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7.6.20 Patrick Mahomes gets paid

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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July 6, 2020 6:01 pm

7.6.20 Patrick Mahomes gets paid

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham

You're listening to the best of the drive with Josh Graham on sports homes.

Just remember the drive to think too much time, but I had you about my friend, if you haven't heard thinkers the easiest way to make creation tools that allow you to forward your podcasts right from your phone will distribute your podcast for you that we modify not just everything you need to make a podcast resistant. back to the rest of the drive with Josh Graham on sports hubs Washington Redskins are still evaluating their team name which means there certainly and finally going to change it is a good thing because if you were to ask me what the Redskins should have been doing over the last 20 years I probably would've said something to the effect of stock being the Redskins in whatever way you take that, it probably would point you in a better direction than where you are already headed down. It seems Dan Snyder is being forced to change the name. He's run into issues and criticism, especially over the last 10 years and he's remain solemn saying hey hey Native Americans, I know I'm not one of you, but this names the name of honor and power, and of respect, not offensive, not a slur.

You guys got it all wrong. I know exactly what it's intended for Eddie thought that was good to go over well, it didn't and now you have corporate sponsors backing out FedEx saying they might pull funds away from the Redskins if they don't change the name the you have Nike not selling Redskins gear and not be in the sponsor for Washington football. There are many others were involved in this as well. That's gonna force their hands, and I think what's good happen here. Washington is going to get pulled reluctantly into a golden business opportunity.

They are going to be pulled unwillingly into something that's going to ultimately make them a lot better and make Dan Schneider a lot more money because I understand wanting to connect back to your history. And unlike some teams I could think about the Charlotte Hornets. For example, the Hornets, it was a no-brainer to go from the change. The bobcats name to the Hornets because there was no bobcats history. When you think of the history of Charlotte basketball.

You're going back to Alonzo mourning, you're going back to Glen Rice, Bugsy Boggs, Dell Korean company in the 90s so it was easy to draw back on that very easy decision to change the didn't have history to draw Redskins while they do have history John Riggins on fourth and one scoring in the Super Bowl you have Joe Theismann and Darrell Green you have the fun bunch.

You have that I could go on and on and on. Nobody under the age of 35 has any emotional connection to the Washington Redskins doing anything good there last Super Bowl. It was the 91 season, Sawyer. I'm in a put you on the spot.

Do you know what team they beat in the Super Bowl. I have absolutely. I could even guess. I don't think one of the four straight appearances for the bills. Can you name a Redskin from that 90 team 91 to not even if I tried.

Mark Rippon, the quarterback note no clue.

Okay, that's the point I'm trying to make here anybody under the age of 35 has no emotional connection to this team being any kind of relevant so what brand actually exists that I heard Kevin Durant talking about this when he was choosing whether to play for the next, he set. I don't remember any time in my life. The next be in any glut you would have to be 32 were younger to have an emotional tie to watching the Knicks be relevant in basketball for the rest it I'm being generous and how I'm rounding here. If you were five years old in 1991.

You might remember watching that. So I guess 86 would be the cut line so I'm just good to be generous 35 year cut line I read this study last year that the NFL put out 32% of NFL fans are between the ages of 18 and 34 so. Third of NFL fans have no tidy you doing anything so why is the name. In this connection to the past so important for the Redskins to tie themselves to secondly young sports fans.

I'll tell you what they like. They like new. They don't. That's why they line up by the newest pair of Jordans even though they already have 20 pairs of them Sawyer how many pairs of Jordans do you own all it right now has to be really separate your videogame or how many do you buy the newest Madden every single year yet two days of the present is my gaze fever Madden every single year you getting to know right because you don't want the outdated stuff you want the new stuff every time there's a new iPhone coming out were lining up outside stores to buy these things. It's not the older generation that's generally doing this. It's the younger generation. I don't care what people on twitter say I'm not going to root for the Redskins anymore if they change the name really your interest in a stopwatch of the team. I'm sure a lot of people said that when Syracuse changed its name after we got on the list of teams that are Taser night.

I'm sure the hard-core stuck around and watching the Redskins last year when fans were allowed to attend games.

What a novel time that was. There were many fans wearing Redskin stop gear anyway, sitting in the stands. There were Redskin fans out there.

They weren't showing up because they're not any kind of good so this is a smart golden business opportunity to change the name to what the new gear with the new logo. Don't be fooled by the following the Washington Capitals winning the Stanley Cup and the Washington nationals last year.

DC has always been and always will be a sports football town. They are a football town in DC when the Redskins are good, unlike anything else.

There so getting a winning product is very important.

But before that happens.

Having the brand that young people can I identify to and doesn't offend a race of people. It's a good place to be like if the Masters changes its name, it would upset people on social media, but the people who like golf are still going to watch the tournament. I want to because it's name the Masters you want to because it's Agusta you want to because the prestige of the tournament. The history want to go away completely. It's just going to be different name so I think yes it feels like Daniel Snyder's teeth are being pulled here there being pulled for the betterment of this organization and it's amazing that we've gotten to this point where he hasn't even noticed it himself. The opportunity that exists to in the interim while his football team as in any good to capitalize on some good marketing and best bearing Apra football.

But I can't get to join us talk about that the breaking news of Pat Holmes receiving a 10 year contract extension 2031, according to Adam Shafter and will get to cam Newton playing with the doing with patriots and speaking of cam he had another video that he put out on his Insta yesterday. Will this one was pretty combative Sawyer. Let's hear it. What's your cam. I wonder who this is directed toward you. I didn't expect hyena analysis today from Tim that the cuts were headed, but public cams can roar three 607-1600 is the phone number if you have a birthday wish for Zion Williamson, Baltimore Redskins or cam Newton's animal analysis which includes one other animal. Oh even brought up the gorillas in the grass. Do you have a favorite zoo animal for me. I love the draft draft probably my favorite animal. I think gorillas probably dictate for me why gorillas begin to sit and watch him in the region on their little thing like as a community is to so interest address to sit there and eat ever seen a gorilla up close in person.

You have is a discussion we've never been to – Brazil right I have not been to the Asheboro zoo. That's why you gotta go there. They have the best gorillas of today have a draft adulteress know they don't yes they have everything in their drafted Asheboro Asheboro elephant drive you to double check that and before I even ask a question to Darren Gant.

I want that question answered.

Can we do that, can we check if there are just are in fact giraffes at the Asheboro zoo.

I don't believe you Sawyer. I have a sweltering is the longest from six months ago so you're automatically wrong.

Oh, I'm also not sure where will you rock in the day I got some Nikes on just regular tennis shoes how to keep it classy. See, I didn't know you were coming in today until literally I pulled up I was gonna bring the Jordan threes are all you should've done it yet, but I didn't know you were come again I get a tax write is employing in Robertson. I'm already drunk and so Sawyer's covenant at the organ, all right, how's this for a tease will talk about the greatest trick the devil played on sports fans and talk about that time the devil went down to Georgia when Pro football's Darren Gant joins the show next week is the Pro's Darren Gant in the NFL. I get this from Ryan's giraffes, zebras and ostriches are all in the same place at the Asheboro zoo.

You can feed giraffes there as well.

Sawyer, lover of giraffes.

What can you tell me the reason were talking about this again. I think cam was talking about the entire animal kingdom on his Insta Graham yesterday. It seemed to be a slight jab at the Panthers as well.

What can you tell me based on the research of Dr. well there is a giraffe deck at the Asheboro zoo is called the K Sheila I think approximate right station draft deck. They walk up, you can feed them. It's pretty cool. I watched about an feed, but I did go look at a minute thoughts on going up there and it's safe to do so, to make a trip up to the Asheboro zoo. I promised Darren yeah now joining us. One of our favorites Pro football and I want to talk to you about music because Charlie Daniels passed away earlier today he had a song that once went that the devil went down the Georgia of course, which reminded me of a tweet you sent. That's very applicable because I have been on the air since cam Newton sign with the doing with patriots you tweeted this out a week ago and I think it's just terrific.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people. Football was complicated sign. Good players instead of bad ones on the cheap.

If you can then ask them to do things that are good at and not things that are bad at. Then you can let your dog draft for you Darren cam Newton on New England. I think they're the favorite to win the AFC East.

What about you don't have to be thou art of you know I mean it. It's amazing their GM without their crate things for Nick Holt and then give him guaranteed money when they could've had cam Newton for less money and those PMs presumably just prefer bad quarterback Strickland though. I heard all the excuses I know about the injuries.

I'm aware that it's complicated in the time of coated and given him physical and all those kind of things but sometimes you just gotta stop and look at things in a very basic level.

Cam Newton better football than all the other quarterback forgot find a big extension.

The other than that one guy who just got rich in the last hour slot making sales while other people would let this happen and so many people who took words alternative than cam Newton this off-season. I think to regret it.

On the list and there's a chance and I mentioned this in three last week, there's a chance that claimed it is physically broke. If he is your employee to draft the boy from Clemson with all the hair and if you do that in your set up financially with salary For the next five years, what number would surprise Darren Gant that's attached to this 10 year contract homes reportedly just received.

Yeah, I'm hesitant to go real too far out on the limb on that one because that better be complicated, that better be tired through percentage of future salary That better be it better. Include provision for keep him a quarterback in the league. Somehow or another I mean the structure of this one can be a lot more important than the big headline number. I mean, you might see figures 500 million and it said we all know that a lot of that coaching voting and it's hard to trust it, but I am hesitant to let dig into the structure anatomy. Realistically, you can only prorate signing bonus of the first five years of a contract under the CBA. So I think it's going to be tricky to try to get a read on that, based on whatever number gets tweeted out first because the agent want you to see the big number one, sect. Let's get the ESPN scroll at the bottom of the screen ready. Darren Gant says don't be surprised if it's 10 years. $500 million per watt aggregators gigantic number I think it can be complicated and I don't want to drive it, yeah, but the NFL facing the year in which revenues probably going to go down, not up and salary caps.the percentage of total revenue. So this is not the year. I would necessarily want to bank heavily on that.

I mean if I'm Pamela Holmes I would be willing to go Kirk cousins and plate year to year and yes their security and doing a 10 year deal now all think they without knowing anything about the contract with there's former or opportunity.

Two years from now, once will need you know hopefully when were on the other side of her good night were back to normal before going against Gant when were gambling on sports more than ever and revenues go up and up. So you better have gotten pretty sweet. The time felt on the football with this year on sports on triad so the Redskins to change their name happen.

There are still evaluating it and here's the part that's interesting to me. The Redskins I read last year.

In a study that the NFL 32% of their fans are between 18 and 34 years old, which means over 1/3 of the NFL's fan bases.

NFL fans do not have any positive recollection of the Redskins being really good in the National Football League and one in the early 1990s 91 with Mark Rippon and company so they don't really have this positive brand among 1/3 of their sports fans it seems to be sports fans like new. That's why, especially younger sports fans that they're the ones that are getting the new Jordans every time there's a pair they're the ones that go out and buy the newest iPhone. The newest Madden every single year and it seems that if you had a new team name. While your team is it any good people go out there and they will buy the new logo the by the new colors and it probably would be a golden business opportunity is in this example Dan Snyder just being dragged into what seems to be a golden business opportunity. No question I made.

I would also hope Josh that a lot of those young people also wouldn't walk up to a person who scans a different color than theirs.

In order to describe. I would also hope that that is the truth so maybe as we get younger as a body and maybe as a new generation of people come along with different ideas would become a little more progressive on something to listen. That may need a change in a long, And for and you can twist yourself up in a not as other people were trying to do lately to try to defend it. There's no defense that I've spent a little time on reservations in my life I would not walk up to someone and say hey what's going on.

Fill in the blank just wouldn't say it, and neither would you knew it any other person that did not hide behind the anonymity and and bravery of Twitter I and that's just not something normal, decent people do it for far. You're right that there's a marketing opportunity. I also don't give Dan Snyder the benefit of the doubt cannot screw it up for me.

Does he dig in his heels.

Does he try to sell those he try to silica people who are more document on this than he is. I don't know that you could find anybody, but I guess anything is possible when you're dealing with ritual people. I don't think it I'm assuming he's not gonna screw this up in 21 years. It seems 142 193 and one bad and that there's a reason they're bad and it's not because of the team coaches even call it because of him. Go to Bojangles meal 43rd birthday. The 43rd birthday of Bojangles. What's Darren Gant getting wall unfortunately I can't order it today go to Bojangles meal during Lent. It instead of upon that way you maximize your savory you still get your fishing on crowded and you're able to cross all the box… I like my dear friend Luke to conduct good news and Observer turned me onto that about a decade or so ago that came out. It is a life changer and on the report. Did you say fish you broke up a bit. There did you say fish at both angles during land. Bojangles fills the Bojangles or the fish on the real order that bad boy on a biscuit Sawyers upset like Sawyer. I've never seen you disagree with something you just said more like you were so upset. Why are you so mad so it just pains me. If it just to eat fish out of the drive through window something I'll never do, ever in my entire life world where you're living a sheltered and deprived.

Like Sawyer, and I regret that you gone through unenlightened. I hope next year next March when Lent rolls around that you're able to take part in this joy and it'll change the way it came. How will you remember Charlie Daniels a complicated man this guy I was with an uneasy Rider a couple days ago and used the thing about people who are friends of those long-haired hippie type pinko word. I can't say on your radio station, and then he turned into something else altogether.

The political beliefs were swayed from one end of the spectrum to the other and that made him a complicated figure for a lot of people. But if you know it made a lot of great songs. I know he helped a lot of people along the way and you know it complicated is probably a word that could be used for a lot of us right now at this moment in time and that enough time to remember the guy was really efficient. Did a lot of good for a lot of people, even though he had a lot of bleach coming down the stretch, that didn't align with mine.

Darren, I hope you're holding up well it's good to hear your voice.

I'm sure will catch up sometimes and thanks for doing yeah man, absolutely. They are staring Gant football talk.calm. In addition to it being Bojangles 43rd birthday. It Zion Williamson's 20th birthday, and in honor of that and also Pat Holmes getting the massive deal that would been covering breaking news today I'll list off who I believed to be the five biggest sports stars of the next decade this next decade to come. That's next on the drive. I've got an amazing story from vacation and I'll share with you in about 5 to 10 minutes involves this radio show and it involves me in tears literally, but the breaking news of the day Pat Holmes reportedly getting a 10 year contract extension from Kansas City to make in the richest quarterback player in NFL history. He has two years remaining on his rookie deal. Those are to play out. So it's just it's extensively a 12 year contract that he has left with Kansas City.

We haven't gotten the details of what this structure of the contract to be but just know Holmes is good to be in Kansas City for a very long time Zion Williamson turned 20 years old. The day with that in mind I started thinking about the five greatest athletes the greatest superstars in sports to come over the last over the next 10 years because were starting in the decade 2001 2010's you could argue the top five are rather than do it in a specific order like I'm about to do. Of course you have Lebron and that Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Tom Brady would be a part of that mix Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, I would be some combination of the top five or six athletes biggest superstars of the last 10 years. Over the next 10 here's where I'm beginning with number five, number five I think it has to be the Sean Watson 24 years old.

It's crazy to think all he's accomplished and he's 24 years of age, national title for claims in multiple appearances in the big game, multi-time Heisman finalist men in the lake. He's just one of those guys who has it. A special right now is not surrounded with the best infrastructure but they're still getting to the playoffs there still leading Homes in Kansas City by 20+ points in the divisional round so I think once they figure out the stuff around him.

Watson he's a special player and I don't think that changes. I have him slightly over Lamar Jackson because we saw with our G3 we saw it with KM. Can it be consistently done what Lamar did last year. I need to see another year of it. I loved Lamar what he played it Louisville. I still love Lamar bought.

I think the Sean Watson I feel more comfortable saying he's going to be a superstar over the next 10 years and I do Lamar Jackson at this moment number four Russell Wilson I think he's going to play into his 40s. Why I can't think of a time is taken a big hit at NC State of Wisconsin Seahawks. He doesn't miss starts. He doesn't miss games he doesn't take big hits. Cerebral knows when to get the ball out knows when the slide knows when the rock I need best quarterback slide. There is because he was a great baseball player. Of course, so Russell is number four on the list, Sawyer looks like you have an issue with this. I think you for going this list in the direction of like the younger players. I just think Russell Wilson for 10 whole a main talking Brady numbers which not a lot of people don't. Brady is done.

I just don't think age is out. I think he ages out and maybe six. This year's worth like that it starts to go really not really don't know.

But if the parts is out.

Other than some other athletes. Keep it up.

This would be my argument against that Peyton Manning played nearly 40 Drew breeze right now is playing in his 40s, Tom Brady, you mentioned Aaron Rodgers show no sign of slowing down is 37 years old. I think the game has become safer for the quarterbacks. You can't hit them.

You can download.

You can't put your entire weight, whatever that means on the quarterback as a defensive lineman or linebacker more penalty flags are being thrown quarterbacks their becoming safer means they can play longer. Russell, as I mentioned doesn't take the big hit.

I see this the guys to play over the next 10 years and I think is good when a couple of MVP award. I think he's that kind of good.

I put him at number four.

Also you're talking about celebrity involved in this as well. He's married to Sierra. That's a power couple is good at social media seems to have an interest when it comes to movies and entertainment what they were to see a lot of Russell. I think he is.

Even though his 31.

He's one of the five biggest superstars of the 2020, number three, Yana said to the compile best player in the league right now and the reason he's not higher.

Even though his 25 you got a bit of a language barrier and his name is just really difficult to pronounce. He hasn't wanted title yet he's carrying his team around them and that's a really good sign.

Just because you're the most talented player doesn't mean you're the biggest star. I think it's important to different differentiate just because you are the most talented player doesn't mean the biggest star this year. Think of a good good way to put this genre rant having a better year than Zion might be a better basketball player than Zion right now there's no chance he's a bigger star John S best player in the league, not a bigger start Lebron not a bigger star than Kevin Durant. Not a bigger star than I think even carrier is not really a slight on the talent of John S that that's unmistakable that's undeniable. Bought John S he he's he is definitely in the top five yes are you so there's a bit of a language barrier and stuff you might be able to interact. I do have to say this might be just me because I'm younger, it's hard to find a better NBA player that's as good as good at tick-tock as goddesses. He is entertaining on social media, there's no question about it, but I have a number three. Let me see if you will dispute any of the final two number two, Holmes Limit number one and I'll tell you what basketball players are have always been in the culture in the celebrity space bigger stars than football players. When's the last time the football store was the most famous athlete in this country. When's that ever happened years we had it where it was. Baseball players before it was Mohammed Ali.

But then when it was birding magic that started the individual nature of basketball taking cold as also being pseudo-celebrity. Do you see these guys faces when they play is only five of them on the floor. They have a bigger impact when they play so it's magic and bird then it turns to Michael Jordan and in the 2000 Peyton Manning was the biggest star in sports. I was Kobe Bryant and the 2000 then was Lebron James bigger than Brady bigger than Manning bigger than Marie's, and I just feel like the homes he he's gonna be awesome is why gets this contract, it's good to go through 2031 when I'm to be drinking lattes on Moore's a dozen years now. Who knows what were to be doing at 2031 but my homes obviously I don't need to explain the football stuff. He's not number one because I don't remember a time a football player was number one in the NBA isn't trending downward number one Zion Williamson got a be Zion. He turned 20 today. Last week they announced he was gonna be on the 2K cover for next and consuls first player was a teenager to be announced as a cover athlete for Madden or to get here's what I'm going Zion. Every single time.

This has been in the public space for a long time we don't Zion is as a junior in high school, Drake was wearing his jersey from Spartanburg day concert. He has exceeded every single expectation set for him. Every single one of the sky. He's good to be hated to. Then he makes to likable. He's going to use too heavy. He might I be the best player in college that's going might be the best player in his team got RJ Barrett there exceeded that best player in the sport. No question about it number one pick. And then when he steps on the floor to play. He's dominant nobodies had greater expectations coming into the league and this guy. He's exceeded everything and I suspect he'll do it again.

Always good to be fat. He's good to be flabby when the season restarts just see him and he looks like a superhero Zion Williamson is number one on this list. First name recognition already household name at 20 years old do come up with that Instagram certainly helped.

He's a freak athlete massive store Zion's number one on this list.

Biggest sports stars of the next decade between us at sports a drive 336-777-1600 if you have any issues with the last five Watson four Russell Wilson 43 Yana sets to Kubo number two Papo homes number one Zion Williamson delegate to the story so I talked about it briefly on air before I was off for a week and change, but I was going to Tennessee for a memorial for my grandfather passed away in March but we we haven't been able to grieve and gather as a family because coronavirus so we went down to Tennessee not Knoxville but past Knoxville town right outside of Bristol called Kingsport, Tennessee and a few hours down the road I get there and I am a puddle. I am an emotional guy Sawyer. I don't know how many women have seen you wet and public that that art your family but for me it has to be double digits. I'm an emotional guy and I have no problem admitting that so I show up to this thing and it's at a public park so there's a lot of people, but it's outdoor so we remain safe. I'm wearing shades because I'm already emotional showing up to this thing and right after the service ended, my brother, he put together this video he works in Hollywood, chronicling my grandfather's life that somebody came and they sang his favorite song. I was just in all of my fields. Somebody walks up to me who was with a family member wearing a T-shirt.

This guy's name and he said by the way, I'm a big Kentucky fan. That's the time he chose to walk up to be a month after the Wake Forest Kentucky beef that this show turned into a national story. This guy into SEC country. I guess chose to come up to me and said, by the way, I'm a big Kentucky fan. I was at peak vulnerable, not thinking about my job or anything whatsoever related to work. Guy walks up to be. I mean, I have saved on my eyes are welling Sawyer by the way big Kentucky for you got you got for the anticipation of what occurred after that.

I don't know what I didn't know what to say I was flummoxed. I was amazed why why you brought up to be. How do you know about this. This is crazy I I does that okay what is that is absolutely mint, so I dressed up with this guy come up just buying it like he had a T-shirt. I had like a polo shirt on because it was outside and I was wearing cargo shorts, but elsewhere about the shorts I have one right now, so I wasn't dominant by any means that some people were dressed up a little more that's that guy is really bold. Also, did the whole time. He does like to walk over to Josh Grimm motel in the Kentucky fans are singing the song that tries out one thing is I'm I'm crying.

By the way big Kentucky for Big Blue nations out of its damn mind their savages. I mean nothing like it. I really do. I respect the hell out of Big Blue nation. I learned over the last few months. Now it's high-volume, high quality, but I respect the volume. I certainly do, just not at my grandfather's memorial service. While I'm I'm I'm trying just my eyes welled up for two that's the one place I'm usually pretty where real pretty aware but in that moment, I was caught off guard brought this up with Darren Gant.

An hour ago but the hottest take. I've seen all day today. By the way, this is the let's get crazy segment so hot. Takes her to be flying left and right just a bit daring saying that the bow jingle or is the number one thing to get bow jingle today is the 43rd birthday. I'll bow jingle's. Apparently that's like a fish product that they sell during Lent. I that sounds like a low a southern layer of hell that I don't care to go to buying fish. I'm very particular about where I order fish from drive-through restaurant at Bojangles. Not one of those places.

In particular, interested in getting fish. He also had another take that. I didn't see until he hung up the phone on twitter.

He said that the seasoned fries are vastly overrated.

That you could get 400 things at Bojangles better than the seasoned fries which I would argue are better than the Chick-fil-A waffle fries.

That's debate we can have a come down if you want to have this fight on the air today I'm here to have it like there are so many things going on in our country right now. None more important than figuring out waffle fries at Chick-fil-A versus the Bojangles season fry because I'm a season fry guy gets the barbecue sauce to the barbecue sauce. An essential piece of the Bojangles meal wanted to agree to sauces that my Bojangles there. They have really bad sauce Bojangles barbecue sauce pretty good. It's all and then when I go Chick-fil-A. I get to barbecues and a ranch what you know all imagine no Chick-fil-A sauce time. I can rock with the Chick-fil-A sauce but Polynesian sauce and can go we could shoot the space I will need to deal with the Polynesian sauce and even space today football bars on the moon generalize also like let me see if I had.

I remember doing a pole not too long ago, simply asking what was better. It was amazing. Before I met the girl that I'm dating now two years ago I remember I put out this poll saying what was better like it was like on the weekend I was on a date and she was arguing particularly well fries I said Bojangles season fries some and put it on my wearable. That's what I did and then there was this family of six on the other side's other side of foothills brewery who got up from the table, walked over and said big fan of the show. By the way, we were all just discussing this poll a second ago that you just put out. It's gotta be the season fries. There is nothing more Josh Graham when you say Josh around. There is nothing more Josh Graham than any time someone disagrees with them. He puts out a pole to twitter to see which one drives.

Guess what, there was a second date.

I don't know if it was because of the pole because of her opinion. Her preference of fries, though it was probably one of the two. Who's to say which one it was. Anyway, what a great way to set up.

Let's get crazy crazy sleazy. I have an update on that whole by the way, this is from June 2 of last year which fries are better hundreds of votes on this Bojangles Cajun fries 54% Chick-fil-A 46 so it is a very divisive topic. I like them both. I prefer the Bojangles fries. Happy birthday to Bojangles.

Okay, I'll start things off. I've had this takes doing for the last week and 1/2 mask. They are mandatory in the state of North Carolina as they should but I feel like we should wear a mask in a certain setting. Even after we find a vaccine and we get through the pandemic that setting in a public bathroom wearing a mask in a public bathroom a lot better then not having the mask in a public bathroom regardless if there's a pandemic going on now on the way to Myrtle Beach. I go to the bathroom. I'm expecting it to be horrid. It's a gas station, public bathroom, they smell terrible load. There a lot of people in the bathroom. I have the mask on all the sudden my breath smells a lot better than what I would be smelling otherwise so I might actually keep we have a vaccine I might actually keep the mask handy for when I go in the public bathrooms. I don't think that's a bad really take it all.

I've been noticing a lot of these places. That's like a little iffy.

I'm enjoying wearing a mask rather than not wearing let's go to Justin Elkin, Justin, let's get crazy when you got a thing.

Bring it will not only make your top five manfully only 2000, so at one of the competition.

How many hot dogs.

Can you eat in 5:10 might be like if I can get seven thanks for the call just doing what fantastic stuff that I've always wanted to do a hot dog eating contest just to see where I am. After 10 minutes because in my head.

I feel like I can get the 12 meddling in the way know that's where my mind, but in my heart apart in my back.

I know I can't do that six Blacks yet. It's a lot harder than it looks. But when chestnut was motoring for the first five minutes I was thinking maybe he can get 100 so that's a good take, thereby just well my buddy Justin really did take my heartache.

I was gonna say even go past just a joy chestnut was the most dominant athlete of the sport or of any sort, but my second one.

It's fresh, we're just talking about it Bojangles birthday Bojangles is the best fast food restaurant and all of the United states of America better than In-N-Out Burger with people outlasts whereby the burgers okay the fries didn't put the sauce on top click the thousand Islands dressing sauce. I'm not a big fan of that I'm not a big In-N-Out guy. I'm not the push back on that. That's a hot take. Certainly not to have much disagreement on my part here Washington Flipper new name for its football team, you know what people of been calling this team the last 10 years when they were few to call used to call them the Washington Redskins they called them what sire do not know. I mean, people, and in the media. The referring to this team that I can call the Washington Redskins what they call seven on I just called the Washington football team's about to come back with their peers will call us for not more were now the Washington football team. Anyway, it's like soccer like we have the Kelsey football global Washington football team. I want better for you. Dan Snyder will come out and say the name has been changed to the DC Redskins onion headline Sawyer I see what you're doing now the onion that I like six or seven years ago to change her name that the DC Darius Rucker get all this credit for wagon wheel and its criminal it is criminal. I hate Darius Rucker's music for this song. It's 12, Darius Rucker's version of wagon wheel is garbage last night.

There is this trending topic. What is the best cover song of all time. Definitely not Darius Rucker's wagon wheel old Crow medicine shows where it's at. Also, a lot of those lyrics were written by Bob Dylan Once upon a time in the early 1970s. Let people know that old Crow medicine shows version waxes, Darius Rucker's version is I don't know if that deserves a horn. I gave it one that I think it's almost unanimous that I think the wrong Darius Rucker won a Grammy away for wagon wheel is terrible. It is disgusting that is the word to you. When you think about the greatest cover songs of all time where you go obvious places might be hallelujah Jeff Buckley's version Rufus Wainwright's version of the original Leonard Cohen song along came the watchtower of the Bob Dylan song Jimi Hendrix is redid rendition of that comes to mind immediately.

Respect Aretha Franklin. It wasn't originally her song she crush that and trying to think Whitney Houston. A lot of people think that I will always love you but Houston's better things out.

Dolly Parton song.

I don't know if that's true, but the sad different kinds of songs. I probably go killing me softly. Frank Sinatra is the best cover song. There is what comes to mind immediately for you when you know RESP city was cover. So now it's nothing that has to deftly think that's what all time. Daniel Watson tweets and shine down version of simple math transferred to supplement a really good karaoke song to sing in the South when those lyrics are playing near like in a saloon type place hole in the wall.

I'll get you where you need to go love you. I miss karaoke all that's right yeah right you're probably dying right now you have is that when his mother feel where you could feel safe to sing karaoke.

I've been waiting to Michael safe place like a basketball and I don't think am I to sing karaoke in the year 2020. For the rest of the year you can karaoke with a mask on my not be the same but you get a little bit of karaoke usually happens in bars Sawyer bars open here don't wear messages. If you want to be safe yeah I'm not really there right now I'll tell you why cam and the patriots should be the undisputed favor when the AFC's next on the drop while we were on vacation. A massive recruiting headline in the way of five-star corner Tony grind announcing he's going to be a North Carolina Tar Heel.

This is just the latest of terrific recruits that Mack Brown has added over the last few weeks for the 2021 class that's top five.

According to 24 seven. At about this time tomorrow. Mack Brown will be on this show to talk about what he's done on the recruiting trail, among other things, but right now were being joined by college football reporter from One of our favorites to Patterson is kind enough to be here.

I said this the last few months. Just because I was at that claims a North Carolina game last year I saw how Clemson was stymied in a way that a Trevor Lawrence led team has been stymied in this league.

The last few years it feels like to me because of the combination of background, Sam how in the recruiting were seeing that North Carolina has already become the biggest threat in the ACC to Clemson. Do you buy that where is it too soon to say that for Tar Heel team that last year was barely above 500) to Clemson being the Florida state of the 9172 conference game then it is that whoever is holding that second-place challenger mantle department like that. We're talking about historic dominance frequent than in the APC but that doesn't mean that we should ignore the effort of background, North Carolina or what got Satterfield has been able to do a quick time at Louisville what Mike Morel can do it Florida State that of the important fees and had her jumping point. Virginia Tech should mean that being the next in line are the closest to challenge is not of value are without merit. But I do talk about close to Clemson behind them. I think Clemson is really only taking history and you know that like cold sobering realization where you can be the next team you can be the number two man.

There's still the way photographer pacing even on the recruiting trail. The bell I mean Josh. They won two national championships were they started recruiting at the top five level like they were getting it with hot pink top 15 classes and I think that Mack Brown knows that the recruiting trail is a funny thing because momentum actually matters like the minimum sport we love to hear that momentum is just the easy talking point within the context of the game, but momentum absolutely matters on the recruiting trail and so when the dominoes start to fall can start to talk to each other when Sam how flipped from Florida State and commits the background that makes it more likely that Drake may is going to flip from Alabama and North Carolina.

Drake made a four star quarterback out of Charlotte. Some people project that you might even be a five-star by the end of the cycle, joining Tony grind. That's five stars in this absolutely active recruiting class from North Carolina to the fact that the state of North Carolina had is as talented now as it's been in the recruiting services area just to be able to have all this momentum behind your back in time when the state calendar is great is that's one thing but the commitment of Tony grind the kind of thing that sent shockwaves across college football because North Carolina went head-to-head with Ohio State, Georgia and Texas A&M be dog recruiting programs and so I think that Mack Brown is really trying to follow that momentum past the nose is going to be a slow building process. But if you're able to Windows recruiting battles one by one all the ones down the line even easier time Clemson was calibrating the commitment of four star players. Now all of a sudden it's competing for potentially number one classes in the country. You gotta build with that and I think that background understands that and I think that these first steps exceeding expectations in your one cleanup on the recruiting trail. All of it points to the kind of building that could be really long-lasting if you haven't already. Follow him on Twitter@Chip_Patterson going to guess from on sports of Triad. This is the first week since I think may chip where I felt it's become less likely versus more likely to be a college football season.

I I'd say I'm 45% confident, probably when I see the news out of Alabama. The way things are being handled in the South and I see how many Clemson Tigers are testing positive USC everything to be on campus and then obviously love stuff happening in the Ivy League, as well as things are expected to be shut down potentially there's a big boat going on this week when you look at it. Where are you on your confidence level college football be employed that we've made it like a college football playoff game. You have an honest human moment that it think that analytic people in sports media. It feels like were given out gambling On the future of the health of the country. Yeah. Nada. Not my favorite position is where my head is that as were talking here today I think that protocols had been put in place so that there will be efforts for college football to start this fall that trying to push it to the spring Tucson people within the college sports community decision-makers within the college sports community is just basically continuing to hold off but I didn't get an extension on a payment like yourself you have to pay it at some point there is. You know all the optimism, or at least this hope and I don't really know what else is coming from, but that if you can put them together. The right protocol you can manage the through the fall season and you can have some semblance of the college football season. I think the idea of pushing the entire season to the spring or canceling it altogether is a decision that no one really wants to make. They are problem solvers use the leaders of athletic department and university.

But as I look at the current state of health of the country. It hears the aerial.

I imagine I Madge and that there will be at least one if not many campus communities that in welcoming black students and in going into the fall semester reach a point where university leadership will may have to cancel all school activity that includes football team practicing games and the like. Then all the sudden there's going to be an impact and so I'm imagining that we will have college football this fall but I'm also imagining that it's probably going to be messy and is probably going to be uncomfortable and that when were trying to pick the college football playoff we might be deciding between teams that have been one record because five of their games ended up getting canceled or rescheduled another team that maybe has an eight one record only three of their game. Having been canceled or rescheduled. I imagine that we are going to be reminded on a weekly basis of the viruses impact on this country but just like we've seen with the PGA Tour which is now several weeks into the process. Players test positive for players without as a result of your abundance of caution, because of maybe somebody else receiving a positive cash, but the PGA Tour is Mark Sean. Now they tightened restrictions that they've been very proactive to get the message out to their players, but in the same way that you're working in some close attention to plague the return of the English Premier league. While Europe is in a different place with the virus that we are. I think the idea is protocols are being put in place the NBA with bubble. Everyone's going to try to make an effort to get this thing off, but I do believe that if things continue as we are facing right now. It will be a college football season that will have all kinds of reminders of what's going on in the country you are so right about the way that people are talking about this issue trying to put it in a debate like like format that were used to in sports I see Philip Rivers earlier today asking on a call. Hey, what happened to Grace at the bandit for the Super Bowl. Are you saying you can't play and it had me thinking of just a hell escape that might exist if Stephen a Smith is debating with somebody else. Hey this Tom Brady.

Should Tom Brady play this week. If these asymptomatic doesn't sound like really what I want to hear what sports talk radio or on sports television as well and I hope that's not what were headed chip.

You are like good again as I continue to play that out right say I do think it will play college football.

But no, I do not think it will be comfortable and no I do not think it will be a clean and tidy 12 game all 130 FEF team is going to be like a big weekend or there's going to be some road trip where there I was like all the sudden massive brought situation where you get the murmurs from a school or from a team. All of a sudden you find out the guy Basketball team has the flu right like a stomach bug and going through the whole team will know what happens when you start to hear those murmurs going into the weekend where it's like yeah I don't I don't know if they like for example I don't know if Maryland is going to be making the trip to Ann Arbor. I know that Marilyn scheduled to play at Michigan but there are some rumors and there's some reports that suggest that this one might be again that Marilyn sent: in off the top of my head right now for that example of no reason to single out either one of them, but I think that those are to be the on a week by week basis those again to be the kind of tough decisions that are made because you are completely healthy, but your significant other test positive for coronavirus, according to many protocols that are putting in place across the whole FEF power 58. That would mean that you go into a monitoring and contesting quarantine like atmosphere and so significant other of QB Juan will then sorry I mean QB to have to start and I think the team might end up being tested on a man like I just balancing the reality of what it's looking like right now, with the understanding that nobody just wants to quit know players want to just quit their hands up new coaches want to throw their hands up and quit know athletic directors want to throw their hands up and quit and it is just going to be a matter of how all of us as a society behave and how the virus back something we got no control over as to how much of an impact it ends up having on the college football to Patterson with the seer on sports untried real quick for let you go and looking at some reporting last week where he reached out to numerous people in the NFL and was talking about. If they would barge say the NFL draft date if college football decided that spring was best for them and they said that it didn't really get that far down the line before the NFL to set that's lots of them were really interested in doing so. If there was hypothetically a spring football season something that's becoming more and more popular or more. More discussed is probably the better way to say it.

What do you thinks the biggest red tape. There biggest challenge with doing so, you don't even know the virus is going to be beat or the vaccine can be here if you move everything to the spring. Don't get better, or they even are worse as we get into December and January made you maybe have missed out on two opportunity you can get started in the spring if you wanted to and then you got a full calendar year without college football and that that that's some real real talk real talk Outlook for college support job.

I think that the I think that the push to be able to put in the protocol to allow for competition to happen this fall I think is driven with the idea that even if you postpone it in the spring. There's no guarantee thing to get the better of the spring is on Twitter@Chip_Patterson really good stuff on college sports. Beyond that, you must follow and we hope to catch up with you sometime soon. It's just good to hear your voice. Chip hope things are going well.

WL you as well. That is to Patterson on Twitter@Chip_Patterson there is negative news regarding coronavirus with the MLS where one of the teams has had a number of positive tests. FC Dallas, they aren't going to go to the return to play tournament on the same day, a player said since his wife is pregnant from LAF.

See, he's not going to return to play at the tournament as well and it just mixing that with the good news of Nick Mark take us not going to play baseball and David Price over the weekend.

A lot of things are just being thrown in the sky and you're just like our leaving to get to the finish line actually to hell with the finish line. I would even to get to the start line to get some of these things off the ground and there's a lot of uncertainty with that rather than going that path. I'm more interested in talking to Sawyer because Sawyer is this a cocky individual and he said right before the interview started started where the microphones are turned on. Hey Roberts good to be back in this chair tomorrow.

The next time you see me I might be a professional golfer in the PGA tour because I shot a couple of birdies.

The last few days.

Explain yourself well sometimes like before I get out and play around the golf but a lot of golf notes. Coronavirus is really nothing else to do sports was so I've been getting out and starting to piggyback up after a few years, and were things I just saw myself as I have to be confident because I get out there and I shoot like a 102, with the only thing I have left is telling myself that one day it'll get better because I was doing, you know, maybe one day I'll be a PGA Tour pro and I can if you single which will get me out there the next day. What are you shooting now well right now, low 90s. You know, mid 80s couple birdies around shooting in the 80s I shot an 84 on a Friday yeah pretty good about myself. Do you have a good videogame story update.

You never never got a game with Ochocinco off the ground. Never reach out to Ochocinco who is awkward. Did you I'd I never did. You never reach down and didn't see you talk all this smack. Thank goodness you beat Joe Barry easier said elites is that you are in a smoke.

Joe Barry went to overtime was even playing in the consul.

He generally plays with atonement. Let's run it back on it, we know the crows don't want it back on the PS4 but will sing this by… Week is embarrassing that week was the week that everything upset that two days after basis determines over crazy so we can can you figure out what you have to switch. I'm just I'm play video games in three months, leaving Joe Barry's been doing probably playing video games. Is there a way via twitch you guys could maybe not in the same place. Set up a game and play each other out for sure.

Maybe we could do that because we need something you need. I don't think before the end of July were we have the NBA start. Can we try to get that off the ground. We can make it work.

I want that I want that to happen we get rid against me. This time yet to root for the home schedule deathly general until very you kidding me I looked again going to overtime for the content know your singing to root for Joel Thompson. I gave the show he he almost to the game-winning shot in your eyehole and regulation.

I will think I was on the list that was me with Kimball Walker November beat out yelling Kimball loud as he can go before Mrs. I forgot who the teams were. He was the jet off and as an Celtics I think Joel get to the second time never. As you know what would happen if you did to this second time than this could be 1/3 time, but I mean as fun as that would be a forgot to shut them out of the guy can II can't allow myself to lose. All I know you, you would not let that happen intentionally because I will unleash holy hell on you if you if you lose to build America game because you claim to be this videogame savant delivered with the sword pointing twitch was real cool and I mean if you don't beat guys who are getting paid professionally to play basketball not 2K then I'll judge you just judge you unendingly.

Technically, Joe said that he had played more than I'd play before we met. No matchup.

So I have that run for me, yet a little more practice on that, I will shut up.

Still one we got to get to the house to say I do not want my food dispensed rule very intrigued me think of the house next

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