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UNC & Wake: 2 Teens In A Horror Movie

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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October 28, 2022 7:29 pm

UNC & Wake: 2 Teens In A Horror Movie

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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October 28, 2022 7:29 pm

On a Friday Drive, Josh describes how both UNC and Wake Forest are like "two teens in a horror movie", gives his prediction for Panthers-Falcons, enjoys some "Weekly Positivity" ahead of his trip to Tennessee to see Hendon Hooker and the Vols play Kentucky, describes media bias against the ACC in five words, in "Keep It Simple", radio voice of the Tar Heels, Jones Angell, joins the show ahead of tonight's first exhibition game for Tar Heel basketball and Tar Heel football with a chance to lock up the Coastal Division, tomorrow night against Pitt, and Wake Forest color commentator and former MLB All-Star, Lary Sorensen, joins the show to discuss what concerns him the most as Wake heads to Louisville and whether or not the short delay of play, leading up to the World Series, will affect either one of the rolls that both the Astros and Phillies have been on.


He's amused Cam Newton He's been insulted by Charles Barkley when some idiot in the press asked him You know what you know now what you know schedule this game.

He's interviewed Matthew McConaughey I do think oh, sorry, and he's taken on big blue nation He's just completely taking the wind out of my seat. It's time for the drive with Josh Graham We've made it to a football Friday. It is the drive on WSJS news talk sports for the triad We're on this Halloween weekend. It feels like North Carolina and Wake Forest are teenagers teenagers Late at night home alone in a horror movie You know what I'm talking about. You just know that by the end of the weekend One of them's gonna end up dismembered and stuffed in a closet for the other one to discover The problem is you just don't know which one it is yet as Wake Forest heads to Louisville and North Carolina hosts Pittsburgh both of these games are scary and Really should be close games. They should come down to the wire, but the tar heels are in the most danger Just like the Notre Dame game, which was the one team, North Carolina's face this year that they lost to Pittsburgh's a bad matchup and more than capable of pulling off the upset in Chapel Hill other than the Irish Pit is the most physical team Carolina has faced this year the tar heels Listen, I picked them to win the coastal division even if they lose this game. I still think they win the coastal but They are a fat a finesse team they are softer than Many of the other teams ranked in the top 25 that doesn't mean they can't compete That doesn't mean that they're overrated or over ranked They are a finesse team A lot of great skill position players gets pushed around though up front both on offense and defense They have not proven by any means That they can play well in a fistfight Pat Narduzzi on the other hand is always looking for a fight in the media With his players and coaches it seems like and certainly on the football field That's how he coaches him up and you know after losing the Louisville last weekend They're gonna play angry and they know what's on the line They know that their hopes of getting back to the ACC championship game Dashed if they lose to Carolina, they know Do you think Carolina is gonna bring the same level of physicality as Pitt Honest be honest about it. Think about I don't care how big of a Carolina fan you are There's no way you can expect Carolina to bring that same level of grit and intensity as a team that knows It needs to make it happen versus Carolina that has a little bit more leeway Pittsburgh could have the best tailback in America Get ready to hear this name a lot Israel a band of canda Fun name to say a band of canda fourth in the nation and rushing yards tied for first in the nation with 13 touchdowns Carolina's run D has been a weakness But when you look at the teams that they faced Far from many of them are far from elite rushing offenses Notre Dame is the only team ranked in the top 25 of Rushing yards per carry that Carolina has faced So yards per carry Notre Dame is the only one ranked in the top 25 and they're ranked fourth in the country We saw them run right through North Carolina all the others that Carolina has faced not very good in that category Pittsburgh's ranked 12th in the country a Band of canda one of the best out there That's going to be an issue Carolina's run D has been the biggest weakness of the Carolina defense, which we know has struggled Then you got the youth of Carolina this team Still has not been burned by playing with fire all throughout the year. The youth has not caught up with them Not in Boone not in Durham not in Atlanta against Georgia State It's just too easy to expect them to lock up the coastal division in the month of October So I don't think they're going to plus North Carolina's 0 for 5 in games after a bye week under Mac 2.0 Pittsburgh needs to win.

They're gonna show the urgency that North Carolina will not Give me Pittsburgh 38 North Carolina 31 Tomorrow afternoon a game that WD will Dalton is going to be attending. Yes, I will I'm gonna be in Knoxville as soon as we get off the air I'm headed down to Rocky top never been to Tennessee before I'll be in attendance for number 3 Tennessee versus number 19, Kentucky some darn good-looking uniforms. Tennessee's gonna be wearing man. Oh, yeah Blackout black unis.

Oh, yeah mean last year. They brought that back and they had the orange helmets Which I didn't think looked good with the black unis. Yeah orange helmets with black unis now No, having the black helmet with the black tee a lot better look for Tennessee I think they're gonna win that game to Jones Angel will join us in a little over five minutes Not just to talk about Carolina Pitt, but how about basketball tonight? Carolina hoops Gonna be an action against Johnson C. Smith in an exhibition tonight at the Smith Center. But before we get the Jones shifting things to the Panthers as fun of a fever dream as last Sunday was for Carolina a Game that became less shocking when watching Tampa Bay lose again last night against the Ravens a game that you could have listened to right here on WSJS Going on the road is usually a recipe for teams like Carolina to be pulled back down to reality Atlanta's going to win this game Winning on the road is hard We hear that it's a cliche But sometimes cliches are rooted in truth. Oftentimes they are Winning on the roads hard, especially when you're not the better team Atlanta has their full-time head coach Atlanta has a better record than Carolina does Atlanta Has a deeper roster than Carolina does the Panthers are playing a quarterback. That was a fourth-stringer heading into training camp Carolina is playing a third string running back. Deontay Foreman is gonna start Chuba Hubbard out for this game We learned today and of course, Christa McCaffrey was traded to San Francisco last week Speaking of injuries the Panthers have a lot of fun in addition to the quarterbacks no Baker no Corral no Darnold and guys who are currently on injured reserve like Jeremy Chin who's still there and Pat Elfline is out for the remainder of the year and the guys that you traded McCaffrey and Robbie Anderson So in addition to those guys Carolina has 16 players on the injury report Atlanta has four now Most of them are going to play For you got Chuba who's out? Then you have four players who are questionable among the players who are questionable JC horn and Frankie Louvoo They're supposed to play but even if they do they're gonna be far from a hundred percent Their snap counts aren't going to be that high Louvos wasn't last week.

This was Steve Wilkes speaking to Snap counts and the health of guys like JC horn when asked specifically about Louvoo It's a combination of both Darren coming off injury You know, we had a pitch count that we wanted to give him in the game And then once we checked that we communicated with him just to see how he felt and he felt good So we progressed and move forward and it'd be the exact same thing this week You know, I don't want to have any setbacks to try to overload these guys coming off injury and then all of a sudden We lose them for three weeks makes sense but that means it's probably not gonna go well for you in the game since you're already thin and The guys who are playing not able to give you as much as you would like them to the reality is Carolina is one of the three worst teams in the week. These are the teams. It's Carolina Houston and Detroit They're the worst teams in the NFL. Maybe Pittsburgh gets added to that group Those are the worst teams that you're looking at Carolina. They beat Tampa they're probably not going to win any games on the road if I had to guess and Sunday is no exception to that. Give me Atlanta to win a close game 23 20 something of that sort Atlanta takes care of the Panthers Sounding like a bummer today Josh you think Carolina football is gonna lose and Carolina Panthers as well You seem like a lot of fun. You must be fun at parties.

That's the line that people have. I Said wake was gonna win. They're not the team that's gonna get stuffed in the closet You probably are a phone in port hanging upside down. Yeah.

Well, I don't know how fun I am at parties a lot of other people decide that Tennessee rocky top They're gonna win. I think But as I mentioned, it's not just Carolina football that's top of mind the Tar Heels will have their dress rehearsal in basketball at the Smith Center tonight an Exhibition against Johnson T Smith the voice of the Tar Heels Jones Angel will join us to get into Carolina Hoops next It's the drive with Josh Graham We are about What four hours away from tip for Tar Heel basketball tonight crazy think about everything that's happened between the last time the Tar Heels took the floor at the Smith Center and Tonight when they have their exhibition against Johnson C Smith Right now we're being joined by the man who will be on the call for that game and also for Carolina Pittsburgh tomorrow because he's the Voice of the Tar Heels Jones Angel that joins us Jones The time's always appreciated in the triad a lot of the attention tonight's going to be on the newcomers Pete Nance and some of these freshmen As well, but I actually want to start with the returners. That was a big story in the offseason among the returning players Whose role do you think changes the most from last year to this season? Oh That's a good question and I think You've got the core for guys, right the Baycott black Davis love and I think we've probably if you've watched Carolina basketball Understand what their roles are and so to me It's a much larger question as far as somebody who is returning Who is going to be capable of stepping up into a larger role than they played a year ago? and to me, you know, you you've got to Marco Dunn Don Cristiles and Also Puff Johnson and which one of those guys is going to be able or or multiple of those guys Is going to be able to provide some quality minutes for Carolina whether that's in a starting role Or whether that's in a reserve role because I do think the desire for the Tar Heels is to play more than just Five and a half guys which is about what Carolina played last year by the end of the season where you had your starting five and then You find somebody who could help you on a game-to-game basis off the bench I think the desire this year if possible is to have more depth and not have to play RJ Davis and Armando Baycott 38 39 minutes every single game One of those or multiple of those three in particular.

I think Justin McCoy can be in that conversation as well Which one of those guys is ready to embrace a larger more impactful role? Because I think the opportunity is there. I Remember you and I were chatting right after all the players decided to come back everybody that could come back Decided to come back and you emphasized pretty strongly Let's not do this title or bus thing and I think rightfully your argument something I agree with. Hey in March It's random. You gotta win six in a row Deriving success deriving what exactly a great season is based on whether or not you win six in a row Seems like you're setting yourself up for failure You're the number one team in the country now and all the expectations are there Do you think the players believe it's not title or bus?

I? Think the players believe that they have a team that is capable of winning the title I think also that title will not be won for what Josh five six months by somebody so I think right now a much more realistic goal or realistic thoughts is If you want to go big picture because I think anybody could sit here and say small picture improve every day You know build chemistry together all those things that I think are valid But I think a bigger picture goal right now for Carolina is Try to win the ACC championship a regular season title Get a good seed in the NCAA tournament and get to play in Greensboro in those first couple of rounds because I do think That makes a difference If you're the Tarios and you're getting to play that close to home It's just it's an advantage plain and simple and so those are things I think if you're thinking long term that that are are Attainable that you can even with the first game of the season against UNCW On November 7th, those are things you can start working towards and building a resume for When you begin to play in the regular season ahead of tonight's exhibition between the Tar Heels and Johnson T Smith It's the voice of the Tar Heels Jones Angel joining us here on WSJS a really cool thing happened a few years ago I remember you and I were texting back and forth when you guys brought be dot onto your podcast and it's a great podcast at you and Adam Lucas do together the Carolina insider podcast and When you brought him on everybody loved them immediately and not too long after that You have him hosting late night for the first time around a year ago Then just being around for every home game and his brand has kind of exploded where now he's a fixture at Carolina Events, whether it's bass men's or women's basketball or football. He's just become that guy What have you enjoyed seeing this relationship between our guy be dot and Carolina?

Basketball specifically the last few years how that's grown So should I take credit or blame for beat up being around? You know what I think what Hubert Davis has tried to do and and be dust part of that is is Hubert Davis is trying to He's trying to have a nice marriage of Carolina basketball of the history and tradition of the program Because it is matched by few, you know It is in the very small group of teams that you want to talk about whether that's Kansas or Kentucky or UCLA or Duke Or whatever other team is in that small group Carolina has a resume that can stand up with any one of them So you want to honor that and champion that and be proud of that, but Carolina also Wants to be a modern program and wants to appeal to the guys that they want to come play basketball for them, which are right around 18 years old and so Hubert Davis has and not just in that way with with the game day atmosphere and things like that Which is always a ongoing discussion and challenge for not just every not just here in Carolina but for everybody but in a lot of different ways around the program and I think that has been one of his Challenges talking about coach Davis and one of the things that he feels is important to continue to work on and try to do And I do think that game day atmosphere and beat out the big part of that as the game day host I do think that is part of that transition of finding that combination of Honoring what has made Carolina great for so long, but also being a program that that is modern and is today On the way out getting the football Jones Angel joining us. This is a scary game I think for Carolina tomorrow when you look at some of the similarities between Pittsburgh and say the Notre Dame team we saw a month and a half ago from a physicality standpoint from a running standpoint What concerns you the most on this Halloween weekend for North Carolina facing Pittsburgh tomorrow?

Well, I think it's just the quality of the opponent and you're right I do think that if you were picking a team that Pittsburgh most closely resembled that the Torriels have played it would without it out We know today because the Panthers want to run the football and they have a terrific Running back in a band of Canada and Ronnie Hammond who has been injured, but I think he's a really good back as well So they they have the dudes to do it and the desire to do it to run the ball they want to possess the football for multiple reasons primarily because they want to keep it away from Carolina because we've seen how good Carolina's offense has been through the first seven games of The regular season and they want to play a physical in-your-face style of defense that that is based on controlling the line of scrimmage and all of that sounds like Notre Dame and so we are going to get a terrific opportunity To see if Carolina has made some growth From that game against the Fighting Irish a month or so ago to this game coming up on Saturday night now for the Torriels some of the things that are important are important regardless of They are playing and that is being smart with the football that is trying to find some more consistency defensively and That is getting the ball to their playmakers in an effective way Which is something they have been able to do pretty darn consistently all season long and so boy It's an important game for Carolina Josh we all can look at the standings of the coastal division and understand the the implications that a win would have for the Torriels and so Certainly an important game and sold out crowd and one that they want to come out and play very well Jones You got football tomorrow basketball tonight I'm obviously about to say rest the pipes But now we're kind of counterintuitive to that by just having you on and speaking today about basketball and football How about I'll just say have a couple great calls this weekend, and we hope we could catch up sometime soon It sounds good Josh. Thanks so much for the time as always Hey triad. This is Rich Eisen catch me this evening. It's six for the Rich Eisen show now back to the drive with Josh Graham A lot of attention on Taylor Swift This new Carly Rae Jepsen pretty good You know where Carly Rae's from I don't Oh Baltimore huge Orioles fan. Oh Look at that Throwing that out there weekly positivity in a second, but first woods of terror This is their weekend at Maclaurin Farms In the triad. I don't think there's a better place to be today tomorrow Sunday or Monday the next four nights then go into woods of terror you could even go all four nights if you want to get your tickets woods of terror calm and A reminder if you miss out on the action this weekend. Oh, man. I'm out of town I got trick-or-treating with the kids on Monday night. They actually have two more nights after Halloween next Friday and Saturday that you could get tickets for as well. It's a great show They do a fantastic job with it So make sure you pay them a visit Now we transition To the most controversial segment that we do every week, it's the dicked by towel of radio segments The reason that is there's nothing more positive that you're going to hear but more controversial because people don't like that positivity for some reason It's weekly positivity.

Oh Yeah I want your eye. I want to see through them things Three three six seven seven seven one six hundred on Twitter at WSJS radio. You'd want to tell us something good Such as NASCAR junkie who rides in Going to the cup race Sunday and found out yesterday. I was selected to be part of the driver parade Wow, that allows me to drive a truck With a driver on the back around the track hashtag weekly positivity that's Good. Yeah, if you're listening NASCAR junkie, do you know what driver it is? Or do you learn when you roll up and what driver would you like it?

To be it's a good question. If you could pick any driver To hang out with for instance Which driver might you pick? For some reason my brain immediately went to Brad keselowski Because I think he'd be a cool hang Maybe I'm wrong on that But that would be my pick Austin Dillon has always been really good on the radio show with us Or I should say we look good on the radio show with us chase. Elliott's been cool with us, too I think I'd hang out with Jeff Gordon cuz I'm a fan Active current drivers Gordon's in the booth you were doing all time. I'd say it's What's Dale jr. Up to it? I'd hang out with Dale because I like his podcast but And he was a really good driver Austin Dillon does seem like a pretty cool dude.

So I'd probably go there. That's a good choice Got anything good for us today WV. I watched get out for a second time last night. You really did like it. I did It's one of the better horror movies. I've seen what something upon the second viewing That you didn't catch the first time Hmm for example when I rewatched it in recent weeks I Didn't catch the way that Allison Williams character Interacted when they hit the deer on the way to the parents home No empathy which should have been a sign that she's a sociopath death is no big deal and number two When the officer was asking for his ID the real reason she didn't want him to have the ID was because she didn't want Evidence that he was headed close to where her parents lived.

I Found that whole brain Operation scene. I took a little closer look at that because it just was really interesting What you don't think that just stuffing a little bit of cotton in your ear would have been good enough I don't prevent yourself from being out that cotton looked really thin. It didn't look like a thick cotton ball It's a symbolic gesture I see I'm headed to Knoxville as soon as we get off the air Never have been there Never been to a game at Tennessee I've been told for years that Kneeland Stadium is an awesome place to go to So I'm really excited to do that. This is the question that I have though at East Carolina They know how to get down. They know how to tailgate But they don't open up tailgate lots 12 hours before kick the way that they're doing so at Tennessee tomorrow 7 p.m. Kick 7 a.m. The tailgate lots open. Why if you actually plan to attend a night game There are some who don't plan to go to the game. I'm just there to tailgate 7 a.m. Until I pass out If you plan to attend the game how many hours is too many hours to tailgate I Don't think there's a set number I think if you're about it, I say get there at 7 a.m. And hop to it I am not I think you shouldn't No, no, no, no Sarah Bradford would not enjoy that at all. Also, probably not gonna get into about 10 30 11 o'clock tonight So I want to do some exploring of the night scene in Tennessee Probably a good idea in which case I'm not going to be up at 7 a.m. Yeah, I did in the tailgate lot Don't think that's gonna happen, but I am very excited very Anything else might have a horror movie marathon this weekend.

What's in that marathon? I'm gonna rewatch all the screen movies cuz those are my favorite Probably the Halloween movies basically movies. I've already seen which I know you it's unbelievable Especially since there are so many classics you haven't seen such as silence of the land Maybe you still haven't seen silence of the land which by the way You could see a lot of influences from the shining and silence of the lambs and get out a lot of it and you like scream we mentioned yesterday some of the Jordan Peele took from a lot of those movies in good ways.

Apparently the shining was his favorite scary movie Yeah, so he used a lot of that the some of the symbolic stuff we're talking about that comes straight from the shining Silence of the lambs. There's a lot of stuff there But anyway, it should be a really good weekend to close up where we began NASCAR junkie writes it that's a poor little Joe or Ryan Blaney gonna be the cup series drivers, but he's lugging around and I don't know this truck series driver. Matt did a Bendetto Cool name.

No nailed it. I like Ryan Blaney Blaney's I don't know if that's popular to say so I'll say it quietly and weekly positivity And that's been weekly Transitioning to something that's not very positive not very good so to speak The news was made official the day that Tom Brady and Giselle Bunshin have filed for divorce Tom Acknowledging it on Instagram put out a long post about it saying quote in Recent days. My wife and I finalized our divorce from another from one another after 13 years of marriage We arrived at this decision amicably and with gratitude for the time we spent together We are blessed with beautiful and wonderful children who will continue to be the center of our world in every way We will continue to work together as parents to always ensure They receive the love and attention they deserve we arrived at this decision to end our marriage after much consideration Doing so is of course painful and difficult like it is for many people who go through the same thing every day around the world However, we wish only the best for each other as we pursue whatever chapters in our lives that are yet to be written and we kindly ask for privacy.

Good luck with that and respect as we Navigate what is to come the next few days and then the next few weeks ahead Thank you. Okay Brady's divorce is news. I'm uncomfortable with it, but it's news but It is Unrelated to his football performance. I'm sorry. This is the part where I don't connect the two He is of that tiger school of thought MJ class of mental athlete where he could completely compartmentalize things When you watch him, he doesn't look physically different.

So line does though and they lost Shaq Barrett today. So I think that's just a criminally lazy oversimplification When talking about I will Tom it's just an effort to say Tom Brady's just like us went almost in every single way He is not and the analysis of the divorce is frustrating too. If Tom doesn't oh, yeah If Tom didn't return to play he'd still be married as if he was playing baseball and he's gone for six months No He comes back every single week and you're talking about a few days a week that he plays in a few months out of The year there's more to this than meets the eye Let's go to Scott in Knoxville Scott. I got about 45 seconds for you here. What do you have for me? What should I expect this weekend? First of all, most you want to go to the old city got a night Then you leave the old city. You want to go to the strip the strip after you leave the strip Which is which is Pat some is called Pat some the boulevard, which is a strip Yeah, you were you will need to go to your hotel room after that. You will need an uber Let me ask you this.

Let me ask you this Scott. What should I get from the old city? What am I drinking? Oh Oh, man, yes, I don't think that the homemade beer they got a lot of beer breweries down there Sounds good to make dough balls There goes Scott in Knoxville. I needed that. I have no idea what I was gonna go tonight funny enough I think Ryan McGee actually texted me old city Go to old city. There you go.

There you go. Scott in Knoxville in the know. That's what I'm that's what I appreciate Go big orange Bars where I will be visiting the night probably So excited you want to lift morale in the room at all you just blare this you're gonna lose it when you hear this I'm ready ready Taught Sarah Bradford the words. How did you yesterday we were riding the Cracker Barrel in Greensboro?

We were off window over teaching her the words to that song go Costco We didn't hit Costco yesterday Think Sarah Bradford said she was gonna make a quick Costco run before we got out of town today, though So excited, and I've got a rooting interest. I'm gonna be rooting hard for Tennessee tomorrow Mainly because they're playing Kentucky Worst fan base in college sports. We have a history if you don't know that history if you're new to the show Just Google Josh Graham in Kentucky See what pops up? Okay There whenever I say the thing that leads to this show being engulfed in flames and our career spiraling into an abyss I Will at least be able to say that something this radio show did lead PTI Back when there were no live sports and Steve Forbes was just hired by a lot at Kentucky which then led to be dot and Robert making jokes about Baking out with your sister That's what people in Kentucky do and not having any teeth These were things I did not say dot and Robert said it and then later that night because my name's on the show National radio host who is mr. Kentucky Matt Jones puts a picture of my face on his Twitter account saying that I said all of those things and Sicked all of his fleet of Kentucky fans to our show flooding our lines and stuff And how did we respond to those Kentucky fans who we knew were listening because he sent them all to listen to us? We got Luke May on the show That's what we did as a dad which was outstanding because then immediately it becomes oh screw you Such a play. Hey Luke Tell us about that shot. You hit in Memphis.

Yes, please five six years ago. I hate Kentucky so much Oh, I hate Kentucky. I don't hate teams, but I hate Kentucky And in hooker, that's another reason why I'm rooting for Tennessee triad boy Dudley high Tennessee best story in college football who doesn't want to see potentially number one versus number two next weekend in Athens I'm game for the hat Sign me up Excited to potentially watch it and see somebody disrupt this big boys party of Ohio State and Clemson And Alabama and Georgia get a new some new blood in there and it could be Tennessee Easy to root for that.

Also. I'm not a sociopath. That's the last reason why I'm rooting for Tennessee if you really don't have a dog in the fight and you're going to a game and You're not rooting for the home team.

What's your issue? You are a sociopath if you go to a game that you don't have a rooting interest for and you root against the home team You're probably just a bleep hole if that's the case, especially especially if that team gives you free gear. I Got some free Tennessee gear you do word to the wise. I don't know if I'm allowed to do this on radio You will not get anything in return for this except for me saying that I like your team I'm always game for free gear Hats shirts all of it Crocs and be dots case free gear. I'm about it Let's recap the week as fish as efficiently as possible more efficiently than the way I talked about that Tennessee, Kentucky game By the way, Tennessee 38 Kentucky 27 tomorrow, Kentucky covers Still Tennessee wins by double digits Speaking to the point that was very inefficient.

I'm gas bagging. Let's be more efficient about recap in the week and keep it simple Five words or less That's all Josh gets to tell you where your favorite teams are at. It's as marvelous and as simple as that Let's keep it simple Okay, before you start throwing things at me on this Friday, let's get a dance break Oh Baker's Baker, man I'm a man.

I'm 40. We've got music back to show you with concerts. No, please.

No, please everyone be quiet It's Friday, what do we got and keep it Mm-hmm. You couldn't have cleared your voice Sure, the microphone sure PJ Walker and the Panthers upsetting Tom Brady and the Bucks a Win to be savored College does this right Every week matters Every week can be special even if your team's not any good you can get a historic memorable win without you having Huge playoff ramifications as a result of it and the NFL people don't think that way they think oh, what does this mean for your playoff? Chances. Oh, it might hurt your chances of getting the number one pick and the draft stop You beat Tom Brady 21 to 3 you kept him out of the end zone PJ Walker's not supposed to be there Steve Wilkes isn't supposed to be there You didn't have Krista McCaffrey yet.

You had your best rushing game. That was special and memorable a fever dream if you will The perception of Clemson football and just ACC Versus SCC how it's talked about Media bias is very real it is There's a difference in the way that the Alabama Tennessee games being framed than the Clemson Wake Forest game When really they shouldn't be all that different considering where those teams are are at right now But Clemson doesn't get much of a benefit of the doubt despite the fact they won that game and Bama lost To Tennessee and allowing 52 but since it's the SEC, it's okay when Ole Miss gets drubbed as a top 10 team It's not an indictment on the conference They say oh, yeah, the unranked LSU actually pretty good You know Syracuse When they do not pull off the upset against Clemson It's while the Tigers should have won by more its claim It's Syracuse football even though the fact they're ranked at the top 15 So what we need is an agreed-upon Ranking which I thought the AP poll was to say yeah, these teams are good and they should be respected when They have good results or when they come close to pulling off upsets, but the ACC doesn't get the same benefit of the doubt as The SEC or at least not enough of a benefit that I think is fair Dave Clausen's Sam Hartman for Heisman rant You have got to campaign period Sam Hartman's name would be discussed more if Sam Hartman was more available in the media Plain and simple if he doesn't want to do it, that's fine I'm not gonna criticize a guy who doesn't want to be in the Heisman race But from the wake Dave Clausen perspective don't complain that you don't like media coverage Or guys not being talked about enough. If that guy is also not Been available to the media.

There's no quarterback in the state of North Carolina that does less media than Sam Hartman I don't mean that as a great slight or a dish It's a fact and if you want it that way good Just don't complain about the media coverage not being what you want it to be Especially when you're the smallest power five school and probably should be doing more than everybody else rather than less NC State, Virginia Tech Whoo boy, maybe we could talk more about this game in a little bit the pack was actually fortunate That's been the trend much of this year that usually NC State's the team is blowing leads and Losing games that they're supposed to win this year They haven't had one instance of that happening But they've had now three instances of the reverse the inverse games You should probably have lost but you won East Carolina, Florida State and this game against Virginia Tech Qualifies in that but we'll talk more about the pack later Bucks Ravens The problems Tampa's problems are Definitely legit You did to find two words there definitely legit You don't have a solid offensive line in front of Tom Now you're losing Shaq Barrett Bruce Arians isn't involved in it anymore There's no real reason to believe that this is gonna get turned around except for the name That's on the back of the number 12 jersey if it was another quarterback and I mean any other quarterback in history We're saying this guy's washed. This guy's done but since it's Tom people are scared to do it and I'm included on that list. I am scared to do that and I'm not going to because I I see how often people are wrong and burying that dude doesn't help that he's going through a divorce either That that definitely does not help I I'm sure it doesn't help but I don't think it hurts as much as people suggested us last one Ryan McGee fighting a Dairy Queen ice cream machine Ryan McGee murdered a cat Yeah, he did he did he did He told this story about a year ago how this cat just walked in one day and he said hey Julio Julio the ballpark cat and then it just made a noise creaked over and died Didn't give any of the past details.

He just told us that this cat died They didn't know but they loved the cat so much that they decided to bury it under second base without people knowing about it So they just buried a cat underneath second base Julio the ballpark cat But now I learned that Ryan probably murdered this cat considering He said his words that he fed this cat about 12 pounds of ice cream mix Dairy cream ice cream mix inside this ballpark in the 90s now I think we're past the statute of limitations of mid 90s cat murder But I don't know that for sure That's been keep it simple for this week. Let's get one more dance break in there I'm TS Oh, I got scared of this situation fucking hand. Oh, I Got really scared. I know he did That was the point.

I was scarier than the entire movie. I Do like it out though. That's been keep it simple. Let's go out to Louisville, Kentucky Kentucky there are two college teams in the state that people care about most in the ACC It's the Louisville Cardinals who are going to be playing Wake Forest and then in the SEC You've got the University of Kentucky whom I'm going to see tomorrow Play a team that I know your broadcast partner. Larry cares a lot about Stan Cotton's Tennessee Volunteers are playing Kentucky. I've never been to Knoxville making my maiden voyage tomorrow to watch the number three team In the country play Will Levis and the Kentucky Wildcats. We can get to wake Louisville football We can get to the World Series. Where should we head first Larry? I? Want to go to Knoxville because that's gonna be a game too.

That should be a lot of fun. Oh, man I'll tell you what I Feel like I made this analogy earlier North Carolina's favored by about three and a half points against Pittsburgh WD will Dalton who you just talked to he's gonna be covering that game for us tomorrow and and Wake Forest is favored by about three and a half four depending on where you look tomorrow Both those lines stink to me and it feels like on Halloween weekend You wake for us in North Carolina are like the teenagers in a horror movie That are alone at home And you know one of them's gonna end up stuffed in a basement upside down by weekends in you Just don't know which one it's going to be there are concerns of Carolina There are concerns with wake for us given past track record, which Dave Clausen was speaking to earlier this week Staying with the Deeks. What is your greatest concern for wake as they face? What's bound to be a juiced up Louisville Cardinal team hosting a top 10 team tomorrow? My biggest concern is a career day by an underachieving Member of a team that we know has the talent But really maybe hasn't played quite to the level that we think you know one of those four tailbacks goes off for a hundred and Sixty or Malik Cunningham puts both sides of the game together and has that you know He's got so much talent just hasn't quite come together on both sides And if one of those kinds of things happens, then it could be a scary day Louisville's played some good defense, but I think the way for us has much too high powered an offense for them to contain it For 60 minutes. I just worry about somebody going crazy on them Really it was curious to me and the spread that you just talked about How did it go from a much bigger number earlier in the week to where it is now? What caused that to drop?

It's an excellent question. I'm sure maybe sharps and stuff putting money on things might potentially move it a bit But it is scary to me I think both those games are going to be decided by one possession and I wouldn't be surprised if one of those two teams are Falling I think Wake Forest wins tomorrow I'm more concerned about North Carolina given they're a bit of a finesse team and Pittsburgh's incredibly physical and needs to win tomorrow To stay in the coastal race, but do you buy? Larry into the idea Especially when you talk about college kids of a look-ahead factor when you consider you got three ranked teams in a row on the slate after this weekend and one that I know Wake Forest has been circling for a while next week in NC State in Raleigh You know Ordinarily, they're still kids right? They're still 19 to 22 23 year old kids, but I'll tell you Josh They've been like Stepford players this year and the Stepford moms reference for those too young to remember You know, they're like robots it used to be in years past you would hear one or two espousing the cliches That come from the coaching staff this year, man, no matter who you talk to us. We got to go one and oh You know, we've got to do and they're all Dave Claussen's cliches that come out time after time after time From player after player after player and maybe it's the maturity factor and we've talked about this ad nauseam About it being an older group, but they are all on the same page. No, I don't think they look ahead I think also live the Liberty lesson was well-learned Larry Sorensen's with us here wake radio network former bigly all-star to getting to the world series Actually before we get to the world series will Dalton on social media has dug up an old Picture of you one of your old trading cards.

I'd it's you with them on tree. They're all old just they're all old It's all Montreal. This one's a Montreal Expos one. I didn't realize you played for the Expos Yeah, very briefly at the tail end of my career Buck Rogers was their manager and I had played with him in in Milwaukee So he brought me in and I want a spot in their rotation out of the out of spring training as a non roster guy Played there about half the year and then got sent back down and retired shortly afterwards.

Did you learn French? We Well said Larry Sorensen is with us here. Do you have this is what's interesting to me about the world series before we get into the Actual what's going to decide it when you look at some of the storylines going in to me the word Validation comes to mind the Astros in the sense of the 2017 title which some question because of the cheating scandal with them Winning one outright post that matters Validation for dusty Baker who's never had a world series championship Bryce Harper, you know He's been one of the best players in baseball the last decade He's on this stage for the first time. Do you have a rooting interest between the Phillies and the Astros?

Well, bake is a friend. So I've got a sentimental interest there and You know, I he's a terrific man. He's he's great to be around a lot of knowledge and insight just from spending any time with Them so I'm pulling for him in a large way. I think the Astros have earned it What four out of six years in the world series now, so I think that that, you know They've earned it but the Phillies are on just such a crazy roll You know that emotion that can get a hold of you for a short time You wonder if this little delay is going to affect it at all, but they're on a pretty good roll So hopefully it'll be entertaining and go to seven games and we'll all be thrilled with how it comes out But if I was pulling for anybody, I'd say the after what matters to you the most when you're creating a criteria for Projecting what might happen in a world series Post-season pitching, you know always you look at the numbers through the years that to me It's all about pitching in defense that they get you through those last seven games And so that's the edge that I think that the Astros have as well Spoken like a pitcher Larry Sorensen joining us here on WSGS from Louisville how excited should I be about my Orioles this offseason? Just I haven't had a chance since I've known you to act with any type of swagger with my Baltimore Orioles But I'm starting to get there and boy does it feel good Larry Well, first of all, you know I've got a soft spot in my heart for the Orioles because I broadcast the first game ever played in Camden Yards.

Is that right? Yeah, help break that Park Inn the day the Rick Sutcliffe beat the Indians So I've got some some good memories from Baltimore always enjoyed Baltimore and they've got a lot of talent Coming through their organization. They're doing it with pitching.

They're doing it with some defense, but pitching has been the focus They're getting big time into the analytical world. So I think they've got a lot of promise a lot of good talent and our good friend Jeff Arnold that spent some time in Winston Salem is one of their broadcasters So we talked periodically and he says they've got some good things coming up So get that swagger going might wait a year or two though. Just great people Jeff Arnold who as you mentioned ties to the dryad here Tell Stan to text me some rest Rest by restaurant recommendations in Knoxville. What's for dinner for you tonight? What's for dinner for you and the crew in Louisville? Well, we actually have a group going right across the restaurant, right? Right, there's a restaurant right across the street from the hotel right on the Ohio River and it looks like it's gonna be a beef night for us tonight is Kind of what I'm thinking from the looks of the restaurant as we walk by we went out for a walk a little bit earlier After the team got in saw Dave Claus and out clearing his mind a little bit everybody walking up and down the river walk Catching some fresh air and and checking out the sites of the river in the city. We're actually in Indiana We are across the river in Jeffersonville, Indiana About five miles from the stadium fake news Graham over here saying that you're in Louisville. Nope in Indiana All right, Sorensen. Have a great call tomorrow and Hopefully we're talking about a deacon win on Monday. Thanks for the time. I always get talking to you Josh
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