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The Bachelor Minute (2/4/20)

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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February 4, 2020 6:01 pm

The Bachelor Minute (2/4/20)

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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February 4, 2020 6:01 pm

On this edition of The Drive with Josh Graham Joe Wolf calls in to discuss his UNCvsDuke memories, David Glenn drops in to discuss his opinion on Rivalry week, and info on our Kiss ticket giveaway.

The Drive with Josh Graham
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The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham
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This is The Drive with Josh Graham Podcast.

Tune in to The Drive weekday afternoons 3 to 7 on Sports Hub Triad. After the Super Bowl ends, that's when college basketball really starts to pick up around here. It's day two of Duke Carolina week, their first meeting in Chapel Hill being on Saturday and the Tar Heels really missed an opportunity in Tallahassee last night.

Here's what hit me probably five or ten minutes into the second half. Florida State and North Carolina are polar opposites as programs right now. North Carolina, they're injured, they are thin. No Brandon Robinson last night. Anthony Harris and Sterling Manley out for the year.

Only seven players played more than ten minutes. The Tar Heels, they are young. The only two seniors that played last night for UNC were the two grad transfers.

Kristen Keeling who had a nice game, Justin Pierce, hit a big three. And this Tar Heel team struggles to shoot the basketball. They are bottom 60 in the nation from three-point range.

Florida State, meanwhile, is the exact opposite. They're a top ten team, not one that's two under 500. They're healthy, they're deep. Nine players for Leonard Hamilton played at least ten minutes. They are experienced. They have Trent Forrest back, senior. MJ Walker, a junior, he's coming off the bench this year.

The younger players are meshing with these older guys because they have so many bodies to throw out there who could contribute. And lastly, they're a good shooting team. Top 60 in the nation and three-point range, they ranked 57th. But last night really was an opportunity for North Carolina to get a good win.

North Carolina, they were more ready to play than Florida State was. They got that big lead in the first half, yet they were trailing at halftime. Three missed dunks will do that for you. In the second half, they had a lead.

How did they respond? They went 11 minutes without making a field goal over 17. On top of that, they had six missed free throws. Fittingly, they lose the game by six.

They're bigs, provided next to nothing. Armando Baycott, for example, he couldn't get many post-touches, something Roy was mad about after the game. Baycott and Brooks, they combined for 11 points in the ballgame. Yeah, I've seen this really dumb take today. People like to simplify things. In football, it's always the coach that you're gonna blame, it's always the quarterback you're going to blame. They get too much credit, they get too much blame.

The point guard gets the same in college basketball. Think about the Super Bowl response. The same stuff media members were apologizing for, bashing Andy Reid the last two decades, they're doing the same exact thing to Kyle Shanahan, even though he played a transcendent quarterback. All the areas that you're supposed to win in football, if you do win in football, that certainly leads to winning. San Francisco won it, they just lost the game because they didn't have Pat Mahomes.

Yeah, everybody's crushing Kyle Shanahan and crushing Jimmy Garoppolo for not completing the pass at the end. In basketball, I'm hearing North Carolina not being better off with Cole Anthony in the lineup, and I'm very confused by this. North Carolina losing to Boston College Saturday and losing last night. The Tar Heels, they just competed with one of the three good teams in the ACC.

They did so on the road. Cole Anthony makes North Carolina better, I promise you, he's just not a savior. He's not a guy who's gonna take this team and make them an NCAA tournament team, unless they get hot and win the ACC tournament in Greensboro in a little over a month. If you want to chime in on the show, 336-777-1600 is the phone number if you have thoughts on the Tar Heels loss at Florida State. On Twitter, at Sports Hub Triad, Ed in Winston-Salem is frustrated with Carolina's loss. Ed, what frustrates you about the game last night? What really frustrated me, Carolina got out on the break, they were forcing, you know, Florida State some bad shots and turnovers. They went down and the guy that had, I think it was a five-point lead, and then he took, I forget who he took out, but it put Francis in and switched Cole over to the two spot. Well, Cole immediately hit a three, but after that, the two minutes or so forth, it was all downhill. They threw the ball away, they didn't take good shots, and now all of a sudden Florida State comes down, they hadn't hit a three the whole half, Carolina's defense collapses, bam, they were down by one point. And then in the second half, you've hit on this, they went 11 minutes, 17 shots without, you know, ever hitting a field goal again.

And that is very similar. I don't know if you saw the Boston College game, but in that particular game, I think they went seven or eight minutes without a field goal and missed 12 shade. That is what's really frustrating, and I mean we're two-thirds of the way through season, and we're not seeing this, and I think there's a lot of chemistry issues, and people are crazy as hell if they think Cole doesn't make a difference. But he's gonna have to start trusting his teammates and show some confidence and give the ball up a little bit. He was five for 22 last night, and we would have got a beat by 15 or 20 points in both of those games if he wasn't in the ballgame. Yeah, Ed, I appreciate the phone call.

Five of 22, as you mentioned, for Cole Francis, who got subbed out, as you mentioned, only played three minutes in the game. So that's why Ed's frustrated. Let's hear why Roy Williams is frustrated. Here was the coach's comment last night.

Guys, I'm just pissed off right now. I don't think about optimism, pessimism. We've got to get to practice and try to work to see if we can get better. It's not freaking nuclear science out there. We've got to get better and got to get the shots to go in and get some defensive stops as well, and we're going to keep practicing. I'm not trying to belittle anything. It's questions you guys are asking, but the question right there is that, yes, you get something out of every game, some good, some bad, and I think we got some good things out of this game, but also the game of basketball.

There's a winner and loser, and you've got to be able to have your kids feel like they're gaining some, and I don't know if our kids feel like we're making any strides right. So Ed is frustrated. Sawyer is a North Carolina fan and was at the game on Saturday. He is frustrated.

Also, he thinks he's been bitten by a spider. Maybe we can get that at the later time. He wants to get out of the show early because even though he does work hard while he's here, he will find every excuse to try and weasel his way out of the studio. Fair assessment. I would just like my right arm tomorrow, so I just want to make sure it doesn't have to get cut off.

You know, maybe if I wait a second too late, the doctors might say, you know, we just got to get it off. Roy Williams is pissed pissed off, if I had that correctly. Guys, I'm just pissed off. And Robert's frustrated as the producer of this show, not because of the Tar Heels, but at Roy Williams. Yeah, that dude needs his ass beat. He's been getting bold. He's been getting bold as hell. Holy bleep!

Robert! I'm just saying, man, he's getting bold as hell these last few weeks. Every press conference he's coming out here like, hey, this ain't frickin' rocket scientists, it's just basketball. What did you be that way if you're a Hall of Fame coach and you're 10 and 12? I'd be all right.

He's had a couple good seasons. I think he can rest on his laurels for one year, but no, instead he's... Guys, I'm just pissed off. He can't even say that right, he's so mad. You want to fight about something, Roy? Come fight me then.

Don't talk about it on them. You just played a good game against the Florida State team. That's like number one in the ACC, right, Josh? Don't you have your rankings up or something? Yeah, my rankings are up at I have Florida State as the third best team in the week. Oh, well they're the third best team in the league. You know who's last? I'm guessing you know you got rankings. I don't know, I'm asking you. Is it Carolina? Well, I don't think so.

I think they're probably 11th or 12th. Well, be mad at yourself, Roy. That's the end of my rant, but he can get these hands talking like that, talking all reckless. You want to fight a 68 year old man? I'll beat the the crap out of him. Wow. Yeah.

Why would you do that? Because, mostly because he don't need to be talking like that. He's coming on the radio getting all frustrated.

Don't be frustrated. There's a lot of very strange energy going on around here. Robert wants to fight 68 year old men. Sawyer, again, thinks he might lose his right arm because he believes he was bitten by a spider. Maybe he's gonna get radioactive traits or abilities in the next few hours as we're on the air.

So this should be a very interesting show, the way things are lining up so far. Dick Vitale was on the call last night, though, and man, all I could think was, we need to enjoy Dickie V while we have him. He's 80 years old and that guy, he comes on the show with us from time to time. He has so much energy. He is doing so much all the time for charity. You know it's a Dickie V game when you go and there are just these these flyers plastered everywhere for his foundation, raising a bunch of money for the Jimmy V Foundation.

It's just a terrific deal. He's still going strong. 80 years old and he has to be, Robert, the most positive polarizing media member we've ever had. Usually the polarizing guys, like a cowherd or a Stephen A, they're polarizing Skip Bayless because they give a bunch of opinions and when you do that people are going to disagree with you. People don't like Dickie V because they think he's too loud and there's a lot of people that think he loves Duke, but last night he seemed to be very pleased with the way the Tar Heels were playing. I'm not gonna say he was rooting for North Carolina to win, but I haven't met anybody in the coaching realm and among players who doesn't like Dickie V. So that's a guy, I don't know how much longer we're gonna have him on these national broadcasts, but he still has so much energy and he's one of the most important figures. That thing that people call a shtick, the way that he is so vivacious on the broadcast and loud, that was something college basketball needed 40 years ago when it was just a regional sport. It was very niche, but in the last 40 years, you know, it's grown and Dickie V's been one of the faces of that. So it got to a point where we didn't need a hype man anymore as the lead analyst. We had enough interest in it that we could have somebody who is more of an attorney kind of picking things piece by piece the way that Jay Billis does. That's the growth of the sport and Dickie V was a part of it, so it was cool to hear him on the telecast. Saw him at Durham just a few weeks ago and the guy's still hanging out with the crazies, he's all over the floor, he's talking to everybody.

We often say it, we don't appreciate something until it's not there anymore. I want to appreciate Dick Vitale while we still have him on college basketball in 2020. There are three teams reportedly vying for Greg Olsen's services.

I'll tell you why the obvious choice for Greg might not be the best team for him. That's next on the Drive. Come here to talk sports. It is man at his most man. And do it like you mean it.

What you got, biatch? This is The Drive with Josh Graham. We've got a big day lined up in Greensboro tomorrow. We're gonna be at the new Garden Road Kickbat Jaxx location broadcasting live from three to seven. Feel free to drop by and say hello just as long as you go see the Greensboro Swarm afterwards. We're gonna be at that game tomorrow as well as Greensboro is taking on Raptors 905, a seven o'clock tip-off time at the Fieldhouse tomorrow night.

Joe Wolfe, the head coach of the Swarm, kind enough to spend some time here. And before we get to your team Joe, it's good to have you on with us and we're excited to watch your team play. And we're also excited on Saturday to watch your other team, your former team, North Carolina, face Duke for the first time. It is rivalry week.

You're a Wisconsin guy. When did you realize the magnitude of the Duke-North Carolina rivalry about 40 years ago? Well I had an older brother that played at Carolina and I would think that in 1977. I got quickly familiar with all of the ACC teams and the rivalries and that's when my blood turned Carolina blue. What do you remember about your first game playing against Duke?

Oh gosh, now you're really testing me. Yeah. First game, boy, I couldn't tell you a thing about it. I don't know if we played there or we were in Chapel Hill.

Because the crazy, I mean Cameron Crazies, excuse me, just Cameron Indoor Stadium, it was a lot different back then than it was today. You got to remember that was probably, when you started playing there, that was probably Coach K's second or third season. Yeah and we went, my freshman and senior year, we went 14-0 in conference so I know we probably won both contests.

I just couldn't tell you much about those games. We played against, let's see, it would have been Sam Perkins started and Michael, Kenny, Brad and probably Steve Hale or Buzz Peterson would have been our starting lineup my freshman year and for Duke it would probably been Mark Allery, Jay Billis, Johnny Dawkins, Tommy Amaker and maybe David Henderson. It was a really good matchup and I don't think I've seen film of that game since probably a day or two after that game because that's when coach would have showed us our mistakes.

The swarm, they play tomorrow night at seven o'clock as we mentioned we'll be at that game and then Friday it is Grand Rapids gonna be at the Fieldhouse so make sure you check out the swarm later on this week. I remember when you were in studio with us coach you told us these great stories about Dean Smith and Bill Guthridge particularly with Guthridge you were talking about practice but Roy Williams was an assistant at that time too. What's the best Roy Williams story you could share with us? Coach was always the big man's coach so we would always get work in before practice and he was just very thorough in his knowledge of how to perform jump hooks and I can remember to this day how he taught me the proper feet placement for a jump hook, how you want to land, how you want to follow through.

He was great. He was very eager and always wanting to be on the court and it was something that he and I shared to this day that when we got after him before practice it was the most important time because he was so into it and I was into it too because I wanted to soak up as much knowledge as I could get. Is it surreal to you to think that Roy Williams is now a top Dean Smith in the all-time wins list in North Carolina history?

No I mean that goes to how many games in a season, how long you've been around. Coach Williams has led two major programs and has done an unbelievable job at both programs and so no it doesn't. I knew he would be a heck of a head coach. I can remember going to Kansas his first or second year and doing his camps and I could tell them that he was going to be one heck of a coach and I knew he was going to be really really good. It's Joe Wolf with us here, the head coach of the Greensboro Swarm and I've been following all the box scores the last few weeks coach and man Caleb Martin he's really stroking it right now.

He was a draft pick who of course is from here in the Triad in the last year. How soon before we see Caleb Martin make a similar jump as Devante Graham made recently? Well I can't answer that question but you know Caleb has done a nice job of understanding who he is and where he's going and how to get there and his play has really improved in the last month. He's understanding offensive and defensive responsibilities and how he can input his talents into the team aspect and we've been playing a lot better the last 10 games. So it's a fun group to coach.

They really enjoy playing together and we're playing with a lot of pace and a lot of energy right now. Coach, looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow night. Thanks for doing this.

Thanks John. Josh, I appreciate being on again. Next time I want to come in studio I really enjoyed being in your studios.

It was fun last time I was in there. Yeah we're gonna do it sometime soon. Thanks for doing this. Get a win tomorrow night. Thanks Josh.

You got it. That's Joe Wolf, head coach of the Greensboro Swarm and we're still lining something up. I don't think we have enough to make an official announcement yet but Sawyer, this game between you and Joel Berry is going to happen.

It's going to happen. Have you started to play some 2k at all so that way you're not gonna have any excuses? Oh yeah I definitely warmed up.

I went 10-0 against just some random people so I'm like I'm already feeling good. I could probably put the controller down and be completely fine but I am actually pretty upset because I mean you know didn't know we were going to a Swarm game tomorrow but it's fine. Do you want to go to the Swarm game tomorrow?

Well Josh you know I'm just I'd like to scout out my competition because how Joel plays on the court is more so less how he's gonna play on 2k so it'd be nice. I was invited by our good friend Doug Beamer from Beamer Tire and Auto so I'm I'm gonna be going to the game with him but I'm sure we can contact the Swarm. We'll make it happen. You want to go tomorrow night? Aren't we doing the tire challenge? I think that was our thing.

B. Dot will be organizing the games. I don't know if I want to play in the tire challenge. Like I just don't know if I want to do it. It looks really... What is it? It's just like... Are you throwing tires or throwing something through tires? So it's one of those like imagine you're in a pool and there's like a little ring float.

It's just that disguised as a tire and then you throw it over a traffic cone. It's really kind of strange but I mean if you want to do it I'm down. It sounds like he really badly wants to do it. He's doing the thing that we all have a significant other who's done this at some point saying um I mean you don't have to do this but you know you don't you don't have to go to Costco and help me buy some like stuff for this party. You don't have to do that but do you want to? What do you say to that? If you would like to sleep in your bed that night I guess you should say yes.

Right and that's kind of what Sawyer's doing but I have no incentive to do something I don't want to do but I have a feeling since B. Dot's gonna be on the show tomorrow and and we're gonna be at Kickback Jackson Greensboro the new Garden Road location in fact we're gonna be giving away a bunch of KISS tickets. Oh yeah. Tomorrow that's what we're gonna do. KISS is coming to Greensboro and we've got a KISS ton of tickets. Your mic's still on I don't know if you knew that or not.

We need to find a good way to give away those tickets like we were talking about that in the office today that's way above my pay grade trying to figure out how to give away KISS tickets but that's what we have tomorrow and B. Dot is gonna be kind of running the show at the Swarm game so I don't know if he's gonna pull me out and have me play this game here but if you're there and you're orchestrating and you're challenging me then I I don't know how I can fight against that. The only thing is that that worries me is I think if this was you know more like a disc golf situation I think I would have the advantage but these things are just you don't know where they're going when you throw them because they're not.

Neither do I Sawyer. So that's when I feel like it's more luck and I don't know how well my luck is. This isn't the Hunger Games you guys don't have to win just play the game.

Well if you don't win you die. Oh that's rough. Oh yeah I forgot that part in the promotion. You didn't like my idea to give KISS tickets away though? What was your idea?

With they would have to come up and give me or you a KISS. Are we allowed to do that? I don't know when am I ever looking up rules? I don't think you really know what plug ola payola any of those things are. You already said Frank Beamer tire I don't know if that dude's working here or not. Frank Beamer? Fred Beamer Frank Beamer whoever the heck that dude is you already plug ola'd that dude.

He's on our station. Okay well you're plug ola'd I want a KISS for these tickets somebody comes tomorrow gives me a KISS I will give you a pair of KISS tickets. How about that?

Would you take that up on Twitter at sportsubtrian? Man woman it doesn't matter goat if you would like to bring your your pet down and let make me give them a smooch I'll give them a smooch. No the goat has to smooch you. Okay I'll sit there and just wait for the goat to give me a nice little kiss.

Coming up. Dear Lord the best team in the ACC and the one team in America that might be even better than them this is the drive. Here comes the life of the party. The drive.

Corrupting the minds and the hearts of our children. With Josh Cram. Program for low expectations on sports hub triad. Here's what we're gonna do let's give one person a chance to win the KISS tickets now we have a pair of two pairs of KISS tickets for Saturday night at the Greensboro Coliseum then I'll get to some breaking news that has just come into the law office's attempted to be well-born studios so let's give David and Winston Salem that shot and if you want to win tickets three three six seven seven seven one six hundred all you have to do is answer a trivia question that quite frankly isn't much of a trivia question at all and if you get it right you're gonna go see KISS.

Are you ready to go David? We were just talking a lot about Louisville. Who's Louisville's coach? Basketball. I forgot about the second half of that. Three three six seven seven seven one six hundred is the phone number if you want to go see KISS Saturday night and answer a trivia question and to win those tickets so we'll get to more callers in a second the breaking news Mark Dantonio announced earlier today this is coming about an hour ago that he's stepping down from his role at Michigan State he's been there for 13 years and the Spartans have won three Big Ten titles there aren't many teams that have played in the college football playoff over the years like if I'm thinking off the top of my head you know you have Clemson in Alabama who with the exception of Alabama this year have played in every single college football playoff you had Washington that one year you had Florida State the first year Oregon's been there as well probably should have been there twice this year but that didn't quite work out did it Oklahoma has had a number of games but they haven't been able to win Ohio State has gone twice so that list is one two three four five six seven teams and then you have Michigan State so when you have eight teams going in the last five years or so I think it's an achievement and it's a celebration of the coach that was there if they make it to that point I really do feel that way Marc Tantonio he was an elite coach and he's 63 years old nothing really surprises me anymore when Bob Stoops stepped down the way he did a few years ago guys just deciding that they want to try something different this is what he said in the statement after much reflection and discussion with my family I feel that it is now time for a change as we enter a new decade of Michigan State football I will miss it all but feel the sacrifices that I have made for my family must now become my priority at this time in my life let's not forget as he went to bowl games 12 of his 13 years his last game as the head coach of Michigan State a bowl win against Wake Forest and the pinstripe Bowl Robert where are we going here we go into Brian and Greensboro Tim let's go to Tim Tim and Winston Salem's up Tim are you ready to go yeah I'm ready who is Florida State's head basketball coach I'd be impressed if you knew football too do you got anything you get nothing you lose so we have day sir he's a really long cut three three six seven seven seven one six hundred let's go to Dustin and Winston Salem don't get mad at me Robert don't you ever talk crap about my cuts Dustin are you ready Dustin are you ready to go or do we have Brian no let's go to Dustin Dustin are you ready oh most definitely all right other than Zion Williamson name in New Orleans pelican how long the ball well congrats you're gonna go see the kiss on Saturday night there you go pretty easy right lovely all right there you go three three six seven seven seven one six hundred and we'll give away the second of these tickets in just a little bit that's what we're going to do so we have one more set of kiss tickets to give away at three three six seven seven seven one six hundred and I also have some news we handle our microphone slightly better than the Patriots Bill Belichick this is the drive with Josh Graham we're now being joined by our early afternoon host David Glenn it's his weekly visit listen to the David Glenn show noon to three before we come on the air here in the afternoon we have our ACC sports rankings that we put out each week you could find at ACC sports calm I think it's pretty elementary to figure out who the top three teams are beyond that it gets a lot more interesting me and DG are aligned and thinking Louisville's number one then it's Duke and Florida State before you get to the rest of the league DG looking at the Tar Heels who lost last night to Florida State I'm seeing some say whether it's involvement in the bigs or just the lack of chemistry that the return of Cole Anthony isn't helping this North Carolina team so I don't really know what to tell somebody who believes that having a lottery pick at point guard isn't helpful to a team going into yesterday that was 10 and 11 and going into Cole returning was 10 and 10 all together but I'll just open the floor to you how much better does Cole Anthony make the heels well the reason I understand the question rather than you know just belittling the person who may raise this point is that in the short term Cole Anthony did interrupt some progress you and I saw the Tar Heels without Cole Anthony practicing without him playing without him go from horrifically bad to a little better than that to somewhat respectable and then even just a little good and then he comes back and then it's a different group of guys practicing and the Tar Heels lose at home to Boston College and then they put up a good fight last night but they eventually are overcome by a really good Florida State team in Tallahassee in the short term they are not as good as they were however in the longer term I think anybody who understands the game of basketball and how these pieces can be put together now that Cole Anthony moving forward will be practicing with Garren bro Garrison Brooks and Armando Baycott and guys like Leaky Black and Kristen Keeling who actually took baby steps in the right direction last night and then assumedly Brandon Robinson will be back from injury soon the reality becomes can't Roy Williams you know the master scientist behind the curtain with his laboratory experiment can't the Tar Heels go from this version to something better than that and anybody who doesn't realize the heel ceiling with Cole Anthony is a lot higher than the heel ceiling without Cole Anthony that's where the question starts to become ridiculous because Cole Anthony and the Tar Heels beat an Oregon team that's one of the best in the country Cole Anthony the Tar Heels beat a good Alabama team and without Cole Anthony the Tar Heels were losing at home to Wofford and stubbing their toes in other ways so it's it's still a long shot to make the NCAA tournament but or even the NIT at this point but with Cole Anthony in the long run you know the heel ceiling is way way higher than without Cole Anthony I think also gives North Carolina a chance at beating Duke in Chapel Hill this weekend and I'm not just saying that for the let's throw the record books out cliche type of reason here no I think Duke struggle with dribble penetration this year whether it was David Johnson for Louisville a few weeks ago Tevin Mack had 22 against the Blue Devils and Little John Coliseum that guard from Stephen F Austin went for 26 so Trey Jones versus Cole Anthony it's gonna be an interesting matchup and oh yeah North Carolina's won the last three meetings with Duke inside the Smith Center but since it is Duke Carolina week we're having a handful of former Tar Heels and former Blue Devils on to talk about what this game means Joe Wolfe was on with us earlier in the show Greensboro swarm coach who played back when Michael Jordan was wearing a Tar Heel uniform tomorrow it's gonna be Eric Montras and John Swofford who spent some time here what was what's the best Duke North Carolina story you can share as somebody who once spent time on the campus at one of the two places but also more importantly has covered the ACC as long as you have yeah it's hard to boil down to one thing Josh and this might be a corny old guy answer but my sincere answer to your question is that I have been an eyewitness to seeing one of America's greatest sports rivalries and I think that is backed up along with Yankees Red Sox and some of the other great ones in other sports I've seen it go from something that I experienced as truly hate-filled in the late 1980s and early 1990s those players flat-out did not like each other in significant numbers and if you go farther back you know Larry Brown and Art Heyman were getting into fistfights on the court I know it is still intensely competitive but when life stuff happens when UNC student body president was killed Duke basketball was part of honoring her memory and it was five years ago this month Josh where instead of hate being the theme you can still want to beat each other's brains out you can still want to kind of put your foot on the neck when you have your opponent down but five years ago when the legendary coach Dean Smith died rather than some kind of well you're supposed to hate each other and that's supposed to what make you that makes you happy these Smith died and not only did Duke do something nice which we all knew would happen if you remember that scene and and again maybe I've been around long enough that I just appreciate these life things beyond just sports things it's nine o'clock at night it was a Wednesday both were ranked in the national top 15 the place is going crazy the TV cameras are there the Cameron crazies are as loud as you can imagine and then Cameron indoor stadium goes from one of the loudest places I've ever been to the quietest place and that's because the public address announcer asked the sold-out crowd to stand and made and on the big board was a brief tribute to Dean Smith and for about 60 seconds you could have heard a pin drop in Cameron indoor stadium and there was Thank You coach Smith on the video board at Cameron and rather than it just being a polite gesture it was more meaningful because if you saw Roy Williams and Mike Krzyzewski and they brought their coaches out and they brought their players out they did not have to do this a smaller gesture could have been enough and they had their arms around each other and they were interlocked players coaches Duke Carolina around that center jump circle again it might be corny old man maybe I appreciate it in a way I would not have in my teens or 20s but when you can be that competitive that fanatical about beating each other and yet not lose the human element I mean to me that is an even better version of the more hate-filled rivalry that I started covering way back in the late 1980s David Glenn with us our early afternoon hosts on Twitter at David Glenn shell that's about as good as it gets and explaining that and painting the picture do you remember your first Duke North Carolina game I do it was at the Smith Center in 1988 and it was a new building not brand new it wasn't the first game there but remember the Smith Center was built in 86 yeah it was supposed to be UCLA coming in for the first game and then they weren't ready right right so I got an eyeful and I remember at one of the ACC tournaments right around that same time you'll never see two teams play harder I mean I was there on press row I think it was in Atlanta and you hear the phrase teams play like their lives depend on it that was the closest I had ever been as a young journalist to an athletic event where I thought both teams were playing as if their lives depended on it and I mean through blood and sweat and tears and of course both teams were really good and Dean Smith versus coach K was getting more and more intense around that time so I just couldn't believe it I mean I don't know if you can picture a wide-eyed version of me because you've only known an older guy but at 20 or 21 years old whatever I was that I just couldn't believe the passion and intensity that I saw on the floor and that I saw in the stands as well believe it or not my first Duke North Carolina game was last year when Zion Williamson's playing for at least 34 seconds of it and Barack Obama is sitting right there on the base so that's when that sticks out but the thing that sticks out to me about that game and I may have told this story on the air before is when the president a president walks into the room it makes all the other people who would have been the biggest person in the room seem like peons I remember sitting about 10 feet away from where the president was set to sit on the baseline you had almost in a row a row Spike Lee Greg Olsen Ken Grippy jr. maverick Carter they were all sitting there and nobody was paying them a lick of attention why because a former president was walking in and sitting there on the baseline that's something that will stick out to me but broadening things a bit I think the the ACC tournament heading to Greensboro is a headline in its own right and we look forward to talking to John Swofford about the subject tomorrow it's the ACC's first return to Greensboro or its first ACC tournament in Greensboro since 2015 for historical context that five-year gap is tied for the second longest gap there's been between ACC tournaments in Greensboro since the tournament left Raleigh in the 60s there was a seven-year gap between 88 to 1995 and I think we already have the biggest story of this tournament DG for just the third time in the last two decades North Carolina is gonna have to win this tournament in Greensboro in order to get in can you think of a bigger story than that oh my gosh no that's the lead I mean of course subplots include this league's not really going to get only three teams into the big is it that happened most recently 20 years ago Josh and the league had only nine members at that point so three out of nine is disappointing three out of 15 is the debacle so that'll be lingering in the background but of course I mean Roy Williams has been to 29 of the last 30 NCAA tournaments he missed ten years ago with the Tar Heels and even that team played in the NIT championship game this group might not even might not even be invited to the NIT unless it does something special and of course the automatic bid is waiting for the winner of the ACC tournament we all know the Cardinals and the Blue Devils and the Seminoles are going to be the favorites out there I'm happy to see it in Greensboro again and those Carolina fans are certainly going to be showing up this time with a whole different type of rooting interest and they have had most years in the past and I think a lingering curiosity is with a month to build up to that with Cole Anthony and others healthy again can Roy Williams have something looking like a competitor a month from now even though they didn't look anything like that last weekend at home against Boston College will there be a DG appearance in Chapel Hill Saturday probably yes I'm still working some things out because I'm going to Wilmington North Carolina for a big event on Thursday I've got some family things but if I'm not on press row I'll be otherwise in the building sounds good well I hope to see you Saturday thanks for doing this DG thanks buddy always good to be with you that's David Glenn on Twitter at David Glenn show listen to the DG show noon to 3 every day here on sports I'm trying in terms of trying to steal a bid I finally got all the information from Brian Ives who is big in terms of ESPN stats and info trying to figure out has the Atlantic Coast Conference ever stolen a bit the way say like in Conference USA or the American Athletic Conference you have a team that's a front-runner all year long and it's a shoo-in to get into the NCAA tournament that's ranked like 15th or 16th and then they lose in the championship game to somebody and you have two teams getting into the tourney or you have a bad team who has an under 500 record go on a run win the tournament and get in as a result we understand the concept of stealing bids has the ACC ever done that as one of the best basketball conferences there is and I'd argue the very best well with the help of Brian eyes with the ACC Network and ESPN the short answer to the question is probably not the ACC it started getting multiple bids in 1975 North Carolina would have gotten in any way every single time they've won the ACC tournament since then but if you want to go way back when we're only one team was getting it and it was the one winning the ACC tournament you'd probably have to go back to 1972 as for the last time the ACC collectively stole a bit there are three likely candidates we'll never know for sure because there hasn't been the under 500 team going on a run to win the ACC tournament to get in all together but in let's say the 64 team tournament era that started in 1985 so don't give me the NC State 83 example where they had to beat North Carolina and Virginia in the tournament just to get it but in the let's call it the 80 the sick the field of 64 era the modern-day NCAA tournament there are three examples of teams that have won the ACC tournament as six seeds and the NCAA those years fielded including the champion of course six ACC teams that's 87 NC State with Valvano which I believe is the last time NC State's won a men's basketball ACC championship 1993 Georgia Tech and 2004 Maryland all six seeds in the ACC tournament they win in years that the ACC got six teams for North Carolina they've never been in this circumstance before where they had to win to get in and did so the three years in recent memory that the Tar Heels had to win the dance in order to advance 2002 and 2003 the bad door to years 2010 is DG DG described the year when North Carolina was 500 made it to the NIT and advanced as far as the NIT championship game in Madison Square Garden those are the only three times that North Carolina's been in this spot in recent memory here's a note though Duke won the ACC tournament all three of those years North Carolina had to win and two out of those three tournaments 2002 and 2010 held in Greensboro Coliseum just a couple things to note there Robert Walsh what's up my man you excited for our show tomorrow at kickback jacks I'm pumped I get to kiss somebody's wife I think we need to come up with something better than that okay then they both have to kiss me so this is the problem we have it's not radio ethics or anything like that that's disallowing us it's just general discomfort we have four or five kiss tickets for Saturday at the Coliseum that we're gonna be given away tomorrow at kickback at kickback jacks the new garden road location in Greensboro if you want to win those you have to win them on-site at the kickback jacks and we're trying to think of a fun way to give them away and Robert just flatly says as he normally does just bluntly well why not they have to give me a kiss is that what I sound like to you some rube I wasn't imitating you whatsoever that I wasn't imitating you at all what are you talking about I will pull it up the next segment Robert it was just lying in there I didn't put any twang in that but let's not get sidetracked I think how many people do you think would participate in this because we've been getting calls we've been getting emails we've been getting tweets phone call from somebody who suggested that he bring his wife to kiss you in his place you're completely cool with that but you don't really care if it's man or woman yeah or goat it's a goat bring whatever is there really not a better way for us to give away these tickets if you could come up with one then let's hear it I'm not sure if we're allowed to do like a raffle I don't think we are yeah that doesn't but I think our general manager and others they can maybe figure out something that's maybe more fun than kissing Robert Walsh and that's not a slight on you I'd say it's the same I'd say it's the same thing if it was me so three three six seven seven seven one six hundred do we have a better idea than this you're gonna let them the callers decide it's probably not a good idea to let the callers decide but it can't be much worse than what you just came up with I mean if somebody shows up wearing like official kiss face paint just like Gene Simmons are you gonna give them a ticket probably right probably if you come to if you come to kick back Jackson Greensboro and just blow our socks off yeah with something creative there's no way we're not gonna give you a ticket there's no way I won't give you some tickets I don't know if that is the case because we only have four or five sets so you better get there quick yeah that's that's kind of where we're at with that I don't want to encourage a bunch of people to do that and then the sixth person shows up dressed like full Gene Simmons I'll still give him a kiss a consolation prize but okay you got to get there quick man you got to show up all right three to seven we're gonna be hanging out there really it's gonna be about three to six fifteen six thirty because I'm gonna get at the Greensboro sworn basketball game so just letting you know on the front end there Robert what do we got and take it to the house sometimes your first job is not the worst job we take it to the house next
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