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The Drive with Josh Graham - Panthers Fans...are you Ok?

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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August 24, 2019 1:01 pm

The Drive with Josh Graham - Panthers Fans...are you Ok?

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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August 24, 2019 1:01 pm

Guest Host Desmond Johnson with Sawyer Dillon and Aaron Gabriel. Carolina Panthers had a Cam Newton scare Thursday Night. Dez compares Early John Elway to Cam Newton's first 8 season. Its opening night of High School Football season, Sports Hub Triad has you covered with extensive coverage of the entire listening area. Greensboro News and Records Joe Sirera, Winston Salem Journal's Patrick Ferlize and Sports Hub Triad's Dave Polaski join the show. Tune into The Drive with Josh Graham, Mon-Fri 3-6pm on Sports Hub Triad!


I I have is Friday. Take a deep breath is going to be all right made it through the week summer and ruled the day. Football is back folks will drive doesn't jump in here, I'll be your tour guide for the next three hours. Josh Graham still on vacation will be back Monday loaded show today were diving deep into football sport subscribe is your source for high school football for the 2019 season and tonight's opening night across the entire Triad so just for you. We got a number of yesterday to help us get ready for high school football Joseph ref McGrane from using record. Pat believes in the Winston-Salem Journal and sports have tried very own day Polasky will all be on the show today get you hyped and locked in for high school football action across the triad yes yes sports oxidant per marked game of the week.

Tonight West recite versus deadly 7 PM pregame kickoff at 730 would day Polasky bracket. I know they are revved up and ready to go listen to it on any of our platform stations night over the air or its ports of 336-777-1600 number to call to chime in on any of our topics today or hit us on Twitter at sports hub triad so Dylan's my producer and Gabriel's manning our social media was jump right into it.

Three takeaways from preseason game number three last night.

Panthers versus patriots number one. The Panthers dodged a huge bullet last night. Cam Newton only played 11 snaps only 11 snap cam injured his left ankle the same ankle. He had surgery on in 2014 head coach Ron Rivera.

When asked last night what happened didn't have immediate answers about what happened to Newton's ankle so I can tell I don't I don't know. I don't know, like a chess watch tape. I might know that I don't know.

So everybody took a deep breath, walk away from the ledge reports this morning from Panthers camp is that cams x-ray of his foot came back clean and the Panthers dodged a huge bullet I'm to be super real. With all of you right now this Carolina Panthers team is a six or seven when team without cam Newton and that's being generous.

Even with the defense. Even with Christian McCaffrey even look equally. Cam Newton is what makes this camera Carolina Panthers engine go.

The people that ran the social media last night that I saw that want to proclaim. Will Greer that the next the future quarterback, the chosen one.

Happy to cam got hurt, claiming that that he was being a sissy.

They couldn't take hits. It's just ridiculous should be ashamed of yourselves. Cam is the Panthers. The Panthers are cam Newton so understand this for second we go as far as he goes. I am sick and tired of cam Newton haters that really deserve this. When the day comes when we lose cam Newton when he either goes out, we send them off. Don't sign into a huge contract because some fans don't like the way he dresses or don't like the way answer certain questions and I don't like the way he looks to be the saddest day in this franchise history. There is no team in this league will quarterback like cam Newton is actually one of the most durable quarterbacks in our in our current history. He's only missed six games in eight seasons. Think about that for just a second is the guy to get dragged on for trucking linebackers and receiving more contact than any other quarterback in the league since 2011, by far, and he's only missed six games and eight seasons in one of those games he missed because he flipped the truck on a highway in Charlotte 2014. After that he missed one day, I don't care what is wherein I don't care. He's wearing a headscarf in a kilt and a straw hat with some tunes. I don't care what he wears.

You should need your paper span. You should only care about cam's availability cam is available.

Panthers have a shot to win no matter who you're playing against. That's number one number two. I've been on this boat for a while, but after last night's first quarter. I'm deathly the captain of the ship now.

We don't need for preseason games. It's pointless.

It made sense back in the day when coaches could run to a days) pads all preseason and you want to find out who the bottom third of your roster was going to be its 2019.

Much every team knows who 45 of their 52 man opening week rosters going to be right now. They've known it since July, so are we playing for preseason games. The starters for most of these teams don't even play into week three, and even then it's just for a few series, maybe 1/2 you know enough to get a ladder going. That's it. Cam got 11 snaps last night before he got hurt and honestly was probably about to come out after that play anyway.

He'd Artie ran two or three series, the Panthers weren't really moving the ball against the patriots first ring defense and the patriots were blitzing in preseason. They were coming after cam pretty much most of last night look equally got 17 snaps last night before Ron Rivera decide to pull him and even on the last nap he got. He came up, shaking his wrist, the Los Angeles Rams are playing any starters this entire preseason coach on a debate that the healthiest team going to the start of the season and the preseason games were pointless. For starters, and vets. Guess what happened last year plans were the healthiest team in the league by far. Last year, and I made it all the way to the Super Bowl and invaded and play single starter the entire preseason I've been on record. Cam should apply to snap this preseason. No start of the Panthers should Luke Jack Thompson CMAC take a short none of them so I don't care if you need to see cam I don't care if you need to see if cam can throw the ball or housing.

Look out there.

As he looked comfortable. Who are you supposed to be your friend, not coach or not a beat writer always beat writers for the Carolina Panthers will bid on this show. The driver, Josh Graham for the past two or three months and have tried to reassure fans.

The cam shoulder is okay. They've seen it.

They've been there they've watched him in court. 40 or 50 yard passes the past since April.

The past four months.

So why does he need to trot out there and play in a meaningless preseason game in Foxboro. By the way last time the pants played a preseason game in Foxboro in 2014 cam got hurt. Missed week one don't need to play need to play the preseason games was the poor to put your marquee starting quarterback out there in a meaningless game where best running back or your best wide receiver top left tackle. It is nothing for week one preseason is for the bottom of your roster, not the top. Every year it seems like one of these two teams in the Super Bowl is the healthiest look at our 2015 season was the healthiest season the Panthers it probably had up and down the roster since 2003 in both years. Coincidentally, the Panthers made the Super Bowl. Ron Rivera had thoughts on preseason last night after watching his franchise quarterback limped off the field in Foxboro.

There was Ron Rivera's thoughts about preseason always felt that the sale of goods access to finance. It's part of the game unfortunately but here what's happening on and then later shut they look out of them and will share without the leg decides what this this assesses the stuff. The third thing I took away from last night.

Cam Newton shoulder is just fine and 11 snaps. We did see if cam was four for six with 30 yards he was making great decisions.

He looked even more comfortable nor Turner's offense. There was a play where he could've took off on a scramble past the line of scrimmage and smartly through the ball out of bounds. He lived for another day you was really hold the ball long obscene online incorrectly that he was holding the ball too long on the play got injured on when really it was a covert sect, DJ Moore Curtis annual were out on the routes and could not get separation. Cam was trying to wait for them to get separation arousal is no one open independent patients from Lexington try the other way and even with that, he tried to get to the ground and we look back at the plate. It was like anything major happened to his ankle again.

We dodged a bullet cam comes out with a broken ankle or a torn ligament or something that puts amount for the whole season or half the season.

I don't know what you guys about watching the past three weeks, but the backup or backs for the Carolina Panthers are dumpster juice. They are not good. Taylor hi Nikki Kyle Allen will Greer they're not ready.

They are not ready and this team takes a huge dip if cam Jarrell Newton is not out there underneath the center.

I saw cam complete crisp tight spirals last night. He was hidden his targets that didn't help that the 2019 season. You know you got to calm your nerves about cam shoulder and a meaningless August preseason game in Foxboro August the patriots for me. I trusted the words of Jordan Rodrigue Darren Gant permits Alterman Ocampo beat writers that this the station and that Josh Graham is had on this show in this time slot and pretty much all of them have said that cam Newton is fine. Not a single one of them have been worried about his shoulder going into this 2019 season from what they have seen one of harassing out the same thoughts last night regarding how Kim looked before he got injured his Ron Rivera on cam Newton shoulder settings are a couple of my spell Symantec and the unfortunate part was, we have also screen concentrate set of those probably go for a big day and unfortunately didn't connect on the minutes to know this is hard to evaluate that one. When those things happen, but Gallagher's eyesight through couple really nice balls and fluctuating us anymore. The so kids would we learn on all of this the entire franchise dodged the bullet not just that the entire franchise.

The city of Charlotte the state of North Carolina.

The National Football League dodged the bullet regarding cans ankle last night. Cam is the franchise.

For starters he is one of the most recognizable faces in the entire National Football League you lose cam Newton you are losing someone the equivalent record recognition wise of an Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady Antonio Brown Odell Beckham Junior cam Newton is one of those guys whether you like him or not. He's one of the most recognizable figures in the entire league, and if we lost him last night. This team would've been able to recover ratified it like they recovered after he went out in the first quarter of this preseason game. We don't need for preseason games.

We deftly don't need stars of the team playing in any of them in cam shoulder is just fine that all accounts it looks as if cam will probably be ready for week one not bet against him. They basically had to keep a man locked up on the sideline so he wouldn't play four days after flipping the truck in 2014. So if it's a mild mid sprain for calling it right now, my, my, I'm thinking you can probably play week one sort or Dylan's or producer of the ones and twos, Aaron, Gabriel and Houseman in our social media. Give me your thoughts on what you sought in the Panthers last night and cam's injury and your thoughts on what I just mentioned.

With everything with preseason cam Newton 336-777-1600. If you want to talk about the Panthers of the preseason camp any of it.

We got your back to the next three hours or in sports are a spots switching to sports club triad coming up. I love football, there's one particular brand or class of football that I've grown to love more than any other plus I am Bill, a brand-new weekly poll is powered by sports, you really hear it weekly on the Saturday morning show the rundown born ballot on the drive. Next, listen to previous episodes of the drive with Josh Graham and my show the runs down the debt Johnson on the go yes yes Portside tried shows now available in all major podcasts not including clouds modified Google podcast Apple podcast and more simply search the full name of the show, download and enjoy. Or just go to sports have to download the latest episode right there on your face on the homepage that it sports are there are a lot of holes in ranking systems out there, but none of them are the top five is five sports: the high school football top five are inaugural whole will give you the top five high school teams in the listening area for sports club triad and we start off with number and that's West Forsyth last year. They finished eight and four they lost in the four AA playoffs first round to rival Reagan right there. Trust accounting there.

The Titans of a bad taste in their mouth. The 2018 season into a loss.

The conference rival, Reagan, a week after defeating the raters in the 2018 regular-season finale Titans head coach Adrian Snow is a potential state container on his hands. What's her site is known for having a very solid run game annually and this year will be no exception. Senior off at the tackle Jared Wilson and senior running back Emily Wilson both hold multiple Division I offers between the two of them West Forsyth host another team.

It's on its way deadly to open the seasoning claimant. You can hear that game tonight on sports hub triad Ochsner per Mark game of the week for Southeast Guilford last season they finished 14 and 21 the best seasons in school history thing was the best season in school history. They lost the three AA state title game to Weddington out of Matthews. The Falkenstein one when short capturing a state title last year on offense.

The Leno Junior star running back Jaelyn fairly rush for about 100 to me 1133 yards and 2018 in the average, the whopping 6.2 yards per carry. There a lot of seniors on his 2018 team so it will be interesting to see how the falcon start 2019. There season begins whole goodie with a 22,018 for a runner up Scotland County currently titled town Reidsville last year, 1601 to 2 a state title over Elizabeth city reasonable in its 20th state title in 2018, submitting their nickname of title X in the state of North Carolina, Junior quarterback Kyle pendants returns reads also as Junior one wide receiver, defensive back yard pass and not seen Cass before you go check them out regional housing and you don't pass became ultimate do it all got that undefeated to a state champs last year totaling over 1300 all-purpose yards a receiver and returned with 15 touchdowns, the ultimate impact on defense with 32 tackles and seven interceptions. Reidsville opens the season with a matchup on the road versus High Point Central Greensboro Dudley last season they finished tenant for the loss in the third round. The three AA playoffs to our number four seed or ceiling number four ranked Southeast Guilford head coach Stephen Davis has another monster really needs Greensboro returning players and skill positions include senior wide receiver Michael Hyman and senior quarterback Alston Hooker on defense. The Panthers have defensive lineman Peyton page finished his sophomore season with 80 tackles. 26.

What tackles for loss and 10 sacks North Carolina Associated Press all-state honors from last season.

The Panthers averaged over 270 yards in a rushing game last year and no attempt to do the same this year. Dudley starts with a tough road game against our number five ranked West Forsyth tonight in Clemens and again you can hear that on the sports night starting at 71 E. Forsyth Glass evenly finished 15 and okay one before a state title over Scotland County, the Eagles, fresh off of their second state championship in school history looked primed add another one. A large portion of Lasher state title team returns led by Junior quarterback Kyle Iles who had over 2200 yards passing 25 touchdowns ordered yards rushing last year and senior running back Ahmad Marty Marshall went over 1100 yards rushing himself in 20 touchdowns, or both back the coaching staff led by head coach Todd Willett returns as well. These were site open on the road tonight traveling to Asheville to take on AC Reynolds. We do not have their game tonight starting next week we will have dual coverage to games on sports up every single week following Easter site is a attempt to defend therefore a state crown throughout the season and the best games of the week every week on sports hub triad. I love football. I really do is become a favorite sport to watch it so it's kind overtaken basketball. I can easily watch regular season football game for Quach regular-season MBA everything of that sort just from the love of the game. Yeah the drama that hits the spectacular plays but it's not pro or college football that warms my heart like this. It's high school football. Now I can't see in high school football with Deb yes yes Portside a few years ago, filling in doing color commentary and was immediately hooked doing games agape Laskey traveling around, learn the ropes. Only high school football we find 165 pound defensive tackle, or 5 foot six wide receiver. These kids are playing for the love of the game, only having been quote unquote corrupted. Yet, per se, never seen any given Sunday. Jim Brown's character in that movie said it best. He wanted to go back to coaching but he want to go back in coach prep football. He said the kids are still pure, they don't know any better, they can still be taught molded.

They just want to play last year had a chance to follow Molinari's precise bring home the second state championship in history going 15 to know the process and the feeling of watching videos online occurs.

All residents standing in the cold rain the send off their team to Durham and is seeing videos of even more people lining the streets at midnight and even colder weather to welcome the chance home that stuck with me. We got some really really good to great teams and our listening area Southeast Guilford mated to the three AA state final last year Reidsville made it to the to a final and wanted their 20th wedding they want when he state final state championships in football that's just ridiculous there Division I prospect sprinkled all over the tribe right now, was a kid and later as a teenager. The running commentary was that the triad had good high school football teams, but they couldn't compete with Charlotte Mecklenburg schools. Schools like Charlotte, Independence and West Charlotte.

Nowadays it's newer schools have been built that way. Like Mallard Creek or Weddington out of Matthews, but the paradigm has shifted you got schools out here like Greensboro Dudley, who have won 10 games minimum and a season for the past four seasons and counting each precise middle perennial state title favorite for the least the past for five years breaking through last year, West Forsyth and head coach agents know they are problem they will run it down your throat and a deer you to run it on them. I mention Reidsville already there, affectionately call titled town the high school that's affectionately called, titled town 20 that when he state championships and they've got a good chance to win the 21st this year, graceful page has history more than Guilford as state titles. Parking is this kid you need to check out main canyon shell of you've not seen him play. Do yourself a favor and watch him play sometime this year.

You have been out to a high school football game recently. This is the year to go go support our local schools are coaches and most importantly the kids sort of trigeminal week 7 PM tonight West Forsyth versus Dudley stream it live exports of Cam Newton is this generation's John Elway's you look at me funny in the control room. I'll explain it. Drive you will off into the driveway Josh Moran I am Desmond Johnson.

I'm just coasting from a buddy Josh is on vacation back Monday got the rundown tomorrow morning 10 AM to 12 noon on sports hub triad will get you ready for college football ACC big four preview will rundown the scoreboard for all the high school games are going down tonight and somewhat surprised to talk more about that later on today.

Cam Newton is this generation's John Elway well that it really make a lot of sense does lay off the crazy juice, but it's true. It's damn true and I can actually prove it. But to do that you have to go all the way back to 1983 John Elway had a reputation come out of Stanford as quote mobile quarterback with a strong arms that sound like anybody else that we know Elway's careers remembered differently because of winning back-to-back super Bowls behind world Davis and 96 and 97 we got to go before that early in his career from 84 his rookie year through 92.

John Elway never ranked higher than 11th and quarterback rating. He never finished higher than 14th in completion percentage in that span, except for one outlier year in 1990, when he finished sixth overall but when it came down to it was the one thing John Elway was known for hurling his career in winning time Elway would shine.

He seemed always find a way to get a win for squad by any means possible.

A late throw a scramble. Whatever it took.

Elway always seem to be on that side of the ball in those 10 years, Elway had 21 fourth-quarter comebacks and 25 game-winning drives. Now I'm old enough to remember my first real exposure to Elway and Esther Drive versus Cleveland and AFC team should game in 1987 to advance to the Super Bowl. Don't mention on Cleveland by the way that it was up there. They still don't want to hear about that and 87 the L Elway won the league MVP. He led the Broncos to the Super Bowl and they were promptly embarrassed. 42 to 10 by the Washington Redskins. Elway would lose his first three Super Bowl appearances and horrific fashion he got. They got destroyed by the 49ers, 55 to 10 that 49ers team might want the best teams of all time.

Those are not washing their then he lost 3920s the Giants. The Broncos were starting to feel like John Elway and everybody else. The year after his MVP season and 87 Elway would have one of the worst years of his career stepwise at 17 touchdowns 19 interceptions. Broncos got back to the Super Bowl. The year after that and 89.

But again, Elway was going against Joe Montana Jerry Rice John Taylor Ronnie lots out there hunting for heads in the backfield. It was probably one of the best teams in NFL history, 89, 49ers average marks eight 49ers lease top 555 to 10 in a bluesman game and 93 a changes needed. The Broncos felt stagnant.

Dan Reeves is fired and girl Wade Phillips is hired Jim fat fossil Elway's offense of coordinator from Stanford is brought in to be offense of coordinator for the Broncos a change in offense of playcalling led to Elway having the best season passing with over 4000 yards in a 63% completion rate is 8% higher than just the season before.

Now Elway didn't really become John Elway, the Elway that we talk about today until he got Mike Shanahan for his head coach 95 and they started giving him pieces in the offense Terrell Davis running back to Elway to lean on the racked up 2000 rushing yards in a season is a Hall of Famer Shannon start one of the best titans ever Hall of Famer Rod Smith and Ed McCaffrey at wide receiver. Elway finally had weapons to help him in a 1997.

The Broncos finally broke through Davis ran for 1700 yards that we had a career-high touchdown passes Denver upset Brett Favre and the Packers in the Super Bowl. Elway finally had his ring in the perception of his career immediately change the moment he put that ring on his finger. Now the Broncos win back to back winning again and 98. I think he went 14 and oh 9840 lost their first game clearly the best team in the league that year, Elway was named the games MVP and retired walking off the sunset at two-time Super Bowl champs's legacy was submitted by how he finished his career, not how he started know what the world is in you that have to do with cam Newton Elway's first 10 years, mirrors, cam's first eight and cam's first 7C seasons. He only threw for 60% completion rate or higher twice 2011. His rookie year renewal at any tape on in 2013 even crack 60% completion rate is 2015 MVP campaign and that season you started 59% for the year is only thrown for more than 4000 yards once in his career, but the stats between the two are strangely similar Laster cam got a new office coordinator North Turner that resulted in a 8% jump in completion rate over his career average for the 2018 season.

He was thrown a hot 67% clip. Even with the later weeks of the season before he was shut down with a hurt shoulder. He still finished the season at 67%, suggesting that he probably would've finished at 70 or higher if he had been helping the full 16 games. Elway got help a running game at Terrell Davis to get to 2000 yards from scrimmage. Newton got help running game, a Christian McCaffrey to get you 2000 yards from scrimmage, but we had to wide receivers and Rod Smith and Christian McCaffrey's dad, Ed McCaffrey complete each of the complement each other and were cogs in the Denver office cam as DJ, Moore, Curtis Samuel, who complete complement each other and are cogs in the Panthers offense, MSA cams and when back-to-back super Bowls, no I'm saying guys there were knit picked a poke that early in their careers can go on to do great things in John Elway and cam Newton's careers up to this point look crazy similar on a recent episode of the franchise player sports podcast that you can now check out all major podcast formats we discussed.

If cam Newton retired today. Would he be a Hall of Famer based on his crazy resume its bill. If you've never seen this before. Go look up cam Newton's Wikipedia just scroll down it to you get his records and achievements by man already has like 4050+ different records or things that have never been done before. These that the first to do this the first ado that the first do this and it just it just missed a long list just goes down and down and down of all these thing the Cameroons already done in eight years. We kinda came to the conclusion by the Internet episode that if you had just one Super Bowl ring is a first bout Hall of Famer based on his resume right now is literally the same position that John Elway was in the 97 John Elway was pretty much can't assert Hall of Famer Jansson good seasons at some records, great teams had in a league MVP, which helps definitely. It's all frame.

We didn't have that ring and I was the knock on him when he got that ring John L. Elway automatically got elevated to the upper echelon of quarterbacks in it into seasons where he was even the focal point of his offense.

Terrell Davis was last con apperception works so now cam the Panthers just have to get one through 36 777-1600 MI crazy here. My grasping at straws in the Poland, the control room here Sawyer, Dylan, Aaron, Gabriel and the house my nuts student to suggest the cam Newton and John Elway are on similar paths just being a homer or or is there some meat to this this conversation here I see what you get in it which sound like fabric that I may not assume I need her to go. Every component is already trying to make it just deluded with the stress.

I love it of us. I also has a distress mean deliverable wins the best of very integral part of comparing the two.

Now Carol comes along this year next year. Whatever it was, assumable this idea that that's exactly my point. Head right up to this point in their career at this point Scrooge on it.

We had one on either any loss three and fashion so that that's my point is not the parent.

John Elway's complete career to what cam is done so far is the parent. Elway's first 10 years to what cam stunts I still think John Elway got a little more credibility and respect than what cam is God. Back then they were kind of put a mean granite John Elway what shown up in a press conference when a go-ahead run hearth and you know like Hawaiian shirt or whatever.

John the league a little more respect than doing cam is gotten this far in his career would you just sounds like wishful thinking and I really hope you was a light. John will the I remember in the 80s into the mid-90s. The narrative for John Elway started to turn and said he's never gonna win the big one rhino like it was yeah you can do this with his legs. He gushed from Armand yada yada yada. But he's never to build a put it all together to win the big game by Peyton Manning before you want to write exactly what I guess really my point is, NFL quarterbacks, they hit the circle of you've got the resume first walk is like this is like saying Brad Johnson is the upper echelon quarterback of the unsuitable work that's not true.

If you've got the resume to go with it. Super Bowl ring can elevate you into a legend you have to be really damn good to get elevated to a legend without a Super Bowl ring. Dan Marino comes to mind if people still thought during his exactly because he got to Super Bowl second-year never made it back. That is not his fault completely remain in place for team 51 of the guys on it, but that's kind of the point. Thus, weren't going I think can get a lot of dirt thrown on him because they did not win 2015. I think people don't really realize how close that 2015 team was to immortality. If that one that Super Bowl you talk about 18 and one Carolina Panthers team that had a top 10 defense.

The league MVP on it that the coach of the year on it like there's only a handful teams that have made it through a season with one loss. Also they call some bad breaks and that in a Super Bowl for picked a bad day have a bad day and then I think more glaringly look at the fumbles it. That cam gets ostracized or not, that a lot of people still talk about it to this day, and to me that play was more of a bang bang it's easy to say which would you sit on your couch watching it as a whole other thing to say what you would do when there's three, 300 pound defensive tackle diving at your legs and you're trying to find a football football helmet on tomatoes also would a bigger scale is 65 like to 40 to 50,000 mile mandated put me on the argument that arguing with you that serious argument works for me yeah because I love you I'm 6665. Maybe you know what I'm saying but missing a few pounds. There I don't really hold that play against him. Let it loose Super Bowl. But what one play the particular loss they don't write if he had jumped on that ball. It would fourth down right but these are these are the types of things that people harp on about Camden you and me and he gives harped on a lot like us at all. Think John Elway got Hartl quite as much as what cam to get Hartl in the not I will compare nonanswer of the mobility thing but the career saying I will compare more closely the pavement because people gave John Elway great Corvette respect just he may not win the bid. Just like we gave Peyton Manning like all he's regular-season he's regular-season King, but he can win the bid until he did. When the bill of sale was all he's he's been great. He's been a great this whole time. I respect that logic, but I would push back on it for the sole reason of patent was more cerebral him and like Tom Brady name. There's like a four step box they won't leave it as I was saying Elway was the most legs deadhead ability aside, you know, but their career are you know they they were regular-season games that on it. What he was an overlook that is a great Corvette. Even though he didn't have that one ring in that that was the thing that people are come about.

Like you said before he got in safety were paid 336-777-1600 number to call you want to chime in his does not for comparing cam Newton John Elway are mild right on point I want to know you has up on twitter as well at sport type triad coming up tonight marks the start of the 2019 high school football season in the state of North Carolina sports untried is your source for high school football. We got to Greensboro news and records Jos Herrera coming up to talk about the teams watch for Guilford County next drivetime your guest host Desmond Johnson in the studio.

Then for buddy Josh Graham was out on vacation will be back Monday afternoon. I'm so excited for a high school football is from the starting here tonight your across all platforms all over their stations. West Forsyth versus Dudley Dudley traveling at the claimant to take on was recited in 91, the biggest names in the in the area. The kick off the 2019 season and on the line with us right now is one of the best in the business when it comes to prep sports in the area is also a member of sports untried high school huddle that will be back next week for the season premiere that is Wednesday at 7 PM, Jos Herrera from Greensboro news and record joints is Joe. My friend was going on and how are you I'm excited. I'm excited, looking for the huddle next week already. I got a game under my belt last night with McMichael at High Point entered awesome awesome so before I start picking your brain on what you think. You have to know Guilford County. The season I gotta give you this worked on a monthly poll that we have built earlier today and see how you agree with it now what it is we basically take the top five who we think the top five teams are for that week out of the sports untried listening areas electric covers both Guilford and Forsyth and imparts Weston parties. I have peace for site number one, heading to the season.

Greensboro Dudley to Reidsville three copies Guilford for an west Forsyth five MI on point or am I totally off base. Jos Herrera, that the Lord what we've got our cold feet in which we actually get a week early because we had a private school whose rank I quicker complain last week we had Dudley number one regional number two Deputy number three and we get we don't rank East and West but you got you got a look at the recyclable. If they kept coming back from an unbeaten state championship team, and not until someone proves otherwise. They got it the copier pole and left is always strong and that there should be no exceptions. Yeah, I'm super excited for Gmail tonight are our second 19 Dudley traveling to Clemens to take on number five W. per side.

Who would you say just off the top your head right now who you think the best team in Guilford County's and it be the season I I would say Dudley but big big? With that name at that have been for a couple years now and in hooker graduate quarterback play. You probably want to stop more starting for the after Peter Debbie Premier Slater got a few snapped last year as a freshman or Manny Elliott probably weighed. That's the big question for them. They also may have a little bit of an issue against West with snap there and are broken finger on his snapping hand that we can have to go and he had a little bit of trouble in their scrimmage at Charlotte dancewear Friday. Do everything they can to either get that hand right or they were even trying. Having him snap with a block and a little bit that can be key, especially with the young quarterback. But that team is loaded on defense got it be counted stable running back that got offensive lineman.

The quarterback play that bit can to determine how important Africa along with Jos rare from the Greensboro news and record with us on the drive and work shop and a blue Guilford County high school football actions committee starting tonight across the area that you see here an update on regarding some games tonight due to possible. Whether I say that I'm looking out the window here in Kernersville, and all I see is sunshine and birds flying and everything else but I know there's a threat of thunderstorms. Later this evening and it looks like you're using the Northwest Guilford Smith game will kick off at 6 PM the caramelized High Point Christian game is been moved to Saturday night in regional game at High Point Central's been changed to Monday correct. Those are the ones that were aware of it can't gather there could be some right hand, but I think once you get at about 4 o'clock hour to get on but answered and help me pack it up and I think at that point, barring weather that could interrupt the game or delay game what your thing out pretty much what you're gonna get you don't want to get in a situation like they had done your Charlotte last night that one dammit because of lightning didn't start till after 10 PM to midnight curfew.

There and decided midnight in the game today� That sounds delightful yeah and you don't want to get into those kind of situations.

If you can avoid the but you also don't want to start moving games off of opening night on a maybe it's gonna rain but now it the way the storm then using it to lift weaker so it can be horrific thunderstorm. We inhale, we had better office here in Greensboro on a day earlier this week and I live that 5 miles east of Greensboro get ingrained in yourself.

You just don't know from game to game from site to site what you're going to get that irate. We have some predictions for the seasonably predicted estate temperature games are gonna be put back December 21 have learned to like that week this year and that can happen to know about so that happened last year mean miscellaneous on 21 January is that you're currently all equipment threatened basically get up that late last year affected by weather like we two or three of them all. It I think it was more than that. I don't remember weekend where where games were moved up to Thursday. There were game played on Monday we had a couple of Saturday games at private schools a minute. It's crazy. I understand the concern for safety.

That's gotta be number one else to understand the concern that these games generate the bulk of the athletics revenue for the hypo program so they need to be on a night when they can get maximum number fanfare, but oy it it it greatly. We had we had games that reported for next week. Last year the state championship week. I remember I storm came through here and in the ice or in a gym somewhere yesterday. They had the state championship news conferences that the Carter family Stadium in Raleigh to introduce note Guilford on that field before they cleared it off while I'm hoping we won't go through that this year because last year was was crazy in terms of scrambling a last-minute scheduling and everything so heavily will have that much and I like us as a say that I'm looking out the window. The sun is shining.

Everything was good. So hopefully will be able to get through this agreement. Games tonight Jos rare on the line with us in the Greensboro news and record talk in high school football as it kicks off tonight across the state.

Joe horse and players to watch for in Guilford County. As we took office 2019 season. We had a story on our website Thursday and print today. I we have three defensive lineman, sophomore and junior and senior ingrained broker or four-star or hire recruits. I threw them at Dudley defensive tackle Peyton page 8 junior 6465 25 you got mild mercy and defensive end for Dudley. He transferred himself with Guilford is here senior. He fixed for 280 and maybe potentially the best of the bunch, a sophomore at Grimsley high school Travis Shaw already 656 accident 315 and he did not look look heavy. He was a good basketball player for the varsity for Grimsley, the freshman and you who haven't committed yet mild mercy committed to North Carolina back in the summer. The two who haven't committed yet. Travis Sean Payton paycheck office in Alabama Clemson a number of other programs at your defensive lineman you got offers from Alabama and Clemson you have the. The good housekeeping seal of approval for defensive lineman notes. Schools don't recruit guys they don't think you can end up in the NFL. Those three kids are where you gotta start the packet to enumerate Dudley along with another pretty good defensive lineman Kirsten Lane is the reason at Dudley's number one in our poll. We don't really have a lot of running backs and quarterbacks this year that that have big numbers coming back Kyle Pinnock from Reidsville. I threw for over 2000 yards last year and was the MVP of the class to a state championship game.

He going junior he's back arch of Andre page and page type page high school is back for his senior year. Pretty good dual threat quarterback but authentically we just don't seem to have that the monster guys like we had a few years ago. We don't have a hand in hooker. Really, the fear will challenge the quarterback from page icon L. Young who accepted that Western Carolina plate, Dudley ran for nearly 3000 yards. His senior year of years that we have Reggie Glaspie at Southern Guilford who went on to entity status replicas through their it seems like the bulk of the talent for fear is on the defensive side of the ball.

Guilford County, and I think it is cyclical.

You know it can't come comes back around. I think right now we just have a really good crop of defensive players, particularly on the one to zero. Now I trust your judgment more than anyone that I know when it comes to prep football and and kids in the stats and what they can do. The area is there a team out there that you just can't shake this feeling that they could be a sneaky dark horse to make a long run into possibly December.

Outside of the regular suspects like Dudley and page and all these other guys or teams that we talk about is there one team is coming out there in Guilford County that nobody is talking about but you, seeing the talent that they have the coaching level.

I have anything you just can't stick the feeling that they might be able to do something in December. While the unit is definitely on the right program is definitely on the rise and go for County at Grimsley. They finished actually just ahead of page in our poll number four pages number five.

Note that rivalry goes back decades. I think it Grimsley government become kind of a sexy pic to be lately up and cover this year they won a playoff game last year for the first time, 2011 I've got a lot of senior talent they have that great sophomore defensive tackle Travis Shaw I mentioned earlier really good coach and Del Brown who had tremendous success. Southern Guilford and this is the first senior class. He's had your for for him in his program completely.

Now the kids have been bought into what they're doing. Off the field in the off-season and the whole program for life thinking that I think they've kind of been a little bit of a sexy pic if you cannot walk walk paid the other cannot throw out there and it's a team that has had success through the years, but hasn't quite been at the same level this year's nor Erin to live here in northern Guilford. They wait for last year but wanted one of the winds with the forfeit window because of what happened with page laughter with some ineligibility and this is the first time since Eric Westbrook is been the coach. They are all filling your for for him that he's had a big senior class.

You get 28 to 30 seniors and a lot of them are contributing. That's the kind senior numbers they had back when Johnny Roscoe was the coach and they were playing for and winning state championships every year. I think that talented northern Guilford is such an end, Eric Westbrook and his staff are good enough coaches that that's a team that could that could be a breakthrough team this year that could make a deeper playoff run. I felt Guilford was the one left here got all the way to the three AA state championship game. They had tremendous graduation losses. They still got some talent but if I had to pick one of the two teams I would say that the upset would be Grimsley knocking off page. This year, which hasn't happened in a while in the northern Guilford make a run. We got page and Grimsley personally on our schedule this year and the gamut of daintily running on the sports will click Job for let you go where you be tonight.

There were their number logistical reasons, but I'm to be in Marksville for patient David County. Originally I was going to be at what what clearly is the best game in Guilford County tonight.

Northern Guilford is opening their season at Grimsley defective mention that should be tremendous matchup, but for logistical reasons and turn to get freelancers and it was difficult for us to get a freelancer to drive to Marksville from the Guilford County felt that's wrongheaded, but we will have covered two of both of those games will also be at Eastern Guilford Northeast Guilford. We were going to be at regional payment High Point Central to back up with that Monday that were so kind and sweet and a little bit on the schedule but the I'm to be making the run overly well Marksville and our good friend JP Monday is going to be not far from his home in Clemens to cover Dudley West recite awesome patients going to Knoxville past Popeyes segment which I was chicken soon as they been talking about because are sold out of the house and did not have the available jokes. Thanks a lot man.

I will see you Wednesday for a brand-new season of high school huddle here on sports or try. Thanks so much man flickered at thank you, that's just rare from the Greensboro news record your listening to the sports of fried 93.7 Greensboro 11.5 Winston-Salem 104.9, High Point in 104.5 Burlington let's talk about this is 609 20 drive with Josh Graham big night here sports fix off our old programming schedule W SES portal brings you the oxidant remark high school football game of the week. Tonight West recite hosting Dudley 7 PM pregame are kick off at 730. The voice of sports on Friday Polaski and true bracket. Looking forward to that.

Might have to head out that way gets met West recite hospitality for little bit*that program and then here.

Sorry, don't be on the producing board Aiden Jensen will be making his debut with the studio host for that matchup and he'll be in studio giving you highlight stats scores before the game halftime and after the game as well. The fifth quarter. So deftly stick with us tonight for all of your news high school action across the entire sports I've tried listening area on the line right now I have from the Winston-Salem Journal Patrick for Lee's who has been covering prep sports here in the area since he joined the Journal couple years back. Patrick was mortal man. I don't today payment directly on the government so real quick before we get into Forsyth County teams only give you this sports, top five is our new poll little be every Saturday morning on the run down with Desmond Johnson is the inaugural one here is our top five teams in our listening area for sports triad.

I've got use for cipher number one Dudley at two Reidsville at three SE. Guilford for an West recite at five at my crazy loony tunes that sound pretty accurate. We'll figure that out pretty accurate. Now force the elephant in the room is used for site 15 oh from last season. They've only lost one stake in like three games the past two years they want for a state title over Scotland County and a thrilling game last December in Chapel Hill they return. It seems like everybody from this team actually lost some of the backfill for defense. The one-off Division I schools, but as these recite the best team Forsyth County the season in your opinion as we start off this 2019 campaign where I've been looking at it.

I think it's fair to say that plaintiff began backfill the law and the secondary that will lead Martin out the big one. They had to replace four DP earned a good chunk of their team record for Bonnie Marshall back out running back that workforce recently and got there now Junior quarterback Carlisle laughter work for me not to say this year's like last year, especially with high school huddle. It seemed like the sophomore class of quarterbacks. Last year, especially in Forsyth County was kind of the future going forward like you mentioned how lousy these recite for the sophomores, Junior this year I kid that really turned heads last year was Parkland Canyon shell and he's back this year is a dual threat.

He actually might be better playing basketball, but he's a quarterback for Parkland. What's your take on Canyon shell and the Parkland program this year. I like that article and that your request for all.

I think you really program this year. She'll go get only a dual threat quarterback Yetta phenomenal season last year leaving that boat.

2007 program. Definitely a big bonus. But at the other player watches were very senior wide receiver and defensive back who had a pretty good season last year with over 700 receiving yard and I want to say 13 touchdowns and the only quite games last year so they have not returned her well. So please, along with the sale generally comes prep athletics here in Forsyth County and points West in the triad you missed a couple players are ready. Who are some of the players to watch in Forsyth County and age to the series on that actually outline a couple of these kids that people should be keep an eye out for definitely coming on and on. I mean, you got it all and starting to senior quarterback Arabian only his second season and you got a good lawyer there as well at running back to aforetime develop All-American indoor and outdoor track got Nate Hampton at 80 County but with good volunteer work that West recite going to the line there with nine when offered, including: wired in this area and a lot of talent to what the now we know about these recite less precise and even parking to certain degree, is there a team it's out there, because I'm sure you've seen a lot of these kids and camps and stuff over the summer and now the praxis actually started school start back on Monday. Is there a team out there that you can't escape your mind that they could be a sneaky dark horse and make a long run into December. Other than the regular suspects ready for cipher must Forsyth and and and whatnot. 13 other device we talk about you seeing their talent coaching my coaching staff and you just can't can't shake the feeling that they might be able to do something later in the year. In general questions and okay. I think they have a great chance to go back one AA championship where we felt the ground. A lot of players also got back, Stephen got no interest they commit to transfer to Carroll County, Virginia in January. They gotten back season after the UNC commit as well.

Back quarterback mounted early in the season started out could be good as well. They made it one AA West region final last year. I think that I can tell you about that might have a little bit of makeup this year may be at least the Davidson County. I deftly think let in both payments will be a little different alongside North Davidson lost 29 seniors at the state championship left a lot of players as well. Think around the range of 8 to 900 descent that included: right.

Carolina now. You have nothing from you and see you commit it from there. Now coastal Wetherington well to the top five in reception last year that make up well so please, along with the Journal thinks which produces Patrick to give us an update on Forsyth County schools. What are the top games in Forsyth County tonight and what game will you be attending well. I will be at Mount Tabor and Reagan, but that came back to Saturday at p.m. because whether Dudley got the game of the week of Davidson at the stadium that will be a great game to watch, as well mannered start mounted tonight and also that McGinnis will be an interesting game to see because lost a lot of players from last year they bring back pain okay right over 1500 yard left and down on the ground so that game. Also they have college in the court that are out there year rather replacing Drew Hackett so that will be again. But they do not be try to go out to less precise and have a nonsports tonight start at 7 PM with a plastic rack on the call slot around their little bit right before the kickoff exhibited the first quarter and probably had Becker to the studio to to make sure that everything is going copacetic here for us. Love to have you on throughout the season on the run down Saturday morning really open up during football season with a high school school rundown and conversation regarding what we saw and heard the night previous so deftly will keep you in mind bring you back on throughout the season.

Give us your thoughts on high school football Northeast North Carolina and you can actually get to Patrick's work on joint journal Click on the sports tab and it's all right there to score Freda to get boned up on players and teams in the area of research. Doing this for statement. Patrick flees from the Winston-Salem Journal journal coming up stage the huge bullet last night.

I'll give you the latest on cam Newton's injury and my three takeaways from last night's Panthers versus Patriots contest next is 920. Now back to the drive with Josh Graham Drive doesn't Johnson hear your guest host for this Friday afternoon. Josh Graham is on vacation. He will be back Monday good news. Laker fan Dwight Howard to sign a contract with the Lakers coordinator and war Janowski hello Javon here on twitter just went down about five minutes ago. He says the deal with the Lakers will be nonguaranteed league sources tell ESPN Howard had several meetings with Laker officials know give them a chance to show he's made changes in how he conducts himself. I didn't sound like it's not like that's gonna work very well. Lakers players were involved in the process so I assume they say Laker players. That means that Anthony Davis and Lebron James were in the room telling Dwight management act right. I practice time don't don't don't be Dwight Howard PP differently better but I don't know if they need a center losing buddy cousins for all of falsehood. Dwight has he usually performs wherever he is, uses should never left Orlando sure to stay in Orlando. I think it's just that he was so dominant he's like regressing like every other player but he's just so big you expect them to be like this big guy's just like he's not that guy that he was the lead changed underneath his feet like Dwight Howard never really work on his game and would like you said it was all power and dunks and just get to the women been in the paint. He never develop a jumpshot. He never really developed like real legit post moves like I'll never comparable at Carmel owner, Charles Barkley, the paint terms get into the bucket, but I mean he's a body and will see how much he plays in Anthony Davis that one play center so this is what you get. Get Dwight Howard oak graduations like a phantom action.

One of them so we'll see what happens with that online right now the voice of sports have tried high school football D Polaski getting set up and ready to rock 'n' roll here about an hour and 1/2 out and Clemens they got to call him and drew bracket for West for site hosting Dudley probably one of the biggest names in the area tonight Dave what's up man going to want me and want 5 foot 10 thought that everybody else but a little bit more-make that man look at there because I think the weather's got some people shook, but I'm sitting here incurs looking out the window and always see his bright sunlight.

So how's it look out there right now and you look at the weather forecast to see what happened for later tonight while waiting to get on the line with you guys like to start. Got word of the county until 6 o'clock so� The bad news. The good news is that we don't want to. Hopefully everything a pass-through and then will play this game without a delight. Right now the blue skies around, but it also looks like there's a big great quality about the land on top like an alien ship but blue skies out toward the distant copy on the north side of the field to the south.

Right now, watching the weather is but from what I'm hearing with a 50% chance of showers look like we might be in and out of this during the evening but will be able to play so that powers the rundown on Saturday mornings we have our initial top five pole which is basically that the top five schools in our sports outside listening area did not report was out if your thoughts on it has ease for cipher number one Greensburg Dudley at two Reidsville at three SE. Guilford for an West for psychic five outside looking in Greensboro Paige Grimsley Parkland in Southwest Guilford.

We do we nail it or we just far off from we think red beginning of the 2019 camping. I got pretty good.

Going off of this except laughter. Obviously winning state title for the triad ranking that one in three perfectly fair especially with all the returnees I have from last year's championship squad that will talk more about that, not only in this segment but also during the pregame show they have mild yet dangerous and deadly combo pages getting 30 SPF offers and a lot of power five offered by Alabama Clinton, Notre Dame Ohio State might hurt some of the schools getting attention from Outlook is not ground and UNC so that's about it or one-two punch on the defensive front and I have a question for W that are not looking to get consistent quarterback play that you understood from last year like ended up bowing out the third round of the playoffs in 28 feet so preview tonight contest requests at 7 o'clock when you come on the air West for size. Hosting Dudley tonight 7 o'clock pregame 730 kickoff what you will you let your sense of both teams. After talking to you. Talk to both Coach Stephen Davis from Dudley this week in Wessex. I said coach Adrian Snow what are you taking away from both of them in terms of like the top two or three keys to this game. A lot of mutual respect between the gentlemen first avoid one everywhere you are letting the public what state championship 161 and nine record Panthers a lot of mutual respect says that the key to the game coach well you believe that special-teams will end up being a huge tonight contest because he felt that every point that even when you cannot ranking Dudley 3531 that's pretty close. Yeah, absolutely no both teams of Division I talent were low D Polaski voice of sports have tried high school football will be on the mic tonight West Forsyth taken on Dudley at 730 kickoff.

7 o'clock is the pregame show. Now, both he seems less for site and Delhi have Division I talent start over on the West for site side with senior running back the money will send my am I personally pronounce his name right Timoney as its moon to munch money Wilson six 135 pound running back got offers from Temple coastal Carolina and Old Dominion. I know it's an unofficial visit Carolina recently to we all know if you know about what's worse, I can only love the pound. Rock on the ground and Wilson looks to be a big part of that for 2019 is a senior campaign.

Your thoughts on Wilson style of running an West for sites run first philosophy are only going to increase right now from the one I have about 1613 touchdown. You don't let the guy reminds me of the mode of Curtis Martin. No matter when you get stuck in o'clock you got it. If you make something out of nothing to make it a more manageable you about that little bit taller, but you have that ability and drive. I'll forward to make it a more manageable situation. Now, on the other side. Dudley D�rer perennial tile container state title contender. They won 10 games a season for four seasons straight now for a state title in 2016. What are your thoughts on this year's Dudley team and how far you think they can go intently when the whole thing. Especially with the defense that they have mild they also have a couple of pretty good. A lot of came over one school every other over to the other side of that rivalry tripping on both offense and defense, and has a very deep level of running back that came about out of especially last year while snap the ball and David Scott. During the course of last evening had to rely on a shot will heighten island summary will carry the load carrying the ball going in the back and take a lot of work. It let the starting quarterback for the now Dudley has not one but two kids are nationally ranked and defensive lineman Miles Murphy and Peyton page both stands 6 foot or taller. They both weigh at least 280 pounds. How destructive are these kids into deadly rod that defense to another state title and I said that's to be the backbone of this team as it usually is. But it seems like there there front and even more stout than it normally is about that as I was quite the coup having to strengthen that defense because you have experienced getting into the secondary God will find out exactly what Delhi has to offer. When you get into that linebacking secondary you love you Kelly, but let's not forget on offense Michael Wyman star receiver South Carolina commit so you can make and that was one of the columns for WSU Roman in the parking lot.

Their season came to an end before they expected.

Now let's talk about the line of the season for sports have tried high school football coverage. I'm super excited to meet you and put together this round-robin side of this is recycled you yesterday that starting next week I will follow them throughout the course of their title defense season here, but on the other side to be Seo GW MFR basically were bringing you detox game in the triad every single week and that markets Guilford County Forsyth County does not matter what words trying to get the public what they want in the best games were simulcasting was for ciphers W across all platforms open the season and then like a mentor for his recital. Be on the SEI side start next week. What games our schedule stand out to you the most the season. I know it's super early schedule because we don't narrow it down to just a couple going throughout the course will end up covering after we had almost 20 different triad who involved in the game of the week and that's great for the kids. That's great for the parents and for the culture get the necessary in order to try and make an impact in and trying to and stored in the triad finalist for site reads go on North Davidson as well as reaching the respective championship game. Rico ended up winning it all so I think that ability to branch out and cover all the school is warranted in one of those games that when I coverage every year is currently in and looks to be much improved from last year and they keep getting better. Everything lined up regularly and often start covering all the December, but I need week in week out again to get excited about. No matter who you root for Mr. Grimsley at page is actually one of the games that our buddy Jos rarely had on earlier in the show mentioned covered Guilford County side for us. Grimsley, become like the Cleveland Browns of our tried areas. A lot of folks want to jump on that bandwagon.

They were 76 last year.the playoffs. They lost eventual 4-H hippies. Forsyth, but there bring back a lot of talent and the sky look for them at the last name. Our schedule Grimsley at page number of the eighth before playoffs start. But you're right, there's a lot of stuff that we have on here Smith at Dudley October 11. That's more likely homecoming Park limit Reagan September 27.

These recited page of the week prior. There's a lot of stuff on your Easter Guilford at Reidsville like that.

We tried really really hard to make sure that we brought the triad the best game of the week. The best two games of the week so I am I'm right there with you. I'm super excited about that day we got high school, huddled the season premiere will be next week Wednesday and the new time slot, 7 PM. You can deftly check that out. It also be available at sports have tried that, the download after each show. Tonight was for ciphers is Dudley pregame start at seven took off at 730 day plasty through bracket on the call. Aidan's incident studio given you guys score updates all across the region all evening long day man appreciate you brother. I'm I'm debating whether or not I want to drive out to Clemens.

As you know I am about what's recited in the cafeteria and football games. So yeah I'm debating whether or not God, that you see anything with the spread yet not yet quietly I'm trying to write like I normally do have a lot in the club By overhead a little bit of rain but that's like not to get going out Greensboro so we should be okay.

There and hopefully whatever system we have in the and I will be able to get everything in on time and wait for this broadcast tonight between five ready ready for football lot on that I might see you tonight. If not I will see you next Wednesday for high school, huddled. Have a great call night.

Hope you got some fantastic game you got my degree. They said this day plasty voices ports of triad West for ciphers is Dudley huge game to kick off the high school football schedule tonight. Listen sports have tried at 7 PM to get that coverage coming up. Cam Newton is this generation's John Elway.

I'll prove it to the entire triad next

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