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February 10, 2020 6:03 pm


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February 10, 2020 6:03 pm

On this edition of The Drive with Josh Graham Brian Geisinger comes in studio to discuss the Duke UNC from the weekend, the guys come up with their All-Hennessy NBA team, and Lets Go Crazy.


This is The Drive with Josh Graham Podcast.

Tune into The Drive weekday afternoons 3 to 7 on Sports Hub Triad. Regarding Saturday's game I have two questions. Is there a more difficult do or die basketball feat you remember watching than what Trey Jones did at the end of regulation? Seriously, I don't even know what the most difficult part of it was. Was it the chest passing, it all for the front of the iron, the tracking down the ball beyond the three-point line, or getting the shot off in time to force overtime? I put that right into the same category as the pass from Grant Hill to Christian Laettner completing the shot against Kentucky in the NCAA tournament. I put it right there with the Chris Bosh rebounding kick out to Ray Allen who positioned his feet so quickly to hit that three for the Miami Heat back in 2013. That was game six against the San Antonio Spurs.

So that's one question that I have. And secondly, I don't want to go recency bias. The latest thing we've seen is the greatest thing. When we talk about a 100-year rivalry of Duke and North Carolina, so let's have the recent limited chunk be the question. Is Saturday night's classic the best Duke North Carolina game of the Coach K Roy Williams era? So the last 16-17 years since Roy returned to Chapel Hill in 2003.

336-777-1600 if you want to chime in. I'm biased but Duke North Carolina is the greatest rivalry in all of American sports. But here's something that hit me being in the building Saturday. It's still the greatest rivalry without any of the enhancers that boost other rivalries. It reminds me of having a great steak. If you have a great steak you don't need anything else next to it. You don't need to have A1 steak sauce. You don't need to add ketchup for God's sake. I know so many people who do that.

I roll my eyes every single time. You don't need to have it fully cooked if you are having a great steak. That's what Duke North Carolina is. It doesn't need NCAA tournament meetings.

It doesn't need postseason run-ins the way that Alabama and Clemson has in the last five years. It doesn't need to have bad blood necessarily. When was the last major altercation we've seen between Duke and UNC?

You'd have to go back to Tyler Hansbro and Gerald Henderson in 2007 and those two years later did a podcast together. So I don't know I don't know if there's a lot of bad blood there necessarily. Meanwhile when you look at some of these other heated rivalries Yankees Red Sox you need to have some of that bad blood to get people to watch. The only reason people talked about Kansas versus Kansas State in a national way was because Silvio DeSosa was wielding a stool at the end of that game. We're not talking about Kansas K-State in any other circumstance. Secondly neither team has ever dominated this rivalry for an extended stretch regardless of what the records are. I was dead wrong talking about this game on Friday. I thought Duke was gonna win big. They proved me wrong.

I will own that. But for those who think Ohio State and Michigan is a better rivalry when is the last time Michigan beat Ohio State? When's the last time Michigan won a national championship? Even with the Yankees Red Sox the Red Sox have done their part. The Yankees haven't won a championship since 2009.

So I don't think it really compares. Also the Red Sox they've just been more dominant over the Yankees then vice versa. But here's the part I think puts it way over the top. This is the part that made Coach K get emotional on Saturday. It didn't have anything to do with this team. It's the self-identifying piece of this rivalry that makes it special. There aren't many rivalries in sports that are so great that part of the way you view yourself as a Duke fan, as a Carolina fan, as a former Tar Heel, a former Blue Devil, part of your being is your rival. Part of your identity is your rival. All those years Coach K went head to head with Dean Smith and now he's gone head to head with another Hall of Famer who's emulated Dean Smith and Roy Williams. Duke in a sense has become Carolina basketball.

That might sound crazy to you but Art Chansky who wrote the bad blood books, the Battle of the Blue books that have sold a ton in this state have been very successful. He was sitting in the back row of the press conference on Saturday for Coach K and towards the end he just brought up the fact that Dean Smith five years ago Friday passed away and Coach K wanted to talk about it and what Dean Smith meant to him and has impacted him as a coach and here's what he said. I'll be forever grateful to him he was the guy who when they're choosing the Olympic coach in the room said Mike should Mike should have it and I'm gonna start crying because it's a hell of a thing.

So that's the personal side of it but the self-identifying piece came later in his answer. All right the other thing I recognize is the loyalty of his players which we have now too we you know a lot of that stuff we've tried to emulate from what he did and and now we have two programs that do it and they both play tonight and in a magnificent game. Coach K getting moved to tears talking about how Dean Smith coached and how he's emulated that family aspect the loyalty aspect. It speaks to why the Duke North Carolina rivalry doesn't need enhancers it's just the greatest rivalry in American sports.

I don't want to hear an argument otherwise. 336-777-1600 on Twitter at SportsUpDrive. Brendan Marks gonna join us from the athletic as Duke gets set to face Florida State tonight but nobody really wants to talk about that game because everybody is still focused on what happened in the Smith Center on Saturday night. I think Trey Jones' shot it was the most difficult do-or-die basketball feat I've ever seen. Like if you and I went into the parking lot Robert or we went into a local gym how many times would we have to try what Trey Jones did in order to execute it? Is there anything in basketball that comes close that needs as many variables accomplished by an individual to happen? Like the Kristen Laitner shot Grant Hill half of it was the pass. The rebound from Chris Bosh kicking it to Ray Allen. All of this was orchestrated by Jones hitting it off the front iron tracking down the rebound hitting the shot I've seen nothing like it. So this rivalry that has given us so many memories I'm just in awe. I was in the building I still am today I'm just in awe how this rivalry continues to give us things that leave our jaws dropped.

Yes Aaron? Reggie Miller's 95 playoff back-to-back threes come to mind. Back-to-back threes and don't forget I think it was John Starks who missed two free throws. Got the rebound over Anthony Mason. Right and Reggie Miller gets fouled so I think if my memory serves correct he had eight points in either nine or eleven seconds.

That is correct. Eight points to win that game for the Knicks but to the point I just made with the Trey Jones, Kristen Laitner comparison here, how many variables had to play into it? Was it Anthony Mason who turned it over like on the baseline who threw it away as a player went down?

I think so yeah. For him to have the step back three so he had the two threes but so much had to happen that was out of Reggie's control. But he stole the ball he stole the inbounds pass. He did. Went right back to the three point line. And he hit the free throws.

Right. See if you can find on YouTube Robert because it's one of my favorite things that's ever happened in 30 for 30. John Starks reaction. John Starks reaction to Reggie Miller's play. I think he had a very memorable line that on the 30 for 30 it shouldn't be hard to find but that's one piece of it.

The Trey Jones aspect three three six seven seven seven one six hundred is the phone number. I'm trying to remember exactly what John Starks said there. I think he said did this dude just did this is the line that sticks out. Is this the most memorable or we'll just say the greatest Duke North Carolina game in the modern era of Duke North Carolina basketball? We'll just say in the era of K facing Roy. It's funny when I tried to recount some of the great games one of the more memorable finishes we've seen over the years. Duke authored many of the wins. Austin Rivers hitting the shot. The overtime game with Tyus Jones scoring nine straight points for the Blue Devils. Jaleel Okafor in overtime. That was the first game since Dean Smith passed away back in 2015.

You had to come back in the Smith Center with Grayson Allen with Brandon Ingram. Those are all Duke wins. Also you have last year's game Zion Williamson hitting the put-back shot to put Duke in the lead in the final five seconds. That was in the ACC tournament.

Two really good teams. I was lucky enough to attend that game as well. The only one that was a late game North Carolina win that I could think of dramatic memorable game was the Smith Center and Marvin Williams hitting the shot in 2005. Brian Ives from ESPN stats and info actually chimed in on this and said Roy Williams when he beats Duke has beaten Duke with North Carolina since returning in 2003. The average win has been by nine points so there haven't been as many dramatic finishes at the end of the game that have resulted in Carolina wins over the year. So I've narrowed it down to I think three.

Maybe we can do four here. Memorable games based on all the responses I'm getting. I think it's the Austin Rivers game.

It's the one we just saw on Saturday. It's the 2005 game in the Smith Center and the ACC tournament game where Zion Williamson got the game-winning shot late. Those are the four I think qualify as the greatest Duke North Carolina games played between Roy Williams and Coach K. That's what I'm narrowing it down to. In terms of difficult feats I've gotten everything from Kyle Guy making all three free throws late in that Final Four game against Auburn. Michael Jordan shots over Elo and Russell.

Those are often mimicked. Let's blow through these calls very quickly. Let's go to Stuart. Stuart in Greensboro is with us. Stuart, give me the best Duke North Carolina game between Coach K and Roy. Between Coach K and Roy well if you're a Duke fan it would have to be the one we just saw last night. If you're talking Duke Carolina all together probably the best one for Carolina would be one of these three. I would say the Walter Davis shot, the Montross blood game in the Smith Center 92 or the Capel shot 95.

Yeah the Capel shot. That's definitely a great one. Thank you Stuart. I could care less about Duke's victories being a Carolina fan.

Thank you for the phone call. Eight years to the day. Saturday was eight years to the day of Austin Rivers game-winning three and it was 25 years to the week Jeff Capel hit the shot that forced second overtime but of course as Stuart mentioned North Carolina ended up winning the game. Who did we learn the most about in the Smith Center Saturday? Brendan Marks from the Athletic will join the show to discuss next.

That's David Shumate from the Blue Devil Learfield IMG Sports Network. I remember going up to David after the game ended on Saturday. This is probably an hour after things finished up in the Smith Center. I simply asked him were there any voice cracks in the final moments?

He said dude I don't know. Well it turns out there might be a couple in there but I think certainly we'd be understanding of it considering how shocking things were on Saturday night. We're now being joined by Brendan Marks from the Athletic Carolinas. Covers Duke and North Carolina.

He's on Twitter at Brendan R Marks. Brendan who did we learn the most about on Saturday? I don't know if we learned the most about this guy but maybe we got the best reminder of the fact that Trey Jones is the person who makes Duke go. You know I think a lot of people nationally, locally see Vernon Carey see his production and think this is the guy who Duke absolutely by no means can afford to lose and that's very true. He's essential to Duke making any sort of postseason run this year but at the same time Vernon Carey fouls out with four minutes left Duke down 13 and the Blue Does are still able to come back and it's because of Trey Jones.

He is leader of this team. He might not be the alpha and the best scorer on this team but gut punch time, gut check time Trey Jones is the guy that Duke relies on. I think a lot of people had forgotten that about him and Saturday was a perfect reminder of why you can't discount him. I'm just gonna give you a list of surprising things that happened Saturday aside from the obvious at the end of regulation with Trey Jones's shot and also Trey Jones missing a free throw leading to the missed shot that he'll probably call a past ten years from now that Windell Moore finished to win the game.

You let me know which of these is the most stunning and these are things that maybe we forget after the fact. Walker Miller being at the free-throw line to put North Carolina ahead in overtime a Duke Carolina game. He played only two minutes a game going into Saturday. Cole Anthony his turnover at the end of regulation that Jordan Goldwire stripped away leading to the Garrison Brooks block. Matthew Hurt and Vernon Carey both of them in foul trouble.

4,006 minutes for Hurt. Carey 18 points in the first half none in the second fouled out at the under four timeout. Then you also have the efforts I think it almost felt like the Wizard of Oz for North Carolina where this is like what you wanted the dream sequence to look like with Leaky Black, Christian Keeling and Andrew Playtech playing well. Heck Miller giving you things but despite the supporting cast being great reality sets in it looked like it was just all a dream. Duke ends up winning at the very end of the game. What was the most surprising piece singularly from what transpired in the Smith Center? You know I think a lot of people point to Walker Miller and that was sort of crazy to see in real time. Here's Walker Miller two minutes of the game in overtime with the chance to potentially give UNC a lead over Duke. That was insane but the thing that I'm gonna say is really more so about the way UNC supporting cast sort of stepped up for the first time all year. I mean Playtech and Keeling and Pierce I think collectively you can sort of group them together and express how much of a disappointment they've been this year and you know I don't want to pin UNC struggles entirely on them I don't think that's fair but certainly their failure to produce at times is something that has directly and indirectly led to UNC losing some games. So those guys stepping up in the biggest game of their season so far playing the way they did against guys who are far more physically talented just far more far better in general players.

I thought that was incredibly shocking and for UNC fans it must have been so hard to see because if these guys had played like this on a nightly or even weekly basis there's a chance that North Carolina is not in the position to currently be. We're getting a lot of response to a question I asked earlier today was Trey Jones's play at the end of regulation that sequence where he intentionally missed a foul shot tracked down the rebound and hit the shot at the buzzer. The most difficult do-or-die basketball feat we've seen and we've gotten a lot of things Christian Laettner the Ray Allen shot in 2013 Robert he said right before we came into this segment the Kawhi Leonard shot you can't get that shot to fall the way it did against Philadelphia if you tried it a hundred times him falling away.

Someone else said LeBron James his winner over the Raptors a few years ago in the playoffs. How many times would it take Brendan Marks in a gym to try and recreate what Trey Jones did Saturday night? Josh I can say with full confidence that we'd be back in the Dean Smith Stadium in the Dean Smith Center next year before I was able to successfully accomplish the Trey Jones. Would you die in that gym if you had to do that in order to get out of the gym to get food would you die in that gym? I'd like to think no I'd like to think no and here's the thing because I would learn from Trey Jones and I would take two steps to the right and I throw it to a better look.

That easy. But going but going back and watching the video again him the coolest part of it to me it's not the shot it's not the throw it's him going getting his own rebound you know to be able to have that tracking ability that that part is super crazy to me as well. Brendan before we let you go was Saturday night good enough for you because I remember right before the game we were chatting you were like man it's uh I want to get out of here as soon as possible man I got plans we got to do things on Saturday night I got a feeling that it was a late night for you Saturday.

It was certainly but you know what if there was ever an opportunity for my plans to get spoiled I would want them to be spoiled that way with one of the best college basketball games of season really that game that this rivalry is the reason why I came back and joined the athletic it's the reason I wanted to cover college sports it always delivers people will say that it doesn't it always delivers it delivered again and I'm an idiot for thinking anything otherwise. Brendan I hear things in the background are you at Duke Florida State? I am I'm right outside Cieszewski Phil and things are starting to get rad. Alright well hey you you take care of yourself be vigilant and we'll talk soon. Sounds good I'll talk to you soon. Alright that's Brendan Marks at Cameron on Twitter at Brendan R Marks. You could try getting your sports news and talk somewhere else.

My life sucks quite enough already thank you. Best to leave it right here on the drive with Josh Graham. Brian Geisinger of is in with us now and BG there were countless shocking details with Duke's win Saturday so much so I bet some of them have been forgotten by many Tar Heel fans, Blue Devil fans or anybody just watching on at that classic overtime win. What would you have said to me BG if you and I were having a discussion Friday and I told you in a 91-91 game in overtime Walker Miller was gonna go to the free-throw line and put North Carolina in the lead against the Blue Devils? I think I would have been pretty surprised but not completely shocked given North Carolina's rotation this season and given just how willing Roy Williams is to to go to deep parts of his bench however to your point yeah I mean it would have it would taken us a little bit by surprise right why is this person in at a critical leverage moment of the game it would have been like one of those movie record scratch moments where you just get the image of Walker Miller towing the line then it's like that's the best record scratch I have Robert do you have a better record scratch sound for me? No, not on tap.

No, not on tap. Aaron do you have one do this a little better? Let me hear yours again. It's about as good as I can do it all right there you go so do that one more time so you're probably wondering how I got here and then they'll explain the entire game I can't wait for the 30 for 30 maybe we could put that out there Walker Miller averaging two minutes a game going into Saturday and he had a go-ahead point in overtime at the free-throw line so you don't find that one to be very surprising how about this one here Cole Anthony his turnover at the end of regulation I haven't heard anybody talk about this today because of what transpired after that but it was 83-81 Cole throws it away he's stripped by Jordan Goldwire got a piece of it and Goldwire dishes it to Cassius Stanley and Garrison Brooks makes a hell of a play he blocked he blocks him underneath the basket Playtech gets the board he gets fouled and hits one of two before the Trey Jones sequence but I think in a normal game this is probably something we're laboring over for hours that Cole turned over the basketball there but today no one seems to care yeah I think even even though people are going back and looking at some of Cole's sort of like late game and he had a couple head-scratching plays but really the big one was with about with a little under two minutes left UNC was up 79 to 70 he took a he took an early clock shot and Duke pushed it up and Trey Jones hit AOC on the break for a three that made it it went from a nine point to a six point game with about a minute 45 I think left after that and it was all triggered because Cole took a really I think Cole played pretty well Saturday all things considered I thought at times he was really impressive but um late game yeah he had a couple decisions offensively and then some possessions guarding Trey where he was maybe not quite up to his standard of play lastly how about Matthew Hurt committing four fouls in seven minutes in the game made him a non factor altogether or was four thousand six minutes Vernon Carey as great as he was in the first half he had no points the second half fouled out at the under four timeout these are things that just become details that we forget about as time goes on but that's crazy and shocking in its own right considering Duke won on the road in Chapel Hill without Carey scoring in the second half him fouling out late and Matthew Hurt being completely a non factor it goes back to what I've said on this show and in a few other places this season and we've written about some too but like it goes back to Duke's depth and I've what I've been saying is it's not just the fact that they have ten good players you know five or six of whom will play in the NBA eventually it's that they can play so many different styles and they have a coaching staff that's willing to play different styles of basketball and tailor the offense to those styles of play as well too but like Hert's a non-factor well Duke basically plays small with four guards around Carey even though he's sort of struggling to score at times in the second half or throughout the entire second half dealing with foul trouble but it's also in overtime then too or really it's the last nine minutes of the game if you want to factor in Carey fouling out and then overtime of Duke just playing five guards on the court at the same time and UNC's got two good big guys in Brooks and Baycott and them just saying yeah come at us and Wendell Moore Jr. it wasn't just him being opportunistic on the offensive glass he was battling guys in the post defensively and and I'm just I think that goes to one of the strengths that Duke has and if you're trying to make a case for them as a Final Four team this year obviously it starts with with with the talent especially Carey and Jones and Stanley too but it's just that their depth and versatility is um I don't know if it's quite unmatched in the ACC because Louisville and Florida State can move move pieces on the chess board around a little bit too but it is something that differentiates them from a lot of teams in the country. I just want to know what you made of Duke starting the game small and then being able to rally in this game with the small lineup remember Matthew Hertz started this game on the bench they they went with Jack White, Wendell Moore and Vernon Carey as the front court if you can consider Moore a wing small forward type. I thought that was interesting because I thought with Cole Anthony starting at the point without B-Rob in that backcourt the real issue would be rebounding the ball so I thought if Trey Jones was responsible for Cole the big concern would be how do you rebound misses how do you control the team that is number one in the country in rebounding in North Carolina so I was surprised to see the small lineup and more so how successful it was despite Duke falling behind in the early part of the game how effective they were late when they had to play small. Yeah they I mean this is something they've done before in the past but and you got to remember too like that when they put out some of these smaller guys and it allows them to switch some defensively too like they're the athleticism of some of these guys I mean Stanley is notable but Trey's a really underrated athlete Trey Jones and and so is so is Wendell Moore Jr. for that matter too and you know they just say when they do that they say yes we're gonna be a little bit vulnerable in the glass and UNC they rebounded 32% of their misses in this game that's a pretty good number but Duke still gets to dictate the terms of play right they open up driving lanes they get a switch more defensively and we saw when Carey went down they basically stopped running pick and roll I charted this game they ran one pick and roll the final nine minutes of the game after Vernon Carey ended it was all transition running with those guards it was all isolation spreading the court and driving right at Christian Keeling right at Cole Anthony guys that had played you know 40 plus minutes at that point and I think that was part of what made the difference in this game as well too. It's Brian Geissinger with us here he's on Twitter at bgeiss underscore bird read his stuff at ACC sports dot-com you will see his rankings my rankings DG's rankings tomorrow at ACC sports dot-com 1 through 15 where we have the our weekly ACC rankings from top to bottom last October we had the preseason poll and I went back and revisited that do you remember where North Carolina was picked at the top I'm sure second yeah I mean they were I mean this team on paper coming into this season was set up to be a monster right so look like what they did last night yeah for portions of the game for sure but even that I was sort of expecting I mean you sort of said this before I came on the show but you know Leakey got off to a good start I expected this kind of performance from him all season plus shooting plus like the three-point shooting I thought I thought this is the version of Keeling you'd see more but even he's still so dependent on the mid-range it has been all season Leakey for that matter too I think I also underestimated just how much they would miss Cam Johnson and his ability not just to be out there and be a guy that makes 40% of his threes but having someone that can go out there and run around screens and bend and move the defense without the basketball like especially when Brandon Robinson's out like he was Saturday they had to take Cole off the ball and run him off screens to try to get him a couple it is a couple times during the game try to get him looks off the catch because they don't have a ton of like movement range shooters on the roster right now but yeah to your point like this team I thought they were gonna be awesome I thought they were gonna possibly win the league and in contend for a Final Four like I wrote about that extensively in the preseason and I could not have been more wrong. The Drive is being broadcast live in the Law Offices of Timothy D. Wellborn Studios learn about all the ways Tim Wellborn can help you online at you'll know when you need us Brian Geisinger in with us from if you have any questions tweet us at sportsuptryin3367771600 the phone number. Up next fair and unfair criticisms of officiating and on top of that I do think that there is there are interesting elements to the national coverage of this classic game we'll get to those next come here to talk sports it is man at his most man and do it like you mean it what you got me och this is the drive with Josh Graham hot takes bring them it's time for us to get crazy we do it at this time every single week none of that cold bleep just hot fire let's dive headfirst into it Brenda Mark's gonna join us a little bit later on covers Duke in North Carolina for the athletic let's get the hot takes if you have a hot tank we will reward you with this sound what's funny is there are so many details to Duke North Carolina that if I said if we did this segment on Friday and I just pointed out the details that actually happened they would have worked out to be hot takes like let me give you an example very quickly you want the horn for this if I did this on Friday do you think this would qualify for a horn like Trey Jones would bank a shot off the front of the rim grab his own rebound and hit a shot at the buzzer talk about dude if that was on let's get crazy last Monday I think I'm getting this sound Vernon Carey doesn't score in the second half talk about do fouls out with four to go by Andrew Playtech Walker Miller plays two minutes a game goes to the free throw line in a tie game 91 91 and hits a foul shot to put North Carolina ahead of Duke I think all of those things would just be nuts three three six seven seven seven one six hundred is the phone number the whole Duke North Carolina game is a let's get crazy segment let's go to Justin who's up first Justin let's get crazy I think the one and done system should be dead all right thank you for the phone call I don't know if that's very hot like isn't the thing gonna die everybody hates the one and done who likes it that's pretty cold or maybe maybe lukewarm like a nice bath that sat for about ten minutes yeah I think we could do better than that seven seven seven one six hundred is the phone number bring that hot fire Aaron let's get us started all right after watching the XFL yesterday no actually scratched it later that night I watched some cornhole you know who I saw on cornhole Evan Leppler no I saw Sam Darnold and Dale Jones no way I did I'm not sure because I realized I was watching cornhole and I changed the channel Evan Leppler who's been in the studio broadcast cornhole on ESPN he is he gave he gave me a frisbee cool guy he mentioned that neither Sam Darnold nor Dale Jones will be the starting quarterback of their respective franchises in two years whoa I actually played Ryan Finley in cornhole one time and they beat him and Jermaine Pratt high point high point kid beat them head-to-head alright I got this one here the Oscars were last night and I feel like Quentin Tarantino who says he has one more movie left after once upon a time in Hollywood he's going to do his tenth and final movie on the Duke North Carolina game except North Carolina is gonna win at the end you know how I don't want to spoil once upon a time in Hollywood but he changes history a little bit let's say and in glorious bastards it's a different way a different end to the Nazi regime then I think history reflects maybe things will change differently I don't know how it will become more entertaining the Duke North Carolina game under Tarantino's guide would somebody get blown up with a shot a sawed-off shotgun I don't know there does need to be a 30 for 30 done on this like it starts with game day going to Chapel Hill people saying it's gonna be an awful game they're gonna have a cut from my radio show where I say it's a blowout for Duke and then it's the Jersey part of this the 100 year anniversary the game itself like I already see the 30 for 30 coming together and Tarantino is gonna win an Oscar for best director and also for best picture with this movie that comes out about the Duke North Carolina game Robert let's get crazy Philip Rivers is gonna sign with the Bucks and take them all the way to the NFC championship game I like how you won't go the next step and say the Super Bowl done you can't I'm not gonna go that crazy I still have a little bit of integrity but I mean if the Bucks go all the way to the champion the NFC championship that's pretty hot gotta win the NFC South probably to do that for sure Kevin Kevin Winston Salem let's get crazy Kevin Kevin go go Kevin go him don't want to go Kevin we need your take Sean hey Sean Sean go oh that was Sean in Greensboro let's get a Kevin in Winston Salem Kevin you're up I like the picture Kevin screaming while we're saying his name Kevin go Cole Anthony declares for the draft tomorrow that's what I'm talking about Kevin now we are piercing with hot fire your ears are burning here I don't know why I just sounded like old Vince McMahon with the XFL this is let's get crazy Taylor Swift is one of the most overrated is the most not one of it is the most overrated artist of our generation what I want to hear your justification of this her dad bought three hundred thousand of her CDs when she started her career to get her first album to go platinum the last two years the Oscars hasn't had a host Kevin Hart is gonna host next year's Oscars that is the best choice right like they haven't had it the last two years that's gonna become a story Kevin Hart like are you not gonna watch what his monologue is gonna be after not being able to host the Oscars in 2019 that seems like it's gonna be a really good bet Aaron let's get crazy Antonio Brown after watching PJ Walker put on a dazzling performance for the Houston Roughnecks will sign with the Houston Roughnecks to play XFL football if he signs with the Roughnecks AB I'm buying a damn Jersey you would buy an AB I'm gonna buy an AB Houston Roughnecks Jersey to go with my Roughnecks hat this is a Roughnecks radio show so we're all about it Robert let's get crazy women fights in the U.S. or UCF or God bless America all right let's just cut that out in post we'll do this again fix it all hold on let me let me set the recording up one second all right women fights in the UFC are more entertaining than the men's this weekend with Shveshnikov that chick was throwing feet around all over the place it was like Tarantino's dream man he was enjoyed he would have really enjoyed it and whether it's her cyborg or Ronda Rousey way back when these fights have done better and been more entertaining than the men's fight three three six seven seven seven one six hundred if you want to play along we're getting crazy Trey Jones lottery pick I saw in mock drafts that he is 20th and 21st and two respectively which doesn't have him as a lottery pick but this just comes to show you the exposure college basketball gives kids it's different than what you're getting overseas so you can't convince me that college basketballs ratings machine these big games that Zion played in didn't help Zion who wasn't the top-ranked player going into last college basketball season it actually was RJ Barrett and Cam Reddish ahead of him and these in those rankings when it comes to Trey Jones him no longer being with Zion RJ and Reddish it gives him an opportunity to stand alone and that shot he hit against North Carolina really the run he went on scoring 15 straight Blue Devil points I think that put him on the radar many NBA scouts this is a softer draft remember last year it was kind of surprising when Cameron Johnson got picked and he was a lottery pick that might be something we see but it's Trey Jones who was a wonderful kid he's younger than Cameron Johnson was and he stepped up in a massive moment the way his brother did in Cameron five years ago Aaron let's get crazy sticking with the XFL the Houston Roughnecks put such a whooping on the Los Angeles team yesterday the Los Angeles squad has already fired a defensive coordinator Pepper Johnson Pepper Johnson the new defensive coordinator in Los Angeles will be Panthers bust Vernon Butler Vernon Bustler I'll go a step further you know who's trying to get into coaching former panther not bust Luke Kinkley is gonna be the Houston Roughnecks new defensive coordinator why are all your takes Roughneck related cuz I love the Houston Roughnecks also the game was Saturday not yesterday the footballs played on Sunday I'm confused does anybody have anything left that's it I'm out Aaron close us out Antonio Brown is gonna fight Logan Paul you got a diss track today it all ends when Logan Paul's brought up why does everyone hate Logan Paul again he did that thing in the Japanese forest it was like the suicidal oh he was like hey look and he showed a bunch of dead people yep not great yeah started I mean he's just the worst anyway so I don't know anything about YouTube stars or streamers like you guys were talking about this earlier today we went to lunch and you brought up a streamers name and I'm like who is that saw your did he brought up Tifu you guys were laughing at me because I didn't know it oh so he was all about it I'm sure he is he says it's the most famous person that knows him that he's friends with Tifu is pretty famous right say some old man stuff right now not going to you just did I'm gonna resist young people and the joy of winning expressing themselves coming up where I was wrong and first-hand observations from the Smith Center on Saturday that you're not getting anywhere else this is a Monday drive you could try getting your sports news and talk somewhere else my life sucks quite enough already thank you best to leave it right here on the drive with Josh Graham Duke is going to beat North Carolina convincingly in Chapel Hill Carolina was outstanding and I thought they were gonna run a side of the gym the crowd was great I don't know what's happened the whole year but they were Carolina tonight I don't think it's going to be a very exciting game I think Duke's gonna jump out big and I think they're gonna win this game by more than 15 points Wendell Moore with an enormous play with about half a second ago banks at home for the Blue Devils who rallied late in regulation blew a lead in overtime fought back later in overtime got the benefit of a no-call and even after a Jones miss on a broken play found a way to make a bucket and win this game I had real problems with parasite I didn't understand its worldview I didn't understand what it was trying to say and I'm not talking about the language barrier it's I'd nothing resonated for me it does it I didn't get it and the Oscar goes to parasite was that a drive-by of Mike de Corse don't you ever ever ever slant or look sideways at the Joker again he was he didn't like the Joker he didn't like parasite he didn't like anything that won so you know what slandering a Hall of Fame sports writer and Mike de Corse I deserved all of that criticism if North Carolina ended up winning today I'd imagine today is dreadful but I have some observations some first-hand stories from that game on Saturday that I care to share with you now starting with the moment Vernon Carey fouled out of the game talk about be under for timeout I started searching for gifts and clips on Twitter to make fun at myself I found videos of clowns working in offices like I wasn't paying attention to the next minute and a half of the game because I was only focused on doing some type of damage control for my awful take on Friday doubting this rivalry so I was preparing to get embarrassed even more embarrassed than I was there saying that this game wasn't going to be exciting that it was the most exciting game the most exciting finish we've seen probably in the latest era of Duke Carolina basketball with coach K going up against Roy Williams I was very conflicted watching this game conflicted because I wanted to be right but also I when I watch games people ask who do you root for I usually tell them I want the team that plays better to win it usually stings it hurts me when I see teams that play better than the other side lose that play with more effort that play with more passion that do the right things and lose that's why it was dissatisfying to me to see San Francisco loose to Kansas City in the Super Bowl San Francisco they were better than Kansas City was North Carolina was better than Duke was on Saturday but they lost and in that sense it was very dissatisfying to me so I was conflicted in that way but the other thing that had me turning the scales a bit in addition to just wanting to be right there was a fan sitting behind me who heckled me the entire damn game Robert I'm not kidding this guy singled me out and just started saying hey Twitter guy hey Twitter now what's your name Josh Graham hey Josh Graham are you gonna tell everybody how coach K's cheater guys belligerently drunk student or not I don't think he was a student probably a little bit older he was in his 20s but as soon as I sit down he goes hey or I got a good tweet for you you should say that uh coach K he should be investigated like how does he keep getting these number one classes coming every year the entire game this guy would say I got a good tweet for you Alex O'Connell's a douche like the entire game he was doing this and it made me want to see Duke win I wish the most satisfying thing about that game for me personally on Saturday the entire second half his target the person he was making fun of wasn't O'Connell wasn't Jack White wasn't Vernon Carey it was Trey Jones he just kept saying Trey Jones is scared he's he's scared take the shot this guy's scared like even when Trey's starting to go in the run like late in the second half Trey Jones doesn't want the ball hey watch watch this next possession he doesn't want the ball this guy's sitting right behind my ear this guy he doesn't want the ball you don't want it not me don't want to shoot and then this entire game I haven't acknowledged him I haven't said anything to this guy when Trey hits the shot that forces overtime I don't know what he looks like I just turn around I make eye contact with him and stare at him deadpan and he puts his head in his hands and I turned back around hey hey Carolina fan hey I got I got a tweet for you shut up and then when he was leaving he said I'm gonna go to my grave saying that trace scared to take shots and I said yep I made sure to tweet that that's what I said them the only words I said to that guy yep made sure to tweet that out those Carolina fans for that game it's always that game are so much worse than the folks at Cameron they are I've had this so much as people say that the the crazies they're obnoxious they're the worst the Cameron crazies they at least are organized in a sense and some of them are shrill some of them are annoying in the sense like there's this one lady every single time Jack White gets called for a foul she's always behind me is yelling and that gets pretty annoying but I'm not the one getting heckled they're not heckling me this Carolina fan decided to make me the subject of his heckling hey yeah yeah a good sweet for you it's a good idea here Brendan marks gonna be with us on today's show you could tweet us at sports up triad I did go into the locker room though had a chance to catch up with Trey Jones and with Wendell Moore and I do think this is gonna be remembered as the trade Jones game I think that's what this is he created the iconic moment that's going to be remembered even more than Wendell Moore hitting the buzzer beating shot he created the moment like the river shot like the Jeff Capel shot it was eight years to the day to the river shot 25 years to the week of Capel tying the game and forcing double overtime in Cameron he did it like his brother did remember Tias Jones North Carolina was leading in Cameron in 2015 the first game Duke play Carolina after Dean Smith's passing and Trey had to score nine straight Duke points to force overtime five years ago and that's exactly what traded he scored nine consecutive points at the end of regulation that he added six points after that in OT so I went into the Duke locker room it's festive as you're about to hear and I just asked Trey hey what does it mean to you to be in that company now to submit yourself into this rivalry in such a way when people bring up Austin Rivers and they bring up your brother and they bring up Jeff Capel they're going to bring up Trey Jones now too and this is what he said I mean that those stuff really motivate me my brother being in this position a few times watching Austin Rivers like you said watching everyone who's been in this in these moments that stuff motivates me cuz being in the moment myself I want to I want to be like those guys as for Wendell Moore he hits the game-winning shot I noticed though and you can watch the video and see this I noticed in real time a delay in his celebration everybody else is celebrating boisterous and loud the Blue Devils coming off the bench Wendell it took a second or two I that stuck with me immediately watching in real time so I brought that up to Wendell and it might have been nothing turns out it wasn't I found this answer to be interesting from Wendell Moore jr. on his game-winning shot I think I fell on the ground I saw everybody running at me try to get up and run away but I slipped somebody up tackle me it was a great moment though you included the hot take on the Oscars or excuse me like the course he being dead wrong about parasite I am a huge moviegoer I've made that clear that was the most satisfying Oscars I've watched in four or five years you probably have to go back to spotlight winning in 16 for the last Oscars I thought was this satisfying but it wasn't even just parasite being recognized it was also Brad Pitt getting his moment it was the first time he won an Oscar and I don't think people realize that he wasn't awarded for seven or four twelve monkeys wasn't awarded for some of the other great roles he's played over the years but he gets his moment right from the jump and I thought that was really cool it was a pretty neat moment to see a former NFL player Matthew Cherry a wide receiver get the award for best animated short film and it's just fitting he's a former NFL player to get that award because that's the same award Kobe Bryant won a few years ago and he dedicated it to Kobe in fact before winning his profile picture on Twitter is of one of his kids and Kobe Bryant and in 2016 when he got finished playing he actually put out a post saying that hey I have this idea that might be an Oscar winning idea he quote tweeted that after winning last night and said they'll do that's pretty cool and it was called hair love a very cool animated short that ended up being the Oscar winning film parasites just an excellent movie to root for I saw our morning show host Clay Travis suggesting that if the movie was made in America not South Korea it wouldn't have won best picture I can't disagree with that more than I do right I can't disagree with that enough it is a movie that had limitations put on it limitations because it has subtitles because it has a director who doesn't speak great English that didn't enhance it I get Clay's argument hey they're trying to do the most politically correct thing okay if that's the case why didn't Roma win last year Roma was also the favorite to win a year ago it was a Spanish-speaking movie there was no English in it and if you want to do the most politically correct thing that with things that are related to American culture why not a movie that's based in the state in the city of Mexico City and and go that route so I couldn't disagree more with the notion that the reason parasite one was because of being politically correct it was just an amazing movie that we're gonna remember years from now if you get a chance to watch it I was cagey on watching it I'm not a big fan of international movies I don't like the subtitles I'm honest in saying that I'm not gonna be the guy who's elitist saying oh foreign films you have to dive into all of them no that's not me but Les Johns who covers Demon Deacon Digest said Josh you're gonna forget about the subtitles five minutes in and he was right and I watched it twice and I think it's a tremendous movie and it's well deserving of the Oscar I thought for sure they were gonna give it the 1970 that's the way I felt and it was gonna be a bit of a dissatisfying taste with the Oscars because that's what we've seen really the last decade or so look at the 2000s that decade and the 90s the best picture winners and compare them to the best pictures that have won in the last ten years it's not even comparable and the 2000s you got no country for old men you had the departed that won one year you have million dollar baby that won in a given year just heavy hitters each and every year in movies this past decade it's been the shape of water you had Green Book the artist the these are not movies that are gonna be incredibly memorable and I think it dates back to 2009 when they started expanding the field and having preferential voting where you have nine Oscars best picture candidates versus five I think the door being open to nine versus five has watered down the quality of Oscar winner so I wasn't really optimistic going into last night they do the right thing because of the way I felt after 19 or after Green Book one and after the shape of water did but they did it they they chose what I believed to be the best movie last year I didn't think it was gonna happen that's why my pick was different than what ended up being the winner but I'm so glad it ended up being parasite I thought it was a really cool show and a very satisfying Oscars you are listening to WSJS Winston-Salem WCOG Greensboro WPCM Burlington WMFR High Point those signals making up Sports Hub Triad
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