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October 25, 2020 12:48 pm


The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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October 25, 2020 12:48 pm


Discussing how to turn to Christ, even from being an almost terrorist muslim on the latest episode of The Cure, where host Aimee Cabo speaks to Dr Hormoz Shariat.

Dr Hormoz Shariat is the founder and president of Iran Alive @IranAliveMinistries, and author of IRAN'S GREAT AWAKENING. Dr Shariat's moto is One million muslims to Christ. His passion for Muslims stems, in part, because of the murder of his brother, Hamraz, who was arrested in Iran at the age of sixteen on a minor political charge. .FOR MORE INFORMATION TEXT "IRAN" TO 74784.


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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a transformational speaker, syndicated radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by visiting his website.


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Hey gay bareback second mediation for please join us. It can be really good laugh. I hope you love it anyway and Bobby wants to say hello geologist you overdeliver going to say hello to Boris.

I'm sorry somebody bores to my body for your buck. Your Boris please go Boris. Okay you know you will and me, life can bring many difficult situations with strict violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome, Amy, and Q and welcomed yourself and your hosting about Miami. Boris is amazing to think I is available live on your radio at the care on any smartphone or are broadcasting live from Miami to satellite 135 station radios and more than 11 states and in social media.

Soon after the shell on any podcast plan show deals with suffering and the tenacity of the human spirit will to survive and the courage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle with the help of God, who enables us to help each other. We provide testimonials to let people know that were not alone, and they shall. The testimony started with me having been a survivor of child abuse. Wellington we also have experts in several fields and inspirational speakers that are willing to help with valuable information. Knowing that education is necessary. Awareness is crucial as needed. I believe we all suffer separate something and we hope to be a source of healing for each other. My healing keep God, but other forms of healing are presented as well to service everyone life can be challenging but always know there's someone who cares at least got this song we played earlier was stereo hearts I gym class heroes and Adam Levine. I can imagine God being my stereo. His heart always beats for us all we need to do is listen and follow through specially times it seemed toughest.

That's when faith counts more in all you do tuneup your prayer life, especially when you're feeling low. It's when we are the closest to where most attacked by our greatest fell.

This melody got this melody God meant for us. Yes, it's more difficult to sing along.

God will never do is wrong, it can be a hard road for some, but it's the only plea is the only piece will find that's worth it because we can become. Do we take God seriously proudly think of him and speak of him like a boombox that you would turn up trust them blindly. Despite any fear believe the impossible knowing that God provides and is always near. Sometimes things don't go the way we would like them to or even within the timeframe we expect. Please don't get mad, there's no reason to protect we should never shift the blame. Only God has perfect timing and only God removes the shame, but if we finally find are no God can take us by the hand sill is more we can imagine and provide any strength needed on the man. Keep in close always on your mind. Speak to him quite often, for God is truly kind.

If we live by his word intently.

Shortly we will find the solution every time.

God's love for us is endless and his plan perfectly divine. Today we have special guest Dr. Carlos Cheruiyot who is going to share the story of his conversion from Muslim almost terrorist to Christian and now he's helping convert Muslims to Christianity. Dr. home Cheruiyot was born into a Muslim family and I ran and came to us after the Islamic revolution of 1979 he came to Christ while earning his PhD in artificial intelligence at USC in 1980 and 1987 he planted a church in San Jose, California, with hundreds of Muslim converts and still remains one of the largest churches of its kind in the US in 2001. Dr. Shari had all of the Lord's leading and founded Iran like ministries, which utilizes satellite TV to reach the millions of lost and broken people in Iran and the rest of the Middle East today.

They broadcast the gospel 24 seven from the city on Dallas to Iran and the Middle East trusting the Lord to use them to transform the nation which is responding to the gospel. Unlike any other time in history. Dr. Shari at the author of the book, Iran's great awakening that the share yet.

Thank you for being in the show Yarnell thank you so much. We are inviting you to share greatly grappling God. The driver, Valerie that is wonderful to hear and very hopeful that this area you have amazing stories and testimonies to Thomas.

I understand the mortar of your brother and I ran the main reason for you to try to help other Muslims.

Can you tell us about your fiber from your believer about time I get into your vibrant tour spiritual journey comparing Islam and Christianity. I was searching for God on our audit by faith to be solid on Facebook so I arrived first and then studied the Bible and I thought before that already like study book they will converge, but they did not. The more I compared Islam and Christianity did not match. So at one point I said I make. I heard the old message of the gospel and I came to Christ in my life changed dramatically. That's why believe in the power of the gospel to change lives are changed family the nation so what It was at that time and you believer.

My younger brother was arrested on minor political charges, unified, and I was praying you believer.

God save my brother. I want talking to know you. I want to share the gospel with so two years he was arrested. He was 60, and they kept it for two years. They were telling my mom always wanted doing fine.

They called my mom said we just executed. We just kill them, get his body when my mom went to get his body betrothed by father. The bullets for the bullets with the cost of killing her spot. I went through Christ.

Other new believers. Thank God there's so much injustice in this role. What can I do as a Christian.

This is not right you know what he was doing that they executed him, so I should God I wanted to creep back to those who killed my brother that I realized on the doctors revenge is mine okay got you related your eye. I say that oh you don't want us to hate anybody you want a lovely our enemies. Okay, got up, but I'm angry. I'm so angry. Oh, I'm not supposed to be an angry is a Christian.

If you angry in your heart you kill them already sizable as a Christian, what should I do, but I see injustice coming up this concept them so I can feel better realize know you cannot do that. You cannot worship with your mouth the same time you know because so what kind of faith that I can't what what you want me to do and that's two days of morning I heard this, he said those people who call who killed your brother. They are not your enemy victims in the hand of your enemy. Only one enemy of that and you wanted this battle but again say that you want big revenge of faith. I said yes that I don't I don't hate those people. But what do I need to do God said only one thing share the gospel.

That's what I want you to because when you share the gospel when one person comes to Christ.

It's the party of rejoicing in heaven it's morning is a course of LV to which Satan so that's what I dedicated my life evangelizing Muslims. I should God use my life bring 1 million Muslims to Christ. You know what I was praying I do not going to happen, but God well so you you brought 1 million Muslims. The guys is happening beyond the dog knows the numbers because when you do broadcast on you spend your pump contact you, but God knows even if you're not there.

We will be there have been names of over 50,000 people have called the right people only people in the amazing transformation that God can cause please call us if you would like to hear your story of conversion 1866 34 through 1866 34, show deals with suffering. And it. To keep moving forward.

I was forced into my abortion. I people's choices.

My heart Amy, every Saturday at one turn on the truth all welcome back is Amy capital and thanks for communion and numbers will help us remember, you can listen to your show live through our up the cure with amicable oils about just look for the cure on any broadcast blood from a song they displayed was levitating. I do not eat. God knows we belong to him. He created us with care. He left a holy book for us to meet and we can take with us anywhere and hopefully prosper in life and never surrender to despair regardless if we are.

It's never too late to do what's right, even if we've gone too far. It's an amazing feeling. Knowing God challenges happen and they bother us, especially if it's in just like God brings good from eight and there's a lesson learned. When it's God we trust God loves God's love for us will last forever, rain or shine. It's never better amidst the dark everyone can be a light and every night God will certainly take the fight.

We are his sugar do, don't we levitate we experience miracles and realize how we sent by all that we think you can be on my dance with us dear starlight, we can fly with him with we need site the rightist endless if the lift God's way. If he put him first and we'll be we will never go dark wheatgrass go astray.

The stroke that's got where talking to Dr. Sherry in Lexington Christian turned many other Muslims to Christianity to this Dr. Sherry at not only research Christianity in your own thing you hated America.

You are an enemy of America and you had a lot of hate in your heart so thanks to your researching you able to see the truth and it looks like you had 180 fundamental change from denounced heating the last two being a preacher in the West and loving humanity, regardless of what part of the brother from how would that change your life because I'm sure you are taught since you were very little to hate America. Yes you know the power of love greater than our great that's white marble through the gridlock Of fear to hate so powerful power.

The world is God's law does now when we love others because other people to change of faith, so when I realized the power in the gospel that can change my life and changed my my marriage. By the way, I was about the worst save my marriage and I saw the power that can change persons, marriages and even nation. That's what pulses I'm not ashamed of the gospel of God, that we should all those who believe and I experience that power not just to the celebration, but throughout my life you brought up about my execution of my brother and when you read my book you know the great awakening the first part I share about my testimony and I've got a lot yet there has been betrayal in my life that has been happening to me demonic attacks on my life that all through the grace of God and God talk not to hate it when you talk to your listeners. You know when they killed my brother.

The first reaction was hatred and revenge. People doing justice to you. They may have done many things that makes building your reputation your innocence or anything from you and first reaction is being bitter and being against them and want to take revenge. But I've learned from the Bible that God's way.

First of all those people who hurt you are not your enemy victims in the hands of your enemy unit to love them. That's why God is love your use because I think the thing a lot of things. He got the salvage. Mary encourage you to forgive those who have hurt you.

Take him away, stolen things from you, betrayed you set yourself free. Because that God is going to be with you and prosper you know matter what my life no matter what happened. When you review my book all the things you can see the hand of God being there and you can see all through the things happen to me. I was always out of bitterness and revenge and fear and hatred and I believe God that's removed the blocks to God's blessing God gives grace to the humble is healing. There is there is a way to be set free from your past the things people have done number one. Are you up to speed those people as God's beloved who are in the hands of the enemies and set yourself free bitterness number to focus on God.

God has a great future for you if you keep your heart pure. The blessings you will no matter how your past has been your future will be a blessed because God that's what I learned in the first part of my book that that's what I share and I encourage my readers to experience the same thing.

Hey you know it's not just words, guys God's way. It's the only way I know were tempted to do what everyone else does, but this is what I have learned when you forgive the pain goes away when you do you follow God's advice find peace. He just have to stay close and try your best consciousness to see you trying to kill the rest looks blind You do all the time. It's been mistaken for, that's okay, sometimes I Dr. Sherry about in these crazy times with all the violence. We didn't know can access with this invest in visible NME that remind us how fragile we are and how much we depend on God in our life can be snuffed from us so easily. You know how is that impacted Christian tear deeply in Iran.

So what happens like Corona around the world wanted more than the government. The hatred they have the wireless they don't have just Corona enemy in Iran the government with all the power source of killing. Thank you. More people there that may be required on the group causing danger of losing power.

So there's a miserable life more miserable than you have.

The economy is bad the government is Carolyn Harkless wireless at the corner of killing many people. So with all that miserable life God was saying well and that's where is the greatest conversion when you want talk more about that. Love to hear your story of how you found the Lord 1866 34 through 1866 34 through Muslim and and now I welcome back in things pertaining remember every Saturday at 1 PM Eastern. Life on your radio at the Keer and a website that is All shows are available also as a video ineligible because just look for the cured amicable waterpark costs are sound they displayed was nobody may you by Blake Shelton. Looking back I realize it was time I wasted that it was all for a reason, some of which I didn't get.

And sometimes I was tested don't care who to blame. I have no regrets. I can never be the same.

I had to choose the truth will continue playing. Things came. There is only one thing I can. I know I can never live without.

There was only one God and neighbor gave up even when he should have. As I was feeling down. The heart can get pretty heavy when we take the easy route. But remember there's a better choice to make. Eventually retie and when we do like to retake. We are talking to Dr. Sherry at MSM 10 Christian minister, Dr. Sherry, I wanted to ask you with all the violence, hatred, and brainwashing. How is the Iranian people turning to Christianity.

The work of God. What God's will. I will Read become humble when we realize that life has nothing for our son there are things happening because you have no control over what 20 become open to the gospel and you want as a nation has come to the needle after years of experiencing Islam you know Iran is the only country led by clergy as `40 years so for 40 years Iranian after all, we experienced is well below what is Bob we have exquisite in our politics and our personal lives. In our society.economy everything Islamic everything Islamic for years and we know it does not work it doesn't work. Personally people say I don't have joy.

I don't have peace.

I don't even have a relationship with God as a Moslem.

It has a work for my family because it heals my family doesn't feel my heart hasn't even worked on my Safari P 51 by the under Islamic rule has been integrated. There is so much corruption people happy Father's Day. We know what Islam is, and we don't want work of God through suffering the 40 years of Islamic rule, coming to a point that say we know what it is we don't want no rejection of Islam among the nation of you want about an overnight. Emotional decision. It took them 20 years is pretty deliberate. That's why I shock your listeners now Teasdale. I think I've been saying the last few years and because it was what you say that one sentence I've been saying Iran is no longer an Islamic nation and people will say all, you're exaggerating and you know what just three weeks ago. Very starting to fix all the survey research came out it was done by university professors.

They asked over 50,000 people about the unibody, and 90% of them were inside Iraq that absolutely proved what I was saying and about what everything in the book.

It was great awakening instead. The survey showed less than one third of Iranian say we are Moslem. That's what 90%, but when they do survey only one less than one fourth of you believe it is Bob another one for Islam and religion doesn't matter, and other walkers are just looking looking great thinker Christianity.

Everything else this is what's happening in Iran will be the first Islamic nations that crack the glory of God.

And there's something amazing about a Muslim turned Christian.

It's almost like as if they appreciate it so much. Tell us a story about how great the faith is often Muslim, 10 Christian young guy that caused you. I was being tortured in Iran.

You know when you come from Dr. you appreciate the light more when you come out of miserable, hopeless life when you are not valued. That's the Islamic system that life is not valued as long one person is not important like Christ died for one person. So when you, that's worthlessness to the point that all my guys suddenly not all you say not only a change not only I have the Holy Spirit and maybe Jesus love joy be now.

I am the child of God you would not have been for peace when you come from darkness to the light of Christ. You get excited that's what you seem, also called the Chryslers O brave. They say nobody can stop us what it Iran women in Iran are the ones who are 30 who are leading the way for Revolution in Iraq. I called love Revolution are the front of the gospel in Iraq.

Why because women in Iran are so oppressed they are valued so that the workplace like this property, afraid to profess our faith there willing to die. Three. You tell me I mean I remember a story of a guy name and that was being tortured and he said it's okay my sweet Jesus by my side and I thought while superhuman and that's the thing. If you have God, anything is possible, even stuff you would need and belief and you know to think that when these are mothers is her daughters got us God means everything to them.

I really like squealer that strong faith here in America and trying those trying to go to the faith by you know just the same way.

There is God there is the opposite and we all have to come together and just you know, praying, basically paying a lot, Dr. Sherry at I understand that Iran is actually evangelical fastest growing evangelical population. The rolled is that so grab sure what I independent research have shown that Iran has the Baptist going around illegal publishing to what rate. Terms of the speed of increase is the is not as large as like China because of population, but the rate of growth per capita is the number one in indoor 19.6% average doubling every four years the number of Christian used to be less than 500 maybe getting up revolution.

No million and that's crazy. That's amazing. I would have never guessed you write you one Iran life ministries and is amazing that you can reach out to Iran and continued to convert that.

That's just amazing. I mean, tell us about your ministry you get any aid for your church from America is tell me how this works. What we are doing it because of increases in the West who have a heart for nation, have a heart for multiple Eberhardt got hard salvation of their enemies which are Moslem, so people support us financially to pray for us, from even partner is like RC Sproul you know you just brought One minute devotional RV have RC scroll on our channel. You have many good ministries on our challenge people can, and serve the Lord, without a bodyguard on earth time and broadcast the whole thing but we depend on the support and prayer of people of Christians of the last two or the height of the mold of what we do is we have a 24 seven satellite broadcast we go over their heads that the more love into people's homes. Privacy of their home. The government cannot stop that signal because it comes from the sky and in the privacy of their halls. We talk about the beloved Jesus know what Jesus is so attractive. Nobody nobody can beat you know what I might know what you present you as the weather people come. They love it so lovable just present Christ through satellite cc personally. No one above all things, he saved my life and all I wanted to serve others to please it's it's just a wonderful feeling to be on his side.

Test me.

I've been on the other side. It's not fun. Actually, it's very very hurtful of the rug will have a question Buster you are a man of science deficient intelligence connecting to Christianity after the break. I will talk about the contradiction itself. Hey guys, 866 30 fluctuate so you go you will again in things pertaining live on Saturdays at 1 PM Eastern on your radio are at the care consistent media and that is you show will be available as a podcast. Social Security amicable or Naples question that I misspelled with an island ugly this will experience an associate the now okay, that sounded just plain let's hunt Conti X levers and Chloe Modi on them.

God has led this from the very first time and when he died for us. He proved compassion that is divine, we cannot imagine one day without and buyer site and you will never let go.

So many times for us. He's cried now we have this ghost that always that's always with us seeing every move we make a cannot for him or hide there notes that he will take. He is never.

He has never part time when we are behaving back, he Christ even more, and without him we are sad. If I'm ruled by the things of this world, which I detest most is pride. I can never move forward and I'll be dying inside. God only wants no one else to have you. Because we are his and we can only find peace when it sky we perceive as our faith will increase in God's grace will release well you do rhyme report whether the lower know but am now we are continuing talking to Dr. Sherry is helping us find more about the nation of a man and how it's converting to Christianity. My surprise my surprise to the combined science and faith filled expert split.I I logged out topic you have a few hours for five through five and not go against each other. They complement each other because the rules of this world of material will and as there are two open the bathroom wall. There is a spiritual world with the different set of rules. So they complement each other.

They don't compete with each other and we know that everything that BC came from the things that we did not see we choose God.

So there is a connection between the spiritual world and the physical world and you see that as Christians we know we pray RBC miracle so we pray in the spiritual world NBC. The result in the physical change of heart that healing up a heart there healing upper body, so most of those two things do not company but they complement each other now with artificial intelligence.

I think that big that has helped me what is that I realize how complicated our intelligence and our mind is and what the more I studied about human intelligence. I realize there is a supernatural intelligence that created us all and nothing can come by itself such a high mention of intelligence as I was studying Seljuk people today they know even the smallest amount of the W-2s. Here the programmers the thinkers, the researchers have to work hard imitate just a little bit of human mind so much intelligence investment just to imitate the real thing that human my show. Looking at the human intelligence you realize there is a higher intelligence that created everything and outside human thinking. We cannot even duplicate that. That's one thing.

Second, is because of the research. I think God is using that my ministry analytic: the research by when I see things.

The problem like nation up you on how to reach multiple also transform the nation to be a Christian nation, is how to this question God has given me the gift of research of praying and thinking I'm searching the Bible to find answers of all God does.

How does God transform nation. How does God transform you bought.

So when I say you will be a Christian nation that the second part of my book I talk about Iran will be a Christian nation because of the prophecies in the Bible and the third part of my book.

I say how because you can have a vision.

If you don't know how to do it is just a wish. So God has given them practical list of how to grow transform Iran and you're doing we ask of people to pray for us. And if you want the copy of the book. The easiest way to get it is to text war to a number that would be easiest just text you just put 74784 that's where you put the person's phone number and suit up the phone number could 74784 is 747 the number 847-4784 and all you need to do just who takes the word I read I are a.m. to that number I sent you a link and you can go from there you can get the book and you can find more about our ministry, but I encourage you to get that book you will be encourage you God is doing miracles around the world is saving patient that he can save you.

God is the God of visions and dreams with miracles. I see it all the time our viewers can save nations that we can save your family.

They encourage you to get that book and if the Lord leads you, would you consider partnering with us but, in part because what you invest in that Iran is a very good feel for the gospel.

Whatever you sow you reap thousand five.

I encourage you God has put his heart for you predation.

This is a nation that's ready for Christ transform your sword Christian nation very good very good message. Thank you for the domiciles, please so folder so structures and let's help out, but I want us to Dr. Charette something know this historical place to reduce in this region between Israel and Saddam the United Arab Emirates and in the hooray no and probably more adjoining houses changing the region. It's an amazing development of biblical you know when you look at Ezekiel 38 you see the list of the countries that are supposed to unite and attack Israel. And so if you make a list of the current friends and enemies of Israel. You see that these peace treaties. The recent peace treaties are totally according to the prophecies in the Bible. Ezekiel 38 so like you see in Ezekiel 38 you see the Arab see Persia Israel UC Turkey UC Russia. If you leave you Arab countries. One question has been where are the Arab countries. What what mention in Ezekiel 38. Now we know what because each one will find a peace treaty with Israel and that's what What is happening in recent months.

Very, very much historical and biblical Bible prophecies coming coming on the other hand, Iran, just to be a friend of Israel before 79 and it turned from a list of friends. The list of enemies and that was according to prophecies in the Bible.

So Bible prophecies are coming. Yeah, you happen. Prophecies do happen in the Bible is a very very powerful.

Scripture metals a lot when I'm there. Anyway, we have only a few minutes left the thank you for being on the show yes thank your words.

I appreciate your email love. I love your heart. Love. You've made it clear people. I was ministered today. You were the songs on what you said. After I was closing my eyes that I was receiving healing wars that you mentioned. Thank you so much that the fuel texts to run 274784 and you learn more about the last-minute know your soul takes Toronto seven 474 rhyming gift almost to the audio producer Bethann I sweet idea producer for being with us today and making my show some degree in making the music possible thanks to the Christian kind guy Robbie Gilmore for his continuing guidance and is awesome shall and its pain for the past persecuted Christians around the roads everything report shows that around 250 million Christians experience high or extreme persecution.

Father God's you know the plight of people far away oppressed by governments and others in places where Christianity is an unpopular choice. Gaijin you that the day would come here when truth telling would be despised and siding with the oppressed part of the road less traveled. Have mercy of God upon persecuted Christians staring here for willing to suffer consequences for speaking your name in word or indeed in defiance. See grant courage and strength to all who tear to let their convictions in Jesus name, amen.

This is Amy, you have been listening to the care. Please check our podcast ticket with any capital are at the care our website God is, he can talk. Well, we can take and thinking to our listeners for being with us and until next week.

Please stay safe in these times, washing hands, keep your distance and try not to touch her face. I know it's difficult anyway for next so we are going to have the producers of faith under fire moving gunner for continuation of the persecution under fire winking clearly implicitly as unexciting a guy named Guy

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