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DOES SCIENCE DENY GOD? Ep 107, Audio version

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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September 27, 2020 3:59 pm

DOES SCIENCE DENY GOD? Ep 107, Audio version

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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September 27, 2020 3:59 pm

Discussing the relationship between science and faith confirming God's existence on the latest episode of Syndicated Radio Show The Cure, where host Aimee Cabo speaks with Steven Huff, the executive producer of the movie "Against The Tide"

Against The Tide movie - . Against the Tide is a new feature-length documentary on the life, work, and mission of legendary University of Oxford professor, mathematician, and philosopher Dr. John Lennox.  Lennox has devoted a lifetime in a rigorous investigation of the critical question “Do science and history refute the validity of the Bible and the Christian worldview?”  In Against the Tide, veteran Hollywood actor and director Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, God’s Not Dead, Let There Be Light) outlines some of the most challenging accusations that science makes against scripture. Through compelling conversations and visual explorations, Professor Lennox sets the record straight, as he stands against the tide of disinformation and proclaims the undeniable Truth.


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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a transformational speaker, syndicated radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by visiting his website.

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Living in Cincinnati, simply telling Cindy at the time that topic very dear to my heart. I always wanted to reach out to atheists because they never believed in God because I didn't believe God loved me and I know what it's like to be with God, and I hope that they'll be listening. Bobby wants to yes overdose will scurry to be an interesting show about science and faith money they can be combined love miscellanies to be exclusive tuning well a lot of people argue that science does not go with me that the two don't make sense today we have a different story.

I don't do know that even though the weight that we love in the night gave me life baby you know you and the second is a meal all day.

I will look to Amy Koppel life can bring many difficult situations domestic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy Koppel and Q it is amazing to think I show is available on your radio like you are smart was like straining and social media on broadcasting like Manny satellite 135 radio stations, 11 states that Shell can deplete any podcast player as well as next Sunday Jenna 131. The family talked to show deal since suffering the tenacity of the human spirit will to survive and the courage to bring forward despite any obstacle with the help of God when he People by testimonials to let people know they're not alone and experts and inspirational speakers that can help and they shall testimony started with me having been a survivor of child abuse. Wellington young adult I do believe we all suffer. Somehow with the help of God.

We can be a source of healing for each other.

For me, God was the only care that other forms of healing are presented as well to service everyone life is challenging, there's always hope when someone cares at least got the song he played earlier was holy by Justin Bieber enchants the wrapper and here's my take some of us tend to minimize and become proponents of less is more. The left is about us less trauma.

We will feel as constantly others is more rewarding and more real.

Always eat all kind of challenging moments.

Life always comes up and down it took. He heard there is no until until we reach heaven. Only God can turn it around when God holds us. It's truly holy transformation difficult to explain EP start with an greater understanding while feeling loved despite and that's what God can do for us. Allow only what we can handle everything life throws at us bounces right off. What would life be like if there was not a God or the questions existence in the name of science. One does not have to exist without the other district evidenced that fact that a movie was created about sick today we have Stephen help the executive producer of the movie against the tide which scientifically proves that God exists, having received degrees in physics from Hampden Sydney College and California Institute of technology. Steve went on to serve in the intelligence community, followed by establishing his own companies in UNIX systems integration and geospatial imaging. After selling his company. Steve formed the principal foundation's primary focus is on the intersection of science and Christian worldview. After organizing several after organizing several nationally acclaimed conferences on this topic. The foundation establishments more films to more effectively bring the discussion of the compatibility of science, faith, and human purpose to a global audience.

Steve, welcome to the care you now. Life Steve interesting topic to science contradicts religion and faith are not mutually exclusive, are important for all your dog breeder manager would work with them all. Some people would argue, Darwin's theory that would explain that beginning of life and so what would you have to say about where science clashes with case that there is a creator thing just exploded into perfect stuff really wanted Rory your arm radio will all understand what you're about to go management now and while really know what so right so stuck with the God created life God will wipe your birth being everything in full mass energy on general rule on the point got himself creator out part about the fine panel with time out now all throughout Italy on but will the universe from outside the bounds of the commonly recognized University wildlife universal amount not help what so self understanding. Steve makes more sense that I created life then something came out of nothing will think about nothing but don't be no go universe from nothing, nothing, the way you do an Arduino firm may not want them back to work on the wall already operated so there's neurotically ugly.

The meaning of words would compute public very universe from nothing universe from nothing, I mean the beginning universe.

Current payment requirement all life science pain is so important when we return. After this short brain hear from you since I separate is about the fate costs 186 634-318-6634, and so deals with suffering. In the carriage, I was forced into my abortion. I people's choices. My heart Amy, every Saturday at one Eastern on the truth. You think you will welcome back to daycare with Amy capital and things. Remember that you can listen to your show life through our particular with Amy Koppel or later is about Gus what about customer they displayed was monsters I black bear, I thought I would dictate and I was testing to be heard is misleading. The night can be deafening and darkening, and if we entertain the negativity we see our spirit slowly fading so many times it look attractive, pretty bold, staring at us when life is difficult to face this pretty lies that they loved us what actually pretty fake. Those monsters do come on at night. The ones that have stinking teams bring us down and actions we will regret at take away our fight. Little did I know that not even medications that I need as long as God it was truth will my head, and likely blind with all contact your people rhyming, we should applaud for something where some talking to Steve showing that God signed our mutually exclusive and are not are not Steve, you have been involved in many projects helping integrate science and faith, why do you think it's important for people in radically your goal. God you go ring out of 100 million years fundamental fundamental point difficult going together any quieter conversation and people would your body will then you find material on which many many people. Many people never heard holding popular culture. They think will basically with the old old old eternal.

There is no God, there is no value and the kind of Bible God, record your but there's something very special, are morality, worship God very real well basically God's will and creation of the universe without the wind.

About every little make plain wider little game one finally, regarding very pale and universe statement.

I think everybody will really make your soul feeling are usually white wall morality without really laying by random mutation felt better the better requirement point of mathematics point of the brain and mathematic.

I wanted to pick up on something that you mentioned about the dirty 30s from Bulgaria next communist country and was forbidden.

I remember these times I please and was the gold standard and I watched the movie that you did.

You depicted that very well. You know, people were going to jail for going to church and then when you think that that was so dumbed away so we can show the reason why Faith is actually fighting you don't have a big right all people of the role will be relived.

Stated that power are exactly what you write out. All that difficult, erratic. God like that in her heart.

There, there are an amount of damage but remained quiet, incredible, and wanted evidently able to operate Bill Murray, Lori pointedly asked why now, concepts topic. The problem years ago and conferences were very engaging and but only small numbers of people and companies, and professor Leonard. Person: what Lori and compared modern-day background are our able to relate complex ideas to the public very easy manner and slowly debated many of the things they recognize that you are all and it was time to let Gordon a way that many more people benefit after scientific trails such a thing. Just having that his biggest argument returned from this brain's. This is a lovely Richmond Mr. rights derailing to start a marriage discipleship group at our church again. I think you begin by talking to your pastor. Let them know your passion. Let them know your vision, let them know what you like to, I suggest you start very simply choose five, think have a fairly good marriage and tell them that you choosing them because you think they have a healthy marriage and you want to have the experience of leading them through marriage enrichment program and then you choose a program to some of my materials or you can choose mother materials you take those five through the program. At the end of that one or two of them will say a we could lead a group like this to recruit them, you let them leave the next group and then you start another doesn't like law taking really scores and scores of people through American Richmond program Dr. Gary Chapman is the author of the five love languages more answers visit start marriage welcome back and remember what every Saturday at 1 PM on your radio here. Let's take God' All shows are available also as a video podcast look for the cure with Amy Koppel at Casa I to the great sound displayed can't save myself. I asked we learn from our experiences which sign up which some might find quite funny looking back it was a lot to rain even on days and it was sunny. Gonzalez. There were times of playing any work that out for the good side always like coming to processing and making it can be difficult and long on the making snide, that is mainly cheering crowd. We stop the plane we get out the same and the shame we, we can save ourselves certainly money and time, always moving forward with God's strength and size for his providence is divine purpose. Archer rhyming talking to Stephen Huff about faith & Stephen talk about all these things you now your technical person to you have questions. Sometimes about faith where you race the Christian woman in the point of glory. Even back then and I have a lot of about and find a lot of good. Later, one reason why I wanted. I bring this kind of information the younger people. Information about the comfortable intersection find not mean you Find a rapid "logic and all people will be to through a lot of really basic logic and who God in short preponderance of evidence and you can certainly there is no conflict different today. The claimant client is all I got. Client everything that you simply improve their basic logical argument and very good point. Integrate the everything explanation, logic, how do we have a conscience we have to try to get to guide or help others coming from our strength, our knowledge because I swear I see things that come to me for the first time teaching myself to so that come from yeah it's possible that there is creator behind the way that there's so many symbiotic relationships in the world how integrate and and complicated our body systems are and our minds.

Could this have arrived to nothing, so perfect it had to come from someone perfect American envelope that built better and better environment might be better better that spending a quiet band will want to go to independently become conscious and what we younger people working artificial intelligence were very confident that that part through three decades ago, would be contrary retention member number 2001 1970 computers to become conscious. Basically, artificial intelligence and the argument back" computer and we know about the brain power will be about treatment.

No bidders will not being aware of the world where the ineffable, and throughout building the white I will find measurement thing. Consciousness meagerly on preamble 287, the great Mr. Richard mentioned our sense of inbuilt bankbook wanted worship all or you could evolutionary value. Our private pilot, not just Christian noted I honest people on five year small." Methods were quite currently fine-tuning all the that the supreme electric wall while Peter that's coming from. On the cost to science where people want to measure things and stuff like that. What is what landed to come to China making stand side of things that people could originally believe in God.

They see so much tragedy when they experience a much tragedy and wonder how can a God love us holidays and therefore there must be no God but problem is not only what you go back couldn't be bothered.

In the beginning everything Everything, and we adamantly obey God open. We wanted to be our world. First, there were cast out of the garden necklace. Diane Griffin world basin. Please provide map of the route very different, 3 are we are living out like live without immediate stop and I think you like to come and required that the liquid back.

Necessary and. In order to let you know God's side, I think that's why he picked deliver us from evil, for us to play a Daisy the our father because he wanted to protect us and he never promised desk at times and he sad that you know you no place to train that they will always be protected at no harm will come to dance. I don't think he meant that things will happen and that you won't be challenged punctually you will survive and that it will pass first children if if you're not with 10 and you can go crazy upon this, something Lars I know what it's like to be without God think that I can understand how scary it is, how painful it is and how much you reach out to those who have given on how so Stephen is about that. The cases that your travels for the film against the tide.

Why did you go to specific places where you able to prove that history has a correlation to the point that you're making the movie.

Let's make will look to hear from you. +1866 34 science and faith has something to do with each other. One 8634 through eight, and spirit and experience. I was forced into main portion of people's 20s. My heart break, Amy, and every Saturday at one Eastern on the truth Brian Moritz knows that as a young man, he got a head start in life at home because I had an intentional godly dad invested heavily in me just fast-track to me in life and that's the power of an intentional will talk about the powerful difference dance make this week on family life today. She made a lie down and down the down there and then home on low and then down the table downwind were no graves in the reserve clause show in the new job. On days that Jason on the wrong days. Also, as you gain they been accounting, so I went the wrong is wrong about them and I mom paying high endings between union 1 PM Eastern on your media care. Look for God is the letter. The show will be available support costs.

Just search for the kill with Amy, what about Casa resubscribe so you don't miss an episode that displayed was one thing right. I marshmallow and keen brown.

I have been also to things and experience quite a lot. It's help me to be my understanding and paved the way for helping others have broken down to feel my human and realized how much I needed God despite how wanting crazy. I once want life feared by most and laying low dodging troubles that showed up constantly at my door and never gave up on me even when I did on. I was lost and mostly wrong running with the wrong crowd and searching for happiness that could not last.

Everything I gained did not like out as they carried a dark cloud.

I carried a dark cloud until God brightened away and he realized his love is real and here to stay at was one thing I did great at everything.

Soon after fell into place. I handle everything much better, as long as they stay close I can keep up the pace and timing seems on my side and everything works out as long as I invite and now from God. I no longer hide my grace and I can imagine I have received for sure it's more than what this world can offer is that which will in turn be talking to Stephen how about science and faith, we have a guest on the on the lie. Let me see if it can have a question government got God not I think the bigger point here that God was incarnated in man quite a lot .33 years, but we know what the board was crucified and resurrected with the father and I think that's overlook the Lord and Savior of my life. I believe you have me with you readier fill it up. Never heard required 15 minutes ago and I'm white. But I believe we we definitely do not need to overlook about your lot creator of man time. She you go to John one. In the book of life, you will have the word of God manifest God and what you also to that science actually is that God created all thank you David from North Carolina you the best. So let's go back to Stephen talking about the places that you went for the movie what the specific places in order and go on cambric much of modern client or where we are today. Client lead Dominic right that the doctor will motion boundary went basic personality, her dispute appropriate backdrop very, very frankly dominated theological view that it will actually wrote more on what the universe is a little like God travel to Dr. Bob then traveled to Israel one hour three and through God universe only ballpark. God did much more than Bill right at a real time to review and redeem old film film clip online portal. For what really happened and present the evidence no prettier and you But they demonstrate not talking about you heard and their very thought not talk about God, universe The chamber by our spam that we might be right, God could be three being asked to speak about God.

I'm talking about Jesus all one and the same to me, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to say God general answer. He was first back in the line and think the Connor because we've always mentioned Jesus is our salvation. Stephen, how can we see against the tide. We live in a world where faith is not popular where religion is often questioned where people fear conversations about veneration and science.

What's the best way to go against the tide go near you, or bitter old farmer signing up to 101 will be one night only 19 so that your plan your church group of young people. Current world right now, Prof. of mathematics at Oxford. Been doing that all white debating believing a few tubercular current nothing to fear. Nothing to fear Christianity for nothing to fear the client but all that remained of God's view critically to provide that back make will affect food. I can understand some people that get discouraged and feel like there is an God broad like this frolicking around like today to live life into got the circumstances God without someone to turn to without someone to believe in hope.

It's really scary. And even if he didn't believe him.

She rather be wrong and say, there is no God and find out later.

You are wrong or would you rather say all there's a guy a few minutes left and find out later you write the end shall guys so writing to close out just in case there's a God. I rather be right thank you Steve for being on the care helping us out to our listeners that it does not exclude science and more information on his movie against the tide can be found on against the and also F8 size doesn't fit either finishing the prayer guys as we always do the microphone again at scientist prayer. Yeah, we found a nice one DA creator God. Today we are seeking to understand more about you and the way you made the world we know your thoughts are as high are as high above ours as the heavens are above the earth. Isaiah 55 nine but we also know you love to fill us with your wisdom. Well, yes. James 15 become teen knowing you have all the power and authority. Matthew 2818. It is only one wish. You and place in line to NTR's that we can really know anything.

Proverbs 17 remembering you also need to develop theories and think through how to use the facts we uncovered.

Proverbs 812.

Thank you Jesus for being the root and foundation of science John one 124 the world the word because logos Inc. you for translating God's truth into a language we can understand John 114 John 14 nine God our thoughts and actions to the best way to uncover the truth blessed us with Weston to see what natural people would never dream looking for. Most of all, like God, we ask that all we discover, maybe more if your glory may be recognize a deeper way. Genius orderliness one Corinthians 1433 and beauty Psalm 27 40 US is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Matthew 1390 law censoring occupant's claim. I found #get Robbie to sit and think I kind I shall 1000 not cast down the care.

Please check out the care with Amy, the cure by website. God is good outcome subscribe to the pub. I

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