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Wes Durham (3/4/20)

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March 4, 2020 6:00 pm

Wes Durham (3/4/20)

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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March 4, 2020 6:00 pm

On this edition of The Drive with Josh Graham Wes Durham comes on to discuss the ACC, B Daht tries to educate Josh on urban terms and more.

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This is dry when Josh Graham drive weekday afternoons.

This support is this right. I could see the Carolina Panthers going quarterback at number seven all it's been talked about Carolina move up and pick you up or burrow. I'd be more surprised if they moved up and took quarterback Janet.

They stayed in place and liked either Justin Herber at Oregon or Jordan love at Utah State.

I think that is a very realistic path now what is that mean for cam Newton. Some would say you're taking the quarterback in the first round that is it for What I would say is why like if cam Newton only has one year left on his contract and cam is trying to earn himself a new contract. The only way he does that in Charlotte or anywhere else.

He plays is by proving that is healthy on the field and playing well you can do that with Joe Brady you could do that with Krista McCaffrey on the roster. $19 billion isn't that much of a Hit South Carolina keeps cam Newton and draft either Herber or love number seven overall that can work in the interim, give you the reason why it can't or twitter exports of Triad 336-777-1600 B and the phone number. The reason why Carol I would be picking between Herbert or love to his doctor to be there borrows Dr. to be there, they won't trade up. I don't think I think it would be a mistake to do that because draft capital is far too valuable when you're missing as many pieces as Carolina is.

You have seven of your 14 free agents be a defensive live bed. Your baby only to bring back one of those players. Mario Addison according to Jordan Rodriquez, Joe person from the athletic likely to be the one they pursue audit team friendly deal coming back you go to be losing. Maybe a wide receiver you lost look equally already with the surprise retirement you parted ways with Greg Olson so there are all the needs for Carolina but the main reason why I have no issue whatsoever with Carolina picking Herbert or love number seven. If you believe he's a franchise guy if Marty Hurley believes that if David Tapper believes that if Matt rule believes that if Joe Brady believes that you take him back. Simple. I don't care what the mock draft say I don't care if someone says all there's a there's a better chance they would fall you in the second row that somebody taking a bad hi and loves case all you could just write it up late in the first round and Gautama drafted a better player number seven back.

Remember the Giants they picked Daniel Jones last year to criticize it and say they made a mistake, but their mistake was an evaluation, not in selecting Jones number six. I've always defended Gettleman on that day after the pick II defended the philosophical approach the Giants thinking they had a franchise guy in Jones and picking there.

You could criticize the evaluation, how they arrived at the place Daniel Jones is a franchise or network think that Blaine Haskins was a better pic than Jones is even though after one year I probably say Jones over Haskins right now.

Philosophically, though I can't knock it babe Gettleman believe Daniel Jones is a franchise got so believing that you can't wait for the second round you can't wait, in their case to number 18 you pick the quarterback out of love and Herbert, I'd prefer love the biggest knock on him as a prospect. Two things actually where he went to school and how we performed his senior year wait fans know this. He played at Utah State. The digs opened up with the Aggies and Utah state.

They showed out probably should've won the game. Wake Forest needed to get a stop on 1/3 and five, around midfield and go the length of the field score a touchdown and get a stop at intersection of love in order to win that game.

That's exactly what they did. Jordan loves sophomore season he had 32 touchdown sixpacks through 3500 yards of offense. He was awesome last year 20 touchdown 17 text that you can be really concerned about that and I had I would understand that.

However, rather than just flatly saying this guy is awesome because of the stats I am a person who likes to dive into the why, why did loves numbers go down the simple answer to the question is change of coaching. This is the reason why Paul wake was good to be Utah State in the opener. This is the reason why I thought the idea of love being a dark horse Heisman candidate somebody to watch were all throughout the years that the season was a little bit overblown. You don't get great head coaches who grow on trees at places like Utah State the same way you don't get those often at Appalachian State, even though the mountaineers have been last with Jerry bore passing things off to Scott Satterfield and that him passing things off to Elijah drink with having a great year. He goes off the Missouri and you're hoping the same thing happens with Sean Clark, East Carolina like you get Skip Holtz followed by Ruffin McNeil get a little bit too greedy and you realize away. This place is it so attractive as I thought it was good to be a Scotty Montgomery happens and they're trying to pick up the pieces in Greenville America Utah state. You have this transcend it. Prospect a guy was quarterback, a first round pick any surrounded with a really good coach Matt Wells. He laughed Utah state to go to Texas Tech replace Cliff Kingsbury last year they replaced it with Gary Anderson unproven college coach. He he had a tough time at Wisconsin I think he did some things at Oregon State before he ended up at Utah State. It just wasn't a homerun higher by any means.

That's where I go when I look at the productivity going down there is a reason for that now does Carolina have good coaching the elevators play, I think so.

If Joe Brady from Joe Burroughs average first season. LSU can elevate him to 60 touchdown passes in a national championship winning team and a Heisman winning quarterback campaign season if he can do that. There why am I led to believe Jordan love can't do that transitioning from college to the NFL Joe Brady great offense of mind. I love the idea of a guy was being compared to Papo homes working with Brady, who was at LSU and Jonesboro, but I feel like the upside might be even higher with love versus borough and you don't have to trade away any capital to get this kid like if he's there at 70 Carolina takes and what is your thought today Carolina panther for on Twitter at sports of drive 336-777-1600 B and the phone number I want to move things to Wake Forest basketball which lost to North Carolina last night but that's not very fair to say just because North Carolina was the winner doesn't mean Wake Forest was the loser we force a thought is really good offense of late. They pumped a lot of the reason there was a great effort but North Carolina was better. North Carolina was the story Wake Forest was not. But whenever I have to make a tough decision in my life. I rely on smart qualified people to gather information so I can make the most informed choice. That way I could have informed opinions. I could be on a radio microphone such as this one and tell you something that is backed up by people in the college basketball and NBA community. The upcoming decision.

Wake Forest athletic director John Currie has to make on Danny Manning. It is any an easy one.

I don't envy him at all for having to make it but after speaking to several college basketball contacts. Some folks in the MBA. I believe it's time for a head-coaching check this team. I get it's been improved this year. There's no question about it and I understand some of the pushback people might have on this.

Why would you break up something that looks like it might be good next year. Wake Forest's roster. When you look at it to go beneath point guard Tommy Brown shooting guard is a MUC is playing the three rodeo glom of the four Olivier's are the five injured Sunday okay K and to reach Ingram back you have this three-star point guard at a Chicago Watson coming in who a lot of people seem to like spot shooters. Ishmael is sued Massoud to have Michael Windsor Ron write all these players who could maybe step in and play for you. This might be the most talented team. Danny sat even if that's the case, how are you convinced Danny's get to maximize the town when John Collins his first year. Like when 11 and 20 and the year they went to the tournament still finished 10th in the ACC add lost in the first four Jaelyn Horton five star player Caymans Winston-Salem. We finished 1120 last year. I'm not sold extra teams can make the tournament so what exactly should the standard be the buyout. That's an obvious thing to talk about its expensive but how expensive are the losses. How expensive are the losses of bands, the attendance figures.

The fact that, according to Connor O'Neill from the Winston-Salem Journal does a great job covering the dates for the first time in the history of the Dole Coliseum. They've averaged more empty seats then filled seats of the 14,000 and went bad has to cost something. The vibe, the hope, the optimism of the people that are left agile Coliseum. That has to mean something. This is John Currie's chance to make his mark David Glenn was talking about this with us on yesterday show this to somebody. I seem to be very respected covered the ACC for three decades. Plus I asked him about Danny Manning's case and this is what he said if I were the athletic director or the University president, Wake Forest. I would pull up log on this operation. I've been around a long time and when you have five losing seasons in your first six years as Danny had had it become unbelievably difficult to turn things around for a lot of different reasons.

This is what John Currie was brought here to do not specifically hire Danny Manning but to higher high quality coaches if need be. He did so with a popular Frank Martin was let go in case state based in Manhattan, Kansas. He replaced with a guy who took a state to the elite eight and Bruce Weber accomplished coach fundraising. That's one of his calling cards funds are going to be necessary to pay for a buyout. So Currie's the type of guy who could take this on, but he's also the guy who understands where weight basketball should one of the biggest reasons why thought it was a homerun higher to bring Currie in.

He understands Wake Forest Athletics more than anybody. He was a student here. You worked under Ron Wellman.

He gets it and I think he gets what weight basketball should be and what it's not right now. Figure 6 777-1600 is the phone number let's go Chris in Greensboro who wants in on the Panthers quarterback situation, Pam Newton, what they should do in the draft. I propose hey I'm not saying they should take a quarterback at seven, but what surprised me at all. I have no issue with extorting lover Justin Herbert if the Pampers believe that the franchise quality guy. I have an issue if they trade up and take away draft capital for a two or a borough. Chris what you think about KM in the quarterback prospect papers looking at yeah think that part is good practice concerned, I'm acute & I hear arguments on both like THEY will never be healthy and get rid of them I are other people think you are quarterback. You know what, stick with them. Reality is if somebody like a generational pipe.

All you heaven. I think you take him report who got hurt a lot of people thought he could be a number one overall pick based on the how and ability level so if you will follow you at seven. I like camping I be okay with them taking especially because you had said you want to sit for a while. Healthy and then you have a situation where can place good. You can either treat cam or curricula in the maybe get something in return is requested to let if he doesn't follow idle things get a photo for two or borough. Obviously so my question is this. Would you be okay if it's lover Herbert at seven who saw my view, to be all reach at that spot.

No no I direct note that would make me sick to my stomach because they arty have a project on the roster and will Greer and I don't see lovely and much more.

The project Herbert maybe you know but it was not there. I say you take my can help you now. Maybe Garrett Brown or maybe Isaiah feminine and really quickly around second question I have for you very quickly if the Panthers do draft a quarterback, would you be all right with cam Newton still be on the roster as that quarterback develops to Herbert lover. Whoever yeah you can visit here for 2020 to matter what parable you let them go into the contract if if you get again been looking things for the Congress. You are listening to W STS Winston-Salem W3W COG Greensboro WMF or Highpoint W PCM Burlington the signals making up sports triad Josh Graham loves to talk sports. He also loves the way his new jeans highlight his men cursed school hot your drive with Josh Graham really has a second phase is when a championship there is no suspension and then there's no remorse is probably the worst remorse is one of the go back in time five years ago 2015 you, what would you find most is our about 2020. Baby Donald Trump from the apprentice. Be in the President of the United States. The fact that in the last five years the Cleveland Cavaliers yes the city of Cleveland and the Chicago Cubs have one championships Virginia basketball baby getting it done or is it Alex Rodriguez is major-league baseball's lead analyst on ESPN Sunday night baseball on the studio for the World Series for Fox. He's beloved. He's a big star. People are going to him for his opinions. Yes, even on the cheating Houston Astros. What would 2015 you say about that because to me that's one of the craziest things that happened last five years. This Alex Rodriguez progression from being the most hated athlete in America now long time ago, five, six years ago he missed the entire 2014 season suspended the entire year. It's the biggest punishment, major-league baseball's ever given an individual player. He lost $35 million that year. He played for the Yankees.

He cheated was the most hated athlete in a timer we cared about baseball a lot more even five years ago and today he is one of the faces of the sport. How messed up his baseball today athletes that never said interesting things there doubt criticizing the Commissioner Sadie is doing a poor job. One of the players said he's a joke, Trevor Bauer, that guy was said that is giving away his pitches intentionally in spring training games to send a message and you got the guy was seen to be your biggest cheater who stormed out of the meeting with the Commissioner to go on Michael Kay's radio show and yell and disburse lies. That guy is the call me voice of reason telling us what the Houston Astros should do. How that bleeped crazy is that Westrum to join us in 15 minutes on top of the hat there is a sterling matchup between Sawyer doing our sister producer about to go down with Joel Barry, the former Tar Heel. We got the billing of this were going to get that in about five or six minutes.

Tell you what's happened recently on that. But here's more from Alex Rodriguez on that ESPN spring training broadcast from yesterday guy who has made many mistakes as anybody I serve the longest suspension have to be accountable for its negative press you have divorced yourself from having the ability to protect.

I wish 2015, A-Rod agreed with that advice like he acknowledged.

Where he was accountable and then went dark and tried to reshape his narrative. What was that all about. When did A-Rod own take into account everything he did. He denied it all the way through.

Screwball is a documentary that Billy Corbin and it's the closest a sports documentary has come to my documentary something Andy Samberg would do for HBO Saturday Night Live. It's the closest thing documentary has ever come to comedy pure comedy.

If you haven't seen. I strongly suggest you watch it. A-Rod was a child he was just narcissistic. He was not apologetic. Like he said he was acting like a buffoon. This was the most honest A-Rod was. And you knew something like this was coming because I thought about this three or four weeks ago.

Okay, everybody is spoken about this. You got church it out there. Buster only out there a bunch of people criticizing the Commissioner all the players are out here criticizing the Commissioner the only person who I haven't heard an opinion from his Alex Rodriguez smart play on his part. If you're seen to be one of the greatest cheaters in the sport sport babysit that what until you actually obligated to talk about it because you are broadcasting games for ESPN you're actually broadcasting the sports of A-Rod he's handled this about as well as anybody so I think even more than the Astro stop which is obvious they were apologetic and A-Rod is absolutely right with everything you say there I'm more interested in what he represents the person who's saying these things then the stuff that we can already acknowledge to be true that the Astros really mess this up from a PR standpoint, A-Rod has been picture-perfect.

Stay away from it until you absolutely have to talk about it then say that you did a lot of ownership related things that you didn't actually did call yourself a buffoon. Say you deserve the $35 billion by MB and suspended an entire year when probably you deserve more than that.

Probably you don't deserve the job that you're sitting at right now and you can be applauded and cheered as somebody who has been given a second chance because we love that we love that in American culture, not just sports but everywhere we love second chances. We love you all and what has A-Rod done to show his growth to show he has grown as a person he Barry J Lo exit Robert if you want to heal your image. Lance Armstrong take notes you want to heal your image Donald Sterling. If you don't want your image. Jennifer Lopez is the key because we love J Lo so much, as we saw it during the Super Bowl halftime show that will say I don't care sees fit bases still great and I love her Jenny from the block. Oh A-Rod, he can't be so bad because J Lo likes him appliqu�. The key to feeling your image is secure a single receipt still dating that soccer player used to play for real Madrid that pique fellow because maybe that's the way that you could get back in the positive way of back of the positive court of public opinion, Lance Armstrong and this is bizarre. A-Rod is this guided on Twitter, it's boards of drive 336-1600. Let's get to Joel Barry's upcoming battle with our assistant producers. All you're doing is not in today he's preparing for his big match up on Monday in studio with the Greensboro swarms Joel Barry, former Tar Heel great was on the show with us earlier, and Sawyer is getting set to play in NBA 2K Joel there's some trash talk. It's already been thrown out there like Sawyer. He sent in this sound just to play for Joel earlier there was of Joel. Looking forward to our game on Monday.

I just have one quick question though, what should the mercy rule be because I don't know if you're down by like 25 or 30 and like the third quarter, we might want to call it but I it's up to you American out the score on you or we can just call it at 2015 10 one of your thinking also are we doing three random teams, or we take our teams that's that's the only other thing I need to know before I get the double Monday. Do we have Joel's response to this because Mike does. He's so bad truck talking trash over gutter like two randoms do like dinner after we get some playing stuck to them after the mercy rule. Do you want to borrow my gaming chair like the mercy rule thing that was good about that wasn't yet the mercy rule was good when I was in the right fan will also question about if you were single as my sister needs a boyfriend also like remember when you were put into the rafters last month in Chapel Hill Lake. I was cool yet. Anyway Matt you're going down bro is all Joel responded to their cocky right now so you know it that's good. I like to call Alma let him have it and we can begin now follow-up on the question of their part of the confidence that you will be harder sport day okay ThunderDome ThunderDome Sawyer versus Joel Barry in studio.

Make sure your listening next week pay-per-view pay-per-view Don King this whole thing.

This is going to be. I hope it's a good day that they play to set everything up at the studio and it's good to be great and be.he's good to be our hike man on this.

I don't want to: Don King doing that would be an insult that would be an insult to be out yeah I could, spike my hair up approve my hair up and do like a daunting thing. The idea that Joel Barry does is it good to talk trash is ridiculous like me.Shelby's video's of him going after subdued at Miami like it's it's on video.

He also said that Jos� Alvarado talk some smack that he was disrespectful.

If you miss that interview five that on iTunes SoundCloud I Apple podcast wherever you get your podcast that's good stuff from Joel Barry will be up in a little bit. One of the leading voices of the ACC network is West Durham. He will join the show next of the drive is West Durham you know from Packer in Durham on the ACC network is now in with us and Wes. When it comes to North Carolina's chances in Greensboro next week. Your teammate Brian Ives.

I was in touch with him last night away will hold all second wait a second.

When you start talk about brownouts and Carolina. You have to remember now he's silly for cocoa puffs over Caroline.

That's true. Don't know why.

When you talk Carolina with Brian Jeff to make sure you're getting the flag lowered as I like to cite your lower lips like it was like talking Eric McLean about Klebsiella lower the flag I think you have.

I think it further emphasizes what I'm about to say, though, because it might not be the most positive thing you look at the stats and he's a big stat nympho guy Jesse is very good. The only team that has gone from playing on the first day to making it to the championship game. I know who it is. What 1997 and 62,007 NC State while 2007 NC State in the file downfield yet.

I was a 12 team field right 97 NC State did as well. I was 17 years later with Sidney Lowe they did in Tampa lost to Carolina right, and Duke is the only team to go from Wednesday to the championship and when it just Duke Tatum, canard and company that brought fire when it is important. That's it duller for Jason Tatum should still be in the yeah so West Durham. He is as sharp as they come, but I use that the set things out. I can't rule Carolina out yet. Can you will know no no no, absolutely not. Know your right you can't rule them out because here's the deal. They're going to have a pretty good house Tuesday night if they end up in the 7 o'clock game which is now the second of the two right if they end up in the 7 o'clock game in Greensboro on Tuesday night against whoever they don't have the crowd because regardless of what happened Saturday night Josh, the Carolina fans are back on board. Now there they're not you know showing their eyes at this deal there.

They're looking at what this potentially could be and in other figure, and what we've been through all the hardships. Maybe we get some breaks here. So yeah, I think Carolina is dangerous.

I thought we hit it on the head. This morning, our visit was suffering Bertram Parker in Durham I thought Carolina is the most dangerous team because the combination of Anthony Brooks, Brandon Robinson is going to score leaky bladder curve Christian Keeler. Whoever the third guy is. I would tell you that. Then the most dangerous team is Virginia at least going to the weekend. At this point, maybe with tonight to go and then the week I didn't get the stat from Ives but I think it significant as well for the biggest difference for North Carolina is obviously health when you consider that Brandon or Tuesday: Anthony Brandon Robinson and Garrison Brooks altogether have started eight games this year. That's it.

In North Carolina is five and three in those games were not talking about any scrubs in those 87 of the eight have winning records.

All of them are in power conferences, North Carolina, five and three, including the last three that they won here that seems to be to be be the biggest difference but I've heard others saying that the relief of finally closing out an opponent late NC state and that game a little over a week ago that's been the elevation point for North Carolina going from where they were to where they are now what you view as the biggest difference for the heart target while the Oberoi statement of the balls going in the basket. Now that's one thing. And I love that statement. By the way this thing for me in all honesty, is is that I think there's a little bit more consistency in chemistry that you said eight games and that include last night we made that the senior dealer, not that include last night.

Okay, so it should be because that's technically what the starting line.

It would have been right. I looked it Carolina's 241_the ball I think heard Joan say last night on the air. They had a 50 point second half against Georgia Tech, but now they had back to back 50 point second house 50 or more in Syracuse and Wake Forest and to be honest with you I think that's the counter.

Carolina you'll need to see. Not that they have to have a 50 point half that they need to be in 80 point team meeting. That's will become a Waiting on for a month or so right when they were having a hard time getting the 80 and I and honestly I believe that they need to get to 80 in order to have a chance to win, especially once we get to the tournament format because if they were to go through and they withdrew some drops last night in the first half again and watching the tape here this morning, Dave. They tried to fight through that every ballgame may need to be able to get away from that though in order to to be successful in Greensboro next West Durham is on Twitter at West Durham watch Packer in Durham every morning on the ACC network.

On the other into things Wake Forest they lose it and last year after the season you know somethings up when you're having press conferences to say that a coach is staying. That's what happened when Ron Wellman's final decision as the director of athletics at wake said that Danny was going to come back for his sixth year. So now, of course, John Kerry is now the 80 and he's going to have to make a call one way or the other on Danny Manning. How difficult of a decision do you think this is I think it's a very difficult decision because I'm not sure that you've got a look and you know this because you're familiar that you and I have great respect for both Ron Wellman and John Curry. John has become a friend.

You know, and he and my brother were in high school together in Chapel Hill and I have great respect for what he did at Kansas State and also Tennessee. Even though I thought that was a bad situation ultimately for him in a tough spot for him. Controlled by a lot of outside interest. I think what John will do will be the smart decision for Wake Forest a lot levels number one everybody who wants to change us to understand, where it all fits sometimes Josh that's the toughest part here and having worked on the campus for almost well over 20 years if you count the three schools for schools that work for 18 at Georgia Tech. I can tell you these decisions, you can't enter into them lightly. First of all, you have to understand the financials on both ends not only saying goodbye to a coach, but bringing a new coach in it are mostly still, some discount coupon right on main you have to bring a coach in your to bring staff you have to set the infrastructure that can be position changes all over the place, thing, so and I'm not defending one or the other. Here I'm just looking at the perspective of the of the concept of the transaction. Second, is this deadweight show improvement this year yeah and looking. I think there showing improvement with one senior who's playing meaningful minutes and that is the that's Brandon Childress. Do you see a way or a path next year for weight to be better. I do, I see a path clearly built around a guy who's going to be a senior and what litigates our you can have Shorty Brown as a senior you can. I have Jacoby Neath is a sophomore. You're going to have Ishmael Massoud is a sophomore. You're going to have Isaiah you see us as a sophomore, Junior I guess Junior on that roster next year. I'm sure they do a decent job recruiting where the base of depth so you really look at it and maybe one or two guys have in the play meaningful minutes there freshmen or sophomores just want that's a chance to be in the middle of what I think is going to be an incredibly productive league thank this league is gonna be so much better on the whole 1 to 15 next year that it's scary. It's can be real scary.

To be honest with you because I I just look at some of these teams and save myself.

You know, Wake Forest is one of those teams. Georgia Tech is going to be better, even losing James Banks, you know, it's what could be one of the faster I like Pittsburgh will be much improved next year. Over this year and they really struggled late, but I'm excited about were ACC basketball will be on the whole next year and some of that involves Wake Forest.

Let's not get too far down the road though your good to be on the call Friday night wake forest at NC State. What you imagine the energy in that place is going to feel like Scott Friday night. Well I think it's gonna be one that's pretty interesting because let's be honest NC state now has to win and you win more than just Friday night might be feeling like hey a win against NC state could really further my case, your hate beating everybody in the ACC big for one year.

Sure the question and you remember this the first game wasn't that far apart. The first game the day of the ACC football championship game. I remember sitting watching the game at the fan Fest in Charlotte because we regular pachyderm show behind it and a member Jericho homes obviously getting hurt in the moments there but the game was only one or two possessions but under two minutes to go.

It was relatively close game and I'm expecting the same thing is funny out this exchanging text to Paul being carted. He's doing the ballgame with me.

I expected to be a very intense game for 40 minutes. Both teams want to get out and run and NC state has gotten to a point now where I think they are okay defensively they're using the pressure just to turn it over there not defending you as much as they're attacking you to see if you give the ball up. You know, and so I'm I'm of the belief now that the game will be 40 minutes of grind.

It will be alone. Richardson 40 minutes the hell is what it's going it's a both tapes because you know this. Both teams want to go in the end they want to play this thing at 94 feet. They want played at the top of the gearbox and I think that's what were going to Friday night so it could be a really really entertaining ballgame because desperation has said and really I think on both sides wait to win and NC State.

I got the Austria loss by NC state and the way the other games they play tonight may put the Wolfpack in a position where they have to get to Saturday in order to get in the NCAA tournament, let alone try to get to the semis on Friday night and bust up the top for you know Western from the ACC network and I want to set something up for Saturday.

The ACC network are hosting a watch party on Duke's campus. This is going to be at apples, craft house, starting at noon on Saturday and it's going to be ahead of the big-game Duke and North Carolina meeting again after that classic in Chapel Hill over a month ago. So if you're going to the game or just store around want to see some folks from the ACC network is at the devil's craft house, starting at noon on Saturday ahead of Duke and North Carolina West. Do you remember the first time you went to a Duke Carolyn again so yeah sure what it was that eight points and 17 seconds that was your first one right.

That's not bad. I mean, I went to the Army I went to games, but I didn't go to a lot of games until I was beyond the age of six on a regular basis, and so the first Carolina game. I remembers a points and 17 seconds that's 1974 when I was eight years old, Walter yeah, and after the game. I got Walter Davis's autograph and somebody said that's unavoidable and I later found out that I was one of the few guys I was one of his first autographs.

He told my dad liked months later you know about the wedding realize it was your son last year to the digging that was on the first autographs I had really wanted to honor Walter Davison's Hall of Fame induction and in Carmichael when they played Wofford induced in December and I was a really neat thing to say. Yeah I know he sees as good as it gets and the marvelous pro career just super garden. If I'm forced to recall my favorite players as a kid. He's on the list of these were my top three.

As a kid growing up he was on my top three Carolina players of all time before let you go see you do all the stuff of the ACC again. Watch him on Friday. NC State Wake Forest and working to see you at the ACC tournament as well in Greensboro next Friday morning, Josh with Joe and then never to be there all next week Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday somewhere in the Coliseum in hopefully before the session starts, people will be able to command and bubbly. No dogs after it's amazing.

I have to say that can be masterful and had no hope know their coordinates as I'm sure public building and everything back to halfway works I debated were looking forward to being there and I'm to do a game with Cory Alexander on Tuesday night and even capital Thursday for ESPN radio. Some excited to do that.

What order back story intrigues you the most. This off-season since are also the voice of the Atlanta Falcons in the Asian cam Newton.

It's the big question is Carolina can completely move on after getting a parting ways with Greg Olson and having Matt will be the head coach.

But then of course Tom Brady might be the greatest ever play quarterback and he's good to be a free agent on March 18.

What are you most intrigued by what's good question, probably for me the Tom Brady thing. I just somehow or another. I've heard all this conjecture and so forth. It that's going on. The last couple weeks. I still think he ends up in New England right that's the favorite yeah me what would it be I will check in Brady, the latest news. They called each other last night they were on the rent Greg exchange love letters mean stop. It sounds like this is like they have the relationship between like a dad that's never hugged his son before they had their work. Okay, it's all business here and now Bellatrix trying to me and asked to show expression hey you want to express itself. Take Brady want you back.

Bellatrix just doesn't know how to do that I don't, but that there may be a lot of truth to that, but you remember to it's an organization. There is always know when to say goodbye is true remain Richard Seymour's the best example of any other. I am intrigued. You will laugh and I tell you this, the Panthers thing doesn't really mean that's going to happen, one where the other okay and I hate to say that about cam, but health has got to be a major concern for David Tepper and for Matt ruler Marty Hardy right torso.

Let's let's acknowledge that the most intriguing moving division to me is what can happen in Tampa because it Bruce Arians. I think it Bruce Arians has his wish Jamie Swanson's: okay, I just think James wasn't drive Bruce Arians crazy and there are a lot of options who spend only what is Tampa Philip Rivers is moving to Tampa. I mean look. Tampa could be a lot worse than Philip Rivers. Philip Rivers is still gone.

They need a gunslinger they don't need a guy who's 3030 and Winston through his pick to DR Joe's in the season last year and became the 3030 date Bruce Erin's needs, and Philip Rivers yeah his interception totals really hot and I'm just using him as an example, but I think what's going to happen in Tampa blue breezes and it New Orleans Ryan Scott be in Atlanta who quarterbacks Carolina may not matter because what they're doing. Update the McCaffrey store about will be bigger than the Newton story that's just me. I think the Tampa thing becomes, the line item that we need to follow if you follow the NFC South Western always tied it back to the ACC Philip Rivers being involved with the stuff in Tampa and he knows where he's on his lap, but it's true.

Tiffany Annette brewed that God make the great get the economy to be greatly affected by that movie state tax in Florida.

Don't ever forget that Josh no state tax and that's exactly hard in Texas and Tennessee.

Mom and Wes have a great broadcast Greensboro Friday and then of course have a great call for NC State Wake Forest Saturday and will see you all next week at the ACC turn it right here in our backyard. Sounds great Josh, Robert Walsh, what we got and take it to the house today. Little Miss Moffat sat on her tough it eating her Kurds away along came a snake and sat down beside her and she burned the whole house down in the fray teases is so good for this, we think, to the house next to the office its source as well with her back to back with Josh. Please now be enjoying the most recent Tar Heel great to have his name up into the rafters at the Smith Center.

It happened last month. It is still very who of course plays for the Greensboro storm here in the Triad. In general, there are a lot of things I want to talk to you about the let's get to the one most associated with our show Juergen to be in studio with us next Monday to play our assistant producer Sawyer Dylan extremes himself, playing video games.

He beat Chad Ochocinco knowing he tied Chad Ochocinco and FIFA soccer not too long ago you guys good to be going head-to-head in studio. Thank you for the time but how confident are you taking on Sawyer next Monday provided with mom pretty, what I could do it, go think I'm ready to really Williams is so I respect your opponent always do stuff I don't know Sawyer's paying you much respect know he's not here today, but he sent us this. He's on the road I think is overlooking you. He's in New York just spending time ahead of his big matchup with you on my nightmare, but he sent this in specifically for you. It was of Joe. Looking forward to our game on Monday. I just have one quick question though, what should the mercy rule be because I don't know if you're down by like 25 or 30 and like the third quarter, we might want to call it but I accept you and I can run the score on you or we can just call it a 2015 10 one of your thinking also are we doing three random teams, or we take our team that's that's the only other thing I need to know before I get the government is so awful talking trash. How do you respond to that cocky right now so you know it that's good.

I like to come, let him have it and we can now follow-up on the question their part of the confidence that you heart it was there ever a time Joe Mary was a trash talker on the floor.

Clark Gardner get up on the one thing I usually let my come out of my play yeah usually stay quietly if you rub me the wrong way. That's when all is the guy in the ACC you face that you remember thinking this guy talks a lot want. This is, I think his name was Josh from Georgia take the know. I think I might go.

I think there may have a point guard from my from Georgia take the wind. I think I feel down and again, stepped over at me and say something in that kind of pain that take me out so that the mainland not remember but everybody you know. It is part of the game you know it happened.

You know you got a little respectful yeah holiday operon is the Alvarado he's at his fair share of run-ins with a lot of people in mind he still plays at Georgia Tech.

As you mentioned, Joe Barry is joining us here on sports try at your guys in Chapel Hill man won three straight games beat Wake Forest last night to be in your town though next week to be playing in the ACC tournament together when the whole damn thing in order to make it to the NCAA's you think your boys are scary. Next we get a girl scary team right. I think that all that was all great cochlear always know your down battle injury and all but what's most important is trying to put it all together toward that's when you need to become all I think they're starting to come together as a team. All coach always said that you start off your first level once you get towards the end of the season. You're not a freshman anymore geek at the beginning don't don't apply it in so they decide to put it together. Our current government. Here we are. We played on the first day and had play all the way to determine your last day and so hopefully that will seems like it's Joe Barry with this year.

From this one from you.

Great. I remember last month when your number was being put into the rafters. Boy he wanted. He was calling for a microphone as he was walking off of the floor. They wanted to do things quickly as halftime of the Duke game a very important game for the Tar Heels really wanted to say something that he grabbed the microphone he was brief for about 15/22 but he said that he called you a rascally college you because you this guy who I mean that's that's a term of endearment. I mean, that's something that I think you learn with coach Williams when he calls you a little rascal or somebody who could be a pain in the neck that that's a good thing when Roy Williams is referring to you that way. Isn't right exactly where all you know, the Navy will record after staying there because of how close again always came know about it so there is a great honor to be on call that he about it, but it is on that if get your name like that. I don't think when you go in recruiting visit to a place like North Carolina you expect to have a banner go up with your name on it. I could be wrong on that because I'm not nearly as talented as you are. But when you see names like Jordan up there and worthy and forward now.

Mary's up there me what goes through you as you look up in the rafters that day when at halftime of the Duke game and you see your name amongst all those other great your arm. Your arm and I don't think it will and can I get older you know what day would be able to show my clear no be able to show them that in but I mean the first time I walked in there and that I just thought it was always cool and I hope that day that I want to put my name and on honor to be able to be up there with you know with Jordan feel for it in Callahan's girl, but it even more monitor have forgot that I played with Marcus page and all and not just injection to be up there so you guys that I play with so be up there that just something that that that I wanted to do when I was a put to accomplish Joel.

I'm sure your heart was broken when you saw Trey Jones made the play he made at the end of regulation, but you should know that I've been afflicted with pain because of it to. I lost a bet to somebody who said they could not create that play in 15 minutes or less than he did it in 10 minutes and 15 seconds so yesterday I will II finally had to bet completely paid off. I had to put Christmas lights a Rudolph the red nose reindeer nose and deer antlers on my car for two weeks in February because someone re-created that shots are Tar Heel and I'm sure that hurts. It hurt me that someone was able to re-create the trade zone shot.

I got ask you though as a point guard yourself. How many times do you think if you were given to re-create that play would it take for you to do it and I would never outgrow it in a my trying to bounce off with a airball that but I got heated up the RAM that way it be able to get it back down. I don't think I create. I don't think many people can do echo living right at that way. I think they got lucky that day. That blessing for you. Be.he's walking here into the studio now. He does stuff with Greenspan's foreman course to play for the swamp.

How to assess his game like how do you think B.would be on the floor me honest. Now come on, he doesn't want you to sugarcoat it.

You will pardon from from the given he got a body type, remind me of him.

So I think it game what kind of be like that. His head is now inflated completely. Joel, we look forward to seeing you next Monday and studio. Thanks for doing this very look for it if you guys and thank you did do we still have Joel, Robert, do we still have a B.he's walking right in right now and I don't think he knows who will board.

I don't think B.those who will Barton is watching him in Memphis that gets buckets. He's awesome. He's one of the best six men in the NBA is any that's a compliment from Joel if you're comparing if he is your gain compared to NBA players is pretty good last night and five rebounds.

Anything is to be anything. I think some would say he's about the bucket on the far you have a lot of fun this this is good of the very fun because North Carolina has won its third in a row will be.he has his message to the Tar Heel nation and not even what type of music should Robert look up for you to have a message to the Winston-Salem State RAM nation champions from Kanye West and Dame � and then we are the champions get that place.

Alright so were going to knock both of those that you also What NBA head coach Tim Duncan looks like and sounds like you're on a drive with Josh Gray sports hub triad started just as a fan of the show. Then we had him on a show.

Then we started saying hey have you come in your every minute or every hour I should say or for an hour once a week I can talk to and now are the point. He has his own segment that's called B.grammar lesson and after just a few weeks of doing this. B.he's not bringing his headphones and he's bypassing a sign on the studio door that says no food or drink their thunder bringing goods. The blaze ships that a Snapple will have a much lesser Snapple fact is not a Snapple is an ever fresh. Josh looks more facts, it looks like a Snapple rash that you would have a fact.

Underneath that There's nothing underneath the Damn well I'm sorry to ever fresh will still have you on as a sponsor.

Sponsor this segment. B.this segment be dots grammar school this week and talk to you by ever fresh and that's far fact we got too much imaging for this, but some would say just so much, just enough Josh Graham has his own way of speaking school even play sports and he didn't wear a helmet and just when you think it can't get any worse language teacher wanted to find me in June you think the next Josh is going to attempt to learn because God's vernacular, the old-school street knowledge. You know what I mean it's time for being dots grammar school are Josh and we reviewed words such as Which means lot 12 holy three different meanings. Last week this week. Your word is a word that was regional Josh. It was from New York vernacular and this word is what dad asked me this was willing to hear some clues yeah 336-777-1600. What does dad asked me now listen as her calling up. Understand this job again. Dad asked with a regional word that came down from the north. It is also an exclamation added when you add the B to the end of day so if you have been asked be always there word that these note note fee is just the B!

Oh the up North Burbage and slang, jargon.

I got it you like wassup be an dad asked me if you are confident that I just felt a moment. Accountability confidence. 777-1600. Robert, do you have a look Monday.

Joel is going to be Sawyer so bad you think that all marriage hardly is going to get with that You can use it right. If you like that the state they got that ASPI lowly will write that I did you realize you were pretty good. I think this is an easy one.

I think I need any help to knock it out as being serious man I married Siri and that you're very serious and you like this sorry world Monday. I'm dead ASPI okay.

I am I am segment or you just know that I was going to do something tease I had West Durham.

He's good be joining our show in an hour. That guy is the most smart analyst on all ACC basketball bed ASPI grammar school is another thing we need to figure out. Maybe the audience can help us out on this week a B.a credential for the ACC tournament next week. Yes, and I'm so thankful.

Thank you very much worth a try and answer Jenny and you just write so what is B not going to do for us what we having B.therefore grammar school with, but what is Thursday and Friday. The point I feel like the best way to use him would be in on the least formal situation possible. So maybe you could be like the locker room correspondent yeah and you're in your in there like Josh will be a little more respectful and not really pushbuttons but I feel like that's wanting to ask Roy Williams questions everybody? I don't know about that bad know about that.

I want to go and asked the question that you're too scared asked Josh yeah yeah asked those questions under the radio show why this question will come on guys not to show why because B.what a marriage that I think you're wrong why you are not unable to be a fan of the team before working for sports or prior when you're when you're probably below the arena.

Yeah, we are in the locker room, I can refinance. Probably I can be a fan fan of different players, though like I worked my like Chris like like that's my guy.

Like I the formality of a press conference that that is a worrisome place. Trust me because I'm not. I'm telling you man, better press conferences before scare me. I'm not worried.

I I'm not worried about you.

I'm just saying that there is very little comedy happens in those that circumspect exactly like my that there last year, which gauges dunking on me asking Zion or RJ Ray to get dunkers on no band damn near them because that's the question the people want to know. I think you do your most damaging locker rooms just because you can do whatever you want to house band.

I'm not good enough to come into the main room you can go underneath and the fellows talk to the guys down there look like you know what I audience because the way I like this B that comes on the air they get there and I can talk around here. I understand this is this is something we need to figure out what your role if it is in the press conference is okay Robert what you thought you have B.asking everybody questions, you can do whatever you want to resort to showing up we get them a credential is first time is never to get better if you don't give him a shot.

Thanks Rob I got your back man is my God is not here myself at the ACC media data to see me. I had a hard bottoms and stuff when it next week where next week. Would you like to know what ever fresh ways to fly. But I wasn't really unfamiliar with southern heat barbecue tossed my bag like that we not impressed me 70 barbecue Fellowship looks good to next week's get to be a lot of fun to figure out what exactly your roles get a beta. I am in all honesty the best stuff comes out of the locker room because it is longer than anybody yeah I am the problem. Press coverage.

Raise your hand and a microphone to go over here with your name and affiliation. That's I hate that room is always so awkward awkward stage in their like everybody scared to say something like I've only heard a laugh in there maybe twice in my whole life of going to press conferences such as this is just to scare revive this weird place to be.

It is weird but it is I try to change that a little bit. You see, that's what you need me getting to your gain telecommand. We did not do the kid play dance in front of everybody would know what I would love to watch the rush-hour movie that you two rush hour of sport you start to 48 hours. I should probably Clark.

I did get this far. All right coming up why it wouldn't surprise me for the Panthers to go quarterback number seven. Dad asked: we stop this narrative of the Panthers get rid of cam Newton.

I'm so sick of you with this, Josh. Every day you kick him further and further out of Charlotte and it is starting to pay me all day be

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