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November 8, 2020 10:47 am


The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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November 8, 2020 10:47 am

Cyberbullying and Crime, Audio 113


Discussing dark psychology, cyberbullying and getting into the cybercriminal mind and how ro protect ourselves in this episode of The Cure with guest Dr Nuccitelli.

Guest Dr Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. is specializing in Cybercrime Psychology and Internet safety, providing educational services and advice on cyberbullying, cyberstalking, online sexual predation, cybercrime, cyber harassment and internet addiction. His Website


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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a transformational speaker, syndicated radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by visiting her website. Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by visiting his website.


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Identity or sound. I hope you join just for some fun. Who knows what this where it's clear that mean it was a gift to me by my knee and it's a very good message so I hope you guys enjoy this. I love it when you guys to those of us working for so close to both of her short so today what I talk to you Dr. Kelly. Kelly deals with Internet dangers that we all need to be aware of. We don't fall into that trap so we are here today to show awareness and any further crimes committed since it's very difficult to catch, so at least we can find some ways to safeguard herself and her children were private.

The swells happen.

We just need to educate ourselves cool then will have a special guest.

Our daughter show legal show, no new show show no. So saying something saying something this man was with Amy, life can bring many difficult situations domestic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy, Q Miami while still always regarded high show is available to me also live through our acute website secure lock broadcasting today-man satellite available in 35 videos in one state and social media. Soon after the show any part show deals is suffering human spirit will survive in the carriage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle with the help of God, who enables us to help each other to provide testimonials to let people know you're not alone and indicia the testimony started with me having been a child abuse.

Having been a survivor from child abuse well. We also have experts in several fields and inspirational speakers that are willing to help us with information. Knowing that education is necessary. Awareness is crucial in comfort is. I do believe we all suffer separate from something and we hope to be a source of healing for each other. My healing came from God that other forms of healing are presented as well.

Service everyone can be very challenging and always know there's someone who cares at least got us this only played earlier was wonder why Sean Mendez sometimes we wonder what it's like to be loved.

When we lose our faith and start to feel no. We can be so hard on ourselves when we believe the lies. There's no one to turn to and nowhere to go. We feel so very small. When we read about the Saints believing it's difficult and it can never meet us at all. Despite the fact that it the cry never ends on this road conditions us to search for outlets in the wrong place where their friend.

Still, we wonder as we close our eyes, but it takes to have God truly on your side cleaning up my day when everyone feels it, despite all the tears they've cried. God brings new life to others to be no need to be afraid or even second-guess what would become his pride full of joy and nothing was nice. Today we want to tackle a very critical issue in a dangerous one. The abuse of the Internet with my intention and we have a special guest who can help us with this matter. Dr. Talley, Dr. Micronesia Talley is a New York licensed psychologist cyber psychology research online safety educator 2009 Dr. need to Talley finalized online aggressive concept called I predator since then. Dr. Talley has educated and advised online users about cyber bullying, cyber stalking and online safety educational website called I predator is the public domain, free and can be reached by visiting I predator.Co. Rocio Kelly innkeeper being on the show you in our life where we are thinking some of the Buddha, Dr. Talley, there's so many terms as it relates to Internet problem.

Some of them haven't read before but let's go one by one.

What is cyber bullying really more or online. One where you are going criminal role.

Online job online were on rumor on my way nation. Only one of that only pediatric trauma only child on child abuse. It only happened among minor children, or any other going all online bullying is only witnessed with our daughter that the cyber bully heard just for the way that she thinks or what she says and stuff like so you know cyber bullying can cause a lot of emotional distress. Some kids can be emotional and he can really affect the trial about five years ago when I would.

I would always bullying on the ballfield. I would believe that will tell when I would believe what I could do home were also when I would bullying good environment of ability of work will I go home yet of the well going literally or by probationary child. There may occur online, we during the holiday. So really, so many children for only school when they go all in on the weekend going. I believe that going diving, then the information is being bullied because the kids have nowhere to run nowhere to hide it constantly exposed to a no and we know development, but crowd ever go to want to go they don't go always but most often they don't go to their parents they don't go to with future don't go to window briefing about minor I would get one if not cool to go to window so go tell an adult about big someone is literally going to occur. Now I've been volunteering for the lab for years helping people after working on the weekend doing that and I don't know how old that they know everything about what the child is doing everything that we are doing online way to prevent apparent not know everything would be trouble doing on wall were very fortunate to have a child that does come to was everything everything in her name is Michelle Cameron talk and hate it when my band. I cried over to our so I've been trying to keep alive and basically that basically ate and then there like you think you can hear me believe in yourself because you will not keep going. You're just hurting yourself and waste my time on used to her now just like because she learned that words do not hurt. There are young ones that are involved with fiber going to go that are those that are after those are that are the body by managers or those that know that child back all know.Rivoli I believe that almost all the children of the information I know about something that you really need to address. Looking you will come back.

This is any capital. Remember that you can listen to your show live throw up. The cure was amicable or as a book for the pure gospel song that just played as cardigan by tender slates and this is my take. Deep down inside, we all know Christ. We step into the chain of life.

It can be hard terrain blood sweat and tears and does things that lead to staying nonetheless we must muster through you is a gray, there's a greater calling. We must attend to whether we are aware of it or not it's available for all.

We either rise to the occasion over the chairman to fall. No one knows their time what has been given can be taken away from the divine. He holds the keys to heaven's gate and he allowed his food well to choose their fate. Only God knows the ending, and he will linger around endlessly hang with us even when we Carson because he knew once the thrill is gone it doesn't matter what we know or even for young, we will compacted alternately. It's God's will. That's time we are talking to Dr. and she Talley is helping us dive into the inner dark corners with no serving instruments. It's called that psychology. I didn't know existed, whatever that is why there is the only talk about fiber bullying, which is a very big issue. A lot of kids are dealing with and it's it's something that's really affecting kids is as parents we need to teach our kids not to let words affect you in the event that the key to school. Words can hurt you.

Dr. need to Talley White up online psychopath online. I would drive over the white door on the way back, which are the dark started on later, which include only the online I the name of my website.

The name of my focal partner company" letter so where dark psychology is my confident dealing with the dark side of human cognitive also noted some evil I predator information a duration of the dark side of human cognitive and of online abrupt law so you deal with that even people. God bless you as the night I you I will write back. People people I happened by writing I predator everything at my website, is the presentation of those evil people I see, try to understand that there's a presentation evil people in the Internet is all he's presenting not only remember cyber bullied children so burdened with trauma, I would pay 95 to 99% of the children born fiber going on what I call it cyber bullying and cyber bullying.

Major children who are targeting humiliating other. Why because they think it's cool and most importantly, it may validate that will be adopted by the really developmental reason why children both only now cyber bowling. Now my third group, which is the kind of fiber blowing like little.Rivoli. These are the children helping others that very small percentage. I don't know how but between one and 3%. These are the children that really other children online.

Why not accepted by the because they enjoy. And these are also the children, but I believe will one day grow up to personality disorder are potentially criminal and build what we call you mentioned before order like about the online no left of the type you ever are no art can be a legal and can be very and currently include evil while so these days online mean because cyber bullying is so grand.

I mean, it is hard for a child not to be exposed to it so as parents.

What's the best way that we can set that we can safeguard against the cyber bullies and cyber predators. You know, informing your viewers on you know what they can do particularly and again, notice respect all children do not share all under other online world. Notice respect because developmentally and graphic children. 910 1112 they had yet individually, the family, the parent, but want to go through 13 years. They are left likely that there is information that's going on, both off-line and I must not break that. But that research shows that probably what I believe in but understanding that every bed. I believe all of the children.

The information age child. They are either the cyber bully believe a favorite target or which is the largest segment by standard. Now the bystander or the children know this type of abuse was going on, but they don't do anything about it because it's not cool, and most importantly your plate if they go about what's going on what can happen there to be fabric that by that bully do nothing now among the standard we would really love to be able to figure out a way to encourage kids to do all active bystander and know that that of a child who is you are going and going on and actually do something about it that you.Rivoli they are empathic and supportive of the target, and most importantly the governor would a principal and an awful time for an adult to let them know what's going on. That is all active life and that of the child that we want to help us in terms of ridding on Wednesday She's a prologue active bystander. I have witnessed her convinced another child not to kill herself because of cyber bullying and just confront in this time of morning so will continue talking about that return shipping like the color so show zero experience with online problems 1866 34 through 1866 34 through 80, show deals with suffering the tenacity experience in the carriage, I was forced into my abortion hiding choice people's choices. My heart my foreman just tomorrow I this claimant only a small welcome back and remember where I live every Saturday at 1 PM on your shows available also as a book author of your proposed just look for the cure with Amy, workbook customer Atlas take you dancing by Jason Jamuna this night.

I can imagine God telling let me take you dancing. There's so much you can show us even more than we can imagine we just need to do our best. We must believe despite the pain. Remove all doubt that faith see us to do when we are against the grain with resolve and every tear we will conquer every challenge every challenge. It was God who said we should fear as long as we keep in every sense. We were created.

God knew that we could do it at the dance floor like no other. If we listen to is asking to love the victim known to many who have found peace to stepping to our father talking to Dr. Nikki Talley about the dark corners on the Internet has brought the cover grew quickly through the father of types of vibrators are just to describe your listeners what they are like cyber cyber stalking Internet throw you want to always try to quickly give you one Scripture like you wanted to send us a description okay online abrupt or got fiber blowing our children, child on child. The adult form of adult online bowling would either be cyber after cyber stalker and Internet troll cyber harassment occurs among adult bees can happen with children but with adult where I know you love and I'm spending my time. My energy and my birth online. I'm going to try to get to you. I'm sending you email.

I'm doing whatever) thing to humiliate you into little character of Bethany. You say all that is the same type of online defamation allotment but walked behind the ball does not know the person that they're talking about. So this is like no the politics.

Who you are your you know our professional Internet troll and other nation but Internet all can be a God of fitting bidding and an online gamer and get mad at you run the Internet all is somebody Dalton, who is our current goal is to inflame and provoke another online user computer, but I guess when claimant who you know to become even more angry.

Enter thing more you know what the return so that it can be used. The worst one of the troll is what I call the part of portal in the note go troll is the predatory troll not only look would blame you online egos after your family, your children, your love your job or school you are well lawyer, predatory troll, they take it to the ninth grade when they are looking to completely character that make you ruin your reputation and after the death while it happened get you fired and prevent you from getting another job down the road that felt good. Some predatory troll door, the one that they just find opaque. It doesn't have to be strong and it doesn't have to be somebody they know. I think it could just be a random person called Rick what most likely don't know that usually if you know the person, at least in my concept of vibrator rafter. They know you can be loved one could be in a family member usually cyber harassment occurs among people that you know that either your adversarial relationship with Orrick ended with an adversarial outcome.

You leave a job that is your cyber harassment getting back to the three adult forms of online bowling. The third which is the most. Which is the cyber stalking book parenting and state cyber stalking is fine as the direct or indirect threat. Your physical (or by email you more than one footplate wife when you leave that studio today serve you better check your break life in your backyard to make sure there's no not that email, you are tired. That will be cyber stalking. I am making a direct lead to your fee by making notes, that would be cyber stalking. So you got those three got the cyber harassment of cyber stalkers and then the Internet throw cybercrime very straightforward but we talk about the you know what criminals are doing their looking for financial gain.

That is your land somewhere I read your well you know identity now. Most importantly, which is most of my research is on the online job plover and online job pornography. The online child better use the information communication technology with Lloyd and grow arbitral now in the pre-information age world. The trauma left of the pedophile have to get up walk is about getting his car and drive around in the proverbial band were in Elkhart to go by schoolroom will now command for today have to do that, so I can create social profile on Instagram and I'm no longer the doctor to phthalates. I am now a 15-year-old going to your school right down below what would you like to maybe go to the pot with me this coming spring. Meanwhile, I'm a 55-year-old man that is looking to all all ultimately gave joint extortion or getting you to discuss the conversation that the online shop whether an air very dangerous lap but not least with cyber terrorism. Well, we have yet to see that on our lot not on but everyone knows what part terrorism (cyber terrorism is taking care of doing it online by the grace of God. We yet to be targeted by cyber terror, but they look the one that occurred throughout the day long.

I hope after I'm gone, is going to cause a major travesty to the country that the target just don't do is use the dark glad to teach screen and brain washed some of us and I don't talk.

I have visited dark web very know, I know about it. I have no reason to use it, but it is important to understand for your for your listeners and your viewers that most I letter mode cyber attack do not require the dark web most dark wood content is the exchange of child pornography, how to download, how to learn about your cyber criminals, different forms of spyware and malware. The really dark web is limited web, but most divers thought if that will fiber really fiber blowing Internet trolling and online child predation on the Internet online. What you and I use on a deliberate because kids do not get to the dark web. I don't know how to get the chocolate so the night sky home songs as a kid and try to pick up another kid and had talked to my my my kids about that is important that you educate your kids because you know what your kids are doing on the phone and when the computer at all time work before we go to great. I would like you because unfortunately and I'm telling you I tell him I literally volunteered to collect that data. After working on the weekend. I can't tell you how many hundreds I felt.

But I can value of the parent. I would say anywhere between 70 to 80%. Again, I don't do thing with their children because they may document evaluate I grow up in the affirmation. Today I will be in Berkeley from that early through Elkhart first came out there with you Bob today Erin if they're not fitting everything they're ignorant that technology birthday will Dr. I don't have it online, which I understand. But if you're not a proactive with your information age child don't be fine. Now the targeted online when it comes to kids.

You have to find a way to make the time our responsibility as a story of 1866 34 show deals with suffering that's nasty experience and experience of God may be handing in things pertaining in their life. Every Saturday at 1 PM on your radio care physician media is that God is the key letter. The show will be available as a focus search for the cure was amicable on any percussion piece of scrap the sound that displayed it.

I love you baby night elite, and in many double E how cool just like me. I hear this rights. I love EPP and it melts my heart's I hear from the land makes things right and when I know I can truly depend on me. Trust and meet in this constant fight about something else got. I can replace that loneliness.

We feel like night's rest when he says he will provide show us the way. Even in darkness, we will see tonight.

It's this love that keeps us going because that Jesus and his sacrifice. This movement keeps on growing. Ever wonder why some of us walk around unafraid and glowing even when it's not expected once we follow his love for us is truly showing because it's God's providence that has taken place into his mercy. We conquer all chemistry is grace. We are talking to Dr. Misty County Internet dangers and problems that the word took about all those problem so what is the government response about our oldest criminal offenses, Coke, and the other people prosecute being persecuted for the company focal like an 800-number something for we at country and then Europe and not all and Live Nation. We accurately eliminate the information age world. Many of your your listeners know that the information they think. We began walking years ago in the early 80s sometime.

It really becomes.

You were dealing with creditors and polite thousand nine 2010 generally society at large is acting limited information, it will. You would think there would be you would think.

And I'm very law enforcement or the court graciously Olympic psychologist. But the law enforcement are not help those that are in fact online. The mystics, so people like you help the younger that I've been doing it for over a decade that Geordie called me they've already turned away enforcement.

The been turned away by the court and all but walked 130 are being melodramatic or being crazy. One leader and and move on.

The vast majority of people who were calling me in a nutshell, the not understand what it means like what it means to be attacked online earlier when I was giving you the example of thyroid.

When I went fiber blowing I could see my early. I could look them in the eye of Scripture may portray the end of the day. I could leave children and even adults for the two things that Corey the most amount of mama is the predictability, not knowing if the current and generally the fact that most often time they don't know now you take the even in the in the wild animal you know they pretty much know what is incredible Velcro or opening of a creditor. Most animals know about what it means to be targeted by creditor well in cyberspace of the adult children is very difficult for now. When were going to be cyber attack and who is cyber attack and work my work how working that I would bring information age will you when I get in the bar. Let it either beat my thoughts. I hereby but the only people that we know about the beating in the body would maybe be the folks in the bar and maybe the community will now be information age. Not only does my community know that I've been attacked online and get information in an inaccurate my community. My county like they might country and FBI predators good enough.

The entire world what one last note felt real what needs to happen for the government response so that we can manage the situation and discuss it. My daughter was endeared to you to try to help the stone actually herself.

I mean the kids need to die for this type of bullying be addressed so that they can be trained IP address or something.

I'm doing it right now like talking to you wonderful people by doing online radio cannot or if you want quality.

I have an idea of everything I created three public domain: P 3141 a couple years but I P 3140 wanted in a continental United there were 3141 counties, but I believe by federal funding state funding private funding. Every county have a program, a product of the clinic were individual in the county can go to one that can discuss what is occurred within the diverse thought identity. You know everything about the one with them to feel what verbally and community. Those of you most important quality is to be her believe that out of their something is done about it because nothing is getting nothing done earlier. We act as if we live in a pre-information. It will so so what can be done, though, leaders do like some kind of cyber duck risk assessment. I think you do those services right well III everything FBI creditor website is public domain. It's free. You're welcome to download everything. I don't even ask her email address.

All I have is that you know is picture with other. I'm not asking for attribution organelle of claim I am just trying to get people to think about what they're doing online network.

There are right now wanting different inventories that online users can download cyber bowling check with cyber stalking cybercrime reputation parenting online credit check with an inventory you can go there if you want download all 26 amount you like a great you don't blow your nose with a point and is everything at my website is free in public domain list is me to almost anything you write Dr. Amy.

I have two teenagers one skin to be 13 and the other ones 15 now and that's 15 doesn't tell us anything. The one that's 13 think God she talks to us. If it's close enough things for the correction.

11.11 a 14-year-old child.

The most likely at the higher rate of being targeted by online job creditor in Napa with others but 1114 and parent. It may adhere child ages when the prepubescent 1011 1213 kind of stuff that's going on. But when the child began to move again a little bit younger for female or male, with a little little over but whether 1415 1617. They are going to increasingly fall back on what they hear the show a few minutes is really really important information and it it's good it's. It was such a blessing to have you on the show because we live in an Internet era. Thank you to our wonderful guest Dr. Michael get to sing each standing who helped us learn how to protect ourselves from some Internet problems. His website is theory helpful. I creditor.CM thank you Dr. and Pinky to audio producer the wonderful at the end the trip protector for being with us making the show sound gate making music possible thanks to the Christian car guy Robbie Teal. Please continue guidance left the sales on its pain. Prayer for Internet safety like as we login everything we would like to possum and ask for your blessing. We humbly pray that you will protect us and we use the Internet as we use the Internet everything protect our work and personal information from hackers.

Defendants from trolls artists from harassers keep us away from explicit materials and images help us to maintain a charitable attitude with all the people we come in contact with within the cyber world grant this patient's generosity to those who try us with the varying viewpoints and opinions advised and perceived intelligence level Lord, we pray that we may have a good balance in our screen time and I used to screen time help accentuate the wider beautiful world he has created for us eight has been making real-life connections people that lead to meaningful friendships, not just deceiving others in person shine through us so that people me see still working in our midst.

If we feel lonely and insecure are not good enough as to scroll through sites ensure that we reach out to others for feeling just this alone and empty, if not more, may we devote ourselves one ceiling distraction. All you have is my

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