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The Drive with Josh Graham - Pool or Beach - 07/3/19

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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July 3, 2019 6:24 pm

The Drive with Josh Graham - Pool or Beach - 07/3/19

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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July 3, 2019 6:24 pm

Josh Graham with Desmond Johnson, Aaron Gabriel. Pool or Beach? Voice of the WS Dash Joe Weil in Studio. Top 10 cookout foods. Women's World Cup Poetry Slam with Aaron. Hurricanes beat reporter Sara Civian stops by. Tune into The Drive with Josh Graham Mon-Fri 3-6pm on Sports Hub Triad!

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I have been having here behind the scenes, which will get to in a second, but we must get to the latest on: why watch 2019 why still has decided playing the but he apparently just landed Toronto, presumably to meet with the rafters and there's currently a Canadian television help helicopter looking at on the screen here following his car on the highway like it's the OJ bronco you know how many of those do you have you just want to clean out the Kawai sound wallet still officially why watch 2019. I support this fully. Here are the two things we know about Kawai today. The Lakers are the best option for him and we also know nothing about Kawai letter. Those are the two things I want him to stay in Toronto. I think that will produce the most interesting results.

The MBA and make things more wide open in the league since MJ left the first time in 1993. However, the national media you can tell they're just salivating. They are rooting for him to join the Lakers. That's why you see the leaked reports two nights ago. All he is assigning is imminent.

It's right after the Lakers met with Kawai, so here's what clearly happened on Monday. Magic Johnson is a part of the meeting with Kawai, there isn't much coming out on the Lakers in but Magic Johnson is probably telling reporters. All we got him all these these hours.

This is gonna happen then that stuff leaks Monday night but the national media just simply don't want to go to Toronto because they don't want to go to Toronto rather they have to cover the Lakers anyway, whether they're good or bad. The one team in the NBA. That's going to get covered extensively. No matter how good or bad they are the one team in the league that works that way. So if you have to cover them anyway. They might as well be good and would you rather be in Los Angeles or Toronto. I get the national media wanting him to go.

The Lakers brought the thing that bothers me that we still continue to this guy talking heads saying what he should do.

Everybody saying what Kawai would never do and what they expect from him considering what they know. Which is nothing that's kind of the point, time and time again. This guy has burned us one finals MVP choir guy on the most successful NBA franchise in the last two decades, the San Antonio Spurs and he had an injury. He never returned from it. He was on the bench during the playoff run.

He forces his way out to get on the rafters in the first place and throughout that process until the very end.

I saw the same talking heads say all Kawai's not the kind of guy to do that we don't know any thing about Kawai, except that he bought a house in San Antonio that his mom lived in, and that he played Jango with Gingras Jango time and time again and loves wing stop.

I was waiting for that and apparently he loves coupon and old cars. Maybe he likes apples. Apple time Apple time slicing them with the with the with the knife and fork that that's all hearsay. We don't know that for sure, but the board man's going to get paid eventually we just don't know.

I hope I expect him to sign with the Lakers were not going to be back until Monday were off for the fourth.

I'm going to the beach.

More on that in a second.

I expect Kawai in the next few days to sign with Los Angeles because of a few things.

One uncertainty with the raptors, not in the near term features is the raptors they're going to be one of the three best teams in the NBA next year. Marcus always locked back in Danny Green seems to be waiting to see if Kawai is good to go back to Toronto. Kyle Lowery still in place. Pascal Sciacca is probably going to take another step. At were still be just as good as he was when he was dominating a few games in the finals. It's a good team in Toronto. Fred VanFleet, the list goes on a team that just one finals, but long term. Marcus always getting up there so is Kyle Lowery so is Danny Green.

It want to be a long-term deal and if Kawai's looking just to be secure for three or four years. Lakers are the best option. How fitting. Would it be at the end of the decade that started with Claire empowerment and Lebron James choosing his path to Miami and away we've never seen an athlete due before in the NBA, doing so on TV and really being a trailblazer for the end of the decade to have a player joined Lebron and player empowerment and to create the best big three we've seen you know that that's that meeting with if you want to know what Kawai was saying when he saw Lebron in the room. It was this, you know.

Also, for those who say if Kawai goes to the Lakers he's going to be reviled. The way that Kevin Durrant was when he left to go to Golden State from Oklahoma City. I'd say to you, unlike Kd at that time Kawai doesn't have to prove a damn thing to anybody.

Kawai Leonard has one finals MVP's for multiple teams. He brought a team that's never been to the finals to the finals and beat Golden State with that Katie guy for 12 minutes and it Kawai Leonard does have to prove anything.

He's got his rings, he did it on his own. That makes this different is not joining the team that beat him. He's joining another team that didn't make the playoffs after winning the title so it's a completely different circumstance, it would be a fascinating turn of events. If you place for the Los Angeles Lakers but the Fourth of July is tomorrow. There are a lot of things happening around here were feeling patriotic because the US women's national team is off to the women's World Cup final. That will be Sunday. Jessica Luther will join us to talk about that in just a little while investigative reporter, sports, author, all she's gonna make the show a lot smarter and just a little bit but speaking of patriotism, and 4 July. Here's the argument, me and Dez have been having behind-the-scenes and you're welcome to chime in on this.

We just put a pullout on twitter at sports triad at Josh Graham radio and the phone lines open at 336-777-1600 I'm going to Myrtle Beach as soon as the show ends today. However, I'm going there to meet with family and to hang out with them. My preference isn't to hang out on the beach during the fourth I'd rather be at the pool. Do you prefer the pool or the beach.

Let's just say, on 4 July. I am a poor person. Dez is a beach person.

Yeah, I'm not a pool guy at all, but the preface that are not. I can't swim and I've actually have like this deep-seated fear of deep water so holes right me to death, but there's a lot more deepwater in the ocean than the pool and there's a shallow wind and most pulls true, but I'm standing on land when looking at the ocean.

The something about the ocean for me like a reset button flexing something with that large but you don't see every day, put in perspective for you are in life, so I like to get down to the beach at least once a year, but pool stuff does nothing for me because I can't do anything that you would normally do in a pool and it caused me to almost freak out so early returns of the pole 60% people say each over pool at sports triad if you care to vote on that pole at Josh Graham radio to I'm interested to open the phones up to this specific topic better place to be on 4 July fourth pool or beach 336-777-1600. Here's why am all about the pool it's more controlled water is cleaner.

Most times you don't have to worry about fish for sharks. It's more convenient, you can walk to most pulls you don't have to drive to a place and it it's usually a lot more crowded, which leads to my next point. It's more relaxing being at the pool. I find because it's less crowded. Also, it requires no cleanup afterwards North really clean up after the fact and the way you do with the beach in the sand and you don't have to leave when it gets dark beach as it much fun when it's dark compared to the pool which has light surrounded the lights just are not. I like going to pools over beaches the same way I like going to minor-league games in baseball more than major league baseball. Now I am an Orioles fan. So if it's the Orioles that's complete with different let's just say I'm going to to unaffiliated with me minor-league teams playing each other and to major league teams going against each other that art the Baltimore Orioles. I would choose the minor-league game because once again more convenient.

It's cheaper.

It's not a full to do when I go to dodger Stadium, Oregon to Petco Park. Even Camden yards when I go there. It's a full day affair. It's it's a full day just trying to get in there and out there. It takes a lot of commitment. Meanwhile, if I go to the Winston-Salem – game may not show up at 7705 just walk up in there I can leave a little bit early if I want to. It's not a full to do. It's cheaper, it's less of an experience, but less about to do and when you're trying to relax. If that is your end goal. I want the last of the to do and not be willing to sacrifice some and experience on the total opposite because for me I think it's a matter of thinking about what word is you're going you don't plan for four weeks to go to the pool you plan for receipt of the beach like it's the exit at the destination the pool with the destination. The pool was pulls a matter of convenience and you kindly got out that it's more convenient for you with the pool than it is here the beach schedule is dirty and there's lights and go at night on so things but the beach is special because you don't go all the time like the beach you go if you're lucky couple times a year and I go to the pool all the time either. But you could if the end goal is to relax. I don't want to make a bunch of plans just to go somewhere and relax some of the ultimate relaxation that requires planning and Soviets along as I get the end result, which was being at the beach and then you get all the stuff you get the pool sounds of the ocean, you know that the feel the same in your feet, seashells, you normally like kicking me that the portal asked more experience necessary beach is overrated.

Michalak graded out here percent is not an exit is hard to walk in the sand. To me that's a challenge in itself is walking José is hot to me there's other people that you don't know they're in close proximity and it may not be the best quality of people at the beach is too much think you're the best quality people is that it only the most qualified and I appreciate your next norms. The US women's soccer team continues to shed. This is the drive is 920 now back to the drive with Josh Graham having our sharing with Darren from the data going fill these out doing USA faith. We have some we operate. We brought in the voice of the Winston Salem – Joe while you and your strategy is really putting down there. We are putting down there. He's not here. Quite frankly, so it's easy to do that. Currently she's not here for now is to be on today show. We need a name for this next hour and am good to start things off with Roe with Joe were doing bro with Joe for the next hour. Does your thoughts, will grow a Joe blow with Joe.

I was good and well what we've been using rundown with get to know Joe, but we are is not so intense and does continue something that he does in the rundown is employed in that's playing killer rejoins that's just perfect beds and that that's on that which is played as were my favorite not not the actually original. The remix is the best love this might be something I don't want to take away from your thunder. But one thing you might want to get to know about Joe is that he is a Brooklyn Nets one of those guys who just bought a Kevin Durrant McKay regarding jersey you go back to your name and obscure net from the 2000's that Harry cannot solve all my gosh you're preparing kettles like you more of the Nickelback, the medical backs of the nets. That is pretty good.

All we know why Keith Van Horn BBQ from warning what decade the high socks to heat. He had a really uncool look for is there something I want to address with the nets.

The nets even though they got Kevin Durrant and they have Kari Irving there never to be the favorite but they're going to be a contender. I just want to set expectations here because every time in the immediacy of things.

Anthony Davis chooses to be a Laker Lakers that the favorite to win it all now Katie Tyree. They joined my God, they're going to happen. You had to make this move through the nets. Of course no one's denying that bought let's look at this. Let's examine Kari Irving. He already showed us in Boston with better supporting cast.

He can't be the best player on a championship team to be an accepting piece at a pretty damn good one the most important shot of the game 72 when Cleveland there only championship, but I don't think you could be the best player for a title team Kevin Durrant.

I'd argue, even when he comes back probably to be slightly better than the entire year Katie.

He was a top five player when he returns. He's probably not to be that I expected to be top 15 to be a contender but let's just pump the brakes a little bit on Brooklyn Nets championships being printed year to year.

I just did that last. You're absolutely right that there are caveats with this obviously would Katie not even supposed to be playing next year and DeAndre Hunter getting her DeAndre George R.

Jordan is ¥40 million for four years.

That was obviously kind of clownish because he's not the same guy he was with the Clippers, especially with with today's MBA and and you know you bring up a Tyree is also fair and we saw with with the Celtics last year. He can't be that top guy. He is a little bit of a malcontent at times it's happy now in two different places. That being said, it is amazing where the nets are now compared to where they are three years ago Brooklyn Brooklyn and it's amazing because I used to argue this with my friends and I can't speak to the NHL's maybe missing a team in the NHL. But in 2016. Going to the 2017 season, I would've argued that there was no worst team to root for in pro forma in the big four sports because there was no hope. We had no first round picks at that time and they were going to be really really bad. All of them belong to the boss and told him all of them belong to the Boston Celtics and here they are now not only with Tyree Irving and Kevin Durrant and DeAndre Jordan and Jay-Z and Jay-Z still, but they have good pieces of young pieces Spencer Dinwiddie Joe Harris Harris divert they have these amazing players I and twitter. I did this a couple days ago I equated to it. A few guests in Shawshank redemption but I think I equated out a word of it.

Andy Dufresne crawling through that that tunnel and not getting out the other side clean I would. I would actually quote the actual quote therefrom red but Morgan Freeman, but it theirs and theirs exited and there's nothing to do that but it I would've equated it to the same thing considering how bad a situation they were in three years ago and was earlier announced John Marx's incredible. It's a good reminder movie lines with Joe while were still taking those he's going to be on the call tomorrow.

Fourth of July baseball at the – there's a lot of we gave away some tickets to that game yesterday.

We had more dance tickets to giveaway here on the show, but he has movie lines movie lines that he works it to the broadcast and we have the best line as voted by the audience for a week. The best movie lines Joe while incorporated into its play-by-play in the first half of the – season is this call right here now shot went way over that wall and I found population you broke it really is and I think it's a deserving champ for the first half of the season channeling your inner Jason Bateman graduate thank you I appreciate it. All that was that was a fun one to get into their there someone you guys give it to me. I go right this is good to be a good one. I remember the last last pointed with the line is now, but I got it in with two outs in the ninth inning. I just gouge I'd cut you did last night reminded ourselves because I don't remember either. This is some of the work you did the last time we through lines that you a few weeks ago that NBA finals next to a man that started a great movie famous line from the movie, including one I hate my name.

What kind of name is Jesus.

Anyway you punted Joe X's eye disorder was behind I maybe was behind the board. I'm not sure who was but I was sore. It was sore so I didn't cut out the end part of it, which I think you guys would really enjoy because III said that I turned to Connor and you look at me like that doesn't count now so that I go I just said over there like Josh. That's the best I got up I got Josh was there, I just you really did was in hand, I think – redhead and I had no other shot to get it in their season.

Call me later that night. It was the NSA may right we can. A few nights later he said Josh since our sorry couldn't get it done for you. He was so disappointed, despondent and ashamed that it went that way.

But let's hear some of the work that he did that was pretty good last time we had a mark on draft day and Kevin counselor why people remember them. It was a terrible movie. There is nothing good about it was science fiction, the Browns, doing well in the draft come on bad years the that much science fiction now brown if you can't be all that is 40% on Rotten Tomatoes so Browns Cabrera but let's yes okay as for Internet and figure out real quickly what it was on Rotten Tomatoes draft day.

Let's guess around the room air and figure out what it is on on Rotten Tomatoes wall. Guess very quickly after missing his closest Sears. The thing your draft day, Kevin Costner your opinion on movies all over the place.

You are so many of them so I don't know if your opinion on this movie is like the base of my sales line, or if it's just like your opinion, haven't you read one. Write down what you think the score is on the right it down on this paper right here right right you have it out give it to a twin type it is to type it down does let me know when you written out. Your answers are not basing it off ours rights. That is what you think direct. Do you have the result by the way, Aaron. Okay that is what you think. Draft day got on Rotten Tomatoes are 60% Joe what is right and I just gave 40 is a benchmark them to go 33 I wrote 24 Aaron what is it doing the tomato meter of audio score audience score audio score 65 m tomato meter.

For now, I'm not giving Kevin Costner good enough credit Kevin Costner and Bill Murray like how bad could we have another one of Joe Wiles calls from last week. That's all we have. We only heard two so far.

I thought we were 30 know you're right there to talk to her and asked enjoy you to feel proud about what you did there will were taking a bunch of movie lines right now were getting them via Twitter and were getting them on email as well will get to that when Darren joins us in a bit. Joe while on Twitter@Joe_while one last thing on the net so I feel like with them that the nets while I'm downplaying them being a title favorite right now. I think as long as this.

The rosters look the same. You can have the Lakers.

The bucks are probably good to be better teams than than what the nets currently are. There are people who I think are going steps too far with Kevin Durant on what he won't be able to do when he comes back now. He is a 7 foot and Achilles injuries just to be death sentences for players, especially Big Bend, but Kevin Durant display like a big man in the way that he plays just shooting over people.

He still to be that tall.

He still had that stroke we saw how injured he was willing to play and I finals game and what he was able to do and 1/4 play that is not to be a top five player but I still think he's good to be in all and be a guy I really do for a few more years and the cop that I've heard a lot is Dirk Kaminski. I mean he can play a little bit like turkeys could have have more tricks up his sleeve. I think in terms of shooting like Dirk did worry did the I did the one like it fade away, but this Kevin Durant. I mean this guy's in all world player. I do think you not right. He will be the same players best with Achilles terror. Considering how many miles he has on the odometer. But it's Kevin barrette. I mean this guy is a two time finals MVP.

He is an MVP just in the in the regular soft 15 player ever top 15 player ever. Who knows maybe when it's all said and done his scoring champ just a scoring leader all time. Who knows, but it's he's an incredible player and for the nets to do would be did considering the perception of that franchise for so long being second fiddle to the next in regards to what people care about for them to get both Tyree and Kadian for the next to completely strike out on that is is remarkable Joe while in studio were knocking to be on the air tomorrow and Friday but Joe is going to be there listening to W STS Winston-Salem WPC in Burlington W MFR Highpoint W COG Greensboro. All of those signals you're listening to however and wherever you are. We appreciate that. Will be back on Monday.

This is the triad sports up is 609 24 communicate to the drive Josh Graham Salem that will while you tomorrow.

Let me be eating burgers, hot dogs in terms of toppings you have on what you can vary, but burgers traditionally go pretty standard goal. Although cheese American cheese or cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato ketchup fellow bacon on it all. Do avocado world if if if if if there's a situation where I can do it Kobe white what you think about avocado wow grow burger. It's good you actually shut out smallbatch or burger bachelor go by now the third morning burger is one of my favorite burgers of every that's where I went to watch the US soccer game on on Friday so it's a soccer pub to some I'm well aware of the food and also the ice cream that they have their shadow, downtown Winston-Salem, but in terms of hot dogs what you putting on the dog reason I'm getting here because we have our top 10 list, its top 10 cookout items David Glenn and I we are aligned and something that people who only put ketchup on their hot dogs should be thrown in jail and less and less. If you're old enough to drive a car you're old enough to put something more than the big catch up on your 40 thing I have always been amazed at how intense people are about catch up on the hot dog. I I've gravitated away from it.

I do like mustard on not just just saying.

Just just catch up. I put ketchup and mustard on my dog what I do. That's how I like it on my dog just changes catch up is just ketchup rodeo howling years we talking here if you're old enough to drive a car.

DG says if you if you're older than 60 to help along with the sentence be.

That's a good question. I think just like a simple misdemeanor.

I don't think it should be a felony ticket instead of like being thrown in jail, possibly where they should be a fellow know I'm really confused that you're against. You have just catch up on their hot dog and then you follow it by saying that you your hot dogs would just ketchup and mustard which is just I said I put that's my baseline is what Josh is doing.

It's like the equivalent of jaywalking like it's technically illegal but I guess I guess under his under his rules and guidelines it it it it you just look just like away from you. I had a pretty girl in the eight catch up on his hotdogs exclusively turned out to be limited to connections that you guys have an idea we were going here.

Top 10 cookout foods.

I'm very confident about this top 10 list might be one of the best ones I've ever done a few names already see the sky over his PCI I got a couple of mind.

I just finished a question. I will do, I will. I love doing some form of just like cheese on the she's a dog and also Chile.

This music is what accepts this best. I think the reason why this is one of the more popular segments. We have is because of the two things does the test and that is the music and also the wordplay may also be that orgasmic sitting there with you all got married you all well born but Joe while and myself are sitting in.

It is my top 10 cookout in honor of the four number 10 things you should have your help tomorrow. Chile David forgot about the random sound after each and every one of these silly Davis is an excellent food and reintegrate my number nine cookout food cam relish. You know why littered cam relish will be playing with the why littered before it's all said and done, is going to the Atlanta Hawks doubled her phone around right now my helicopter to watch when I'm not a big fan of cam relish my number. A food item coleslaw Anthony quality functional Carolina got seven number seven cookout item but Frank's cool old time. Frank's meeting what is a cookout on 4 July without somebody Frank's God, he was great with 2K videogame Green Bay Packers circa 2004 rocket numbers number six cookout item ships Kelly like to wash off his soundbites and you provide over the last five ships Kelly these uncounted, she does that count that I had the fancy chinos chicken sandwich earlier this week. The worst thing I've ever had. It was awful.

I thought, but I will go hot sauce statically when it's like this hot Buffalo looking soft but it's just she's from the chinos. I was disappointed. You gotta take it out of the sandwich, but what I would say is sour cream and cheddar chips from number five.

My number five cookout item just as Winslow why the left turn. Why start running out thorough medical Street to Michael Jackson. Just as Winslow most underrated player from the 2015 team just as Winslow ties Jones I think was the final for NBC and DeLillo performs the national player of the year. Just as Winslow out of the three is been the best problem is the money out of out of the three. Justice Winslow has been the best from Grayson Allen and could eventually be that you thought now you can have great support around number four number four cookout food media hamburgers back. You hamburgers. I really don't know how you can have a cookout without me in Hamburg, required really is really hungry hungry right now. Maybe this next thing to something you can utilize number three number three food item picnic. Then Axel split what looked like there are people who only know then Axel is because of his appearance in a teasing song got into a JV.

So now the younger generation. Yeah, I know that what was it was crazy in love with the right one that handles like then Axel is right wow handles all most people know now my memories of him actually playing brother JV Rattler picnic. Then Axel while my numbered so food item Green Bay Was discard green bean casserole. He fingers along with that when the other fingers like you and when you thought out what is really like grin. 12. Class is like here in the casserole mustache. It was either Green Bay and casserole.

He fingers are Danny green bean casserole number one. How can you get better than that.

My number one cookout food item macaroni brown is to say that if you bring a green bean casserole that I like you will be leaving that I grew up with. Another example will provide the glass separated by glass. You and I and the casserole and also culturally too cold to hold yeah rebate casserole.

He fingers really get you will quickly blow through a couple that didn't make Apple Felix PA flame bacon will brought worst with JJ brought white light cantaloupe caliber is located a little like open green bean casserole wordplay scholars your hello but it's funny you not Kobe beef, Brian. Let me know when the reservoir is very dirty right my crew trail that like grilled trout. Joe, did you have anything of the sort.

I'm scared to ask is I doubt you thought we were going in this direction with some grilled salmon you know and there's a guy the White Sox system. I was thinking get the Jeep Jake Berger ever get a name such as Jake Berger and throwback dodger segment usually do it throwback Thursday baseball but and Sharon with Darren right now we're just throwing with Joe grow with Joe while with the film that doesn't have the same ring Sharon with Darren Darren. He wanted to call into the show he has way back Wednesday Dodgers that he wants to contribute our way a lot of other things for us to get to going into the way back machine with a bite-size version of Sharon with Darren is 609 20 now with Josh Graham insider athletic little over 10 minutes. Aaron has no room is putting together some poems of preview for the women's World Cup final United dates facing off against. We don't really know yet because it added time, or make extra time, the Netherlands is facing Sweden and the other semifinal what it Aaron do another poem about both the dots and the Swedes we have doubled the problems for this preview. Meanwhile, we still have the polls open asking the question, where is a better place to spend 4 July.

The pool or the beach. After the show ends.

I'm good to be driving straight to Myrtle Beach and diving headfirst into a pool full of liquor that happened all about pools, hanging out with family to be great but the pole right now has 62% of you guys saying the beach over the pool 336-777-1600 will die back into that debate in the moment, but in order to set the scene properly. Aaron usually request that the lights are off but he's kept him on this time for integrity out of the bit you need the lights on or off. Aaron no I think doing this a couple times just ascended to artistic level where I don't need so superfast and proficient motivations. Josh also what we are on radio so like it doesn't help which we can't see that the lights are on or off until you describe what I could theater of the mind very good with words justly. Okay fine so the lights are off the way I prefer and prefer we do things with the lights off here. Yes, yesterday what what what we should do wow well sorry Kobe white your young years should hear that Aaron what's the first of these poems are going to deliver two titles for this one first to come second.

Also known as smoking the do it all right so that's the first one we need some music to accept this properly again.

The lights are off. None of us have any close on either that's at the music is smoke there is a match today is no glory for the winter when chicken dinner US women's team is leaking hired no hands on. I still think the women kick back won't have to do much rules of the Siu smoke past should have a not allow the microphone. Wow. The background very quickly is a very loud snap loud snap like stereo long really good poem. This is the Aaron show today Michael Wrightson thank you for your Berger commentary brought a tear to my eye. Speaking truth to power.

Aaron again lights are off as nothing actually, but a candle in this in the studio to know close on but her shoes. That's disgusting. She was doing the next one called call this one please.

I insist all right.

That's at the music I go right. He knows no you know I couldn't please I is the prospect of winning is causing me those Americans are crazy running wow no don't want my family to see me get Megan no more time like you know no fourth is going on. All right, sorry, there's more to go. Let's finish this properly. Everybody calm down and know what is going to be close on the candle drives broadcast live at the law offices of the UL boards. Learn more about them in the ways we can help you and you know when you need us. There is a set headline we brought you a short while ago Jared Lorenz and passed away. Kentucky sports radio and host Matt Jones is been in touch with the family over there. Here's a statement from the Lorenz and family from the hefty lefties family. It is with heavy hearts that the family of Jared Lorenz and would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for all your support and prayers over the last six days.

We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Jared today on July 3, 2019. Again, we appreciate all the warm wishes and prayers.

But as a family we would request your respect and privacy. We will offer arrangement information. The next couple days.

Please keep Jared's family and especially his children and your thoughts and prayers." Again, Jared Lorenz and dead at 38 years old to be joined by Sarah Sibley and Carolina hurricanes reporter and just a bit. The big news this week – and how is extended through the next five years with love mother contract was 27 years old when he hits unrestricted free agency at that age right in his prime lot of interesting things said by owner Tom Dunton but we also really like catching up with Sarah because she is one of the best follows you will find on Twitter doesn't really matter if you're a hockey fan at Sarah sieve. So we did some digging and there are a ton of just funny tweets that she sent out that we like running pastor and having to explain in between hockey commentary. So we expect to have a lot of fun with that but we also I think the vote is gonna come down to hers and it so the audience had its voice heard. And that's a vote on this show.

Darren bought myself Aaron – Joe while people have been on the show.

Jessica Luther we all had our votes heard. I think the deciding vote is going to be Sarah Sibley and who wins this debate here beach or pool. Where is the better place to spend 4 July on propyl pool guy, but I know this is a divisive topic. Some people are in on the beach crowd here and I get that I get it.

I'm going to the beach right after the spot while both can be great things. I prefer convenience over the large to do.

I acknowledge the beach is probably a better experience, but it takes a lot more to get there. It's morbid to do in the name of just relaxing so I prefer the convenience of the pool and the smaller amount of crowds you'll find in the pool versus the beach and the Clearwater and the lack of fish jellyfish, sharks, or otherwise, the more controlled nature of a pool versus the beach and also you don't believe it gets dark like that pulls.

Here's another thing rank these games. Here's my pool games ranked the top three pool games number one Marco Polo, first and foremost Marco Polo is the prohibitive favorite, the primitive number one pool game number two chicken get someone on your shoulders and then and then you fight in a shallow end and a number three trucks a minute those of the top three pool games. Aaron is up in arms. Aaron why are you up in arms, sharks and minnows a.k.a. dater a.k.a. shark in the water is noble, that is, that is a pool game for me at my number three yes assume efficiently swim lack of golf.

Amazing. You are sure Corinna Polo's number one because sharks and minnows like you need to have a massive pool in order to play that game properly. Meanwhile, it doesn't matter the size of the pool with Marco Polo.

It really doesn't Marco Polo system know it's it is a it's purely the best pool game so those of the top three. What else am I missing the mark up all of the following chicken and sharks and minnows when those are the three pool games tickets.

We have some unusual letters that I agree with sharks and minnows is what what other pool game in my missing those of the top three know those those three good ones aren't working at Sarah city and to rank those DR deciding vote here pool or beach better place to spend Fourth of July Sarah joins is next on the drive – 609 20 serious talk. Now back to the drive with Josh Graham obligated tell you what our workspace looks like as the day before for Phil I were having a debate back and forth a massive argument behind the scenes about what the best pool game in the pool. Is it Marco Polo's shorts and minnows. Is it chicken. I think it has to be Marco Polo because it doesn't depend on the size of the pool in order to play it Aaron meanwhile thinks that it shorts and minnows.

So let's put that aside for now, while we also debate the best place to be on 4 July speech or the pool were now being joined by Carolina hurricanes reporter with the athletic Sarah city and who is excellent to read and the only independent reporter. I believe that travels to all of the games covering the Carolina hurricanes. So a great follow on Twitter at Sarah sieve and I strongly suggest you read or stop if you follow hockey follower on Twitter if you just like entertaining people because every single time we have you on Sarah week we we talk about your tweets just as much, as we talk about hockey and I hope that's not an issue coming back.

There were good, doing great. It's been a while, Sarah, but what before we get to the hockey let's start with the suite you sent out at Sarah city and on Twitter listening to a piano cover of gold digger, and folks the whites are at it again. I found Sebastian hello is going to be a hurricane for the next five years, but Tom Dunton, yet his teleconference yesterday. He had flex letting everybody know just how ritzy is that $20 million is enough thing for him.

He can sign that check easily. He said, but he also you know we would've wished this would've happened differently that we extend him on different circumstances other than a team offering a restricted free agent for the first time in six years. How do you think the canes could have handled this better. Sarah, how do you think the canes if they had their way, could have handled this a little bit better not get paid again and great great going.

Thank equally on a theocracy and on Twitter at Sarah city in even the really hot girls are insanely nice in Canada and are everything I look like I'm from Boston.

Does the Sebastian who deal in your mind. Send any kind of a message to the NHL about the way the canes do business more level when I was joking right now.

Never got around on Twitter at Sarah city in no laws when you're drinking clause that water flowing think God do you have any reason what might happen with Justin Williams.

I think he and I could barely write about it. I under SimCity and Carolyn hurricanes reporter with us on the athletic on Twitter at Sarah city in just sat down and immediately witness this guy walking out on his tender date when she was in the bathroom. Today is an episode of Seinfeld might not play action and that he got here pool to support tender decorum. If you ask me. Yeah, we're talking about pools and beaches. The best place to be on on 4 July we have a Twitter pull out there at sports on triad. A lot of people have chimed in on this throughout today show Jessica Luther said she's a pool person I am a pool person. Joe Weil was here.

He's all about the beach or producer desk a beach person, Aaron.

He's all about the pool and the audience. 62% of them thus far on this poll say beach Sarah city and I believe is the deciding vote here. Where do you stand polar beach for that. I think that at Sarah city and on Twitter trying to explain the act of getting ice to a few friends who genuinely enjoy Smirnov ice American culture group that are now on and that I know much about my time.

I drank yeah yeah let let's go to the control room very quickly guys you guys been ice before you familiar with the concept doesn't say you been ice ice million off. Isis is like talking to a random Smirnov eyes.

That's right surprise you with that. You chug down no, no, no thank you they don't give you a degree at East Carolina University and let it happen. I so like I'm walking across the stage and there's there's the you're the degree that sound like a difficult task to down the Smirnov eyes. It's not easy. Some folks in Durham a few weeks ago and now they're all about it as I see people left and right. We are okay, let's get to what gets one more thing here rank these pool games in order. Sharks and minnows, chicken and Marco Polo. Why, I'm just getting crossed today. The control room is so proud right now I have two more of these tweets will roll through very quickly before we let Sarah go is nice enough to give us her time on Twitter at Sarah city in I am absolutely stunned at the doctor next to be screaming on the playing that role is legal cocaine. She is screaming words so maybe she's on legal cocaine. Please remind me of getting her where I hear it Dr. talk about right now on.

Now that I don't. Speaking of crisis is lasting for Sarah feeling uncomfortably X essential, does anyone want to start a podcast about a week or working well. It sounds like you're perfect for this radio show where you know will talk box. Of course, but will also talk pools and beaches and sharks and minnows and also legal cocaine coming back will chat sometime soon. Enjoy your summer.

Okay, that's a recipient on Twitter at Sarah city. This this segment essentially is its marketing for Sarah where I mean I can't think of a better example of somebody to encourage you to follow them.

These tweets here just the delivery audit a piano cover of gold digger started phoning off the dancers like to read it again through that sentiment without laughing and I've read these coming weeks. The last week's last month the United States have their opponent we know who is in our crosshairs.

Now we know we need to take out as a means to win our second consecutive World Cup Netherlands, for, for you and it's not to be pretty like it will no no you're not working know what you're going to do all my God, do you happen to know I'm trying to find it going to make an effort to watch the sun. Danny sentiment on Fox 11 AM yes leavening on multiple sprays about 6 AM. All I'm on to say, pitch. They don't they don't pitch and soccer pitch on the picture I thought you said there was first man I love a soccer it's not a tipoff is its kickoff. That's what they do it as their feet. They self pitch around kick some you want to go through more things coin flip toss it X FL scuffle so much that it only for the ball will fashion square room with some other way. What else is there that we forgotten rock paper scissors.

Oh, no, no, I mean we have kickoff we have face-off we have first pitch tipoff tipoff was a tipple who did what.

What have we not covered. Is there anything open hand slap but supported touch gloves.

I actually watched re-watched Holly home Rhonda Rousey last night.

Which he didn't exclude the beat down and then got her face pushed is subsequently fantastic. So Sarah city and decided a couple of things that the beach is in fact better than the pool which is encouraging going to Myrtle Beach right after the show in you don't pack the pool know that you're the beats taking things I don't usually go on trips and sharks and minnows. Apparently the better pool game then Marco Polo, which I think is blasphemous and sucks minnows for the gladiators of your neighborhood. You swimmers all right my pack Friday and Wednesday.

Today is, Friday

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