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Duke-Unc (2/7/20)

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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February 7, 2020 6:09 pm

Duke-Unc (2/7/20)

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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February 7, 2020 6:09 pm

On today's edition of The Drive with Josh Graham Daron Vaught comes in studio to talk like its the 1920's, Mike Decourcy comes on to talk about his oscar picks and The Movie Game.


This is dry when Josh Graham drive weekday afternoons. This support is we've been talking about game one of the North Carolina this season all week long, so it's time for a prediction we've talked to former players, coaches, and many others about the rivalry. We will be in the Smith Center tomorrow night and everybody is excited the walk. However, I don't think it's going to be a very exciting competitive game this time around.

Duke is going to beat North Carolina convincingly in Chapel Hill.

What is it that they say every single time.

These teams made, don't throw the record books out works as they throw the record books out.

Yeah do that.

You never know what's gonna happen when the battle of the blues takes hold. I would do the exact opposite.

Here you shouldn't throw the record books out. Look at all the instances in recent memory.

North Carolina played Duke when one of the sides was clearly a lot better than the other or the other way to put it was when one of the teams isn't slated to make the NCAA tournament. Fortunately for us watching.

There aren't many instances where that's happened were both teams are great aren't going to make the NCAA tournament last year, Duke and North Carolina one seeds in the NCAA tournament. But this is just the fourth year, make it the fifth year in the last 30 or so years we have one team who is under 500 and is a gonna make the NCAA tournament.

Unless they when the ACC tournament and of course about North Carolina. So let's go through the other four times this is happened 2010, North Carolina goes to the NIT the two times they met Duke Duke, one in the Smith Center by 10. They wanting Cameron by 30 Matt Doherty's last year, 2003, Duke one, two out of the three meetings.

They play three times that year in 2002.

They played three times again. Duke won all three times. Here were the margins Duke by 29 in the Smith Center, Duke 525 in Cameron. They met in Charlotte in the ACC tournament Duke 1 x 12 oh put Josh what about the Jeff Capel game Duke wasn't great. That year Pete God that was on the sideline as coach K was recovering from the back surgery he had a lot of people forget North Carolina won that game. They bring up the Jeff Capel shot Duke was bad.

You never know what can happen in the rivalry. Here's Jeff Capel forcing double overtime with the shot. Jerry Stackhouse a company still one for North Carolina. Then they met a few weeks later and North Carolina won the game in the Smith Center by 13 point so literally 9/10 times we've had one side clearly better than the other with that other side not being an NCAA tournament team. The better team is one so I feel pretty comfortable in saying North Carolina has a 10% chance of winning tomorrow night.

I hope I'm wrong. I'm to be there. I hope it's the most exciting game we've ever seen. I just don't think it's going to happen. All but Josh this year in college basketball. Nobody is great. Anything can happen too close to Stephen F Austin at home in November. While that might be true. Duke's going to view North Carolina a little bit differently than Stephen F. Austin going to Cameron right before Thanksgiving. Also let's look at how Duke has fared against the bottom tier of the ACC Miami and Wake Forest join North Carolina as the three teams with less than five ACC wins this year, Duke has played three games against Miami and wake you want to know what those scores were Duke by 33 Duke by 30 and Duke by 31. I don't think it's going to be that bad tomorrow night, but would you be surprised following the Tar Heels all year long. Would you be surprised if that's what happened. I just read you a couple other instances were North Carolina's been bad. I got beat by 30 points a couple of occasions that's happened in the last 15 to 20 years. It's bad luck for the Tar Heels Brandon Robinson not playing this game to miss two or three more weeks moving forward would be Robbie and out Trey Jones. He's gonna be on: Anthony every single possession. Trey played 38 minutes the other night. He's going to be out there every minute coals out. Unless he gets in foul trouble with meat Duke can also run a bigger lineup. Nobody else is a shooting threat on this Tar Heel team.

The problem is for Duke.

How are you going to rebound. While North Carolina has these big center number one of the country rebound if they go big because they can North Carolina not having anybody else is a shooting threat other than be Rob. I think they're gonna figure out that problem. Also, the Boston College game the other night.

I think gave Duke enough of a scare were coach K has ammunition and practice to set you overlook those believers you overlook BC do not listen to how bad everybody says North Carolina is just don't do it and I don't anticipate them getting off to another rocky start with a were down six to nothing in Chestnut Hill, then down 12. The two and only scoring 21 points and 1/2. I think Duke's going to jump out big and I think the gonna win this game by more than 15 points.

My prediction, Duke 77 North Carolina 71, you could tweak the show at sport sub triad if you want in on what I had to say there. And of course on the rivalry, 336-777-1600 is the phone number is always Mike Corsi from the sporting news is going to join us at about 25 minutes. This is good to be remembered as the bad Jersey game. It reminds me of when she went to East Carolina. It reminds me when John Thompson was with the Pirates 15 or 20 years ago they played NC State in 2004 in Charlotte and they were these mustard yellow jerseys they got walloped by the Wolfpack and we never saw those jerseys again. I feel like North Carolina is going to get beat badly tomorrow at home by Duke wearing these hideous 1920s throwbacks and were never going to see them again or not to sell them when they're never going to see the light of day. Ed in Winston-Salem is first up today 336-777-1600 if you want and Ed what you got on the terrible jerseys tomorrow morning on the on the Packer show normal on the very few network yeah they were talking about that and I'm not to have you really her job. She is going to be the Carolina light blue and the rural dark blue North Carolina to be wearing light because wearing the Carolina blue with the UNC logo on the front and Duke's going to be where I know they were talking about an NCAA regulations, unless I get some type of waiver that they have to have a number on the front of those jerseys.

I believe you know waiver he's going to keep the file straight if there's not numbers. They go at the pool guy out point a finger in embarrassment. Say hey you just committed to a file on the net ligase you write. If they don't go ahead and close the numbers on them before yeah it's it's interesting to bring that up. Thank you for the phone call Ed, I think the I think Nike and the school went and got the waiver. I saw somebody bring that up. Nike is well aware of this. Obviously the NCAA is well aware of this.

Television networks are aware of this, North Carolina and Duke is one of the few games that are a draw every single year so I'm 100% positive that they are well in line in the rules wearing these jerseys and that this is something that's been months in the making. It's just when you take risks sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. And will see how it all looks because once I saw it side-by-side last night. They look terrible when the wrong manikins are when they look I'm in a basketball jersey doesn't look cool, by itself, it looks cool on the athletes.

So when I saw Garrison Brooks wearing in the promotional video.

North Carolina put out there. I thought it looked a lot better than the first time I saw the image.

But here's what I want to do today I want to feel more phone calls just wish stories regarding the rivalry don't call in and just say oh yeah, I love that particular game because of the Tar Heel fan and that was awesome Nona. I want specific stories, things happening in your life that were interesting around the rivalry like I was trying to go through certain ways to watch the game while I was at a wedding or fill in the blank. I want those types of stories today 36 777-1600. Robert, what's the best story you have surrounding Duke and North Carolina is pretty will noted at this point, but I don't have a dog in either fight no Duke fan on a Carolina fan.

I went to East Carolina. I don't think anybody on this show other than Sawyer has a dog in the fight Aaron. He only cares for the Chiefs and he still has his Jeep's jacket on will just tell Robert really first time you go speaking into the microphone.

The first sounds you make is is clearing your throat had to use a grammar police but radio police any anything in radios us, Terrence La Vista, what do you have grown up in a Duke households are growing up I had to make a business decision if I want a roof over my but as soon as I got on my own at scratch those plans are right with the best memory you have, Robert, in school all my friends were Carolina fans and got to the point, like I am now where I just heard about it and nonsensically they would just say how good Caroline he is and how they're never to lose a Duke and so I was like you know what I watch this game even just so I could be a part of the conversation and I were watching it and Duke was down the whole game and I was in a group chat with them and it was blowing up like a lookout grave Duke emigrated out. Caroline is and then at the end of the game there was a chance to win Austin Rivers comes down his that corner three and I went out Duke line in the group chat and all of my friends blocked my number for about a week and would not talk to me are you the guy who texts people. It's not your fault.

I have done tech guy I team loses, and then just continually sends the message the Goodwill hunting message until they stop talking the altogether stab it not. That's not me.

I don't poke the bear. I try to be good sports for a friend rather than the opposite. I love the radio calls from Duke, North Carolina that night where North Carolina blows the lead and as you mentioned, Rivers hits the shop Bob Harris, the former voice of the blue Devils. Knowing now that David Shumate has been the guy for the last few years.

I loved his call of that moment. Do we have that lined up for you just bore after the shot with how many words did Bob try to into that sentence because it sounds like to me. Duke beats North Carolina at the buzzer in dense Carolina.

I know what he was trying to get out but he was just so happy that Duke one.

I want to hear what that sounds like this all the sounds together blue Devils when it over time. Gets Carolina maybe about.

But what's great about it is there's a radio call and then there's North Carolina radio call and I imagine Jones's call sounded a lot different in it sounds like somebody kicked Jones dog radioman that's good stuff coming up why the excess now is a perfect gamble for Vince McMahon. This is the drive providing you with a kind of sports programming that makes some people.

Most people just wait school your drive with Josh. I can think of a better time to talk to our next gas it's due North Carolina meeting number one in Chapel Hill tomorrow night would be there and on top of that it is Oscars weekend as well. Hall of Fame sportswriter and movie enthusiast Mike Corsi now joining us on Twitter at PS and Mike can also watch his work on the Big Ten network and since it is Duke, North Carolina weekend and we been talking about this game all week long, Mike.

I'm interested in somebody who is this was followed college basketball as closely as you have over the decades.

What is your favorite story surrounding the Duke North Carolina rivalry.

Well, you know I'm a basketball guy. If you haven't ever seen Larry Brown at all. I don't want to hang it all all Larry, but the Larry Brown and friends scramble in the early 1960s.

I highly recommend going to YouTube and seeing it because it's obviously not much like what you see anymore it's it's it's it's quite an occasion and and I certainly think that it's worth seeing that, but I'm a basketball guy so I remember grass are great games and I got the privilege on the honor to see. I probably work was at about 10 of them somewhere in that neighborhood. Maybe if you let them that and it is always tremendous and I was after I got my first was the game Matt Doherty game let's call it give a note behind that helicopter because I'm not getting any trouble over what happened there but the game itself was phenomenal. Brendan Haywood wins the game a couple of free throws. It was just that was my introduction to the series and it was breathtaking. Just absolutely loved it and and then I was at the Christie line game a few years after that when when he helped them win, and then probably the one that was most memorable was the often Rivers shot at the end of the tooth. I believe that the 2012. It was in 2012 at the Dean Dome. It was a phenomenal playing phenomenal ending in and they're just been so many great games and so many wonderful memories and I I I have written about this on many occasions Josh and I would get pushback from people just don't get it and I called Beth rivalry in American sports, and I know that that's the hill that out then you know it's not even hard to defend.

It's so obvious you know everything about the rivalry says it better than anything close.

I get Kentucky people in Louisville. People say largest veteran like you really like 8470%. Whatever it way more than 50-50.

So don't bring that around and then I get the Ohio State Michigan or Auburn Alabama people and I'm like yeah well you know operant Alabama is 15 national championships in the last 10 years or six Robert 11 so I lacked what is like Auburn again the Alabama get anybody must be a great rivalry. No more Michigan State, Michigan Michigan Ohio State football crate game is fabulous but look at what happened every time there none of them are as competitive and consequential and and and and and certainly do Carolina contains the same level of enmity for lack of a better term strong word, but competitive fury. Let's say much if any of those you don't bring if you want to bring an argument you better come on, I've got one. Mike is locked and loaded and passionate about college basketball is also passionate about movies. Robert, do we have Oscars music to back this a bit.

It is Oscars weekend.

What is there we go, what is the best movie nominated this year that you've seen Mike Corsi well got typing them all and I have every year for the after. And so it I can always from you. I never have to fail if I only saw that when I clean them all and my my choice would be 1917. I would be just as happy to see Once upon a time in Hollywood when it II think that every eight yeah I thought marriage story was really excellent, although I'm not sure quite that picture material everything else to me with the disappointment in that grouping. I don't I don't think any of the others rise that level II don't know if you see 1970. I watched it earlier this week and I what I'm trying to ask myself, what makes this movie the most memorable movie of the year because I get why it's a favorite and it was excellently shot but to me I feel like five or six years now. I'm gonna remember Once upon a time in Hollywood and parasite more than I'm gonna remember 1970 real problems with parasite.

I didn't understand worldview. I didn't understand what it was trying to say and I'm not talking about the language barrier part about it it. What is the point. What is the point. Nothing resonated for me. It got it that I didn't get you know I doubt there were times in there where I thought funny at times where I thought it was dramatic and and some of the times when I thought it was funny.

Not horrible and I like at the end of it.

I'm like no work, it just doesn't add up for me is Brett's Hollywood Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio's best performance you've seen. I think I think I think Leonardo DiCaprio with Wall Street. I thought that with the fact he's done a great and but I thought Brad Pitt was fabulous and and and I would love to see when the Oscar show you several times that that he's more than just a very capable actor and he's done that in several pictures but I thought that he really created a memorable character and he and he executed some through really compelling fascinating scene and I think that it would be a worthwhile winter for sure. It's an excellent year for Scarlett Johansson as she was in and obviously the marvel stuff that she's done with the avengers is massive and then you got JoJo rabbit she's nominated for marriage story in terms of best actress, but the favorite as is movie we've talked about it is Rene Zellweger in Judy is that where you're headed. With best actress I can't see how it goes and when it it would just be writing it would be like at UMB the overage Virginia upset.

She doesn't when it one of the great performances of my lifetime that could guide I can't know.

Maybe Sophie's choice, you know. Maybe Michael you know and I know Pacino didn't win, but no Godfather part two was unbelievable, but it's in that category with those. It was incredibly good and as I said the first time we talked. The thing that makes it great if not fairly get Judy Garland that she's not imitating her being her and it was it was just an incredible for performance and sometimes credible.

Not five star movies overwhelm the movie. I don't think it terrific if not better picture but it certainly worth your time.

But it's not worth your time just because of the performance.

The performance just makes that much about me ask you this before we let you go.

Looking at the favorite in the major award categories. Here's what we got the favorites are 1917 the win best picture, best actor Joaquin Phoenix and Joker Rene Zellweger and Judy as a favor back best actress, best director, Salmon Desert directed 1970 best supporting actor Brad Pitt best supporting actress Laura Dern from marriage story any of those you see potentially losing out. No, I don't think so, but I would like Jonathan Wright category.

I Joaquin Phoenix performance was no it was only I didn't buy it. I didn't buy the movie and invite him II know what he had to do it and it sure was quite extreme in terms of physicality of it, but I didn't buy it. I just I found it worse and and and and for check. A bit pedantic that the great word The price was excellent. I thought out of driver with in marriage story and would love to see either of those two when I hunt.

The one thing I have not seen. I've not seen Antonio Barrett Bandera pain and glory.

You know I I've read a ton about Pedro Almodovar and have never seen any of his movies. I would love ones like they get a day off, down, roll through like for but I I've not gotten the opportunity any of them yet.

Mike appreciate your insight on basketball movies is always enjoying North Carolina tomorrow night and also the Oscars and Sundance appreciated right here at fun thing that's Mike Corsi on Twitter at TS in my I thought Robert was gonna play the music thing get us out of here. The way that they do when they do those speeches at the end of like when somebody is going a little bit too long like is this segment going a little bit too long. Right now, and I enjoyed the film talk I do to.

I'm so excited for Sunday.

I don't know for me to wear a tuxedo in my house address. My cat up in a tuxedo but I might, I just might win. He would look great in a tux and see what apparently she's one or 2 pounds overweight, come on, that's cat shaman I know right were not going to start catching the near ready is a beautiful cat, just the way she is. That's what I'm saying and I'm not good to be the person that Shames that's not the radio show that we do around here. Darren Vaught is about to walk into our studios and it's it's time to start sharing with Darren what would have duped North Carolina radio coverage's have sounded like 100 years ago when they were wearing jerseys that maybe looked like the ones they were unaware tomorrow night find out when we can share with Darren that was never voted most likely to succeed. Such a loser.

But then again for you with Josh. We are with Darren going to show and Darren were talking earlier this morning before you went in, e.g. before we can and we were just talking about these jerseys, North Carolina and be wearing tomorrow throwbacks to 1920 don't really make much sense because Duke wasn't even called Duke in 1920.

They were still Trinity. At that time.

I think North Carolina went by the white phantoms not awesome either so I don't know why were really doing the throw back to 1920 the first time these two teams." Met each other.

I guess Nike needs the cash grab and people just try to do new things, but it had me thinking we were talking about this one be cool if all the media tomorrow dressed up like it was the 19th one I love that idea way that the players are going to be wearing uniforms harkening back to that time. Why not the media to isolate stuff from a 1920s party. I had a couple weeks ago murder mystery party. I would be to a just like a particularly thick and itchy jacket and an extremely wide to tie and then words like that. The classic reporter hats with the maybe the little tag that says media coming out of the brim.

Robert see if you can find on YouTube. I think his name scoops.

Callahan see if you can find Mack Brown being asked a question by I think a radio host in Dallas whose bit was he would go to games and ask players and coaches questions that sounded like they were from the 1920s and Mack Brown was asked a question and understood everything completely usually, it's the bit they laugh at it, they don't understand what's being asked because the slang back then is a lot different than the slang that we use today, but in this instance background understood everything that was asked and he had the coach speak ready to go sword on the when all of your mom Stevens a good player and I ran the option player and we probably weren't ready for it is we should have been because that was the biggest play of the game and Jaworski made some plays up inside and and give them credit. We adjusted to it pretty well. The second half of two long runs maybe but we did stop, he did miss a beat. What Weisbach nine. If any of the business.

Now pretty good stuff there.

So I would like for media members to dress like it's 1920. I don't think I'm going to do it because the one time I went against the grain before again this year. I I wore a Christmas letter to the Wofford game and Carmichael and more than a handful of people were looking at me like I was of legal and I don't want to do that at the Dick Carol and I respect you throwing out as bait. Hey anybody else doing this. This time I fly that I put it on to a letter, just as some would say this is great. Guess what zero traction. Nobody thinks it's a good idea at all, which means what were about to do if no one likes the jerseys that are targeting back to that time no one liked my idea about dressing up like it's the 20s.

So what were about to do here might not be a good idea either. But sometimes you just gotta throw darts and see what sticks. Robert queue up some 1920s music.

Let's hear what would've sounded like if this game featuring these teams. These schools, and these players were playing but it was in 1920, but the risk is that you put in the record scratch you never say why don't you ankle over here today about this.

Now your that is North Carolina and playing each other.

These jerseys look real swell and when these two teams made, the tell you why Pastor Stanley is the real please name you really keep an eye on out there, North Carolina. Oh, they look supply when they play.

I do say it looks like Roy Williams club might get his team off the giggle do say there will Josh I tell you all week. I tell you all week. When it comes to do North Carolina you can throw out the records and I say that's bonus baloney skeletal Sweeney I say: answer these back sure BM OCC did any of the bags. The bands that brought the games in Chapel Hill. He wants to rake in the resume that when he goes to the Association after that PC would when Duke got off to a slow start. Coach K. Now he's not to let them do drop or take any wooden nickels anymore. They should Lindsay do I want this is a hot Nazi team, one that I really like when the whole tournament and if I were a fan understand. I tell you what I behalf sees over watching these to do battle. I mean if I could handcuff this game. I certainly will. I mean if you don't like this matchup. I tell you, go chase yourself Robert Ackerman and speakeasy looking for some flapper girls know where to find me a flapper at a nice drink Aegean equipment was placed on top of the hill, or you can head up incendiary brewing company in sigh with the tell about questionnaire. Those are places you gotta keep on the down low because you're not defined in the blue noses in those places you get me telling anybody where you get to see Mrs. Pruitt prohibition.

Well, that's a good place for a real good right now I don't go around slinging so Robert get your hands off that dame banks closed problem with the financing terms as you are moving please where people that know your onions goes there onions goings-on for Dupree Jones really knows his list goes on it to the night before. Really mad when Duke went bad. They're going to be DragonPad the past.

This is the way that they felt right over there a girl like you said told her I'll survive. Maybe get a couple of quilts inside the robot gets replicated. How many do you have left little you. I've been doing this seven minutes. Why are you sobbing so outstanding. I just want to know how many you have lived in a real work everywhere. Where's the where's the where's the specific aid of fellow that was in here earlier that day.

It was a real sake. I think the segments been a real bar probably and I was 336-777-1600 probably think orbit is about is the telephone number that we have 336-777-1600 if you want part of our conversation. This is, I mean fireside chat too soon for that 20 to create this well nobody because the economy is terrible on contribute to maybe just maybe big to be sparse about a great Apple solves the segments been the berries.

If you ask me.

We actually do have big news to talk about Robert's Darren Vaught is in here were sharing with Darren and the big news of the day actually not regarding North Carolina and Duke regarding North Carolina AT&T that is going to be jumping conferences as they're leaving to me act to join the big South.

The announcement coming earlier today in Greensboro, which means they're not to be able to compete anymore for the celebration bowl national title that they won three of the last four years. This is this is really big knows it's a good step up that makes a lot of sense. I love North Carolina AT&T able to go up against the likes of Highpoint, which are the voice of UNC Asheville Campbell Gardner Webb. It just makes sense and that case for North Carolina ANC to make this jump and it's good to start in the 2021 2022.

Academic year yet so the play will more full season as as full members of the media pack but it's it's an interesting move to me Josh because I don't know unless ANC is is angling for a step up to two FBS football and getting out of the FCS I which I don't think they are there still good to be playing S yes football is my understand yet know that's the case, but in at least not immediately run, angling for the FBS label, but they could follow in the footsteps of like a liberty who used to the big South to then propel up to independent status in the FBS, but there FBS, and if it's it if they're not trying to do that.

I'm not 100% sure what AT&T is after here.

There are obvious benefits for the big South to to embrace and see that there can compete in football immediately coming. That's it.

That's a national powerhouse in football and usually pretty good in men's basketball so you upgrade your conference in both of those ways you even it out to 12 teams, where is there 11.

Currently in the big South and in men's basketball anyways. But I don't know because with ANC they've always been hesitant to do the FCS FCS playoffs because most of the time when they do say when when Central beats them out for a spot in the celebration bowl right they don't fear that well so without the celebration bowl where you can contend everything literally every single year for HBCUs national championship. I don't know if their recruiting improves that much because maybe some of big South to a place like this the case, do matter and if you have games of instant more games of in-state significance and I'm specifically talking about basketball right now. Randy actually has a really good team this year. I think that probably is something that might be a driving force in this. The only thing I think about at this present moment is something that you had a chance to cover all your years since you and with David Lynch up. It's the Eagle Aggie classic where you hope that something that continued to be maintained in basketball. It would be in a nonconference sense or choose it would be before you get to the new year in basketball season in all likelihood, and maybe you're only able to play one time a year in football. I guess it might have to be the same. The yeah and I don't have concerns about that ANC is going to want to schedule Central central is going to want to schedule ANC.

I hope so you just go from the home and home to one game in each sport probably per season which is now the case in football anyways. Could you alternate sites, so it's just one game in basketball instead of two sets not it's not a huge deal. I don't think Hampton which is formerly a meat member of the me act is now in the big South and they've had these sorts of issues to with old rivalries that they've retained and keep in mind to Central and AT&T haven't always been the member. Members of the same conference.

AT&T has always been a me act member brought central joined after the fact and they still did that prior to the date that they make. They kept up the rivalry Darren thoughts with us.

We are sharing with Darren find him on Twitter@Darren thought the drive is brought to you by our friends at the law offices of Timothy D. Wellborn sponsor this studio. What about all the ways you can be benefited by the folks at the law offices activity. You'll know when you need us to do. We have the drunk from the 1920s back with us you will you want, how you doing man is your election win tomorrow. The renegades the renegades are playing tomorrow. The things you when I you are listening to hurt their first big batch of them are the renegades can apply I'm going to go back to the flapper girl I knew 320s words you are listening to W STS Winston-Salem WCL degree in front of your PC in Burlington WMF are Highpoint signals back and up sports try. Yes, there no slapping Robert. Robert yeah is is a fast knowledge is that we just look at the same link I was had the 59 slang uses the first Google search. I know I dug a little deeper. There were some interesting ones in there that I was previously unaware of. Use these words but now that your time. I would not girl that the drunk was Jason was a real bearcat show. The closer the Loch Ness monster and got her drunk driving Josh grab Andrew Carter to join us to talk about Wake Forest basketball and how things have really dwindled for that program since Prosser's passing. Nearly 50 years ago Darren thoughts and with this right now we are sharing with Darren Duke, North Carolina tomorrow I'm to be at that game. I think Darren sending an intern, but will certainly all be keeping eyes on the blue Devils and the Tar Heels when they do battle and in honor of that and also the Oscars coming up on Sunday which I'm very excited about Robert has devised the movie game. I don't know if it's going to be basketball themed or Oscars. The only thing so don't accuse me of cheating I have no idea where were headed with this whatsoever. Did I end up winning last week know you lost. I one Darren one see if he can win for the 2nd to 2nd week at Aaron and Darren play in the movie, game horrifying story time for some kind of moving our Josh Graham and were back in the ragtime day is that the trunk of his makeup did you just do pirate speak what is Scally well okay I don't know my game was good to see you, Josh, Aaron and I have kept it locked down because I am worried about Josh's ability to cheat at this again, so I've selected I've locked it down and I'm interviewing you guys.

Now this is some of the best rivalries in movies and make said it makes little sense but I'm interested to see where you're headed between the rules of the game. The game is the movie game and you guys can try to guess the score is based off the Rotten Tomatoes audience is the closest will have a lower score lower score in the game wins I give you an update of the score after the second movie would really value space travel. Rotten Tomatoes is one, 200 100 and if you're within 10/4 moving uniform. I actually have a clipboard. I really hope you guys get to exist. One of my favorites and I forget his five points For 10 if you get it right on the know Satan this week like I'm in charge. Yeah, right around the big bucks anyway.

Your first movie.

One of my favorites an iconic rivalry between Rocky and Apollo's Rocky 100 Rocky one just be called Rocky know what I thought is also Darren is not 5.0 -5. If you criticize the host of the show, you will lose points. But it gives you a great and am I gaining points actually a fun -5+5 okay you know what Rocky wanted are your scores and down you over there. My room I scored immediately.

Josh, 89% I think this is received very well right from the jump. 89%. There have similar feelings of got 84 and about 80% Rocky comes in 16 now all that's not nice is it's not nice. I was very upset about the audience score on it but like I said I don't make sure I do but run to me to make the score so no, not a big deal there. Second movie between Peter Lafleur and white Goldman Goodman good Goldman Goodman Five Points dodgeball WH I learned I got thrown at us.

That's what this dodger ranch dodgeball WH I was like a little over a year ago at a bachelor weekend thing and this just happened to be on Comedy Central and I hadn't seen it like maybe several years and I totally had forgotten until that point how quotable this movie is pretty up there as far as like a Talladega nights stepbrother there.

A lot of just like one-liners that I will casually use that I don't need and realize I'm using them from this movie anymore. They're just that ingrained in the vernacular with a guy.

Josh, 91% phone really high 72 with 88% 8% dodgeball comes in at 76 just not good. This is not always right now. I know you feel good dropping six I was score score come out here is Darren said in first with 19 Aaron Johnson my hand with 23 and Josh game within four Aaron got the early lead and then Darren retook itself.

You gotta be within 10 for all of us to play a golden movie. What is the third movie the third movie is the original karate kid.

Daniel and Johnny sign think about it while play this clip fast wash, then wax on bikes both wax on wax you can wax off your bad score. Josh, what you got going low 67% got the shot here, 67% you have to do that but I'm going 8787. Darren and Aaron got a 79% 79% who can overhear Josh sure you had it written down so good over there. I there is going to be a golden movie. Currently, after three movies Josh, what is will I will blast Jesus Christ karate. I hate when he does it.

You want me to do it now play 82% karate kid Aaron Josh's in last with a funny 69%. Very nice. Aaron you're in second with 26 Darren is 24 golden movie back, shut this train down right now. I'm excited now you you like this when this the gold movies what your favorite is one of my favorite the classic rivalry between Ray Gibson and Claude Banks life.

Well, I've never seen life you've never seen line classic movie about me, both Jill a lot of quotes from this movement. I have, I was alone on this one yet you are on an island guy.

Well sir Josh if he hits it right on the head and you guys miss it miserably. He could still when I'm going 17% say the only way I have waited through the helmet.

There 82 senior 82 ways you can go with 92% Palace wife comes in at 77 all you are our repeat sorry waited on karate kid so that I could say so somebody get him a body bag wax poetic about that and traded to the Dodgers for just a couple of seconds if I might I didn't but I don't and I'm what I mean by when I say that is that if you wouldn't put me in Chamberlain, the general manager for the Boston Red Sox shoes the morning of the trade. I get the circumstances in which you have to do it, but this is on the Red Sox because they signed off on the contracts of native Aldi and David Price was also traded. Put the team in this situation, to trade a transformative generational talent and Mookie Betz. To avoid this. This mass luxury tax that is kind of fictional and baseball with a major market team with one of the most historic franchises ever with the Red Sox so I didn't but I don't you guys know I'm a Red Sox fan and that chapped me earlier this week Darren good to see High Point winning last night. Have a good call this weekend as well. Appreciate you spending time here, of course, as always, Cassandra Carter, one of the best writers in the state of North Carolina has in recent weeks. Explored Wake Forest basketball and also Roy Williams background as a head coach going back to his high school days on Black Mountain Andrew will share some of his findings with us next Josh Graham serves up the Sports Way, Joses can serve as it's Gonna Be Messy Dr., Josh Graham whatever states best writers Andrew Carter, multi-time and SMA award winners. I believe, is now with us from the Raleigh news and Observer. You can read his stuff news this week he was documenting the recency of Wake Forest struggling yet again to have any success in the ACC in basketball, but really chronicling things dating back to Skip Prosser's death in 2007, and also in recent memory.

Andrew also went up the Black Mountain had a chance to go to where Roy Williams coaching career began course, he was a high school basketball coach before becoming an assistant at North Carolina so the perfect guy to talk to this week as to get set the face North Carolina in Chapel Hill tomorrow in the Smith Center. And of course being here in the triad I'm interested in some of the things you've learned with your story. Andrew start with this you couldn't get John Curry to agree to an interview, a greater one for your story. So what's the one thing you wished you could've learned from and if he did agree to an interview. I think the one question you know I think that would be how much say what he thought entering that situation, knowing that he was probably about to make a pretty big decision.

Not even a year into his tenure.

How much of a obstacle. It was a good job obviously wasn't got on getting his honest thoughts about what you would've been interesting to me and also made adjustments in terms of how that whole thing went down behind. Obviously, Ron Wellman, retiring.

That was, the last thing that you do during his tenure as a director was announced. Danny Manning is going to come back. You guys probably know that I do. Being there that market that I would've been interested in learning more about that. How much of the Savior. Did Ron Wellman do for John Curry saying no to note this is due to be my decision. Whatever it's going to be in them weeks later saying that Danny's going to come back because remember Curry. He was at Tennessee and in the first year he was there he fired an unpopular football coach in football is king at that place so that higher was good to be the most important hires. He made and when it wasn't an approved higher. It was Greg Schiano. It all exploded and John Curry lost his job so do you think, even if it was intended to be a favor for Curry. It was Ron Wellman taken the responsibility for this. Yeah I think that's a fair way to private and I'll a result of why Danny Manning go there today, conflict of events with woman retiring completely understand is desire not to burden the next guy. The next director was huge.

Right when he walks and taken a job trying to get little by little, you have to hire a new battery coach to get it and I think that makes a lot of sense. Man, it's bad timing.

That's unfortunate for the folks Aaron Danny Manning I think you are good guy wants to do well, you know no one can question basketball credentials growing up. You did bring up applicable prodigy success player and I do think that is put in this time she works his way up from an operation fully canceled coach and I think the unfortunate thing is probably just was not ready for a job coach for two years at Tulsa court. Those guys this year. The argument at Tulsa but really no hot stretch of like a couple weeks to three weeks like six-game, whatever that might terms of length of time wound up putting in addition to get that work for the guy not quite ready job in challenging circumstances well articulated. Gaudio articulated that story. That was the quote that really stuck out the most to me in the story, and I strongly suggest if your Wake Forest manner. Even someone just follows the ACC closely to read what Andrew wrote about before she could find it news and also in the pages of the observer but you got this from Dino Gaudio where he just said that it was gut wrenching for him to see what the environment lies when he with Louisville went to the Joel Coliseum last year. But before we move on. This is just something I'm curious about what forces a private school. Jeff Goodman in the middle of last basketball season set was $18 million buyout but as soon as I came out I had folks at Wake Forest have people around here told me yeah it's not really 18 it's it's it's less than that. Did you learn anything about the contract details not learn anything that I could write you get away with any kind of authority not united some grumbling. Chronicling it sounds like you bird that might not be thoroughly accurate or situation know it might start one number and that obviously goes down longer. The person was in that role I would've been very surprised that was accurate last year after 055, but it would cost $8 billion by now.

But regardless, it does sound like it would be an impressive sum of money a $2 million like you would be quite the financial obligation to buy him out and you honestly think it would wake best interest to correct that number was everywhere. Jeff Goodman has a reputation well-deserved knowing those kinds of detailed in terms of contract, that sort of thing like being a private school has no obligation to release of information, but that was way off. I would've liked to have thought that they would've been motivated to correct it or at least provide some context. Of course it had a lot of opportunities I wanted. I learned a lot from your story about Roy Williams when you went up the Black Mountain I didn't know yet to win season started things is a high school had coaching dalliance team twice and he saw. So now the all-time leading his coaching North Carolina basketball history. Since you wrote that story what is something you learned about Roy in there were a lot of neat photos in that story as well. Something you learned about Roy that you didn't know, when you climbed the mountain well I had a chance when I was reporting that story you a guy named Courtney Spencer play Roy's very first part of that to when payment think he was a junior at White. On Roy's first two things I'm not quite sure I Roy's relationship with some of the players that he coached on that very first thing Porky Spencer really interesting character works at a Coca-Cola distribution center up there near Black Mountain. Basically, a place where they think it's not really a bottling plant, where they put the books on the pallets in the trucks, send them out to wherever they're going to be supporting that Roy by the way Coca-Cola but yet Porky in labor main great friends that kind of created a beautiful friendship over insured the past 40 years.

Porky really is not. Charlie had a UNC basketball games going back to getting back to 2003 Porky drives down from Black Mountain.

Basically every game at 517 years and years and that's a pretty lengthy drive up like a 3 1/2 hour drive on the Black Mountain three dollars drives down and drives back every night shows little stuff like that. I feel like that really stood out and I was reporting that ships with people like Porky with some other folks up there really talk about that from time to time until you go up there to cover Mercury often difficult to translate that we can never really feel like I learned going after Lessing for Angela Carter Raleigh news observer on Twitter_Andrew Carter what is the game or the moment that sticks with you when you think about the time you were on the North Carolina beat and covering this rivalry that many call the best rivalry in all of college basketball and will you and one more reason not to like you.

You're the most iconic single-game moment. I feel like a cover that was actually my first year covering you 2011 12 member winning that game by a decent margin laid. I think there were 12.00 course to come storming back. There were some questionable calls. There believe Curry walked Zeller traveled.

At one point you can debate whether Tyler Zeller got pushed back at one point he was going out trying to block a shot Zeller actually all went to the basket.

One of Duke's earlier possession of that river shop.

That's probably the moment. And then there are some great games and camera but I cover.

There's one in particular think it might've been the one the 16 game market pages last beat them there and what I remember to be a pretty good game and the year before that I want to say you lost something passed up a shot in the way on the baseline money meet just a cool moment. Over the years look like on paper tomorrow might not be one of them is, if anything, this rivalry over the years and taught us not to take anything for granted, not to make any predictions. Andrew appreciate you spending the time and man obviously spent so much time on the stories you've written that we just talked about, appreciate the time and congratulations on the success or thank you Josh likewise knows that Santa Carter from the news and Observer with us after him saying that Robert I don't think the right thing to do would be making a prediction for this game but I just don't see North Carolina beating Duke tomorrow.

I just don't. I think there's a 10% chance and it's not a random number that I bring up.

I think Duke beats North Carolina convincingly because Jos is just for the record books out from out the window here. You shouldn't do that in this case because there have actually been 10 instances in the last 30 years, Duke's plate, North Carolina, where one team was an NCAA tournament team wasn't going to get in as an at-large and the better team has won nine out of the 10 times go to 2010 my son, North Carolina didn't make it. Duke one in the Smith Center by 10 and wanting Cameron by 32,003 authorities last year. You have the great close game where Haywood hits the free throws but Duke won two out of three games that year 2002, the year before the eight win team for North Carolina played Carolina 3103.

Here were the margins. 29 points in the Smith Center 25 in Cameron 12 in Charlotte for Duke. The people a debt team when Coach K was out with the injury you got the Jeff Capel shot and that's what everybody goes back to with the record books out that North Carolina team was awesome and Duke. They had the Jeff Capel shot forcing double-overtime Carolina won the game and North Carolina 1 x 13 points in the Smith Center. A few weeks later, so all that I just 10 games and the underdog is one what's in those instances, so it is a very small minute chance that North you want is good with the other I get. It's a really strange uneven year in college basketball but Duke has crushed the bottom tier of the ACC Miami and wake joy North Carolina as the ACC teams with less than five wins this year five conference went here with us the margins that Duke has beaten, wake in Miami this year, 33, 30 and 31 it's a bad time for North Carolina played to bad luck is struck them.

Brandon Robinson's out with me straight. Jones is gonna play every minute the coals out there every medical Anthony's on the floor is good to be blanketed by one of the best perimeter defenders out there, it's probably good to go big to make sure they can rebound with North Carolina, who is the top rebounding team in all of college basketball Boston College they gave Duke a scare earlier in the week.

Coach K after the game says I've been telling them how good BC was they didn't listen.

They have adversity to face with me and only me. It's bad luck. That was the game before North Carolina because all North Carolina has to see in the media is how bad how bad the Tar Heels are that's what Duke has in the media just how bad North Carolina is why Duke's can win by a ton guys like Josh Graham that's what they're saying here. Duke is not to get off to a poor start again. My prediction I like to win by 1677, 71, I think it's good to be remembered as the Jersey game and never to wear those damn things again look terrible in many people's minds with Travis in Winston-Salem.

Apparently I'm a hypocrite, Travis, why am I hypocrite you on Wednesday. You broke down why UNC could I said three and just hold what real fast. Travis II did I said that North Carolina on Wednesday was actually yesterday. I believe I said this North Carolina needed to get: Anthony's shooting at least 40% something that happened five times this year and not playing Trey Jones. They need that outrebounded Duke and on top of that they need to get off to a great start. So if all three of those things happen.

North Carolina has a chance to win but I don't think three could have no right now I'm not about Iraq the record, that's not me I'm not that guy. Then you gonna say now you're given them a 10% chance. I mean yeah yeah Jim Carey.

I'm little bit less percent think North Carolina can't win a 10% chance I have stats to back that stuff up right.

Are you already planning the Sarah McLachlan for Monday.

I wasn't until you brought it up now and if they went to make another one of those things by 60 WS yes Winston-Salem W COG Greensboro WPC in Burlington W MFR hype with the singles backups with the truck just click that last part out where I'm acknowledging the Sarah McLachlan's about to happen and

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