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The Drive with Josh Graham - Kemba Walker - 07/1/19

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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July 1, 2019 6:26 pm

The Drive with Josh Graham - Kemba Walker - 07/1/19

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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July 1, 2019 6:26 pm

Host Josh Graham with Desmond Johnson, Aaron Gabriel. Kemba Walker is no longer a Hornet. Josh makes a poor decision while watching the US Women's Soccer Team. Best sports sounds. Brian Gesinger and ESPN's Adam Amin stop by. Tune into The Drive with Josh Graham Mon-Fri 3-6pm on Sports Hub Triad!

The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham
The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham
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The Drive with Josh Graham
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Attention please. This is The Drive with Josh Tram Podcast. Tune into The Drive 3 until 6pm weekdays on the Sports Hub. I love it.

It's brilliant. Also, there's a new Kawhi sound that's going viral right now on the internet, and we'll get to that in a minute, but I just can't get past how badly Charlotte botched things with the franchise's best player ever. Other than Bobby Phil's death and the team moving out of Charlotte to New Orleans, I think yesterday was the darkest day in Hornets history.

Being incompetent is far worse than being irrelevant. It's much more heartbreaking to have greatness on your roster, in your presence, and still not be able to achieve than not having it at all. That's why I say NC State fans have had it a lot worse than, say, in the NFL Cleveland Browns fans. The Browns never had a shot. You can't really raise up your hopes if you have no talent, if you have no hope.

NC State has that, and they just continually get kicked in the nether regions time and time again. The Charlotte Hornets had an All-NBA player on their roster and could do nothing with it. He said he'd take less publicly in the media, and Charlotte, they offered him less, to the tune of $50 million less than the Supermax. And that's okay if you want to completely strip it down and not have these massive contracts on the books while Nick Batum and Marvin Williams and Cody Zeller are still on the payroll. But coincidentally, with the news of Kemba signing with the Boston Celtics, you signed the backup point guard for Boston, who started 30 games last year. Scary Terry Rozier to $20 million a year.

$20 million a year! And I know what you might be thinking. You have to do that. You have to salvage something. Charlotte, it's a smaller market franchise. If you lose the franchise's best player, it's going to be debilitating for you, especially if you have bad contracts on the books. How can anybody expect to have success in the situation the Hornets are in?

Then I see a headline an hour after Kemba Walker signs with the Celtics, and we get Scary Terry Rozier. I see that the Miami Heat are landing Jimmy Butler. I don't know how they did it because the only team in the NBA that had worse contracts than the Charlotte Hornets and were average were the Miami Heat. They get Jimmy Butler, and then they find a way to move what was seen to be an unmovable contract in Hassan Whiteside today in return for Myers Leonard, who had great postseason games for a team that was in the Western Conference Finals, and Mo Harkless going back to Miami. I mean, does it sound familiar to you? A smaller market franchise losing the franchise's best player has an NBA legend running the show with bad contracts?

Does that sound familiar at all? That's what happened with both the Miami Heat and the Charlotte Hornets. The Hornets are imploding while the Miami Heat are rebuilding and building a better team despite the fact they had bad contracts. And to consider the historical aspect here of what's happened with Kemba Walker and how just embarrassing it was that Charlotte equipped him with absolutely nothing. In the last five years, Kemba Walker, with his All-NBA nod this year, is just the third All-NBA player to not play for a playoff team. The others, LeBron James this year with the Lakers and DeMarcus Cousins with the Sacramento Kings. Kemba is just the third All-NBA player in the last five years to not make the postseason. They did almost nothing with the franchise's best player in the last eight years. Just two playoff appearances.

They didn't equip him with help. Al Jefferson, easily Kemba's best teammate, he's had in his time in Charlotte, he was there for just three years. Des, you're a bigger Hornets fan than I am. I don't even consider myself a Hornets fan.

I believe you're not entitled to support. You have to earn it and the Hornets have not done that. The Bobcats did not do that. So no, I don't call myself a Hornets fan.

You do. Aside from Al Jefferson, who's the next best teammate Kemba Walker's had the last eight years? Is it Jeremy Lamb? Is it DJ Augustine? Is it the corpse of Ben Gordon running around? Who is Kemba Walker's second best teammate he's had in the last eight years?

It probably is, Jeremy Lamb. You know, the thing that bothers me the most with all of this is the fact that if the Hornets were not going to offer Kemba a Supermax deal, even if, let's say, before they found out he was even on the All-NBA team and the discussion was out there, if he gets there and he's going to qualify for this, if they knew at that moment they weren't going to offer him a Supermax, then that means that the only reason why he stayed on this roster throughout the entire year is because we were hosting the All-Star game. We were hosting the All-Star team as a starter, and Michael Jordan sent him out to all the different belts and shoe stores and stuff throughout Charlotte on press appearances throughout that entire weekend as a host, and that was the reason why they kept him. So to me, as a Hornets fan, seriously, as a Hornets fan, I just feel kind of like, what is going on? You're making me laugh, though. You're making me laugh because here's the thing. Are you suggesting that he was kept on the roster because of All-Star weekend?

Just a basic question. Yes or no? Do you think that factored into this? Which then, you have to look back to what happened two years ago with HB2 moving the All-Star game. Is HB2 at least in part to blame for the Hornets not getting anything back for Kemba Walker? No, I blame entirely Michael Jordan for that. Well, I know, but what I'm saying is if the All-Star game was a 2017 rather than 2019, maybe what you're suggesting does not happen if Charlotte moves them last summer. Possibly, because he wouldn't have been on that All-Star team in 2017, and I guarantee you that Jordan made money All-Star weekend from all the events and everything for Jordan Brand and everything else, and they trotted Kemba Walker out there.

It just kind of sunk in over the weekend. They never had any interest in bringing Kemba back if he wasn't going to take, what was it, 160 over five years that they were offering? 160 over five years, which is 51 million short of what the supermax is. Michael Jordan, I'm tired of people saying Charlotte's too small, it's a small market franchise, all this stuff. You're Michael bleeping Jordan. If Pat Riley, it's the ninth most populous city in the country, if Pat Riley has enough name power to get meetings with Kevin Durant a few years ago, to get meetings with Jimmy Butler, to have someone, Jimmy Butler want to meet with Pat Riley in the name of culture, even though they have bad contracts.

If they have the name power, I don't want to hear excuses for Michael Jordan. This is a slap in the face to Charlotte Hornets fans. It's a slap in the face, and I think you have to pay Kemba Walker to show fans that you care.

More than Kemba Walker, it's to show fans that you give a damn. It is, because you've never entered the luxury tax. You never did. So now the perception is that you're an owner that's not willing to spend, even though we know you're a billionaire, we know what your competitive nature is.

We saw it first and foremost, and it's just been an absolute utter disaster. Again, I'll say it. You're not entitled to support in sports. You're not entitled to it.

It has to be earned. And if it was me, if I called myself a Hornets fan, I wouldn't give them a penny. You could tweet the show at Sports Hub Triad, 336-777-1600.

Got a little worked up there. Brian Geissinger from going to join us in just a bit. We'll continue talking about Kemba and talking about what's happening in NBA Free Agency.

We're still all waiting for Kawhi Leonard. I don't know how he's going to announce his decision. Is it going to be by carrier pigeon? Is he going to do it on Myspace?

Somebody said he was going to announce his decision on PBS. I actually had to look it up to make sure that wasn't actually the case. I like that laugh more than the original, if I'm being honest. That laugh's great.

Almost as good as the original, if not better. Kawhi's the only one that could do this. You basically have two or three- That laugh? No, not that. What he's doing. Everyone signed, what was it, $2 billion got signed off on in the first 90 minutes of Free Agency yesterday. Kawhi's the only player out there that can make the Lakers, the Clippers, and the Raptors basically do nothing because they're waiting on him. And he's all like, well, I'll let you know after the 4th of July. We actually have that sound. You just played it. Here's what Kawhi says to anybody who suggests he has to sign yesterday.

Had to sign yesterday. We do have new Kawhi Leonard sound though. This has gone viral.

I wasn't on the air last week, so we weren't able to capitalize on this the way that we normally do around here. But Kawhi is very present on social media. And he was sitting next to Kawhi Leonard. You're going to hear a nickname that's terrific for Kawhi.

And Kawhi giving us another soundbite that is absolute gold. I'm here with Fungi. Where's Amara? Fungi, what's up, baby? What it do, baby? Yeah, you already know.

Just isolate that part at the end there. Kawhi, what he had to say. Fungi's great.

That's what I'm going to call him from now on. Fungi. And Fungi came through just with this line that now everybody is turning it to Twitter accounts and now this is just a way of life, what Kawhi said here. What it do, baby?

Yeah, you already know. Heck, Brian Windhorst even had a crack at this. The guy from ESPN trying to channel his inner Kawhi.

This is from yesterday. That five hour show that ESPN put on. What it do, baby? What it do, baby? If you're trying to come up with the most Caucasian sounding clip ever.

Like, if I came to the table with this, could you beat me? What it do, baby? The caucacity of Brian Windhorst. The caucacity of that clip right there. Just the way that he delivered it. What it do, baby? He sounds like me after about five rum and cokes at the bar.

I walk up to a lady and I just tell her. What it do, baby? I'm sad to admit that out of the five hours of coverage ESPN had on yesterday, I was pretty much glued to the TV for about four and a half hours of it. There was nothing else on.

It was crazy. You were better suited following just Woj's Twitter account more than watching the coverage. That's what I did. I was sitting on my couch with my phone. Just refreshing Woj's Twitter account.

That's all I was doing. Oh, my gosh. You are listening to The Drive, broadcast live at the law offices of Timothy D. Wellborn Studios.

Learn about the ways Tim Wellborn can help you online at You'll know when you need us. Up next, the biggest badass in American sports. This is The Drive. OK, here we go.

This is The Sports Hub at AM 600, AM 920. Now back to The Drive with Josh Graham. I made a poor mistake breaking one of my greatest rules on Friday afternoon. Desmond was filling in for me and I was in the triad at a soccer pub watching the U.S. women's national team advance past the hosting French football team. I was on vacation.

I was a couple deep. I was a couple drinks deep and I started tweeting. That's never good. That's usually the rules. When I'm talking and cultivating sources, when I'm speaking to people who know things, a rule that I have is if alcohol is involved, everything's off the record. If there are beers involved, everything's off the record. This isn't going to make it on the radio. This isn't going to make it on Twitter. This is not anything I'm going to tell anybody else. That's a rule of thumb.

One of my other rules is when you're drinking, do not open your Twitter account because that leads to poor results. And I got caught up in American fever. I was excited. The United States, they scored five minutes in and it was Megan Rapinoe.

Megan Rapinoe sending in that free kick that nobody touched and it went through to the back of the net and then she scored again. And I got goaded on social media into saying that if the United States women's soccer team wins the World Cup for the second consecutive tournament, that I would dye my hair purple like Megan Rapinoe for a week. I said it on social media and now I feel like I have to stick to this. Can I say there's an alcoholic loophole?

Can I say, yeah, but there were beers involved with the tweet. Is that fair or am I completely linked to this now? I think you're linked to it.

Desmond Johnson producing intern Aaron in here as well. I'm somebody who's going to follow through on my word. I am. How long does it have to be purple for? I said a week.

Is that possible? I don't know. I don't know how it works. See, this is another Caucasian question because I have no idea how this works with hair dye. Either you or Aaron, do some homework for me. Figure out if there is a dye of sorts that will make my hair purple, but just for a week.

Because here's what I fear. It is July the first and it's a big month for us here at the Sports Hop. We're going to be celebrating a one year anniversary, even though I'm not that big into anniversaries, this show being on the air. But we're a few weeks away.

It's amazing. We're a little over two weeks away from ACC Football Media Days in Charlotte. We're two and a half weeks away from that.

And then after that, the Wyndham Championship starts at the very end of this month in Greensboro. So the worst thing that could happen is the United States wins the World Cup. I pay off this bet with purple hair like Megan Rapinoe, then I'm going to meet with Dabo Sweeney and Phil Mickelson with my hair purple. That's not what I want.

Okay, so this is a perfect time for us to sit down and have a talk, Josh, because you get yourself in these situations all the time. But this isn't a bet. This isn't a bet. This is me. It's like a proclamation. It's jubilation. I want to see the United States team win.

I'm in love with Megan Rapinoe and this seems like something I can do as a way to celebrate with this team, to mark this moment. I've never dyed my hair any color. I didn't participate in the blonde tips movement like NSYNC and Justin Timberlake 15 years ago. Now that's what you should have said. You should have said you did that instead of hair purple. Well, no.

The point is, Megan Rapinoe has the purple hair. The frosted tips, yes. Did you ever participate in that?

No. I had a friend that went blonde at Cisco. That seems like a Caucasian thing. I think that is a straight Caucasian thing.

We're starting off with a lot of Caucasian. Well, it depends what kind of frosted tips you're talking about. Like Lance Bass, Justin Timberlake, frosted tips. Well, there's a frosted tips, too.

Brian Geissinger is going to be with us in just a little bit. So, what have we found about dying hair? Will I have to worry that the dye is going to stay in there too long?

If you have any information on this, 336-777-1600 on Twitter at SportsHubTriad, I'd really appreciate some help here. So far, I can see that there are products available that advertise temporary hair color. All the color without the commitment. Like a spray or something?

There's so much and I don't see any time spans. I'm sure there's like stuff, you know, these kids have stuff for Halloween and goth kids and stuff. They're putting junk in their hair all the time and getting it out.

So, I'm sure there's something you can like temporarily spray in your hair and wash it out, right? We'll do what we need to do to make sure you get that nice purple tone there, Josh. Megan Rapinoe, she is an American badass. I'd say she's the most badass American athlete we have right now. She is among the best we have in the way that she's both a rebel and an activist. A celebrity with social conscience. The purple hair, the brash public persona in the media. She reminds me of a rock and roll singer. Like the lead singer in a band where she's an excellent performer. But you always have to listen to what she has to say because you don't know quite what it's going to be and how she's going to deliver it.

Now, I set that all up to ask a question. Is it strange how many people are upset with Megan Rapinoe and her stance politically? Remember, the facts are important here. A few months ago, she was quoted saying, I wouldn't go to the bleeping White House. She's not a fan of the occupant in the White House. She would not visit the White House if she was invited after a World Cup win.

That's what she said. That was months ago. It wasn't right before the tournament.

It certainly wasn't during the tournament. But those comments continued to come back because in the past, Megan Rapinoe knelt during the national anthem right after Colin Kaepernick began doing so with the San Francisco 49ers. But there are rules in place saying that players can't kneel for the anthem for the U.S. national team.

You can't do that. So Rapinoe hasn't been doing that. Instead, she hasn't had her hand over her heart and hasn't sang the song as the rest of her teammates do for the U.S. team. As you can expect, people were pretty charged up about this.

I think this is ridiculous. Being upset, I'm not even talking about her political stance. If you don't like that, fine. I just don't happen to care. I'm one of the most politically or the most apolitical people you would ever meet. Tom Brady, he says he likes Trump. Tiger Woods golfed with him.

Robert Kraft, close buddy-buddy. I don't care what their political affiliation is. That does not bother me. Megan Rapinoe saying that she doesn't like Donald Trump.

That does nothing for me here. But here's how I know the argument's ridiculous. People saying, oh, she doesn't have her hand over her heart. She's not singing the national anthem.

It's ridiculous, unlike the Kaepernick stuff. It's ridiculous because if we didn't connect the past details of her saying that she wouldn't visit the White House and that she knelt for the anthem after Colin Kaepernick started doing so a couple years ago, if we didn't have that past information, we would not notice whether she had her hand over her heart or was singing the song. Do we really care that she's not singing the song or has her hand over her heart? She's not kneeling during the anthem. She's simply not singing the song and doesn't have her hand over her heart. How ridiculous is it for us to suggest that she has to do these things or else she's unpatriotic?

That she's treasonous somehow for doing this. There were a bunch of people rooting for France because of Megan Rapinoe not having her hand over her heart and singing the anthem. Meanwhile, over half the people in the stands have their hands in their pocket, aren't singing the song, might be checking their phone, might be scratching their back, might race from their seat to get to the concession stand to beat a crowd for a moment. I'd say over half the people aren't standing there with their hand over their heart singing the song.

So let's call people out on BS here. It's BS if you are mad about Megan Rapinoe not having her hand over her heart and singing the anthem. What you're mad about, really, is her stance in the past and that she knelt before and what she believes politically. You're taking it out on the fact that she does not have her hand over her heart and the fact that she's not singing the song.

You wouldn't notice if you didn't have the past information. Nobody would. Nobody would notice if she wasn't good. If this was just some girl at the end of the bench of the US national team doing all this stuff, it never would be a question. The fact that she's one of the best players in the world and she has that view is what rubs people the wrong way. And for me, it's utter lunacy for people to suggest that a person could spend so much time and effort and sweat equity to get to the point to be representing your country on a national team does not respect their nation.

It doesn't make any sense. No one would go through all the trouble just to get to that platform just to do that, to not put their hand over their heart and all these other things. People really need to sit back and figure out what they're hating on going forward in 2019. Right. It's people who think it's the action that's offending people.

That's my problem. The ones that claim it's the action that's offending them more than the cause, more than what her political beliefs are. That's what people are mad about. And they are packing that into being mad about the fact she's not singing for the anthem or has her hand over her heart. If she did sing the song and had her hand over her heart, the same people who are mad right now, they're going to be mad still at Megan Rapinoe and not like her because of what she said publicly.

That's just the way it works. You are listening to The Drive. It's broadcast live in the law offices of Timothy D. Wellborn and sponsored by our friends at Twin Peaks Restaurant, Haynes Mall Boulevard in Winston-Salem. The perfect place to watch the CONCACAF Gold Cup. The U.S. getting a win last night, even though they didn't really even play that well, the men's team in Philadelphia last night.

CONCACAF! And I guess follow Free Agency too. I mean, last night it was must-watch television to watch five hours of NBA Free Agency coverage. Twin Peaks is your local sports hub, which is fitting because you're listening to the Triad Sports Hub. Twin Peaks eats drinks, scenic views. Coming up, Brian Geisinger will be in studio and I'll tell you who my favorite is to win an NBA title next year.

Keep it here on The Drive. We need to talk. Talk. Talk. Talk. This is the Sports Hub at AM600, AM920.

The lowest form of communication. Now back to The Drive with Josh Graham. Brian Geisinger of joining us in studio all around hoops expert. We're through almost 24 hours of NBA Free Agency. It's really amazing how quickly guys get together with teams in order to sign. Like, teams aren't allowed to talk to these players until six o'clock, yet minutes, maybe not even minutes into it, BG, we already have deals done. I mean, how crazy is that that none of these guys ever talk to each other before six o'clock Sunday night and these deals just magically happen?

Yeah, it is funny. I mean, like, the, you know, tampering looms large always over day one of free agency. But, hey, that's just, you know, the league has found, has tried to find some ways to, it seems like, in-season enforce tampering as we've saw some of the finals. That Magic Johnson had over his, during his run with the Lakers. Doc Rivers. But, yeah, which was, I mean, that was, and that, to me, really felt misguided. The one that Rivers landed, like, who wouldn't like to, you know, if you're going to find a coach of a team that has to get in the league, his run with the Lakers. Doc Rivers.

But yeah, which was, I mean, that was a, and that to me really felt misguided, the one that Rivers landed. Like, you know, who wouldn't like to, you know, if you're going to find a coach of a team that has cap space and is interested in a free agent for talking about, hey, I'd like to sign said free agent, then like the coach just shouldn't be allowed to go on TV. You know, I wonder how Doc Rivers feels today. Let's go to our direct line to Doc Rivers, who, I mean, you've got to be pretty ticked off today to hear all this stuff about tampering and you're the one getting fined, Doc Rivers. You're the one. Doc Rivers, are you there?

I don't think so. I thought I thought maybe our line was disconnected to Doc Rivers. I mean, we pay a ton for that direct line. I was on the phone with Kawhi trying to make sure that he understood how important it was for us here in LA land, LA being clipper world for him to come and join our family. You know, what are we going to do? I mean, LeBron's after him, so I don't know if we're going to be able to get him or not. You know, if LeBron's in the equation, we might as well just see if LeBron will come to the Clippers, but he's not going to do that either. I want to protect.

I want to protect you though, Doc, I want to protect you. You, you started calling Kawhi before six o'clock last night, right? Or after six o'clock last night. Yes. I don't know. Maybe it might've been. This is how you get in trouble, Doc.

I think it was about six oh two, but I'm not sure. It's a little much busy. I checked his pager. He said he couldn't get to it. I don't know.

Kawhi has a pager. There's a lot of different time zones too. You know, this can get very, very tricky. Although I will say this though. This was the first year they've ever had, uh, the more you're like they moved up the start of the moratorium from midnight, July one to 6 PM on June 31st or pardon me, June 30th. And I thought, Hey, that was a lot better.

It allowed for them to make an easy made for television event, which ESPN handled with the jump, which was great too. And I don't think there's a coincidence that there was a flurry of free agent signings and stuff like that on day one, eight years past this stuff dragged out over the course of the next week. And basically all we're waiting on now is for the aforementioned Kawhi Leonard to pick a landing spot.

Danny green will follow in like for the most part free agency, at least in terms of the big names is sort of done after that. I know you got some things to do. You're probably pretty busy doc rivers.

Thanks for doing this. Hey, if you see, if you see Kawhi in the next two days, just let them know it's not all on Blake. Okay. It's not all on Blake. There's other guys on the team.

They have to pull their part too. And I can't blame Blake for everything. Okay.

Chris has got to do his part. I'll talk to you later. I'm doc rivers. Okay.

Thank you. Uh, I'm looking at these rosters right now. I love what Utah has done the last really the last few weeks with Mike Conley being acquired and getting Bogdanovich. I love what, what they look like presently, but I still go, I still keep going back to the golden state warriors.

I put together a Kawhi Lakers list and a Kawhi Raptors list of the best teams in the NBA. If to spoil or alert, if Kawhi is a Laker, they're the favorite to win it all. I could say the same thing with him going to the Raptors too. Probably you think they're the favorite if they, if he goes back to the rap, I think, yeah, cause I think Danny green would follow him to Toronto. They already got Martin saw the gaka soul back.

Lowery see outcome a year better van fleet. I mean, it's the same, it's the same cast that they had this past year. Um, so yeah, I think that, and I think that the East provides a, a far cleaner path to the title than the West, which is going to be pretty rough and tumbled next season chooses to go to the Lakers. I'm trying to think off the top of my head. Have we ever seen three top five players on the same team before?

It probably, no, I mean, no, we have not to answer your question. I mean, you know, golden state, I guess got close at times, but at no point were Draymond and clay top five players. Right. Same with as great as Chris Bosch was in Miami.

Same thing there too. So, yeah, no, this would be unique. Um, it would just be the secondary pieces around them in Los Angeles. Likely wouldn't be as good as what we saw around Steph, Katie Draymond and in clay, um, especially those first two years in the Bay. But like, if Kawhi does go back to Toronto and Danny green follows the Lakers have have three guys under contract. They have some cap space, but basically like the, the market for guys that they would use to fill out a roster with, like it kind of dried up, man. Like if Danny green falls, Kawhi and so he fees off the board, you've Pat Beverly's gone.

You've lost out on, on so many awesome rivers off the board. I mean, there have been so many three and D guys, Trevor Ariza, I can keep listing, but exactly that, that like guys that they would have used to build or construct a roster around LeBron and AD, those guys are gone. So like the Lakers really, really, really like this was a timing thing with them and they really need to find a way to get Kawhi Leonard to come to LA.

If not, uh, they're going to have to get awfully creative. Um, assembling a roster around AD and LeBron golden state landed D'Angelo Russell late last night. We're still trying to figure out the details of the sign and trade golden state's still my favorite to win next year's title. If, if Kawhi chooses to play back in Toronto, I have warriors one Raptors to at the very top, the two finalists from this past year, I still trust Steph and Draymond to get golden state to the playoffs.

Clay will be back at some point. I can't think of somebody we underestimate more than Steph Curry. People who are suggesting this isn't going to be a playoff team without Clay or KD on the roster. I get how tough the West is, but that is still, that is still one of the best shooters, if not the best in NBA history. He is the best in NBA history and that guy's still a top, you know, three, four player in the world, period. Like Steph is that Steph is that good and that impactful. Um, it's disrespectful to suggest they don't get to the playoffs. Uh, even without, uh, clay in the room, if you want to, if you want to make that argument, you've really got to hammer home the depth of the league and you've really got to undervalue D'Angelo Russell.

And you've really got to like be uncertain of as to where a clay Thompson, when he's going to come back and how good he'll be when he does come back. But like short of that, if you're just spit balling and saying like, they're not going to make the playoffs because of like, you know, because of no KD, no, no, no, like you're missing the point, but, um, I'll say this about, uh, D'Angelo Russell. I'm not crazy about Russell. Uh, I think for a guy who's perceived to be elites and to be an all star, he's definitely a good player. He's a young player. He still should be getting better, but you know, he made an all star roster in a watered down Eastern conference that bumped up his value. One of the reasons why he made that roster roster was because he just got inexplicably hot from a couple areas on the court, specifically shooting contested floaters.

He was like over 50% for like the six to eight weeks leading into the all star break. He doesn't get to the rim. He doesn't get to the free throw line. He's a good three point shooter, but not a great off ball move or, um, so I think all of those things have sort of like in, and he's a negative defensively.

I think a lot of those things have inflated his offensive value. Um, I think anyone can look good fit next to Curry. Who's the ultimate gravity guy in the NBA and Draymond Korean. Who's one of the leagues, uh, you know, top front court playmakers, but I don't think the fit with Russell is super clean. You know, he runs a lot of pick and roll golden state. Doesn't run a lot of pick and roll unless it's Curry and he plays no defense.

He's not super long and versatile. They ran more pick and roll without KD in the lineup. You're right. You're right.

Yeah. I mean, in the playoffs against the Raptors, especially, they tried to go to and against the Blazers, they tried to run a lot of Curry, Draymond pick and roll, which is like, you know, one of the best plays in all basketball, seriously. But, uh, what I will be curious to see with Russell is if they use him and he was, by the way, he was costly too. Like it's going to be protected first round pick to Brooklyn.

They're out a lightly protected first round pick. Uh, that's going to be, you know, being conveyed to Memphis years from now when, uh, when Curry and Draymond are past their primes and you lose out a guy like Iguodala who doesn't really play much in the regular season, but matters from a culture standpoint, a defensive standpoint, offensively guy always making the extra pass, a connector. That's not really what Russell does.

Um, and there's just not a lot of like wing death behind him to sort of like soak up those minutes. Golden State was clearly, was clearly, uh, anxious to find some sort of scoring star talent to replace Durant as they move into this new arena. And as Curry and Draymond are still in their prime.

So I get, I get the notion of contend now contend now this is your, this is your window. Um, and, and Russell was really the only guy that could be available to them because they didn't have cap space. So they had to work out with this sign and trade, but just the one thing I want to get in here, I think it would be fascinating to see if Russell becomes a trade ship for them going into the deadline. And let's say hypothetically, they could turn to Minnesota, a team that was connected to Russell and say, Hey, uh, and let's just assuming the Timberwolves re-signed Tyus Jones too. Um, they could say, Hey, how about Robert Covington and Tyus Jones for D'Angelo Russell? Now that is a roster I would actually prefer to see Golden State with healthy Clay Thompson, Steph Curry, Robert Covington, Tyus Jones, Draymond Green, center X.

That is a team that would actually excite me more than D'Angelo Russell trying to fit in next to Draymond Green and Steph Curry. I'm not that concerned about Clay Thompson, his health. We see so many knee injuries and ligaments heal.

Yeah. Ligaments heal. And it's not going to be immediate. He'll come back in late February, mid March, maybe. And six or seven, it probably takes four or five weeks for him to get back to full strength, which means you need to get into the playoffs and you need to get to the, get past the first round, essentially, for Clay in order to get back to full strength.

I believe the Williams can do that. And because of that, I still have them as the favorite to win next year's title. You like the Raptors. If Kawhi goes back to Toronto, how far down is Golden State on your list?

Ooh, it's just, it's so tough without, again, assuming Thompson comes back, right? They're high. Like they're, they're certainly one of these, you know, like a top four, top five favorite, because as we, as we well know, even though it's been a couple of years, like a nucleus of Draymond Green, Steph Curry and Clay Thompson's really, really good and can win a championship. It's just, where are the, where, unless they are able to swing a deal with Russell of something for, of some note, where's the depth? Who's playing center for this roster right now? I have no idea who's playing center. Like adding, adding Russell is going to, could very well cost them Kavon Looney, who's an important player.

Could cost them Jordan Bell. Like they, I don't know who's playing center for this roster. I don't know where their wing depth is. Like they're just, they got lots of holes, but I trust in Curry and Draymond. So yeah, I would say like they're a top five. They're in that top five favorite.

Give me, give, I'm just gonna give me a one word answer. I'm just going to say two teams. You tell me which roster you like more right now. Warriors or Jazz? Who? Warriors. I mean, they, they have the best player.

Okay. Warriors or Sixers? Warriors. Who's the best shooter on the Philadelphia Sixers?

Tobias Harris or Josh Richardson, assuming that, you know, the being obviously this like sign and trade has been a little murky, but both those, both those guys are great shooters. They're not JJ Redick in terms of how they move without the ball, but I actually think the bigger issue for the 76ers is where's they're off the dribble creation now. Like they need Ben Simmons to make a huge step forward for them next season. They're going to be elite defensively good.

Don't know, like when you need to get a bucket at the end of the game, who are you? Like, what's the plan? Like Simmons doesn't have a pull-up shot. I just, I like Ben Simmons, but I'm curious to see like what their offense looks like next.

It looks like without Redick's gravity and without Butler's shot creation. Two more without Kawhi on the Lakers. Lakers or Warriors? Lakers.

And? Two top five players. Houston or Portland?

Oh God. Well, I'll say Houston, but the caveat here is it depends what Portland does with Hassan Whiteside, right? So they traded for him today.

Right. Because they don't know when Nurkic is going to be back. Nurkic is going to be back.

So I'm not a big Whiteside fan and I'm not going to go, I don't need to list all the reasons why, despite his Dwight Howard levels of delusion for how he needs to be used offensively. But how about, I saw this as something that Zach Lowe floated in a column last night, like finding a way to get Kevin Love to Portland. Now that is something that would fascinate me. And if Whiteside, who's an expiring contract and is a big salary that you could use to help try to match salary with the Cavaliers and stuff like that.

Now that would intrigue me as a possibility. Now, if you get Kevin Love there, let him play center. And then when Nurkic comes back, you let Love vacillate between the four and five.

Now that I like. Please. They don't need Kevin Love. They've got Nasir Little and Jalen Hoard. Follow BG on Twitter at BGuys underscore bird. Oh yes.

And Rodney Hood. On the way, the best sounds in sports and the saddest reality you don't want to hear about regarding Kimba Walker. This is the sports hub. You're on the drive.

Here we go. You're on the drive with Josh Graham, the sports hub at AM 600 AM 920. Brian Geissinger hanging out from ACC Sports dot com. Adam Amin of ESPN covers the NFL NBA of Major League Baseball. And I was listening to him on the air last night as the Braves were facing the New York Mets. And I'm all in on this Braves team.

Ronald Acuna Jr. He had a home run that I believe is the most satisfying sounding home run this year. And maybe just in recent memory, it has to be thinking of what the best sounds in sports are. Just just listen to this crack of the bat. Last night, Adam Amin was calling this game from ESPN, which is why I was thinking about this.

And we'll have Adam on the show today. But here was the Ronald Acuna Jr. home run from last night. There's that right center field swing you were talking about and it is gone. All I want, all I want is just that crack of the bat because it is as purely it is a beautiful sound in sports. This sound is as good of a sound you will ever hear. Dude's bat skills are ridiculous. It's great.

Absolutely ridiculous. But if we're thinking about best sounds in sports, what immediately comes to mind? Tweet us at sports hub triad 336-777-1600. We pulled a couple of sounds. Des, just give me another one. Give me another satisfying sports sound. Yeah, a swish. A Steph Curry swish is like the ultimate swish in general. I mean, this sound right here, it's just beautiful. I was going to say the same thing, Brian, that Steph Curry or Klay Thompson, like I call it water, like when it's up in the air and it goes in like that. But do you know the best part about a basketball swish is? The way it sounds, you can tell a couple of things.

One, if it's a metal net or just a nylon net, both are great. You could tell how many people are in the gym. It's kind of like when you hear audio, you could tell if it's a hollow room, if it's a big room like that right there.

I can tell it's a nylon net and it's in an empty gym, which I'd argue those two elements, nylon net, empty gym make for the best basketball swish sound. Yeah, actually, you're right. I didn't even catch that. Yeah. The reverb going on there.

Yeah. You know, if there's 10,000 Cameron Crazy screaming, you're not going to hear that swish. You need like the Zion Williamson, like mega boom dunk to like actually hear like the rim rattling. Like, and I would nominate that actually as one of the other better sounds in sports.

Like the power dunk by, you know, one of the like the elite LeBron Giannis Zion types that you could hear above the roar of the crowd is also like an elite sport. Do you think this swish, this swish here of a nylon net sounds better than a swish, say with like a metal net or like with, you know what I'm talking about? You go to the local outside, the chain net. I think the chain net is actually, sounds a little bit better. It sounds a little less pleasant though.

Really? See, I think I kind of like, it's a little grittier. There's a little more, I feel like there's a little more like.

Character? There's just, it's just, it's more, yeah, I'm trying to think of the best way to put it. It's just sort of a sound that's going in a couple of different directions. The swish on a nylon net is unified. It is a splash. The metal chain, it's like, it's going in like 10 different directions at the same time.

And I sort of like that chaotic nature of it. Getting this message via email, when you hit a golf ball, the sound when you hit a golf ball, one of the best in sports. See if we have that really quick. Ooh, wow.

Wow. Let me hear that again. Let me hear that one more time. Man, that, you know, you hit it clean there. Oh, he's suggesting it's when the ball hits the bottom of the cup though, maybe, but just hitting the ball, this right here is, is as good as it gets. I think it sounds like an iron. I don't think that's, I don't think that's a driver. I think it's maybe like a nine iron that he's hitting here.

Can I nominate one more? What else you got? So I was at a Durham Bulls game last week and I was next to the Norfolk tides bullpen. Honestly, just hearing the catcher's mitt pop is like, it is, that is a satisfying snap too, that I really like a lot. Oh, but it has to be like a fastball. Yeah, right. Yeah. No off speed.

I'm talking like 90 miles per hour plus on the heater, but the pop of the mitt is a, is a wonderful sound. Man, these are all very good. 3-3-6-7-7-7-1-600 on Twitter at Sports Hub Triad. Dez, if you have any other sounds you care to nominate, feel free to do so. I mean, out of those three or four that you've brought up, that we've brought up here, basketball is, it's going to be tough to beat.

We're biased in that, being in North Carolina. Yeah, I'm going swish in the empty gym. Let me, let me hear the three that we've played so far back to back to back. Let's start with the baseball crack of the bat. Okay, then we have the basketball swish, nylon net swish. Yeah. Golf swing.

That's tough. I do have one I want to nominate, and it's back in basketball again. It's... All right, well, just, just, just play it for us, and then we will all know what it is. Is it just the basketball being dribbled? Yeah, a bounce in basketball. It has like its own kind of, it has a little bit of reverb to it too. Can we agree, if we're going bad sounds, the screeching of sneakers, not a good sound.

Hmm. I mean, we love basketball, but it's not a very pleasant sound. Yeah, I know what you mean. That's never really bothered me. It does bother me when I watch it on TV, and I mistake it for a whistle, because that happens sometimes nowadays. We all grow accustomed to the sneaker sound.

Have you ever taken someone who doesn't watch basketball to a basketball game? That's the thing that bothers them most. We just grow accustomed to it, because that's just the part of doing business when you go to a game.

That's the way I see it. Yes, yes, BG. So I actually, I like the sound of sneakers, but only because I remember when I was in, when I was in high school writing sports for my high school newspaper, I used to write these very like cliched articles at the start of basketball season about the sneakers scratching up and down the court. And so I fondly and biasedly enjoy that sound, because it makes me think of the start of basketball season, which is a wonderful time of the year. Aaron, what do you think is the best out of the bunch that we've suggested so far?

So far that we suggested, I actually like the sound of the wooden bat, but I actually just showed you a video here. Yeah, we got one more uh for nomination here. All right, give it to me.

This is actually probably not even like cool anymore, but we're gonna go ahead and give them. Oh, are these players running into each other playing football? Yes. I'm not sure if that's pleasant.

Yeah, it depends. It's not really pleasant. I love that sound.

There's a deep down feeling amongst all of us that love football, even though we're not supposed to cheer for those kind of hits anymore, we love those kind of hits. What are you talking about? You want pads on pad. Some of these are helmets on helmet. Oh, is that right? Yeah, some of these are like a little disturbing. Yeah. God, there's an NBA headline that I'm sure a lot of people are going to react to that just came down. It's not free agency news. Golden State is retiring Kevin Durant's number 35. Oh my gosh, are you serious? That just came down via Warriors PR.

No other Golden State Warrior will ever wear 35 again. You know what's been retired? You know what that is? That's guilt. That's what that is.

That is pure 110% guilt. My man played there two years. Three years.

Do they have, is UNC basketball making decisions for them on jerseys that can be honored and retired? No other blue devil will ever wear Zion's number one ever again with the same. Hey, thank you. How it do, baby. Hey, hey, Kevin Durant, how it do, baby?

Wow, bro. Hey, what's up, Coby? It's good to see you. You are listening to WSJS Winston-Salem, WCOG Greensboro, WPCM Burlington, WMFR High Point. This is the Triad Sports Hub.

I'm not a doer or a thinker, I'm a talker. You're on the drive with Josh Graham, the Sports Hub at AM 600, AM 920. Adam Amin of ESPN, a jack of all trades in broadcasting, one of our favorites to catch up with.

At this time last year, he was preparing to broadcast on television the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island. Last night, I was watching a little bit of baseball and catching some on the radio while driving around the Atlanta Braves and the New York Mets, and Adam was doing that game. But when I got back into my apartment to watch some of this Sunday night game, before we get to the basketball, Adam, I want to address this during the game. Ronald Acuna Jr. hit the home run for the Braves to opposite field, and I believe him going yard here is the most satisfying sounding home run I've heard in a long time among great sports sounds. Here's how that home run sounded from Acuna. There's that right center field swing you were talking about, and it is gone. Just the crack of the bat, him hitting it yard. I mean, it just sounds different. We hear the expression, Adam, it sounds different coming off some players' bats.

That would be the definition of that, yes? That's what it felt like last night, too, and I've got a chance to see Acuna play in person a couple of times now, and man, that guy, that guy gets pushed off the plate, that guy sees a myriad of pitches, guys are trying so hard to get this guy out, and listen, he's going to find a slump at some point. He's 21 years old. People are going to adjust to him at some point, but his swing right now might be the most fun swing to watch in baseball. When he comes to the plate, he's quickly turning into must-see television, and I love the flair, I love the jewelry, I love his attitude, I like how he goes about his business, I think he plays the game really well. I'm a fan.

He's turned me into a fan very fast over the course of the last about calendar year or so. Des, give me just the crack of the bat one more time, what it sounded like when bat met baseball in City Field. Oh, just a great sound.

How does that stack up? How does it just, in terms of sports sounds, stack up with, say, this one right here when you're in an empty basketball gym? This sound. I feel like the bat crack a little bit more, because some swings you just know, you know, when it's going.

And we see such good shooting in the NBA right now in terms, and I know part of it is just volume, but James Harden knocking on a step back three. The sound is cool. It's still out of big beats, just the perfect contact on a swing for a home run.

All right, so we're still going home run swing from Ronald Acuna Jr. If we're going to the links, if we're talking about golf, how does this sound stack up? Oh, it's just hit so clean.

It sounds like an iron shot too. One more time? Adam, your thoughts?

I mean, I love it, don't get me wrong, but there's something about the impact of, you know, a ball traveling 400, you know, when the swing sounds good, because it looks pretty, it sounds good, the reaction is grander. So I still feel like that's the front runner. Adam Amin of ESPN with us, getting to the basketball now. I'm trying to figure out the right cords to strike, talking about Hornets fans and what's happening with Kimball Walker, talking to Hornets fans, because the Hornets had awful contracts. We know that when you have $82 million tied up into Zeller, Biambo, Marvin Williams, and Nick Batum, among others, that's not a good situation to be in. But there's another team that had worse contracts than the Hornets did, and is run by an NBA legend too, that made moves yesterday, talking about the Miami Heat, getting Jimmy Butler and getting guys from Portland as well, and moving off the Hassan Whiteside contract. When you see the Hornets lose the franchise's best player and get nothing in return for it and still are in an awful situation, you give $60 million essentially three years of Terry Ruggier, how is it you think Hornets fans should feel today? You know, I'm not going to sugarcoat it. I don't feel good if I'm a Hornets fan right now.

Just based on, I mean, look at the level of movement that we saw. You know, it's like showing up. You remember that scene in that one Simpsons episode when Bart decides to play hooky from school for a little bit, and he's like testing Millhouse, and Millhouse is like, we have to go!

We have to go right now! And he goes, and Bart shows up and realizes that it was time to sign up for which sport he wanted to do that year, and he ends up on ballet because of it. That's what it feels like right now with the Hornets. They, to me, feel like Bart Simpson walking into the gym and going, oh no, I forgot today was the day to sign up for this, because there was so much movement throughout the entire league. I mean, the league has shifted dramatically. Charlotte was a team that was in the playoff chase like a Brooklyn, like a Miami, and now all of a sudden we're talking about Brooklyn and Miami as potential top four seeds in the conference based off one draft and one free agent run, and the Hornets just feel like they missed out. Now listen, mathematically, somebody's going to have to miss out. The Bulls didn't, I'm just saying this because I'm in Chicago, the Bulls didn't do anything spectacular, but they went out and got better, and that's at the very least, in a mathematics and numbers game, not everybody is going to come out on top, and I know because of the volume of movement, we're thinking everybody's suddenly better.

That's not necessarily the case. When you get better, somebody's got to get worse, and I think the Hornets just ended up with the short end of the stick. Do I think you can recover from this?

Absolutely. A year from now, we're going to be having very similar talks, maybe not as drastic as what we just saw in the last two days, but we're going to have similar talks. You can recover from this, but it's not fun to be a Hornet fan. Kyrie Irving leads to the Nets along with Kevin Durant, but looking at the place Kimball Walker is arriving, Al Horford's no longer there as he's going to Philadelphia. There's a report from earlier today that the Celtics are signing in his canter. If that is the case, do you believe the Celtics upgraded their roster with Kimball in the place of Kyrie and there being no longer Al Horford in that room? Yeah, the Horford loss is actually one of the ones I think is more important, frankly.

I think in modern NBA, Al might be a top three center based on today's NBA. Maybe that's diminished a little bit in the last year or two seasons, but Horford's passing ability in that offense is so essential to what Boston was able to do. I think that's maybe one of the bigger losses, but yes, do I think with Kyrie gone and Walker coming in with that current mix of guys, you know, the Jalen Browns, Jason Patums, Marcus Smart, that core, along with Gordon Hayward, I think that's a pretty good looking roster in all honesty. And one of the things I remember you and I talked about this, Josh, maybe a year ago, 14, 15 months ago about how Boston, just because they were getting Kyrie and Gordon Hayward healthy back for this past season doesn't mean that they were necessarily going to be better or make a deeper run. Part of the reason they were so good when they pushed Cleveland to seven games in the conference finals two seasons ago is because they didn't have so much traffic on their bench. You know, they had like a defined role for a lot of different guys and maybe, maybe with bad Stephen, you know, Carson Edwards is now on the Celtics after this past draft.

I'm just walking around in Chicago, some year-round of buses and trains, that's what you're hearing, but I feel like that year, exactly, I feel like that year there was role definition of the Celtics were actually a little bit better, so I feel like maybe that could happen again this year. Would you call whatever team Kawhi Leonard chooses to sign with, whether it's by pager, pbs, broadcast, carrier, pigeon, or myspace, whatever team he selects, be the prohibitive favorite in Adam Amin's mind? Man, you're saying to like win NBA title, what would be the best situation? Yes, well let's just say it's the Lakers and the Raptors right now because if he chooses the Raptors, that means Danny Green probably returns there and that roster remains intact and Pascal Siakam probably going to be better. The Lakers, you have three of the top five players in the league.

Yeah, I think that's a fair assessment, I do. You know, and the fact that LeBron is saying that he's willing to take a back seat or to take a different role or to emphasize a different point of his skill set just to make Kawhi Leonard more of a focal point. Obviously, we know Anthony Davis is going to be touching the ball a lot more in Los Angeles, so yeah, I think so just because by sheer talent alone, you're looking at depth of roster, depth of lineup, depth of scoring. I mean, we're looking at three of the top 15 scorers maybe, three of the top 12 scorers in the NBA along with various other points in the skill set.

So yeah, wherever Kawhi goes, probably that team is the prohibitive favorite because like you said, aptly pointed out too, Josh, there's going to be a domino effect to that with some of the key role pieces around Kawhi. Noted citygoer Adam Amin of ESPN with us here on the drive. It's glorious background sound in addition to the great sounds we just talked about in sports a few moments ago and I think you're the perfect person to answer this next question because you cover all different kinds of sports, college football, college basketball, NFL, NBA, softball, you name it, but last year you did the Nathan's hot dog eating contest on television in Coney Island on national TV the 4th of July. Now that we're going to watch it all later this week once again, give me a sense for what the atmosphere is like there and how it's different. Yeah, I mean when you pack in 30,000 people into a relatively small and confined space, I think naturally you're going to feel a little bit of a buzz and you're going to feel some electricity and that really is for, especially during those introductions man, George Shea really brings the heat on those introductions of all the competitors and when that happens, like when he opens the show with this like sermon and he's you know being elevated above Coney Island in like a cherry, a cherry picker, I mean it's awesome. It's a great different unique experience that you just don't get in a lot of other spots and you know and not in obviously college football with 100,000 people, an NFL game in Seattle or New Orleans, NBA in Oakland, whatever.

It's all great stuff but it's just cool to be in a different setting but to have a feel that still makes it feel like a big sporting event even though it may not be a traditional sporting event in the eyes of the general populace. The tallest competitive eater, you will enjoy this Adam, is his name is Gideon OG. He's from North Carolina. He is the tallest athlete to ever compete in major league eating in the upper echelons of that.

He actually, once upon a time, this is the proudest honor he had. In addition to being the corn eating champion, he also beat Josh Graham once upon a time in a homecoming court. Did you guys go to, you guys went to high school together? We went to high school together.

He beat me in a homecoming court, if you could believe that. That's incredible. That is incredible. Wow and this is, this is good stuff.

This is inside information that you can't get anywhere else. That's right. Adam, enjoy the city. It's good to hear your voice. Hope you're enjoying your summer.

We'll catch up soon. Thanks Josh. I appreciate it. You got it.

That's Adam Amin of ESPN. I can't believe I lost that. I still hold it against him Des to this very day that six foot nine basketball star Gideon OG beat me in in the homecoming court. Were you in the homecoming court? No, I wasn't in the homecoming court.

No, I was. I was definitely the third and weakest link out of the three. Here's my strategy when it came to popularity in high school. Like, I was the guy who wasn't very popular, but I fit into every group. I was a chameleon, a social chameleon. Nobody hated me.

So, when I was the third, when I was the third of probably three, the three finalists here for the homecoming court, it was only because any other person that would be up for it had a group of people that probably hated their guns. Nobody hated me, right? It's kind of like Kimba Walker a little bit, isn't it? Where, okay, who hates Kimba Walker? Who has a real issue with Kimba? No, nobody's out here saying, oh man, screw Kimba Walker, except maybe pit basketball fans. They haven't forgiven him. Oh yeah. Still? Wow, it's been like nine years. Probably. I wouldn't hold it against them if that's true, but yeah, I'd like to think I finished second.

I'd like to think there was some Russian interference in the voting. This guy, this guy beating me, but in reality he was the basketball star who is 6'9". Where is he at today? Have you kept up with him? Competitive eater, man.

Competitive eater? Really? Were you not listening? I didn't hear that part, no. This guy, this guy was in the hot dog eating contest. What?

Wow. Me and Adam, you know, we were just having this conversation where we were talking about the fact that this guy was in the hot dog eating contest and beat me. I was, I was doing other things while, while that was going on, but Aaron, can you believe this? Aaron, can you believe this? I can't actually. Am I crazy here?

Should I be bothered by this? You could, or you could just, it's almost time for the show to be over. This guy was, he won the corn eating contest. This is how other people get qualified for the event.

Yeah, you're great in other events. He downed 57 ears of corn in 12 minutes. How do you, how do you, what?

How do you, how do you like? That's how he qualified for the hot dog eating contest. He's 6'9". You can down in 12 minutes, this. Ears of corn?

Yeah. I don't know, four? 12 minutes?

It's like he was inhaling corn kernels at that point. He did 200, he did 200 wings, 200 wings in 10 minutes. 200 wings in 10 minutes? If they're not hot, and if I'm motivated.

I assume not. That's what he did, 200 wings in 10 minutes. I could probably get through maybe 50 in 10 minutes.

I'm gonna be spending some time with some porcelain after that. My man, my man Gideon, also the winner of the first ever kale eating championships. Who does that? Major League Eaters does. Wow, kale? There's competition eating for kale. I've pretty much heard everything.

That's probably really hard. Brant Wilkerson knew is going to be in studio tomorrow, which god knows what direction that's going to go in from the Greensboro News and Record. I heard he was on this show last week while I was filling in just talking trash about me for no reason. This is what I heard. I always hear it secondhand.

I'm off doing something. I'm getting a bunch of texts about Steve Spurrier and Brant Wilkerson knew. He did, I think he was on a couple of times. I know he was on Saturday with me on the rundown. I don't remember him giving you any lip or anything like that. He said something about me being drunk after two Coors Lights, I think was the expression. That wasn't with me.

That was with someone else. Two Coors Lights, huh? Yeah, we'll get to the bottom. Two Coors Lights and eight wings.

That's about it. We'll get to the bottom of a number of these things and we hope to catch up with Bob Ryan tomorrow. David Glenn will be on tomorrow's show. A lot of fun going to be had tomorrow, but we have orders of business to take care of here, specifically one order. That's Take It to the House. Des, what do you got in Take It to the House? I have news on two separate movies, some casting notes.

One of them you'll be very interested in. It is a Disney live-action remake. Do you have the hip-hop air horn ready to go? Paul tweets in, that air horn sound effect is more annoying than Josh Graham. Oh, really? You're welcome. We Take It to the House next.
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