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49- Recovering from Childhood Abuse

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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September 26, 2019 2:00 pm

49- Recovering from Childhood Abuse

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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September 26, 2019 2:00 pm

On today's Saturday Edition show, Aimee talks with Dr. Nikolov and guest Rachel Grant about her coaching strategies allowing survivors to break free of their past.

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by  visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by  visiting his website.


Rachel Grant is the owner and founder of Rachel Grant Coaching and is a Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach. She is also the author of "Beyond Surviving: The Final Stage in Recovery from Sexual Abuse.”  Rachel brings to the table a passionate belief that her clients do not have to remain trapped or confronted daily by the thoughts or behaviors that result from abuse. Through her own journey of recovery from sexual abuse, she has also gained insight and understanding about what it takes to overcome abuse. This makes it possible for her to relate to and appreciate her clients' struggles intimately.

Rachel holds an M.A. in Counseling Psychology. She provides a compassionate and challenging approach for her clients while using coaching as opposed to therapeutic models. She is a member of San Francisco Coaches. You can read more about Rachel by visiting her website at


With Amy, life can bring many difficult situations domestic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy, and Q are not to care. Please dominate from app store like now on will care channel or lie on fire TV conjured TV what God is to later listen to the recorded shows be any podcast at a monthly joined by Dr. Boris Nicolai placement partner network and in life.

Hello, this sale deals with suffering challenges of life and the tenacity of the human spirit.

The will to survive in the carriage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle with the help of God and each other. We do provide testimonials to let people know that they're not alone in this show testimony started with me having been a survivor from child abuse well into young adulthood. We also have professionals in the medical field and inspirational speakers that are willing to help them get valuable information. Because education is key.

Transparency is needed and I believe we can help each other for me. My feeling came from God that other forms of healing are percent that as well to service of human life can be very challenging. But always know that when I get back days make 100 stories. This just as it sounds. Even the bad times can make good stories and I noticed in life. Everything has turned out as it should. Everything happened for a reason.

The great purpose, according to God's gracious well basically make the best of even if it takes five days and don't be scared anymore whether to depression or evil or whatever it may be. Today I want to speak about recovery from sexual abuse in today's special guest is Rachel Grant. Rachel Grant is the owner and founder Rachel Grant coaching and is the sexual abuse recovery coach. She's also the author of beyond surviving the final stage in recovering from sexual abuse racer works.

Rachel's works for survivors of childhood sexual abuse who are beyond sake and tired of feeling broken unfixable and burdened by the past.

Rachel helps them make goal for pain, abuse, and finally feel Norm, Rachel, thank you for being on the show Amy to be here. Thank you so much for having you so much Rachel for your very valuable.

Unfortunately, sexually abuse is still very common in many times people don't want to speak about it specially fits long-term sexual abuse stands every 92 seconds in American sexually assaulted in every nine minutes that victim is a child.

Those that survive are left to several stages of recovery. Rachel first. Can you explain to us the stages of recovery.

I know that it took me a long time and still not sure if I've come to the final stage or not. I know that many of us lie to ourselves and convince ourselves that we were all right. How can we recognize that final stage. Once we are there really great place to start.

You know, I think you did epidemic that is sexual abuse, sexual assault, and trauma is currently impacting so many men and women and when we've gone through an experience like that, whether in childhood or in adulthood it you know it immediately upset the apple cart if you will write it kind of throws our lives into disorder and disarray and trying to make sense of that and come back to a place of more ordered and healthy is a process and you know for the past 12 years that I've been working with men and women.

Primarily childhood sexual abuse what I've begun to notice and also by reflecting on my own journey of healing is that there are kind of the is that we move through some of the laid out in a very nice tight linear way. You know that feeling is always linear, helping Applica framework right we can't wrap our heads around it, knowing that sometimes work.

You know, in different places at different times, we can be in multiple places, even as one person.

Though the first stage is the victim stage and stage represents two things. One, you might still be in an environment that's abusive and you literally are still being victimized and when were in an environment where work.

Using trauma is actually very hard not impossible, but hard to do any feeling work because were getting re-triggered and re-traumatized every day. The other thing that this stage represents is the place of the Nile.

So when I was 10 years old and my grandfather began to me when that was found out by my parents.

They were really great about getting him out of our home and away from me and tried to get me into counseling, but I was in the denial stayed like I want to talk about the other will buy really know everything is okay and I have that mentality all through my teen years and really up until my 20 I was in that place of just really trying to shove. The background and pretend that I was all right. I didn't need any support having affected me and so this victim stage is a place where you know so many survivors land because it is hard thing to face and so when we reach a certain stage or something happens in our lives.

For me it was getting into a relationship that ultimately turned out well, but in the early days was actually I'm an instigator in helping me get the courage to look at that.

It. And that's really the bridge to the second stage is acknowledgment.

Once we start to acknowledge what is happened and we can open that door on the periods is that we've been shoving away did not help the step into the second page, which is the survivor stage and that is when we are ready to say yes happened and I can acknowledge that they happen and I want to start under and what does it were, and how they've impacted my life. So this is kind of my 20s. Let's say 2627 or so when I began to do therapy I began to read books that I began to go to group and just really finding safe bases where I could talk about what happened and I was beginning to understand all why don't trust anyone.

This is why I get angry all the time and lash out how this is why I feel so much piety in my day-to-day.

So, making those connections in understanding the relationship between the past.

In the present day. All happening in that survivor stage and then eventually, hopefully we hit a point in that process where we say okay I got my head wrapped around this and I kinda have more of a wooden understanding of my. Know what I want to do about it and we get that moment, the kind of enough is enough. Don't need to think about this. I don't need to ruminate on it. I don't need to analyze it anymore. Now I'm looking for action. How do I called for the impact of trauma and that bridge into the third page that I call beyond surviving you know that that phrase really came out of the. My own journey, where I was talking about the things that I've been through and the guy was talking to at that moment that how you know you really gone through so much and you survived your such a survivor and I lost it on him by five my why more than beyond that and it is immediately like a soul like alignment click that it would like. What I'm trying try to create a dialogue in a conversation about what and so the beyond survivor stage is all about asking that question again and again and again.

Okay, so I can't trust people what I do about that. Okay. Five anxiety all the time. What do I do about that.

All right, so I get angry and how these outbursts. What I do about that.

My role as a sexual these recovery codes which is something I totally made up by the way, I was out here doing my Masters in counseling psychology and neuroscience about going in the therapy but it just didn't have the spaciousness that I wanted to have work with clients in the way that I wanted to work and so I thought well there is anything like what I want to do. So I get them.

I have to make it up and I didn't and that pleases the process and the words that I do every day is about helping you know men and women look at the areas of trauma, but very importantly, understand how it's impacting them in the present day in the one of the skills and tools that we need in order to really heal and move forward. And so, by way of that work. I think of it as stage of recovery of the note, putting an end to growing not putting into discovering things about yourself really not putting it into life's challenges the back Is the year very very strong woman because it is true we have to come to a point in my life besides what how we want to live in where we wanted Amy to have Rachel stay with one sunlight is calling.

Surviving 346 before he welcomed back to the shelter. This afternoon I made a capital in this is that year. If this is your first hunting again were talking about surviving abuse, sexual abuse, in between baby children.

Everybody needs Jesus to somebody. Pray for me. Sometimes we are what passes believing that itself, please have us in your prayers.

It doesn't matter who you are going to somebody's always praying God's office waiting for you.

Sometimes it gets hard as we get older and we do need God more and more in our lives in Rachel. We were speaking about the last stage. Once you see yourself as survivor. I know that sexual long-term sexual abuse can have long-lasting effects statistic shows that there extends are four times more likely to develop symptoms of drug abuse, four times more likely to experience PTSD as an adult and three times more likely to experience a major depressive episode.

As adults can we reduce the incidence of such appearances want to do once we are a survivor. I know that we need it to be healthy ourselves so that we can help others. But then again were faced with these challenges. Now as an adult he may have had great coping mechanisms as a child to survive hit this hard once rental yeah yeah you know, for example, the work that the ladies done around adverse childhood experiences have helped us more deeply understand the impact that trauma has and for me I think one of the things that really helped was as I began to think of trauma as an injury to my brain to my nervous system and when I began to use that framework.

Then I began to think about will happen. How do I feel this injury and there's beautiful research out there that's showing.

There are absolute effects that trauma has on the brain on the hippocampus secular. The amygdala, but the brain is also extremely viable and we usually think of plastic is a hard thing but in this case is a good thing leaving capacities to grow and change. And so with intervention can actually retrain the brain. We can heal the nervous system and a lot of those effects of trauma can be reversed them outright eliminated so it's about early prevention or early treatment once it's occurred to me that the ideal of course you know the sooner that we can you know audibly.

Prevention is the name of the game. If we can actually reduce the occurrence of trauma they were going to have you know, much healthier. People were going to have a much healthier society and a much healthier world and if we enter if it does occur, and we can intervene in her rather than later so that were working with. You know a young adult line or ChildLine and healing that injury. No sooner then that's can have great effect, but I worked with know men and women in their 50s and their 60 and they have just as much capacity and opportunity to shift and transform their lives and yield those injuries as you know a young person does it take a little bit more effort. Sure at the negative, you know that more practice in our story and are called believe in our pattern, but the beautiful thing about you know us human beings is when you know when we make a choice that we make up our minds and then we get the support that we need to walk that path were really capable of really beautiful miraculous wonderful things though there are a lot of limitations to what we only put our minds to it. Yeah, but we have to get going, where we meet boys. I know that it took me a long time because I had suffered so much. I was convinced I was meant to suffer. I was destined to suffer and many people told me think positive or look at the price I love you and believe in you is worthy of being loved. I did believe I was with you being forgiven my actions were even T-Mobile. He did my very existence and helping myself with the last thing on my mind just didn't cross my mind. It didn't occur to me. I had to become banks because I didn't love myself. I had to be convinced that I was worth the of being laughed at and even though I have suffered for so long. I did try to keep close to God as much as possible. I was greatly blessed and when I saw how God blessed me. I thought my husband, my kids doggy. She must love me, you must pay them for anything in the right friends are great way to go yeah yeah well I hear you 100% Amy that you know what what is going to be in a person's life that caused that shifted them to be different.

I think some people that survivor state and don't step into this next stage where the one called beyond surviving or thriving or whatever you call it, because things feel so will your and because of those debilitating beliefs, like I'm not worth it or I don't deserve it and I think you know at one of the reasons why started the healing from sexual abuse Facebook group was to create a safe space for people to just calm and apply, dip your toe in and start to feel like what's possible what's available in that community is now over 5000 people who were there and I have a great team of volunteers to support that community as well and it's just really important if you're feeling like you're aware something's not right here in my life is and how I wanted that you're feeling really talk around doing something about it, that's okay. You're not ready for that yet you want to focus on earlier step and one of the reasons why I created the three stages of recovery checklist because not only to help people understand and be aware of the stages, but understand where the goals of each of those stages and what are tension and-support that most help. The a lot of people will try to jump ahead or will try to get for that doesn't really need them where they're at in and that creates more shame you become more entrenched feel like is not working and so I think you know finding that whatever little moment. It might be. I often tell my clients like what is your next wallet always to focus on long term. It's a meeting that we can be different each other support group as a support system because I was reading a book that confess your sins to one another, wrote St. James and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of the righteous man has great power and its effects. Jazz 516 it's actually in the Bible to be different each other and that that's the beautiful thing of life.

I know what I did with my husband's love. All agreed thought I back from the didn't know what they were doing and quite frankly messed things up more but many people mentors guys friend. You know who kept nudging me and you know one of my colleagues Drs. were coming up on break hold onto the thigh right that British so that we have been talking to each of grant and how to deal with the consequences of sexual abuse back. Thanks for joining us.

Many This Addiction. You Can Test Every Saturday at 1 PM Eastern Radio on Here like a Group to Channel on or Via Podcast Sentence.

He Can Feel like You're Fire This Paradise Feel Right at Home. Even Treatment Time and Again We Never Felt so Loved Because Even in Life, with Its Treasures Moment Produces Amazing Memories to Joy Even If It Lasts. I Have Difficulty Lipase Daily Challenges That I Take Notice and Greatly Enjoyed the Many Little Moments of Joyful Gratitude throughout the Day. That Makes Everything All Right in the Northeast so Small, Especially When You Never Felt so I Got You Feel Right at Home to Wheeler Earlier Speaking about the Importance of People in Your Life and for Me Is God Because at One Point My Husband Could've Told Me I Was a Wonderful Person and You Left Me and I Swear He Was Lying so What What Was It That Did It for You and What Do You Mean, Let's Talk about Reaching out to Others Important Have Not to Be Afraid Is Important Yeah You Know What I Think Is Right before the Break Is Trauma Happens within Relationship and I Really Believe That Healing Happened in Relationship and so This Is Not a Solo Journey. I Don't Think Anyone Is Able to Accomplish Healing on Their Own. We Need Guidance. We Need Mentors and I Think You Know Early on for Me When I Was in My Early It Was Really Just That Moment of Being in Relationship with Someone Is Being I Do Not Know What the Heck Do It and It Was the Day I Got I've Got a Tribe That It Look and Then You Know Later in My Life. I Started Doing That Work of the Survivors Talking Naming Understanding about What I Went through a Divorce, the Following 10 Years of Being an Abusive Relationship with This Person.

I Was My Life Would Cut It down. I Was in a New Longer and My You Know, 18 to 28 Is Really Critical Years As Well Right so I Come Out Of This Relationship Is a 28-year-old Going. I Don't Even Know What I'm Doing with Must Have Hope and I'm in a New Apartment. All I Have Is Bad in a Lamp and I Remember Just Sitting There One Night. Amy and Healing. The Heaviness of Life and Not Knowing What Myself and Feeling Really Weird and I Just Had a Strong Voice and Whether We Call That Boy God. Intuition Universe. Whatever It Was It Was a Moment of like Rachel, You Have Got to Get Your Together As Otherwise Than the Rest of Your Life. Just Surviving.

Being Miserable Existing out on Thing and It Was Just Such a Strong like Gut Check Come to Jesus Moment If You Will. I Was like Yeah Okay Will Not Imagine Jesus You Love Your Children and You Want Your Children to Be Happy, but That Things Happen Just Want Your Children to Be Strong and to Get to It No Matter Giving the Children Opportunities to Get Better to Get Better Make It up to Them and I Can Imagine the Cockpits Mistreated When It Doesn't Happen and She Wants Us to Be How He Wants Us to Sit Doesn't Want to See If That Were Not Meant to Be Sad Meant to Be Courageous Strong Happy and in Resisting and Behavioral Veto Just Deal with Anything regarding Your Life. Yeah That's Right That's Right. And That Lack of Hope Is No Such a Critical Thing.

There Were so Many Part Point in My Own Journey, Where I Felt It Would Wipe out.

This Is Never Going to Change There Is Anything I Can Do about This Is Just the Way It's Going to Be and so for A Lot Of My Thing That Might Be Where You're at and so Actually the Very First Ask Is Claiming Hope and Finding Ways to Connect Back into That Because Hope Is What Birds to Take Action When There Is a Part of Us That This Maybe Doesn't Believe 100%. But Even If We Just Have a Little Part of Us That Says Maybe. I'm Willing to Check It out Am Willing to Try. And Then We Can Take That Next and the Next Thing That Presented in the Next Opportunity and Staying Connection Stay in Communication and That We Build on That We Build on That before We Know It.

Nowhere in a Completely Different Place in Our Life. I Remember One of My Clients When He Started the Program Was like I Know You Do That Whole Bit about Relationship If That Part. I'm Pretty Sure That I Would Be Single. The Rest of My Life and Had Just Become Hopeless about Love and Relationship, and That Will Cross That Bridge When We Get There, and so We Went through Program and Did Our Work around Relationship Is Now Married and Have a Little Boy Goes to His Entire Life, You Know Trajectory of His Life Shifted from the Place of Coming Out Of That Place of Despair and Hope, Hope, Hopelessness, Getting Skills Getting Tools Getting the Poor, and He's Gone to You Know Create a Life for Himself That He at One Point Even If a Imagine As Being Possible and I See That over and over and over Again Uploading to Get Me up Every Morning Because the Work Is Hard, You Know, Holding Saying It Was Full. You Know, Take Something I When We Do That Working We Go through That Hard-Working.

We Get to the Other Side of It Made They Get to Have Their Lives in the Not Have a Trickle-Down Effect on the Next Iteration. I Get so Jazzed about That, Though You Original Trauma. So Yeah Every Day Uses What Is Irrational to Think of the Ocean. The Newer Generation Is More Susceptible to Drum Will Be Looking like around the City's Bidding May Be More Easy for Our Youngsters to Get the Guys from Anything like That like to Have Less Resiliency over There Trauma Just Because of Social Media and the Internet Are the Parents Really Looking at What the Kids Are on in the Computer in the Social Media. I Mean We Feel Guilty That Was Spying on Our Kids but Then Again, We Don't Know Who's on the Other Side of the Field, Though I Think Nothing like 95 Then like Little Bit People Listening, Please Check the Stick but It's in the Range of the 90 of Abuse and Trauma Happen within the Home. Yeah That Would Actually Owe Some Guy on the Internet Came in like Chatted up My Child and or Woman on the Internet for That Matter It. An Uncle Is the Cousin Is Your Brother Is the Mother.

The Father so the Dynamics That Are Happening in Right so That's Really Where Our Work Is You'll Family and the Good Why Generational Trauma like If Your Mother Was Abused and Never Had Any Support or Intervention.

The Likelihood That Abuse Is Going to Trickle down to about Hundred Percent Guarantee.

But It's Very Higher Likelihood That Not to Say It past Repetition of Trauma. They Say There's a Genetic Component or a Minimum so That They Goes from Generation to Generation That Exactly to Your Point Sometimes the Environment Is Sometimes the Education Doesn't Change That.

I Know Any Better.

That's Why Awareness Is so Important. A Lot Of Victims of the Children.

I Can Speak from Personal Experience Have No Idea What's Happening Is Wrong to Confuse It with Love, Yes, Especially If the Rents Not so Nice so It's a Matter of Educating Because I Cannot Being Overprotective Mother and Not Let My Daughter a Slumber Party Will Go to a Slumber Party Can't Be like That of Course Trust God That I Also Have To Be Responsible and Teacher about What's Acceptable and What's Not and Not to Take Anything for Granted. Just to Be Aware or Just to Get Out Of My Mind of How Important Yeah That's Right That's Right. I Think That Parent. I Hope You Know My Infants Are That Parent Are Getting a Little More Hit the Game and Are Talking about These Issues More. I Think There Might Be Ignorance of the Population Where That's More the Case Than Not, so We Still Have Plenty of Work to Do, Educate Parents and Educate Children.

But Absolutely, the More Empowered Children Are in.

This Is an Ongoing Conversation so You Know Parents Who Are Listening.

It's Not like Oh I Talked to Them about That When They Were Five and the Okay Sexual Education in School. Why Can't They Teach about the Dangers of Sexual Abuse at the Teaching Special-Education Rat That's What I'm Thinking We Were More Than Just You Know the Physical Dynamics Affect What They Usually Talk about Writing about When We're Back to You Talking to Grand Deal with the Consequences of Sexual Abuse, and This Is the Key Here. I Went Back to Being with Us On This Is the Key Saturday at 1 PM Eastern on the Radio at the Care Live on Channel Guided and That He Was Speaking to Bishop Grant Joint Typos. Nicola about Surviving Sexual Abuse My Happy Song. I Guess This He Had a Plan for Even before We Were Born and He Knew Exactly What We Needed and If You Really Think It's Sweet That Somebody Notices How Perfect God Made Rachel. I Love That Song. Music Is so Therapeutic You Can Put You in a Conspiracy and Everything for Me and Helped Me to Feel Better Once They Realize God like Love to Me Is That Wanted to Become the Person Got Enough Then.

That Was My One They Saw Something on Facebook That This Guy Had a Really Negative Attitude and We Don't Know What He Went through, but He Said He Had Nothing. Nothing to Look Forward to Nothing Good in This Life and in Walked in an Older Couple. You Can Tell They Were Suffering from Cancer and the Guy I Was Talking to the You Have Nothing to Be Grateful about. So He Started Thinking about What He Could Be Grateful about. Other Than That Nothing Would Help so He Would Think Oh I'm Grateful about This in the Notice and Then Those Things Fictionally and Then He Started Realizing People He Needed to Make Amends with Anything to Do and into That One Could Action Led to Another and Let to Another and Accumulate the Accumulation of His Actions Made Him Feel Better That What You Any Suggestions Yeah Well It Interesting That You're Talking about Gratitude Right Now in the beyond the Writing Program in the Very First Session or the Concept of Highlight Though It's a Little Different Thing from Gratitude and That Gratitude Is Something That You Can Kind of Feeling.

Whether You Actually Done It in That Day or Not. So I Might Feel Grateful for My Mom Even Though I Haven't Talked to Her Today, but a Highlight Is out.

Had a Really Great Video Chat with My Mom and so One of the Very First Things I Asked My Client to Do Is Exactly That Began a Highlight Practice at the End of the Day. Take Notice of. A Couple of Things in Your Day That You. Better Highlight and Quite Honestly for so My Clients When They Started Well. I Got Out Of Bed and Believe It or Not, Can Be a Big One and What about That Is a Couple Things Are Happening When We Do This Though We Are Actually Activating the Brain Gratitude or Highlight It Actually Causes the Brain to Release Feel Good Chemical like the and so Were Giving Our Brain a Little Food Feeling Booth and Were Also Helping Ourselves in the Balance. I Think One of the Things That Trauma Is Always Doing Is Creating Tunnel Vision. My Life Is Always This. I Always Feel That Relationships Are Always Bit.

I Didn't Do This Right Even Though I Did Disagree, Yes, We Know We Were Always Looking at Things Kind of One-Sided and All like 30 Things That Are Difficult and Hard. What Is Also True Is We Have Other Moment in Our Day-To-Day Certainly One of the Practices That I Start off with My Client Will We Really Build from There.

A Big Piece of the Work That I Do Is My Client about the Brain and How It Impacted by Trauma in the Neuroscience of Trauma.

What Actually Going on Neurologically That Understand like Your Brain. It Is Breaking. You Know, I Think A Lot Of Traumas like Oh I'm Broken Is Something Wrong with Me. I Didn't Feel That I Can so We Our Brains to User Experiences Towards Our Benefit. Now 100%. We We Can Build New Neuronal Pathways and Prune Old One That Will Be Old Association. We Certainly Can Learn You Maybe Can Certainly Learn Intervention That Help Us to Regulate Our Nervous System Come Out Of Places of Activation or Triggering No Most People Who Dreams Trauma. The Amygdala Is Just a Little Bit Stuck in the on Position and so That's What Causes Hyper Alert Feelings A Lot Of Anxiety All the Time a Hard Time Focusing or Organizing People Will Think Oh They're Just I Don't Know Why I Can't Get Organized Is Something Wrong with Me but It Actually Related to a Dis-Regulated Brain and Nervous the Summit As We Start to Get Those Things Back Online and Have Healthy Nervous System Regulation Then A Lot Of Those Challenges Just Drop Away Because Your Brain Working in the Way That We Wanted Working Rather Than Being Overactive Teach Techniques on How to Do This, Obviously, in Your Coaching Career and I Know That When When I Don't Want to Do Something a Certain Way.

I Don't like This about Me. I Want to Be like This. And so It Happens and It Depends on You Know Where Your Mindset Is If You Want to Be Just like Everyone Else and Fall.

See or Didn't Do the Extra Step Standout and That for Yourself Because I Think That's the Hardest Thing for Victim/Survivor Is That the Person to Blame Most Is Themselves. So I Think It Has A Lot to Do with. If You're Able to Give the People That Hurt You. You Also Have To Be Able to Forgive Yourself and Have Compassion for Ourselves. Yeah, I Think It Often Describe the Journey of Healing Is the Process of Growing up in a Process of Letting Go, Though Learning Things That You Didn't Get to Learn Because You Were in an Environment That Was Traumatizing for You Don't Learn How to Trust You Don't Learn How to Have Healthy Attached.

You Don't Learn How to Set Boundaries and so A Lot Of the Work That I'm Doing Quite Honestly Is Just Life Will What Is It Mean to Trust Someone How You Determined That How Do You Communicate Clearly and Set Boundaries. How Do You Propose the Data Self-Care Practice Alongside the Trauma Healing Work with All about Getting Complete about the past.

So so They're Not You Know That the Main Thing That I'm Always Working with My Client Surrounded Trying to Take This. The Trauma and Integrated That It Become a Thread That Is in a Part of the Tapestry of Your Life, but Not like the Entire Thing and That You're Focusing Your Attention Can Shift Out Of the past and Present in Your Future and You Can Create the Life That You Really Want to Have If You Told My Team Self or Even My 20-year-old Wealth That This Is the Life of the Live like There's No Way I Could Even Unit of the Possibility That Is the Beauty of Life That We Have the Opportunity Every Day to Cultivate It to the Side, and Sometimes Many Care and Support and Guidance in Doing That Because Were Not yet Able to Self Resource but the Good News Is There's Lots of Great Resources out There.

There's Lots Unity Office Support. Certainly, Way More Available Today Than When I Was a Kid and so I You I Feel Hopeful about You Sure That Working Continue to Grow and Create Resources and Education and and Do What We Can to Stem the Tide of This Epidemic a You Know and for Those of the Support Groups Don't Work or Didn't Have Anybody in Their Life.

It Doesn't Hurt to Pray God Is Great Support. He Really Is Because Even Though You Can't See We Can Talk or You Can Talk to and Steer It Back God in Children and People and Their Actions in the Heat and the Goodwill and the Love That You Feel around All God Inspired so You Could Also Turn to Prayer Nothing Else Comes about Because I One Point My Life I Was by Myself.

I Know One Absolutely No Little Girl to Take Care so You Know It Is God Yeah by the Way Your Absolutely No Whatever Can Hold Us and Help Them. The Tide of Reno Overwhelm and Fear and Hopelessness Is Important You Know and I'm Certainly Faith and Spirituality Can Be Really Strong Tool You Know My Walk with God Is Been One That We Would Need Another Conversation for You. It's Always Been Easy.

Don't Know Anyone Successful As You or the Guests That Had Having Called upon God. I Really Don't. Everybody Has Great Idea Inquiry Things to Bring to the Evil and Great Techniques. Every Single One of Them Asked at One Point They Called upon God. Yeah, I Think for Me That That Was a Critical Time When I Was Going through My Divorce I Was Very Much in the Church at That Time and Certainly Prayer in the Church Community Went a Long Way I You Know I Kind of Land in the World of Agnostic. These Days I Find Myself Connected to a Belief of Spirituality and Universal Truth, and That There Something Going on the Figure That As I Find That Helpful Because There Just, You Know, There's so Many Moment in Life That Are Not. I Do Think I Have Divine Appointment and People Company Exactly When They're Meant to.

And I Get Either Guide and Their Mentor and Walk Alongside Them in This Journey and Not Something That I Never Take for Granted Because It's a Big Deal. Something like That God Does Use People God Uses People Think You Rachel so Much for Being with Us. It Come to Mind.

So I Think You Aiming God to Rescue More Information on Mitchell Grant and Her Work Can Be Found on God Is the under Gas. This Is Been a Pleasure.

Rachel Thank You so Much, Take Really Good Care Of. Thank You for Having It's an Archangel, You Will Pray the Holy You Intercede for Us That Our Hearts Need Burn with the Fire of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Assistance in Cooperating with the Creases of Our Confirmation That the Gifts of the Holy Spirit May Bear Much Fruit in Our Souls Obtain for Us the Grace to Use the Sword of Truth to Pair Away All That Is Not in Conformity to the Most Adorable Will of God in Our Lives That We May Fully Participate in the Army, the Church, If You Really Think about Unconditional Love. It All Boils down to Forgiveness Because Love Is Patient and Kind.

Love Bears All Things, Believe Something. Hope Something and Interiors of France. 13 for Seven This Is Amy. You Have Been Listening to the Care Have a Great Weekend until Next

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