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Mind over Matter, Audio Podcast Ep 127

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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February 21, 2021 4:32 pm

Mind over Matter, Audio Podcast Ep 127

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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February 21, 2021 4:32 pm

Retired Marine Travis Horn known as the balance guru Travis Horn discusses his commitment to help others and go through life no matter what comes his way. Obstacles do not define us , confirms Travis, on this episode of The Cure with Aimee Cabo.

Travis Horn aka The balance guru is a muscle-health specialist who provides insights into the benefits of healthy living patterns and understanding of our bodies from the default state of mind. Sitting standing and sleeping under the pressure of gravity to rid pain and gain movement.


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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a transformational speaker, syndicated radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by visiting her website. Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by visiting his website.


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I cancel and then today conveniently God we have apartments. Travis Klein and it gave very exciting child.

This guy really gives me meaning to mind over matter. Talk about not letting anything get in the way or hold you back and talk about the leaping in the impossible taking it to the limit and more and Bobby wants to say hello or your skirt will go do a cure for usual usual usual stimulus of interstitial butter in class today Manny it's beautiful and sunny not very cold. It's only a little bit cold in the morning and then it's one in the afternoon cell very blessed feeling very blessed to be in Miami and glad that Texas got better have his pain. It was tough to watch and down. I'm just glad that the prayers work and very excited about on hearing again another radiation Saturday the 27th we could pick these out one more better book pricing shows that I like in the in the many, many lawyers number really think is the only one known to seven and on housing two will wreak one is better and the music is started and I am so glad I have gone so only thing to show God's with a makeable life can bring many difficult situations.

Mystic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy, Q and think you said is available live radio also like to hear any smart phone and a website. God is the because he is there broadcasting today like a man satellite available in 35 videos in 11 states and Sirius XM 131 and also live on social media, and soon after the show on any podcast play.

I wanted to thank our social media followers, especially since we've breached an average of 1 million people every month since 2021 and think God is just suffering the tenacity of the human spirit. The will to survive and the courage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle with the help of God, who enables us to help each other.

We provide testimonials to let people know that we not alone, and they shall testimony started with me having been a survivor from child abuse warranty in adulthood.

We also have experts in several fields and inspirational speakers that are willing to help us with valuable information. Knowing that education is necessary. Awareness is crucial and comfort is needed. I do believe we all suffer separate from something and we hope to be a source of healing for each other, you know, despite trying everything God was my only care that other forms of healing are presented as well to survey 71. Life can be challenging but always know there's always someone who cares if no one at all, which have been at least God tests the soundly played earlier was lie lie lie lie that said, in case this is my take. It can be quite a sad life, one where living a lie. I remember when sleep was the only piece that I and you and it was okay should I die, the enemies, the master of deception, denial, and doubt if we entertained these ideas, we fear the frustration warning shall turning to God and mending our ways gives us direction and opens our eyes we discover lie past me, meaning no longer full by Satan's disguise. We don't mind anymore so kiss it goodbye. Other days that I am wrong, except that becomes grateful with love seeing the good because God makes a strong it can be a long journey so much to learn from the past every day waking up this exciting when God is what matters because bad things don't last.

Today we will talk about overcoming obstacles such as PTSD and how that should not define us that we had a very special guest gives new meaning to mind over matter. Travis worn Travis worn as a retired Marine, also known as the balance guru Travis is a muscle health specialist to provide insights into benefits of healthy living patterns and understanding our bodies from the default state of mind. Travis shows how sitting, standing and sleeping under the pressure of gravity can read of pain and gain movement. Travis even has a world record a Guinness world record Travis, welcome to the care it's so get to happy very Travis. I understand that you served in the Marines. Since you are 18 years old. Have you experienced traumatic events any PTSD or word that we. You know when you are child and you are going to go go go to becoming a bad option.

You know that you would most majority of people to write the college. Well, you know you're the military about the entrepreneur well and you know the military would be would go to leave me what my life would an understanding of compacted cherry and going and going to Iraq at a young age old being like you know already and you know final court because they would go hungry. Your wanting water in the truck like 140 and wanted you on coming back to America and understanding like we are in my heart and what we eat what we do know before we can control our emotions. The work that you know. Yet the thing into the whole. Yeah, you clean a lot of us have never traveled anywhere else.

We don't know any different. Sometimes you don't realize how blessed we are and we can take so easily things for granted not realize how good we have others are not so fortunate. Still, it's a very good thing that you got to experience that and that you got to see the bigger picture.

A lot of us may be lacking in so have you experienced a miracle or an answer to a prayer I'm sure being in the war. He must've prayed so I prayed work there were one where I realized that I was growing up I did pray at night on my bed thing. I think I one point I walked from one truck to another truck that we were in the record, but we will will be good so they could put like 100 yard by myself and I would like. I would like.

I would really like. I don't know how I remember walking like in my God you know well.

My life really cool and another country you live a lot in mentally get to the other.

I will make sure that you know I'll play with everybody and I will go back and make sure everybody craved a little bit let you know I really like the we had little deeper and at nighttime, and you're going down a dark street by herself to say exactly try to avoid you know I like my training God ability to make you live in an automated one. They were like something that will allow me to feel like you don't know what. Not only did you get to see a poor country where people had last. It was unfortunate your life. It must've been very challenging because it was pure survival every day. It was survival that that it be very tough on the mind on it must've made you strong also and a lady having gone to those experiences. What was the most spiritual experience that you experience in your life. I got out many years old. I don't think I ever evaluated with the will, but I do have one direct moment where I do remember what I think it would.

I will mark the gemlike I created you help people understand what God had been through gravity well here from gravity, though we would like the floor everything is not calling you now loading down going away stop and one lady behind me and I didn't know you never met with food and fun of me that I. Talking about and nothing defined well does your story wanted to wanted his suffering experienced periods of God. I was forced into my abortion. I people to do this twice my heart, every Saturday at one Eastern on the Truth Network on welcome back to the care.

Remember, you can listen to the radio show life through our up to cure with Amy, or the book of Luke forgot is the cure on any book cusp level and the cure will pop up this song that just played last night Monday and this is 90 is constantly moving, there's no such thing as no change there are things that surprised us and some moments that seem very strange.

Life is a challenge at times he struggling painful at best. Yet we can always be good when God takes it a events and takes care of the rest about our perception. What are we willing to take. Can we find joy in suffering. Jesus did so for the greater good and for our sake do we understand Christ's crucifixion at times are unavoidable and must come only God knows what's needed in perfect, it makes sense in due time, since it's always his will that is done by talking about well hardware with our special guest LN mind over matter get that special guest Travis worn you are going into you are talking about spiritual experience in late you received a message from a total stranger and I'm curious like to continue where I was going to down a note that you need to be doing what her name was know that, don't worry about letting everything go doing what you know what you feel and we be 24 you on the Internet need your life so it would allow me to do. Do I really want in and adopted my life spiritual awakening to the method they are not fatal. The audit I will over 24 you were completely unlike I don't know you are, you know who I am but you never spoke again but with complete absolutely needed in my life, including the title how God uses people and uses situations and make himself solely on the lives of course, it cannot be black and white that defeats the purpose of faith, but you know I think he has a little bit to do with who you are and before the show Clint family were talking about how you the kind of person that you left this morning. Tell us about your view on getting and receiving a letter that I believe what more the Marine Corps.

The more important part of who you no matter what the louder to understand that there you can do things and move without so what I got out of the military, like like the other one is you hurt yourself with your group yourself you're not healthy you're not opened up your reading your grade don't really go like a humanitarian, though I believe go completely backward. We live in the 800 we would we would need to be speaking right now but would be happy would be Beecher will be yet like so I believe that the way to think that you put evil with good people that you would work right you you need to keep going. You don't need anything going.

You go Michael understand that were powerful great work God to be meeting everybody got incurred to destroy everything right you will write. I believe five more benefits of the you reap the benefit of being selfish and Michael Moore every day when I come out of 11 approaches me and asked me for a dollar.

I 100% film I felt that God you know you have a lot you don't think you That's not the point.

You point. The point is all you willing to give Mike that might matter what it is like today coverts remove color.loyalty getting bigger volunteer though I feel that I am coverts you mentioned that you give more than you receive. And yeah, it's nice to say that because Jesus said to this last and give generously.

By the way, so to pass judgment to think what to do with this. So why do they need a not for us and we were never look that way you are meant to live Christ's way and if we want to feel peace that is otherwise he could go to depression and dementia. One like that stuff I've been doing don't want anymore thanks things so so you were talking before the break. If it peaked.

I'm sure you hide your values before you left to the Marines. And if you can share with your family, your most important values. Not today. You think they changed what would you tell him. What are learning your love language and how you paraded out the information that you know what it actually they wanted not really even one of the not something that I really thinking about back then you don't want to think I would think were eight years old to get away from dealing with the child valued. I learned our Emily because I come out without you.

Love you, mother rebut maybe 31 of that motherly love work though valued more like understanding that we have the time we enjoyed all the milling pacing.

Feeling being fully aware.

The thing balance is not valid in your life.

Natalie will will will going to the Y we would love to hear from you goes with questions or comments wanted six 630-418-6634.

So much for the saucer. I try, I know you got achieved and with Amy, life can bring many difficult situations. Mystic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy, Q, I, every Saturday you hear website got and on the book cusp looking guys old shows are available as a video book souls just look forgot is the cure me, or typing. God is the cure. In the book of the cure within the couple will show up. Love that song that you just heard last night and antifamily screen. Well, they're just jealous. Life is a journey guys. Let's keep it up. Things are supposed to look scary, and we will be fine God still weak and weary, the sun will come up any try give it our best avenue day if we actually living it up shed following Christ who shows us the way we can look at the bright side, God is the one who lets Safar had, we can relax in his lap and his comfort gives us new life in our old ways are that disregard of the charter times as they come. God shine some light pray and have faith. Either way God keeps his clothes because we are in his sight. We are discussing overcoming difficulties in life. Using mind of a matter with special guest Travis one. Subsidize what develop group.

I made here, understanding and learning about body ballet when it first started about me balancing my emotions coming out of the military with the family. If you live by early divorce I live in my car I needed for my own part, dollar yen physically going the energy like the other fellow energy in my calling my method did not work and became be valid because people get the thing to me it was just me trying to get the energy that I needed to get out and that I would calling a lady met to what I eat or what I do enlightenment. Her other work very hard once you become an understand what your you have interesting using it reading it is all that balancing believe that you know the mind and the body is acted and by having that discipline discipline the mind that interesting that despite all the different letdowns that you had in life how life try to bring you down. He just learned from and you actually grew and you doing great ways and that's a lesson we can all we can all take and really benefit from that. Sometimes we just let things get to us and that we are so much more than that.

There's so much more to we are meeting the right. Christ's image so if you got in your life every anything is possible.

So never give up a lot of people realize that our human body when a company overcome or try to figure out and got a perfect body machine. I blatantly swallow. We walk we everything is on the Miller light lighting. Anxiety is the most powerful state that your father might have created in your body is equally somewhat of a mighty understand what you need to be doing at the most powerful God give you your bottom. A lot of my mood that you see that you don't do it without inside learned the fight or flight which is the most powerful time in your life when you are in the flight you need a needle, because you need to get your loved one out how you at the highest date of the vitae that Dr. normal life you're thinking of helping anybody vitae write a book about it.

If you're walking regarding vitae money. I kid my anxiety is just I didn't think about the thoughts that made me anxious and therefore no anxiety from St. Paul. He said that you hide things in heaven things you so you know you are what make you anxious to think about it think that think positive.

I would think that if you look better in the meantime, even if you look better in the meantime, who cares so get some clothes that I said I had you write a blog for some clothes they eat that you quoted from your heart not you know I think that huge a lot of people they're not looking either partly other looking through what they can put in their pocket and your pocket another important quote that I live by anything other then nothing is something which we pray to go to church every Sunday, but if you talk to Dr. 32nd just randomly got it something other than nothing. Nothing being nothing at all what you will, in the category. So even if you did say hi to God today.

One time that something right so I think that very, very powerful people just sorry I mean he could start little steps I'll take anything he's happy with whatever effort he wants to retire past that you can start with little steps and something very interesting. A lot of times, even parents do it.

We think that we make our kids happy by buying them what they want.

We we try to make others happy and our friends by finding things how often do we think about quality time spending some time with them doing something that's productive being a good listener you know or just you know spending some time with someone it could mean so much more in life that sometimes a lot of us have become very materialistic.

I found that simple, and less really is more so let me talk about mentioned earlier some challenges that you had with being homeless and having been divorced and not really having any parents what has been your hardest challenge today is really getting my message out on why I'm here. I looked online at ballet weird guy made a broad body but not do it a lot. Michael on the human body that doesn't matter what it is I had been on wineglasses screwdriver and grab my big day return is getting the message that I'm here for humanity that I would slow down like you that you got a little bit were on how people and because I understand what life would you need pain you are not able to move. Like what your needs are overweight, not being able to elude not be able to leave you're losing my really trying to get the message. I have a huge understanding you right now I'm contracted. I really believe that we we will technology but were not longevity through our help.

You know I were our grandparents because they have about making sure that were actually the longest reigning champion and were able to do this, you know. Hopefully the microchip and reverence going to some of that on your book which could be religious people can get from balance right and you talk about, you know, balancing not just eat your way physically that balancing your life and in it August hand in hand. Lets you know we are one package deal. We are promote myself better than everyone have the capability of everything I put any effort toward yeah I don't like the human thing you know you not want is 634 through always been so say you things pertaining to the care Life every Saturday at 1 PM Eastern radio here hand on social media just forgot to secure again about costing. Please remember it's only 3%. Later, the show will be available. Support comes with Social Security recoverable that I misspelled it a night and a doubly or typing got is the cure and the pulp costs for pup cost the cured amicable sure song that just played. I don't care I at Shannon and Justin Dave is the take the good with the bad happens every day helps to build character and gives us more reason to pray we don't care how we learned to get by learning the truth when keeping got Mia growing in faith as we learn to trust God who handles our problems and makes it onto city like that.

There's no other physician-assisted beauty wreath come to know directing our paths and giving us strength as we get closer to God. That's how we can never give up. It's all part of his plan to see us through the chaos and noise giving us opportunities to overcome what there is that it's up to blasphemous make the right choice containing a conversation with special guests Travis Warren and balance. This teaching is great stuff about mind matter, despite any obstacle by the lake. He had some that you know I was just talking before the break, about NLP for saying well I'm only human. Talk about thinking beyond being just human. You say balance on white wineglasses, God created. I realize that though I deliver my on how are you human movement and how we move our body. I figured out that I needed ability to realize how to understand our here on out in like that why I and you want and what they like me.

Clear understanding on how the universe allowed everybody to be on.

So now I get to play around with. Just so you have flexible hours would be so contraction before you. A lot of people a lot of people using your body without using the medical so what these ideas did you get a message from God.

I will the energy of the power of the spirit worked very powerful word over to come any one of the Holy Spirit does give us wisdom you want talking directly of our message however you want to see this You're like a light before I the really great idea. I don't think it's always us. They even learned actually how to improve on sleep hygiene had you figure that one out.

I feel are and I modality which means I don't the pain med right cranial sacral reflex quality shopping. The thought go at all you other. By combining my bed. I develop a plan of gravity how weekly by knowing what we do every day and creepy looking all though it were immediately rotated all day you sleep and location undo what you've done all life comes up like a dog sleep like the day you will okay so you seem like a very disciplined person and you really really know how to focus and concentrate most of believing yourself is extremely important. Some of week. How we stop our projects and what is it that gets you to stay on mission no matter why we don't need a drill sergeant for that reason, I do I mean by understanding what is my mission to help humanity how very different right help humanity and Walker with my brain. Maybe you maybe people need the figure out what they would permit maybe they don't really know what it meant to give her. I went I've never been in your eye okay. I know my mission.

My mission is to help at all times so I weird for me.

Beautiful you thinking let's inspiration. I am the way I am because I can't find anybody out here Lorraine and we can be the best person to others like ourselves. If you had an appointment since our listeners what is the key to success in life what would it be why they are measuring the level on your own. A lot of people like you remember somebody out there looking at everything you had to be okay so I want everyone to understand that work on the same mission on earth were trying to buy no like you know what I believe the helping.

The more you know the more you would be lying, crying, smiling everything today. Other than that I believe the people to slow down a little bit on their own ill and powerful people there. Everyone on the power to do anything that you feel you have the power you wrote out a little bit before the product before the equipment you have to know your body your body. If your Bethel life.beautiful body.

The BN for the day you die, your car would you change will you know we have different gifts and different challenges you now I get sometimes heard well or better yet better person than me and you know it's not so some of us are willing to work harder than others is how much effort you put into it.

You know a little extra effort and extra work is a long way. It really does and it it's all of us think that we be surprised how all of us are really good at most things, you know, just you are not just giving it our best effort were not putting in that extra work were not getting it our all and more which we can just is not so say yeah that's that's my idea of succeeding in life. Give it a real finishing with the racial nuclear yeah you can send Michelle it was great.

It was as awesome. Thank you Travis and you're an amazing person and become today with an amazing message and am very grateful help. It was helpful to our listeners thinking and notify me and do a live interview with the case for more information. Travis Holland, balance scale, it can be found on his website. Balance and will finish with a pair likely only stay prayers and prayer to overcome obstacles like Jesus CLS CLS and whatever you see needs healing CLS whatever might separate us from you.

Seal all parts of us, including online bodies and soul lay your hands gently upon and free any fear from our hearts today.

Jesus bless us with the states always believe to affirm the power of a few miracles to make all things possible in our life grant tests ready to instantly perceive the source of all our needs, which is you. In Jesus name, amen. More guys had a number three.

Heavenly father, we open our hearts like to receive your left today. Please send your healing power into our life. Help us overcome the obstacles we face. We readily accept the power in our lives. Thank you to the Truth Network and the wonderful people that work with us for having us on the air, kicking us out that that carrier program including Sirius XM channel 131 special shout out to Robin Webster thinking about visiting the Been listening to the care and again the focus. If you want. Please check it. The curator McDowell which can be found one of the book costs are all on the website got is a critical again, thank you. To learn

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