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Rescued and Redeemed, Audio podcast Ep #125

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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February 7, 2021 3:43 pm

Rescued and Redeemed, Audio podcast Ep #125

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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February 7, 2021 3:43 pm

Who would be better equipped and knowledgeable to fight crime against children then a survivor herself – Amanda de Geneste, a retired investigative detective on this episode of The Cure with Aimee Cabo.


Raising voice for the children enduring sexual abuse, and survivors, encouraging all to speak up, I-Am-anda Amanda de Geneste is a survivor, advocate, speaker and an author of the book ''I Am''.


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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a transformational speaker, syndicated radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by visiting her website. Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by visiting his website.


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Hey guys getting ready to start the chair maybe you shall when Amy L and I hope you can join us today. It's going to be extremely informative and hopefully very helpful because it deals with very serious matter that we unfortunately have today which is filing crimes against children.

More specifically, child exploitation in a sexual form and it's something that we really need to get to the bottom of a and A, and let those kids and parents and families now that there is hope so hope you can join us boys wants to say hi borders wants to say hi so producer like I anyways go to start soon. Please stay with us like to say that today is a beautiful sunny day in Florida that that I have to tell you it's raining. And hey, no rain, no flowers, flowers, goat Grove when it rains so rain is necessary as well, especially when it hasn't rained here for a while so grateful another lady there is no nonetheless were grateful when it rains and when it shines we take the good with the bad such as life's good times is bad times but we learn to get by with trusting God of course it's a good thing he's around so today will have a very special guest as well.

A retarded directive that is going to help us through this process as well is affected to understand that very well since she's a survivor herself so what better person to deal with these kind of things that some social capital arise pressures available live on your radio like the care Cabo on any smart phone or website. God is the broadcasting live today from Miami to satellite 35 radios 11 state series exam channel 131 in life and social media. Soon after the show on any podcast player as a podcast. I wanted to thank our social media followers, especially since we preached a million people in January 2021 alone. Thank you and thank God showed yes to suffering and the tenacity of the human spirit. The will to survive the courage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle with the help of God, who enables us to help each other to provide testimony as to let people know that they're not alone in the testimony started with me having been a survivor from child abuse well into young adulthood. We also have experts in several fields and inspirational speakers that are willing to help us with valuable information. Knowing that education is needed.

Awareness is crucial and comfort is essential. I did believe we all suffer. I have separate from something and we hope to be a source of healing for each other. But despite trying everything God was my only care other forms of healing.

A percentage as well to service everyone life can be challenging but always know there's someone that cares always someone that cares. At least God does this only played earlier was back child by telling the nine and this is my take guys those of us considered the back child are sometimes at risk.

Most of the time it leaves opportunity for the enemy to take advantage and perpetuate crime. We can feel like the wrong ones confused about good things learn to slowly fade in submission like puppet on strings to God. There is no back kit. He replaces what's taken he gives us new life were loved and never forsaken no longer in exile are smile becomes real. We gain in your family thrive and once again feel God gives us new meaning turns her weak mind strong shows there can be miracles when we know it's God to whom we belong. Well, they're getting better but they think you today we will talk about overcoming child sexual abuse and we have a very special guest Amanda Satanist Amanda is a sexual abuse survivor herself that her faith in God, family support, talking, writing in therapy has helped her through the internal pain and suffering Amanda's career letter to the path of working the very type of crime. She was a victim by becoming a supervising investigator protected her poetry and hobby help to create a book. I am just hoping to show other survivors that they're not alone and it's okay to speak up Amanda, welcome to the care your now life.

Amanda, thank you so much for your service as long person as a law enforcement officer and I just wanted take this moment as a special tribute to to fallen FBI agents who were fighting the same monsters dealing with violent crimes against children special agents Daniel often and Laura Schwartz in his burger were shot and killed this Tuesday in Florida. Florida may they rest in peace. But thanks to their heroic efforts and sacrifice that led to 300 arrests and at least 55 children rescued Amanda with this similar to your line of work. Can you share some of your experiences and was it too close to heart my work with really you part of our week did go out and make a right. Every week.dictate after the erect made Road by and we would hand me to go to trial and yet are my high my thoughts.

Pray aloud and we all follow right now illegal that are left alive and trying to get this perpetrated the eight yes I mean it's time it can be a dangerous job, especially when it comes to pornography and things like that. Sometimes it can be more prone profitable then and drugs and it could it's heartless so you dealing with dangerous criminals.

Apparently bit from my understanding, yet he dealt with individual cases, mostly correct and good and what I would be have at getting now having been a survivor yourself, you were able to decipher. You know these people. These perpetrators.

They can be very manipulative. You were able to tell what's real from their manipulation.

Of course, having lived at yourself and and you helped these kids in your investigative times speak up as he did at one point, when did you realize you needed to tell your story realize why actually at work after I read it I realized that I had written help other people to Dr. what they had been through and that it it it remotely that the glory and what outfit and get a little more comfort about what actually happened yes because is my understanding it's it's not very common that kids that are abuse in this way are likely to speak.

They carry with them a lot of guilt and a lot of shame and I happen to know that from first-hand experience, a lot of us tell our stories for the first time as adults and in the meantime it's it's some wheat we have to deal with the abuse and so how were you able to deal with your abuse and misguided interpretation of love. I wrote a lot. I would take my quiet time right right poetry. We thought all of the spirit that I unaware of the actor a lot of sexuality when it came to her would have liked to bury fuel for anyone at a very young confusing with the type of help you should be getting vector committed to get the things I should have lose lose. I will be in one's non-self sometimes you tell me about this return so deals with suffering experienced periods of God.

I was forced into my abortion choice people to do this twice a week, every Saturday at one Eastern on the Truth Network dozens Romans. Together we will fly away.

As soon as we so tell never love you and please send an words always on the captain of, say, we see the ring, welcome back to the care. This is Amy capital things pertaining.

Remember, you can listen to her usual life will procure with amicable or support costs.

Just look for God is the cure gospel song they just played with lost boys with the lyrics and this is my take. We can feel lost in a world full of tales, what do we want what do we learn to believe it's easy getting around in the comfort sound. We don't want to leave we see what is beautiful. It's our nature to help. It's how we get a high even lost we still cope. There were times we escaped avoiding reality until we found God and found strength, spirituality to help here anymore, we learn to stand still. We took aim at our goals saw the value in nothing instead of the threat of talking about embracing God and survivors with our special guest Amanda when surviving from sexual abuse. Amanda, how did you know you could trust someone in to report your abuse to be ordered. Talk about what a nap. Talked about in my family and again I would a young age. I didn't feel like owning something I would matter what happened fell. I got like I knew I needed the truck door.

I didn't realize it because I know that in some cases you tell someone you feel you can trust and that person turns her back on you and either doesn't believe you or blames you. Did you have any support. Did you trust the right person like right my walk with the pope to be done immediately as a teenager. What she did what will come back to sell that with it for me it relieving feeling.

Wake up in the morning walk around the house and not feel like he was going to hold me and Cornell take me back and remember which he was.

He was my half brother.

He all the leeway needed to do what he was doing and no one's is at this point that you realized it was wrong. Were you able also to realize it wasn't your fault really it with me by my family that it was not my fault and what he did was wrong, though I felt free and I felt like I can be child that I need to be so that he's having experienced what you have will be a bit stepwise for a young person going to do this, regardless of whether they have a supportive family like you did or not to any child that is going through sexual abuse first thing I want them to know it not because someone love you needed don't have you as a consequence of what you're doing. It is that not right. Who will police officer you know really your best interest at heart. Don't die only way we speaking about it to everyone that don't necessarily give up because one person doesn't believe you doesn't mean the next person will not also there will be someone that believes you never's never quit trying. There's always someone that's willing to help. So this type of crimes are difficult to prosecute right compared to like a standard test for more individual. Kate had difficult. I won't say that the type you won the case, then it seems that is not like the pros and maybe my mother perception is wrong with something, do you just talk about the crimes that will very import all very important to be a thought. What what I find weird that not very many people are coming for his problem getting the child feel that they can someone already broken by having the crime committed. Again, getting the child someone tell the whole party and again this is why I wrote the book I wrote because I want I wanted to feel comfortable.

They agree what's happening when they're able to verbalize it at the act of using is even stronger. And it had about child sexual abuse that we need to bring okay this is a form of prevention when making everyone aware of what's happening. The abuses can be God bringing awareness to public and also kids don't lie about it gets online about these things and also kids don't lie about these things.

Kids would not want to lie about these things just doesn't make sense.

I would get.

I would assume that most kids are believed mean in my case it took five years.

My mother had a hold of the media manipulated the police and even though I had evidence and he was considered. You know, guilty. Eventually, five years later the kids were returned, it can foster loopholes, but I hope times have changed about God's saving grace in our lives will look to hear from you because we are working from home and someone is what is they will receive a 5 to 9 show is so so I know you swear you guys here with Amy capital member were live every Saturday at 1 PM Eastern on your radio on the care with Amy capital and our website God's also shows are available as a video book. Just look for God is the cure with amicable or typing.

God is the cure. In the book of security amicable will show up in Joseph script that song that you just heard was hold on by court Overstreet and this is my take. The result can be scary. We can't imagine our loved ones gone. It's God. We can't be without were never alone until he's done we will always need 10. He loves us and wants us to hold on there is demons and chaos that he'll be the one to whom we can run. Don't fall for the lies Hartigan fighting his heart that God's love is greater. Open our hearts we play the right card.

God never leaves us his truth lives forever. Following him we find peace. Our site is restored and were never more clever okay so we are discussing the enormous power of God in our lives even when we go through suffering of abuse, sexual abuse, discussing this with guest Amanda Murtha and guys still working on that updated version of my book. Any moment now Amanda Hocking your book.

I am empower women who have experienced the trauma such as what you've gone through or any other type of trauma as a matter of fact, I know.

No more for it that way. Victims are five violent feel comfortable in the word what actually happened. I feel the need to share my awareness and got there in my strength. As I navigated through the pain in brain cell.

I'm hoping it empowers them to speak the be able to profit all that they've gone you will be able to make the fact that half the profit and accepted within himself that now is a very big part of you do mention that child sexual abuse does not have the same attention or as much attention as other types of child abuse. Can you explain that to us to get much attention. I just feel that child sexual abuse shouldn't be lumped into the category of child abuse it and a beer but it is an ugly ugly child sexual abuse. I feel a bit arrived by phone it, it can actually help the victim no better.

My own experience in account child sexual abuse victim, and being in the presence of other children. I know that have suffered from child sexual abuse.

I know that child abuse aware the child had been be all on hand not being fed. Think you can see with the naked eye child sexual abuse you have to take another approach year you have to ask question you have to dig deeper, something easily seen. So without writing I really me personally feel it should be categorized differently, yet mean either way both blessings are traumatizing to the child that one is just harder to prove that there's more of us. You know that abused the victim carries a heavier weight to prove their case, I would. I would think they all all types of abuse affect children especially growth in cognitive they carry it for the rest of the Allied when it comes to child child sexual abuse.

The type of evidence you're looking for is usually usually has to do with their private part in a very intimate body part and this comfort level of the child about it very hard unless you've been talking to your child from a very young age on identifying body like teaching them when it comes that they need to speak up unless you been doing that to get a child to walk about something like sexual abuse and molestation and the questioning and the examination process can be more difficult as well.

When deals with situations of private areas because it's something that were more guarded about, so if you're not a professional investigating child abuse. What's the best way to identify child has been sexually abused. Maybe there is a group for each age group different. I know for sure when a child is included in which one cries a lot don't want to go to a person home will be with a person alone crying. We question we need to know why this child a lot of time, nervousness, they usually get very quiet. You'll find that child is regret showing regressive behavior. They were potty trained already. Now you find that. There they regret to doing things like not using the potty like they were trying all wetting the bed when they have already wetting the bed found many different kinds that we need to pay attention to important that we have conversations with the children's schooling can suffer obviously in their social interactions but also maybe paying attention to what the writing what's in their diary.

What they're sharing or whether drawing is it an appropriate do they know too much about sexual matters at their early age. I buy the car with Ashley around adults or a particular adults are the spending too much time with one particular adults do they crave attention just by particular adults actually showing that they're paying it to one particular child by child. there is no reason when adults want to be all day long. there's just no reason for one kid all the time. usually adult like likes kids equally and there's a difference between adult behavior and too much closeness so yeah right you make a very good point is not to find out being sexual abuse, but we this is where teaching the children different between the good touch bad touch come because we don't want to blame someone child sexual abuse because they care a lot about a child we want to be.

we want to do as much as we can to teach the children about the back cut body are so that when being bad happening.

they feel comfortable enough to come to what the adult and let us know what i know this is good advice but ironically our mother warned us about sitting on men's laps that even though it was my stepfather that abused me that we were told never to sit on the man's laps. there's no reason to sit on the men's laps i have in my lab so love to hear from you close your story of survival, 1-866-186-6340 50500's post only. again, thanks for attending into the care with amy. remember were like every saturday at 1 pm eastern radio at the kid with amy calvo and social media just got insecure and she was a little show. the show will be available as a book us search for security amicable lori ms. through the night and about will be okay typing got insecure also because a certain rhythm in the in the book costs the cure they make. i will sure that awesome song that displayed less give up on me by andy grammer x-ray got playset for me all the time. but here's my take. god will fight for us if it's a struggle.

he will never given she will love us and guide us so we no longer care about said he reaches his hand into the darkness and would do anything to help us come to come through. he's patiently waiting to happen where everything even when we have lost hope and feel that we've tried to tell. he's always available and not getting up, ready to pick up the pieces and catch every phone.

let's not give up on him and us. god always believes he gave his all from his divine love. we are his joy, for which he still creeps through you guys are talking to one for boards to and so would continue talking with our special guest guys amanda did nasty showing the tremendous power of god in our lives and how we can come to do and survive sexual abuse.

amanda seem very well-rounded and very happy person very much at peace must have god in your life, or at least have a relationship with them.

can you share with us some therapeutic methods that can help with the healing process because a lot of we do have got to still struggling but not in my life had made it like i write as a form of therapy. it i would say to my mind specially that specializes child sexual sexual so that you can have an outlet for yourself.

i do a lot of research and agency out that they can reach out to the brain, which is the rate abuse and incest national network and the telephone number is 1800-560-1800 564673 and just let the audience know i don't have any personal pride agency that i'm giving. i just know from my own research that they work with victims and by then. document two light organized a the telephone number is 1864 light all you could check light ig ht 274174167 bells playing and working the writing the research getting read doing your own research. it will help you to process you would be surprised what somebody's willing to listen and have compassion can do for us also. it was helpful to me was was praying and reading god's word and eating, you know, having faith in enough to be like christ and try to copy him as much they can do the right thing because god only taught us things that would bring about peace and the more that you emulate god and live a peaceful life you live. regardless of what struggles you constantly going to because that's life. one big struggle but the good thing is peaceful, happy moments to sell. take the good with god and also others. the dental therapy with a professional support groups. yes. support groups are very nice because it's people that really understand and especially when it's difficult to be a survivor in a world that there could be so many stigmas and it's something that we all have to go through that we have to overcome. for example, i remember speaking to one of the people that i really cared about. in my case i was excited to tell her that i was pregnant again with my husband of over 20 years now, but back then i was excited so i was pregnant again with one of my teenagers now, and she does own no not another kid is so also remember reading a psychiatric report when my case first started back when i was 15 when a psychiatrist said there was no hope for me and believe these two people knew that i'm happily married.

i have a good relationship with god. i graduated with a bachelors and i have been successful in every area of life, and according to them there being a success for me. there was supposed to be no hope in on proof there is what stigmas have you had to deal with amanda while there was a short unity in my life so being all or all even hard being a high school dropout high school dropout being pregnant at an early age.

all of the word be the aftereffect of the child that had me making the fat and making the back court.

people label are very unpleasant name court judge and my kid ronan: what if children live. i felt i had a very successful career and god has a lot to do with that. so i love who i am.

i appreciate what i'm doing today i went to those things. also on society or shipping stances give you the script and sometimes we feel we have to play the role and we got cut off a little bit of self sabotage were okay with being there for others but never for ourselves. in fact, make it worse for ourselves is because deep down inside we don't have a lot of love for ourselves and we learn to love ourselves. eventually, ideas when i accepted that i wasn't too bad of a person forgot to love me, but i realize that god loves us unconditionally at broken or not, god will take us in and give us new life in our past will not matter in our past is not have to define us and we don't have to keep doing things that are not healthy. we could start you we can start fresh.

we could rewrite that's great for ourselves yet and there is no way to god. it just some of us take longer than others, that the truth before, but that's okay everything god made everything and got little by little we reached the end of the shell and for the prayers. thank you so much amanda did nasty stinky so much for being with us today. your beautiful person and you had a lot of meetings to share.

thank you. i hope that it's been helpful to many more information, remember me. thank you for measuring them a little genesis can be found on her website area check her book and the pair that we always do. dear god, your love surrounds when my thoughts wait for when night screams tear tear your voice will for contactor shadow.i know your light will meet me there when fear comes knocking there. you'll be my guard when dave breeds trouble. there you'll hold my heart come storm, our battle got. i know you're peaceful there again and again.

be still my heart i know that you are god anyone at and our father in jesus name, amen said thank you to our audio producer beth and the chief protector amazing being who is always with us and makes it possible for the show to sound awesome. by making the music work and thanks to the christian konica robbie gilmore for answering my calls and his continuing guidance all along. check out his shows us some guy like no other co-conspirator scores today to the ring is here

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