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QB bridge over troubled waters

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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March 18, 2020 11:03 am

QB bridge over troubled waters

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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March 18, 2020 11:03 am

On this edition of The Drive with Josh Graham the guys break down their ROM COM Bracket, Josh discusses where Tom Brady and Cam Newton could go, and Darin Gantt tries to give his best Meg Ryan.

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This is The Drive with Josh Graham Podcast.

Tune into The Drive weekday afternoons 3 to 7 on Sports Hub Triad. I don't think we've ever seen a day like today in NFL history where you have two MVP quarterbacks cutting ties with their teams just hours apart. Tom Brady, no longer gonna be a New England Patriot. But with the Carolina Panthers, sometimes business can get messy.

That's the case in football and radio or any field you pick. David Tepper, he's a hedge fund manager. He's worth over 11 billion dollars. He's the richest owner in the NFL.

So yeah, he understands this better than most. Although, I believe the Carolina Panthers decision to move off of Cam Newton today to be very messy. It was a smart business decision, moving off of Cam and signing Teddy Bridgewater. When I look at what this means, you do not get Teddy Bridgewater today if Cam Newton is on the roster.

It's that simple, number one. Can you imagine those discussions? Yesterday, Teddy getting reacquainted with Joe Brady, meeting Matt Ruhle. Yeah, I'd love to play for you guys, but then you got to get to the awkward part of the conversation. Okay, well what's going on with number one? QB1 here, former MVP. One of the best players in your franchise's history. The guy you just said a few weeks ago, you absolutely wanted the coach.

What's going on there? Teddy Bridgewater wasn't gonna sign a contract, smartly. With Carolina, as long as Carolina publicly was committed to Cam.

So I see the initial press release go out. The Panthers, they published a story as they commonly do, creating their own content, even if the news is bad for Carolina. The headline, Panthers give Cam Newton permission to seek trade. It's very strangely put, which is why Cam got upset with the Panthers. He was in the comments saying that, don't make it sound like it was me that wanted to do this, essentially.

I'm paraphrasing there. Greg Olsen, he commented and said, sounds familiar. He's since gone public saying that it wasn't quite as mutual when he parted ways with Carolina. It was Carolina saying they wanted to rebuild and move off of Greg.

When that happened, me and my producer Robert Walsh, we had a discussion. I started thinking, why does Carolina make this public? Why does Carolina make it known on their own social media, on their own website, that they've given Cam Newton the permission to seek a trade?

Why would they do that? That essentially throws away any trade value Cam has. Like, you have a quote in this story from Marty Hurney, one of the distinct pleasures of my career was selecting Cam with the first pick of the 2011 draft.

Every year, difficult decisions are made and they are never easy. We have been working with Cam and his agent to find the best fit for him moving forward and he will always be a Carolina Panther in our hearts. Later in the story, David Tepper saying Cam's one of the all-time greats.

I wish him the best. They mentioned the injuries in this story, which I thought was odd and then that was later deleted, I think. Though it's still in there. Cam's injuries. That's something the Panthers never talk about and it's in this release. So yeah, the Panthers, they're moving off of Cam. I don't know if any team is going to trade anything to Carolina unless they just want Cam on the cheap twenty two and a half billion dollar contract for one year. That way Cam is locked in to one year and Cam is locked in at that salary as well.

That's the only way I see it getting done. So that was the final domino. The only reason why the Panthers put that out publicly, knowing that that would diminish all value Cam had at that point and do away with all the work from a public relations standpoint, Matt Ruhle did in Indianapolis at the scouting combine saying that he absolutely expected Cam to be the quarterback of the team. You threw all of that away for one reason.

This is what me and Robert arrived at at lunch. You do that because you plan to sign a quarterback. You had a quarterback you wanted to pursue.

No quarterbacks can assign with you if Cam is still on the roster, if you're still committed to him. And then lo and behold, Teddy Bridgewater is the quarterback a few hours later. I could see why Carolina prefers Teddy. Better career passer rating, healthier in recent years. He's nearly four years younger than Cam.

Also Teddy, he fits perfectly into a rebuild. He's cheap. Sixty million dollars for three years, that's about twenty million dollars a year. Good job Josh, really good at math. That's cheaper than Cam this year. Twenty two and a half mil. Three year contract. I didn't expect Teddy to take anything less than four years, but he did. So Carolina, I think it's a good contract in terms of salary. It's good in terms of length for a 27 year old. Both these things, they can jive together.

They can fit. It's a misnomer that people have about tanking. Some people think it's all about, it's just like Major League where the Cleveland ownership wants to move the team so they're purposely trying to make them bad, right? That's not what tanking is. Tanking is about getting rid of expensive contracts and long-term contracts.

Often those contracts that are expensive and long-term are the best, most talented players so your team does get worse when you get rid of them. But it's more about developing youth and Teddy again is a 27 year old quarterback in a league where quarterbacks can play until they're 43, we've learned, and still get 60 million dollar contracts at 43. So it's still a pretty young quarterback that you're getting here and three years isn't that long of a commitment for that position. So it can still be a rebuilding job or Teddy can be the quarterback of the future.

He's getting that opportunity. I think this eliminates the Panthers drafting a quarterback next month. I think they're gonna give Teddy a shot here. If it's great, okay, this is the quarterback of the future for us.

If it's not, okay, then next year. Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, maybe somebody we don't know the way that we didn't know about Joe Burrow at this time last year. Familiarity matters with a new staff. Matt Ruhle, he hired a lot of his former Baylor assistants to join him. He hired a lot of guys he knew when he was with the Giants ten years ago under Tom Coughlin.

Russell Okun, a big reason why that trade got done, Trey Turner, Pro Bowler, going to the Chargers and Russell Okun being brought in is because Pat Meyer, the offensive line coach, knew Okun. Robert Walsh, he's the producer of this show and he had to apply for a job in order to be the producer of this show. I worked with him before in Eastern North Carolina. Now I didn't get final say, but I know without a doubt Robert, he's good enough. He could produce radio shows all across the state, maybe all across the country, but a big reason why he's in the chair he is sitting in right now is because we worked with each other before.

Familiarity matters. And Joe Brady worked with Teddy Bridgewater in New Orleans two years ago and the Saints Drew Brees loved him. Michael Thomas, he went to the national title game when they played in New Orleans just because he wanted to support Brady. And apparently Bridgewater loved him too. Good locker room guy as well, everybody oozes when they talk about how great Bridgewater is as a person. But listen to this sound from Matt Rule talking to Peter King a few weeks ago speaking about why he hired Joe Brady and specifically what he wanted to bring in offensively. Here's Joe having tremendous success at LSU with a college version of what he learned in New Orleans and at that I wanted that.

That I had studied and thought about, hey if I do this how am I going to do it? Darren Gant, going to join us in 20 minutes. 336-777-1600. I want your thoughts on what just happened. Cam Newton being moved off of as the Panthers quarterback and Teddy Bridgewater gonna be the guy this year in all likelihood.

777-1600 is the number. I do think the Patriots could be an option for Cam. The LA Chargers of course. Especially if some of these reports we're seeing regarding Tom Brady are true where it seems like Brady's gonna become a Tampa Bay Buccaneer.

That makes a lot of sense to me. Tom, he is trying to evaluate what the best life option is for him, the best football option. Tampa is better than the LA Chargers in almost every single way. Skill guys it's close but I'd still take Tampa with OJ Howard and Godwin and Mike Evans over Greensboro's own Keenan Allen among others in Los Angeles. Coach it's Bruce Arians more than it's Anthony Lin. Arians one of the more respected offensive minds in the sport. Offensive line, the Chargers they've bolstered things up. Brian Bilaga was just signed the former tackle of the Green Bay Packers. They also traded for Trey Turner so they have a pro bowler at the guard spot as well but Tampa's O line it's seventh in the NFL according to Pro Football Focus last year so the Bucs they get the check over the Chargers organizationally same organization ownership group that hired Tony Dungy, that hired John Gruden won a Super Bowl in 2002. It makes more life sense for Brady because he's gonna get paid.

Kobe Bryant he once told Adrian Wojnarowski after winning one of his titles and nine or ten I did it without taking a pay cut. There's pride in that where you get paid what you're worth and you still are able to execute still able to win. So a lot of this I think is pride for Brady he's gonna get paid after taking pay cuts with the Patriots for the last decade and there's no state income tax in the state of Florida.

His family is in New York City so it's a lot shorter of a flight for him to go from Tampa to New York City versus going from New York City to Los Angeles. And I also think he has a better chance to win in Tampa that he does with the Chargers just when you look at the division you don't have to face Pat Mahomes twice a year in the NFC South. Granted you have the New Orleans Saints with another aging future Hall of Fame quarterback but Carolina Panthers as we mentioned a little bit of a rebuild there Atlanta losing a lot of parts haven't been to the playoffs the last few years. They're better than the Chargers were last year. Tampa 7 and 9 versus 5 and 11 that was Arians first year with the team. They just resigned a couple of great defensive players.

Jason Pierre Paul, Shaq Barrett. So I think it makes football sense it makes life sense that Brady chooses the Tampa Bay Buccaneers tomorrow. There are some reporting saying that he's gonna be a Buccaneer tomorrow but Schefter not on that yet. Ian Rapoport, Jay Glazer not there either and these are the guys we trust most when it comes to the news breaking. It is day two of our five brackets in five days. Yesterday it was our 2000s pop music bracket. Today it is romantic comedies. Robert tell us what region we're going to. The madness continues on sports hub triad. I feel fantastic since we broke up.

It's a good idea right? It's the romantic comedy bracket. Let's go to the Julia Roberts region. Number one seed Pretty Woman is facing Never Been Kissed. A lot of Drew Barrymore movies in the rom-com bracket.

Pretty Woman though gonna take out Never Been Kissed. Eight seed Crazy Stupid Love faces nine seed 40 Year Old Virgin. This might be one of the more difficult matchups in the first round and the entire bracket but 40 Year Old Virgin is just a funnier movie than Crazy Stupid Love. There's more romance in Crazy Stupid Love I'll give you that but 40 Year Old Virgin a funnier movie it wins and advances to the round of 32. Grease four seed facing the Sandman and Drew Barrymore and 50 First Dates.

I think it's Grease just because of the classic songs and that relationship and that movie is one of the more iconic in American culture but 50 First Dates very underrated Sandman movie. Bridget Jones Diary a five seed going up against 12 seeded Bridesmaids. It's got to be Bridget Jones 90 speaking early 2000s it is what made Renee Zellweger Renee Zellweger in addition to of course Jerry Maguire as well.

So Bridget Jones Diary moving on. Six seed Miss Congeniality versus 11th seeded Something's Gotta Give. Sandra Bullock most underrated rom-com leading woman there is. Julia Roberts gets a lot of credit Andy McDow Meg Ryan nah give me Sandra Bullock who was once called at my alma mater East Carolina University Sandy from the first floor at one of the central buildings at ECU.

I don't think she ever got a degree but Miss Congeniality is through to face whom Julia Roberts. Notting Hill is a three seed going up against 16 candles not a lot of love in this bracket so far for the crew in 16 candles that cast but Notting Hill is gonna win in this one I I'm just a sucker when it comes to Julia Roberts movie so Notting Hill to the round of 32. Bull Durham's a two seed and it's facing Valentine's Day. Hugh Grant can't overpower that of Crash Davis so Crash will win in this round to go to the round of 32. Lost in translation kind of a strange movie that doesn't really age that well so how to lose a guy in 10 days is gonna win in the 7-10 matchup. Alright second round matchups say anything or excuse me Pretty Woman facing 40 year old virgin it's more of a comedy than it is a rom -com so I think that hurts it Pretty Woman is just definition of a romantic comedy Pretty Woman to the Sweet 16. Grease versus Bridget Jones Diary I think it's Bridget Jones. Miss Congeniality versus Notting Hill I like Notting Hill again a sucker for Julia Roberts. Bull Durham takes out how to lose a guy in 10 days this might be another one of the toughest matchups in this entire bracket Bull Durham in the Sweet 16 facing Notting Hill. Since this is a sports talk radio show I feel like in the state of North Carolina I have to give the nod to Susan Sarandon, Kevin Costner, and Bull bleeping Durham. Pretty Woman facing Bridget Jones Diary easy win for Pretty Woman and in the Elite Eight it's Pretty Woman versus Bull Durham whoo I think I gave Bull Durham enough love here it's maybe my favorite sports movie but Pretty Woman is my mom's favorite movie she can quote it all the time I didn't watch it for the first time until a few months ago Julia Roberts wasn't a massive star until this movie came out and then she became the biggest star in Hollywood so Pretty Woman is gonna go to the final four in my rom-com bracket we're now the opposite of the front of sports talk because we're well we're back to it get it well that's not funny back to the drive that's moronic with Josh grab longtime Panthers reporter longtime NFL reporter Darren Gant now joining us he's a Hall of Fame boner for pro football talk calm and NBC sports as well so give me a sense here Darren I thought the Panthers their move off of Cam Newton it was cutthroat but it was something you needed to do in order to sign another quarterback that quarterback being Teddy Bridgewater reportedly three years 60 million dollars it was cutthroat but it seemed to be smart business how do you view it well I mean it's kind of a mess it wasn't handled particularly gracefully I think there would have been a way I mean I think if they were really motivated into the conclusion but can't didn't seem to have gotten the message I mean I think everything we've heard and really the first signal for me raise my hand pardon me for going on a long ramble here it's been a long day of work from home but we're kind of used to it the first sign was in December when they fired Ron Rivera and pepper was talking about what made it a good job and he said hey one of the things you got to realize is we don't have a 30 million dollar mistake and he was referring to Jared Goff's contract that the Rams probably regret right now so quarterback contract in the time beyond quarterback was clearly on Tepper's mind he fired a coach he starts new they talk about process they talk about building they talk about pain and a foreign VP quarterback with one year left on his contract who wants a raise that they're not going to give him because he's been hurt the last two years doesn't really fit with all those other things so it was always going to be awkward it was always going to be kind of painful you do probably having seen them go through with Steve Smith sort of wish they could have found a better way to do it but now you wonder after committing or work getting out that you're going to sign Teddy Bridgewater you wonder what the market forms gonna be I would think they should still be able to find somebody to give them something for Cam Newton I mean even even if you go worst case scenario and Cam might not be a hundred percent healthy let's start a training camp he's still Cam Newton and that contract really is not that big yes and that's the thing I think that's valuable here the Panthers they've made it known and teams understand it that he's not going to be on the team it just doesn't work to have two quarterback contracts that are worth 20 million dollars or more here but if you're a team like the Bears and you're a team like the Patriots if he is released by Carolina then there's he's gonna want maybe more than one year and if he wants just one year he's probably gonna want more than twenty two and a half million dollars there are teams like the Bears the Patriots maybe even the Chargers who might look at that and say uh yeah we'd give a compensatory pick or something like that just to get the contract alone well so much of it depends on Tom Brady because if the Chargers think they're still in on that they're not gonna make a bid on Cam Newton right now you know same deal with the Bucks and other people who are looking at quarterbacks I mean Tom's obviously the big one that's gonna fall the the Colts and Philip Rivers did their thing this afternoon and a lot of people expected that that one made a lot of sense at a lot of levels but the hold you up real quick can like can logistically a trade happen right now when three weeks ago the Panthers were saying yeah we don't quite know if he'd pass a physical right now it probably would take him a month and change to pass a physical does a trade happen without Cam being able to do so depends on how desperate the other team is I mean the general manager in Chicago once traded four things to move up one spot to take a Mitch Trubisky so I I don't rule anything out people make bad decisions all the time you know Bill O'Brien had a snit and gave away DeAndre Hopkins for a washed up running back in a bad contract so in a second round pick so weird stuff happens all the time I don't rule it out and and listen it's not as if camp doesn't have value and I think if you were a team like let's say you're the Chargers and you strike out on Tom Brady you can do a lot worse than Cam Newton and the sixth pick in the draft at quarterback going into a new stadium to try to juice the business a little bit I mean that's interesting if nothing else and that'll get the attention of a lot of people in Los Angeles so I think the guy has value I think the guy can still play if you assume that a 31 year old should be well at some point this year then I and I think he could be good business for somebody because listen you can still franchise tag guys so in effect you're you're buying a two-year contract Darren Gantt he's on Twitter at Darren Gantt pro football talk calm you said that it was messy today and it obviously was when you get Greg Olsen involved in the proceedings as well backing up what cam criticized the Panthers for on their initial post the Panthers giving cam permission to seek a trade so I love the image of cam Newton calling Howie Roseman calling to Costa and Baltimore calling all these general managers across football saying yeah will you take me playing ball here I mean it seems like I'm allowed to do this now what bothered you the most about the way the Panthers handled it today well I mean you know it really basically at least best player in franchise history or the most talented player in franchise history let me say that let me circle back a little bit on myself and he's done a lot for these guys he won an MVP drives a pretty shabby set of offensive personnel to a 15-1 record in a Super Bowl in 2015 you would think and again having gone through it five six years ago with Steve Smith you would think there would be some institutional memory but a lot of that institutional memory is gone and and Matt Ruhle doesn't care about any of that stuff necessarily so you know it was awkward it was painful you wish they could have found a way to to trade him without putting out that statement but I don't think cam got the message when he showed up at Super Bowl doing Radio Road talking about oh yeah they want me that didn't square with any other message that had been sent you know Matt Ruhle at his first press conference was like yep hadn't really had a chance to talk to him don't really know a lot about him temper referred to other teams making 36 million dollars mistakes and pain and growing in the future and cam didn't seem to understand that that didn't include him he kept thinking he was about to get a raise and that was never gonna happen if it is the Bucks and the Chargers as the final two for Tom Brady tomorrow would you be surprised if it's not Tampa oh no because me it's Tampa and I don't know how you know I don't know how good the Bucks are with or without him I mean they were okay this year despite James Winston throwing 30 interceptions but they were okay because James Winston through 5,000 yards and 33 touchdowns so I don't know you know would I rather have Tom Brady than James Winston yes but if I'm thinking closer to winning a playoff game or even a Super Bowl I think the Chargers are probably closer but listen Bruce Arians didn't go to Tampa Bay to build a long-term project he's short time himself so they would be trying to juice this thing for one year I mean could it be worse if it's Tom Brady and you you know go to Tampa and you get to throw it to Chris Gilett and Mike Evans and Cameron break maybe OJ Howard and you know play with Bruce Arians who's done good stuff with old quarterbacks before yeah I would be okay but I think if it was me I would have leaned Chargers in that situation but it's close and it's close enough that you know other moves they could make might move the needle with Tom because it does appear based on everything he's done through this process that the parts you put around him are important to him and it's gonna make a difference in his ultimate decision. Darren Gantt with us from working from home as many people are amid a crisis but just a little bit of information that people might not know and maybe you might not know this Darren but aside from the city of Charlotte in terms of television markets this one that we're in right now television radio is the second highest drawing Panthers market in terms of viewership, listenership and in college basketball the national championship game was played between Virginia and Texas Tech last year the highest rated markets for that game was Charlottesville Virginia Lubbock Texas and then after that Greensboro Winston Salem High Point the Triad watched that game more than anybody else and it didn't even have a North Carolina team so we love football and that's why you're here but we also love March Madness as well and there's no March Madness this year so to fill that void I've been doing brackets every single day yesterday it was a 2000s music pop music bracket today it's romantic comedies the final four that we've settled on right now is number one seed When Harry Met Sally five seed While You Were Sleeping three seed There's Something About Mary and number one seed Pretty Woman I'm not sure if you've seen all those movies but out of romantic comedies which of those four do you believe to be the best? I think I've seen three of those I know at least two I'm a little hazy on the other one but yeah that group when Harry Met Sally is a classic I mean if you talk about the modern romantic comedy that's pretty much the scene and if you want me to get you thrown off the air I'll do the diner scene right now.

Oh no we actually have it as part of our imaging we have it in our imaging but Robert he did his best impression of it Darren give me what you got come on Darren! Oh no no no I have too many friends in the triad and some of them go to church I will not be doing that. So When Harry Met Sally is the pick before I let you go though we talk music every single time you're here I can't ask you what show you're gonna go to next so give me a good album that all of us can go home turn on and listen to either on Spotify or find to get online. Yeah it's kind of disappointing that all the good shows a lot of us were looking forward to go see are gonna be off one of the things and I've got to look this up one of my favorite artists an English punk rocker slash folk singer named Frank Turner is doing a live stream concert tonight and he's asking people to make donations to help pay his crew that is basically shut out in the middle of the tour and Frank Turner sings songs that I like listening to and I think you probably would as well so do you do you a little digging around the Twitter around the internet see if you can find Frank Turner he sings hopeful songs and I think right now in the United States of America we could all stand a little bit of that. John Legend an hour ago did one of those similar streams Chris Martin of Coldplay did one yesterday as well so people are doing good things amid really difficult circumstances Darren we look forward to reading your work at pro football talk calm thanks for spending time with us today. Yep we'll see y'all later. You got it that's Darren Gantt he's on Twitter at Darren Gantt gosh I thought for a second he was gonna do it.

I you know what I knew in the tone of his voice that he wasn't ready that's something you got to warm up for or have no self respect like me. You know what do we I don't think people can come to the office and pick up these prizes but I was thinking how great would it be if people called then for some reason some purpose and gave us yeah just gave us the Meg Ryan from When Harry Met Sally. I would love that I don't know if we could do that but like I know I know the folks at Beamer Tire and Auto they would hook us up with some $50 oil change and like free tire rotation. I need to go talk oil change tire rotation we could do that that's like a $50 value so we could you know what bleep it we'll figure it out give me three three people who are willing to do the Meg Ryan from When Harry Met Sally you know the I'll have what he what she's having three three six seven seven seven one six hundred we're gonna do our final four for our rom-com bracket but we'll give away a Beamer Tire and Auto $50 package of sorts which is a tire rotation along with a free oil change three three six seven seven seven one six hundred we'll see if anybody wants to play along in the dryad next.

You could try getting your sports news and talk somewhere else my life sucks quite enough already thank you best to leave it right here on the drive with Josh Graham understandably Robert couldn't find three people in the entire triad who wanted to do the Meg Ryan from When Harry Met Sally and that's completely fine I don't think anybody is complaining about that we have our rom-com bracket we're going to the final four now and this is gonna be hotly contested getting some comments on Instagram some on Facebook and Twitter here you could chime in at sports hub triad but before we do the final four for the rom-com brackets and breaking news in the NBA we learned last hour that four Brooklyn Nets have tested positive for the coronavirus three a symptomatic one having symptoms we don't know who all four of the players are but we just learned according to Shams Karaniya of as a stadium or Yahoo I'm gonna figure I would guess Yahoo yeah Shams second to Woj Kevin Durant is one of the four who have tested positive for the virus I was wrong it's the athletic and stadium the athletic and stadium we were all wrong but that's why we asked the questions here so if you ever hear anybody even at this point who says yeah I'm young I'm fine I don't have it I don't have any symptoms don't even worry about me you know I'll just go out and start high-fiving people again no no it's Kevin bleeping Durant Kevin bleeping Durant has this thing okay so I'm not I know I'm supposed to be the guy who says that everybody's special and perfect in 2020 you're not special in this sense okay you could have it just because you know if Kevin Durant who's one of the healthiest people on earth these NBA athletes Donovan Mitchell Rudy Gobert if they can get it you could probably get it too so be safe be responsible and you know listen to what coach K Roy Williams and Kevin Keats were telling you via press release or PSA yesterday listen to Edward Jerome wash your hands do what's necessary there go Tigers yeah and go Tigers did you find it interesting that Danny Manning was not asked to be a part of that PSA yesterday his team don't play defense man I want my immune system to play defense I'm not gonna listen to Danny man got it got it yeah all right let's get into the rom-com bracket the madness continues on sports hub triad I feel fantastic since we broke up it's a good idea right it's the romantic comedy bracket we've reached the final four we have and the final four is when Harry met Sally which that clip you just heard anthem is a classic we have a one seed and when Harry met Sally a five seed with while you were sleeping pretty woman also a one seed and there's something about Mary coming out of the Meg Ryan Andy McDowell John Cusack and Julia Roberts regions the matchups when Harry met Sally facing while you were sleeping pretty woman going up against there's something about Mary Robert where are you leaning in this it sounds like you're a cheerleader for there's something about Mary I I'm a big Ben Stiller fan whether he's in a small role a large role but especially in this movie his chemistry with Cameron Diaz I think it's gonna play out well on the court and I just don't know if the other team is gonna be able to hold up against that kind of chemistry which of these speaking of holding up which of these movies holds up best because all of these are at least 20 years old pretty woman 30 years old when Harry met Sally 30 years old while you were asleep at close to 25 years old and there's something about Mary a little over 20 years old yeah I had some problems when pretty woman came up against 40 year old virgin you said that pretty woman was more of the ROM calm 50 or 40 year old virgin had too much of the calm well I would like to bring forward that they had a lot of ROM see Steve Carell getting with that woman after she had already been in a terrible marriage where she had some kids she had baggage he had a lack of baggage and together they had just enough closet space I think it is a great American love story it gives the the lower love class like me a chance and pretty woman he took her off the streets to the sheets is that real love maybe I don't know I've never had that much money so maybe it is but the scene where she goes into the stores on Rodeo Drive yes come on there's nothing funnier than that when they tell her to leave and then she buys all the stuff as if to say you made a poor decision today like there is a lot of comedy in pretty woman there is what's a better movie what's a better movie I'm gonna get about Mary pretty woman I'm gonna have to go pretty woman me too pretty woman is gonna beat there something about Mary man that's tough it is this one's gonna get tougher tough mashup when Harry met Sally versus while you were sleeping man I don't know what will happen if I don't know I might have to call my mom if when while you were sleeping beats when uh Harry met Sally here because my mom loves while you were sleeping and pretty woman but sorry to Debbie Graham I think when Harry met Sally's just the perfect rom-com it has to advance here it just does Sandra Bullock I mean it doesn't really date well where you're pretending to be in the guy's family just because you have a crush with him also every time I see that dude I think mr. deeds the slimy guy and mr. deeds that's a problem so I'm going when Harry met Sally to beat the five seat you have a matchup between two number one seeds here Robert I love it when Harry met Sally versus pretty woman is the championship game and the rom-com bracket if you have thoughts when Harry met Sally versus pretty woman three three six seven seven seven one six hundred is the phone number it's March madness and you can vote on the poll at sports I've tried in that Josh Graham radio on Twitter I think it's when Harry met Sally just so many moments one that sticks out that's underrated Billy Crystal being asked why he broke up with this one girl and he said that you know she's from Northwestern and Northwestern's in the Big Ten and that's that's a deal-breaker for me oh I would agree with you this is so great there's so many lines every two or three minutes in this movie there is a line that's gonna make you laugh from Billy Crystal and the chemistry there with Meg Ryan who is just the goat of rom-com leading women I think it's it's just so tough not to say this is the movie so when Harry met Sally it is the overall number one seed in the tournament but they took care of business with the path in the Meg Ryan region of beating fever pitch the most overrated awful sports movie that people think is actually good beating you've got mail another Meg Ryan movie with Tom Hanks beating Jerry Maguire beating sleepless in Seattle Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan again to get to the final four taking care of while you were sleeping and now pretty woman your champion and the rom-com bracket is when Harry met Sally yo welcome to the show that clone the Loch Ness monster and got her drunk the drive with Josh Graham so Cam Newton's no longer gonna be a Carolina Panther that's the news of the day Tom Brady also moving on for the New England Patriots and just a bit I'll tell you one area the Panthers got burned today but our first guest is the son of the late great Jerry Tarkanian it's Danny Tarkanian and I love this he has a new book coming out it's called rebel with the calls it is a new book already out I should say rebel with the calls Danny Tarkanian with us and what's neat about it is it's truly a definitive biography considering he played for Jerry Tarkanian and of course is his son as well and this is a fascinating figure in college basketball and us being in the heart of college basketball country in the state of North Carolina there are a number of things I want to ask you about Danny but first off when I say the words Duke Blue Devils what's the first word that comes into your head a classic extremely hard-working I I'm not like a typical UNLV fan you ask somebody in Las Vegas if they'll tell you how much they hate Duke but I got great admiration for them and not because of how much they won lately but when UNLV beat Duke by 30 points the largest margin of victory in championship game coach K and his players were the nicest classiest people after a loss I've ever seen and in the next year when Duke upset UNLV is one of the great upsets of all time in the final four again coach K and his players were so classy and just really complimentary that's what sports all about my dad always saw me you remember classic news with dignity and that certainly personifies Duke what's the best story you have about those early 1990s rebels teams when did you know this team was special well they are south the the the year before the national championship team and most of them were southpores they played Arizona in the western regional semifinals and Arizona was a consensus number one in the odds-on favorite for the national championship and you know be in Arizona they just hated each other there it's not a little hate it's pure absolute complete hatred between the schools the cities and the coaches actually and Anderson Hahn hit a three-pointer at the end of the game to beat them and it was a big upset and at that point you knew that the future was extremely bright particularly when you had Larry Johnson coming into a group of all returning players from that team what's the closest team you've seen to the talent level that those guys had because last year the Duke team was Zion Williamson RJ Barrett cam reddish that we covered all year long they were in that discussion and other tar heel teams we've seen as well is there one you're willing to say is close to that well I think some of those teams you mentioned had a lot had more talent I think you'll see that when you see the careers at the NBA careers of those players that you and OB team had some really great players three of them were drafted in the top twelve and played in the NBA but nobody else did but Larry Johnson was as good as there was particularly before he got hurt he's having a great NBA career but after that you'd have a lot of you didn't have any NBA players and the other ones are really really good players they're not in the level but they did so well that team together with they played so hard and they played such great defense and coach K in the forward of this book I said that he thought that you don't know the defense was a good best defensive team you ever played against and my dad was a defensive coach he's got the plate against and that and the fact they played so well together in fact just our this month is going to be the 30th anniversary of that national championship team and they're posting that game on social media so I went back I looked at it and they were playing so well together they ran a high-low offense got great shots pass the ball the open guys ran real well Anderson how would you designate a shooter they got him great open shot so I think playing together cohesiveness and how are they played made them a special team. Danny Tharkanian with us here the new book Rebel with the Cause and you said coach K wrote the forward for it? Yeah he wrote the forward for what I called him up when I think was in 2015 and asked if you do it and he was really gracious and said he would and he wrote something very nice. That's really neat doesn't surprise me at all getting to know coach K the last handful of years and I'm interested when you are of course emotionally attached to the subject matter the way you obviously are talking about your dad researching a book you have to do so much and potentially learn things that you probably didn't even know before writing the book give me an example of something you learned about your dad that you didn't even know upon starting this process. Well first of all how many people's life he impacted that had nothing to do with sports people that would come up and after my father passed away they would get letters and so forth of all these wonderful things that he did and how nice he was to spend time with people talk with them that's what really stood out to me in finding new things for the book but as you mentioned in the beginning I was about as close to my father in his career as anybody around I was his ball boy when he first started coaching from junior college Long Beach State I played for my father at UNLV I coached with my father at Fresno State and I was his attorney through much of the Etsy trade battles then along with the fact that my mom kept scrapbooks of every year my father coached I went back and met all those articles I was able to get some really good quotes out of there the big thing on the book is when I first started writing it I was very emotional and put things in there that I don't think the average reader would want to read it was something that was personal to me it maybe some stuff that I wanted to get out that was uh you know that was maybe not a not more my personal opinion as opposed to factual opinion so I cut the book down about 40% 170,000 worse than 110 I only left in the real factual stuff that was documented by the scrapbook the Etsy trade court cases very Etsy trade interviews and stuff and also my personal experience through all those things I just mentioned and I try to make it a little entertaining book I put it a lot of stories of my father's recruitment but also of other coaches of recruitment it was really a fun and exciting time of coaching back in the 60s 70s and early 80s because the coaches all they wanted to do was coach they got along great together they weren't worried about the religion be the CEO how much money they were making they were just funny guys that got along great together I put that in the book and a lot of stuff about us the one line as my father had he was had some really quick with some of the stuff has been reported and like when he said that NC 20 was so mad at the University of Kentucky they put Cleveland State on two more years probation he had those more little lines are really funny and I added a bunch of them that nobody had ever heard of before just ones that he had told to us as a family or his close friends Jerry Tarkanian is one of the more interesting figures in the history of college basketball the book rebel with the cause available now it is Danny Tarkanian his son spending some time with us today good luck with the book stay safe amid everything going on appreciate the visit in the triad today Danny well thank you thank you for having me on I really appreciate you go on Amazon and find the book there so if you're looking for it there you go rebel with the cause coach K wrote the forward you can find rebel with the cause as I mentioned the Carolina Panthers they moved off they're gonna move off Cam Newton we know that now you don't release the statements Marty Hurney and David Tepper did today if it isn't going to happen but I think something that seemed to be a plus can be a negative at points when it comes to social media and content generation the Panthers they've been applauded for having the best social media and content department in the national football league and yes they've given us plenty to talk about over the years with their content generation however they got burned today trying to control the message with Cam Newton and what was going to happen here if you missed it the original post wise cam is going to has been permitted to seek a trade which is just really strange wording so when cam got upset reacting saying that they forced him into this that you forced me into this situation and Greg Olsen comments and says sounds familiar I think the Panthers have a problem on their hands we're seeing this so much more with teams and athletic departments hiring their own riders hiring people to create content essentially saying own the bad stuff as much as you own the good stuff so that way you know you still get the clicks for that you have the information you have the inside stuff we could control the message the way that it's perceived the way that it's framed this was a bad job by them today and I think they would admit it inside those walls this kind of stuff could damage the Panthers reputation among players cam is a former MVP he is a well-liked guy in the league many of the young quarterbacks they look up to him he is a Walter Payton man-of-the-year candidate from this year Greg Olsen he's a Walter Payton man-of-the-year finalist this is important these guys they both get rid of they both got discarded and they say that they mutually parted ways with Greg he had to rebuff that his own publicly and now cam it's seeming like cam's trying to say that he wants to leave versus the Panthers want to get rid of him he takes issue with that as well it's important with a new head coach a new ish owner the reputation from players in the league if you want to land free agents we're seeing that more and more players they pay attention to that stuff Matt rule he deserves some blame for this because he participated but this is more on the Panthers content department and PR department Matt rule he isn't writing the press releases he isn't writing the scripts he isn't writing the tweets he's not staging web series web shows where he's sitting there being asked by Stephen Drummond the head communications guy for the Panthers what do you think about camp and all he's saying is glowing remarks we heard what he said at the combine it's crazy when you put it side by side with what they're saying today and what their actions are this was always gonna end messy cam something soured in the last month it was clear something had soured between cam and the Panthers we acknowledge this when David Tepper spoke over a month ago the Panthers they weren't gonna extend camp cam probably wanted in the way of commitment some type of extension some type of a pay bump that wasn't gonna happen so things were going to get messy and they did that happens in business it doesn't mean the Panthers made a poor business decision I think it's actually a smart decision they made today but in terms of the way they controlled the message the way that they put it out there and handled it they got burned there's no question up next why I don't expect the Panthers to get anything in return for cam Newton keep it here on the drive
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