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22- The Criminal Justice Side of Abuse

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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April 28, 2019 11:46 am

22- The Criminal Justice Side of Abuse

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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April 28, 2019 11:46 am

On today's show, Aimee talks with Dr. Nikolov and guest Detective Taylor Pyles about the many aspects of abuse from a criminal justice point of view.  

THE CURE Live streamed podcast is hosted by Aimee Cabo and offers a platform of hope to anyone who has experienced domestic violence, abuse, mental illness, any trauma or is experiencing problems now in their lives. It's a place to find comfort, knowledge, strategies, answers, hope and love while healing the wounds and 'affirming' that you are not alone.  

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by  visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by  visiting his website.


Taylor Pyles is a Detective with Annapolis Police Department and is assigned to the Criminal Investigations Section. He primarily investigates child abuse, child sex offenses, and other crimes against children.   Taylor serves as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) in Anne Arundel County. As a CASA, Taylor works to be a voice for children who are in foster care and ensures their needs are being met by the court system as well as parties involved in the child's life. Additionally, Taylor is chair of the Children’s Justice Act Committee at the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevent and is a member of the Anne Arundel County Child Fatality Review Team.  

Personally, Taylor is an adult survivor of abuse who was removed from his home just before his 8th birthday by Department of Social Services and placed into the foster care system. Taylor remained in foster care until "aging out" at the age of 18.  

As an adult, Taylor was troubled by seeing the negative outcomes of those in which he was in foster care with. This included multiple drug overdoses, suicides, as well as incarceration. Based on these outcomes, Taylor launched The Blue Ribbon Project as a resource for adult survivors.  


Brought to you by volume ICU research life can bring many difficult situations, domestic violence, addictions, poverty and even sexual by your loved ones welcome, Amy, and the Q care has been asking me we created this sound so that people know that there's hope after going to difficult circumstances are difficult scenarios. We discussed powerful topics and how incredible gas of the course of the last months we have talked about abuse of a connate prevention, posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms.

Available treatments we had talked about mental health problems, and many others. Basically, if you are suffering from anything, whether it be physical or mental suffering. They shall might be able to help and would like to educate as well.

We like to also offer information about living well and life all healing and after healing and as a survivor.

I hope to inspire others to encourage transparency and find strength in knowing that those who suffer are not alone and that those that heal against the insurmountable amount odds do exist today. I enjoying my cohost and partner in life. Dr. bars Niccol Fry and we have a surprise guest. I get strung from God Nissan Nikolaus hi Michelle, so we know that April is child abuse prevention month and today we have a very special guest Taylor Hiles, who is a detective with the Annapolis Police Department and is assigned to the criminal investigation section.

He primarily investigates child abuse, child sex offenses and other crimes against children. He has been working for Annapolis police since 2003 and has been a detective since 2010. Taylor serves as a court-appointed special advocate in and are window County SPCA as a potato looks to be a voice for children who are in foster care and ensures their needs are being met by the court system as well as all the parties involved in the child's life. Additionally, Peter's chair at the children's Justice act committee at the Gov.'s office of crime control and prevention, and is a member of the an hour Mundell County caliphate facility review team Anne Arundel, Anne Arundel. Personally, Taylor is an adult survivor of abuse was removed from his home just before the eighth birthday I Department of Social Services and placed into the foster care system. Something I'm familiar with Taylor remained in foster care until going out at the age of 18 and as an adult. Taylor was troubled by seeing the negative outcomes of those in which he saw in foster care, or he was with in foster care and these included multiple drug overdoses, suicide, incarceration, and based on these outcomes stated to launch the Blue Ridge and project as a resource for adult survivors over time to direct.nice additional needs of abused and neglected children in our community and implemented programs to serve, abused and neglected children providing training resources for professionals who regularly work with children.

How are you Taylor piles.

Thank you for joining your regular thinking. I had a curious question for you if you can tell us a little bit about what it is that you investigate. What do you consider abuse and you think you please could describe to us at what point it becomes abuse. At what point it needs investigation or for our further looking into. Will we get a report of abuse from the abuse can actually very God just a little bit so most of the cases that we see or child neglect. When it comes to workgroups more very willful neglect will were parent or caregiver intentionally neglected child or mentor should know more.

We also see a permanent amount of truck struck the front when it comes close window" well, obviously were from child on the investigation with the that takes place with the goal abuse cases from termination needs to be made of it actually meet the criteria for abuse. There are a lot of fun things like the yes all punishment. Punishment may not always meet the criteria in a criminal matter for physical abuse.

However, so I will use the same corporate punishment abuse, what point is that it's abuse usually will tell Mel every type of injury is usually what we look for Mark yes for the most part, okay, so children. Although children don't always have to be removed from the home and often times you charge on things like that often times these family resources. So we see a lot of parents we were one punishment sometimes severe child as adults returned to their own children in some bondage about working with the family providing alternative methods to look out for the little we have to resort to physical things and with some time with what sometimes is just a family that is struggling with resources way to help a family goal. So with the serial neglect little parentally criminal on families in need of help.

That's great that you started with project enough for adult survivors. That's excellent analysis.

He saw the children throughout Foster City and the foster homes and I know from personal experience when I was working that 15 different foster homes and there was no checking up on me questioning how things went, or making sure there wasn't any further abuse that occurred and I'm glad that things are getting better in that sense I wanted to ask you how can an untrained eye, but a person familiar with abuse know that the kid is being abuse when it's not simple, usually know what I tell people is something out of place, you need would be let abuse taking place without the child is being abused like your intuition is telling him it's often the case.

See the words but the good thing about physical abuse is often those injuries are there visible amounts. What could somebody to country when it comes to the block, the same thing people what's going on with that, but unfortunately with things such as child sex offense is all about is not be any injury that's readily visible to somebody you may not be aware what's going on until the child discloses all but often times will see you with children, the way they seem right arm often times with those cases. If the child more about knowledge than they should more than adult knowledge that can be challenged in one of my investigation when we correspondingly made the abuse taking place work for quite some time and that's when people can't have that moment I knew something was wrong or something like it later Mac wanted and then you find that out, later when everything comes on without people to question you know something doesn't seem right to ask questions like child, you know, do they feel safe at homewere the questions you don't necessarily focus towards any type of abuse they may have other things going on the depression more. What have you still may not be abused. She might your interaction with the child is asked more questions. Just be observing what's going on and then if you disrespect something important to report all the great thing about our automated reporting laws and things like that your incorrect that family can come back after your yes yeah there's nothing wrong with making that report because you could be wrong about unfortunately a lot of times people are right you know they suspect something and they make that report, the word of the family coming up with one that come after them legally not so let's work while reporting walls, take that yes I would say that is sorry try to stress in Sally's importance of communicating with the children and children letting them know what's acceptable and what's not acceptable and I could help things these things is anyway happening for a long time because sites in the legislation tactics that the property uses.

It's also the knowledge the fact that it has no knowledge of the fact that what's happening is wrong.

So can you tell I also on your website that you are inspired to start these programs and help others because your foster child yourself tell us a little bad about that. So child. Upon my mother, now I recognize that she was suffering from bipolar work one morning this was back in the early 80s and come for tremendously comes to mental health, but she became.

She became so violent that was taking place in the home. Not because she was disappointing merely like she had other things going on in her time, if you will, then it got pretty bad and I didn't disclose what was happening because I know as soon as I open my mouth. I said something that things were going to change. As a child what I wanted to do was I just wanted my mother to get back on a book like the flu or cold. Just wait around long enough income to get better so if I could write this out as long as I could get better quality sleep mental health doesn't work that way.

Somebody observed that something wasn't right, and recorded investigation will start them even after that point, I still didn't disclose what was happening, but I did have some physical injuries.

At the very That's when I entered foster care that was just part of my birthday remains totally 18.8 each out of the system and even after that, really didn't talk about my experience as a child or anything like that for many years and quiet about that sort of thing until I started seeing really bad things happen to people like looking foster care with things such as drug addiction, alcohol addiction, there were several suicide fatal drug overdoses, mental health issues and in a short period of time. Five people to in foster care had passed away five funerals and virtual on the book the lightbulb moment if you will really want to change the sound of the blue ribbon project more time just website with resources for adult survivors of abuse on my experience with foster care was a very select experience because I was 15 and I went to couple foster care home. When I got raped in one I ran away to bridge so that those that are just hanging.

This is the care looking to continue talking about these topics on return.

I'm your host Amy capital and today's show is focusing on the effects of abuse recognizes recognizing immunity programs for help and please, share your story open the lines.

If you have any questions and you have the opportunity to share our give us a call my mom be very happy to hear from you. Please, 3054123305541235. This is all time around Dale life can bring many difficult situations violence addictions sexual abuse by your loved ones. The issue is not stay there, but to overcome all obstacles show the love of God, your husband and your family.

You can succeed.

Love is the answer. God is the cure reveals from a very sincere and honest position. Amy Carbo's life, a warrior who didn't give up and achieve the dream of her life. You can get to know more about her at her story on buying her book on and now we continue with Amy Carbo and the 218 80 cell share capital at this is genuinely typically focus on topics to mental health abuse, and treatment options. And today we are joined by Tina Pyles and we are talking about how to recognize and prevent child abuse and community services that are available for adult survivors or children that are in the system ways that you can help them keep an eye on them so well, thank you for being on the show so that I know the importance of the Department of children and family are busy but isn't. I don't worry so far as the ball out of 1/2 in certain situations instead of referring the matter to the police and your March more experience investigating certain letters that would sometimes win the lottery make some decisions in some cases is the case of mobile computers look like it would be a matter of working with the family like that other things such as the more serious abuse cases and really all should be handled by the police apartment, but most often our investigation of work side-by-side hand-in-hand with you during the investigation when it comes to the child has to be removed from a home or place in the foster care place like that will live with family services of various services, not the police department. Their involvement will be more criminal matter for criminal charges and criminal charges are not salt but it didn't happen, but again it might be a matter of working with families about school's case was a matter of I guess poor parenting if you will, providingthingslikethatandnotnecessarilybechargedwithacrime.Mostlikely,sothisishappeningbecauseIforexamplemywife'scaseisveryweirdsothestatecannotfilesomecaseagainstherstepfather,butifyou'refamiliarwiththekindoftherewasnocriminalchargesfiled,therewerejustseekingprotectionforthekidsandisveryweirdbecausethecasewasverystrong.TherewasdocumentedsexualabuseandthejudgeevenruledthatthestepfatherdidwhathedidbutthentherewasnevercriminalchargesforlikeadifferencelikeGod.Thetwosystemsdon'tgettogetherismoreimportanttothepoliceandthejusticesystemtobeinvolvedinthosecasesdisconnectusthewordout,andsometimesontherelationshipthatwillhelpwiththeirlocalsocialserviceswereaboutimportantworkside-by-side,butIandotherplacesofthecontentofthecountry,youknow,thingsmaybevery,verydifferent,andultimatelyinsomecasesthecase,thecircumstancesmightbereviewedbyprosecutor'sofficetoseeifthechargesinthatregardreasonswhytheynotpursuecriminalchargesthatdidn'thappen,butwestartlookingatthepointtodetermineyouknowsomethingthattheycansuccessfullyprosecutetrialdomore,tothatthatchildandnameisyour15yearsoldandyoungerchildtheyouknowisalwaysbettertoputyouknowwhatyouthinkaboutputtingasmallchildonawitnessstandandhavethemfindwhathappenedtothemlikethatgoingtoconsiderationcriminalchargesandunfortunately(familiesmaynotbeawarenottopursuechargesbecauseIthinksometimesfeelthattheydonotbelieveinthatsortofthing.Andthat'sthat'sreallynotthecase.Theyarebelievedtomatterprosecutionbecausethisperpetratorcanactuallycontinuedoingyesyestherearetimesthatsometimesit'sme.TakedemisedandDan'svictimblaminganythingthat'sallchangingnowtomoveNance.YouknowI'mhopefulandIknowthere'salotofthingshappeningsolittlebylittle,Ithinkwecanbethereforlineandthat'splanningtohaveguestsintheshellbecausewecanallcometogetherandwecannotfindawaytohelponeanotherbecausewe'restilllearningwherealwaysIdon'tknowanythingI'mjustgettingmytestimony.Seeifithelpsthatthat'sbasicallyaletterwherejustnowjustdoingittogether.Theytellushowsomebodyneededyourservices.Forexample,somebodyneededsomekindofsupportbeinganadultsurvivororsomebodyismaybesuspectingbutisafraidtocallthe800numberwantstobeanonymous.Whatkindofthingswithresourcesthatneedtofinditdifficulttobepolite.Whatcantheyturntoavailableyouwantedtoreportwhatevercountyarecontacting1/3partywithyoutherightwaytogowithquestionsandthingslikethatthatpersonandthat'swhatsurvivorsofabuseistoseekoutotherswhethersometherapyorsupport.Wedohavealistofresourcesonourwebsitethatisblueribbonproject.workonwhatthoseresourcesbecauseoneofthethingswithyou,talkthiswayaswell,youfeellikeyou'realone.You'retheonlypersonshockingtheamountofpeoplethatitactuallyisinitsWindowsyouknowwhenyoucanfindeachotherandnosupportforeachothersayinghey,thishappenedtometomentionmorepeoplearecomingforhimagain.Itmaynotcriminalchargesorthingslikethatbutyouhaveadultsurvivorsofabusearecomingtogethersaystrugglethroughoutmylifewithavarietyofissuesbecauseoftheyouknowbeingtherebeingthereforeachother.That'swhatinspiredmetosharemystoryandtoldtalkingothersurvivorslikethatovertimetoprocessthelifelongprocessofanunfortunatething.Iamnow45yearsoldandI'mstillgoingwell.IhavetotellyounothappytohavechallengesisjustmucheasierwithGodinmylife.WhichiswhyIneedthispicturebecausethat'swhatthechillwastomeandagainhehadeverythingtesting.Inoticedthatyouknowthis.Wealsodealwiththingslikeaskingmypeoplethinkofuswithadon'tthinkwerebroken.Theywon'tevenchargeuswithFCSthesamewayandit'shappeninghappening.I'llgiveyouanexample.MydaughterhandedoutmymemoirinherschoolnowknowthatnowI'mnotabouttovolunteertheirexample.Soyeah,IsayI'mstillCatholicsummarysothatyouknowpeopleareafraid.Andwhat'sbeautifulaboutsupportandbeingthereforoneanotheristhatyouknowsometimesyoucangetsomesomebodytapingandthesearepeoplethatarewillingtoacceptthatI'mnotwillingtochatchatyoucannottakeasecondgasline.Sheisthisimportantacceptanceunconditionallove.It'sreallygoodthing,justmentionedthiscourtliningforthe109622-8734Floridarelay711callthosenumbersandmakethatreportremainaboutpolicesamplingandcriminalinvestigation.Iwouldlikethat,butIbarelydonotwanttosharewiththefamilythingcalledthepoliceonyou?QuestionstothepersonreportingyoucanyoucanyoucancontacthimyesIliketobeputanythingthatIfindoddorunusual.Eitherway,becauseIrathererronthesideofsafetyandIliketobelievethatchildrenandfamilies.It'susuallythecasethatchildrenandfamiliesarehelpingchildrenaresavingchildrenfromabusivesituationsratherthantheotherwayaroundchildrenandfamiliesarepiecingafamilywhichishowmyparentsdescribedinthecasefromhellwhereyelpisreportedtobeawareofwhenyouhavecustodydisputes.Somefamilymembersmyreporttheotherfamilymemberwillspikedthemedialikethatstorysystemchildrenandfamiliesusing2.Japan'sninechildrenthisbeinallitsspeakingeasilyforyouwhichmakesyousointerestingbecauseIheardyouforensicyouhavealltheinformationIwantedtoaskyouhowdoyouknowsomebodyislyingwhichyoubelievethatwhenIcameoutat15andItoldaboutabusesthedetectiveinthecasedidnotbelieveme.ShesaidIwaslyingbecauseIwaslookingdowntimeandIwaslookingdownthewholetimebecauseIwasashamedandtheonlyonesthatbelieveg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buying her book on and now we continue with Amy Carbo in the 218 80 hi, thanks for joining us here Amy LI.

Please, struggles your concerns and questions your trans mind is incredible how we can maybe helping his testimony to answer my question.

You may be answering questions and I had a question about okay I was a kid because I was looking down the detective thought that I was lying. I don't know if they have a protocol why they feel my text I mean, I know that psychiatrist when I went into the night of the records that there was absolutely no hope for me as well.

There was hope for me always my textbook is not always my protocol is not always that way right with no no one, especially you know you are going through the keep in mind as over the years have changed (again reviewing this, a long way and I do believe you because you download time that maybe something that was taught that one. At one point or another, not so much the case now usually see all the circumstances of the entire interview as a whole and, based your findings on on that one thing that often happens with no interviews, no audio and video recorded another school, such as the prosecutor also not relying solely on one person to make a determination you notice ChildLine was a child not line my my personal philosophy of the doubt that you carefully about telling a child with the wind about you know that that abuse be an issue because, you know, such as electing your case where you're not line the additional trauma that your child by saying I don't believe you that something that you know is you know is really inappropriate at this time but something that is over, and over the years know a lot more about forensic interviews that used to be many years ago when like when I called it wasn't money that really have any experience with child like the most knowledgeable person that time was the social worker that sign. You know that case, the police did anything wrong like that in my case, but it was a matter of having the experience and oftentimes talking to children. You know you traveled much differently than you would use a bank robbery or something like that child were very different now come along way while working with children you know in that regard.

I was watching it because I was able to take like my father and getting to everything these things can happen and know that people lie. I mean, it's possible that I find it very hard to believe that a child would lie about something like this who wants to be seen in that way to be seen like a victim when they were usually very ashamed of something we did wrong. So someone volunteering, especially a child make up such a thing so I would say most probably believe child counts telling me something like that. But I would believe in the don't think, for example, I know I watched that document Terry leaving Netherlands know people say have different opinions about this that I'm thinking to myself when he saw those men talk about what happened with Michael Jackson their experiences and the way that they went into detail having been abuse myself and having been a survivor I felt like they were saying the truth. What's your take on an argument that we know that we hear for those that don't believe you know what if they wait so long and you know a lot with me through movement, Bill Bill Cosby and Brett Cavanaugh on know why did they wait so many years before they talk about it making it up because they didn't call right away. I'm cringing is watching all the stuff going on usually happen you know where the child actually like that day you want to comport right away for the right reasons. But the reality of it is they wait years and decades talk about the fact that these guys talk on the fact that they waited so long will he doesn't play a factor in whether I believe them or not, what you looking at their statements and things like that and then thinking back over the trial many years ago. Maybe somebody who loves music and I was going on with my entire outlook on life is very nice and nothing would ever believe that something like this the last thing people think that question said, as I always wonder if the whole Michael Jackson thing. What always surprises me or I I'm curious about is why has no one ever asked who abuse Michael Jackson all those years. What might've created that and what in his childhood would've made him that way and no one ever touches on that so I don't know if anyone has a thought that just mean and that's probably coming defending Michael Jackson because I'm such a big fan but you know I just want to know the reason why did this guy why what made that guide if he was that because I mean I know we don't talk about his abuse. Well I know I don't think care is the thing we all know that politics can be ugly and people are capable of lying.

So I'm unlikely to believe in detail Does not have details okay and when do you know what state and when do you know it's really the person doesn't know what to say because I'm making it up anytime you need it will you know Michael Jackson. You know you know much more beyond that something so but sometimes I wonder if a lot of it came from his own very isolated things like that. One of the things, especially when it comes to sex offenders such as that. If you think of Michael Jackson. Well children in his mind he sounds strange, but the process behind his goal wasn't to harm anybody you think you genuinely love children, if you will, but it was very appropriate where you know sometimes I doubt if he was so hot. It's not something you know as much of the it's really never talked about stars. I know he's never disclosed anything. I think his father was home. I don't know whatever know what whatever happened with him, but even the get what he is going on but in his mind, and that's often the case with the sex offenders is not to they don't harm the children. They don't feel like they're causing the child on his right shoulder.

He legitimately makes a wrap your head around all the crimes he is not trying to harm them, and that's why there's so much for keeping them quiet so much about my family. One mother at her house.

All Michael Jackson. You know that's making up yes my stepfather was also outlined a line, and so these people appeared to be very nice but I find it that wants to be around children, Amy and I think my stepfather was attracted to my mother shaking hands with five children and more so they just I would really be really just likes to be around children on yeah you know what you think was a man mean he was a man child so sad thinking, and saw himself as a man, even a survivor said all the logistics to write an adult body that was very interested. Going on will all claim so he didn't know. It's an appropriate know where I don't agree with the disease they can't stop themselves, but they know because they have enough intelligence to realize that the law doesn't allow it and hide it like eating salad but but they hide say it out. I immediately knew they had a problem get help from Shelley we find out that only right and appropriate criminal law is wrong because what he believes is showing the block section that mindsets want to say what what youwill work itself and all you know, brothers, mind you, please tell us how people can get in touch if you say that these programs may be you can help them like they can volunteer however way because they said the show goes into podcasting, social stations as well.

So our website we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and we are 100% volunteer when I found that the organization a full-time job. I want to call people like we have no. Stop a 100% volunteer volunteers awareness of ways people can help them without adult survivors of these groups want to share their story to remain anonymous so those articles to us because our hope is when we see stories from other survivors of going through and how they can be inspired by reading that and that's what it really is about helping adult survivors of abuse comes a lot of information on the website and just, one morning or more commonplace than many people realize this is important because really education is key shell. I can see if you think you think you for joining. It was wonderful talking about these topics and with all the information we look forward to doing this again next Friday.

See, this is the care and you host any capital and all know you easy

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