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1279. How Do I Evangelize?

The Daily Platform / Bob Jones University
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June 23, 2022 7:00 pm

1279. How Do I Evangelize?

The Daily Platform / Bob Jones University

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June 23, 2022 7:00 pm

Pastor Tim Richmond, senior pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Queens, continues a series on Evangelism.

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Welcome to the daily form from Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina.

The school was founded in 1927 by the evangelist Dr. Bob Jones Senior's intent was to make a school where Christ would be the center of everything, so he established daily chapel services today. That tradition continues with fervent biblical preaching from the University travel platform today on The Daily Platform were continuing a four-part series on evangelism today.

Pastor Tim Richmond of Grace Baptist Church in Queens New York will preach a message titled, how should I evangelize turn to Mark chapter 4 Mark chapter 4 it's so good to see you. I'm glad you came back I was a little nervous yesterday that I'll come back and nobody would be here thank you so much Mark chapter 4 were to read quickly through this and really get to the house yesterday. We talked about the what today will leave you like. If you think of yourself as an ambassador and this is the way I get I'm just like yeah I've got to do this. It is such a responsibility that God is placed on sing. I got a go to everybody and say here's your pardon, please receiving but if you come up to someone and you do that today. They'll probably cut you off because they're not, they will know you and in its they're not used to people doing that right so the question is not just what is evangelism, it's who I am as a born-again Christian. But how I do this okay so Mark 14. The sower sows the word really get how to do this, we did get a few responses. Several responses were similar. Okay so you guys answered this on Instagram author Dr. Pettit.

I think on Facebook. I am not going to put your name down. I can read your name.

A lot of folks talked about being like Christ with our actions and who you live like living Christ like a lot of suggestions like that. Live your life for Christ being Christlike in your daily actions. Going to whole world and preach the gospel to every creature that sounds familiar, some great suggestions of how I did get one really helpful tip and I thought this this is kind of where I was going with this right so this person gets a Chevy Tahoe or or maybe, maybe just an a on the final exam.

I don't know what will give I'm going to say say her name Jessica good job. Just Jessica start talking to people about what they believe if they don't believe in God sure about him. That's good practice listening is a good way to start talking to people right. So, good job there tomorrow world thinking about the why. Okay so answer why should I evangelize thing biblical answers to that question today. I really want to jump into the house okay just give some practical suggestions from this text of how I can share the gospel. Okay, so let's jump into the text itself. Mark chapter 4, really, let's read together. Verse 14 and that's on your card.

Here, you get to the card in just a moment. Mark 414. What I want to do with this card is put in your Bible date. Yet yesterday's card was on your mirror this card. I want you to put in your Bible keep in your Bible because this is your this is what the Bible it's okay so that's how that's can be communicated to you and will talk about that just a moment, let's all read verse 14 of Mark for just words. There Mark 414, actually it's on your card to the seller. So with the word. The sower, so with the word to look at several these verses want to do is just read through them pretty quickly. Okay is our time is short and get really to some practical principles from this parable that Jesus taught to help us to know how to evangelize okay so verses one through nine, we find the parable of the soils. The parable of the soils he began again to teach by the sea side. The context here and there, was gathered and in verse one, a great multitude, so that he entered into a ship and sat in the sea and the whole multitude was by the sea on the land cc Jesus teaching and in the multitude starts gathering around the Sea of Galilee. There is the hills go up from the sea and it's really any picture he sits in the sea soiling since in the boat you see Jesus start teaching the multitude he gives him a story gives him the story here. First case of seed in the soil scenario. Birds come in verse three, Hark, and behold, there went out a sourness so as he does so some seed fell by the wayside and the fowl of the air came and devoured it up the second case, verse five and six. Some fell on the stony ground, where it had not much earth and immediately sprang up because it had no depth of earth. When the sun was up it was scorched in because it had no root it withered away so you have the stones interrupting the seeds growth. The third case here, the thorns, verse seven. Some fell among thorns and the thorns grew up and choked it, and it yielded no fruit and then we finally get to the good soil verses eight and nine others fell on good ground, and did yield fruit that sprang up and increased and brought forth some 30, some 6704 he said to them, he that I this is the conclusion. If you have any are here here.

Listen to what I'm saying to you a familiar story, especially in their culture you, you would see this and and and so there's this the sower. He has a leather patch, a leather pouch. Maybe just maybe like a little little shoulder harness type thing any reaches his hand grabs the CD just kind of throws it out, throws it up throws from her seat hits the whole hillside there and there sitting on on the on the slope of the field and this is was really cool.

This is what Jesus is doing master teacher here what he is picturing in story form is what he is doing as eyes, as he is speaking is like the sower does any. So is it out there on the field and and all these people are sitting on the field and their receiving the seed of his word and then he looks at maybe the Pharisees over here in this green section. Sorry guys are the Pharisees adding any stiff arms. These you get in their face, as he is just talk to them about them being because they just said that he was filled with be eligible by that's how he did miracles on so he's going to get in their face and and he's like, this is not for you that that's where he goes next look at the next section here.

The purpose of parables is like, what, why am I speaking in parables and he tells them why verses 10 through 12 when he was alone. They they ask him the 12 asking him about the parable he said to them on to you. This is given another mystery of the kingdom others right. This is not given to them in a minute going to share this to them in parables that seeing they may see and not perceive and hearing they may hear not understand lest at any time they should be converted their sins be forgiven. Prices all forgiveness of sins and their son that have rejected his messianic message of the kingdom of God is here.

I am the King of heaven and and and and I need to be ruling in your heart right Lilo and follow me. Take up your cross and follow me. This is a revolutionary message of Jesus not overthrow Rome would really overthrow the world as he rules in their hearts but but those religious leaders were not about to receive this and and so he's he's going to tell them and it's it's really fascinating what he's doing here because the first group is snatched away by Beelzebub, and they just said you're doing this by your doing this authority in teaching by Beelzebub. That's really just told him and easy to tell them Beelzebub is coming in snatching the seed out of your mind right and so and so Jesus does this with his parables.

It's fascinating and I don't have time to go into it, but he he he will often commentary say this or are those who think real deep and communicate well the bait parables are revealing and concealing at the same time and so something even just like the Son of Man, Jesus is the Son of Man he's talking about.

Daniel seven the most high is coming to receive all the kingdoms of the earth.

He's talking to you about that. If you're ready to receive it but also write the Son of Man okay the Son of Man right and so in both GE speaking. In both cases tenant to conceal and to reveal based on whether you will listen or not, are you going to listen and so even this message that Jesus is given is the master teacher is he spreading it out there on all the field and some of them are in receive it in some of her to reject it. And so that's the meaning of the parable of the soils verses 13 and following Jesus kind of unveils this to his disciples the meaning of the parable of the soils he said to them. Verse 13. No you not this parable. How will you know all the parables and theirs are verse the seller.

So with the word that said that's all we that's what we gotta get hold of came come back to that. You know why the soils are going to be receptive and non-receptive. In fact, seed is in a snatch away some of the seed verse 15. These are they by the way side right and so the book the ground had been beaten down there and then Satan comes and snatches that is heard second case.

This is also been a happen. There's enemies soil there that that it looks like it's receiving it, but it's not.

You have no there is an ongoing growth that's deep and it's gonna fade away doesn't have root verse 17.

They have no root in themselves and so they endure for just a little time and afterward, when affliction or persecution arise for the word sake, immediately they are offended and so that the difficulties of life destroy, and then you have this other case here.

The third case, verses 18 and following 1819. What comes in Richard is carers lust for other things. These are they which are sown among the thorns and and there's a little bit of receptivity and then do I want this cross life of following Jesus leaving myself and my staff in living an idolatrous life of serving me that doesn't sound good. I will.

I don't want to serve Jesus with my life. So please continue serve myself and so song will turn away from message of the cross, and follow this utterly futile life of living for yourself in a big bank account. The American dream, but others. The fourth case, here are the lines they receive. Verse 20 sown on good ground and hear the word and receive it right and so are talking about being ambassadors and really encouraging you to grasp that is not just what you do, but what you what you be this is who you are at it. So were doing this because it's who we are in Christ and and so were out there with this message of pardon the way to get back to heat into the glorious closet gospel of Jesus Christ and yet some are going to reject okay and so I just want to go on from that the meaning of this parable that that there will be receivers and reject her case her and just just real quick three quick principles to help you from this. First of all there.

There will be those who reject this message that you bring to them. I don't think the point of this parable is that you need to go out and take all the rocks out of the soil. Kate either. Some of that broke right but but the point is not okay listener culture is wealthy. So we need to make sure we have a Great Depression by we make sure people are uncomfortable and miserable so they'll receive the gospel.

That's not Jesus's point that might be what he does in our 20s and in the 20s. Here he sends a Great Depression it's for the gospel sake. But that's that's not our job.

His point is you know what your to get the soil into the soil. You gotta meet people who don't know Christ and you just get the seed on their there's going to be those who receive and there's going to be those who reject you're just bringing the message.

How will they hear if there is no preacher. You're the preacher mention Paul yesterday, I share the gospel with him in evangelistic Bible study in our local diner older Jewish man. Another Jewish man in that same diner, Jack respond to the gospel believed was able to baptize him a Muslim man who was a waiter at same diner evangelistic Bible study gave him a Bible and relieved had to hide hide his Bible and a placemat from that diner.

As he took it home, believed wheel another Jewish man that I witnessed you in that diner for years. Isaiah 53. At least at least twice a month regularly.

He never believed continue to reject moved to Philadelphia got cancer.

I I went to Philadelphia to talk to Michael. If you do not receive this message. He's a friend.

He was he died. He was a friend you you you do not receive this message. Michael you'll die and you will go to hell. I shared that with him as a friend.

I pleaded with no tent, no in our hearts break for that. There's you just we just recognize this.

The seed is powerful, but the soil some Jesus says this. This is his point you God for soils there one is receptive. Often it's not the three receive in one reject often it's the three reject and one receives.

And so we just we just get the seed on the soil, the seed on the soil. The second principle here.

Okay, so there will be some the reject some more receive second principle here, the power of termination is and how fancy you sling that see that what it says.

The power is and how cool you are right, the great medium that you use know all the powers and the message the germination. The regeneration comes from the seed the gospel message. Dr. Pettit share with us Monday right, the power is never been with you, so don't be nervous about it. Don't think I gotta get all the answers. The powers in the gospel message. It's just it's just as simple as seed on soil seed on soil word in the heart. The word in the heart. That's all it is you guys it's not I is not rocket science.

You guys do that. I think a lot of you do, I just mean in all of you a lot.

You're very smart. This is all this is it's getting getting this message but you gotta know the soil. You gotta know people that are not Christian right so we gotta get out there. The gospel is the powerful. It's the power of God and the salvation by covert just really kill us. As far as face-to-face interaction with folks in New York City just started open up again but you know the power of the gospel is still there.

We we had one guy email us and he's like I got saved, reading the Bible. The Bible tells me I need to go to church and I come to your church right he was your age atheist just starts God's work in his heart. The seed is that powerful way starts reading he gets to first Samuel in his reading about these kings and what the Kings will do to people. He's like that's what kings do to people. Politicians are corrupt. This might be true and is born again by reading as you version at this is this is the word. This is the gospel.

It is that powerful and so our job is just to get the seed on the soil. That's 1/3 point here.

This responsibility is the at the seed on the soil not to convert the soil right. Our responsibility is to get the word out. This is your responsibility today. The way to you finisher to greedily have all the answers never stop me. I never have all the answers. I'm not very outgoing. I'm not very good at this. My wife is really good at this. Some of you are to be so good at the rear of building relationships.

I have had to learn. I love this mass communication. It's really what I enjoy, but I've really had to learn. I have got to have a lot of folks that I am meeting in this way. So I'm just a real quick few minutes. Let me give you some challenges of how to do this. Okay, the seller sought the Lord so I what I want to buy the end of your summer is to have three people at least three people that are non-Christian. You've prayed for you to put their names on the top of that red pot that silver pot and a gold plot and mate you don't know them now don't put the names yet. These are three campers perhaps three people at work.

Those of you work secular jobs are in a really have a lot of names but for other you have to go to coffee shops.

Have to go you have to connect with your community in a special way. I just think Lord send me three folks that I can connect with us in this way, I want you all keep this in your eye with all of you to have at least three people that you are praying for in this way, that you are beginning to open up a relationship where you're going to get the seed on the soil of their heart gay rights are two quick ways and big ways to do this.

Cultivate three potted plants.

I encourage our people to do seven.

Pray pray pray first step. You gotta start their start on your knees, pray for these three for three folks and the beginning of the soil. If you know any soil or and I can have three people start meeting non-Christian people. You guys are so good at this, I have to do this through coffee shops. I've to do this through coffee shops, diners, my community walking dog people in my neighborhood and Emma where were my offices.

I meet a lot of people to my church. But that's not what I'm after. I'm after people that are in my community that don't know I'm a pastor once I know the pastor on right meet non-Christian people write and then then you move into sharing the word with them okay and what you sure there were three of not sharing your testimony. That's an evangelistic Bible study. Her our church try to get this I'll try to remember to put this on us like our church produces some of these right review on Amazon Kindle, just do what I will bring you I would remember better just hate you have a Bible love to read the Bible. It's all you can start reading the Bible with that's all you gotta do and the Bible does it. You'll have to convince him. The Bible does it seem does it. Let's read Mark together. Read Mark chapter 1 asking what they thought would you think about that. Read Mark chapter 2, by Mark 13 the born-again you start discipling its awesome right I just entered our church like really focus our church to the 71 of the guys are churches probably watching, so be careful about who assure church but like Laura folks something. How many people are gifted at speaking, I'm not thinking this young man right in the eye of our time understanding what he saying he started doing this.

Folks that he delivered food to over covert started started friendship with a man who was Muslim started talking to them, lead them to Christ Bible study starting disciple.

You can do this and what's cool is I know that I'm assuring that God wants God's doing this behind-the-scenes he's already setting us up for all of you, Lord, help all of the students were to start the praying now all of the students connect with three he's doing this. He's already working behind the scenes. You just gotta take a little bit of initiative a little thought, but you are so creative that II do want to, you gotta ask and receive Christ.

You gotta get the part in papers there okay see you gotta get to that, but that may take a couple years don't necessarily have to that the first time you sit down with them with gospel Mark guy but you gotta be doing this. This is something that we are just trying to break it down into you can do this right, it is with your students at the wild writing the counselors. It's what this should be a life calling for all of us to make disciples of the nations wherever we are. This is who we are, were making disciples not just pastors and evangelists.

The best people to do this are often young ladies are relational but you all of you all.

This is your young you have a you have a platform I don't have because I'm 40. I'm in my 40s now impossible.

It's gone right so okay and then click here we go. I just also encourage you to this more comprehensively. I do, I do feel like we've gotten away from this, I just as you go back to your community pray about the way that you can actually do this. This is what Jesus is doing. He's doing this.

This is his brilliance. He has 12 people down here that are his potted plants be spending a lot of time with anyone else he's doing. He scattering the seed of the whole thousands there on the hillside and this is what we need to be doing is institutions of churches as individuals, we gotta think of our whole neighborhood, so please do this.

You're so creative. Cultivate the potted plants but also think how can I this may be an op-ed about a political situation that you put up in your local newspaper. This might be that something in your community that everybody knows about that you write a pamphlet about you delivered everybody's door so many ways this for me this is a YouTube channel and YouTube channel is evangelistic that I'm trying to target little areas in my community that people know about the cemetery.

The subway where had I wanted to share some stories of this. I just can assure one. This is just to illustrate what God's doing and how he puts all of this together.

My wife was doing this with the lady that she's at her office. Not many ladies there, but she's talking all of them because she's just crying and she's listening.

And this happens and so she's talking to this lady and she says you have a Bible, the lady says my to have a Bible I was just given this Bible when I bought my dog this Crocker's not awesome I Dr. Crockett he sees think in this big, big scale dog gets a Bible and God is using that lazy is my wife and her personality to be gracious to her potted plant and use both of you guys are creative, you can do this better than I can think of a way I got gotta get three by Gotti at seven.

I got it.

17. Potted plants, and I'm working on you on also New York City 200 people are dying every day for me. I can live with that. If I'm not doing that. Also, big scale, I'm making our church reach everyone in our community with Google ads with you too with all these other things as well and and so by God's grace, I leave that with you, Lord, help the students. I pray thank you for each one of them.

I thank you Lord for what you are doing behind-the-scenes right now you're doing this, you're putting all these connections together on the mat. You see the map. Lord in your you got students from Indiana from Michigan, California and your your building.

The connections now that they are going to make. I pray that you will give them grace through your Holy Spirit, take those things that you are is the sovereign leader of the church putting together. I pray that they would take those opportunities and they would they would make them or something. They would love these folks and share the gospel with them by your grace for your glory. Pray in Jesus name you been listening to a sermon by Pastor Tim Richmond of Grace Baptist Church in Queens New York which is part of the series on evangelism. If you would like to contact Pastor Tim you can email him at list again tomorrow as well. Here the final message in the series on The Daily Platform

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