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1083. Cast All Your Care On Him pt. 2

The Daily Platform / Bob Jones University
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September 22, 2021 7:00 pm

1083. Cast All Your Care On Him pt. 2

The Daily Platform / Bob Jones University

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September 22, 2021 7:00 pm

Evangelist Morris Gleiser finishes a two-part message from Bob Jones University’s 2020 Bible Conference titled “Cast All Your Care On Him,” from 1 Peter 5:5-11.

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Welcome to The Daily Platform from Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina. The school was founded in 1927. The evangelist Dr. Bob Jones Senior's intent was to make a school where Christ would be the center of everything, so he established daily chapel services today. That tradition continues with fervent preaching from the University chapel platform today on The Daily Platform will hear a sermon preached at the Bob Jones University Bible conference Dr. Moore slicer and evangelist from Dallas Texas will be continuing his sermon from yesterday titled cast all your care on him. So I stood here two years ago and I knew something was wrong with me physically but I know what it was. I went, I left here.

I've had some test run and it led to further MRIs and scans and that bone marrow biopsy which nobody ever wants to come telling you, pray for the rapture if they ever do that when she comes for you on delegate and the doctor looked at me and my wife.

And he said you have multiple myeloma. I never heard those words in my life as it cannot just have multiple just have one and I mean it and he said that he said it's it's multiple I said Dr. is it cancer. He said's in my world changed. I'm an old proverb of the rug being pulled out from under you was just so obvious. My life completely altered all I think about was I got a schedule to keep churches to preach at camps to go to the summer and I want and I said or can we fix it. Matt heard the word cancer and other people's lives and I know they can be fatal.

Adventure adventure often to that world of conversation and I know it takes time to fight it so I simply said can we can we do it this quickly how to take. He said several months, yet he was right. It took a whole year battling and I discovered that the bitterness of something that interrupted my life brought a bitterness to my Christianity that I didn't know I needed. I needed a sabbatical. I don't ever go through that experience again. Never. And I may have to it's kind wants to lift its ugly head up again.

I don't ever go through it again.

I wouldn't take anything in the world. From what I've gone through and what I've learned tonight that I just lay some things on your heart. First of all he he sees teaching us the inevitable reality, it's inevitable.

What's that, you're going to have cares looking casting all your care or cares is in the plural, and he doesn't say there. Some of you reading this letter are going to go through some anxious moments so we will go through some real difficult times so you just hearing this, and you need to have pity and mercy on those people who really go through this. That's not what he say he is talking to all of us. All of us including he says all of you have cares on beating a drum here. You all know it to be true is that cares and comes in various forms of your financial he worried you pay off the semester will get through this and it's a load on you. I get some of you it's in a relational anxiety and maybe you've just gone through a recently struggling relationship. It's broken your heart and it's deep-seated and it hurts. Maybe something's going on with the family back home. Maybe there's a divorce and has already taken place or it's about to take place in your heart is aching and breaking and it's your yearning to do it be something to be a part of maybe your home church is going through something that is disturbing you. Maybe, maybe there is there something else that is a job unemployment issue that a circumstance my mother some project limits of the church say I'm really don't know how I want to get all this done and you're all well by care, would you just put the brakes on for moment and listen to the Scriptures.

It's going to have a there's not there's no outing if the Lord sent an angel to us at night and he says of the Lord has scheduled a car accident for you tomorrow afternoon.

We got it down for about 330 as I can work for you. We would say only think about that. No, I don't think that's been awarded into the schedule. Can we put that off till the year 2930 to make time for that were not in charge of when peers are going to come were not in charge of the storms as brother Kerry said the other day that you're on board a ship and all of a sudden the high winds, blowing in on this you're not in charge. Neither my it's an inevitable thing. The folks were cares another word for the word anxiety. Look at the word, he says, casting all your care. You could put the word worry there you could put the word severe hurting emotion. You could put troubles you could you could put anxiousness there.

Whatever he says, casting all your anxious is the word care actually means to be pulled in all kinds of directions is like wind being a blowing at you in every direction is like someone pulling on you and in various directions and then pulling at your clothing and ripping you apart like your heart is being ripped apart. He saying here take that care casting on the Lord. It's inevitable you have on I'm pretty simpleminded.

I find it and I find it falling and got three different categories be real honest with you first. My seat. I think sometimes our tears come because of our past. Something happened in our past. Something happened to you in your past something that maybe nobody else knows about you only want to share with anybody. It's something that has been kept inside your heart. Or maybe, maybe it's something you have shared with other people, but it's in your past, something it's been done to you or something you did it just trails you just tracked you everywhere you go in on time. Your thinking pointed out to hang out with the crowd and I smoked a joint climate.

I look at that website that I think that drink" with me wanted that date that guys some girls and here's the deal, though, admit many cases were for forgiveness was needed to be gained and you saw that you asked for it.

You confess that you got forgiven, but you you pick it right back up and you drag it along.

That becomes a daily care and you you don't live under the understanding of the goodness of the grace of God's incredible forgiveness so you live with past cares. The past. Maybe it's the present simple, don't get all this done today by bottle, so what I got that project scaring me just stare me in the face. I got that test, and if I get this project happening at work I got I got these issues.

I got the address I got all the things going on at that conversation handled this.

There was a woman in the Scriptures by name of Martha she was real close to Jesus, and she was scurrying about in her kitchen and she was full of care about a present demand and Jesus said, Martha, Martha, Martha, Jill Gorelick and the Greek to see that one, but I think it's their would you come over here and sit down like Mary has an understanding the Steagall know that I'm God.

Sometimes God makes you still when you were expecting him to steal. You left is not the past. It's the present pressures.

If it's not past, present, it's the possible future, it's what what if I can't get this time. What if my grades cause made iPad that I have to repeat this year I'm amazing how can what if what if that loved one goes go through a divorce. What if what if I do lose my job. What if my dad back home dies. What if what if you spend all your time worrying about things that in most cases never happened, but they either accumulate they bother you that you take tomorrow's burdens and clouds and of concerning you pull it over today. God's going to give you grace for that day. Tomorrow, you just live under his grace today what is given you the day you don't know the answer about tomorrow. Listen the psalmist. He said this in Psalm 27 he said I would've fainted. I would have fainted unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living God in charge. It's inevitable. You're going to have cares your mental plane. I've been riding on planes. A lot of the years and my life in our writing this so they look like she took a picture of us, as it looks, funny but is just who we are. My wife loves the aisle and I love the window and we had this empty seat between us. We really weren't sweet fellowship that we had this division between us and nobody occupied the seat for a change in and so she took a picture is a reason why love the window. I don't know why I can't.

I don't like turbulent planes that I just don't like.

I just want to look at that window were flying at me. I am just telling the truth.

He sold goods. I don't know how to close.

But as long as the plane and the ground are parallel. I'm feeling alright RA cruise along that they succeed in turbos, not just looking in the area you're still down there about 30,000 V okay I gotcha. You know I just don't see it coming to me in a hurry in all is not real good at and don't come at me say it again, now flying on a plane is a lot safer than riding in a car out of a car wreck in wall RA player me that none help my troubled soul. So here I was flying. All of a sudden the pilot comes on he says lasted all the floods in his go-ahead and quickly have a seat, buddy. Please tightness evaluated by QC were about to hit some turbulence and I want to do only at the little dwelling call for the flight attendant come arising which it would you go ask the pilot a question for me if he knows that turbulence is about to come. Can he fly around it or something really going through. Yes, I'm a Christian. Yes, I am pleased with Mr. Montes open turbulence is coming.

I don't know how I don't know who's the words were used to bring in your life. I don't know what degree, come on, give me a break.

You know it's true.

It's inevitable with the reality cares or part of your life. You may have something on your heart right now to do today that's heavy one. The inevitable reality number two.

The instant response will give her seven the very first word casting headphones. I will have time to give you everything here that I want to say to you, but I just want say something. The word casting here is the instant response to care. So what is the word casting is the idea of getting rid of something. Are you ready for this.

Don't miss this hurriedly urgently. I love baseball and I just love baseball.

I love to play in the infield masculine played shortstop and in my fear was always that matter with you hit the ball to me.

My fear was that I would not get the ball out of my glove fast enough to fired over to first base before he got there he was, of a speedster, so I was very concerned, so whenever that ball came to me.

I was concerned I get quickly casting it away from it.

That's what I think of when I see the word casting.

Maybe you think a little game you played as a kid hot potato or someone downing around we did you know you tossed it around whenever came your answer. You just tossed somebody else.

That's the word it's the same word that was used to people who cast their garments in palm branches on the road when Jesus came in we call his passion week in the city of Jerusalem. They cast down all their garments on the on the donkey that he wrote on and on the roads. Why because they wanted to praise him and I discovered that my praise grows incredibly so when I cast the cares of time to carry this for your prayers too much like mine. Like yo-yos, Lord, take this burden old and I don't I don't carry this burden.

This is linked to heavy for me. God please take this is Curtis's concern is his anxiety got to take it off of me later with you when you get up in a bigger eye makeup when I stand guilty. Most of us do. That's not what the Bible tells us to what Peter saying he saying get rid of it casted some more is easier said than done. I would say that I agree with that. I think it's a process of of learning and it's a choice that you make things a God I'm going to think right about what your word is said and I'm good at anchor anchor myself to this casting the idea of coming to him and saying I don't understand or understand why this is happening, but I don't have to understand you're doing something that only you can do and so on.

Trusting and resting and you understand cancer in my life and understand the ends of the only burden I've ever carried.

Are you kidding me know. Heart ache that keeps you awake at night takes away the desire of eating keeps me in my position sometime so we can that I've had a hard time to even walk up to a pulpit to preach because the heart was so heavy with some care in my life I discovered you don't have to understand why God's doing what is doing that. Maybe one most important thing for you to hear.

I don't have to I don't have to understand why I can only rest in his word. I don't have the demand that he gives me an explanation, I just go swimming in his Revelation. So for a full year fight and it praising multiple myeloma, cancer of the bone marrow and of the blood except for appointments to see a doctor are not going to go get another test run. I had a lot of time around a bunch of books have been wondering for years and I was able to spend a lot of time in the book, and when I was physically able and go outside and weather permitting. I just go walking onto my want to say honey I will go for a long walk. She knew that meant I just get up. I got many a morning early to watch the sunrise I just walked around and I still got your your incredible creator. Look at the look at this. Look at your creation of flowers look at what you've done things I didn't only look at all the sudden I just adored him great length of time and I didn't have to worry about what time it was meant to worry about.

I can hurry up get this over with. As we had to get some else going on just had time to be with God. You know something I was able to be still and know he's God and I saw God provide yet understand the kind of life I live is a life of trusting it. I go preaching. I get a love offering and that was much my life I wasn't able to go preaching for full year and like like the children of Israel going outside to pick up manna every morning and I'm only saying this so that you will know this is our God was like every day something would be in the mail, something would be sent to me sitting on our front porch, some gift every bill paid. Every meal met every gas tank filled in the day that the doctor said to me, and I want you to know this now.

He said to me almost to the day, one year after he came into the room he said well you're in remission. He looks sad. I'm thinking I thought that was a good word and I love the word redemption in just under it. I like toward remission. We look at the nurse and the nurse was smiling and see what she looked at me, my wife sick patients what the doctor I said to get a lesson from the nurse man is so I think he was worried about his wallet. I don't know. But the point is, he said you're here in remission in the moment.

I had enough strength to go back to do what I'm now doing and I love to preach the Lord stop the supply of funds to pay our bills slipped just amazing how God is real.

There are times in which I be sitting up there in my upstairs. I called my upper room upstairs area of our house. My my incredible companion of life checked on me nonstop and she come upstairs to see if I was okay if I needed anything met so many of my physical needs while going through it couplet that she come up staircase and she's like what's wrong because I'd be doing what I'm doing now the crying is a real problem with these tears and I I just be crying and I just say I'm fine. Fine.

I'm just worshiping Dante hope is not hope is not found upon founded upon figuring out why God's doing what is doing to hear me hope is not founded upon finding out understanding why God is doing what he's doing. Hope is founded upon trust he knows what he's doing. The word is casting, which simply means Lord I don't have time for this work.

This is something you brought into my life and I'm bringing it back to you. Let the next doctor's report be a positive lettuce. The progress Lord let us see something improve. You see the inevitable reality you're going to have tears and you got so maybe today you see the instant response casting, and finally in our clothes. You see the incredible reason. What is incredible reason. Look at casting all your care upon him, what, why, come on man, because he cares for you. Lord cares I mentioned is in the plural, which means all of of all of it may be something that you think could be simple to somebody else which a burden on your order to worry dear life.

This is all of those cares to me coming to me all you who are laboring and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest upon you and me.

For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Jesus is making a great invitation to people say please, come here. I care for you and your pictures are in the terrible hang on for he cares for you is what that's in the singular, yet that's in the singular person. It's like this. He saying he cares for you. You you you you you you and you and you and you and you and you put your name there. It's personal cares for each individual one is going through some hardship, heartache and trial. I don't know what you may be going through this morning. I don't know what your families going through. I don't know what your your emotions have been battered about like on a ping-pong table, but the fact is, he says here, Jesus cares for you. Just helps to know somebody cares. We were we were told on Tuesday night that the ministry of comfort occurs in a person's life after they've been comfortable, Lord. One of the sweetest greatest ministries continue to need ask God to open the opportunities read until this if he is comforted you the new bill covered other people and encouragement.

Look for ways to give of yourself, sacrificially will for other people when Jesus asked Peter three times what was said by the Sea of Galilee. Do you love me do you love me, do you really love me. At the end of every time he said okay and show me that you love me by feeding my sheep and tending to my lambs how I sure Lord I'm really loving my caring for other people. Here he says he cares for you. The letters and phone calls your president of the staff and faculty here. People would contact us dear Moses, I'm telling you they were they were priceless. The ones who could sometimes have the greatest impact in their words were those who had gone through.

Well, honestly, every time those are going through cancer.

Pastor Carrie would contact me and he just say one will simple statement and I would just cling to and say that's exactly right. The fact is friends, God makes us suffer so that we can encourage someone else is going through some hardship and heartache so that when when your journey is over with and I know for most of us were thinking this can be a long time got me to. I'm thinking the same thing. Let it be said of you. You invested your life in comforting and encouraging and strengthening and discipling other people. So this thing is something this very worthy to be meditated upon, and to be studied through yeah I I'm still going through some stabilization I'm just two years out of it one year in remission, but I'm on the I'm on the great side of things were my doctor said to me, one might very doctor said to me just the other day just last week he said to me he said you looking great. I said thank you. Could you record that I want to hear that I'm looking great because you're looking great. He said I don't want to see you for a year and that's just for a checkup just to see that everything still stable.

Another doctor said I just had to keep an eye on you. Like every three months and he said eventually that'll that'll slow down as well and I give God the praise is like is like the time when I was a little boy without my mom thought she heard someone breaking into her home. We were there, just my mom, my sister and me.

My dad was away in my mom but she heard someone breaking in the house and scared her being there were two small children she can run into the front living room and grabbed us. We went across the street. We went over to the neighbors house. The police came to our home. They went through the house. They came back and they said well the back door was unlocked. I think he said it was ajar the door. He said he does but there's nobody in the house and he said because I think you're good to go. You can go back home.

My mother said non-I went for my husband to get home he'll be home in a little bit and he said okay so dad showed up. It was dark.

Dad showed up. We told them we called and across the street. He went back to the house, walked in the house and found to be empty, and he came back and said all right let's go home. I'm a little five euro boy and I was just clinging to my dad apparently walking across the street to see daddy date that he did did you did you check everywhere. I did sign I did good daddy did you check every closet in member closets, scary to a little kid and check every closet, as I did I said about about moms and I get all the shoes and colonize NNI manager really look behind the bed as I looked everywhere sent us a digit. Jill carried every bad I did so and there's nobody look good and we got inside the house and my dad said all right time go to bed time.

Go to bed sleep in the night of the scared fibroblast wall to set up tonight for anything that may come my way.

I am not going to sleep so dad said son everything's fine, go to bed. I laid down my eyes would just bow down think I blink. I was afraid the blinkers is afraid if I believe in that moment of a blink, some bike right there on me at all and I'm laying in bed scared all the sudden the quietness of home. I hear someone walking down the hall and the light comes on in their stands at my hole in my doorway of my Ruger since my dad is looking around second house out because he knew he had a scared boy inside that room was so good to see dad was awake, but I still think of sleep he would back down to his room. I don't only 30 to 45 minutes passed and after a bit here becomes them whole again. He stands there and he looks around easily doing because he knows his boy scared you won't back down the hall. The third time he came down the hallway.

He was carrying a baseball bat.

I got tape I had mixed emotions. At that point I thought I wish somebody would break in. Now man I love to see dad Terry until in the next thing I knew it was morning if that's can stay awake I'm safe I'm going to sleep. Peter said you gotta care while it's inevitable pushing to do with it instantly urgently cast it away because hey, close child of God.

He cares for you. I hope during these days, you will not walk away with a heavy load being reminded what I have cares you got a great God who wants to take that burden off you been listening to a sermon by Dr. Morris Glaser preached at the 2020 Bob Jones University Bible conference. Thanks for listening and join us again tomorrow for another sermon on the Bob Jones University Chapel platform

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