for the drive with Josh Graham.

You're on a Thursday drive on WSJS News Talk Sports for the Triad. Or just because Devin Leary's out for the season, doesn't mean you should throw dirt on this NC State football team just yet. For starters, they're still ranked in the top 25 heading into tonight's game against Virginia Tech. But also, we've seen many of these same players defy the odds already. Back in 2020, Leary went out with a broken leg.

Obviously out for the season. But that didn't stop the pack from winning four in a row, closing the regular season, and going to a bowl game. If you were to tell NC State fans that at the time, you're gonna do that with Bailey Hochman at quarterback if memory serves correct, many of them would probably say, unlikely. You just haven't been following NC State close enough. Buckaroo, you don't know how things work around here in Raleigh. NC State stuff. We can't have nice things. Wolfpack ain't for the soft.

All those types of, you know, sayings. And there's no question to me, this group is more talented than that one. So tonight should be the best NC State has looked in an ACC game this year. They've only played good teams in the ACC. This is the first time they played a bad team. They have run the gauntlet going into the bye week last week. They played FSU, Clemson and Syracuse in consecutive weeks.

They lost their quarterback in the middle of that stretch. In fact, State schedule is the 12th hardest thus far strength of schedule across college football. That is the second most difficult schedule in the ACC. Meanwhile, Virginia Tech has the least difficult ACC schedule thus far.

The third easiest in power five. And yet, despite the schedule being as pillow soft as it's been, Virginia Tech still lost four in a row going into tonight. They are the worst team in the ACC. And Brent prize first year NC State should not have a problem. The bye week is huge for state.

Huge. It gives them extra time to get Chambers the quarterback more comfortable. It gives Tim back the offensive coordinator more opportunity to draw some things up that bets best fits Chamber skill set. It looks like they're going to be getting tight in Trent Pinnock's back. Who hasn't played since the East Carolina game in Greenville, America in the opener.

They might get Demi back at running back. How's this for a stat, though? No coach is better against the spread coming off a bye week than Dave Doran is since 2014. Dave Doran is the best coach against the spread, that is. After a bye than anybody in America. And the pack just so happens to be favored tonight by 13 and a half points.

Do what you will with that information in about 10 minutes. We're going to play Graham's gambling, where I'll share after a winning weekend last weekend, the picks that I have for you this weekend. NC State is going to win by two touchdowns tonight. Wolfpack 24, Virginia Tech 10 extending NC State's home winning streak at Carter Finley Stadium to 15, which sets up a prime time showdown with Wake Forest.

Eight o'clock kick. We learned a couple of days ago at Carter Finley, 10 days from now or nine days from now on Twitter at WSJS radio. If you want in, that's also where you can find us on Instagram. Will Dalton is the executive producer of this show, picking your calls at 336-777-1600. You can email us.

Just drop a line at WD, the PJ Walker story is already storybook stuff after Sunday. And this is the image that's hard for me to shake. Regardless of who his opponent is, Tom Brady has a tradition that when loser draw, he will seek out the opposing quarterback to either congratulate them for a win or wish them well after a defeat. He's done a lot more of the latter than he's done the former. But Sunday was the time where he was going to congratulate the guy on the other side. But just take a moment to imagine what that moment must have been like for PJ Walker. You just outplayed and beat the greatest player in the history of the sport. And here he is seeking you out amid the hundreds of people on that field to congratulate you. That's special stuff. And in the last 24 hours, the PJ Walker story somehow just got better because despite Baker and Darnell being healthy enough to play, it's going to be PJ starting for Carolina against the Atlanta Falcons.

Do you know what this feels like? It's got the feel of Cinderella. WD, you have seen Cinderella, yes? Yes, I've seen Cinderella.

Checking. We made you watch Get Out This Week. You'll give us your review later on in the show and at the movies. That should be fun. It almost feels like Cinderella going to the ball and getting the crown over the two evil stepsisters who happen to be top five picks. The undrafted PJ Walker forced to be on the top of the castle on hands and knees cleaning up things. PJ Walker's only friends being some mice and fired former college coach Matt Rule. Wanting to go to the ball, wanting to wear the pretty dresses like the top five picks, Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnell do.

And now you finally get that opportunity. And it's not the evil stepsisters that are shaking Tom Brady's hand after beating the Buccaneers. No, it's PJ Walker. Baker, he's going to be available. According to Steve Wilkes, he's going to back up PJ. He's been running scout team.

So crazy. If Matt Corral and Sam Darnell didn't go down, both of them. PJ doesn't make the 53 man roster. I can't emphasize this point enough how key this part of the story is. He was the fourth string quarterback in camp.

Fourth. But it all shook out in his favor. Corral went down in the Patriots preseason game. And then a week later, Sam Darnell went down. And now you needed to have PJ as your backup quarterback. Then in the final game, Matt Rule coach, Baker's in a walking boot in the locker room. Oh, I guess we're going to go to PJ. And before they come back to get fully right, PJ outplays Tom Brady. Here was PJ earlier talking about just how little work he got at training camp in Spartanburg.

The opportunity is going to present itself when they do. But I was getting four reps of practice, five reps. Those had to be the four or five best reps I took, you know, throughout the day. And, you know, just stand after practice as well, getting that extra work in. It helped. It helped in a preseason as well. That first game I played in a preseason, you know, I just went out there and played confident. Just knew you could get the ball in God's hands and let them do what they do.

But it just helps me as a confident player just to go out there and see things as well. Four or five reps a practice. You go out there full uniform on in the heat and you go out each day wanting to maximize four or five reps. That guy beat Tom Brady on Sunday. Regardless what happens against the Falcons, regardless, whatever happens in PJ Walker's career. He now has the ability one day fees a grandfather with grandchildren to say, come on, sit on grandfather's lap.

Grandpa's lap. And let me tell you about the time I beat the greatest player in the history of the NFL and started over two top five picks. Not bad for a former temple out. Fantastic story. You ready to hand out some picks?

Ready. Oh, boy. Went three and two last weekend. Over the last month, we haven't given out more than five picks in Graham's gambling. Well, I got eight. Eight to deliver this week. And I'll run down the card next on the drive. All right.

I think all the levels are set. Now you're on the drive with Josh Graham. This isn't good news for the Panthers. They opened up the locker room to the media in the last 30 minutes and Chuba Hubbard rolled up to his locker in a walking booth.

So I would expect it'll be the Deontay Foreman show this Sunday in Atlanta, Atlanta, Carolina. Not on the card this week. I've got eight written down here. Last week, we went three and two on the season. We're a game over five hundred. We usually do really well when we're feeling ourselves when we give out a lot of picks.

So let's just let them fly. I got eight here. It's Graham's Grant. Graham's gambling. If you're not gambling, you're not trying. You're so money. But you do. Let's play some bats.

I'm going to make you rich. This is Graham's gambling. Five in college, three in the NFL. Let's start with the college game where I have four in the noon slate alone. Four nooners starting with West Virginia getting seven and a half against TCU. It's Halloween weekend.

I've been to Morgantown, West Virginia. They like to get weird up there. I think this game looks really weird. TCU probably should be ranked over Alabama. They're unbeaten. They've played an incredible schedule. If you paint Alabama colors on that uniform and say that it's Alabama and they play that same schedule, if Alabama played that schedule, TCU played, they're the number one team in the country. If they don't have a loss, which TCU doesn't. But now that they've run the gauntlet, it just feels like they're ripe for a letdown. And I can't think of a better place to have a letdown than going to West Virginia. I don't know if the Mountaineers pull off the upset, but they keep it within seven and a half.

Tell them to bring me my money. Thanks, Coach Washington. Gee ho this weekend. Sure.

He's excited about that. Next up. SEC. Arkansas. Pig. Sui.

Yeser. Laying three and a half against the boys from the Plains and this game's being played at Auburn. Sam Pittman is four and one coming off the buy. When this team is healthy, I think they're top 15 in the country good. They looked pretty healthy the last time we saw them two weeks ago blowing out BYU. I think they hung 50 in that game. They look healthy then they got a bye week.

Sam Pittman's pretty good off five. Auburn's still a mess. Guys are transferring out. Weird stuff continues to leak out about Brian Harson, who's a dead man walking over there.

Three and a half isn't nearly enough for the Tigers. Arkansas. The hogs lay them here.

Tell them to bring me my money. Let's get speaking of getting a bit weird. This one's going to sound gross.

I always like trying to find this gross game that you don't care about in the group of five and finding some justification behind it. Let's look at Eastern Michigan. What do you know about Eastern Michigan, WD?

Not a thing. They're the team that has the gray field. It looks depressing any time they're on TV. The gray field.

They say it's granite. But if you watch on TV, it's gray. They are hosting Toledo on the gray field.

The Rockets fun team shootout last week with Buffalo fell short got a little banged up in the game. Eastern Michigan's getting six and a half at home. This does look like a game right for an upset because Chris Layton, who's the coach of Eastern Michigan, been there since 2014, no coach in America has more covers as an underdog since he's become the coach at Eastern Michigan than him. Forty times he's covered as an underdog. That's more than anybody in that span. Give me Eastern to pull off the upset against the Rockets.

Tell them to bring me my money. Last Nooner, Ohio State, Penn State. This was the last one on the card. I was going back and forth on it.

Then I just decided you've already got seven written down. Just let it fly. That's what Ohio State is going to do against Penn State. They still have those great receivers out there. Marvin Harrison Jr. A bulletnikov candidate. Somebody that could win it, by the way. BT Dubs.

I vote for the bulletnikov. Ohio State is the most talented team in college football, in my opinion. Penn State is a fraud. We saw that when they played Michigan two weeks ago. The only reason they looked great in prime time against Michigan, or excuse me, Minnesota last week, was because Minnesota's quarterback, Tanner Morgan, did not play. Since 2017, Penn State is 0-10 versus top ten teams. Now you got the Buckeyes who are top three, and they like to score and score a lot, and I think they're going to in that big noon slot on Fox. Ohio State lay the big number.

Tell them to bring me my money. Last college game. Oklahoma State is getting one and a half at K State, and I've got three stats for you to justify it, even though I probably could just say, I'm a man!

I'm 40! And that's enough to justify the pick. Mike Gundy, the guy who said that, has covered six straight games as an underdog. Second up, Oklahoma State is 14-3 in games with where the spread sits, three and a half or fewer, that's since 2016. And lastly, since 2010, Mike Gundy is 13-2 away from home in these exact situations that he's looking at this Saturday afternoon. Plainly, Oklahoma State's a better team than Kansas State is. Give me the pokes.

Tell them to bring me my money. I'm getting points, that's a steal. To the NFL, only got three on Sunday, starting with the Jets getting two and a half against the Patriots. It seems New England is the play everybody in America wants. Bella check against the Jets, what are you talking about?

Give me New York. These teams, this is crazy to me. Home teams in division games so far this year are 26-8-1 this season.

That is a 77% clip for home teams in division games. I'm getting the team with the better record. I'm getting the team at home. I'm getting the team that isn't on a short week here. I'm getting the team that doesn't have a quarterback problem right now. Why not take the Jets? What could go wrong? Jets getting points against the Patriots, let's do it.

Tell them to bring me my money. Seattle, minus three against the Giants. I don't have a lot of stats to justify it, except for Seattle's playing really well right now, and the wins that they've had are legitimate and they could have a few more than they already have. They're leading the NFC West if you haven't been paying attention. The Giants meanwhile, they only have one loss, but every game they play has been an adventure. They've been fortunate and a handful. Jacksonville was the right side last week, it just didn't work out for them. I think their luck runs out in a really hostile environment in Seattle. The Seahawks, who like to score a lot, laying three against the Giants.

Tell them to bring me my money. Last one, staying in the NFC West. Niners, Rams. It's kind of crazy to consider that the Rams are facing Christa McCaffrey in back-to-back games. That is funny, isn't it?

How often does that happen? Hey, we played Christa McCaffrey two weeks ago, and now we're playing Christa McCaffrey again. That's how trades work, Josh. San Francisco is not going to lose three in a row.

No, sirree. Not in this situation, not against this LAO line with all those big guys they have up front. Also, Kyle Shanahan is 8-4 head-to-head with Sean McVeigh. It's not like you're getting much of a home-field advantage in LA. There's going to be more 49er fans there than LA fans. Niners, minus the small number my last pick.

Tell them to bring me my money. So in review, five college picks. West Virginia plus seven and a half against TCU. Arkansas laying the number at Auburn. Eastern Michigan, plus nearly a touchdown against the Rockets of Toledo. Ohio State, the Ohio State, minus a pretty big number against Penn State.

Oklahoma State getting a little candy on Halloween weekend at K-State and in the NFL. We like the Jets. We like the Seahawks.

And we like the San Francisco 49ers. We're a game over 500 for the season. Three and two last weekend. That's eight for you. This is everyone.

Come on, places, please. We're ready. Get your morning off to a great start with Jeffrey Griffin on Triad today.

Weekday mornings at seven. Now back to the drive with Josh Graham. The legend, David Glenn, founder of the ACC Sports Journal that you can now read at has been busy this week. Answering questions that we've been discussing.

I think we might have been the first folks in the media to start a Drake Bay for Heisman campaign. You have a story about that. You have a story about a lot of other things too that you've outlined.

But the question I have for you is one that I've been thinking about the last few weeks but just haven't done the research that you have dating back to the 1800s. Is what we're watching right now historically. The greatest college football season in the history of our state, especially when you factor in the non-ACC big four programs like Appalachian State and East Carolina that are having good years?

As crazy as it sounds, Josh, it's always great to be with you. There is a very good chance that the answer to your question is going to be yes. Now it is a subjective question, right? Somebody might say, hey, this is one of those App State national championship years at the FCS level when, you know, other ACC teams were really good in the same year. Maybe that qualifies. But as crazy as this sounds, there is only one example going back to those 1880s where Duke, State, Wake, and Carolina all had winning records.

I mean, I'm not exactly setting the bar at the highest point, right? They've never all four gone to Bulls in the same year. That's a possibility this year. And only once back in the 1940s before the ACC even existed did the big four schools all finish with winning records. So when you add that App State's having another good year, ECU is having a good year, I think we're trending in the direction of this being that at least at the FBS level, the best college football season in the history of our great state. State should take care of business against Virginia Tech tonight. So let's just narrow the scope to North Carolina and Wake Forest here. Who are you more concerned about this Saturday, the Heels or the Deeks? I think it's fair to ask about both because Louisville has played good football at times during a roller coaster season for Scott Satterfield and the Cardinals. But if I had to pick between the two, who both have challenges, I would take the Tar Heels just because of that defense that I'm sure you've talked about on your show all season long. I agree that it has gotten better and the Tar Heel offense is top 10 in the country and they are a nationally ranked team that deserves credit for their 6-1 start. However, top 100 statistically on that side of the ball, whether it's a pit team that has a big offensive line and can grind it out with a really good running back or somebody else control the ball, keep Drake May and that offense off the field, the Tar Heels could win against any remaining opponent, but they could also lose to virtually anybody left on their schedule because of that leaky defense.

So my answer would be Carolina, but I think both games are worth watching. He's on Twitter at DavidGlennShow. Read his stuff, David Glenn with us here on The Drive.

One more on football. Getting back to Drake May and the Heisman case. We heard Dave Claussen complaining about Sam Hartman not being mentioned much in the conversation, but Drake May, his name's been out there more than Hartman has. He's been more available than Sam Hartman has. He's campaigned, so to speak, more than Hartman has, and I think the numbers are better than Sam's.

Now you've got to factor in that Sam didn't play in the opener because of the blood clots issue and he had a downer against Liberty before they got set to play Clemson way back in September. Drake May's been great statistically every single game, literally, that the Tar Heels have played, including in the Lost to Notre Dame where he had, checks notes, five touchdown passes in the game. I'm not saying he should win the award, but is it too far fetched to say that Drake May by season's end could be going to New York? I just saw a straw poll at the Athletic on this, and Drake May was number eight among Heisman candidates. So that means it's certainly a possibility that he could go higher, and one of the themes that I wrote about at was that, of course, it is always a combination of needing pinball machine-like individual numbers, but also being on a successful team, and I mean highly successful team. So, for example, CJ Strout of Ohio State is number two right now in the Heisman straw polls, but that's because both his numbers are insane. Most touchdown passes in the entire country right now, but he's also the leader of an undefeated team ranked number three in the nation.

Same with Hendon Hooker at Tennessee, right? Undefeated team, national top three, huge individual numbers. If Drake May keeps putting up these numbers against the better part, the tougher part of the Tar Heels schedule, and the Heels keep winning, well, then anything is possible. But if either of those things does not happen, that's where you just fall by the wayside, the way virtually every other potential Heisman candidate in the history of our state has always fallen by the wayside over the years. Yeah, and we'll see. You've got to play in front of bigger audiences, too, and that's why when you talk about, and we talked about a short while ago, possibilities that might be in front of Carolina and Wake Forest, if you win the next couple, a really strong chance college game day might be coming to Winston-Salem. Those are the types of stages that Heisman voters watch and get a chance to watch you play. Drake May and Sam Hartman have not had a lot of those opportunities.

On the way out, got about a minute or so here, DG. Where do you stand on when it comes to the top four teams in the ACC and basketball with a preseason poll? How did you differentiate things at the top? Who was your preseason pick? Preseason number one was Carolina in the ACC, and the only real difference I had with what I saw in the national polls and I think the vote in Charlotte where you and I saw each other, I think Miami is better than people think. So I love the Tar Heels potential for obvious reasons that I'm sure you've discussed. The Blue Devils have that loaded freshman class. They just need better guard play to go with Jeremy Roach. But Miami has a couple of transfers that are as good as any transfers in this league. So I think the Canes are going to factor. I had the Canes number two in the ACC in my preseason ballot.

So obviously I think that means that I think they're going to be really, really good in what I think is going to be an excellent ACC again this year. DG, it's always good to hear your voice, brother. Hope to see you sometime soon. Thanks for doing this. Thanks, Josh.

Always great to be with you, buddy. Keep up the good work. See what you did there? Get out is the movie that WD watched for the first time this week.

He'll review it in a second. This is the song that was played at the very beginning of the movie. Before we do that, a shout out to the folks at Woods of Terror. They have been crushing it. Leading up to next Monday, they will be having all of their events, all of their attractions up. This is the time where they cook and they got something special cooked up for you. The Monster Midway is every night at seven o'clock sharp.

Seven o'clock sharp. It's the Monster Parade through the Monster Midway. It parades through and it's led by the Casket Car and Eddie and Dawn the Snake. That's something you need to see. That will be a lot of fun. But among the other things that they have, attractions, arachnophobia.

Don't know. That would really get me. Bugs, spiders, snakes, all that stuff. It gets me.

Doesn't mean it's not fun when you're around other people. Arachnophobia, night stalkers, industrial nightmare. You can get your tickets online at where they also outline all the different attractions that they have available to you this year.

Really neat stuff that they do out there at Maclaurin Farms. And what a great segue from Woods of Terror to Get Out this week at the movies. Unless you're talking about Star Wars. Obi-Wan has taught you well. Movies aren't exactly Will's thing. I don't get it.

You had cocks of swine? But that's about to change because Josh can't stand it anymore. This is Add to the Movies with Will Dalton. Okay, WD, two nights ago you gave this a watch. I did. Not distracted.

No, especially for horror movies. I don't do that. Popcorn, what do you have to drink? What are you doing? I think I had a cup of coffee. You're so weird. At night.

No coffee that late. Yeah. What did you like most about this movie? Well, to start off, I liked this one more than The Shining. Because again, to the point that I said to Sarah Bradford why The Shining just didn't do it for me. It wasn't as scary because maybe modern horror has kind of spoiled me a little bit.

Like for Textured Chainsaw Massacre, I tend to like the newer ones than the old. So to start off here, because I really like us, the other Jordan Peele. This is a much better movie than us. I think you're right.

I like how the music at the very beginning and both of Get Out and Us like just a really uncomfortable feeling to the music. So I like the touch from Jordan Peele on that one. The dad was originally hilarious. Rose's dad.

I would have voted Obama a third term. Yeah. Turns out he didn't end up being so great.

No. That whole family did not turn out being great. If you haven't seen this movie by now, by the way, that's on you. I'm going to watch it again.

That's kind of the point on this segment, point of the segment. It's a great rewatch where there are things that you notice now that you know the twist that make other parts of the movie enjoyable. To me, rewatching it not too long ago, it just holds up as a really good movie. Which you don't get a lot with horror.

No. Jordan Peele didn't even describe it as a horror movie. He said it was more of a societal thriller, I think was the way that he put it. But you can see all the different influences of Rosemary's Baby and Scream and others. Starting with something that was really scary at the start of the movie. You don't really know a lot of horror movies that have something scary right from the jump where Lakeith Stanfield is being thrown into a car. And you don't quite know the details of it at the beginning to get out and scream. Also very scary right from the start of the movie.

You could see that those influences are there. It's a deep movie. It's an artsy movie. It's incredibly well done.

It's amazing that it's Jordan Peele's first movie. And it makes you think. Like I enjoy thrillers and horror movies. Like you're kind of gradually piecing things together. Like you know something weird is going on but you're not sure why. Like the hypnotizing scene for example. Oh.

The sunken place? Right. Like when they were out on the deck during the daytime.

Not when she hypnotized him but just a little click of her glass. I was like okay that's probably going to mean something. Oh yeah.

Well what it means is you're going to be in the sunken place and things aren't going to be good for you. Oh yeah. In all likelihood. It's Ben Simmons has this thing or Bill Simmons excuse me. Where he thinks that you should pick a best picture five years after the fact.

Let it marinate a little bit. Because in real time it's hard to figure out what movie is going to resonate most. Five years ago this movie came out. So twenty seventeen year twenty eighteen Oscars. And in twenty eighteen the shape of water won best picture. I've never had a conversation with anybody about shape of water. I don't intend to rewatch that movie.

It's fine. Michael Shannon. Octavia Spencer. But that was the best picture winner. When Dunkirk was out there. Christopher Nolan movie.

Lady Bird. Get out. Those are the movies that you're going to be talking about years from now. I didn't love three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri that year.

These movies are movies that are going to live on and get out is probably going to be the movie out of this group. That's talked about the most as years go on and ages the best. What didn't you like about get out.

Her talking about her toenail collection. That was gross. That was disgusting. For me.

It was just ruining. Catherine Keener for me. She is the actress. The mom with the sunken place.

I didn't like her either. It's so creepy. It's she does a great job. It's super scary.

But try. I know her from being the love interest in 40 year old Virgin. I know her from being John Malkovich and a handful of other movies. I think she's the voice of the mom and the Incredibles. She is really. Yes. She is known to be a lovable figure. And now when I rewatch this movie all I could see is her tapping the glass in the sunken place.

Yeah. So it's ruined a lot of Catherine Keener movies for me. Something was just off with both her and the brother character from the beginning. I could just tell like the dad loved the dad initially but that the mom and the brother I was like. Damn but a great move watching this movie.

And there's some research on this where apparently Jordan Peele in an interview said the initial screening of it. Allison Williamson character who's the girlfriend bringing being a clueless character to her family. Yeah Rose that she was originally when they're talking out by the water and he says the weird things that have happened to him. She initially defended her parents in the original cut and tried to put it on him. Why are you being weird right now.

These are my parents and whatever. But Jordan Peele decided it would be better and make the twist less predictable. If she actually went along with what he was saying. Oh then we got to get out of here.

Sorry they're being strange. And then when he discovers the shoe box. Oh it's it's a great twist which leads us to best quote to. What do you think it is.

Well obviously you got my dad would have voted for about Obama. The third term that I'm not going to use that one. To the point you just said the twist with Rose. You know I can't give you these keys.

Yeah you know I can't give you these keys. And that was just like oh oh she is in on it. Oh she's in on it. This isn't good. Bad things are going to happen.

T.S. Bleepin a. Yeah. How can I get in trouble for patting down an old lady. It's standard procedure. Can't finish the rest of those lines. I wish I'm just dating him to get to you Rod. Yeah.

That's actually what she was doing. Yeah what do you think happens after Daniel Kalua. If things go successfully. She's going to go to rock. Right.

And Rod's going to go back to the house. What is your rotten tomato score for this. Hmm. I've been really good with ninety threes. I believe I've hit twice on the button with ninety three.

So I'm going to go for it. Ninety three. Eighty six. Hmm. Not as high as I would have thought. Eighty six percent is the score. There.

So you're off by more than five on that. What was scarier. Get out or bachelor in paradise at my place last night. What was that was that blondes name. Which one. The one that's going to throw hands in the next episode. Shanae.

Because of course Logan I think. Shanae. Shanae. She's pretty scary. Feisty. Well she gets a little riled up. That might have taken the cake. Yeah she has a trait of I know I'm super attractive. Yeah. And that's very unattractive. How dare you pick anybody but me.

That's been at the movies with the W.D. We're going to cram a lot of smart and a lot of dumb into the next 20 minutes. Which is about as good an introduction as I can give to Darren Vaught joining the show voice of High Point basketball who also broadcast basketball and other on other platforms. In addition to that you know I'm from USA Baseball the official USA Baseball podcast and he is a jack of all trades that we love to have on the show.

Darren. Baseball is your area of expertise. You've been on the Phillies for quite some time. They were underdogs in all three series that they've had leading up to the World Series which starts tomorrow. The Astros haven't lost yet. So again the Phillies are underdogs. How much of a shot do you give Philadelphia considering it's a very similar circumstance to what we saw with the Braves a year ago. Are you picking the Phillies. I think I am. You really can't go wrong to me anyways in this World Series.

I know a lot of people. Well you can. There's going to be a winner and there's going to be a loser.

Well no I mean you can I'm saying in terms of what people want. For me I'm going to be happy either way because if the Astros win it means Dusty Baker their manager gets his first World Series. And if the Phillies win it means one of the great players of our generation Bryce Harper gets his first. To me again that's win win to me and it's a good story either way. I think I'm picking the Fills though.

You got to ride the hot hand that's typically how this thing goes. And though the Astros have been maybe the most dominant team other than the Dodgers throughout this entire season. The Astros are here the Dodgers are not of course even though that's the case. Look look I love Justin Verlander they got Verlander going in game one. My man is 0 and 6 all time in the World Series. He's an all time great. He's a Hall of Famer when he's finally done.

He's had three different careers it feels like at this point because he's reinvented himself so much. I think Philly gets game one and it puts them on track to win it and maybe six or seven. I'm going to take the Astros just to be contrarian and also picking the favorite at the same time.

It's rare that you get to check both of those boxes so I'll take advantage of doing that just now. Not going to give you all the deep baseball analysis though on that. Now let's get to the main event of what we do each week. Let's play Unusual Questions. Last week guys everybody made it out that I got mad at Josh and I left the press conference that's not right. I thought it was an unusual question and it's okay. It's time for Unusual Questions with Josh Graham. On Twitter at WSGS Radio it's essentially some version of Ask Us Anything. If it's sports related great usually it's more fun when it's not.

336-777-1600 is the phone number. Darren Vaught, WD, Will Dalton and I getting to some stuff. Last night all of us were together at East Coast Wings right down the road from our studio on North Main Street in K Vegas. And I thought about this question. I didn't mention this at the table.

I felt badly about something that I did. WD said he was going to be 20 minutes. Oh you're going there. And he showed up at 620. Usually he's a little bit later than when he says he's going to show up. And I thought 20 minutes, if it gets close to 30 minutes, we probably should order our food now. But when you showed up the food had not arrived yet for us. And I felt bad in that moment thinking we should have waited until Will showed up to order. So the question I have is how long are you willing to wait? How long is it good manners to wait for the last member of your party to go up before ordering dinner?

Is this not totally dependent on the company and the people that you're with? There you go. I suppose, but I'm saying for you personally, is there a rule of thumb that you lean on?

If not, let's create one perhaps. Okay. All right. In the instance of the three of us, right?

Three friends. I mean it's totally fine. Just get food.

It was funny. Just get food. It was, yeah, absolutely just get food. And it's not like a big fancy meal, right?

It's not a special occasion or anything like that. It was an agreed upon thing that Will was going to finish up his stuff at the studio, meet us there. And, you know, two minutes after he sat down, yeah, they're setting our wings in front of our faces. But it was pretty quick. So he ordered and he got what he ordered pretty quickly after that.

You were, I, it's, it's, I'm not surprised that you noticed, but to me it was, it was a pretty easily unnoticed thing. It was fine, but it had me thinking if you are, let's say it's not just three friends or whatever. If somebody says I'm going to be 30, is that too much time? Is that too much time to wait or you already order your food?

I would say yes. But if somebody said I'll be there in 15, well, then we can converse if there are other people there, maybe get a drink or something like that and wait. So it seems like there's a sweet spot between the two 30. That's way too long and unrealistic.

15 is pushing it, but I don't think too long. Hence why I said 20 and not 30. Whoa. So you did notice, hey, they ordered food without me. But like, I, I, I wasn't like, I was completely fine with that. Because again, to Darren's point, like the setting, like, go ahead.

Like WD is such a polite person. He just has things build up inside him where he said, that's why I said 20 and not 30. And it just comes out when I said earlier in the show, I got to give you credit for something this summer that you said you like PJ Walker and I made fun of you for it. And you have a different look that appeared on your face where you're like, that's right. You did say that.

And I do remember it. It's you, you have these, you just suppress these feelings and push them down. You never know.

And then they come bubbling up when I bring it back up. So there you go. You got to watch. You got to watch. Control those emotions, Will.

So you don't, you know, club Josh in the face. Put it up on the ESPN scroll. WD was too polite to say that it bothered him that I ordered. It did not bother before he showed up.

Put that up on the ESPN scroll. Okay, Darren, what's your unusual question? Why did that? Why did it happen again? I legit just had one. Oh my God. Second consecutive week.

WD, what do you got? No, hold on. I need to maybe like talk about this with somebody. Do I have like unusual questions?

Stage fright? I legit was just going to. How about you just write it down? I got it. No, I, I know. I haven't been writing it down. So, all right, I've got it now.

I've got it now. Okay. Do you own an iron as an adult? Yes.

No. How do you, how do you keep your clothes from getting wrinkly? I iron them. I own an iron, but if I didn't, there are, I was talking to Will. Okay. Got it. I'm on the zoom.

He can see me. I was, it was like, it was an implied gesture. Uh, I just, I, I'm careful with how I dry them. Like for certain, so for things that I feel like could get wrinkled that I don't want to get wrinkled. I'll just hang dry them.

Like I literally just did this the other night for this reason. Do you do the bathroom trick where like, Hey, I'm in a shower and things are going to get steamy in here. So I'm just going to hang them on top of the shower. No, I'd hang them after I showered because I didn't want them in my way. Okay. When you don't have to put them in, you're not hanging them in your shower.

Will you? I put on my shower. Are you doing Taekwondo in there? What are you doing?

I don't want it in my way while I'm doing some crane kicks. I had to take a shower. I'm hardcore dancing while I bathe.

Rain dance, getting some practice reps in before the next big rain of the fall comes down. All right, so I asked because, A, as an adult, I do not own an iron. I think that's going to have to change. Have you always not owned an iron?

Yeah, pretty much. See, when I was in college, I had an iron. How often do you iron your clothes though? You're like, that's not an everyday thing. When I broadcasted games, when I was in college, I would.

When I went to things, I would iron my clothes. Who are we going to, WD? We're going to DJ.

Oh, DJ Turner, our great operations manager. What's your unusual question, DJ? Why is it that when you go to concerts and sporting events and you buy the aluminum bottle of beer, do they have to take the cap off? Oh, great question. Thank you for the call, DJ.

This is what I believe the answer to that question is. They take the cap off because if you're at a sporting event or a concert, you can use that bottle as a potential weapon. You can throw it if it's close ended, but if there's not a lid on it, this is the actual reason.

I've asked this question before and they tell you, obviously, the liquid comes out of the bottle and it's less dangerous as a result, but they fear that you would use it to potentially throw it at the stage and you're less likely to do that if the bottle is closed versus if it's open. All right. Here's my counter argument to that, and I know that you're not saying that.

It's a policy, so I'm arguing with the policy. A, the type of person to buy an alcoholic beverage at a venue like that in an event like that is very aware of the money they're spending on that beverage and why they're spending it on that beverage. If they throw, and we're talking aluminum bottles here, if you reseal an aluminum bottle and then throw it on the stage or whatever, obviously, we don't want that happening, but if you do, those things are pretty light when they are empty, assuming you have consumed all of the liquid. Correct. If there's still liquid in it, it's still going to hurt someone.

If you throw it, you're not keeping anyone from throwing a bottle by taking the twisty cab. I don't get that. I don't understand. I like DJ's question. It's a great question. It's a great question. I've asked this question to someone and that's exactly what they told me.

It was out of Raven's game in Baltimore in January, I asked that question. It's crazy. I've done this before.

If I go into a concert with the intent of whatever singer, I don't like him. I want to throw something at him. No, no, no.

I love the picture that you're painting for this reason. How great would it be if somebody had the intent, I'm going to buy a bottle with the intent on throwing it at them and then when the person snapped the cap off, they did like the fist in air. Oh, foiled. Oh no, I'm not going to do this now. It's not stopping you. If I want to club Morgan Wallen with a mick ultra bottle in the side of the head, assuming my throws accurate, if I don't take a sip of that beer and it hits, it's still going to hurt.

What is, I mean, we're talking drops that you'll lose very minuscule amount that you'll lose on its way to his cranium WD. I had an unusual question to ask. You have an unusual question to ask.

Well, since we're right here at Halloween, I'm actually been sitting on this one for a little bit. I want the music though. Yeah, we're going to have the music.

Wow. Do we want to hear Roy Williams again in the open? No, you can just play that out of cue. I'm stalling for you right now. That's what I think I'm doing.

He's hearing Roy in cue and we're just waiting for him to push it back up. A little bit of behind the scenes. Now what's your unusual question? In there, been there, man. In the spirit of Halloween, what is the most underrated candy?

You, you, I just want to fight you right now and my dad, here's how you should feel ashamed of yourself. I've been sitting on this. My dad, my dad called me today's like, Hey, you're going to do any fun radio topics?

Like what is your favorite Halloween candy on the radio? That was my dad this morning. So I guess, yes, dad, we are doing this.

Pour one out for the David Glenn show, formerly from noon to three on this, this fine radio station. We would have done it. We would have done it five days that way.

Three hours. Um, underrated Halloween candy, March madness bracket of Halloween candy is what we would have done. Get up. This, this candy doesn't get enough credit. So I'll say it. So it's underrated. It's a, it's a known candy. It's a popular candy, but it's underrated because it doesn't get talked about enough smarties.

And it's in your name. I got smarties in my hand right now. When I see smarties so easy to eat them so quickly, you can eat them and they're good. They're tart. I like them smarties underrated. 100 grand bar.

I don't like underground bars. I was, I was, I was listening to the Gojo show, Mike Golic Jr's podcast and he had his dad on there and Golic senior referred. They were having talking about this very thing and Golic senior referred to 100 grand as the $100,000 bar. Outstanding. Great.

Do you have an answer to this question? Yeah. My favorite has always been Payday and no one gets it. No one understands it. Payday is the goat to me. So I love a payday. That is underrated. If you believe that's true. If you believe Payday is the goat, then that's a really good answer.

How would you answer your own question WD? Uh, for me personally, I think crunch bars. That's underrated. You know what? No. Butterfingers.

That's properly rated. You don't. I don't know. That's the top three answer that someone gives three. If we're doing family, you just went from, if you're Steve Harvey saying what's the most popular candy bar in America, it'd be the ding. It's the third one that appeared. So what we're talking is underrated.

If it's on the family feud answer, it's not underrated at all. Smarty's is not appearing there. No. Payday's not. And neither is under grand bar. Your grand is not the zero bar. Oh. What? I get them confused.

What is in a zero? I don't care. I have no idea. That's been unusual questions. I got to ask you. You're at marshmallows.

I don't know. You were at Big South Media Day. What was your takeaway from a high point perspective Big South Media Day? Was it something fun or something basketball related?

Um, a little bit of a surprise. So High Point lost its leading scorer, John Michael Wright. I think the best player in the Big South on the men's side anyway, uh, in each of the past two seasons, he transferred to Oklahoma state and is going to be a starter for the Cowboys. High Point, though, despite that, voted to and picked to finish fifth in the conference. Their highest since the last handful of years since I've been there, it's the highest they've been picked. So, uh, Gigi Smith, it's his first full year getting the reins from his father.

Tubby is the head coach. They tell me it's a lot deeper of a team. They're going to run it. They're going to play with a lot more tempo. Um, so I'm excited to see it.

A lot of potential in High Point. What's the best story for Media Day? The best story. Mm hmm. It's always fun. Media Day. Yeah. Funny things happen. You were doing stuff. You were hosting Big South Media Day, I think. I don't know what you were doing up there.

I'm going to be honest. I was there. I was just hanging out, man. Okay. You were just hanging out. Yeah.

I don't know that I've got a good story. I saw a lot of our favorite people. Evan Lepler was there, um, Paul B and Cardi, yucking it up with him. He's everywhere. He's everywhere, man. I see him all over the place. That guy gets around Paul B and Cardi.

He does. If there's basketball to be played, he's, you can, you're going to see Paulie B. He's in your gym.

He's one of those guys in the spirit of Halloween on the way out. If you just say Paul, if you're in a basketball arena and you say Paul B and Cardi's name three times, he shows up. There you go. Where you're at.

Just don't say it three times. I'm not in the gym right now. So I'll just say Paul B and Cardi.

I don't believe you. Paul B and Cardi. Paul B and Cardi. I'm not in a basketball gym right now, but if I were, guarantee you Paul showing up. DV. Thanks for the time, my friend. Always fun. Check out Subscribe to the channel for more, rounds, and more. See you soon.
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