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December 27, 2020 4:08 pm


The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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December 27, 2020 4:08 pm

Counting Our Blessings, Despite the Sufferings

Focusing on the good things in life, despite our sufferings on the latest The Cure with Aimee Cabo.

"For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us." Romans 8:18

"More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us." Romans 5:3-5

The Cure Radio™ live talk syndicated radio show and live-streamed podcast is hosted by Aimee Cabo and offers a platform of hope to anyone who has experienced or is currently experiencing domestic violence, abuse, trauma, mental health, or other challenges that affect your life. It's a place to find comfort, knowledge, strategies, answers, hope, and love, and so much more, all while you are healing your wounds and knowing that you are loved and not alone.

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a transformational speaker, syndicated radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by visiting her website. Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by visiting his website.




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Hey guys were getting ready to start the video. Shall I hope that you can join us and now it is quite cold here in Miami today 55F. As you can see in the background. We have fireplaces because we like to suggest were warm since there really isn't.

Many fireplaces in Miami.

You'll find much less your little boy like to make percent down. We have one so here it is guys please join us.

This should be interesting, such as boys and I and Alice decides to join us and share their thoughts as well. Today I just can have a conversation. Should be fun and well always easy to find the guy is probably no soon. The show will start with one of the songs of the newsletter that many beautiful people, precious children of God, get ready for today. Another beautiful day thinking that Kelly woke up because you know life is in a given that even 100 years of life is a given. Waking up every day is in a given being well in a given we all depend on God is whatever he gets us recallable wife can bring many difficult situations. Mystic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy, Q and welcome to the care of ASM and hosting a cattle partner Morris while still a firesale guide. Thank God I show is available on your radio. Also, through our app take here in any smart phone, website God is to We are broadcasting live today from Miami to satellite available in 35 medians, and more than 11 states and live on social media. Soon after the shell it will play any podcast player hope everybody had a Merry Christmas and celebrated the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, because that's what it's really all about and is just an add-on.

They show deals of suffering and the tenacity of the human spirit.

The will to survive and the courage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle with help of God, who enables us to help each other. We provide testimonials to let people know that we are not alone in this show testimony started with me having been a survivor from child abuse well into young adulthood. We also have experts in several fields and inspirational speakers that are willing to help us with valuable information. Knowing that education is necessary. Awareness is crucial in comfort is very much needed. I do believe we all suffer or have suffered from something and we hope to be a source of healing for each other. God was my only care that there are other forms of healing percent as well to service everyone life can be challenging but always know there's always someone who cares if anyone at all. At least God tests this only played earlier with Savior, tears by the weekend. Did someone break our heart like that life or did we play a part.

Who do return to it.

We do what's right or did we ignore God's complete.

Despite our plight. God is loving. He wants to stay but will we don't care we push him away.

God dries our tears and saves them from another day. He doesn't want us to despair or go astray.

It's a matter of trusting him and him and always praying no matter what it says shocks us or gets in the way that tears don't matter when keeping faith alive. Having God not only helps us survive but also thrive sad moment always come and go till it will not steal our courage or destroy our joy. It's just the tool provided that will help us grow in life. God matters and we should show our best effort. But when we do. There isn't anything in life we cannot bear today we will talk about counting our blessings despite our suffering. So let's start with the prayer a prayer for hope and gratitude in the midst of suffering Lord, we don't have answers right now. None of that makes sense. It feels unjust they look up and wonder how why that in the midst of tragedy. We remember times times gone by when you pulled this through and made good on your promise to walk each painful step with us.

You remember how you met us in that place of breaking what dreams are shattered in another days rest felt impossible. He took out shattered pieces in your loving hands in you. We need the time as a part of healing and piece by piece built something different. A new creation, a new spark of hope.

Hope that says laughter will return in July he will be back in may not replace the sorrow yet boldly it will live alongside the pain in a way that surpasses my understanding Lord, thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for the gift of hope and thank you for filling my heart with the weapon of gratitude in the midst of pain. Lord, please keep our eyes firmly locked on you need to see beauty and blessings surround the ache in her heart with your two-way bring laughter back to our spirit that our hope, gratitude and joy. Witness in conduit of your power and love in Jesus name I pray, amen, is being our last show of the year guys would like to reflect on 2020 as challenging as it may be, and it has been including the latest tragedy that happened in Tennessee Nashville. Yes the bomb on Christmas day.

Just recently, it very shocking. This has been many shocking moments, but it's also good to take notice that nobody passed away. It was almost a Christmas miracle. And although this year has been challenging in many ways has been naming amazing things that have transpired as well. I for one, the more crazy things that happened, the more I was encouraged to pray.

I can assure you have never prayed so much in my entire life. And so today we like to reflect on things we're grateful about and will let's start with Bobby what are you grateful about will. There is no so many things to be grateful you were with the corporate situation we were able to go to clinic is participating in some of the research that is for the recursion were able to help people with visual and rights of the and also we continued with our research. For example, in Alzheimer's to new drugs are very promising and I'm grateful to you. Well, the most important thing is that I'm grateful to have had more time to spend with family that have gotten to know my kids better that had taken time to be with them and yes we been able to help people with COBIT in the early stages giving the medications that are helpful, help them get well early testing so that they can isolate and prevent transmission. I'm glad that we can either help on that front and but most importantly the fact that we felt the need to pray more, has helped us grow spiritually. So most of all I'm grateful for God.

I'm grateful for God in our lives and grateful for the things that we learn.

I'm grateful for the ways and opportunities that have been given to us to grow closer to him and that comes with every suffering that comes with every tragedy that comes with every reason to increase our faith because things look scary.

And we have to rise above and step up to the plate that comes when there's reasons for God to show just how great and wonderful and powerful he can be in our lives and in the lives of others so when it comes to being grateful we are most grateful about is God and I don't pretend to know anybody else's situation or even their suffering and really I haven't always been the strong.

There was a time that suffering seemed overwhelming, but I just want that I've learned that if you have God in your life. It really doesn't matter what's going on.

It doesn't matter what situations going on, you learn to trust in you. Learn to get by and you learn to grow you go. I hope so spiritually well just put it this way. I don't drink anymore.

I don't smoke anymore. I don't faith anymore, and therefore have more time with you guys and I want myself so will you talking about our blessings will hear from you. Call us at 1866 34 through those.

What is your blessings were diverted. Rather, despite all the craziness everybody will cultivate will receive a free copy of a musical also got his show deals with suffering experience and encourage to keep living for God.

I was forced into my abortion.

I people to do this twice my heart Amy, every Saturday at one Eastern on the truth, you don't know welcome back and things that you need will yes thank you for the January cultural soul Robles of your book should work your world book that displayed was holding on by Ryan Taylor and this is what inspired me to write God had good reasons for our existence. He created us for love. We know it's not for everyone. Heaven does not fit all of us, just like a glove. All of us will know God and learn the truth. It's a choice we are given an innate center early youth when there's a lot to this.

Don't be a fool for heaven's sake turn to God who always tries and does not forsake you will keep holding on.

He makes no mistake, praying, reading the Bible and following Jesus keeps us awake when talking about counting our blessings, despite any troubles or sufferings that we may be going. It will have a very special: Roby, probably your life by L hello hello you both so clear I heard your property from our group brought remote connection with the other group regarding your don't know you got a lot of work to develop your people will book the start of the public. Would you go on right before your yes and no room for later. Everything was shut down the delightful wall of the producer we got directly. I got her back so she got a boyfriend does is rodeo and she loved you and working full day, you know that we need to have a great abundance.

We would you want you go to the program. Thank you. And that is beautiful it's it's each other.

It's people it's how we come together it's it's how we pull through. It's how we make it happen.

I mean yes, these these times can be crazy and tough times can be stressful.

I mean, I keep it on the radio 2020 can get worse. You know, if we think it's bad it's getting worse and even seen it in my own family while you know I been shocked with the way that things have transpired and sometimes people behave in ways that you don't even recognize sometimes we behave in ways we don't even recognize and rethinking someone else here, songs I don't recognize myself. I'm someone else and that's the challenging times can do but because we've had time to pray and because we've gone to church regularly, and because we watched my and DVD. We learned some things you know how to treat each other.

People when they're stressed they can act a certain way and you have to understand yes it's if it shocks you it's for a reason.

See the enemies out to destroy his act to destroy good things is that he's out to destroy good relationships give you this way, we are sometimes oppressed by the enemy don't hate the person hate the enemy pray for that person actually pray that you feel that person the way that Jesus Jesus the way that he sees us to keep always the piece and to keep the love-life. There's so much hatred already and it's up to us to make it right yet another color archers Roby Roby with Ricardo Robbins again supergroup and and so it all depends on what we do and how we react to certain situations so Roby is there a lot of hate that your experience in life experience. Or, more love what I'm sorry to cover expenses faith in your life or more love all is because my English is like think Robbie surrounds himself with love and we choose to surround ourselves with love right Robbie, it really depends on who you hang around with no room for year-round so you bring you can just leave a lot of our executors home often talk about one school were first on reliability parcels will always use know God and about probably would have no friends and no I want my wife all people really want to know you're interested in my life and what was going on with me, I went wild with something not know from them. I want to know Jesus and what God was to get Jesus to beautiful people. If you know people around to renew or listen to God to be look for messages to realize is always communicating with us in different ways communicates to us to songs he communicated to me. Wassup a shirt I bought. That said, be slow and gentle and let me let you know Robbie ever since I been slow and gentle. I don't bump into things I don't get bruises things work out better idea things Ray Bullington does not wisdom, not just wisdom of all people. It works for me to know about that when you get back so we would love to hear from you. Call us if you have any comments, 1866 34 through tell us about your personal growth. There are blessings driving what is to be moral to do so is all so again and you is me this is so cool shoes, welcome back. People remember where I live every Sunday at 1 PM Saturday correction radio honor at here and on our website. God is he cannot come.

Also available as a video and eligible costs. Just look for the cure with amicable were sung. They just played was hold me while you wait. By Louis Capaldi and this is what inspired me to write at least this is my take it. We open our eyes and then to get more God will show us great Danes helping yet another amazing door.

There is more to life than having it all just like knowing what to do every time we fall. Even if I'm not good enough. God will take care of it's really tough, even if we feel the weight is long God builds us up and makes a strong we can always learn what's right as we wait got predetermined as going to heaven as our fate, we must believe for our fate remains in loving Christ as we break those chains. The gifts God loves us.

God does love us it's it's just amazing and one of the things that you know that most great part about his body spraying every day.

Mind you, and reading the Bible while we have Alisa Monique from North Carolina one if you know life was morning morning.

Monday I am calling but I'm so let me start by and requested I'm great oh that I have not quit that.

I can because not typically peppering the corroded thing on local like everybody else. Part I'm on dialysis. I had been from 11 year. I'm not diabetic, you will have a don't have any predict that no one in my family.

I watched my mother die several years after that, Molly is a nightmare. The doctors have been you know my dad let that time the only one of my family and everything have to drive 30 minutes. Our total every other day to go to treatment and the almost 11 year to come home by myself cooked. Whatever happened or what not admitted. I think it on top of that, Dorothy. All day difficulty.

How does it even be difficult. It again. I am so I know God, I know that the work to my life. My other, but I had not known what you want or need only thing I know I am thankful.

Whatever the work he's doing in my art though I am with because he know very though I don't affect the treatment we ever your will.

I do not think it will practical 100. I have no use of my life. No question but I don't. I've been a friend to many, but I don't. Not only will the part that they don't make me know and love what I do know I get myself no really impossible that I would be well. This is thank you for this. It's it's a lot of suffering what Monique has described and a lot of us are suffering greatly.

We may not understand why her suffering is it's hard to understand. I've learned that suffering is another way of sanctifying the soul learned that you can offer your suffering for the conversion of sinners. I've also noticed that all the best people and mostly good people are the one to suffer the most. I have noticed it also. The making of the St. and it's amazing that when you can injure as much suffering as Monique is enduring yet focus on God and be grateful for her suffering even though she cannot understand. I'm sure that's worthy of having ripples under one of his book so to some degree. Thank you so what else were grateful for so that's just day, you know we all have challenges in life. There's times that are difficult for me. There's days are difficult for me. I know I have to start every day with prayer ID look for moments with God. For example, songs the ideas that I get from Psalms, but I get from songs to sing songs that come out at perfect times at perfect moments like the song, but Morland you only go up from here and I quit all my vices and I make great strides towards personal growth and so this fungus comes out from the land you only come up from here do not believe that God may have inspired the singer to sing this song but the times that you go for a drive. You only listen to three or four songs do they need to be the songs that you need to listen at that moment that have to perfect message that have to deal with what you're going through at the moment is it even possible at all that there really is coincidences or is there maybe everything happens for a reason. Even when we don't understand right so God is in control. Well, God is constant. God is never changing, and God can't reach out to us to other people. He can reach out to us. Do kids anything can be MSH. Anything can be God reaching out to us. He can't just come out and say hey, here I am, let me help you let me hold you.

He does it indirectly so that our faith can grow and of course our way of thinking is not his.

We don't know why some of us are dealt with certain things and others are dealt with less. Some of us have certain gifts and others have other gifts. We just know that there's a God and that's great help. Great hope to know that his kingdom will come and it's a matter of waiting and his will is always time on earth as it is in heaven and we we just ask accept everything that happens as his will, because nothing happens that his she does not allow that life could be a lot more doable.

We can get by just doing our part. God helps those who help themselves. So we do what we can we get our best effort were obedient. We follow God's word.

We trust in and still take care of the rest. He'll fill in the blanks.

He will pick up where we fall short and if you have God you will not despair you will find reason and everything you may even find joy and suffering is actually a book called joy and suffering, and I believe the St. said it's okay to suffer any Jesus wept that he did get depressed. This think that it's okay to suffer as long as it doesn't feel your joy. Know the Virgin Mary is our Lady of sorrows. I'm sure she had moments of joy knowing that God's will is done and will be done and through his sacrifice, his children will be saved. I'm sure she allowed herself to have moments of joy, because this life will have suffering, and it's there always that we can find joy in everything to look at the bright side to find the bright side and everything because for every bad situation. There's always something polite about it a learning moment so anyway would love to hear from you. About our blessings, despite your personal story of a blessing to realize, 1866 34. What is your and things beginning in where live every Saturday at 1 PM on your radio at the care and social media is that the God is a care later.

The show will be available as a book of already use this one tomorrow. Search for the cure with Amy, no Amy spell where live in a doubly or search God is the cure on any pop song that just played let's dance monkey fight that both a lot. I love that song God sees us all like Mike.

Now monkeys got death. Yes, all to him.

We signed the banks to take his hands. He says it's time for we are his and he is mine.

We know the dance. We've learned the climb. It's more difficult but not impossible. It is design. We have our guests. He loves our style. We are all here just for a while. So make it even better than before. Make it count. Give it all you've got an even more intimate God proud. He loves our dance they can rise above given every chance, so God says something just move for me. That girl up. Remember that he sacrificed to set us free so we can live up to who we are meant to be real. So were talking about realizing countless blessings are personal growth despite bad things happen to us for the quarter. Scripture, but even if you should suffer for what is right. You are blessed. That's from for speaker reported silk tunic for then we have a listener. Caller call is what is the list of people listener that is calling that is going the way from North Carolina. Your no life that are doing great. Thank you.

You call your your your hard work and withdrawal will drop them really were trying all to draw them out. Malik Lawler, all the other volume on the whole, the show although I started. After that I went walking about one of the goals and also want one. The one" would include removal, but well you know about the work of you know what will you and him on walls, although it was very, above all, what was wrong for children all and no alcohol use water works so well all the world will know little about what about criminal record, and God will deliver God's will and will go on what really goes out on the ground and followed you all you I you know is right after the bomb was worse than my actual know how God's God sends us messages all sorts of ways. God is so real in our lives just so many different ways.

We tend to forget and you know you just came up with just reminded me actually a file of the story that I just heard on the radio hits one day only seven in the morning and mentioned again. This little core village was really hit by covert hard and they were very, very poor.

I mean, desperately poor is little small village in this just recently happened and now in this time it Christmas time this Christmas.

This just happened the other day cares gold coins and silver coins and gold pieces of gold and treasure, and silver washing at shore sure on this little island that was impoverished and there were there were desperate, you know that in the day wasn't on the coins on the Virgin Mary that was a little more obvious.

But while I mean things like this to happen. And God speaks to us in so many different ways and we know from the Holy Spirit that it is coming from God. Others who may not be so open to today's or may not have the ice for this may not be ready might just find it a coincidence so many clients only so many coincidence can happen before you realize there's really not so much. There's really not quite. Everything happens for a reason what they do pray for the showing is that you do care about the messages from God, and know if you if you want to through the message are you others. We can send you one of them is book 2. Thank you. So let's continue or whatever message here in Facebook. So this caller might reassess so I'm counting my many blessings, even though I'm suffering from a disease, but I know God is with me, so more more?

I mean if it makes anybody feel any better.

Yeah, you know you will.

If you're a good person will suffer. Look what happened to Jesus.

So we share his suffering and it it's how we grow closer to him. Believe it or not, as as crazy as that may sound that true with a silver spoon that has had life easy appreciates life and is compassionate and caring for others and notice it's always people who have suffered the most that have learned to love it deepest to have learned to care the most that have open their eyes to the Holy Spirit. And what's really going on at sea messages everywhere that feel God feel God and a lot of things in nature that eventually actually fell in love with God have got always on their minds and pray as much as possible, that would be great. And that's the best way actually to live if you can get there but down. We will let them both in a day. Most things take time. Here's where we always were getting through to Rios about the chrome. So show us what is allowing us so we can learn how fragile we truly are and how we can really only depend on God and how it is God that we really need even always got weird on me so that I can turn back to God and say forget, depending on people wasn't so amazing you know people can always let you down, your kids, your friends had to disown some of my friends and I decided to corral and correct my ways. It will consent to God is the only one that won't break your heart, he's the only one that will never change. He's the one that stays that's loyal. He's the one that's faithful. He's the one that wants to best for you always need someone always has your best interest at heart, he's the one that suffers with you this in a way where most servers are crucial to brokers always praise to God through thank you for being all think I was thinking the guests and and Bethann and Robbie okay and get that then she's the chief protector from the Truth Network and she also makes us music possible and especially the sand guide she's really awesome, thanks to the Christian car guy Robbie Elmore shows really rock is just such an awesome guy. He's been doing it forever.

Any such natural.

We love him and you know. Thank you for the Truth Network by the way that it has continued to care program and it also including Sirius XM channel 131 love being there for others and we hope it helps that all the radios regarding the program and I want you guys to know that I listen to you every Sunday on Syria show while raising your like my radio Netflix. That's typical adorable. We love you Beth and yes some inspirational quotes from the Bible for those who need it and now I definitely do every day. I need to hear from God sell Revelation 21 five says he who sits on the throne said, behold, I am making all things new and write these words of God are faithful and true Jeremiah 2911 said I know that I think towards the Lord of peace and not an evil kitty hope in the future for 22 to 24 says to put away concerning your former way of life grows corrupt at the lust be renewed in the spirit of your mind and the new man. When the likeness of God has been created in righteousness. Things got your opinion

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