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744. Don’t Let Pet Sins Become Killer Monsters

The Daily Platform / Bob Jones University
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June 4, 2020 10:00 pm

744. Don’t Let Pet Sins Become Killer Monsters

The Daily Platform / Bob Jones University

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June 4, 2020 10:00 pm

Rev. Rand Hummel preaches a chapel message to ministry chapel students.  

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The Daily Platform
Bob Jones University

Welcome to The Daily Platform from Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina. The school was founded in 1927 by the evangelist Dr. Bob Jones Senior's intent was to make a school where Christ would be the center of everything, so he established daily chapel services today. That tradition continues with fervent biblical preaching from the University travel platform today on The Daily Platform will hear from Rev. ran humble, who is director of the wilds of New England Christian camp in Dearing New Hampshire. Today's message was recorded at ministry Chapel a special chapel session for those BJ you students who were called into the ministry during the person next to you and say good morning sibling is say good things are in, say, hey auger@the five languages I know if you've ever worked in the wilds New England. Would you please stand him embarrassingly bit distant real quickly. If you've ever worked with around the ground. These are very special people and that they are great they really are.

You come say standing you come the wilds of New England or go to one of the other camps and I promise you if you change your life. But all these camps that were represented. Don't waste your summers okay you learned so much and maybe you even end up Joe and Lindsay back there fall in love and that's the way you look and find your next year your husband or wife just go to camp.

You use a five day haves and have seen that you may be seen seriously until way through summer and is really okay I have my view know exactly how may days till Thanksgiving with your hands about how may days for you to go home but I didn't think that I'm proud of you. Why don't the question. Do you have if you miss you mom and dad two hands and maybe Michelle a brother and sister. I believe you miss your dog shirt chat seeing brother and sister hundred and four, the on the other dogs your house submissive dogs we see like to chew our some that's not a doll to map I don't get I had to normally depends on the way there cooked but I seriously what happens when you feed it straight that what promise you that these can stick around with a number of income, our house, we find them on the road and you stick around your new love and you show him a little bit of attention given a little bit of food there not disappear okay, you get bigger and stronger. Always wonder why God didn't just make kittens and puppies okay but he makes dogs and those other things okay demand your undivided attention. The climb, you do love your animals okay this is gross, but how many of you over.

Literally your cat your dog your iguana, your hamster, you literally tested on lips and buddy you weird weird.

They know they demand your attention some amazing how you end up loving them like their owners.

I don't know the one.

Anyway, they just want to eat more more more more and it is.

It just becomes part of your life.

You know, and it will cost you. I promise you, I mean the bag of dog food is like 30 bucks or something.

Now you know obviously I didn't come here to talk about your pets at home. The question is this what happens when you feed a pets number tell you why am preaching this message. Christmas is coming and I can tell you of 11 churches right now, a new New England have no pastors, just like saints take us down before you, and there's some sins than just grab a hold of our hearts and Odyssey penances like it's no big deal. It's not that bad, one time will her.

It's not a big problem. Okay, it's not as bad as other people do and we justify these things until they do the same thing as a pet.

You stick around since I find the law when I want to do good. I mean, that stinking thought that greed lasts anger.

It's it's always there. It won't leave you.

I wanted to leave a Bible college and wise. I go to bed at night and still have to struggle the same thing is going to stick around to get bigger stronger his own center.

Iniquity shall take. That means capture the soldier, the wicked himself, and who be incarcerated Holden with the cords of his sins like being captured during the days of knights and thrown into a dungeon shackled to lot literally. That's the cords of sins and it's like you think you're going to die. They want to break free and you can that that that's what the sins will do demand your undivided attention. No man can serve two masters. Love the one and hate the other. Be loyal to the one and despise and look down in the other 20 hear this in plain life.

This first see go home at Christmas time you tired to sleep for about four days. Then one night, you're up. Check in some scores you attempted look at porn and you give in. This is a translation of this verse ready and God is what you know for about the next.

Maybe 30 minutes or so. I'm gonna love this and at least act like I hate you. I am be loyal to this and submitting for at least a half-hour to me you mean absolutely nothing. That's what the sources say in regards to grade and last in all these debilitating sins and temptations you verbally say before I already know what you're going to do two years from now guys I know what you do regarding porn to your snow you do what you love and if you love your God you love the people you're serving. And maybe the relationship and your family should you going to do right, but if like you love you and given to it will can't serve both becomes a habit.

While they promise liberty become servants total slaves to this corruption, of whom a man is overcome his pride in the bondage subbrand and saw the morning warm your heart with the word of God is going to walk and frighten you to memorize Scripture. It's hard the way of the evil man the way of the wicked is hard, the way of the transgressor. When you girls have to go to your dad and trying to get them pregnant.

I don't want to do. We can go through a day without longing for wickedness. That's hard.

Okay, so it will cost you governments attempted we live in a wicked world that temptation takes a hold of you know it brings forth what I'm saying is he's pet since it don't seem like a big deal, they will become killer monsters you want to be in a ministry that is so wonderful anyone. I just heard you singing shows Christ while I was in. I know that's a hearts desire and were willing spirit is willing but don't ever forget that this flesh is so so weak, so I'm basically going to give you for illustrations morning to be so careful. Just one puff official say adolescent cigarette uses up significantly in the last decade, combined with Joe snorting snorting hot chocolate and a good thing is he good chocolate covered boogers is the only thing I know about the you know it's a problem because even something like what's cigarettes enjoying this big sigh can affect me that much because it's it's it's a pets and seems like it's let me get it does open the door to let you be accepted by friends, but you have to ask yourself do those friends have a heart for God. Okay, but it opens the door to to many, many other other things know you not that your is the temple of God and live your Christian sincere hands K while I do a lot of counseling. As you know and would have to counsel kids who were self-destructive, and whether beating disorders or cutting with the cutting most every time and I take him to the word of God didn't show and I were to glorify God in body and in spirit and in God wants us to grow holy in all these, but I normally I ended this way I do.

This is very unique say no when you home from camp sometime Saturday want to go to Walmart by two or three cans of black spray paint okay and then Sunday before we get to church and ghosts are neither sleek and real early Sunday and what you sneak and when to take the black spray paint. I want to spray all over the pulpit all over the choir loft. The walls of front. In fact, if you want to go along to pews's and every time I say that teams look at me to do that someone said because that's God's house see what know you not that your body is a temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you guys your body is not yours to mess around with with the drugs, the alcohol, the sex. It's not yours, glorify God in your body and your spirit guys would been bought with a price.

The promise you, you start into this stuff sticks around to independent researchers major studies compared nicotine heroin and cocaine and alcohol get this. They rated nicotine is the most addictive and the strongest in creating dependency monks as users go to characteristics and patches, and rapid breathing in all kinds of just a quick one shared that she was so addicted cigarettes got rid of everything 2 o'clock in the morning just needed a cigarette actually went down the street to the dumpster pullout trash bags digging through them so she could find part of cigarette but that somebody left side said was counseling in Pennsylvania. It was in a mental institution, patients sit was voiced. 25.

26 mine blown on drug for a little bit of receptivity to what I say just a little and then the workers came around they got one cigarette a day and an when they gave the boy the cigarette. He got all excited. You know he put it in and they actually lit up for him and I've never seen anyone smokes a glutton for Dragon boom thing was gone. I was like you get scared kisses only one that day is 24 so he puts his hand. He starts pound and he spit on a broken open a can made like a black paste in the niece started licking it off his hand set rooms with parents whose kids are coming off ties almost like a demon possessed until you guys, no one has ever and for become enslaved to drugs who refuse to take the first puff is a pet send it will become a killer monster in your life. Curiosity killed the cat curiosity and the sexual matters will kill you will to check around the grounds before you flip the channel or go to a different website to fill ground before you start scrolling what is God say I will say those two words with me. I will know I said to only two your mom and dad can do this one for you neither can your teachers. Neither can your accountability partners. Neither can your friends. I will guys, this is a decision every single one of you right now you need to settle in your heart I will set no wicked the word which is while sometimes. B.

A name for Satan means a worthless or worthless one. I refuse to allow anything wordlessly for my rent. I'm not involved in the sex they're doing on the screen. The movie they're doing on the YouTube channel.

There wicked and x-rays hate to work at them to turn aside, and even when you choose to be involved with him around to first Thessalonians for your also defrauding cheating somebody else out of their purity selfish woe never cling to me you never cling to me will never become a habit.

My life were not dumb, you're not done they say the pornography is more addictive than most of the heroin. It's on the market today.

I think Peter wrote this yesterday. Having eyes full of adultery totally addicting. Cannot cease from sin beguiling were means cheating unstable souls last five guys I dealt with it were big-time.

Addicted to porn all started at the age of 11, that's an unstable soul heart they have exercised you nod so the coverture stuffs not covet his way back even Exodus 20 dozen covet what they neighbors wife whether she is living next door in a magazine or on website sent guys said what will happen sticks around, comes college with you goes home with you and basically carry it in your back pocket is bigger and stronger with you always, and I can control what I can say no, no you're not sure it demands your undivided attention. You get to the point where I really don't care. Mom says that's it Cheryl my future wife says I don't. I know I will be embarrassed. As a consequence, is voluntarily come to having Good day. Looking and I'll tell you what will cost you a cost to everything that you love will everything from an office young mom couple kids talk to her husband on the phone.

Why is friend my pastor is in prison because he couldn't keep his stinking hands off other people's kids. You think you will couple more weeks and I'm there for my family way and I miss you Emily going to miss Melissa couple kids know way when he was 11, 12, 13 start peeking around sneaking around and in 1516 he never quit at 17, 18, 19 goes off to college I is more freedom, nobody's watching keeps looking gets into his 20s, and every single time/cries out decision yes yes to the big comes he can't say no unless I heard I guys got another 15 or 20 year sentence. Did you know that no one is ever lost their family and friends testimony to the evils of pornography, who refuse to take the no one. It's a pet, send to become a killer monster just one kiss.

Now Princess bride is the greatest movie ever. All the kisses okay. I understand that you know to me when I say kiss fact, I understand some countries of the sinkhole on the roof ski with the men with big beers come up and kiss on the lips, no, this is the will of God was God's will for my life, your sanctification that you abstain from all sexual sin and everyone you guys know how to possess your when the feeling start to write you when you get to situate you, but you need to know this to the point where you can honor God and sanctification and others in honor, not in passionate lust as you see it in the verse you guys to go home and get involved in morally. You're acting like an unsafe person which talks about STDs and want to we hear a lot about AIDS but we don't talk about syphilis and gonorrhea and herpes guys. If the girl so stinking selfish that she would sleep with you.

She's probably been the selfish in somebody else's been with somebody else. Same thing for the guys girls by the way girls for guidance system be involved physically with you, he doesn't love you. He loves himself. He said he ran how do you know if you truly love somebody you will never ever do anything to hurt that person flee fornication every man sins amendment without the body he to commit fornication sins against his own body and my mind I'm thinking I'm gonna run out of time. I know, but this is such a burden because I am in office when you guys come and cry Surinder Blewitt. You can choose your sin but you cannot choose the consequences of your sin. Got it and and you lose all confidence. I decide I don't in hardly other than you look at the Scripture, God tells us what to do been bought with a price just love each enough to double date tripled legal groups of 50 or 6200.

We need to stay don't have to do this until okay to get if you go home, girls your boyfriend is like really big time want to be involved. I'm not being mean the guys you have to be honest, if you want to be involved physically. You can market down what is watching and thinking.

When it's all by himself as a never starts in the mind. It doesn't come out in the body and I'm telling you involved physically as a pet sin and it will become a killer monster.

No one is ever gotten pregnant contracted an STD contemplated abortion are broken. The parents heart by keeping their hands off of each other, refusing to be physically involved. No one one more nobody else knew my likes talk about drinking either to the kid comes like 50 men you can't come to me that the wind that Jesus made was nonalcoholic said dude hello due on 15 your parents when you drink. That's why what I'm asking you camp through my stats I will you 15 your parents I drink children, obey your parents get out here. The way I can't prove you I wasn't there. I'm not that old.

Okay, I have been told that it was alcoholic but yet a drink like 70 gallons in one day.

In order to get drunk from it. Okay is not to question but all usually start drinking because you will be accepted as nothing do with the alcohol will be like to love except I will be loved and want to have friends and these friends you go to the party anytime they can drink the Belgians can hold it or maybe a pretend and touch my lips.

With that in just because it makes me a little bit cool, and so forth. God has a lot to say about this sometime you look at these passages in Isaiah.

Even the word will whoa this is like that. This has consequences with no sorrow broken hearts contentions babbling fighting those that are consumed with alcohol when to start drinking and you say yes to your friends. It's almost impossible to say no.

The next time find on anyone except anyone laugh at you is bigger and stronger before you know you drinking by yourself. Nobody else is around. I promise it will cost but never preached this message when I met somebody one argue with me. They didn't grow up like I did as raised by my grandparents. My grandfather was a very, very heavy drinker so you and argue first of all, I don't want to tell one of her counselors named him Zona Christians family is parent subacute to get his Fortino brother drunk on Christmas Eve.

Got some hard liquors getting drinking. We fell sleep. They went to bed to one another room. He couldn't stand it but the middle night he heard a strange noise.

He went back in the living room. His brother was so drunk he was laying on his back vomiting. He would've suffocated himself. If Tim had been rolling over domestic truly Julie said ran the wild is my favorite favorite place all year round. I look forward to for six months and then I remember all the fun I had for six months to get to Bob Jones University and a friend in it. Literally certification with her dad and led her dad to the Lord start sharing the book of Psalms together. She was home for little sister's graduation party.

She said it ran we walked across the road where the party was nurse at the barn, we heard a strange noise in the truck comes flying around the corner to drunken teenage boys all remembers dad pushing me against the bank. They hit my dad and I raced over and grabbed his head.

He smiled at me and he died and within context Juno 72% of all aggravated rapes are alcohol related. Honestly, no one is ever gotten drunk destroying their own lives along with many others by refusing to take the first drink 1135 I want to finish with this. I want to teach you three words. Please get these if your three-year-old brother comes to picks his nose and offers it to you. What you say three words, no thank you. Say it. No, thank you for the me tell you the power of no thank you. Over no anyone here know what you scared them always can be mad at you. You don't think you handle it for you want to bear no you think you better not us both up and put you on the bear no thank you wisher good. Thank you. Good really no drink no wine. I can tell you if you want me to say goodbye to my grandpa through the room across the room, smash things. I promise God before he knew the Bible said that I would never get involved in that stuff. No thank you I want you guys to enjoy what I've had the privilege to enjoy for 41 years serving God and loving kids but you throw it all away because of this stuff send the student to this so don't let these pet sin to become killer monsters. God bless you.

You are dismissed.

You've been listening to a sermon preached by Rev. ran humble director of the wilds of New England Christian camp in Dearing New Hampshire. I'm Steve Pettit, president of Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina.

During these challenging times. I'd like to invite you to take a virtual visit to BJ you tailored to your individual interests through live video your tour campus with a student ambassador chat with a faculty member in a field you're interested in and get your questions answered from an admission counselor. For more information, email welcome or call 864-241-1624 thanks for listening and join us again tomorrow as we study God's word together on The Daily Platform

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