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June 29, 2019 12:37 pm

The Drive with Josh Graham - Desmond Johnson

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June 29, 2019 12:37 pm

Guest Host Desmond Johnson with Sawyer Dillion, Aaron Gabriel. NBA Free Agency edition with Phenom Hoops Report's Brandon Blakney. . Has Kemba Walker played his last game for the Charlotte Hornets? Lakers in position to land Kawhi? USA vs France World Cup updates. A look at the Panthers defensive backfield and Fullback Alex Armah with Charlotte Observer's Brendan Marks. How the NBA became a year round league. A look at Hornets 2nd Rd pick Jalen McDaniels legal issues with Charlotte Observer's Scott Fowler. Lakers vs Celtics, Rundown takeover with WXII's Chris Lea and Netcast Sports Marcus Shockley.

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Controllers Control Seizures You Dr., Josh Graham is Friday. You made it through the week week next week holiday week next week.

Life is good right welcome to the drive on euros gesso so near your tour guide for the next three hours loaded show today MBA free agent Lindsay really get all that really marks in the Charlotte Observer will be on the first hour discussing Carolina Panthers news will talk about the difference of backfill will talk about fullback fullback Alex Armagh couple articles on Charlotte this week I want to touch base with him on drink after sneaking up on his Mama to be here mid July so I will do that for you today Charlotte Observer writer Scott Fallows and John the 4 o'clock hour to talk to Charlotte Hornets because they're all over the news right now concerning Mr. Campbell Walker W excise sports Chris Lee and Metcalf sports owner Marcus Shockley will join me in the 5 PM hour right now please welcome hoops and support on a monthly contributor Brandon Blakely to drive what is going on sir, a man alive and healthy – no complaint with the school and get into this year. So first of all your twitter poll question up at our twitter account that supports our triad you go and chime in on this over the course of the show today where do you think Kimball will sign the Lakers the Celtics the Hornets and this was a pretty wild question just four days ago.

It didn't seem like the Lakers and Celtics will even be involved in this and now the Boston Celtics of emergency front runners for our beloved Campbell Walker 336-777-1600 number to call chime in on any of the topics today or hit us up on our twitter sports hub triad so you're doing is my producer extraordinaire Aaron Gabriel is running our social media were all up in the house. We're all up in the building was going get into this man MBA free agency had branding to be one of the guys that I know that really follows hoops very well. You probably heard him with me on the rundown on Saturdays.

Couple Saturdays or whatnot dive headfirst into the ZBA storylines. I don't know there's a lot going on so just for starters. Somehow the listing what were the LA Lakers were a month ago when we were on this. This station, like a fan station called the owner.

Complete dumpster file. There was talk about. Should they trade Lebron James got to that point. I mean, it got really really bad. Somehow the Lakers and emerge from last month's PR disaster with the Magic Johnson thing him stepping down, put Raab link on blasting first take Jeannie bus, seem like she's absent.

They went from that to basically being in a position to be the team to beat next year and is just getting started, definitely. I mean, so that so yesterday news came out. Lakers trade off the rest the roster that really matter who was on that. It was at this point Momo Wagner Michigan the last year he was involved not as well they trade them to Washington to add on to the Elkins deal that they did break me. Davis plus Anthony Davis waves is $4 million trade ticker who I was on record saying you shouldn't take it in the first place because trade tickers put into a contract so that you're not traded to.

If you are trying to place you don't want to go get some compensation for going wherever you go back. He forced himself out of New Orleans and specifically said, I will. I want to go to LA so why would he get $4 million for forcing the trade that what that would make him get an extra 4 million from the team he asked to go to its unnecessary at this point he doesn't want to go anywhere else right so eat so they got Anthony Davis Baker $32 million and Are not enough to grab a second next player will start off right here Brandon, who do you think they should go after or should I just use the money on the rest. The roster was the headline in today's quiet liturgy and buddy and he's definitely taking meetings with both LA teams, I think you gotta go all in on Quad to start off with just you. We know what he's bringing. We don't have to really break down of that. We know he's bringing best player in the East this year. Asad John assaulted Coco. He is just winter and you put that big three together all my goodness, who's the third player not big three that's not that's my concern because like every place Lebron is gone working recent form around in one of those all-stars had a fallback nerd got I don't see a 26-year-old is 2650 Davis 25. He's run at age about 26 you will sampling the Chris bosh yeah love not. And Kawai Lynn and I don't see him doing that either Lebron maybe gets a little taken off his load and maybe turns more into a point forward already know we've seen him lead teams and assist graphic. He takes more of a point guard role with this team. If they don't end up filling out the roster son that would be a way to get around that if they don't some point guards let Lebron play point forward and wise locking up whoever at Lebron's garden guard excited to see if this is great as the season ended two weeks ago and I'm sitting here bleeding off the show with MBA free agency thought it was the talk of the sports world. I mean Emma McGinn's is a bit later on the show but it's it's baseball season that NASCAR going on.

We do have a women's World Cup today United States versus France Big East quarterfinal match up sorter and keep us posted on that score is that's going on over the course of the show was a big game they want to get space now. I'm hoping that we first did this World Cup soccer update thing, Josh Graham, the host of the drive. He was telling me and Aaron. He was like a you know, just come just let me when there's a score interrupt and just come in. Let me know. Score Leah and we did. That was their opening-round game to the score 13 hello that match was a man we send the second half got to the point where we are interrupt and like every minute and 1/2 six and up and awake at seven nothing but wait, so I would come in and out form Saturday France sex really good.

Yet, this match has been Bruins one that everybody's been expecting so will keep you updated on that as well. Back to the MBA, though, wherever they hold a hold up on a portable is only six minutes in the first half. Well, it was perfect timing.

It was with Pinos seven OHS open the show and I was warning sorter about this when I told him I want to give you some updates if they score I we need one of the risk with his early because it's pretty good yeah that will keep you on track for that. So you have to keep with the back-and-forth that was to the drive for the next three hours throughout the show. Let's whisper if I would like a little bit later on Kim Walker because Kim Walker all the subsequent front and center like a major player in terms of what can happen minute to be a man just by moving you know if it really affected or not, but by then moving the opening of the free agency. From Monday. They moved it up at like 12 hours like Sunday at 6 PM so it's causes like situation where you got there and dominate the headlines. All we can anyway but it's gonna build to crescendo on Sunday and that is a mean people to sign right away likewise away like a week before taking their official. This is a big space so let's let's talk about timber here a quick Brandon what the hell's going on in Charlotte. Well we got it for years now total utter chaos.

What is I mean wow this is so the reports right now. Boston is become the lead suitor is out the way commands all the way out here but like the Bob also has room because obviously, you're not coming back probably move on and now all of a sudden Boston is all this When they can use and they got Jason Tatum still never let them go to jail in Brownsville got some young guys heroes you're still there so develop what we timber it sounds. It sounds like Boston can often four years hundred 41 million timber make a mistake by saying that he be willing take lessons. Charlotte could.

It sounds like now that Kimber is lowballing or getting lowballed by the Hornets.

He has been compared to some of the franchise point guards that have stuck around. You think of Mike Conley's contract a couple years ago was noticeably higher than that.

The thing that gets me is if he stays with the Hornets and takes that pay cut. He still get more than 140 and he's probably only losing about 20 new yeah it still probably get close to 200, if not 200.

I was I thought maybe two weeks ago when he first said it five years hundred and 5000 60 million 30 million per year. Yeah, I mean that's still maxillary money, but it's not like 44 million, you know, whatever is not, delete point guard money right but I mean he is an elite point. I thought Kim Walker the top 15 players thrown in their he's been steady is just there's nothing around him, and bless Edie to get any attention buzzing in the city.

See that's the problem right there. Actually got some breaking news here and be a free agency Sawyer what you got for me, wrote Golden State actually explains offer Clay Thompson, the maximum that they can five year hundred $90 million. As soon as. She opened up on Sunday so I suck on them, but they're making sure the try to get there guy that makes a lot of sense.

Letters are Clay Thompson of the type of dude is the type of Delaware if they showed up at 602 like in his driveway like hey we got maxillary black knob rug should been here 550. Like with that you are a man went out and tried to play on a torn ACL and it was like to play defense like you got it you got got you got in line. His father, Lee did on Twitter a few months ago saying he was in China going right so yeah, expect the claimant to stay there and be there. I make you Kimber/brothers/brothers no. $400 million in course of those two, but the Lakota got the money to open a new arena next year bringing a lot of lot of little changes. Yes I Maddie lower profit. That brings me to Mr. Kevin Durrant and what he may be doing because now this week it's rumored that he's leaning towards leaving Golden State because he's upset with the Golden State medical help, after having told about which we talked about on the rundown that he should've been. After playing in the first place and no one knows for sure is all the stuff from which everything you here today about the MBA précis. It's all rumor and window know what he knows, anything, some éclairs over the going yet, but hopefully Katie's probably want to write. Katie might not even know for sure if these men attached to the Knicks for really a year to which I never quite understood what I know, it's the Knicks and all this stuff, but they haven't won a championship since 1973.

Any been an NBA finals 94 so does Kevin want to go there and basically start prescribing looked at the mix roster. I have there some young pieces, but they're not in any position to win now.

My thing is often seen him linked to Brooklyn Nets the Brooklyn Nets a lot lately, Reese visited him twice since the off-season started once was. After the initial injury and then recently Katie was up in New York and can't revisit them. They are so they think Honda clicking meet up have a secret meetings really talk about making this thing a realistic and you let me get Wayne from Greensboro. He's online. Free agency with this was up when your draft right at 221 million right over five years. Jordan offers over 161 million $60 million over things screw you, I'm going to ball screw you that Campbell signed one thing I done deal pretty well respected and Jordan said we can't pay a luxury tax we pay a luxury tax for one year for the damn money to be heard in his personal bank account. The problem is always been the problem is the one you know you like to blame Rich show the greatest show couldn't take a leak without getting approval. Jordan I mean a guided demanded that we pass on Jonathan Mitchell couple years ago and took carpet guy. Millie is still some of Sunday no next reincarnation is used James Harden planning is always a lower number to run on was hoping to get traded but it really doesn't matter now. I mean, you know we ever get a Campbell Walker and in Charlotte again working to let him go over one year of luxury that sucks time. Jordan didn't want to pay luxury text is easy to make the play. I miss the playoffs but one game a lot increase the beginning of the year really throughout the year.) Ago didn't really start playing that the call the young guns Miles Bridges believed Monk Aponte Grant and Wayne Bacon and are playing with timber and also to hang out here so they're all he wants to say but I mean can you really blame the guy's got a go because of some like this. Let's let's do this more MBA later), a former segment here coming up we always talk about who's the best NBA player of all time, but we all know deep down our hearts.

Michael Jordan we witness that recorded it. We worship it, but I will have a conversation. No one ever has. Who's the second best player in NBA history. Load up my phone line stride tell us your pick 336-777-1600 will give you our pick next draft I'll drive with Josh Graham for 609 20 Friday edition of the drive doesn't Johnson I'm just hosting for Josh Graham will be back Monday had a much needed vacation this past week becomes more Brandon Blakeney in the house with me here one more segment and the previous episodes of the drive or my show the rundown doesn't Johnson on the go yes yes Portside shows now available. All major podcast formats including SoundCloud's modified Google Apple podcast stitcher and more. Simply search the full name of the show, download and enjoy doing. I'm almost afraid to ask.

Do we have an update on World Cup here.

I had written the script and still at 10 USA so we get anymore scores on that wall or on the air today will give you updates on that the ladies front advance of the semi final round of the World Cup secularist player in NBA history. 336-777-1600 is the number to call with your opinion Jonathan Michael here just a second. Bring him let you go first. so we have to be someone that's not playing anymore could be a present current player if that tickles your fancy, but was off with you, who you think behind Michael Jordan is the second greatest player and it honestly hurts my feelings saying that he's behind Michael Jordan at this point but I'm going with the greatest active basketball player player right now and that's Lebron James to hurt your feelings because I believe that he surpassed Jordan for one and one in just careerwise is finals wins are more impressive than marginal. I think he just passed out often and he's the better player for talk about just player where approximate accolades, rings, whatever you know we could talk about the Russell's know numerous rings, but what about player Gothic impact game. Lebron's a better defender.

He defends way better players. At this point. He averages four more rebounds.

Michael to wait Michael Jordan I'm saying Lebron is a better defender than Michael Jordan very of more versatile defenders.

Michael Jordan got all five positions are you kidding me I'm looking to go see her many times Jordan made all and be all seem Michael Jordan come on Joni's now he's going Clyde Drexler Lebron's garden Kevin to rent 7 foot regular Bacardi Gov. Rick Warren drops 35 on them every time. On the right gives everybody 35 littered Paul George of the world.

The Paul George's of the world won't NBA defensive player of the year 1988.

The bronze never one to player the year. Jordan is a nine time NBA all defensive first team ought 1988 through 93, 96 to 98 and only reason why you not 9495 everyone playing my thing is he's not guarding the same level of talent for one effort to we all know the defensive player of the year. Pretty much isolates was being made at this point I'm a Rudy Gober just wanted this is kind outrageous heart I'm a respected parent. Go on, I will not be that these are different screw 27 points per game, 50% chill popped about the sports career. 727.2 points per game 50% double percentage-rebound seven assists per career 27 77 event that we talk and play just overall talent taking Lebron so I had I had three guys in mind Lebron was on my list. Kobe Bryant and the guy that I'm going to name the second greatest player of all time.

But to me that's Magic Johnson like magic.

Just had some magic has the second-highest win percentage of any NBA player ever at 740 only player that has a higher percentage than him while 754 labored his third magic music that numbers don't well sums up his pop out 19/2 points per game, seven rebounds a game 11.2 assists per game.

I think of magic did not retire early you to bend somewhere in the neighborhood of stockings assist record which is never to be touched his body too much. He might've been near that by then you got 11 assists per game and again at 741% is five and for the NBA finals think the only team to ever walk well know the Boston Celtics and lost the Pistons in the finals, the Boston Celtics, three times, the lust of the bulls and the bulls in Sasebo, so he lost the bulls Pistons and Celtics twice and when he saw the bulls out 91-year-old bought into so I just I understand the logic of putting in Lebron Lebron.

But for me and watching Showtime in the way Magic Johnson ran that offense. I got a Gober man magic at least another versatile guy. They say you love to me. Lebron plays a lot closer Magic Johnson he ever does compared to George. Oh yeah, I know they're there, the same I think Lebron's of a new school. Magic is a more evolved more physical specimen. The magic was but skill set was there sitting that that's the thing about the Lebron coming out of the Lebron fan but it seems like sometimes Lebron can't forgot which one he wants to be. Sometimes must be Jordan. Sometimes most magic and he's better off trying to be magic in trying to be Jordan and all around game right but that kind of proves my point that he's not as good as Jordan because he tried to pull it off but I think he's just he has a better skill set in Jordan likely said he's out, he's better field-goal percentage but all around player talent to give him vapid scoring not chase down, blocking garden, five positions, Jordan can carve up the rock and got opposition. Back then sinners in NBA were 7 foot two, or whatever.

Like the sinners in our dream on green Charlie Markley was six Bob plan Powell for a home and gardening. Davis is not stopping who joins no Jordan or Charles Barkley. I think Barkley generally down the court. What is Barkley going to add Dave's cutting out out three 367-7760 Gabi got an opinion on our our topic right now Johnson high point on who he thinks the second best NBA player of all time. John Young Drive good afternoon Dr. May 20 Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and what part Lebron James Byrd Johnson, but I don't wear, they did not multiply. Think about it. Magic Johnson swept twice and follow never jump to another NBA trading twice in the final never went to another while the conference play all repeatedly came to Miami now practically down to the Lakers went out at the about the Miami Heat, George's response for you. Magic elaborate members play together. I wanted, and that's what should proceed: I agree with you hundred percent that's different time. What I mean understand them.

You know the Braun and D Wade and bosh thereby no story by now. This all started because of the 2008 redeem team USA basketball together because those guys become friends, and that's that.

Really, that's a male start talking people forget the Chris Paul Amari Stottlemyre and Carmelo Anthony were supposed to be objects that conversation happened the same time. Can't forget about the Celtics KG real enjoyment Paul.

But that was due more to Danny age points will gather the players put them together at the same time that you still have to make it happen through now now now little later on the show I'm going to go into how Lebron has changed the NBA by a couple of movies made over the past decade, which was led to why we talk about the NBA right now. At the end of June and the season is over, but I like Larry Bird second best player of all time is my top 10 for sure. Great winter best trash talk about our plane yeah never KG, but yeah right yeah but the burger come back on this topic later on today as well Brandon I guess you got here.

I know that you gotta go to care some things a preacher gentleman and man oh yeah appreciate you guys having the man was great to be young will deftly have you on the run down here throughout the summer as well. You can see Brandon's work on sports, is a phenom hoops man's all of its varieties, but everyone as I am you put in work doing his thing to deftly look for him out here on the social medias and what not just focused but coming up. Got Carolina Panthers roster questions.

Luckily we got Charlotte Observer's Brenda Mark stance from little panther talk in late June next drive how this is sports have 609 22 the drive with Josh Graham drive I just post for today your master ceremonies and Desmond Johnson new music producer drive with Josh Graham just a much needed vacation will be back Monday all the regular hijinks that you normally get from the drive will be back in collection money short week next week will be on July or the Friday so we had a three day week next week will be giving you all the fallout from the NBA frenzy. From Sunday evening and more before us. A little curl up and there's here.

He is the beat writer for the Charlotte Observer covering all things sports out of Charlotte.

Please welcome Brendan Marx of the drive was going on but I don't yet he mentioned to me that you guys had dinner in Charlotte Wednesday night and my first question that the thing that everybody the tribe wants to know Josh eat for dinner. We met with you on Wednesday night on Charlotte. We went and got some when promotional plug for Charlotte, but later on all that's pushing for saying we can get them for that.

But let's let students that we actually how many wings that's important. I think that can be left to all wars. First, but not that surprising to Josh and hot wings while he was out because me and him are both hot wing, source of that. That sounds about right, but my brother will be back on Monday. Brendan, I want to talk to you because I came across your articles this week in the Charlotte Observer and you guys can go check them out Charlotte first you put out article earlier this week about the Carolina Panthers secondary and really thought about it before, but the really the entire coaches payment Ron Rivera with the panther start in 2011. The defense of secondaries almost seem like an afterthought. For many, the off seasons Bishop is a little bit different so I want to talk about the secondary and the potential start off for folks that are not aware or painfully aware want to give up 32 passing touchdowns last season is the fifth highest in NFL. Their greed was signed to a three-year contract extension worth slightly more than 22 million. He's only 27 years old. The painters appeared of locked up a former probable safety in the prime of his career.

Give me some thoughts on what Eric re-brings to the secondary on the field and locker filled the lock off the field and got Carol out last year was all concerned about how often were very much the way he is a high character guy is a love I love. I immediately always make time for incredibly technical and deep understanding of, and I think that the media really respect him for that Onkyo that that you mentioned. I mean this is a former global safety on the part of his career and have them locked up in the next three secondary talent, even more so in terms of the ability to provide so few cornerbacks James) Dante Jackson Dante befitting a second round pick last year that they want to keep around for the next couple years. The contract will be up after the evening before the season and I would imagine that Wayne collapsed back in the next level.

But those two guys are for entrance to the cornerback position.

What Eric starts providing filling out the rest of that starting secondary can get to be his running mate in the back. You will be really going to training the right of the Charlotte Observer Brendan Marx on the line with the seer on the drive am glad you mentioned Bradbury Jackson James Bradbury not to Jackson both returned starting quarterbacks for Ron Rivera Bradbury's upper new deal as you mentioned in a contract year pro football focused and even link Bradbury in the top 25 quarterbacks for the 2018 season. When you look at the average yearly salaries quarterbacks quarterbacks in the league. It looks like he probably be right around the 56 7 million per year amount that seems like a likely win spot for them if they re-sign him with you Brendan Marx re-sign Bradberry to a long-term deal or would you let him walk and draft another young quarterback. Dante Jackson now. I think yeah I think I can grant for a long time. Young foundational one of the main reasons that James doesn't show up in any of the cornerback letter sites or anything of the interception totals cornerback which make them a great panther Obviously played against Julio John Talkington, my cabin down and I and Michael, three big physical wide receiver yeah yeah what well equipped to do that.the problem is he only had four that's one of the things I think he is working on more so the coverage come along way while there are some bumpy bumpy part last year. I really think the team value. Having James around and provide it would not at all locking up long-term solid gold case to me. There seems to be really how the potential to young safety get some injury concerns last year.

If Colton doesn't emerge, though, where the Panthers option free safety and free agency. Seems like that's the only holy have right now if Colton Dutton walked out a free safety beside her green gibberish on everything when that job and not getting the bulk of Napster and many Want him to window shop is the question of whether or not he's able to show them the level of air looking for you not not able to show that teams shall Ron Rivera the level of play that they're looking for.

I think they go and they look for cheap option free agency one and the Boston guy former panther had experience in run very well liked in the locker room for Scott is not totally there got into training camp.

I think he's a guy at work you try bringing some marks on the drive with the stock will talk in late June. Never a bad time talk about Carolina Panthers now. They did release some guys some vets this off-season release better nickel In Mundelein is also also saw safeties, the Norse Circe and Mike Adams. It sets up the battle for the nickel position between Korn Elder and Ross Cockrell.

Many people might remember around this time last year, Ross Cockrell, breaking his leg in the training camp for the Panthers ball County seems like he's back to come down to those two who you think Brendan will truly win that competition nickel privately to be on Dr. roll here. I think Iraq has a lot of potential and obviously going to record last season before that terrible training Entry to pound the same lagan out by all accounts. That was one or more heartbreaking moment came in beyond the Amazon documentary all or nothing. How that that whole situation covered there medically counted. I was lucky enough to become a couple weeks ago and told me that mentally back you understand the playbook.

He knows we need to be now. It's about getting the last little bit. I think that he probably has somewhat of an edge on Korn Elder, however, that he likes corn young child and thought somehow that I think you might be somewhat of a committee approach that you are in that the candidate elected Jack Thompson back there and technical package a lot, John E down the technical options there. One other thing that by playing a more tile defense up a lot. I think everybody can have opportunity that will now God has become a fan favorite amongst the faithful is fullback Alex Armand is a great story to 17 six round pick from West Georgia basically started playing organized football couple years ago you reported in another article that you wrote it later on this week that was very centered on Alex Armand what he might be doing in this panther offense, which on paper look stacked right now, you mentioned that he was actually running passing routes during the spring training camp. There was was going on with Alex Armand critical you know what Bob and a little of the linebacker all over the place for them and expelled all those roles.

Obviously the big thing about Alex's, how can he continue growing in the next role beyond protecting her cam Newton blocking for Krista McCaffrey Bassett called to see him with some of the cornerback unit 20, 25 yards down the field on the sideline working on that everything I'm really excited for a great guy but you need to have a logical even though like you said, they, on paper at least look back at 62 255.

Alex just briefly explain our Ma's importance in North Turners offense will know how much Turner loves fullbacks he's had a in Dallas. He sat up in San Diego and a lot of times those fullbacks become probable players and more Turner system explain why am I such an important cog to what they can be doing what Chris McAfee is probably probably serves one of his best friends really got it will perk up every shortcut on it that he is so valuable in your current document is always really relied on having a competent fullback not having a fullback paperweight after somebody you can occasionally go out and pick up a couple yards on the ground. Alex had two rushing touchdowns last year. First career Carrigan pick out which was really cool moment. I can set you that's one part of the equation. The other part of the equation is the Panthers offense is heavily predicated on the direction that when you have guys pulling in different directions and sliding and moving from one to the other. What you need someone who is quick enough but also strong enough to get out in front of Christian and lay blocks on some of the misdirection plays are to be designed to take out some of the bigger body you need secondary blockers able to get up he'll stay with Christian security down the that's where Alex really comes in becomes valuable and as I noted in my story. One of the highlights of the season last year was actually quite heated, where he set a block on the run plate McCaffrey lot Christian ran 71 yards untouched.

That is the unsung value of Alex on how to continue taking the next step in will hey Brendan, it's been on the drive for me today.

Lots of great info deftly check out Mark's and I deftly want to get the chance to talk to a bit more specially when you can't break out here late July will see we have you on Saturday morning on the run down the breakdown which is seen at their everything going on but hope you have a great weekend brother and we appreciate you being on the drive was today like I got all we got you covered. That's Brenda Marx from the Charlotte Observer got his coming up. Why is the NBA dominating headlines after their season is over and when did this become the norm breakdown for the triad next to the draft talk about how this is 609 20.

Now back to the drive scram 77 700 number to dial in on any of the topics I'm addressing today and your guest host Desmond Johnson will leave the producer of drive with Josh Graham Graham is on vacation. You will be back on Monday. I want to touch something we talked about earlier, Brenda Blakely from peanut hoops is in the house with me and we had mentioned this at the beginning of the program. The MBAs become year-round. It's June 28, the top headlines are for major league baseball. It's not NASCAR it's not golf is not even the women's World Cup which I'm actually worried. I'm scared to look into the control booth because I'm afraid that they've scored another goal I think they're still at 10 right now it's the MBA.

The season ended two weeks ago, in case you were living in a hole somewhere. Toronto raptors defeated the Golden State Warriors amidst a bunch of drama but maybe a still dominating sports headlines two weeks after the NBA finals concluded where his quote insert superstar name here going whose he teaming up with who shaped the league going forward. This conversation is been going on now, not just for the past couple months but really if you think about it's been happening for almost a decade.

How did this happen. How did the MBA. Basically become this year-round league to dominate sports headlines more than any other on the breakdown for you triad a treat today and explain to you why the MBA has emerged as the top league in the world when it comes to reaching out to their fans number one social media.

The MBA and its players understand social media more than any other sport bar none. Players understand that they are brands onto themselves wearing their bran on their jersey one the few sports where you can actually see them not wearing something over their heads.

Not wearing something over the faces you know what James Harden looks like you know with that beard means you know what Lebron James looks like players in today's generation. They learn this from two guys before them to kill O'Neill and Kobe Bryant shack in particular, he came to the league as a brand you know I had his rookie card armor is rookie card with Orlando Magic on the word is now is probably worth hundreds of dollars by member having rap CDs shoe brands movies shack came in doing all that stuff and I remember at the time people are saying always doing too much. He should be doing all the stuff you should be focusing on his basketball career is pretty safe to say that shack and up becoming maybe the top three MBA center of all time. Shack understood at the time the importance of branding worded shack learned that from that we spoke about supplements ago Michael Jeffrey Jordan, he's the blueprint. Use the template for this when we need to recap how Jordan changed the game's shoe brand is still the most popular shoe brand and the man is a play professional basketball close to 25 years number two Lebron James change the sports calendar by himself.

Let's take a trip back to July 8, 2010, almost 9 years ago in a Boys and Girls Club in Connecticut front of a national ESPN audience brought James change the direction of the entire MBA forever. He chose to go to Miami instead of staying in Cleveland, which on the surface that sound like a very hard decision to make, and at all I'm going to Miami if I could choose to remain in Cleveland but think about that for just a second. No one's really brought this up and Lebron had done the decision exactly the way he did it and at the very end turned to the camera and said he was returning to Cleveland brought even have any rings at all when he left my meal back to Cleveland. With three of the past four number one draft picks in the NBA draft because he had left.

We went to Miami stop the play with Dwayne Wade was a top 10 player the time and Chris bosh was scored 25 points a game in Toronto running have any rings of feet says is returning to Cleveland, but that one instance changed everything MBA going forward.

Really think about that decision planted the MBA flag firmly into major-league baseball's normal space and they've never given it up. Nine years ago.

The decision change that MBA builds teams to change on the league is reported please not reported year-round don't really see major-league baseball stories in December. How really you don't see a lot of NFL stories in June.

But you see MBA stories all year round.matter what month it is in fact when this free agency. Opens up in the top stars get signed, you know, the next big stories in every the free agents for next year for the MBA and I carry that from that point on all the way till next July.

Maybe figure out a formula for building a buzz focus on the top free agents speculate all year long. During the actual season so that sometimes those conversations are bigger than the games are actually promoting for that week and was the season is over, turned the buzz into a frenzy build up so large that you can ignore it and then once that date goes past and free agency opens now you made or even secondary players are no big stars because the MBA has promoted themselves teams.

The league is something you can't miss. They've made it to the point where you can't just tune out for couple of days. Come back into it and know what's going on. If you tuned out over the past three days, you have no clue that all of a sudden the Lakers have $32 million in Room what looked like a week ago. They were the most incompetent office and entirely nether on the verge put together one of the most devastating big stories in NBA history that happen in the course of two days can't tune it out top guys I Lebron James Kevin to rent for taken to your deals are betting on themselves. They take a player option after your one so pretty much this process automatically repeats every single summer. So would you do if your major-league baseball IQ computer legal all the players understand the worth understand the brands and have individual channels to promote themselves all year brought James is 50 million followers on twitter is a 40+ million on Instagram. He put out a post yesterday.

Basically saying comeback season was in full effect. It drove new stations and outlets crazy Instagram post Lebron James in late June name of major-league baseball player that could do that in November and get the same kind of buzz written one my truck walked past me to Walmart and I have no idea what to do was his best player major-league baseball major league baseball can compete with this we can catch up to it used to own June and July last sat last Saturday on the rundown.

We talked about the 1998 home run chase between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa and how people were stopping people in the streets asked them updates on what happened last night. Marquardt hit a homerun the same sort Sosa catch him what's going on like that was the last time really baseball had a buzz in June or July. Similar to what we see every single year with the NBA free agency.

Maybe a season in mid June after a three month playoff. They start the playoffs early April it last until mid June. So basically it it it it absorbs opening day for major-league baseball NFL training camp start late July. That was the major league baseball pocket, June, July, that was the pocket where they got you hooked on major-league baseball and you followed it into the dog days of summer. That hope is gone that buckets gone now. The ABA took it they snatched it. They took the lunch money major-league baseball not plan on giving it back anytime soon now major-league baseball's afterthought. Unless you're a diehard baseball fan baseball isn't even on your radar today, right now. Friday, June 28, 2019. Unless you are a fan of the angels are the Yankees and the Red Sox so you grew up with them.

You got jerseys and hats.

You know Mike Trout you know Amanda Machado at all these guys unless you're that you knew nothing about baseball today were quite limited to: the Lakers added Lebron Anthony Davis please Michael Jordan don't lose Kimball Walker was a kind of positive thinking of right now thinking about, but when appraising the brave have a great season this year. The NBA's king right now. At least until the NFL decide to come back from vacation in July, 336-777-1600 number to call. Am I wrong about this or I did I hit it spot on Erin Sawyer chums about what's up you think I'm right on this or you think that I'm just totally completely crazy things completely crazy. I think you may be given the ABA too much credit. Also just because NFL is literally taken a break right now. Also sent to so I mean like just by default on amine so they can check their homes, like that God is another got trained with a colleague in the Fraser back in the day Jimmy Ellis you want headway championship while Mohammed Ali and Joe Frazier were just off doing whatever my talks about right. Like the NFL has to take a break date they give it up in the hottest part of the year ended the NFL didn't do something like no move their free agency. June we could sign God until June which I should probably make sense for that when we watch it watch me watch the combine. We watch the draft they moved there.

Basically what could major-league baseball do against the league like the MBA where you got megastars like Lebron James. James Harden, I mean these guys have. Like multiple in the in the millions of followers in each guys individual brand you put that on top of the MBA itself, pushing this out there really baseball compete with. They got a get over yourself and let let's please do so may I hear all the whole impurity thing like who cares man let a little juice up smack those balls all part maybe watching it all: hold that thought you were. You are listening to the sports of dryad 90.7 Greensboro 11.5 Winston-Salem 104.9 Highpoint and 104.5 Burlington. These are the stations that make up sports have tried is what is been on this is not the first time Aaron is brought up writing all these baseball players not likely all the documents we Catholic earlier this week, we brought this is about a little bit amine about it. I was only Tom, I'm a casual baseball fan at this like I can follow the game. If I catch a game and maybe start a seventh-inning innocent good pitching go on a lackluster rest of us to do an entire nine innings of baseball… Is not riveting enough, but when Mark McGwire same associated big Gabriel bonds without cranking home rose all over the place watching you not want to see you know, to me, but said pharmacy empowers bonbons on some bombs on HGH.

That's what makes you will like the character would do it like peppermint candies like that was the last time was exciting was. I mean, that's the last time the last time I can remember being not dominating this. Was the year before Lebron became a free agent in Cleveland like that in a remember those playoff they lost the Celtics like the Eastern conference semi finals. I believe it was before you left.

No, I'm take that back. It was Orlando. They lost Orlando when when I lost the Lakers in the finals and I still remember the image of Lebron walking off the court.

That last playoff game and and rhythmically when jersey off of the tunnel as he was walking out and I like them, have no worries going them is gone he come back to Cleveland and then they drag that out. That was May when that happened.

When they lost the date scheduled TV special.

They scheduled the TV special after the seasons of July 8 when it happens of the season. An argument over free for one month yet about a month free to see it opened up a couple days before the brought claims he was going to the morning of the decision he made the decision that morning not a question you're going to this. Do you think like the sports media are you still thinking NFL is kept like the bigger presence is IHSA yet if those king like it it's it's the elephant in the room by even the ABA can't touch that the sheer amount of what the NFL does what I'm saying is NFL. Is it necessarily dependent on individual stars the way the MBA is like them. NFL you follow teams in the NFL.

The names change.

Cut added you don't don't stop following your Carolyn Pennsylvania stopping a panther fan when cam Newton moves on my didn't stop when Jake Loman, Steve Smith moved on. You swallowed it and you store panther fan and MBA you're more of a fan of players is my opinion like you you by, Steph Curry fan's earlier wars fan from Steph Curry fan field is a fair amount of star power guys like Antonio Brown and O'Neill back home and and more recently, even a small market which is interested in is patch won't you note. So I snuck Pat is using ABP's is a small market but only to dues doing things you really hadn't seen before. Erato Aaron Rogers and the smallest market entire ringback is the biggest star you know or at least one of the keys want to talk to you right they dry, they do it. There's a team dynamic and then there's also they get little star power as well. I think NFL team dynamic benefits greatly from NFL field when that whole history document all the stuff that's great if you have video footage of say will touch point game. You and me might be a different story.

But nobody's ever seen this rumor here said that will happen just right we don't yet we don't have like visual evidence will hold up 100 piece paper which you can't be true. But that means that to me that's what it is ABA's King right now will be king through the weekend. I would do the following week up to 4 July, someone can assign somewhere that none of us were talking about two years ago. Skim grandson with the warriors. Nobody saw that I think is yours to be quiet Leonard to close out somebody that nobody is talking about maybe if you go back to Toronto will see will see will will will will see what happens here in the next couple days, but my overall point is that major-league baseball's in trouble because if you can't get people connected to it. Casual fans early in the year when it starts, then Harry's was given there in August and September. Once you really need them there in the playoffs knew nothing baseball through do it. I know never do this because it it would be swallowing a huge deal, but of course I think this is shortness season, way too many games, but I think they shouldn't come anywhere close to August and September baseball in October, yet I should be playing baseball there. There biggest playoff mall is October right NFL foul smelling is like no I just week five August preseason starts getting up, get it over with. Get out of shortness season. I think the plan get wrapped up in August get out here. The main concern is NFL rules around careless oak and Daniel from Avenue on the line you want to talk about our topic about the ABA and how they hijacked major-league baseball sweet spot something on the drive yet powerful health all all talk about how the media really done anything to bring down all I agree with you right now I'm not sure didn't think the call I don't know if the media. The media is actually really special in the foci they've really covered the concussion issue fairly pretty thorough. The PDS you know it's kind of funny and NFL.

Almost like pro wrestling. Words like oh this guy got popping taking PD's going to miss for games or whatever is never really looked at us as serious of an issue as it is in baseball when some I just popped in the youngest 50 games or whatever. It's treated way more seriously major-league baseball in a weird kind of way.

I think the fact that major-league baseball bat to Erin's point were due to can't get your stuff anymore and because of that numbers are down. Excitement is down home runs of the wall. Overall runs are actually team wise across the league of individuals to see somebody hit 73 home runs probably ever again unless they legalize steroids which they they won't do, but that that that's the problem that major-league baseball's got right now there's I do want to get into this topic before I hit my next break here and get opinions from everybody in the studio here report subsurface this week that Boston is the leader in the clubhouse when it comes to landing free-agent Kimball Walker from Charlotte Boston's rumored offer for years 441 million but does qualify for super maximum Charlotte and Charlotte is the only team that can offer 1/5 year, meaning they should be believers in the clubhouse which leads me to my question who is the most beloved Charlotte Hornets of all time.

336-777-1600. Let us know.

I lean towards Larry Johnson for sentimental reasons. He only played for the Charlotte Hornets for five seasons is the first Hornets national star Larry Johnson was Diane Williamson before Zion Williamson. He was just 30 pounds lighter, six, seven, 245 pounds is taken the first overall pick out UNLV 91 draft you want to compile the Singh is the single greatest rookie campaign in its history. To this day he came in second in the slamdunk contests you're if you're old if you're old enough to remember MBA inside stuff Saturday mornings. It had little opening montage Larry doing the will rock the baby cradle and the slamdunk contests the beginning I would always give me-Saturdays I go outside and try to do it a little 5 foot gold on the backyard couldn't do it right. Johnson average 19.11 rebounds and three assists in one. Still, during his first season that propelled him to the NBA rookie of your ward next year Larry Johnson became the first of only two Charlotte players to ever start for the Eastern conference of the NBA All-Star game. The other would be Kimball Walker. He finished 9293 campaign 22 points, 10 rebounds for service made all NBA second team about this time we start seeing the grandmama personality he has on Converse sneakers. Larry Johnson was only natural cover slam magazine. He had his own shoe is pretty much a pop-culture superstar in the early 90s he was in space. Dammit, Michael Jordan. He was in the movie Eddie Reddy will be Goldberg's coach the Knicks they shot that here in Winston-Salem. He was in Eddie critically acclaimed appearance on an episode of family matters. I don't think Kimball Walker seven a pop-culture superstar, saying that sailor Johnson is the best player in children's history, that is, by far, Kimball Walker. He's the leader in points and a lot of other things but I do think that Larry Johnson may be in the conversation for most beloved player and in Hornets history because Larry Johnson is the guy that put the Hornets on the map nationally was the first star we had a prisoner of the moment. Jim is led this team to the playoffs twice the 16th 2014. Both times he lost the first round.

I love Kimball Walker like sometimes you know the reason why you watch the Hornets. Not that many players maybe I can walk around saying I've scored 60 points in NBA game for Kimball Walker is one of those guys is a top 15 player right now in the NBA, Lawrence Lily old man over $200 million. They should offer the super next to him at a genuine respect that makes him the most beloved point of all time.

Maybe, maybe not even throw in mom's Bogen Dell curtains. That conversation is not the most skilled one the best player of the score.

The score, the question is who's the most beloved will, takes more calls on that here 336-777-1600 number to call some of these callers here think it's came in from High Point calling regarding my point on how the ABA hijacked major-league baseball sweet spot here early summer was going okay yeah I think the length major-league baseball when you get over 100 game I don't care. I think each left that man you look at the MBA. You can collect that lobbying about where matter really in a manner throughout MLB where you could drop and 20 games without written the lined up when theoretically where you just don't see that. No, I'm just not interested grade point drive.

I agree hundred 62 games. It starts in April runs until October. I mean it. It's too long in this brain training is back in February that pitchers and catchers were what I just I don't know man, you gotta be in deep lead engulfed in the world baseball to check out a March game between the Cubs and the Phillies or whatever. It's snowing regularly you like it.

It takes a special kind of fan to be in it that long but MBA. The thing with the MBA is you can drop in and out MBA. I can go two months. I watch the MBA drop right back in January after write a Christmas when a lot of people think the season really begins. Catch up on every storyline is going on in my peripheral because the mediator tell me everything without me on watch the games so I can keep up and I could drop in when ever I want and not like I've missed something nor lifelike of wasted time for months and the dead. For the MBA John from Greensboro on the line. He's an idea for how to fix major-league baseball John. Manual drive the call manager. Yes, I want it I will have trouble. I will you three point line and you crisscross with hockey and you allow fight the 500 yard report from understanding your right to say that like you hit a homerun beyond a certain distance. We did three runs a set of 192 now go all out.

Just let it go airborne, take your horn saying you said so you said right allow high ground. I don't think I mean the meeting is about. It's like they kind of not really a lot. I think the ground actually rules like that, like a cafeteria fight like Saul, like you know you can fight the granite I like I like to know what else to say.

I would baseball. Tomorrow they might be a fight breaks out and then John and I think my supposed announcement when I noticed was that that you can call man appreciated man. She did say was radical and not disappoint you. Now is a bad idea even work with the whole I like the idea you had a homerun points you to run instead of one that would change like everything like Stride Rite say to you, for your team like non-dues like pop-up forms from Baltimore that could man I like with the PD thing to make an announcement that distance out on top.

People have to say anything just I picture some like old man somewhere in the triad signal apartments listen to the drive in his mind as my arms crossed. I can't believe that they are talking about everybody choose this game like it's nothing but a thing about baseball's got, the more the ark as I got these unspoken all holy game indicate bring this out here Manheim 336-777-1600 number to call coming up. Who is the second greatest player in NBA history to bring in my producer extraordinaire sorted Dylan and Aaron was been chomping at the bit to get in this conversation ever since Bremen drop that Lebron James nugget about an hour ago to talk about who's the second greatest to be a player ever.

Next, the drive to live with just 609 20 all this in the previous episode in my shoulder run down the dozen Johnson yes yes report some shows now available in all major podcast formats including SoundCloud's modified Google podcast podcasts picture in more to simply search the full name of the show, download and enjoy.

Or if you want the latest episodes of the drop Josh Graham and the rundown sports have go to the SoundCloud file right there right from your face and download that your phone or tablet that goodness take it with you wherever you want to go and enjoy sports up triad all weekend long to update here in the World Cup and looks like were still at 10 USA. The women take on France in the quarterfinals today and we haven't had another sorted since opening what seven minutes of the show US known to come out and slap people around. The first 15 minutes there out there and they do it again. The day one and nothing score right now will keep you updated on that as as it pertains to the rest of the game. I'm hoping our Pinos course or goals because Josh Graham on Twitter said if she keeps this up he might have to die's hair purple so I'm sure for piña. Right now Patrick do it. You gotta do that as I would like to see that back on the seat that would be interesting. That sounds like something that Josh would do so, magnetic records, it repeal rapid know because we are telling the other day how you pronounce your last name. I think it's for piña Robinson wrapping I don't think it's repeating you now know, like a taco toppings rapid no sounds like I think is repeat no I think it learn on the sale of the day you said repeal rapid know is rep on those yeah yeah think is repeat household that was opposed to correct those right. It was good to me sometimes that you say Megan not to notice my telling the correct way to do it. I got a bring you guys in on this conversation if you missed the first hour of the drive to catch it.

Six. 7 PM Brendan sees me are Brenda Blakely was in the house with me and will the conversation we were having about was who. The second greatest player in NBA history and printed picked Lebron James `know he is the second greatest player of all time, but he will speak to the issue. Aaron was having was that random saying he wasn't sure that Lebron wasn't the best player of all time blasphemy yeah and we we housing our new that I need to get my folks in this conversation before I went away from it and you give him a chance retort to this not not the whole Lebron is on Michael's level because he is not saying that but that's not even the same thing but who would you say second best player in the big issues. Lebron Lebron legitimately is the second greatest player to ever play basketball Bahama majority ever catch my know is over there to talk this right was right not to me.

Seriously Ross three and 60 NBA finals and to be honest it's weird because some of those teams you lost in the NBA finals with had no business being there. You know, like, 07 tabs will be Gibson and like no gas just like all rag Corp. seems to work out a lot of my mouth. He drank some carcasses to the ABA Lebron James is a physical phenom like the likes of which you never seen on the NBA basketball court.

True, this granite normal take anything away from Lebron James in that regard, but you think will Lebron James retires you think MB is going to changing rules that know they're not Michael Jordan left again Michael Jeffrey Jordan lift again. ABA changed the rules to try and get another player to Michael Jordan's level Colby or Vince Carter or whoever score like in the 80s you like back in like the 90s or whatever it was all defense like to go back and watch like the Jordan rules are in stuff like that.

I mean they were doing a wrestling move thousand rough ball piledriver is in and what it might do. Did he get up to go complain to the rep's gecko file and choose free throws and I got to the point where a limit. Michael better free-throw shooter they got stronger as he start working out and off-season of the study got target be about Pistons every year, and rightly change the rules they changed how you can guard in the NBA Sonos handshake. There was no zone in the 90s when Michael Jordan was playing for the Bulls. There was no you couldn't, you could hand check back then.

Now you can't write if you could Michael Jordan play right now by mail, the average 45 points a game. Easy as you can hand check you can't put a hand on the man they want to make you want to make it easier for everybody else to do what Mike was doing these, like a magical why winter didn't have a switch where he will do for others.

First, imagine why Leonard way is right now. Callers master the midrange jumper like he killed built a couple dribbles pull up from 12 feet shoot it score Rebecca McCourt. He got that for Michael Jordan that like his game is patterned after Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant those dues and that's all midrange. It's all people keep telling me the three-point shot its rich change in the NBA it sinners are irrelevant now know stuff is baloney, but basketball is like football. The basic elements never change in football run the ball.

Stop the run that's never going change okay how many passing yards they pass for how much water series get paid if you stop the run and you can run the ball. You're probably playing in January you be a position to win at least yeah, you have a sound team are papers about that way run the ball. Stop the run. That's a perverse got here in the ABA. It's like if you can just yes understand the three is more than two but not every Tina Steph Curry on it like you can't play like the Golden State Warriors unless you have Golden State Warriors on your team like you can't do what they do unless you have Clay Thompson and Steph Curry were probably the two best shooters in NBA history on the same team doing that yet. Kevin ran to it is okay, but cute like a team like Houston. They try to duplicate that and take it to another level there okay to shoot threes and and and shot the paint were not going to encounter midrange shots work and sit with James Harden shoot the ball 45 times game is this is terrible watch on basketball and how many West percentage on the three-point dish around 40% right on a rock, yet it rockets will talk to Portia teams in the league but would that get them in and day, they couldn't before you recall 40% higher for three-point shooting, but 40% is still not a high percentage shot yet. A lot of you want to me high volume of just ugly – this displays what Kobe said he say you can do that at school at all like you have to do it you're not in ownership and shipping rockets basketball minutes.

It'll never be like that and I don't know if there change because of the back of a think old warriors are down and we were close to be for the work you lost for two both times. Like I mean, you know, they lost 4349 before they had a pretty good shot when Chris pulled hamstring but I mean that's what's this you know me like every every team. The Golden State beaten this whole run more often than not had a major injury on their squad and allow Golden State to advance and that's why I'm not really upset the Golden State Went up the same way as karma part of its attrition mean you requested it when he created his load management in Toronto this year, you know, saying he would be on the court is more for those games that he rested. I picked Magic Johnson second greatest player in NBA history and I picked them not just for what he did on the court.

I picked up for his for what he did off the court. Like when magic and bird came into the league.

ABA was running they may finals on tape delay, like at midnight on TV like it wasn't what it is now.

Larry magic turned the league into a place where it became must-see TV and then they pass the torch to Jordan and went global and if you look at, you can't really say that Lebron make the game more global than what it is now, and I know I said earlier that Lebron help with making the ABA a year-round type of phenomenon, but did he do the same type of thing for the game as a whole that magic did as an ambassador to the game now, but only because I don't think there's that opportunity.

Still there to do that. Like, how much are you really going to grow you know what I mean. Even Stephan Marbury went to China. He's a superstar so go this also strawberries so me and Josh.

I think you talk about that they are actually still selling on the come out new models, though those Kmart list like $10.

Yeah I was there like interaction at 20 bucks, appreciate, check a shoe in Walmart manager Sask along the earliest logos as soon as you were slow because of ill will say is that the statute to Staples and the same thing like a donkey and realizing so you know evil spread will man I never had a underwriter per Jordan's my life. I never had a pair of shack Reebok pumps rosary thing back in the day you would be alone in the shack thing but never had.

Jordan never had per Jordan's amine becoming Georgia $140 like we could before that drew my me.

I'm in the same boat, but once I started make all money like a lot of your money is like hundred $40 a person for one you feel good like you 140,000 feet.

Not really.

I still own a pair shoes that I think it was like about the United DV crossover like another popular athlete.

I have a Jordan branch to Derek Jeter's Jordan had Chris Paul here to Jordan shoe see I think you're the kind overrated like providing super basketball eyes that I've had Jordan's absence, or graphics to be three I like this polishers because he knew Chris Paul. I kept all my best Latinos little we always have. Those were what I put on James Harden site two years ago and I've never look back. I mean they're just like my feet feel like I've always like Jordan's icon just like you stole my baby Nike shoes and I mix up all the gardens and I was like alright well I'm not going back anymore these low top Harden shoes will Adidas days Adidas nurse there so good I came all the low tops may be exposed. I see people doing it nowadays like that is dangerous. Ankle ready to pop and Susie does James argue about that because are you doing. Like I said dribble dribble dribble travel travel module three run back the other way. No traffic, but I like Chris Paul's not staring at you for doing what you just did the past like 20 minutes of the ballgame man belittled a classic God for she is gone might go with Air Force One to bring it back around you later on the show figure out I was the best you got there basketball wives, children, Tyler, I've never had Chuck Taylor's ankles getting twisted toward me got like piece of fabric. So right now so I don't look coming up. What is the story behind Hornets second round pick Jaelyn McDaniels and where will Kimball Walker end up next Charlotte Observer sportswriter Scott Ballard joins the drive I just ran 49 20 today for Josh. He's on vacation, but he'll be back Monday 3 PM to 6 PM on sports. I've tried to show that interesting draft last week. Earlier this week. An article in the Charlotte observe her detail the recent legal troubles of second round Hornets draft pick. Jaelyn McDaniels 610 forward from San Diego State.

The writer of that article and friend of the program Scott Bauer now joins the drive Scott how are you doing today I'm doing pretty good news out there right now but I wanted to talk to you specifically about this article I read from you, from early in the week. If you haven't had a chance to check it out go to I go to the sports section that is it still featured promptly. There regarding Jaelyn McDaniels for those that don't know the back story. Scott, Phyllis, and briefly on what happened with McDaniels and his cortical legal trouble from a few years ago, McDaniel is a San Diego date Hornets drafted number two. Overall, the book that hand out high school player and Washington state outside of Tacoma and while there is currently videotape to female classmate performing sexual acts. One of the involved fact that he ended were having another one McDaniel allegedly hiding in a closet and typing another teenager and no classmate knows he does not deny making those documents through the attorney that he has them and long ago deleted them, but nevertheless young women and the fact that they were late to at least the more other high school classmate problem young women had eventually attempted all the 3 1/2 years ago my column Observer basically said never drafted Jaelyn McDaniels the boat to civil lawsuit is not been charged criminally, but nevertheless a better will now you will never really should've kicked over when I read the article. My first thought was that this doesn't seem like a normal specific. Is there any indication from GM Ms. Kupchak on why they actually overlook these issues, or even a sense that the Hornets knew and picked him anyway that a lot of what you said they knew him anyway. And that's about all they have Stuck with that about it in a room full of reporters shortly after it happened, been aware of the month and other than that the legal matter, and I'm not going to talk about both lawsuits are pending. However, my on and what I wrote the column was over and explain a little bit of library as you say, overlook, or decided the rear. Regardless, I really don't like the message that it became span already rated somewhat by the fact that they look like they may well lose the best.

Just ask about that here in just a second as well, along with Scott Fowler Charlotte observe her sportswriter and Scott you you know that the inner and outer no workings of the Charlotte Hornets franchise pretty well. Do you get a sense that this was a much Kupchak pick or is this the type of decision that would have to get past MJ in order for this to happen indeed. Do you even think that it went that far or was the Senate almost pulls like they picked them kinda knowing but hoping that it would become a big story and it's turned into a story will all drafted our May backup. Jackie had the ultimate young all personnel matters and Michael Jordan does allow him and that was part of the deal when Ms. Kupchak came here that he was going to not get towed. Not you know I don't talk about everything but now I think it would undoubtedly have been aware of this because Second thorough and Jordan about it and I just accept the risk, but I think like that if you're going to lay the wrong kind of thing to do.

The blame really lies more on Kupchak not on Jordan because God ultimately pulled the trigger since earlier this week Scott what was the feeling in Charlotte from the fan base regarding Daniel's pickup got the vibe from the fan base in terms of where they are in terms of care. Much is your sense that they they don't like this pick, or they're willing to look past that have you have you gotten anything back. Feedback from off of the article since it came out earlier in the week to today social media and email which would be really the only contact I'd be having regularly right now it out and amount of email and I would 70 so people in favor of the call of men and and against the Hornets and maybe 30% plan not go absolutely so, but I heard more from people who were who were angry.

I suppose about the pick and you know, kind of the same thing. The controversial dog people thought all you know I'm in the article I tried to make the point look one of the young women was one of your daughters, you know, what would you think at that point and you know some found other people they think will I was when I was 17 and I'm glad that not everything I ever did was, you know thrown in front of a court of law or in front of Attorney. The love that would look good so minor at the time so shouldn't ever earn a living playing basketball because it was the Charlotte Hornets Charlotte Observer writer Scott Fowler align with the stock in all things Charlotte Hornets right now and the reasons why this article I was so attracted to it because I knew the Greensboro swarm the Julie affiliate for the Charlotte Hornets is based here in our listening area really liked tenant's time away from where we currently are and I know a second round pick the Jaelyn McDaniel being Seymour in Greensboro next season than in Charlotte are very very high I assume will probably see more McDaniels here in the Triad than in Charlotte. The season crack.

I think you would gladly write think you will be like a candidate for the league basketball about it for second and that he doesn't even wait 200 panel string like lender and about 195 will get around by the big bodies of the NBA and yet think you will be paramount. I would expect Greensboro swarm and I think I'm not mistaken, is working on a Friday afternoon. I don't believe that he's had a special press conference at with the media. The other graphics for the horns have except for McDaniels to wait and see when Kupchak and others in the organization. Bring him available to the media and I'm sure we'll get that sometime here since thoughts Scott on personal pick PJ Washington and were you see him sitting on the Hornets roster. I know Kupchak mentioned that you may spring several time parents and greens were also which was, weird quote for a first-round draft pick. What were your thoughts on PJ Washington. Would you see him with not a rectangular one.

Not a real gambler anything Washington the Kentucky okay.

They returned after putting it drafted and pointed out your where he was better Greensboro much. I think what Bill really wanted to work on report shot because that's where you little and every weighing in the NBA made well at this point in the game so I think you'll wind up being here. I may not think that there may be going to part ways with Frank Kaminski, possibly, in which case you know Washington may end up with those minute as a starter by any stretch for a year to at least Charlotte Observer writer Scott Fowler align with the seer free agency starts Sunday in the MBA at 6 PM. The Boston Celtics have emerged along with the Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Lakers as potential suitors for Hornets All-Star guard Kimball Walker were you Scott terms of where you fill Kimball will ultimately sign you think you can take the Hornets offering a super max of this reports out that they did offer five years hundred and 60 million shade over 30 million per year this coming after Kimball had made public comments that he be willing to sign for less than the super max if it meant helping the team out.

Where are you today with the music came out the Boston the Woolwich bomb that Boston has emerged as the front runner to sign Tim on Sunday evening. What's your take on this and what were you think. As it stands right now were Kevin might be heading well. I'm sure 48 hours or so because the chaotic party. But if I were betting I would certainly bed will not return to the Hornets and counting. You Hornets or bobcats in the best player they've ever had better than no better than Larry Johnson. I'm talking about only in Charlotte but is the leading score category three time All-Star coming. How many millions to one man made, but you want the ring and that doesn't look anywhere close to happening here during the next three or four years so I think I think Boston probably would be most logical, like Dallas would both be possibilities as well. You know to go somewhere and get a whole lot of money but I think you I don't really think it's going to be in Charlotte this reports out right from Thursday that the Lakers made some moves but the wisdom settlement deal with the pelicans there shipping out. Basically, the remainder of what they had on the roster to clear up extra space. Anthony Davis is giving up his is formally no trade ticker so direction about 32 million in Space laughter max reagent and you know that can opens the door back again for timber the possibly end up in LA as well.

So you know, as a Hornets fan grown-up Lawrence man I don't want to lose, but if he gets an opportunity to play for one of the two historic franchises in the MBA. The Lakers are the Celtics.

I really can't matter that so to be an interesting weekend for sure. See what happens with timber and what the ports try to do. I would assume to try to keep him. So what will keep in on that as well. But real quick and I'll let you get out here. Scott rapidfire. We think these three top sergeant assigned to give your name you tell me you thought you had where you think today you end up being a star for quad limit. When I clicked up in LA, why can end up on the lepers are Lakers are Lakers okay so I can so far I'm not very good.


None of us are so we got a call to Lakers were okay.

Kevin rent that the great one. I really don't know you ran things like unusual character I'd I don't have very good feel for him so I can start with a K right leg play okay and thereby after going out about him I would and I finally going to have to get the final curtailment was Kari Irving like you going back to Boston that that bridge looks like it's totally burn. We've heard a number of different places.

The wildcard notice when it's all said and done, we think, I and another K that's right, you know, again I got them by the time you get Sunday night. I'll probably have a better sense of it, but I'm focused right now I haven't really played around with high re-options other than the fact that him leaving Ballston Lake the door wide open and I think it's actually going in his career little better than Bob so yeah I mean was the first domino falls, wherever that might be like. All assessments start foam in the place immediately after so it's crazy how the MBA, dominates the headlines even after this is over, you know it's nuts but thank you so much Scott Fowler. You can check out his offering to the program. Thank you so much for doing this and we will deftly talk again soon.

Scott. That was Charlotte Observer sportswriter Scott Fowler printed the program, thanking him for doing that force their nuggets there to check out his, not to the most storied franchises in NBA history. Did some moves this week and maybe back and I'll explain why the MBA better when these two franchises are relevant to listen to the drive is 609 20. Now back to the drive with Josh Graham will still not listening to the drive Josh Graham is not me I have dozens of them just for you on this Friday.

Holmes been a fantastic week we've been loaded with guest host Josh is on vacation will be back Monday 6 PM live.

Sport subscribe only get into this topic that is two franchises in the MBA that need to be relevant in order to make the MBA even more relevant than what it is now, and at the Lakers and the Celtics.

The Boston Celtics of 117 NBA championship. That's more than any other franchise LA Lakers of 116 championships.

Neither franchises want to title since 2010 it's been nine years since the Lakers are the Celtics have you been in the NBA finals MBA is better when the Lakers and the Celtics are relevant. I know New York is pushed as needing to be relevant. The Knicks haven't wanted to be title since 1973 Edmonton NBA finals since 1994 in that series versus the Houston Rockets is more known for O.J. Simpson making a run for dinner LA freeway and NBC. Deciding to cut that coverage, but the NBA finals game in a small box in the corner. If Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson or Larry Burda playing in at 94 finals NBC make that decision. They put the NBA finals and a small box in the right-hand corner of the screen hail no.

The Knicks are not relevant to a huge desperate fan base but the league doesn't shine.

Based on the New York Knicks and never has Claire's own urine to be in Nick, the last big free-agent to sign with the Knicks was Amari Stottlemyre and that was almost 9 years ago, literally force the trade there and probably immediately regretted it. The past six years.

The main topics in the MBA have been a what the hell are the Lakers doing and be how the Celtics and Danny Ames rebuilding with all this young talent will start the Lakers the Lakers in particular have dominated the headlines all while they've been drafting in the lottery for the past six years they've had multiple top five picks. Let's go to the names Alonzo ball Daniel Russell Brandon Ingram, Julius Randall, yet they kept leaving the headlines.

Why, because of the Lakers. That's why the talks of Laker demise were greatly exaggerated Mickey Mouse to be running the Lakers and he would still be a destination for a player they have a history of the legacy have the players what NBA player, past, present or future would not want to be a chapter in that book magic Kareem worthy West, Wilt Baylor shack Colby.

That's the pits magic probably gave the Lebron James just like that. Think about it. They had been out of the lottery in six seasons. I can't express that enough the Lakers were in the lottery for six straight years is the longest streak they've had in their franchises history.

Yet, one conversation would Magic Johnson convince the best player on the planet to leave home again and come to the Lakers play with those lottery pics Alonzo ball Brandon Ingram. Meanwhile, the Celtics, I don't want to title since 2008, and most of their title came during the 60s.

They won 9/10 seasons that jersey the green and white that floor the parquet floor. It still means something is similar to the 49ers or the Cowboys of the Raiders and NFL that matter how much the rater suck today there still a premier franchise in NFL and will be just when baby Cowboys went to a decade of just being god-awful still on the top selling jerseys and franchises in NFL foreigners going through right now foreigners. I've been good since Jeff Garcia in there and they're getting through it bird parish Mikael the best player in the NBA finals.

Given the Bill Russell award Cousy have a check Pierce, Garnet, Allen, even with tales of racial strife in Boston. It's still a destination, a rabid fan base. Ballston is used to winning the New England Patriots. The Boston Red Sox, the Boston Celtics, you like winning Boston's a spot to go look at your Lakers fan you hate all things Boston your Lakers fan you hate the patriots. If your Lakers fan you hate the Red Sox. Even if you watch the sport you just hate those things. If you're Celtics man you ate the Lakers Lakers versus Celtics means the second best rivalry in all sports. Only thing that the head of it is Carolina Duke in college basketball. To me if both teams are relevant and good.

The NBA is a historical glamorous rivalry built into the fabric of the league itself.

It's been there for 50+ years and counting its dormant right now but it always comes back.

I had a prediction in the next three or four years. The Lakers and the Celtics will meet in the NBA finals again means will win a top free agent next week. The poet is young guns Jason Tatum and Jaelyn Brown, the Lakers will build a new big three Lebron 80 AMEX guy if he wants this to happen. Lakers versus Celtics drives conversations rivalries always do. No one wants to see the box versus the rockets in the finals next year. Even though both teams are led by league and BPs and Yunus and James Cardin dollars watch that casual fans will tune in to see the Lakers versus Celtics and learn the players names after the fact.

This is why laugh when I hear such and such is think about going to the Clippers. The Clippers will never eclipse the shadow of the Lakers in LA ever ever ever ever the Clippers who went to NBA championships with Kawai Leonard on the team will never be as big as the Los Angeles Lakers NBA thrives when the Lakers and the Celtics are relevant. They are the only two teams in the league can say that 336-777-1600 number to call Fiona Simon only thing we talked about today so I was glad to do that. The five things 55 top five stories five things at 5:35 PM. Sorry for any number five Houston Astros lead all teams of three stars for this year's All-Star game after all the votes were tallied Thursday major-league baseball's new starter election sorters election sees me, this is Alex Bregman the runaway winner third base for the American League will be joined in the starlight about Astro's teammate George Springer started patient George Springer and Michael Brantley later as the New York Yankees. Judge for less than one percentage point for the final AOL spot Springer and Brantley share the outfield angel*Mike Trout let all candidates with 993,857 votes in the final stage of the game in Cleveland's progressive field on July 9 for you whatsoever. Enough illness, enough illness right now is there anything about this whole episode and site you know what Aaron do me a favor go outside it's 5 o'clock check make sure all the doors are locked in and out of the studio to do a little something that what going to do.

Probably shouldn't do it anyway sorry my thing is yeah rundown takeover the last hour. The show I got my people to hear about my mom rundown Wolfpack of sorts. The excise board Chris leaving the building that Marcus Shockley is in the building and I know what else I got to say what do like this for the next hour, rundown format we get to sleep go like this for the next hour, 5:55 PM rundown takeover the rundown with Desmond Johnson Saturday morning 10 AM to 12 noon right euros worth of triad looking up books in your talk about this in figure this out because a lot of losing going on right now I have no idea where anybody's going so little… Kick it off with that bellows gentleman.

First of all thank you for being there with me today. I think the congregation for being in here and listen sorrowful Kim Walker man like that over the past like 24 hours, maybe the narrative is shifted totally on Kim Walker from how can. There's no way Charlotte can mess this up to Charlotte about the mess this up because the long whistle. Let's for those that don't know Jim Walker qualify for super Max five years, $221 million he made a mistake of saying he would take less money and I might be was driving the Hornets right now.

Before you know what guys, if we do this I need to get a soccer update from you boys me in the booth. Gabriel was up with the RI well and finals time to the one you know they get it right.

You know you know you got that figured out she's with the second goal one, one minute and the fifth 011 the sixth of the women seem actually no ties away 95 at the Norway theme for the highest winning streak of all time in the World Cup there at game so far on the so one more game and no I just become like one of the greatest teams in stripping because it got two zeros, the final one that's really where I selected.

I just when I got to want to do that and take it away and I went with my cut was through one maybe they had to disregard the goal for some reason, now that I know of the women move home.

We know the plan next where not sure should be playing in the semi finals synthesis is tougher and tougher, but were behind him are back in India free Institute Walker is missing the last of him walking towards uniform as assertive so I guess we have the part that makes me mad about this like course as a Hornets man you want Kimmel to be around but they knew they were going to extend him to the super Max or just a regular Max or give him a bunch of money anyway. Then why not get something for him. When people wanted him and they were trying to put playoff push. Why not take a page out of Denny Ainge's book and get rid of him, get rid of Jeremy Lamb get some pics that no get some get some assets. See if you knew you not to do this. Mitch Kupchak no Michael Jordan you knew that you market to offer him the money, at least get something for now I think Hornets is a rather have them, but if you let him walk away and then we give nothing in return. It just feels that it feels like we don't have inside information, but it feels like Kimber was committed like he was like I'm here with a Hornets on his let me be the families we love Kimber and then he got the offer and it was like they don't love me as much as I love them. Yeah, I'm going to Boston five years hundred 60 million is what I believe the Hornets have offered. Now they say that Tom not to upset offer, but yeah, wonder is Kimber take that personally. That that's the first offer. They came with because to me it's like to be kind of made this problem yourself by coming out saying all everyone take less of you had said that all in the Hornets offered in this then it's like okay Lawrence is lowballing him for no reason is no reason for an offer that amount now can look at it like, well, he said he take less. So why would they offer in the Max in the very beginning other than just the principle of non-China compared to Tom Brady, but Tom Brady takes less of course to help build teams but still there's not as much flexibility as there is an NBA, but if he's telling you if you give me a super match with which I qualify for. I will stay why not, why not because Kimber can be the guy like you.

First off, why does business. IBM will have a $20 million clear out all my God, why do as Marvin Williams have a $21 million player option soon as I can make 5 million see the show without mentioning names like those three dislikes 65 million right to just Windows the players that will so Kim was good enough to where other people want to come.

Why don't people want to come play for Michael Jordan. Why can't somebody like Jimmy Butler to come to make the elevator team and is just system flow on on the Hornets part like Jordan's never really use that power that he had in terms of mean again like we mentioned his shoe was still the most popular basketball shoe in the world had played bass 125 years, he still the dominant presence in the world of basketball for like you really use that to his advantage in terms of bringing free agents to Charlotte, I mean, you would think there's anybody in the league they'd be willing to go over the cap to build a contending team. It would be Michael Jordan.

I mean the man will gambles we all know he loves doing that, stuff it feels like you want spend the money to get the Hornets out of the holder in and it starts with Kimber and now is you I might wind up losing one the best points of all time. Yeah, I think one of the problems with MJ is as the owner and like us and we talked this before on your knowledge of Hornets. MJ is my favorite all-time player is a horrible owner is proving it on point with that is a thing if you look at what the Hornets are drafted over the years is almost a joke that no matter who they draft matter how well versed.

We are in. In this prospect every year to blow it where the draft is not develop.

It's almost as though they got lucky with Kimber like he came in he developed on his own Hornets have shown no ability to recruit free-agent sign fridges develop talent, draft development, tell the big jet they've got guys on this roster that look great as young prospects and there's no new belief that there can be developed in the players so they basically chemist like okay if you guys are going to do anything with me and you not to show me love my paycheck if I was his age and every time you need to go to Boston when a title party. Jordan's problem is this. I think he's still the that person who grew up in a arrow came up in the era of you we don't fraternize with other players because SI competition with instant you put Lebron in the spot if Lebron is the owner of the Charlotte Hornets or the Cleveland Cavaliers one days Lebron came is in the air where we're recording children want to go out recruit went to go try to talk TA come home. I got talk to me followed in off-season see we can do.

I think Jordan is still holding on to that, like now, when I confront you need to adjust to the time and he's not adjusting to the time 336-777-1600 number to call if you want to chime in on anything you were talking about here right NBA free agency.

We will record before we get the break on a couple these other guys coming up sound like the biggest Domino bill actually playing next year is quiet. Leonard and it came out today that all of a sudden based off what they did yesterday. The Los Angeles Lakers are now in the running to get quiet.

Leonard Kent Kinne big three of Lebron Anthony Davis in quality or even work hurt your feelings that there is no longer known a lot of talent that dysfunction can destroy on the rock to the mix of proven and until the Lakers prove that they can accomplish something without bus luxury bus I'm not believing there is just never know they can get 1/3 and fourth are not Senate willing to sing in my don't give Riley until they prove that they connect to do something with the talent they signed the just another team that is putting together a bunch of things that look good on paper, and they're not the Lakers of old II do know that you've maintained that there will always be the big brother in LA Clippers.

I believe that's also true. I think a better fan base to support him regardless tippers want to title. I think the Lakers was to get better families or have big family LC to move and change the name. The Clippers yeah before liking it. Like anywhere you all just moved to know moved to this needed to start: Inglewood Clippers have a brand-name move Seattle and Hines offers a thing though that one thing that Jaelyn Rose mentioned this morning get up that didn't really think about the connection that might require their qualities. College coach was Steve Fisher closely San Diego State before that Steve Fisher was the coach Michigan. We coached Linke, who was on those Five teams and drop Linke is now the Lakers GM so there are always connections here thinking with what you say require, urine tire looks up to Kobe Bryant rights agent drop Linke like there's heat wrap link.

I think got the most was the word I'm looking for here.

They threw so much dirt on Rob link of the past 3 to 4 weeks after the Magic Johnson thing on Sunday days. They won the media like arrows at all. Drop Linke. No one likes him.

GM's Haydon then want to deal with them and all this other stuff.

I think you have to give them some applause for what happened even screwing up the whole way the deal where they messed up the dates and have enough room or whatever they figure out when you know that yesterday dollars. This they announced today that they were pursuing either primary or Kimber, that's what why why why so the question is why. Why does what you like or feel it is important to advertise to their pursuit.

Like why would they do that that that doesn't get you anything looking for a splash hired looking for splash news and on but you do have advertising going after just left them wise and important so okay so is my question for the both of you between those two case Kawai Leonard or Kari or Kari Irving. Now the Lakers have $32 million in backspace which one would would be your top priority like you got it is not just about getting the best of the two. Yep, that was one of those guys will work best with with Anthony Davis and Lebron was rather carry urban and reunion Lebron in LA he was right. I Kawai needed me. That is go after D'Angelo Russell Russell back to LA yeah the reason I say that is because I think speaking of taking less thing D'Angelo Russell would take less sleep. You still have a little bit more money to round out to roster.

I'm just so worried about teams that are so top-heavy and then you have to fill out to roster with like 11 scrubs and then if you have one or two injuries, then you're at your seasons messed up warriors yelled that the doors bench this year was not the way it was in their underwear top runs so like you get to injuries and it just throws everything off. Now.

So here's my in Anthony Davis's injury prone, so wrong for the year. Yeah so that that is a definite thing that I've been on the whole Kari is coming to LA tip for like three months I got focus that every Saturday morning career to be LA Laker even when I couldn't figure out how they could even make it happen. Couldn't have the money now they have the money and try to back off of it like I don't know if there is not either.

I agree with Chris on one of those. I don't think Kawai's personality will work well because I don't Kari is just a destroyer in the locker room and new editing like this is the bronze out for an extended period time like this year.

He's out is getting older. I mean six months from now. Right now, everybody saying okay the Lakers are going to title six months from now. As soon as Kari walks in the locker room is no Lebron is this is my team and on the get mine you have.

This is just speculation on my part, but you could have Davis sitting there thinking okay bronze not here Kari so it's all him is going for his doesn't care about us driving the like destruction of the Lakers before they even I'm working there. I don't necessarily mind I read everything that I think that if anybody can keep them online. Lebron can, but is along there that looks you look up to Lebron, but if on the Lakers though like Artie have Lebron Artie have Anthony Davis, I'm going to have to pay Anthony Davis next year a lot a lot of money.

So why don't I just go ahead and try to round out the roster right now instead of it being so top-heavy I don't necessarily mind Kari, but I feel like you get all kinds of value in place of them that you don't miss you and that you don't need 336-777-1600 number to call him to chime in on this coming up we always talk about with the best NBA player of all time.

As we all know deep down who it is it's Michael Jordan witnessed it. We recorded it. We worship that we wear his shoes to this day, but I will have a conversation. No one ever really has. Who was the second best player in NBA history would load up our phone line source taken those calls. 336-777-1600. Me and my rundown Wolfpack will give our pics here next everybody.

This is 609 20 now back to the drive with Josh Graham three 367-7700 number to dial if you want to chime in here in the middle of a run down take over. This is the driver, Josh Graham Johnson, you can exit Down Our Regular Time 10 AM to 12 Noon Live Heroes Will Subscribe Tomorrow and Every Single Saturday We Got Rid of the New Calling in Tomorrow to Talk about ACC Big Four College Basketball Roster Change. Got Randy Pettit Here from Bowman Gray User Tracking Entry Can Be on the Panel Tomorrow. I Am Geez Rhinestone Will Be Here Tomorrow, Please Ask Shelby Here Sawyer and Aaron Will Be Here Doing Their Thing. So I Might As Well Just Boycott out to Stay Here Overnight] in the Morning to the Same Thing All over Again. But No Worries, No Worries, No Worries.

Let Me Whereabouts of Our Second the Second Best NBA Players of All Time Panel before I Get to Call a Line Here, but I Picked Earlier to Show Magic Johnson Just for Not Just for What He Did on the Court for What He Stiffer off the Court to in Terms of EP Basically Elevated the NBA, along with Matt Larry Bird Can't Really Say One without the Other but Mom It Was in like Nine of the 10 Finals in the 1980s He Was Five and Four. I Mean, He Just He Has the Second-Highest Win Percentage of Any NBA Player in History. 741% Is the Only Person That Hired Him Kawai Leonard at 754 Larry Bird's Third Is a Winner. Thanks and Half Points per Game, Seven Rebounds 11 Assists per Game for His Career Easy Was a Do It All, Six, Eight Point Guard to Just Back Then You You Have 68 Point Guards Couldn't Really Deal with Them and He Really Got Put on the Map Not the College Bass Will Gain the Change It from Him and Larry Bird. But That First NBA Finals Date Was Game Six Claims Hurt Magic Starts at Center Drops a Triple Double 46 Points and Some Change in Double Assist Double Rebounds and That Was Really When Connor Cemented Himself As like a Great and I Was Rookie Season. So for Me the Second Greatest NBA Player of All Time. The Second Best. Just a Second Greatest in Terms of Who You Think of Anything in NBA and What It Represents for Me Is Magic Johnson on the Transit Panel to Get Your Payments on Who's the Second Greatest NBA Player of All Time behind His Errands.

Haven't Had Time to Really Look up Stats Just to Backup My Point Coach Got but I Want to Say There Is a Two a and to Be and I Would Have Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Lebron James Lebron Clearly Is like You Rediscover with Magic Something That We Hadn't Seen before in NBA before He Was There. However, There Is Enough We See the Bottom That We Can Tell, like He's Great If There Were No Michael Jordan Maybe He's Number One. But He's Not Number One Because There Is Michael Jordan. Then I Never Was Blessed Enough to See Cream to Young but Nothing 33 See Cream Play but It's Just Everything That You Hear. Yet the Unstoppable Move. He Was Basically the Guy That Was Dominating the MBA at a Certain Amount of Time and and Even Still, Even with How Dominant Shack Is If You Look at How Amazing Shack Was Shacked As Even Make the Mount Rushmore of Lakers Players Because Cream Is There in His Way and You Have To Kind of Put Cream There. To Me, I Feel like I'm Good Have To Go with Kareem As Well. Like Chris, I Haven't Had a Chance to Really Look up Any Exhaustive Statistics but I Will Give You One Statistic Is I Think Kareem's Only Guy That Actually Had a Rule Change for Him to Try to Get the Dunk Out Of the Game of Basketball to Because Cream Is so Dominant in His High School and into the End of His Career He Was Playing a Loaded Lakers Team, but He Was As Much of a Factor, Even with Limited Mobility As Much of the Factors Lakers Championships Where It Was.

Three. Not a Bentley. They Back to Back, Back to Bagley and That He Was at the End of His Career.

He Was Still a Major Offense of Weapon with Limited Mobility When He Was Young He Was Quick He Was like a Forward 77 Feet Tall, 722 70 and yet He Was Unstoppable in the End of His Career. Even Worse, Most Centers Have Broken down and There No Longer Able to Play in Their Basically and Are Just Clogging up the Lane. Kareem Was Still a Major Weapon for Magic Johnson That You They Were. It Was Almost Impossible for the Rest of the League to Stop. I Agree Lebron Is Is Right up There with with Kareem Which I Think Kareem Actually Gets a He Always Gets Pushed to the Side Because He Played an Error with. He Was a Loaded Jordan Is Already Did Magic but He Was a Dominant Player It's Hard to Describe and Explain to People. Today It Is Sort of like Somebody Coming in and Being so Unstoppable That They Literally Try to Change the Rules for Coming and Telling Lebron Hey Lebron, You Can Only Play the First Quarter You Just to Domino His Right Hand. Yeah, You're Right.

I Can't Not Coming for Me on 41 so I Grew up, and I've Mentioned This before but I May Be a Fan of the Hornets and Always Other Teams. The Showtime Lakers Were My First Love. I Saying That I Was in Love with Always Look for Team As Being the Perfect Perfect Combination of of How You Put a Roster Together. Yeah, You Know like You Got Guys Come up Eventually. Michael Cooper Program Insert Rambus, You Got These Guys Were Role Players Who Feel Imperfectly. Every Person for Macy Green to Sue, I Live James Worthy a Very Credible Player.

Any Other Teams over Dominant Player in His Overall Number One Pick for Lakers That I Was Looking at Cream Stats at Last Season, 88, 89 Healy Harrison Points per Game, but to Your Point Marcus. I Mean, You're Absolutely Right, You Still Shouldn't Right around 50% from the Field and and It Was like Your 20 That He Is Playing You Armies out Here like Sky Looks It Still the Most Indifferent of Unfenced Shot Infantile Shot in NBA History and Limits Number Number Four That I'm Not Sure Why Big Men Don't Use It.

Still, You Know like Yeah Well It Didn't Sound to Be Doing Just like All Summer Long Just like Go Talk to Cream like a Man. I Will Not Do the Shocking Teach Me How to Do It and Just I Would Just Sit There and Shoot a Thousand Scouts a Day until I Had It down Pat Some of the Current Intensive Average 32 Points Again with Skyhook You Know Should Bring Back to in a Week You'll Be En Vogue after This Design Because Only A Few Short He Has the Hops. He Has a Hot Saturday Somebody Has Their Basically Yelling off the Throw Base to Wall off the Rim Form the Why Not Just Sky above Everybody and Learn How to Do a Whole Lot of Time It Took Thomas Wallace and I Know A Lot Of People to Call Me a Hater.

I'm Sorry Things Are Overrated like This. Think about His Season Will Let Me Ask You This Started.

If Zion Had to Career like Blake Griffin, Would You Be Blessed Me. I Believe That's What People Would Think. I Think I Ring Back to Booker, but I Think You so Hyped That's a Great Question. Nothing Left, Point Jack Wiggins Is Going to Do That Now. Like He Was Supposed to Be the Next Run Point You Guys Have That Type Wiggins Had Gone Let Listlessness Make That Clear Difference in Your Wiggins Is Playing for Check Is Not Likely Was like That's True but There's a Difference When You Want to Play the Game You Have Passion like Is Different.

Zion Clearly Has Passed Now Know It May Change When He Says I'm Not and I Don't Want to Say Last Night. Have a Good Career.

One of the Things with like No Mate. He May Not Be Lebron. He May Not Be Jordan, but like You, Please Hard and There Is Something to Playing Hard Not Saying He's Going to Go out There in the Clips Lebron or Anything like That but like You If You If That's the That's the Level to Maybe He Is Overrated, but I Still Think That He Go out There and Do Well Why I Hope Average 25 and 12 Enjoys. Randall Ever Set for the Pelicans Is Literally Taken His Spot Mean I Am Hopeful That to Actually Wish People Would Temper Their Expectations Are That Is Not That I Don't Think Zion Can Be That Player Is That We Live in a Culture in the NBA Where You Guys Come in They Either or Thought of His Boss Was in Their First Year. From the First Game This Guys Is No God like Alonzo Balzer Going If You Could Shoot That Was Crazy, but He's a Decent Player.

Now He's Looked at As a Bust, No Delivery Can Take Seven Years. Using for People to Think about It Every Time NBA Player Right Now.

It Takes Seven Years and Really It's Everything I James Hart Was Coming off the Bench for OKC in 2012 Finals and People, Forget That Now They See James Arnaz, Leader of the Rockets or Whatever Years Later, It's Not Right so It Would Zion. To Me It's like I Love the Kid I Was Personality I Love. But I Think He's Infectious in Terms of like the Yearning to Want to Play the Game of Basketball Is Second Jump.

It's Ridiculous. I Think Maybe Sean Chip or like Griffin Come to Mind, but the More I Think about What I Saw This Year I Think Were More in All That Someone That Size the Size of like a Left Tackle Was Doing These Things, Not so Much That He Was Doing Things We Hadn't Seen before. He Was Doing Things Benson's Way That Size Do before and I Already Said You Know He Can't Play 285 for 15 Years Is Gonna Blow His Knees out or Whatever Is His Problem Is Not to Lose like 20 Pounds but I Don't Know. I Don't Know If Easier to Do That Is Really on a Cell Phone to High School.

This Is the Most in Shape. He Has Been an Really His Whole Life.

Do Quite Really Got Him Ready to Go but Will He Stay That Way, There Are Flaws in His Eyes Game and Every High School Is That You See That Her Hyped Immune from Harry Giles from This Area and He's Affected Her Just One of the Greatest Players I'd Seen in High School Barring Injuries. He Did Have Struggles Injuries. He Always Has, but He Was a Phenomenal Player Wrote That at the Time Scott Emerson No Disguise Is One of the Best High Schools Exigent Brought As Prior to Design but There's Flaws in His Guy's Game That Get Overlooked Because They're so Good at This Level, You Know, so I Hope That I Hope He Gets a Little Bit of a past Missouri Selling Merchandise in Just Such a Phenomenon That the Site Is His Reputation Is. This Is This Too Much to Live up to, and Must You Know He's One of Those Rare People to Come and Michael Ron and David Griffin, Who Was Basically Saying Hey He's Not to Be the Savior. Guy's I Guess the Slowdown That in Then He's Building a Team around Him so He Doesn't Have All That Excessive Thing That They've Done Really Well in Terms of Putting A Lot Of Pieces around Him Is Not like the Horns Where They Got in His Eyes. I Think You Want Us I Can Put All Your Low-Volume Centers with Confidence, Began Speaking, Speak about and Come Back to Him Just a Bit. That's a Quick Break to Come Back to Kimba. I Have Four More Second Displays 336777 1600s Number Called Want to Chime in on Any of the Topics We Talked on to a Coming up since I Got Chris Leaving Here Is a Rundown Take over All Is Cool WBE. We Never Talk about It. During This Time. Shakeup behind the Scenes Announced Yesterday. Chris's Take on the Significance of That, Plus How Do These Gospel about Kimball Walker Should He Stay or Should He Go and See the Most Beloved Hornet of All Time. Listen to Rundown Take over on the Drive Took Us to Rundown in Our Normal Time Today Him Saturday Morning Lives Tomorrow Brings Religion Records Wilkerson to Discuss a Series of Articles This Week. That's Online and Account Detailing the Roster Changes for the ACC Big Four College Basketball I Am. He's Rhinestone Will Be in the First Hour Boat a Great Track Announcer Randy Pettit Will Be the Second Hour. I'll Be Joined by Sports, Please.

Haskell Shelton Sorted Dylan Aaron Gabriel Will Be in the House Once Again Join Us Tomorrow Live on Sports Club Triad. This Episode of the Drive. You'll Be Able to Download Exports of 630 7 O'clock.

Any Chance We Won't Go Together and Makes Magic Happen, but We Believe Download That As Well.

Real Quick E-News Baby Named Paul Heyman Executive Director Brought Eric Bischof Executive Director Smacked A Lot This Week amid Slipping Ratings and Emergence of All Elite Wrestling Widget Potential Competitors.

Debbie Debbie E Chris Your Thoughts on This Change and Are You Excited about What Could Potentially Mean Going Forward for the Rest of the Year. Okay I Love It Right Now but I Got a Feeling I'm Going to Eventually Hated Coca Now. Right Now like for for the Moment Yes like Product Is Stale, but It Is Still the Same Year like between Wrestlemania and Summer Slam Is Only Still Here Wrestling Fan You Know This but You Have ADW Coming up Which Is This Huge There Date Amir Khan Has the Pockets to Really Run with Billionaire with with Vincent Man and Then Also the Thing That People Want Talk about Is the Meat of the Smack down Switch and a Fox. Fox Doesn't Want to Pay All This Money Just to Have Mediocre Product so Right Now Yes Eric Bischof Has a Proven Record and Paul Heyman. They Both Have Proven Records Bring Them in. However, It Says Something When You Have Vince McMahon, Who's Been Doing This Thing Forever, and Now His Ideas Are Still You Have These Guys Were Basically His Competition Back in the 90s and Early 2000's. Are There Ideas Stale at First Is Going to Sound Great, but Then Are Beginning to Start His Having History Repeat Itself, Why Not Have Triple H Who Runs NX T and XT Arguably Is the Hottest Brand You Have, Yes, and You Bring up Guys from an Exterior Development League Is Just like Going to the Greensboro Swarm Games and You Have a Better Time Watching Those of You and You like the Players at the Swarm Game Better Than Going to Hornets Game You like on Board with This Is a Fantastic and Is Exactly What I but That's What Does the Position Debbie. Debbie Is in the Why Not Take the Guy Who's Running the Hottest Brand and Let Him Be in Executive Director and Then There's Another Thing, Why Aren't You Your Developing Always Rustles Large Developing People in the Background Who Can Do This. Vince Right beside Please. Whilst Thinking That He Stepped Aside Really Going into the Fall Actually Moves Back Them up Fox Because He Starred Max FL Again Saw Me.

That's a Spring All These Labs Were Ever Move Away Totally. I Would like to Think That Yes AAA's Are Still CON Got a Couple Different Titles, Whatever. And Yes, He Does Oversee and XT. I Would Think That You Would like to Think They Offered One of the Triplex Verse and He Said No Because He Knew If He Stepped Away from and XT That It Would Affect and XT and That's His Baby so Maybe Maybe They Offered Him One of Our Menus like Non-Good Where I Am Paul Heyman.

I Totally Understand like That Should Happen Three Years Ago. Like I Respect His His Mind in Terms of What It Is and I Member When He Was Running Smacked down a Decade Ago Smacked down Was Likely Amazing Yeah Let Edson Emily John Seen like Date. They Brought All These New Guys in and They Became Stars and Carry the Company and This Is Where WV Is That They're Stuck Right Now Because like You You Have You Have To Bring Back These Guys from 20 Years Ago Who You Competition to Give You New Life. What Sense Does That Make If You Really Think about It the in the Day and Then Why Is the Undertaker Still Wrestling Man Look His Spell. He Was What I Have Had His Last Match Eight Years Ago against Her Place at Wrestlemania Now Were Talking about Him Potentially Going against Drew McIntyre at the Nexus of Light, on Manlike like Get This out Here. We Write Why We Always Have To Go Back from 20 Years Ago to Give the Product New Life. That Means That You're Not Developing from the inside, We Mean Aaron Actually Had on. We Have It on the We Saw the Clip When They Do the Super Showdown. Saudi Arabia, It Was Actually on What We Are Finishing up the Drive and Aaron Came across a Brother Was Showing Clips of the Undertaker Goldberg Match and Grant Yes Goldberg Had a Concussion or Something. Early in the Match, but You Haven't Had Yeah Because He's Clumsy Yeah Oh He's Done That before I Made This the Guys Himself Concussion Represent to the Wall before He Walked out to the Arena, but Undertakers like His 50s and Think Goldberg Things in His Early 50s and It Just It Looked like It Was a Total Disaster. It Was Horrible. It's Been A While since I Seen Wrestling, Checked out Somewhere around John Seen the Emergence of but to to See like the R&R Mirror the Undertaker Full Force on Satellite Day Purple Gloves, Undertaker, like Always Be There so to See That like That Was Pretty Bad. That Was Bad Stuff Was All They Were Falling over Each Other in the Desert.

They Been Doing like You Gotta Get That Much on This. It's Almost like They Don't Know How to They Know How to Build the Talent and XT and You Got Lots of Guys Coming out and Girls Coming Out Of and XT You're so Excited to Get to the Main Roster Now Been like. Also Want Them to Go to the Main Roster Because They Don't Know What to Do with Them When I Get up There That the Thing Is They Don't Know If You Heard Set Nessus Ron D'Ambrosio Is A.K.A. John Moxley's Interview yet to Have Read Regularly and They Were Long. One of the Things That's a Problem Is All the Scripting They Do on the Main Roster. So When You're Doing These 20 Minute Promos in Every Single Thing Is Scripted like When All It When Steve's Uncle Steve Also Came up with Awesome 316 That Was Off-The-Cuff Yeah Yeah Right so You Don't Know What Magic These Guys Can Make If You're Making Them Stick to the Script Every Single Time You Literally Handcuffing Your Your Talent so You're Not Allowing Them to Come up with Symmetrical Back When I Was a Wrestler There Certain Things That We Didn't Talk about the Back and Then You Got to Get a Feel for Crawling like Call out There and Becomes the Magical Moment of the Match Never Planted, and Sometimes This and I'm Not until What Happened but AML Wrestling AML South ML Is a Local Work out More about the AML Corridor. AML Is a Local Organization.

Gotta Check Them out. Yes, It If You Love Rest of Their Amazing There Something to Happen There. There Will Restart It and It Literally Was Something That Was Literally Called on the Fly Helped Propel One of the Wrestlers There Well Because You Have That Freedom Capability Didn't Seem like They Really Have That Right Now Unless You're like a Top, Top Top God. Like Maybe Seth Rollins As an Ability or Maybe 80 Styles of That Ability, but It You're Right like It with Attitude Era Felt like They Pushed More for Guys to Be Themselves. The Rocket Austin Interpolation What They Became Themselves, That of the Stuff They're Pushing on It. It Exploded Wrestling in General and between Eric Bischoff and and Paul Heyman Start and Run Things, Probably by Late July Things with the Word Was Thinking Maybe I'll Start a Turnaround. I Do Need to Flip Back and Be a Real Quick Because We Did Some Breaking News in the Commercial Break Here. Speaking of the LA Lakers and Choir.

Leonard Sources Are Now Saying That Kawai Leonard Will Speak to the Los Angeles Lakers the Next Few Days and He Has Made a Personal Request That Only Owner Jeannie Buss and Magic Johnson. The Team's Former President of Basketball Operations Be Involved in the Meeting.

These Are Sources That Have Told ESPN Stephen a Smith Choir Is Expected to Allow the Raptors Make the Final Presentation on the Teams Meeting with Him in Los Angeles Next Week.

I Realize Always Seem to Come to Meet Him in LA Next Week, so He's Not Even Quat Closet. Many He Walks a Different Beat. You Know I Mean like No One Knows Where He Is Going He Had Really Said Much of Anything Other Than He Just Wants to Win. He's Always Guys Come and See Him in LA Next Week.

The Raptors One Last Was That Even Matter What You Think That Matters Is Given the Raptors the Last Shot Is Hard to Say to Me I Think It Was with Kawai.

A Lot Of This Speculation Is Ignited & Quiet Speculation Is Coming from People Who Are, They Have This Idea Today and They Know How He Thinks and Clearly We Don't Gotta Know How I Said All You Debacle Prove That I Will Say That You Know You Talk about All the Connections. Maybe He Knows Where He's in Ago but Because He Does Have Connections in These Cool Certain People Maybe Is like I Always Hear You out. Yeah, like You Know You Guys Do Me a Solid Membrane. Maybe I Knows I Want to Stay in Toronto but Because He's Cool Probably Could Maybe School Somebody Else on Another Things like You Know I'll Give You Guys Figure I'll Be at Home Anyway, I'll Come Hear You out Here What You Have To Say.

Here's the Thing That People Don't Really Realize Coming. They Probably Don't Really the Kevin Durant Injury Changed Everything Because It Open up the West You Know before They Would've Been More Likely to Stay in Toronto Because of the Easier Path to the Finals with Golden State Women out There with Her and Clay Thompson Hurt.

Now the Lakers Do like a Spot Where Okay I Collect LA I Can Play for the a Squad Set up Someone for the Clippers. I Can No Basically Deal Laker and If You Grew up in Southern California, I Guarantee You Choir When He Did Not Grow up Want to Get Ill-Equipped. You Grew up Want to Be in LA I Don't Know If There Is No Way Was He Following My Goal Can Be like What Will Almost All Line Arena Bingo 336-777-1600 Number to Call You Want to Chime in Here.

Got a Little More Time before We Had Our Last Segment. Do We Need to Make Anything of This That That Kawai Didn't Want Rob Link in the Room at My Guess Is That's Been Leaked by Magic Sword out to the Source. I'm Telling Organization Is so Dysfunctional, so Getting Three Minutes Ago Magic Johnson Said He Actually Cannot like He MBA Rules Does Not Allow Him to Be a Part Team Meetings.

He Said That He Is Not Been Asked by the Lakers or Jeannie Buss to Participate in This Meeting so Soliciting Everyone's Got a Saying He Might Be with Them. I Guess under the Table Available for This. They Don't Call Them on Freeway Skype with You Will Swing Us on What Is That Knowledge Is a Wonder That Illegal Print to Be Sent over like a IPad Screen on the Morning Looking up Old Magic Johnson Hologram Felt like Why Would It Matter He's Not Part of the Franchise Anymore.

Why Would It Be Legal, like Those That Heard It Many Times and Sit in a Room That Ability. MBA Bylaws Are That Type Stuff Is over the Cornered Support for the Coke and Language Listen to Jeannie Buss Talk. Why Clearly Kawai Just Wants to Talk to Magic Because You Must Be like What He Commits Will Broadly Come Here. I like the Fact We Know More about Magic's Opinion about This News. Why Fight We Have No Idea If Kawai Thinks That Magic We Got Him on Speaker Phone Right Away. Rand Was Going to Be A While Because I Don't Know What Happened but I Literally Don't Know What's Going to Happen Is Good.

By This Time Next Week We Maybe Look at the MBA and Everything I Just Said Today Means Nothing like Everything Might Be Different. To Have a Superteam Build out to Ways by Dinnertime Sunday.

Subsequent Start the Fall and Silica Wobbles to Be the Last Domino Not the First Talk about He's Going to Make a Decision until the Raptors to like Six or Something like That so He Can Wait a Little Bit You Know What Kawai Is This Proved to Me Ever since They Won the Championship Was against the Grain in Every Way like God Is Super Quiet Wise Man Was the Rugae's Move Aside As Light Was on. Okay, I Know Celebrations Know Nothing until They Wanted to Celebrate It Just Fine to Me. No Problem Celebrating That Man Is about His Business Is Business Is Basketball Wanting the Death Your before the Game. Not Enough Is Called ISO Coal Gangsta. I) Spray That Does That Mean He Understands Where He Is Right Now in Toronto Is Taught Is the Best Fit for Me on His like Saul to Stop Back in. My Guess Was on Danny Green Pathos Document Stated in the Finals. I Really like That You and I Think Is Going to Be Fantastic. If He's Got Kawai Leonard to Learn about the Next Couple Years on a Ticket to Your Deal like the Rent Lebron's Been Doing to Your Deal with a Player Option after Your One Minute Back When Back to Back Don't Work Go to LA Next Year I Think Is Been Reported. That's What Is to Try to Do He's Going to Two Years and Once You're in There for 10 Years and You Can Get Your 5%. Yeah Just Think That's the Plan That's Literally the Template the Lebron Laid out We Got Back to Cleveland. They Said It Was Because He Was Trying to Keep Pressure on Ownership.

I Think You Locked into a Deal Where You Begin Pay Less Than What You Don't Wind up Getting from the Lakers Step Taken.

Basically, One Your Deals and We Often Rant Was Doing the Same Thing Golden State and Now Now the Sudden Rent Will Survive Your Super Mac Still Blessed Because That Almost 20 Really Storming the Problems Another to Your Deal He Didn't Qualify for the Super Max Because the Tina Has Your Bird Rights Can Do That so I so Once He Left OKC Willingly. The Next Team Can't Do It. So Then You Do That You Get the 10 Year Mark in the Yesterday's Basic Play in the System. Manso Wow, so the Work Were Talking More about This Tomorrow Morning on the Run down 10 AM Live. You Have To Check Us out There, but Coming up in the Swimming Only in a Rundown Show Odds and Ends, Rapidfire Multiple Topic Sores and Give Us a Minute to Give Our Opinions on Each One Will Wrap It up Next on the Drive with Josh Graham for 620 You Been Listening to the Drive with Josh Graham. Yes, Those That Do Not Have a Blast Today. You've Been a Little Rundown Take over the Last Hour of the Show That's Marcus Shockley in the House. Exide TV Sports Chris Lee in the House As Well. And If You're Familiar with the Run down 10 AM Every Morning Lot Will Everyone's Usually 10 AM Every Saturday Morning Live on STS Sports. You Know How. Usually in This.

This Is Second Call Odds and Ends Sores at the Stoplight for One Minute and at the End of Each Topic Where a Buzzer Sounds Sore, but Families All Right Here We Go. Why Limit Is Going Let the Raptors Make the Final Pitch to the Lakers Clippers.

Is It a Big Deal That the Left at the Raptors Were the Less We Will Now It Is All This Is True It's Even a Salmon Filet. He Personally Requested This from Boston to Sound like He's Really Thinking about This Right Now Believe That Kawai Had a Plant Plan in Place Whatever Is Set up Nothing Party Plan Hear People out and Then like I Know I Want to Be Here. Somebody Give You Guys the Last Shot You Can Remember Which. Her Life Maybe He's Staying.

That's the Point.

I Mean I Don't Open Matters Will Probably Not Matter, but It Would Kawai Think Everything Is Calculated so Maybe Does Not after Everything We've Heard This Season Carrier Being the Main Reason Why the Celtics Underachieved. How Is It Affected the Perception 100% Put Some Blame on Brad Stevens Because He Said Coach God Started Gordon Hayward Should Not of Been out There Year and He's Going to, You Carry the Freedom to Do What You Been Doing with the Subject 40 Shots.

Whatever It Felt like a Change from October, When It Started Season around about February or so Calories You Start Making Different Comments about Want to Stay My Reasoning, Reasoning like Last Year during Jason Taylor's Rookie Year.

One Point Shooting 50% Three Duncan on the Run in the Eastern Conference Finals, Then the Second.

Yes, I Heard Nothing about How Your All-Star Using Some of Her Dislike down Carrier, but That's Another to Start. Here We Go to Kevin to Rent How Men Are.

How Matter. You at the Lawyers Medical Staff Will Big or Little Matter Big Man with the Injury Prevent Him from Returning to the Warriors and Also the Top Player in Next Little Matter from Its Medical Staff to Class Themselves.

He Got One Leg Made the Decision, I Can't Be Mad at Somebody for Not Met Somebody to Blame Me, I. She Is Unclear, Yunus, Yunus Hope, I Hope You Develop Some Kind of like Shot Putter Something You Don't Have Everything Ron James Say Right Here on Jason When They Beat Phoenix.

Note That Stuff. I Mean Fingers Growing Haters Run Commands. Let Your Motivators That Tropic That Probably Deserve That Will Show the Torso We Will Be Back Tomorrow Morning at 10 AM Purple Edition of the Rundown Returns on Monday.

Have a Great Weekend

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