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775. The Crucified Life

The Daily Platform / Bob Jones University
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July 17, 2020 7:00 pm

775. The Crucified Life

The Daily Platform / Bob Jones University

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July 17, 2020 7:00 pm

Dr. Steve Pettit continues a chapel series entitled “Walking In the Spirit.”    Today’s scripture passage is Galatians 5:24.

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Welcome to The Daily Platform from Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina today on The Daily Platform were continuing a study series entitled walking in the spirit which is a study of Galatians chapter 5 through the study will see how believers can have freedom in Christ as they walk with him each day. Let's listen to today's message where Steve will discuss the crucified life from Galatians chapter 5 when I ask you please take your Bibles this morning in turn with me to the book of Galatians Galatians chapter 5 this morning and now we come to Galatians chapter 5 in verse 24 and it appears that Paul has waited to the very end of the chapter before he actually tells us how to do this. How do we walk in the spirit. It is not that he hasn't said anything previously.

Up to this time about walking in the spirit really is not until we get to verse 24 that he really lays out and answers the how question how is it that we walk in the spirit. I don't know what you've been experiencing this semester is your mind is sort of floated in and out of this passage of Scripture as we have come back and looked at it over and over and over. Maybe you have found yourself somewhat frustrated. How do I walk in the spirit. How I be consistent.

That's what I was I would like us to look at this morning and the next time we meet, and I think the whole key to understanding how it is that we walk in the spirit is describe into key events that all of us as believers know and understand and that is it is the event of the crucifixion and the resurrection of our Lord.

That is the Christian life is both the crucifixion and resurrection experience as Jesus was nailed to the tree and as Jesus rose from the grave. So we need to must experience it, were going to walk in the spirit both a painful crucifixion and a powerful resurrection. So this morning we're going to look at verse 24, where we learned about the crucified life of the believer and then the next time we meet will look at the resurrected life of the believer.

So let's look this morning carefully at Galatians chapter 5 in verse 24, where Paul explains the crucified life. Notice what he says and they that are Christ's have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts. Now he's telling us how to walk in the spirit. He says that walking in the spirit is an experience of crucifixion. There's three key questions I want us to ask this morning as we try to unpack the meaning of this verse. The first question is this. When did this crucifixion actually take place, and bather Christ crucified the flesh it's it's a question of timing as we look at that statement, I want to make two observations number one, it is clear that Paul is referring here to those who are believers and they that are Christ's, or literally it means and cries. That's the way it's reads and Christ have crucified the flesh, that is those who are possessed or those who are owned by Christ.

The word and refers back to the previous verse, which is the fruit of the spirit. What he saying is this the point is that the fruit of the spirit is a result of Christians who have put to death, or who have crucified their flesh so when did this take place in the first segment understand is he's talking about a believer. Secondly, this crucifixion took place at a definite point in time in history the phrase have crucified is in what we call the heiress to tents. This is this is an event that takes place at some point in history is like when we asked the question when were you born or when did you get married or when did you graduate.

It was a point in time in history, and what Paul is saying is this, that those who are believers. Those who are Christ's have at a point in time in their life they have crucified the flesh. So the question is when does that take place for all of us who are believers and there can be only one time when this takes place consistently in all of our lives and that is at the moment of our salvation. So when Paul says the believer/is crucified. He is saying this is what happens to us the moment that we put our faith in Jesus Christ on this is important. He's not talking about something that happens five years or 10 years after your salvation experience like you have this incredible crisis later own he's talking about that one great event in your life where you go from darkness to light from Satan to God from the old life to the new life he's talking about what happens when you say that's when the flash was crucified well easily to a second question and that is this what does the phrase crucified the flesh actually mean one thing to get a better understanding of it. I'd like us to compare chapter 5 verse 24 to another very familiar verse that speaks about our crucifixion with Christ and that's Galatians chapter 2 in verse 20.

If you have your Bible so to turn their and let's look at these two verses because they say they look like they're the same thing but in reality they're not notice Galatians 220, Paul says, I'm sure many of you could quote this.

I am crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ liveth in me and the life that I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me. Notice the opening phrase.

I am crucified with Christ out as a point here is very important and that is the mood of the verse.

I am crucified is in the passive one that simply means is that this is something that has actually happened to Paul. It's not something that Paul did is something that was done to him by somebody else so apposite am crucified with Christ. He's not saying I am the crucified air, but I am the one who experience crucifixion. What Paul is describing here is that the agent of our crucifixion is God himself.

So when Paul said I'm crucified with Christ. This is not something Paul did to himself. This is something that God did to Paul, through his son Jesus Christ.

Now Paul actually explains this in a broader way. In Romans chapter 6. I'm sure many of you have studied or prayed through a try to understand Romans six. It is a challenging passage of Scripture, but is not speaking about something that we do in speaking about something that God does in Romans chapter 6. Listen to what it says no he not been so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death. Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death, were we been planted together in the likeness of his death.

Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him. Here's what Paul was saying at the moment you and I were saved. We were all connected to.

We are all connected by God to Jesus Christ.

Just like a plug is connected into a wall socket so you and I were connected into the person of Jesus Christ. We call this our union with Christ and just like Christ was crucified on the cross so you and I have been crucified with Christ.

We have been crucified in Christ. This is not something that I do to myself, but this is God's work. It is something that God does to us. So that's Galatians 220. What Paul is saying is I went for this event.

I'm crucified with Christ and it is affected the rest of my life. Nevertheless I live yet not on. But Christ liveth in me like that. I'm now living I'm not living by my own strength and power. I'm living by faith in the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me. So is talking about his position in Christ now is go to Galatians 524 and you'll see something very interesting. That is actually quite different. Paul says, and they that are Christ's have crucified the flesh not already mentioned here this in the heiress tents referring to something that happened it a point time in your history. That's the moment that you believe but also the mood here of the verb is that it is in the active, that is, it is something that I'm involved in it. Something that I choose to do with my own will and what Paul is saying here is that he not God is the one who crucified that is the believer you are the agent of your own crucifixion. We crucify ourselves you get there.

Galatians 220.

It is God who is the crucify her in Galatians 524 is an act of the will of the believer where you crucify yourself. So what does this mean it means crucifying the flesh means that the believer puts to death or nails to the cross, his own sinful nature and Paul gives us two specific ideas of what he means by that. Notice he says with or included in this are the affections and lusts.

These are two different words that are very similar lots to those inward corrupt desires that wants to have something that other people have the word affection. There is the word we get the word passion for and often times it is strong desires and appetites for things that would satisfy the body. Oftentimes, it refers to things of a sexual nature, but basically here's what Paul is saying that these two terms describe the makeup of your flesh. What is your flesh. It is self centered desires that wants things that are forbidden. There are violations of God's laws, or what other people have and what Paul is saying is crucifying the flash is when you come to turn from your old life of self-centered living and you turn to live your life for God, and when does that take place. It takes place at the moment that your saved vectors. There's two Bible terms that we use to describe this.

One of them is repentance. What is it mean to repent means to turn from an old life to receive a new life's been very interesting. The semesters I've heard of testimonies from numbers of students who have been saved and some of it is just happen over the process of God working in your heart through the word, but what happens when you get saved is God actually helps you to understand and see yourself seeing yourself as a sinner before God saying the fact that the root of your sin is the corruption of your own heart and that in repentance, I am crying out to God to change me to deliver me from what I am, as I turn from sin to God. Isaiah says it this way in chapter 55 in verse seven.

Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts and let him return of the Lord and he will have mercy upon when you and I are say we are repenting. There's a change of mind that leads to a change of life, then there's a second word we use is the word baptism what is baptism. Baptism is a believer's public identification with Jesus Christ in his death, his burial and his resurrection and when you and I are baptized. Often times the preacher will say something like this buried in the likeness of his death raised in the likeness of his razor wet resurrection to walk in newness of life and baptism does not save you from sin but it is a symbol, and identification of what happened to you when you were say you were buried in the likeness of his death you were raised in the likeness of his resurrection to walk in newness of life, and this crucifixion all takes place at the moment of your salvation.

The flash was put to have on the cross. Now that leads to the third and last question I would ask and that is how does this how does this crucifixion work and daily experience because we been talking about walking in the spirit that something that you do moment by moment. How does this crucifixion work in my life, moment by moment. As you make your way here on campus or you go off campus with your friends or you go home, or you go to church, is there not a moment by moment experience that we all constantly are going through where we are actually crucifying the flesh of the answer is absolutely what is Christian living in the simplest way I can define it. Christian living is living out and experience what happened to me at the moment that I was saved really Christian living is simply living out day by day, moment by moment what happened to me the moment I put my faith in Christ in turn from our sin living out the crucifixion means that we make daily choices to put to death the lusts of the flesh, and every moment of every day I am going to have to say no to what my flash wants to say yes to that is a word in the New Testament that we use that actually explains this. It's the word mortify. Would you take your Bibles and turn to Romans eight in verse 13 I want you take note of this verse because here Paul is talking about the life of a believer is he is in the spirit and at the same time the putting to death the sin you sometimes in all and I I know it's been happening here at the school that maybe some of you have found yourself being kind of like you know when even start preaching on grace because man all you do is preach on sin or folks I didn't write the Bible, God the and all I've done is taken the Bible and gone verse by verse to let you see it yourself that folks God works grace as we come to understand sin for where sin abounds. Grace abounds more God gives us grace not to live as we want. God gives us grace to overcome our sin and notice. Romans 813, he says, for if you live after the flash you shall die. The watch this but if you through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body. You shall live know what is the word mortify mean it's a term of death it means to put to death like the word mortician was a mortician do. He works with dead people. What's a mortuary. It's where we put only buried dead people. What is it mean to mortify it means to put something to death and what the Scripture here is saying is that we are to constantly put to death the sinful desires that arise within our own heart back in the 1600s of very famous Puritan rider named John Owen wrote a definitive book entitled the mortification of sin, and in the book. He said this mortification is the soul's vigorous opposition to self wherein sincerity is most evident. Do you mortify do you make it your daily work be always at it while you live sees not a day from this work be killing sin or it will be killing you to live out the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is to daily choose to die to your self. Is this not what Jesus meant when he said if any man would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.

John Stott said it this way, to take up the cross was our Lord's vivid figure of speech for self-denial every follower of Christ is to behave like a condemned criminal to carry his cross to the place of self execution.

We are to take our willful and wayward self and we are to nail it to the cross, dying to self nailing self to the cross. That's the pathway to spirit filled living, let me say that this crucifixion.

If you may think it's something that is easy or instantaneous than you You don't understand mortification when somebody was crucified on the cross. What happened to them what they experience.

Number one they experience great shame. It was shameful to be nailed to a tree in public in ancient times was a shameful event, the famous Roman philosopher Cicero called the cross a tree of shame. The Jewish historian Josephus called crucifixion the most wretched of deaths. Even the writer of Hebrews mentions the word shame twice in his book with regards to the crucifixion of Jesus. One of them. Hebrews 12 to Jesus endured the cross, despising the shame, to die on the cross was shameful and what is more shameful then the evil faults that arise out of our own sinful hearts like real sewage, my family, not for 29 years lived and traveled 1/5 wheel trailers and one thing we had to do every single Saturday was to dump our own sewage and so we became experts at RV dump sites and it was never pretty and it didn't smell good at all. It's just pulling the lever and outflows raw sewage. What did Jesus say about the human heart for from within, and out of the heart of men, proceed evil faults. The greatest battle every one of you in this building faces the same battle I face and that is the battle with my own fault line and dying to self is to be honest about your own evil faults that are constantly rising out of your own heart and what are we to do. We are to relentlessly and mercilessly put them to death. This is what Paul visits what the Scriptures take teaching is a shameful death within. Secondly, it was a painful death.

Think about it.

Crucifixion was designed to make death as painful as possible when someone was crucified, they were first of all, beaten with a whip, then they were forced to carry a crossbar on their back. That weight sometimes upwards to hundred pounds. When they arrived at the place of execution nails that were some 5 to 9 inches long.

Made out of iron were driven with a wooden mallet through the hands and the feet during the process of crucifixion. The Roman government allowed the executioners to express himself in the most sadistic ways we look at the execution of our Lord.

The Bible says the pilot took Jesus and what it he duly scourged him. The soldiers twisted a crown of thorns put it on his head, put a purple robe on his back in the began to mock him and say hail, King of the Jews. They slapped him in the face with the palm of their hands. They then took him out to the place of execution called Golgotha and there they crucified him with two other men on either side and Jesus was in the middle. As we look at the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ. What we see we see the shame and we see the pain. It is painful for us to dyed our loss. Why because we love ourselves and we love our own Pat appetites for me is your question.

Have you come in your life to recognize that Christian living is you dying to yourself is shameful. It is painful and is also gradual. There's no instantaneous one, two, three step how to die to yourself in three easy steps doesn't work that way.

The whole point of crucifixion with that. It took time. A man crucified on the cross could linger for days before he died. And yet eventually slowly but surely gradually but eventually a victory is secured as we are faithful and walking in the spirit and dying to ourselves and God gives us victory to overcome the sinful desires of our heart. How do we do this is that daily, moment by moment choosing to die to the sinful desires and Baltic come out of our heart as we conclude this morning.

Let me just give you some very simple, practical things. Number one, you need to accept the reality of your own death. You know, the people die. It's always hard fact is the first thing your mind does when you hear somebody's death is tried to convict convince yourself it didn't happen the first thing you have to do is accept your own death. The Bible says reckon yourselves to be dead indeed. On December the live in a God through Argie, through Jesus Christ our Lord maybe ought to wake up every morning look at yourself in the mirror and save yourself dropdead because Christian living is dying to self. Secondly, be ruthless with your own thoughts and desires our members a new convert. I got saved at 19 years old and I remember many many times being ashamed of the faults that arose in my heart even as I would sit in church, even as I would come to us a situation like this and suddenly I would have evil faults go through my mind and I've learned that you have to be ruthless with your own faults and desires casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God to bring into captivity every thought to the obedience and the number three you need to call for all roads that lead to sin and military warfare. One of the quickest ways to defeat your enemy is to destroy his supply lines on army will not survive without supplies and the same thing is true about sin perhaps where some of you may be, is that you have not really cut all those avenues that lead to sin things that feed your lost, it could be friends. It could be entertainment.

It could be videos it could be movies. It could be varying activities things that you are doing and what you.not done is you have not yet come to see that death means separation cutting all dying. That's the old.

I am done with the old life.

I'm not going to return back to the grave. I have resurrected from the dead, you need to decide to cut off the lines that would lead you back to old sinful selfish ways and accept the fact that you have died with Christ, and finally the last thing is to live in the resurrected Christ to live in him. John Owen said it this way, a sense of the love of Christ and the cross lies at the bottom of all true spiritual mortification. There is no way of deliverance from the state and the condition of being in the flash but by the spirit of Jesus Christ. What do I need I need not only to die but I need to rise. I need to live a crucified life. I need to live a resurrected life.

I would ask you question I asked you, I beg you, look at me. Please understand.

Have you embraced death as a way of life because that's what it means to walk in the spirit father, helpless to live daily dying to those sinful desires that soak quickly arise in our heart and help us to find the power and the person who is risen from the dead, Jesus Christ.

We ask this in his name. You've been listening to a sermon from the study series in Galatians chapter 5 by Dr. Steve Pettit, president of Bob Jones University. Thanks for listening and join us again next week as we study God's word together on The Daily Platform

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