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28- Helping Someone with Addiction or Mental Illness

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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June 22, 2019 8:51 am

28- Helping Someone with Addiction or Mental Illness

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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June 22, 2019 8:51 am

On today's show, Aimee talks with Dr. Nikolov and guests Dr. Melissa Deuter and Rich Whitman about the steps you can take to help someone you know and love with addiction or mental illness.  

THE CURE Live streamed podcast is hosted by Aimee Cabo and offers a platform of hope to anyone who has experienced domestic violence, abuse, mental illness, any trauma or is experiencing problems now in their lives. It's a place to find comfort, knowledge, strategies, answers, hope and love while healing the wounds and 'affirming' that you are not alone.  

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by  visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by  visiting his website.


Melissa Deuter, MD is a board-certified psychiatrist and founder of Sigma Mental Health Urgent Care based in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Deuter currently holds an appointment as Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, where she is actively involved in clinical research, teaching seminars, and supervising the work of medical students and psychiatry residents. She is a current member of the Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians Ethics Council, and a current member of the South Texas Psychiatric Physicians Research Network’s Executive Committee.

Dr. Deuter has been recognized repeatedly for her clinical work and has been named a “Top Doctor” and a “Best of” Doctor as well as a Texas Super Doctor’s “Rising Star.” She also has received the American Registry “Patient’s Choice Award.” Dr. Deuter has a special interest in early-stage psychiatric care, differentiating serious illness from normal brain development and serving the unique mental health needs of emerging adults. You can read more about Dr. Deuter on her website at

Richard (Rich) Whitman, with over 30 years of experience, is a trusted interventionist and respected leader in the field of addiction recovery. A pioneer in the industry, Rich has been instrumental in building some of the finest treatment programs in the nation and served as a primary treatment advisor to Dr. Phil McGraw for eight seasons of the Dr. Phil show. Rich is an Independent Consultant and the Founder of Whitman Recovery Service. In this role, he provides maximum service to hundreds of individuals and their families every year to access the best treatment options available.

Rich is a Nationally Certified Intervention Professional. He has successfully conducted well over 500 interventions throughout the United States and has made numerous television appearances. Rich combines decades of clinical expertise with a no-nonsense style that quickly gains the trust of clients and families alike. He is professional, compassionate, and dedicated to help every individual and family struggling with addictive disorders. You can read more about Rich Whitman on his website at


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And you and thanks for joining a hosting condo and figure I created the cell to show that there is hope after going to difficult no matter what type I'm trying to use testimony to that effect and inviting professionals and speakers that can help and suggestions as a survivor.

I hope to inspire others encourage transparency and find strength in knowing that those who suffer are not alone. Those that heal against insurmountable odds.

Do exist.

We named this shell of the cure for the very reason that God was the only care for me. Your care could be different. Next, like philosophy that God is used to be a focal point in the armed services. What is a focal point in the armed services and among recovering addicts. He must be pretty good faith. Faith is hope. Never lose faith. If you lack faith and pray. I have another choice I had to have faith, faith and prayers. What I did most of my life and most of my life. I had two basic rules to love and to never intentionally cause harm at giving testimony here about how others have harmed me, my struggles in life. The abuse and betrayal that I also wanted to give a few examples of how God has been there for me why it's all worth it all for 25 years I unnecessarily suffered. I always felt God will provide. And boy was I challenged about that for many years but it became too much, the day that I was faced with paying $1000 a day when attorney in order not to lose my daughter.

I felt I faltered.

I didn't believe God can provide $1000 a day for this attorney and my daughter had become everything. My reason for fighting my reason for living. So the things I had to do, sent me a spiral down were self-medicating with solicit and recreational drugs was my only when we out all the pain and all the guilt I felt. It wasn't long before I couldn't do those things anymore and S give yes it was with no attorney or resources. I took a chance with God again and gave it all to him. So God did one better. God blessed me so I was able to recuse this general master who was about to immediately grant full custody to the abusive father now married with his own business and I know this is a blessing because I had no legal education no training no legal background and this was indeed a 24 hour notice in the motion I had to prepare overnight and then not long after that I stayed loyal and God blessed me again with Jay Leavy, a maverick attorney, a senior partner for very large law firm who would then represent me for free. The remaining years I was an orphaned single mother and or send. Not because I was born that way orphaned because everyone Emile was afraid to know me.

Be safe.

That God had to be there for me because I was a challenge soul entrusted with the awesome opportunity of raising this beautiful child of his. After seven years of custody battles, God blessed me with the love of my life. A kindred soul awesome father and husband. The only one I have ever married and never will, and many more blessings that follow it in my book but I see that I have suffered for more than half my lifetime.

Not because suffering suddenly ended.

There isn't anything to suffer about anymore and that's not how it goes. Suffer never ends, because the same daughter. They fought and sacrificed for so many years now doesn't speak to me. But these days I really don't suffer. I don't turn to drugs. I really worry or stress or even believe that I'm broke broken. Instead, I pray and trust God and if nothing works. I still pray and wait patiently for it to pass and you'll be surprised if it doesn't bother you usually pass as fast because I am now completely convinced that God does provide.

And today I would like to talk about some of life's struggles. The consequences thereof how we can learn to live with it and consider it a blessing rather than a curse because IT believe that if they weren't bad things there would be no recognition, no recognition and honor for doing the right thing if they want difficult challenges. There would be little reason to trust God get to know him better and grow closer to him and if they one bad times we would learn to appreciate the good times and be encouraged to pay it forward as we are doing.

Furthermore, if are treated badly if we were treated badly. We would come to realize the importance of being kind and today we have in our studio. I am joined by my sister Kelly. It and my husband, Boris, Niccol hi, yes and it's been a very, very challenging topic. Now we have today.

A psychiatrist speak to us. Her name is Melissa Dr. and she's joined by her partner Rich Whitman. Melissa is the author of a new book called a vision for change, how to help someone with addiction or mental illness, Dr. Melissa, daughter is a board-certified psychiatrist and founder of Sigma mental health urgent care based in San Antonio, Texas.

Dr. do tutor currently holds an appointment as clinical assistant professor in the department psychiatrist at University of Texas health science Center at San Antonio. Dr. Duda has been recognized repeatedly for her clinical work and has been named a top doctor and eight W. of Dr. as well, as Texas super doctors pricing*she has also received American magistrate patients choice award and Dr. Dieter has a special interest and early stage psychiatric care, differentiating serious illness from normal brain development and serving mental health needs of emerging adults. She's a regular blogger and the other of stock in the sacral how illness can become an identity now.

Richard Whitman, with over 30 years of experience as a trusted interventionist and respected leader in the field of addictive addiction recovery, a pioneer in the industry, which has been instrumental in building some of the finest treatment programs in the nation, and served as a primary treatment advisor to Dr. Phil McGraw for eight seasons of the Dr. Phil show, which is an independent consultant and the founder of Whitman recovery service. In this role she provides maximum service to hundreds of individuals and their families every year to access the best treatment options available which is a nationally certified intervention professional. He had successfully conducted well over 500 interventions throughout the United States and has made numerous television appearances and so I'd like to welcome you think you saw my dog Tim Taylor and Dr. Whitman. I really appreciate you guys in the shell because you have very valuable information to share with our listeners and I wanted to start off on think this could go to either one of you guys kiss you both deal with the same more or less topic that most family members or friends aren't able to differentiate substance abuse and mental illness, and when a new problem starts. It looks similar. Whether it's substances or mental illness, so people need to consider what steps to take. Regardless, so how can we identify with substance abuse compared to mental illness are the one are the two in the same as one lead to the other great question. I think it is very hard for people we know that your that your loved one, using substances, you might suspect that any change in behavior or mood or thought might be related to substance use.

But really, it's important to get that loved one medical to evaluate whether drugs or drug withdrawal or substance use displaying what you're seeing or whether it might be more really know illness. I'm not sure layperson can tell, yes, yes, you have to be professional. I guess you can look at the social media to get an idea of what's going on that is Certainly and I think you know, many times a family member has some inkling that there are cases where behavior changes, and there really huge questions about what's happening and so I think it depends on the course for that individual and how things begin. But you know, other than investigating a drug in their personal things will be speaking about drugs and alcohol, or did they have the onset of something without any evidence of drug use, there still large number of people have both issues and so it can be difficult if someone has both a mental illness and the use of an addictive substance know which is the problem that's causing what you're saying about the environment and choices company to stop the oral ground for that one to read their environment of each seed grow the blood played a whole lot somebody well will click, and whether the environment or the really difficult with somebody who is involved with. Clearing and there were no other recorder selling product for playmates and playgrounds of go, I will remove them from them to get.

I understand that perfectly. When I was a young waitress cocaine was the things to do and it just really gets into a spiral down and think God think I got there, I agree that that I've known people that just weren't so fortunate, and even a naked, and now they are there even you know they're legalizing weed and any marijuana and my question was that if the trend the scene does one lead to the other could I eat I mean we know about cocaine and heroin.

How about they are about something like marijuana could lead to mental illness of evidence a lot of evidence. Actually four 3040 years that marijuana use in teenagers lead to the onset of mental illness and what's been known for a long time within the medical community is that there is a link to schizophrenia and that old information.

This is not this is not new by any means that marijuana use can be the final trigger in vulnerable person to bring on the serious mental illness, schizophrenia, were now finding over the last 10 to 15 years a similarly with serious bipolar disorder of the kind that that becomes a serious mental illness has a link with while double that's yes it is good to know is it is each to submit a defense if the person using the marijuana's young or older about the brain is already developed. It probably does mode vulnerable time for the development pretty is probably between puberty page, very, that might be anywhere from roughly age 10, all the way up to you know later teenagers like 17 anywhere between the onset of pretty and and final completion of this stage of brain development that begin there which can be up to age 29. Twentysomethings are vulnerable to developing mental illness if they use marijuana while wrapped Dr. this is very interesting. I would really like to talk more about this and for anyone is tuning in. This is the chair listening to hosting the capital. This shows focusing on mental illness and addiction. If you suffer from persistent depression call neurosciences medical clinic to schedule a free consultation for new, effective FDA approved treatment such as intranasal ketamine or Norstar TMS.

No medication treatment neurosciences medical clinic call now 786-600-7005 neurosciences medical clinic 786 600-700-5786 600-7005. Now we continue with Amy Garbo in the 218 80 abuse yourself and this is they can host any Couto. If this is your first hunting in today. We are joined by Dr. Melissa Duda and Rich Whitman and we're talking about mental illness and the challenges of addiction now my sister who is a retired detective wants to ask one of you guys any interesting question hi Dr. I'm interested in what you are saying in terms of the information you gave out, which is quite informative and shocking. Although I have been aware of all the information that you have mentioned from my years in law enforcement. I was wondering why is it. Kids today are conning their parents basically saying to them.

It's natural. It's something that's been around for years.

The more creative and makes me think better. I'm excited to I can sleep everyone's doing it.

It's illegal and I know the legality of it is the big question because the deterrent was incarceration. The deterrent was law enforcement now in five states. It is not that why is it that when you have just said is not widespread really good question.

I think with a lot of parents and what I believe and I don't know that there's a lot of evidence certain.

But is that marijuana unlike other drugs of abuse with never really used as a therapeutic other one medical research available about the side effects and risk and so everything that out there is kind of from the movement of prone marijuana that came from the inside of marijuana users sharing information on the Internet and and so forth. Website ever subjected to the kind of research that we have cocaine or for heroin or even for alcohol because all of those substances were studied rigorously because they had been used within the medical profession as treatment so I think that might be part of the reason why so I really appreciate that answer. So I this situation is that we are glad that some of the states legalized it. Now they are a petri dish and while there can be the same type of studies as we have conducted with cocaine and the harsher and harder drugs that everyone knows about, and this can maybe contrast with the propagandists are putting out there because I'm concerned also about the brain development and the brain changes in adolescents that are coming out in studies and I guess are necessary so I guess this evil is going to have a good result. In the end, just hopefully not too late.

Marijuana legal anywhere anybody under 21 slowly goes through the local parish approach grow roots you go no where probably through more powerful was like to know of a young person I will go no purity on both sides. So the same applies to "if you think about it reasonably to run your letter on the definitely not very helpful gets and so busy.

Meg also people just need to follow the law doesn't matter where you which that you are money form is illegal and I would go further, rather I would recommend that we teach our kids to avoid the use of recreational substances for mind altering purposes until after age 25 and there are several reasons I would recommend that I know the kids are knocking to do that but if it's our standard. I think it will help push that line back until become less vulnerable and marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, all of it that's my recommendation to families that we keep them 25 and above the line and hopefully get them to at least delay to 21 psychiatrist.

I understand that marijuana has these things and there's all kinds of different drugs that kids can be exposed to.

Regardless of the environment and what they been or what they've been taught what they do leave, but I wanted to ask you about the kids that suffer from depression or they been abuse or something like that. They may be more likely to turn to drugs specialize in early-stage psychiatric care to tell me a little bit about how important that early on very best evidence for the treatment of something like depression in a teenager is counseling the most helpful intervention that we can provide is not any psychiatric medication is certainly not any recreational substances. The absolute best evidence is that when you're 14, 16, 18, 19-year-old teenager comes and says they have a problem with anxiety or depression. The safest, most treatment for them is the wise counsel of a trained professional who can work with them on healthy coping skills and so I would even advise not jumping straight into you know using chemicals in the brain of any kind with sort of holding off and going for learning skills and developing tools. Windows thing evidence that they work not only as well but better will you one of those patients. Thank you so Dr. Whitman found that the Whitman recovery services that include adolescent and tell me about the services so that people may be aware about working treatment and all all law and drug treatment stored treatment center will work for others.

Treatment walked to the recovery to go walk while you go you know I feel prologue here. I really do's mobility would shoot you can't really do that when you're working for another three working people, individuals knowing the really treatment may promote you or you talking to. One morbid reason for intervention through Dr. Vern Johnson trained so many questions. I don't even know even have enough time such interesting people that are Dr. because it's century serious illness from normal brain development.

I would like right. Normal brain development so no I went to medical school and trained in the treatment of all illness all the way from no surgical removal of the gallbladder to reading x-rays and EKGs of the heart the whole gamut and specialized in psychiatry where I trained for an additional four years of and and then went into private practice of psychiatry and so the answer really is all about. In the same way how does you no emergency room doctor differentiate chest pain from anxiety from chest pain from a heart condition. There patterns in the data. As Eric had. There are reams of you know textbooks and information and I think I have an interest in the normal development part because I do think that we've moved away too far in my field in the kind of a biologic you that there's a pill for everything. Things like oh you know this person is going through divorce or this is first semester college student who just left home or this is a sixth-grader who just gone through puberty and all of those changes in life in the body and the brain have known effects and I think we need to come back to not just measuring symptoms like depression or anxiety, but measuring sort of normal for this population for this person.

At 12 or 19 or in the midst of a divorce. In order to get back to the root and not treat normal life emotions as busy, so it's best to make it to the psychiatrist to see what the case may be correct right now to some questions for you guys like Letterman and how does illness become for anyone that is just this is the can you host any capital between them. Alyssa Dieter document Rich Whitman if you suffer from persistent depression call neurosciences medical clinic to schedule a free consultation for new, effective FDA approved treatment such as intranasal ketamine or Norstar TMS. No medication treatment neurosciences medical clinic call now 786-600-7005 neurosciences medical clinic 786 600-700-5786 600-7005.

Now we continue with daily gobble in the 218 80 cattle here, number 55412350 call.

I played that song sung God is my saving grace and admit admit people in my life with halos to avoid doing me today Dr. I wanted to ask you this to you as well because I know that will list out with you. Dr. you say that illness can become an identity identity. I think I seen that you tell us a little more about that.

So what about a little earlier in the show about how brain development. The onset of the mental health condition.

The treatment for mental health condition and and the effects of substances on the brain, like marijuana or alcohol in the same way. Development can affect how people think about illness. So if you develop any kind of illness I can be a medical illness like juvenile diabetes, and that happens when you're a teenager or young adult, you might have a very different relationship to any illness if it starts when you're fairly young, because in the period of time when you leave your family and come in your own adulthood. As a young adult when you decide sort of who you are what you believe about yourself that includes some sense of having an identity around you can incorporate that.

For example, you know, I am bipolar. Someone might say or you know I have chronic anxiety.

There are things I'm not able.

And so we have to be very careful not only getting people to the right treatment, but we have to be careful what we teach them to believe about themselves when they suffered because there's more to a person than there'd first thing we also want what you do, you become part of their loan so much with the fault of their condition or whatever you have to find. I do believe that nothing is impossible as long as you have got. I was very blessed. I need an intervention.each.different ways animals deposed through songs always made himself available but does need yes Dr. I want to ask the question of you first when you say children or the development, developing brain affects the way children and young adults perceive their identity in reference to their illnesses continue to give some advice for the parents out there who have children with juvenile diseases and conditions.

How do parents play a role in preventing the children to form. It is identity to Fontan addiction because it goes hand-in-hand right so you know how we end up here today so Rich and I came together working with families of young people who had to have addiction and mental illnesses and how we came to become colleague that I have the psychiatric clinic where I'm trying to help individual in an outpatient setting and rich has become my go to colleague when we need to find someone placement in a treatment center, whether that's for addiction or for mental illness and we co-authored this book a vision for change, how to help someone with addiction or mental illness.

For all of these reasons, because I think it starts with the right care upfront the right diagnosis the right treatment you know counseling when counseling can be the right course rather than jumping into medication. It starts with the right treatment center and it starts with viewing the whole family would think that we talked about. It is written in this book that we worked on together is the idea that you know when a person in the family is sick for a sustained period of time. The entire family now has to go back and learn to be well as a family system not apologize that loved one who has a diagnosis not labeled, that person has no there there disease process and so I think that the key for family is to understand that the healing is not the individual is the entire family be that for mental illness or for addiction. That's a great point.

I'm really glad you brought that parents and families out there who are facing situations in the situation where the last one in a family member needs the intervention, Mr. Whitney, you said you felt this not the light, like Ted, he felt the meaning you were forced into it. For those addicted people who are forced into an intervention. What point does their cooperation or lack thereof play a role in their success or do they ever have to be cooperative in my case it was a really good intervention. But I understand that he so what can you tell me in reference to do they have to be cooperative or willing for success to be achieved.

Good quote. Your product will go through your will forever walk longer. What of bringing up you drink too much regional forms of the things I like to talk to. Well, you know, people try to pull the vision with family on vision is much better when we walk in and were going to kill all the wonderful things their life over one place on the wall, wife or daughter love you after you help offered pretty much scenario process goes. Nobody used for the only two or you're going to kick my butt in the five all go to keep you from picking my book on three times that works because of the muddy Creek, long of when there were trusting the process of 18 to 24-year-old to use the phrase just what to do whatever it takes to put them into a bar going to die what if you're someone like me and an intervention for me with an angel like an animal trapped in a corner. I would not have done well for me. I actually had to sheens looking nice.

I had to learn things that had to be grateful for what I have grateful for who I am grateful for where I am. I had to be disciplined. I listen to spiritual songs I read stuff is helpful. I pray as much as possible to work harder if you exercise it even better. Even though I don't get yet that take care of everything you have your paths, your house, your family, get put in the price and much more. Your pets the spent time with them how nice it feels to walk around, clean house, nice it is to have harmony in your family and have happy friends and if you take care of things the money to care things than one showed appreciated to tell your doctor so that you appreciate them and you have to keep everything the and that what was helpful for me is that I need that when I was doing drugs. I was a different person who I wanted.

I wasn't there for anybody, and I was seeing how it was hurting my family and those who loved me so that was my intervention. A lot of people are completely before logic.

The logical you are totally cloud different.

Those available for you through the bill walk in you will hear from God. Walk as far as I'm concerned Bergdorf is families of people all about it. Just those people.

I would give Weldon the dog is trying to kill like I was living hell hell. Which brings me back to the question I wanted to ask you integrate God and how can people help themselves and others will when you're talking words are corrupt, good, good character that went yes I know that one right. We can go all our I can do all things. So do I you record the power of God, will we the people to work with 50 some I don't go into a family but myself. I bring myself always a female partner or young will partner or young female board upon the family themselves. We call family every thought.

Are you spiritual you believe you everything every drug every medicine, every therapy transferring a magnetic stimulation.

You name it means I sent everything and truly the only thing that works for me was God that year that I think so much for being on the show, thinking my sister thinking Bobby been great but it's the end of the cell and I wish I can spend more time with you guys think you have to do.

Thank you, Mr. and through your will talk to your people. I love the purpose were all in it together and if they think you took all the listeners and think it is documented for being on the show and for more information on Dr. Rooter and basement with can be found in Amy under gas has been the chair you host any capital and think you wife can bring many difficult situations, domestic violence, addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones. The issue is not stay there, but to overcome all obstacles and show that with the love of God, your husband and your family. You can succeed. Love is the answer. God is the cure reveals from a very sincere and honest position. Amy Carbo's life, a warrior who didn't give up and achieve the dream of her life. You can get to know more about her at her story on for buying her book on If you suffer from persistent depression call neurosciences medical clinic to schedule a free consultation for new affected FDA approved treatments such as intranasal ketamine or Norstar TMS.

No medication treatment neurosciences medical clinic call now 786-600-7005 neurosciences medical clinic 786 600-700-5786 600-7005 with Amy Carbo was brought to you by IMI C research 786-310-7477 or Tune in every Friday at 2 PM with Amy Carbo right here on 880

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