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41- Parenting Multiples and Holistic Dentistry

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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September 9, 2019 2:00 pm

41- Parenting Multiples and Holistic Dentistry

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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September 9, 2019 2:00 pm

On today's Saturday Edition show, Aimee talks with Dr. Nikolov and guests Fran Pitre about the challenges of parenting multiples and Dr. Nammy Patel about the benefits of holistic dentistry.

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by  visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by  visiting his website.


Fran Pitre hit a time in her life when her ability to cope with the normal challenges of every day was weakening. As a mother of three sets of twins and author of the book TwinsX3 Fran describes in detail the joys and stresses of raising six children.

Looking back, she realized that she was experiencing mild anxiety attacks, and the situation would grow even worse when her husband was away on business trips. She found herself snapping at the children over the littlest things. Small irritations like a misplaced library book would seem much more serious than they should have.”You can read more about Fran on her website

Dr. Nammy Patel, DDS is a holistic dentist who is passionate about serving her patients’ health while running her dental practice in an environmentally-conscious way. Dr. Nammy put herself first through college then through dental school at University of Southern California’s School of Dentistry where she graduated with honors.

Green Dentistry was founded in 2005, the first dental practice of its kind in San Francisco. Not only are the techniques and materials used in dental care services safe, but the building materials and furnishings were chosen with care, too.

Dr. Nammy is growing a non-profit to bring greener dentistry to India. She is also the ForbesBooks author of the book on dental care from a holistic point of view, Age With Style. Learn more about the book and download a chapter by following the link below.You can read more about Dr Patel by visiting her website at



Go to with Amy Kabul life can bring many difficult situations domestic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy Kabul and Q lifeline portage, I got divorced enough with my partner at work.

Hello this deals with any kind of suffering and the tenacity of the human spirit. The will to survive and the courage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle with the help of God and each week to provide testimonials to let people know that they're not alone and show testimony started with me having been a survivor from childhood trauma and well into my grandma don't. We also have professionals in the medical field and special speakers that are willing to help and get valuable information because education is transparency is needed at least to break the cycle for me. My feeling came from God that other forms of healing are presented as well to service everyone today shall we will talk about the old PF parent, especially from others are moms having more stressed and excited than ever before and today our special guest will help us with this questions Fran Peter she says there are number of things mothers can do to keep their sanity, including making sure everyone in the household to send chores and as soon as they're old enough because that's keep children on the counter. Everyone's plan for the week. Enforce a curfew and make sure you take care of your own needs as well. Keeping the parenting stress level low and Petrie is an author of the blog twins times three, which means she had three sets of twins and an aspiring musician by the way, she's a proud mother. She refuses to let any will define her for the rest of her life had three sets of twins include twin boys, twin girls and one twin set that includes a boy and a girl at the kids are going up DJ did freelance work as a graphic designer wrote and published a book and return to school to become a licensed medical massage therapist today.

She works part of the physical therapy team.

Her first album entitled you always were consists of a full seven men original songs, and was released in November 2018 Fran thank you for joining us today. Our hero, thank you for joining us today is a pleasure to have you, Fran, thank you so much for having me at an applet honor. It is interesting. I was reading about you and I know that there's things in the world that can harm us and motherhood and it could be a stressful situation that please tell us that what are some of the challenging tests that you have encountered having three sets of twins or even multiple children children. What are the challenges that you can run into A. Well, I can only speak from my own. But only having children that the new each time and end time three Hundred started immediately when I went down and I told I had a high risk high risk pregnancy right away and not had a lot of struggles with each pregnancy.

Everyone ended up just fine and not born too early, but there is significant challenges that happen when you are pregnant with more than one baby and then as we had our children come along. You don't know it until you become apparent just how hundred and 10% of your entire being becomes being a parent and so you have to sort of get into a mindset. Your world of being you at the center is completely over.

However, you know, there's so many blessings that but you do it is a matter of survival.

I believe that time the new babies came home. All I could think about the decisions that that basically that we all have that we take for granted was something that I did not have the luxury of having month to month and so my way to advance your question had deal with the stress that comes along with having one fix children is that you do have to take care of your health. You have the focus on your needs. Because if you don't take care of the children so sleep is number one number two speed yourself well. Don't try to comfort and QB feed your body with good healthy nutrition and as a fan on the third note that I say always try to get an exercise to Tourette's first thing in the morning. What I do stretching the evening to release that tension, stress, all of those combined with holding wrong faith center with my husband and I we have gone through children and we have come through much stronger on the other side of it. Not only is it we survived but we all have thrived, then you know the good and the bad. But it's all been just an amazing very inspirational because we have to children and you have to be the ones already know that the yes you is is a teenager annual 14 and we feel like our plate is full.

I don't know how you do it. I guess you better parenting skills.

I have now come to the account with the need to see his mother then nature.

You for this capital and this is that your you can listen to us live on God is that or later podcasts today where with fun Petrie talking about the challenges of motherhood. Fran your husband sometimes was away on business checks. How did you handle being the only parent with so many children during those times that you do very good question very good one, exactly. It was very challenging in the very beginning and you know how many other dart out with the image of being a perfect parent having all the parts of the doubt they're spending perfect and everything is going smoothly. While in the very beginning when I had just the two baby girl began with my husband of an architect and he would often travel to go to different job sites around the state date and him and when that would happen. I just made sure I had everything tested. No regimented as possible so I can keep my sanity, however, that was actually doable in the beginning, however, had a couple of more children and maybe a couple more children that next that he was continuing to travel over the years and I found that with all the moving parts of now having school-aged children and children going off to extra curricular activities afterward. Plus more infants and double strollers, etc. I found that following the lease.

You know, this is the path of least resistance is the way to go. Trying to be perfect in trying to put that type pressure on myself, of covering everything possible sometimes was just too much to say a break and I also find that when you are dressed down your children pick up on that and their behavior could be one of two things you could even if you had a child that wanting to step up and help you or in my case children taking advantage of the K the fact that Mongo can have her act together today and I see that you were teenagers at the same time I don't know how I did all my goodness you the story before I live it a military style spirituality. What was it that way.well you know the very beginning every child of ours already done the same guidelines of band that they were to do things for you know your your partner mapmaker you can be part of the cleanup happen.

They were serious repercussions will absolutely you know you have to do what you need to do. Did you do your thing and a date to keep your home moving in a in a well or lube oil machine fashion as possible and so every one of these six children are completely different. They have completely different spot profit.

Visit mindset goal. However, we try to keep as much as possible so much. I know I know. I guess the main thing is to make sure this a consequence and be persistent and follow through and you are and you are yet you follow through absolutely enough that we would do well about you know it, much as we could weather that we absolutely not.

Now the older girls in our 24 the second when the boys girls that are now 19 and the first year in college and we also have 11-year-old boy have don't have the elementary school ages, and now I got the college for graduation plastered to college graduates into high school graduations, all within three months amazing here. I yes all been a blessing.

Welcome back to the shell for this. I just any cattle and you're listening to this year talking the challenges of motherhood and were joined by her special guest friend Petrie Fran I have to tell you I see that your musician think that wonderful because I did not have it so smoothly even though I had this children you I my first child when she was a teenager she rebel and I don't know if it was because you went straight enough that situation is a little bit different. My daughter had gone 14 years of custody battles, anything that can really play role in how he feels going up, especially when both parents are, you know, maybe being too lenient kind of cheese to get all the times the kids to love sent so that the table still one live or maybe the opposite. The D against the other parent and that is that it stresses so I'm still trying to figure out if it's something I went wrong or if it's just how life goes sometimes when you go to challenges that I'm trying a little better with my two younger children by then and Christian school. I like to be spiritual and they feel well wherever I fall short. God can pick up a lot of the weight that I was able to feel better because it is sad nowadays. My daughter does not speak to me. She's 26 and I think about it, and it saddens me and Wendy difficult difficult night I kept waking up and they felt super saved and I was thinking to myself how is this possible. How my going to this and that the first time I heard it across her trust me and that was super therapeutic for me and that's on help me get to the rest of the night to get. I was happy that the point that I'm trying to say is music was a therapeutic tool for me and from what I've been doing might always use music and I wonder if that's something that you also found useful in your recent summary tweets you share that with me and wow you know and I can come when we relate when it comes that I have my firstborn line for my for when she and I find 11 we had such a battle of wills and it doesn't matter how many children you have met us there always is home the same guidelines and rules etc. every telecommute. If I never want to rely on bond different to situations and challenges, honestly with my for older children, when I had our last set of twin that really put a lot of pressure on her family. It was it was it took mom away from them for at times when the girls with their fees pressure on you and how was it did you explain what I mean just to have twin certainly will.

Because when I went on bed rest of my pregnancy halfway through that took me away from being what I needed to be my children drive them to places I couldn't take care of them.

I couldn't do couldn't be the hundred percent mom, but I could be baby. The rise, my hundred 10% of myself went to the care around-the-clock to tiny boys and so I tried to divide myself up and see everything that I could be before the children of myself.

Any help at all, mother exactly my mother and my mother-in-law turned most address buttons but after they became my mother-in-law for a while but you question about music. Music is been part of who I am. Before I was born.

I think I think I was bringing in the credits always will say that you know that I sang before you when during the time that I found most stressful, even before I had children, I was in the sand area that with my therapy just to get away band rehearsal.

They be around music when I have my children I started freelance of the designer from my home to bring the supplemental think about. I was going to my office while they were napping over whether a school that had a thing and went to music everyone we were to find mom because I hear me before they look for me so they could hear me singing while I was working that was it was it the way to calm the soul and spirit, and so the younger boys returning couple years ago when I rounded that then realizes no other young children and it came back in my life back in and started to live for myself again by being able to perform. You know and do it on a professional level again, which is been a blessing.

I mean that that's incredible yes music has been a big part of my life to believe it or not. I believe that this message is that God does help us in different ways with her dear husband had children.

TV the song that we here I swear this beautiful song that people can write to someone they love God is dedicating that to I think that it's I aptly agree and I believe that my life when I was supposed to write particular music based on the experiences the hardships and struggles that we all go through.

I think that yes younger artists that are singer-songwriter probably know, with a wonderful life based on. However, when you get to a certain point in your life with a lot under your belt. I think that you have a ray of experiences to draw from when it comes right music that relate to people and the people can say oh my gosh directly to me. She knows exactly what I'm going to song that has exactly to do with what you think and what are the chances of you getting it at that moment like Drive happens to play just for you spent much of fact the miracle that all we have to do is look for the miracles every single day every day.

Therefore we just have to recognize the children are a blessing to tell you because I had nine pregnancy and I have only three children so the fact that you know pregnancy people don't realize it is a huge blessing in itself.

The kids don't come with an instruction booklet don't go to your figure it out, and that's what I had at 18 hear your figure it out there alone in the world. Yeah, I kind of grew up with my daughter. Wonderful. My mother felt that our number.

He said they put that beautiful baby boy in her arms that honey, I love you.

I have no idea what to do with you and my mom to know how we have to make our way now because we all grow with our children.

We are doing this journey together were not perfect and were never going to be perfect. However, like you said when we put our trust in me say that whatever I you got will take over the little he believe in that. And you know with with him at the center of our marriage in the center of our lives. We have been able to fill that in our children as well and it it it makes me so proud to see the one that even when they're struggling music all do they all have their ways for the talking with Peter decision. Thank you for being on the show finding more information on the website for your under yes it was me having your friend thank you so much. What a pleasure 1101 for what you think where back and have sent to us every Saturday at 1 PM Eastern on your radio medicine. We are going talk about how to clean them holistic approach. While many people desire, whiter teeth, a better smile and fresher breath dental professionals warned that some GPs on the grocery store shelves contain potential harmful ingredients and today we have a special guest will help us with these questions, nanny et al. tell you little bit about Dr. she operates a practice called green dentistry in San Francisco and is an author's style guide to youthful smile and help a graduate of the University of California school of dentistry. She's a leader in the movement to bring environmental sanity and well-being into the central world. Dr. Patel focuses on helping patients recognize the vital connection between dental health and whole body health and her website is hi Dr. Patel thank you for joining us now is very interesting that you have a holistic approach and I never heard this so please, please enlighten us.

What are some of the ingredients that are considered harmful. Most helpful anyway. In conventional toothpaste brands and how can they affect our health or overall health being aired by law that we have a cover really have a lot of information about it when you give ingredients for a long time. Derek being like for sulfate would you give Mike that the only picture when I got off you and disrupt cellular activities. He stopped her belt and dividing which is a huge concern, especially with the concern with their a lot of the permit the heart as well. Apple movie though the back heart disease. All binary decrees, community, and it actually gets positive on my radar problem merely because your mouth is the beginning of your fat, like people thought that you dentistry the luxury item don't barely make it part of our house that it is the number one important thing for longevity as keeping your natural aptly adds expert in your your life while I mean yeah if the big cheese base.

The conventional duties. The bands I don't know. I just hope he whatever is out there and you see that they can be harmful.

What are some alternative ingredients that we can use foot to make a homemade toothpaste.

For example, that would be safer than the on shelf brands and death rate basically has over 20 to 30 ingredients which include bike after you die your garage are we out there about pesticide. Believe it or not, the also sodium phosphate Woodbine for the dead cavity which is actually in direct conflict with what you're doing what you say if you're wanting to play to be natural you wanted to look back.

Yeah, you want to feel good like fresh I you can make homepages based most people don't yet have yet to make a goodbye.

Think literally about five minute order south of Amazon or your local resort. I like art oil really great coconut oil is actually sleep. I thought bacteria also for I great you right now can be an issue was only for hair okay okay and then it is really great. It will remove all the light.

Naturally whiten ingredients that you wouldn't mind using online or by themselves. You can find them and what what percentage of percentage half-and-half for I mean what I oil and then I used about it. I had a couple of oil you want to have that fresh bread though my favorites are the en garde oil which has demanding our demand that although peppermint oil but when he dropped peppermint oil in the en garde oral or you could do it separately open argument and cinnamon and actually adds that you're really looking for peppermint oil where you get this oil gargoyle. This is also need to meet oil at your local bar of Whole Foods is going to have it or you can go to Amazon Amazon okay to literally make pictures and add ingredients together, mixing it up and ready for you probably take about three minutes to make a good faith would have been a lot about great anyone on the consistency of consistency of toothpaste.

Obviously it will be a lot healthier for you. Yeah that natural healthier you better white so there's no need for any additional lighting part really, really well. While I recommend make your own. I think a couple minutes it super easy, cost effective, and you know exactly what's going in there because if I bring a human doesn't regulate so super helpful.

So there is nothing the we can do that regulated that they don't have enough information about the bottom so when they're looking at that and people died there for ingredients are not really looking where it actually divide from and an expert staff and go deeper into the ground already products being made and what are the long back because they don't have the long-term that actually show that this is a fake product. No pillows so we look going to be scared. I know I need to go to. I scared you know what I know is very important for me.

My help, but I tell me something. Although our lives. Something you get away with you normal to be scared and biting your inquiry that the really care. The thing you know for your burden. But you're scared about something that they could be many about what is actually the problem. How can you be comfortable because your body wanting to know if you needle build in a big bell right now. That's the beetle for me.

Everyone really different though you figure out how open you are all probably okay. But the reality of it is after you get you actually provide and is important for your body and thereby now here would like to use is now I have a strong man or women who have natural childbirth but when it comes to elderberry uncomfortable and I if it's okay important to break that because your body is aired about something that may go wrong. But one thing put it in the perspective of things going wrong with no childbirth is a lot higher than-but locally.

Once you are an area you see causes more pain maybe sometimes created.

But what do you use your patients.

I guess this is a tough one.

You let your spirit fell in the number that I you make.

Building a truck before even going to get any work done going to interview them here with your concern. I will die while what occurred about 80 feet and it may be annoying.

Or maybe the needle may just be you know what option so you don't like the other sedation do the dental work and now I value coming up on three when we hear from you and any capital. This is the chair every Saturday at 1 PM where and we hear joined by Dr. Nan. I nanny I asked you education is key because a lot of the reasons people see and they let it go for a while. Don't realize that you need to other others that he can beat other ailments and other conditions, and you can make you sick and you can affect the heart and other systems of your body. In fact I learned about this when I found out that I had to clean my dog's teeth very often because the same thing happens with the same everywhere you go. So I think part of the problem is. Realize this and education is very important. I know that you've written a book H that style guide to youthful smile, healthy living, can you tell us a little bit about that is that a good guy or someone to view get educated about what are the dangers of not here 50.

Literally the goat through ability to think what actually happened when you don't, I'll always be in my ear and then also go over any concerns you have.

Although it may be about whether know what we have been a long time.

You know you need a deep cleaning.

What is that mean my get any drill and how does it affect my body become thoroughly all library regularly bacteria overthrow and they cross the blood brain barrier and the related primary tell you this now and it's not something that they want a regular paper that somebody's looking at either and so it's really important for healthy living. In general the book of your life. So in every year like what you could be looking for even the two birds and then going in their meager young adult and adult 40s 50s 60s and 70s because there are certain things that are happening with the body that are related to the and so that way you're able to have a better idea and be proactive because it is easier to be proactive and reactive exactly. Okay, so I will need to use the first time lines is what I recommend a kid getting comfortable here earlier this month. Okay okay you know realized Gary has a lot of fear he are from people talking about my brains are being developed that operated they get comfortable with the noises that sound and help them realize it's not really very comfortable with it every six months after she doesn't want to know because that's not that children my mother had a friend who was a dentist so we never went to the dentist you just said. Open your mouth. Everything is that that's good we know a dentist is necessary so that friends and uniting people have Alzheimer's, cancer, and he think they have no idea that it's a link to poor dental hygiene will maybe support our know it was linked to every root canal thoroughly. There are all well though the condition of your mouth is definitely linked to the rest of your body and so very used before those older people know after lately absolutely here and I can remember in yet another route. I would deftly recommend removing them, darling. They find the bar on the roof on and a lot of my rate of problem when we had better options), followed through that, you know, in the 80s. They didn't have any at all. Now way materials are a biocompatible, though it's been true in bed and even cereals actually don't need or don't problem that I would deftly recommend remove your Malcolm urged her well because it dear groups of people that have maybe healthier teeth are better teeth very well. We found out that what is needed to go to the dentist. Somebody's at all because he's from Europe. That is good. If that's true, isn't really a difference about his genetics involved in whether you have healthy teeth are not is it really involved. Also note during debate was a mom.

Getting enough nutrients because calcium is really important.

Also, what combination of diet different to be harder, diet or occupations where people are no stressful operative.

A lawyer that a lot environment for genetic huge impact on me for sure you have bleeding go to go to moral policy know what kind of infection. There's a lot of bacteria there, because normally leading and plopping more for your getting all the bacteria out being died with bacteria that we want good bacteria to be president because interbody there's always a bad bacteria so please make sure that number grow because when they overgrow it when you get the bleeding and you get the disease as cavities and a lot of other problems because saliva while it goes. What is your body has the right to accept your bloodstream when you do cleaning more often makes you go more often than I think what would be cleaning and so we want upon Joe had one lethal cleaning go every three months for the first year and is no and then probably happen every four months or everything pending on how you're doing. I want one time we can do the trick is some of the dentist when and where hurting when it's too late.

When the tooth needs to be removed as an though you know it hard when you go to when you first go to the ghetto result and you know I like I like 45.

There you go, you know now hundred 40, though there is a correlation with your dad that that as a longevity for the euro you're able to enjoy life. You have taken whatever you want.

Know anybody that's just not feeling comfortable about not being able to smile. It's very important and also it's also important for me to send you want to be fed to the stomach so ask you how many times this is the million dollar question because I have to struggle with my children. With this one. How many times the should be pressure though I feel number. Amy is going to be every sickly day.

So when you wake up in the morning and read only bird that so can you tell me why it's important to brush it. Also at night so I can tell this to my kids because when you're going to sleep all day on the back. Been on in your mouth big party for the bacteria grow on any one that you wouldn't be 30 to think you would want to rent them and then you know the size of that with them but don't get it. And so when you don't want.

There is saliva. Although no area security in the driveway yet you it's well I think I have a good enough reason to sell them to brush her teeth like I'm fairly electric.

Christ said I'm a big fan of the water. So I think the water and forth between the team so that we move flossing are more comfortable for easier active but I really like that were in a generation with iPhone and yelled prepare currency we like technology, so let me use that technology David a lot of gray. I see they have one other thought is that you can connect to the shower and you don't even make a lot of exactly. I recommend an iconic she's precious, that is then I want you.

I believe what 30,000 outpatient per minute and I know you get a real good clean with an electric toothbrush and you went when you accumulate these you know you brush your teeth for two minutes. She gets things so are you doing palms yet there are different. Or you can also phone your metal allergies verified that it gets for the zirconium implant depending on where people are out there that we wait. Make sure that are sure so there's hope if it's too late. Tell us what a great will this information is given on if you guys want to find out more about you, you will hear today someone God me on my face all hard enough area

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