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Reduce Anxiety the 'Holistic" Way- 86

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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May 2, 2020 1:00 pm

Reduce Anxiety the 'Holistic" Way- 86

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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May 2, 2020 1:00 pm

"Control what you can and then trust God with the outcome" said guest, Dr. David Chadwick while sharing with The Cure's listeners the best way to minimize anxiety in our lives.

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by  visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by  visiting his website.


David Chadwick is presently the pastor of Moments of Hope Church in Charlotte, N.C. He has been a pastor for almost 40 years. He played basketball under the legendary coach, Dean Smith, at the University of North Carolina and was a member of the Final Four 1969 team. David also has a graduate counseling psychology degree from the University of Florida and an MDiv and DMin from Columbia Theological Seminary. These post graduate degrees have allowed David to combine therapeutic counseling theories with biblical truth. David is the author if nine books and hosts a weekly talk show on faith and values on WBT in Charlotte, N.C. He has been married to the love of his life, Marilynn, for 42 years and has three children, Bethany, David Banner, and Michael. They have given David and Marilynn seven grandchildren. You can read more about Dr. Chadwick by visiting his website.

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Myself and like myself burn the candle down on our feelings in Oakland and Maine have isolated their isolated oxygen being seen singing with a makeable life can bring many difficult situations domestic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy, and Q and welcome your hosting bill.

My partner Lori I show is available light on your radio also secure broadcasting today like a man, essentially satellite make is more than 11 states, among others, and soon after the show me a shout yes that's enough of the human spirit. The will to survive and encourage before any obstacle with help of God, we do provide testimonials to let people know that we are not alone and indicia testimony started with me having a survivor of child abuse well. We also have experts in several fields, inspirational speakers that are willing to help us with information. Knowing that education is very awareness is crucial in concert is I do believe we all suffer separate from something and we hope to be a source of healing to each other that my God centered as well. Life can be very challenging and I was now always cares, there's always this only displayed earlier, less all my God I how do we balance fear of the unknown with exciting due to unprecedented times.

We are all dealing with mental health, wondering how we got here. Some of us believe it's too late to turn around as we learn to attack the girl anxious about being independent and responsible. Most of us feel the effects and are struggling in different ways from those driven predominantly by fear and others consumed anxiety. The present situation. Although some fear could be a motivating factor in being responsible and doing the right thing exciting necessary bird added to the existing fear to be continue adding salt to the what do we face our problems and focus on solutions to even know that it's possible not to be afraid or anxious despite a crisis in certainty how we got here and what will he I guess today Dr. David Chadwick will help us navigate fear and exciting in these pandemic times ducted David Chadwick is a very interesting guy.

He not only graduated Chapel Hill.

He was also a pro basketball player in the NCAA final four graduated in counseling from the University and earned a Masters degree of divinity and a Dr. of Ministry's degree from Columbia theological seminary is also the host of moments of hope it's a weekly podcast and is the author of nine books hearing the voice of God and his newest book moving beyond exciting 12 practical strategies to your mind, Dr. Chadwick is also the founding pastor of moments and hope church in Charlotte North Carolina. Dr. Chadwick Inc. you for being on the show are now live uranium on your Dr. Chadwick. We have been living two months with the fear of this virus covenant 19 despite having learned a great deal. It's debatable whether or not the shutdown should have occurred, but it's also exciting is a growing problem throughout the United States and there is at least 34% increase in prescriptions, fear can keep us from seeing the truth but exciting is defeating the very purpose behind the attempt to avoid the spread. People are taking to the streets unprotected to protest for their freedom. Believing the cure has become worse than virus in these endemic times we have shown that we can comply, to no avail as we go grow desperate and weary, please explain to us the dangers of exciting coupled with fear. These times of crisis such as this agreement, Art built in the book by very inviting you bumping my beer bumping will and you can possibly cuddle will begin all the right, your ring true. You 90 what we worry about never happened when I began writing the book your overnight know where all I thank God he was made all God and was also a major call among goal functionality. So when with you knowing that I have a graduate degree in from the University, but also biblical and theological seminary. After got the good wife.

If you combined academically into a book about God when I began the work over a year ago, I was already feeling problem and then as you will note overnight. A month ago. Isolation we've just been anxiety go home larger problem where what I did in the book but you got your what you that we all cognitive therapy, all-wheel you want all feeling like you got all your mind.

The book from or what you think. Looking at it from a biblical perspective and trying to get people to change their attitude change how they look like change their behavior. From the perspective of God word from God himself. What rounds and there that God said, be courageous enough to cheer when supposed to hide from our problems away from then face for solutions are trusting God because God helps those who help themselves, not those who sit around to be helped by others. Yes, I agree and we run away from problem. It really never know why you believe about the Bible wall and great faith. Your problem with what we who have faith but realize we base our problem with a great God along by the will of God +1.Doherty and we can be years and anxiety help, and indeed be in polling language or the weekend overcome problem but again I believe that begin with allowing your mind focus on what God not the problem. So don't look at the mountain 55. Don't think of the things and think of the things done. Think of the things on earth the things in heaven if we know the things that affect us lost. We have to see to guide us with. We have to focus on his promises. Even if our bodies are deteriorating or overall this counseling down. It doesn't matter. God still exists. What one of my favorite movie beyond the 5 o'clock where all your mind on things above, we work all are not going to heaven. Therefore, I think people every in our mind in an eternal perspective. Then when you look at why God you they become increasingly small. I think that's what they do. Being like God I Dr. it's it's it's really incredible.

I know what it's like to have severe uncertainty. I know what it's like God not help you. I know those things. I know what it's like to know whether you can have a place to sleep or food in the wheel continue talking about a young 32 say client is no shores and no and no lab and things between you and care every Saturday at 1 PM. Remember that you can listen to the radio show live through our up the cure within a couple only displayed layer laid her head on my Marcus mom for. Don't be afraid had on me is God wants us to receive when your nominee can't chase the best away. No, this too shall pass with every scar that we clean the stone right in every choice always also want to remind you about the compass we started. No suggestions were sold by him to show through our contact us page of God is the and if we played you will receive a $25 gift certificate. Thank you for everybody who has submitted songs picks up the cells based on the topic of the show to guests and other reasons I love them secret is not easy to get selected but is very very will continue talking to Dr. David Chadwick anxiety and fear. Chadwick is an existing fear and now at the wrong wrong. 28 anxiety and anxiety can be very very detrimental thing I wanted to know in your opinion, should discontinue the way it is where there is the fear of the virus. Reoccurring canceled people here that we were not the right thing or that which can't be trusted and then from the people that have learned about this virus anxiety that they don't know how to survive how to provide for their families and at the same time. A lot of the constitutional right are being compromised.

Everyone being challenged right now I work on all direct and you know what was. I do most call reality that it may come upon me, and I know will that why only way I know you'll with anxiety. Do what you can do control what you can, but you got to trust God with the outcome. You can only do what you can do trust God outcome will and I think that begin or what we in accordance with what goes into our minds that called you what we feel like all five we lost the opinion raised again the knowledge of God and faith every okay right. I think all your recognize that we have your enemy feeling our mind beat them must take every thought and even one, very anxious thought against God. Why not even one will eventually come at the anxious feeling that will lead to behavior so we got to anxious thought Or set up shop in our mind and threw them out of her mind to God that you know what Lord I am trusting what I can do but I'm going to put you with the outcome as I do my best in flight. I tried to obey the laws of the land to love my neighbor close all of those things ultimately going to you with the outcome and believing that you will control everything according to your perfect will. In any I think there alone at all understand it except we didn't need a perfectly good point, God did say only had only think that things only acted feelings. You don't want to entertain thoughts it will fester. Feelings you want to do and I see that we have we have a call yester we have Kelly from Utah with a question for Dr. Chuck Kelly you're on their remaining where there have been very very little shelter here all here and only neck and back and are warm like not changed much like out. However, I have found that everything is true in terms of personal responsibility and got out and hear nothing. Nature and going into nature in the mountain hiking and biking and jogging with everyone doing which helped to write yet nothing we have found it on Friday. Turn off turn it off really. You work in ground you patient find it happy outcome and 0.0 Kelly Kelly Utah never did a set down, they did the honor system. Honor good barbershop and Mary found on and what is your question my question for you not I told painter while your gardening everything you can were not grounded in everyone is grounded. So what what outbreak did this it was a huge outbreak even though you didn't do shut down our people something anxiety. What's the outcome. Tommy what the outcome here is only 48 okay 40 got in there and got called back. If not, you're here, and story. However, for the basically are anxious about food and shelter put on your go out. I find an open which are work where there is a complete shut down.

You can put maintain your self ability. So my question for Dr. Chadwick is how is it that some of us trusted to do the right thing.

Some of us cannot be trusted to do the right thing.

I thought we were all equal under God's eyes you know any only thing that I believe is what's in line with God regardless of politics case.

Explain if you can, wiping that people are either connected God knew what not what you were not going to go under my talking about this Dr. with your story is so is welcome and thanks for member. The cure is every Saturday at 1 PM. All shows are available as well as a video podcast just look for the cure they become only percussion baby items found that just played less to die for. I sent Smith and I think of God.

I look for God every day and every night.

I love That I See We All Remember How Carefree Life Used To Be, and Now Most of Us Are Burdened over How Different Loneliness Can No One Wants to Diana or Go to the Wrong Place. We All Want to Be in the Company Somebody to Die for Someone That Complete Someone We Would Get Our Entire Hearts to and Deliver the Entire World and All of the If He Could, That's Exactly What Got Even Though Somebody to Tie so Even Though Our World Crashing down, We Can Take This As an Opportunity to Rise above Shows Leadership Encourage and Faith and Hope That We May Become Somebody to Die for Something I Will for the Reminder about the Cultist Restarted Again, Let Us Know. Suggestions Were so That We Can Plan to Show through Our Contact Us Page of God Is the and If We Play with. You Will Receive a $25 Gift Certificate to Make It. Maybe Continue Speaking about Fear and Anxiety. For Those of Us That Have a Relationship with God. It Doesn't Matter. We Don't Pay Attention to Fear. We Don't Entertain Anxiety for Those That Don't Know but Don't Have God Going Back to the Gas. Dr. How Can We Help Those of Us We Can Supply Think the First Thing We Can Do and Model Work Will and Let Them out Really in Our Own Lives Make Them or the God That We Know the Being All of Our Dear Universe We Know Love so Much Want to Know What We Think God I Think We Do Love Dear We Walk along I Let Them Hungry Their Art for the God That We Know Ultimately Again .57 Language to All on and When We Know the God during Our All You Then We Know That We Are All You Want to Story Everything I Long to Be like Those Bigger Fear with Faith. I Long to Be like Them and I Go Because He's Reading the Bible. I Pray That I Will Give You the Highlights Later like to Share with You All. Strategies to Be in Your Mind and Spiritual Discipline. Thank You and You Be My Pleasure to Go in the Book I Wrote about a Year Ago along with the Reality Moving beyond Will Read Your Mind Really Are Your Daily Brain. Our Brain Focused on and When We Do Go Anxiety You Left It into Our Mind Operating. God Will One. Pray with All That. Don't Be Anxious for Anything but in Everything. Pray with the Quotation and Thanksgiving and Interestingly Paul There. I Think That When All Start to Enter Your Mind. Out with Thank You for I Open the Book to Make a Thank Giving Will Go and Look at Everything in Your Life You Can Be Thankful Heart Here. The Next Well I Met That When You Consider Creation Look at the Lilies of the Field and the Birds of the Air Help.Here with Bill Portillo.

Why Are You the Crown of Creation.

Human Beings Grab the Flowers How Much More Would You Again Make That Thanksgiving with Them the Minute Walk into Your Mind. Alpine Lord I'm Thankful and Start Making That Live Amazingly, Amy Will Find You Have Literally the Hundred Different Things like Thankful You Have an Attitude of Gratitude Mind Filled with Thank and Not Worry.

That's Another Way Found in My Family Life If You Can, Conquering Side, Asking God When It Is He Wants You. What's the Best Way to Make the Best of Your Time As We Treat Others How You Can Constantly Think of Ways of Making Prayer and Praise and Meditation Appreciation for Everything in Your Life and Appreciation for the outside from Especially the Son That We Happen with Dr. Chadwick As We Learned That the Sign God to Believe God Provided Everything That We Needed Everything in Each. Amazingly, so That You Be Raise See and the Humidity Actually Kills the Viruses Minute. What Do You Know Why Are They Keeping Parks Closer Beaches Close Who Now Will You Make A Lot Of Way Fire Department Wide Open to Funds on Load. You Can Do People Think (Practice One Right like to Say and Then a Will I Find Your Wife and Proud Well Know Can Be Protected by the Board.I Do Believe That There Is No Revolutionary God, You Are Audible Only Dedication of Our Life and God Believing All 91 Language You and Believing Each Other. It's Almost Just As the Trust Has Been Crippled.

Amy Is How You Protect Yourself YouSave Lives That That's Hiding from the Problem. The Best Way Our Business Was Essential That We Pay Buyer's Killer in the AC.

We Put You Be Lighting All over Our Office. We Made Sure We Equipped the People That We Work with with PPE Provided Masks for People Coming in, They Have To Wash Your Hands All the Patients Coming in and out and We Trust That God Paid I Prayed about It, At Least Nobody in God Has Been Infected Rather We Tested Them for Anti-Bodies in Case They Were Sending Carrier and That's What You Do When You Trust God and God the Way It Is Our Own Will and Trust Enough to Be Responsible to Do the Right Thing. Why Kenya Are Counsel People Follow the Example of Jesus Will Amy I Don't Know.

I Think They Are Not Really Looking at All the Information and All the Great That We Work like an Old on Writing like an Old God. Now What You're Doing Everything You Protect Your People and Yourself from the Virus, but You're Also Trusting God in a Message of Intervention Therebetween Thing Coming Together That Allow I Think Well As I You Know All around. People Are and They Will Obey Four Point Start Getting Away from Them. They Will Start Repelling Worse Yes Amy, It Is Just Don't Know Who's Who, until There's a Crisis and Then It's When You Realize the Mistakes That Need and Who Not to Vote for. Again We Hear from You a Personal Story 35 866 34 through Things Fixing This Is the Care Live Every Saturday at 1 PM Eastern Radio Here on Social Media Here Later.

The Show Will Be Available As a Pulp Cost Search for the Cure with Amicable Everywhere Were Both Costs or Just Played with Better Days I Will and Republic Will Be Better Days. Here's a Wash Away Every Morning and You Start in God's Time. Things Have a Way of Plucking Things Will Always Come Away Happy Light Never Seen Today Again Want to Remind You Please Give Us a Suggestion about the Soap to Be Played on the Show Does Go through Our Conduct. This Page of God Is the and If We Play It, You Will Receive a 25 Gift Certificate Continued Talking to the Wonderful Talk David Chadwick Discussing Fear Is Catholic and I Really Am Worried about Me. I'm Not Worried about Billing and Confident When a Very Others Who Didn't Know How They Will Meet.

They Don't Know How the Food and the People Who Have Never Asked for Help in Waiting in Lines for Food, but That Does to the Spirit or the Inability to Take Care Of Your Family. Those Are the People That I'm Worried That I Know the Will Be Better Days. Dr. Chadwick and I Know That Things Must Happen This Way Confusing and As Frustrating As It May Be That This May Be the Only Way People Will See the True Colors of Others Because Christ Is the Best or a Camping Question and Dr. Chadwick and I Stopped That Mother's Day Is Coming. How Can Parents Help Their Children with Their Anxious Thoughts. Because Sometimes Anxious We Don't Even Know and We Need to Talk to Them Just in Case You Wonder Why Tomorrow I Think It Would Be Why Every Mother, Father of the Moment When We Are Working Together.

I Have Had a Number Tell Me the Right Kind.

You'll Together. Mom, Dad Were Spelled with One Another Very Important.

Every Movement Could Do with Her. At Question How Your Heart, What Are You an Interesting We Don't Have Any Other Place Will Render Okay. Feeling with Their Parent Parent Really Know What's Going on in the Lot and Prepare Your Own without Their Parent and Amy.

I Believe All of My Heart. They Were Caught Not Biblical. What You Really Need Mom and Dad Really Mom and Dad Drink Quite Let Anxiety Rule in Their Heart and They Let Them Enter the Evidence and Long after Mom and Dad on My Mom Passed Away. I Remember How They Lived and How They Think Their Faith Remotely. By the Way They Live More Than the Word Change Children Are Sponges Stressed or Afraid the Children Will File I Make It a Point to My Pair. Alexa I Want Them to Know I'm Wanting to Know I Trust God Everything God, and He Hoped That the Transfers Exclude Not Enough Church Is Not Enough. It Has To Be Led by Example Have To Have To Know Exactly Amy I Will Write You Can Make Good for Them Right on Your Knee See You with an Open Bible God Word Root Parent Actually Living out Their Faith. That's What They're Going to Want and All the Great Mothers and Fathers Regularly Get Together for Some Family Worship When They Thing All Day and Not You. When They Read the Word about Not Right Together and Express Not Your Wonderful Time Parents That Have Family Devotion with Their When They Are after 40 Dr. Name Must Be Honest, It's Not Very Easy 1919 Gets Blurred or Even Sometimes a Little Annoyed, I Got Talking I Can Get a Tape Doing Chores Now That the Great Thing about Virus Everything before They Didn't Have Time to Do Chores That Help You Guys, the Okay Should Know Why Ray Ray Problem over the Complaining and Grumbling. Don't Do Anything but We Can Work Something That We Really Mean God Is Great. So What I Can Get Them Anyway for Me Your Take on the First at Changing the Way That You Think Think That They Have Very Negative Person. You Just Can't See Anything Positive like, and I Know What It's like to Be There so What Do You Suggest for Step in Changing the Way That You Think Will Work on Mad and Little You Might Bear" and I'm Living in, and Really Maybe I've Been There Were a Number of Your Moment on the Living. You All Don't Know How to Get Out Of the Map and Michael and You Love Me You Got an Arm around the What.

And I'm Always Worried That I I'm Worried about My Fine and I Get That Out Of My Hand.

I Really Have All That Anxiety and Your Part and You Literally and You Believe You Now. You Believe Now and You're Not Anymore. I Think We Think That Small with That Mullet. Thank God Can Give Them the Next and the Next in the Next Time Daily Prayer on the Apartment with Them Slowly but Surely Cast All Your Cares on Him Low Early. They Come unto Me All Who Were Heavily All Week. You Can Have Rest Is Very Well Set so You Getting Your Book Moving beyond Anxiety so Timely Again. No Talk about It.

What Do You Think Is the Main Message for the Reader. Well, I Think the Reader My Buyer Would Take Home with the Belief That God Has Provided Everything That We Need to Conquer Anxiety That We Have Our Right. What We Need to Overcome Anxiety.

We Don't Need. The Burden He Has Given Us the Ability to Give Them That Wonderful Person 17 God Did Not. Fear Did Not Come from God Why Are We Hearing Something That Is Not from God but from Where Will They Show A Few Minutes Left. Thank You.

Yeah, I'm Sorry That in Any Fear Is to Keep You from Seeing the Truth Was to Keep You to Stay Compliance and Control You Today Shall Only A Few Minutes. Thank You Dr. for Being in the Show You Book Moving beyond Excited. Tammy Tool to Deal with the Camp and More Information Can Be Found an Element of Hope Church Board after Catholic Minute Would You like to Lead Us in Prayer to Give Us Hope for the Struggling Amy Would Be My Privilege That You Love. Thank You for the Privilege of Being Able to Come You in the Name of It through Him That We Come to You and Give You All on Her Part. Lord I Ask That You Give Us Greater More. Your Totally in Control of Everything and Anything in Our Lives, Our Goal and Lord Jesus. We Believe That As Fear and Anxiety Knocked on the Door of Our Heart That We Can Choose to You to Go and Answer the Door in Faith and What We Know Your Dock on Our Part, You'd Answer It.

We Open the Door You, Thank You for That Promise. Thank You for That Reality, We Cling to It, We Believe It We Cast All Our Peers on You Knowing That You Care for and We Look Forward Reading That You Give to Us by Walking in Faith in Jesus Name I Pray in God Alone While Dr. Chad Make Me Thinking Today Show Sound Claiming Thinking Containing High Next Time until Next Week. There's Lots yet. I

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