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Sam Hartman Interview

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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August 10, 2020 4:49 pm

Sam Hartman Interview

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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August 10, 2020 4:49 pm

Wake Forest QB Sam Hartman joined The Drive with Josh Graham to discuss Wake President Nathan Hatch visiting practice, his expectations for the upcoming season, and the earthquake that made him suspect he needed a new dryer. 


So this morning, Wake Forest's Twitter account put out a video. Actually, first it was pictures with President Hatch speaking to the team. Then the video came out and it had the hashtag WeWantToPlay. Our next guest furthered that message on his Twitter account, at Sam underscore Hartman10, the quarterback of the Demon Deacons, saying, safer together, hashtag LetUsPlay. It's good to have you on the show, Sam.

You're on across the Piedmont Triad right now on Sports Hub Triad. So paint the picture for me this morning. What was your takeaway from the team meeting with President Hatch? It was just very cool to see your school's president, you know, kind of front and center front of your team.

I mean, he showed his care and concerns for us. And first off, he just was thanking us for the job we've been doing. And it's always good to hear a little like, you know, like a good job done, because we've really I feel like our team as a whole has just handled this whole situation just excellently.

And we've been doing our part wearing our mask. And and then secondly, it was just awesome for us to kind of hear that he's going to fight for us and, you know, push to say that we can play. And I just kind of wanted to let him know that I think it can be done. And I think there's there's not a guy here that doesn't want to be here and there's not a guy on this field that didn't want to play football. So it's just hoping that he received that message. And I think he did. And, you know, kind of whatever happens after this is, you know, in God's hands.

And we just we had a great practice right after and, you know, practicing tomorrow morning again and like life goes on and we just kind of sit and wait and hope for the best. Take me back to last night, Sam. You're seeing these headlines.

What exactly are you thinking? And did you think you would be talking to President Hatch the following morning? I mean, when you see those headlines, it's a little depressing. But then again, you know, you see a lot of the guys across the country looking like the Trevor Lawrence's and guys of his kind of wide reach of audience and his influence that, you know, your your your hope kind of comes back. And it's always cool, like, yeah, we're going to play them week one. But right now we're just kind of working to get to that point and kind of in this we're all together. And I think it was it was nice. I didn't I didn't think we would get to talk to President Hatch, but he's always he's always been very good about coming out and if anything's going on and reaching out to different people and being in contact. So it was not a crazy surprise, but it was very appreciated by our team.

And we just, you know, we felt felt the love from him and his support for us to play. It's Wake quarterback Sam Hartman with us here on Sports Hub Triad. The ACC league offices and they are in Greensboro. So there's a good chance ACC officials are listening to what you have to say right now. Heck, maybe even John Swafford, ACC commissioner.

If they were Sam, what would you like to say to them? I mean, I just I just know like I came to came here in June and quarantined for 14 days self quarantined and then a few weeks later had a total isolate because of contact tracing for 14 days. So if you don't know what total isolation is, is you sit in a dorm for 14 days, you're not a lot of leave.

So it's like you don't go outside. And and then it's just so those you can add that up is a lot of days without being able to do this. And I'm still on the play. And that's really the reason why because we, we as a program and I know across the country, and the ACC is has put in a lot of time to quarantine and isolate. And then on top of that, still doing our normal workouts and practices. So I think that I know I'm speaking for myself. And I think I could speak for a lot of guys on a team that it's it's we want to play football. And we understand the risk in in this in the involved with COVID-19. But the bottom line is, is we've worked a lot, we've worked really hard to make sure that, you know, there's not a well, these guys can't handle, you know, not going to parties or not going to large gatherings like we've done our job. And we're just hoping that y'all can y'all can make it happen.

So we, we can play some football. While we got you here, Sam, want to get to a couple other things. Did you feel the earthquake yesterday morning? I did. I was, I was just kind of waking up and my TV was shaking. I thought like maybe the dryer was doing one of those things where it kind of like, just kind of shakes the house a little bit.

And then I looked on Twitter and I was like, Oh, wow. Well, earthquake. I haven't felt one of those since I was like a little kid. You might need a new dryer, Sam. Yeah, I don't know.

I don't I think I think I don't know. Maybe it's just a weird dream or something when I was thinking about dryers. But that's what I thought. And then I looked on, you know, Twitter, you know, it was it was an earthquake. Yeah, I was an absolute clown yesterday. I was still I was awake. I was in bed and I I actually looked underneath my bed.

I thought someone was underneath it. Like that's, you know, we've I think we all don't know how to react to an earthquake until it actually happens. Also, you guys been practicing since last Thursday.

Give me a sense with the regulations that are currently in place, the restrictions. How much different does practice look right now versus to what you were used to, let's say at this time a year ago? I think I'm definitely a lot less sore just because of, you know, it's it's not as much of a grueling process. We've kind of had split practice going right now. So we're going in the morning and then guys are going in the afternoon. And usually we're not back to back days.

Usually by this point, we practice at about seven or eight times in a matter of, you know, eight days. And but I mean, I still we're still getting a lot of work in. We're still getting good reps and guys. It has been really good for a younger underclassmen because they are getting a lot more reps than they normally would. So I think it's important right now to develop that.

And so I think, you know, skill wise and, you know, getting ready for the season were the same, but it's just a little bit less taxing on the body. Shoot him a follow on Twitter at Sam Underscore Hartman 10. He is displaying leadership for the Wake Forest Demon Deacons on the football field, trying to do so off of it, as we've seen from a lot of players in the ACC over the weekend. Keep it up. We'll continue to follow. Hopefully we'll be talking about football games in the near future. Thanks for the visit today, Sam. Yes, sir. Thanks for having me on.
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