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Empowering Methods, practical advice from a life coach

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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August 9, 2020 4:29 pm

Empowering Methods, practical advice from a life coach

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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August 9, 2020 4:29 pm

Empowering methods- Episode 100

August 8, 2020


We are speaking with a life and business coach Rudi Riekstins, who will present real life practical ways to deal with life's harsh circumstances and prevail nonetheless, in everything we do. 


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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, syndicated radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by visiting his website.



Rudi Ayden Riekstins is a life and business coach, organizer of The Success Mindset Summit - how to transform life setbacks so you can launch with clarity into a life of power, abundance and freedom - Mindset Success Summit

Rudi Riekstins is a serial-entrepreneur, a Business Coach, and a Personal Success Coach, specializing in connecting the individual to their "why". Whether that is through business, personal relationships or any situation. You deserve to live your most fulfilled and successful life, which is the driving force behind what motivates Rudi to work tirelessly with you, to achieve your highest and greater good. Rudi says : "Stop surviving each week, and let Rudi help you thrive in business and your life."


Her her her her her her literary acuity with a makeable life can bring many difficult situations domestic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy, and Q 11 hosting you gather with me needing partner Lori. I said available light on your radio author like you have to care on any smartphone and OSI guided the as well. Efficient media and is recently discovered the size of the playing field and listen to other the role we are broadcasting live from antisatellite available in 35 patient 11 state and then after the show, and any podcast player as well is next Sunday. Exam 10 131 the family talk can this study is the suffering and the tenacity of the human spirit. The will to survive and encourage keep moving forward despite any obstacle with the help of God, who enables us to help each other. We provide testimonials to let people know that we are not alone as well as expert and inspirational speakers who can help in this show. The testimony started with me having been a survivor of child abuse well into young adulthood. I do believe we all suffer. Somehow the help of God. We can be a source of healing for each other. For me, God was the only care that other forms of healing are represented as well to service everyone life is challenging but there's always hope when someone cares at least contact us. We played earlier was when the parties over by realities think he knows too much already. He only hurts us if we let he wants us to calm friend and keep them closer but he will call us when the parties over once he no longer had any use of he starts to turn us until it's very quiet, coming home and making sure we always feel weak in my day we like it like that justify and believe it.

But we sacrifice inner peace, compassion and clarity when it comes to the world and our role in it with his focus on the bigger picture and even lose faith in others it when we realize that God is the only way and the truth that we practice unconditional love and are able to empower ourselves as well as others really is a life coach who helps us empower ourselves into greater productivity and greater fulfillment of a given purpose in life. He spent the last 20 years coaching in building highly successful team shifting company cultures and increasing productivity in dollars by connecting people to their inner purpose.

Rudy, who is the cofounder of energetic business consulting and cofounder of divine awakening space belief that everyone on the individual startup venture or large corporation should be thriving and the only way to achieve this is by bringing mindfulness and consciousness into every aspect of our lives, especially our business will be welcome to secure during our life and welcome to the hundreds show unlike your network will be like to speak the truth is unbelievable achievement. Congratulate thank you, really. Do you want to start off by describing what is a life coach and them how it can be helpful in our personal lives is whether workplace coach, writer wrote that there are very know what the code of whether you are beautiful addictions and you live with but one that would put would you think the it potential new to create an environment for your boat with someone else with a relationship about the mobile communication and where they get to hold you accountable what it is that you ultimately want to live and go when we go out at local culture as an example. I've been coaching highly afflicted bill of encouraging individual power people program where you and today I have a coach back right now I'm working with coaches. The electrical I understand one fundamental MW to wade through it. Anything in life before you can view below the belt by doing it could be good to be bad better could be hurtful or possible and be prepared to take a long time that I could find out somebody else will ready to how to do it but we really need them both by connecting a book with the coach's finding someone What you've done, achieve what you want to achieve them. They help guide you and be nurtured new to move forward into an area where you open we want to go.

The most important part of being a life coach did not tell people what to do help people realize the powerful potential that lies every single part and that they help bring that out of the individual by showing them how incredible and big and powerful, but all that work related. Everyone has a purpose and a topic to be able to embed final but I'll bet final page hold them accountable."

Very large part of what I do with the database is connect with individual find out who they are what they want with a good wife holding them back.

Living what that is abundant that had we give them the better part of that will deserve a life hold them accountable action get them to work is that they ultimately want to go about my part, but everyone opted if there is something that you want what you want to go but you would get them to hold you accountable with you to be able to do it and move toward what you are meant to be good. You have an incredible journey we all do, and reporting that we pay production hold that life, mortgage, or however you will have a purpose and when you get everyone + any anti-semi to summarize a sample don't tell people what to do. Show them, teach them like can be done and done. Tell people what's possible that they know what they're capable of collateralized don't realize we had so many great capabilities and also to do the work because there's working to do the work to move forward and to do the work to do away with keeping you back to the door for about now like repeat them how to do it for themselves because he defeats the purpose of the public is good for you will love her local time so you can find development during the one work for you. You require.

Not the way I want to do it body to explore the great day event never as opposed to hearing from you every single day. Daily bread" for me, I would play another great way to look at it as really good leader really good company.

Really good lead by example which is a bigger boat view. The great three and I want to honor you on your incredible journey.but it is if we look at it you know a great leader is bombarded who inspired and empowered other people to love make an incredible life and help people about how magnificent they are. They tell people how magnificent the partners that are community showed that you are most important that every working with is actually helping you realize the potential with you.I wanted another amazing people for special people.

However, what if they are not. I is always something amazing everyone. You can find it if you look very slow and incredible and beautiful public firewood. I had the everyone got agreeable equal beautiful and back all have something to do and the most important thing to look at what a week. In life will be going well a lot but bring in the adversity that will experience think we might become teaching or really what we need to achieve in our life. Everyone had the buyer within them that the buyer and everyone like. What is the third. We could put those two together we can help create episode to create that lack of absolute abundant joy that found it very promising and very exciting thinking about the person suffering.

So now if this is foolproof for everyone.

We will continue talking with relieving about getting help for nine prevail by my name. You have fear anxiety you suffering in the city.

A successful life leaves clues meaning everyday people take life setbacks and turn them into fulfilling lives during the mindset success for free and learn from over 20 incredible success stories in bite sizes limit you daily over three weeks to teach you how to take your life to the next level with happiness, joy and freedom that is mindset success will write try to bring everything come out. Everything care.

Maybe one day I was thanking God for a sign go through our government will come back here and things pertaining remember the degree listen to the radio show life through our optic your or later of the book of video about different levels sending displayed coming down ideas rather than Martian life can get this training rescuing and no matter how hard we try to be everything that we can be.

We come out as being nothing without God we learn to pray daily that we are worthy of his promises.

Maybe one day will stand for something God always has a plan to show as we can go to hell for nothing, even when it seems like we perfected it wrapping nothing up and racking the cut off processes love, hoping maybe even like from Madison got the best and when we see the best in others. We also seen in ourselves and with an pattering. There is no one better than God on this one, it is, and always coming by talking. If experience describing how to navigate their life for craftily ready people wanting to break. He talked to us about these great techniques that you had to help people, for you know Gordon might ask you all these methods that you release techniques.

They seem pretty full proof are very applicable to everyone that you need to be a certain type of readiness to get anything like it would be pretty regularly be willing your question are something that going to work we go without work and the work and people will have people will have chalk formation and the political power and they will be critical for the wide, if they are ready to be available and ready to work the action easy, but as you mentioned both people be willing to give. I can tell you from my experience with everybody while people. Not confirmation greater than you imagine but not work with people that I think that making the phone call but what they want to connect with the help of a live yet about needing an outline that I now live. We would start with because he taught about mindset. You know the mind is a very powerful tool to awaken either make you or break you.

So what does that mean for you and your boat.

We talk about my really bad what that might fit me like now might really be catchword marketing, advertising, pandemic everyone playing all your life that might we provide, and what we can, then what is and how to control the we that have the ability to break it down and we become the mother did not entirely sure what I'm hoping about what each and every single part has lived a life experience and from a very young age, but when you're born reported to an environment that become overly grout the first few good with. (Your environment, public school teacher and everything you want to be people, how you think they think they treat you with the way you your environment be required and will bring buyers your review of the electrical populated by your brain and every time you have or do they go and find a place where were going to file your right right and every time you have the spaceport again and then again by a neuron way and it makes it more and more by the continued intervention create what we talked about at the roadway and next time you have an experience. The brain doesn't have to you want to build neurological Parkway, but what I needed you grubbing environment of poverty and your experience. Lack of food, like abundant audible throughout life is not very new. Never would not be going to get you were born into an environment and you will information how your mind like his heart is never enough. You know you are living in a black environment that binary way that your brain tells you every situation there is less than what you need. Don't live in an expensive abundant universe.

We fight for every dollar that went by and people that have money agreed etc. etc." when you grow up as you move into life. You continue to add and validate what you feel that way because your mind that is looking for ever. We what you believe and what you believe is the belief together create the paraphrasing a lot for the better part of the bed that you have every belief that you have requested the new job is it really true.

I 100% certainty that this is the true statement that I you and what you believe is controlling your environment and when I work with people in my mind much is that we can pay. We found no belief that you have believed of limited lack that is not enough. You feeling that then would we find what about trigger point and we read train your brain via new one new part, but eventually you create new highway. Anything brain is going to pop as opposed to the condition that you used to have you grubbing environment of Mac that the work that we do in helping you move forward is to help identify them, but people don't know that they have. We then create better feeling what we create one for you believe that you live in an environment where you can have and be can do anything that you all were the best you can come up with creative ideas.) Love relationship.

Anything that you would like to do only through the actual move forward.

We do those enough times that the respect one another to another. You achieve it will break your one. They then create new neurological part that eventually you will always looking at life with out that all basically basically learned behavior and repetition. Because when you do repetition right wrong or indifferent.

Whether it's the truth or lie. We tend to believe it is here enough if we experience in enough on the opposite day.

You can repeat good stuff alive and you can practice prepping alive and you can just retrain yourself beside That he can start over if we turn to him. I guess basal physiological not only talking a lot like the one you remember being here bill of how you overcame an obstacle to figure 34 through maybe even though we know when I'm back and think they live every day at 1 PM Eastern radio and on our aftercare owner website was also available on video book of Luke for the cure with a recoverable report. Dr. official found that just played with the bones and Mary Morris Dunlop.

I turned out successful while my brother didn't just thinking always go as planned. I think the God coach God, thank God. Despite the war were still standing. The rocket crumble our hopes can be shattered. Our body 18 and online scattered on the foundation.

Earthquakes don't matter that the wind how and break the glass guy remains the same. There is no crack in his solid promises and when the storm arrives with a pipe for the house will not fall. The bones are good.

When we enter his call. Yet in water talking. You've explained is sharing his advice on how to transform my life. When we want. Before the last break we are talking about mindset.

Question once he learned to change your mindset and you learn this technique.

It is something that will have no long-lasting effects or is it like drug addiction that you can have a relapse really good question that your your mind has multiple neurological part of many different things you have to read your mind to the mind of abundant freedom then you are more inclined to continue to look at life of abundant freedom that bondage point that you now have, but we did talk about what we talk about "going to be a continued work with working with everything of your life that we have only interact with people every day and the benefit of the direction of teacher board we could work load growth. Be kind, compassionate eventually teach what your question, do I have days way I wake up and I feel like big day for a wake up and I feel like oh my gosh you know I don't do abundant life.

I get a goal in the mail.

I was expecting work with.

I would expect the IBB panic, but the thing is when you have a trained brain and your mind is the one that is healthy and has healthy habit out of the quicker water than anything you day two week many people dictation to get out of that mindset.

It takes me back to because I have the ability to quickly recognize that is a trigger that is real.

I don't actually feel that way and are very critical of the bottle. Anything you say that that's what happened when I felt God seriously.

I started learning of the lie pickpocket you know he steals your soul.

You don't even know it. You have no clue what happening so you know that nothing happened. Not that things don't happen. Not that life is often the life of the knowledge and ability. And it's okay if we suffer December better. We handle it better.

We recognize that the lying and what's not and we have better coping mechanisms. We don't try to escape. Learned to deal with dates and defined solutions to make the fact that I think I come out of it because God is good like that you will love it that way and I want to acknowledge and recognize how beautiful you transition from a life that wasn't looking like it was going to end well. Our perspective looking out but it from a very young age. You would just talk about bringing pain into your 20 again amend with your daughter having correct.

You continue continued the rear of life is not black and white department at one point in time it would make the trip looking differently if you like what you would not be what you want today, but I want all important and I need every little live a life we can anyway. We want what is going to have spring that happened around, but when we looking at life like real victim happening. I will look at it from the perspective that there is a greater power than that there is a God labored anywhere you want and let that happen. What happening you not meaning that something terrible that happened to you is good. You should have.

I don't mean that I mean that when something happened yourself what the purpose of that happening.

If that happened to me.

What do I need to learn what can I gain from it and how can I grow prolific.

In the case of Amy, just talking about you the 100 radio show the day alone will book speaking engagement will be amazed at what you doing around the world. It would not have been possible had you not gone through the payment to the degree that you did your personal power at the date you have the ability to recognize other people. Other people suffering and you are healing millions and millions of people live every single week on the radio show your book platform report card every one of your cattle because you had a life that was hard and you are in a position of authority that people everything what do you look like you like what happening right now that is teaching you something deeply inspiring heightened emotion and you could get out of second and look at life a little differently give you a tangible exit by the you don't mind I tell you things that you could do any situation to help move yourself what the first thing I want you to do is imagine that you are wearing body armor: what or where clothing doesn't matter though. From and you climb out of it and they the problem situation, you are able. From that. And look at it from a different bondage point. Now you're not in the emotion and the situation in the supper you created gap between you and the problem from that perspective.

You cannot look at a different perspective boiler promotion. What is happening is happening to me and not a victim. What I gain. Now you might not Bible, the authors write in that moment, but I probably just what you do then take a deep breath by reading in you oxygenate the brain, you will allow your body to start the you you could go without food that you can go without water for today.

You cannot go without a formal agreement.

Think about the logic of that reading a lot, provocative water body and once you allow your body with oxygen, you have the ability to tap into what part of your brain, your filing that ready for you information that is really important what he looked down.

I want you to label your motion that you were experiencing in that body that you look at the situation. If you working here and by depression by naming it actually would be emotion if you look at your brain. Your brain actually help with the claimant, Yorba Linda is when you practice warm ocean wine before but that you would naming the Navy emotion really angry about angry she would be emotion when in the front right pocket analyte information account due to greater frustration or anger, depression, or that information you have people to think about what it looks like what it would feel like, and then they then have the potential to look back and find out what it is with respect yourself-deep breathing is the fact that the Navy emotion and now you are ready to look at the situation.

Heightened emotion so that when you step back in your no longer the same person in that position and you will be more inclined to find Lucian or to have a better clarity will not have anger that do something to get you out of the situation better able to finalize it. Especially if you're looking at, and a compassionate plain of you that say how would God US God that is so forgiving and so loving she would not be the same. They hear that you have a mindset coming up that super exciting you have to share is super super important and super helpful. I'm August 21 about Everything will be effective it might fit my, Tom, absolutely free. We are taught we don't charge the and we are going over 24 their line boring and when I in a positive way. Basic 634 I think the one thing we know again and things hitting the live every Saturday 1 PM Eastern on your radio are at particular social media and please check our podcast as well. After the show where Apocrypha can you please read it and like us, especially if you give it five stars greatly appreciated those of the Lycos should also comment that Libby would change it helpful. It is played.

Let let there be love.

I life is not guaranteed that I never meant for love, P, and helping one another. Everyone is capable of God self love others can involve back into animals savage and irrational. The more we are called to be holier. The more we are expected to love our mother or sister. Our father, our brother, we are all one big family of God's children in which we can find common ground. Love leave in the guide and have compassion for others.

She starts with a trusting that God will help us do our best and should we fall short.

God picks up the rest. The B round despite the unrest we're talking to Eve Eckstein three discussing how to live an abundant life really was a question how do better in life. What I know about work hard and they have good values or thing, but probably change so Better outcomes outcomes.

Thank you. Understand what Bob living that life and daily need to be able to take that and look at what is your computer in your life and to commonality between people that are the first family. Partly you and we talked earlier before the break, but I really need the most important that the life they need to understand that life is happening all them that everything is happening with you about the job report you will let you all you have no money for you will in any case, everything that happened happened to give you a higher level of understanding. What awaited me to go if everything God's well and everything for points without God.

Approval of knowing they sell. If God's will here on earth and in heaven and God, not for boatlift? Wait right what God will Navy cargo have daily carburetor show what it God plan that Fabian borrowed today. Love and kind and compassionate and the word of God and the message of God. As many hold and every single one.

What but it was necessary to go to school to learn how to do that and I don't go to radio school to learn how to do all of the technicality to go behind the life experience that we have today. Not everybody that's going to be abused going to have to start a radio show is going to be sure that perspective. But if you look at the volume of suffering that you had the jury that found God, I don't think it was a better way for you to achieve what you achieved that day. You can only live in both. God will you do with the gospel that what you have to make a choice to step up to the plate with the life we get by how. Anything you could expect back and not done anything you could have played drinking and drug away, but you did a God of love and compassion. In other July 4 I think.

There were two things that people do that. Find out that the life that are playing victim. They say something happening okay why happening and what can I do with what is happening before the stated thing that they do is they take action and you think about every time people want to achieve something alien is not really to achieve what you want to achieve Bailey's actually failing to take action." By definition it will wanting to do anything action and be like to have forwarded anything from any situation that would list the desirable buyback want to do it every single day to be able to do it and I find that my picture is to be able to look at it and play what happened. What can I learn what can I gain that would even though I don't like it.

I don't know why it happened. I just have to trust that comes into the story of God.

Yet you take a leap of faith, even if it were out of hurt and pain in deciding to move forward with great you did to find one that you were going very kind and loving compassion you would be marriageable like the Judy would be working together. You have to take that you have no evidence, and that is what I'm trying to talk about what people do that and leap into what is the part of what's going to happen next thing that what happened in the continued type of baby every single day and that BMI is all about launching is that people are registering and they get the drawing we everything that they believe the people with tangible Bible school people giving away books. Your plan will kind of help people move toward what other people Because anyone at that level. But how big the help of my father never got my happiness unless I give of myself and give three of myself to people why I'm a coach that wire work with people that Wyatt change company cultures that make people understand that they are maybe powerful credit will be and that the summit that we got is free mindset is allowing people to look at the story like maybe many others waiting forward adversely into life power, abundant freedom and most important to me. They turn around now they're helping millions of people move forward.

Just look around the pain and anguish will meet more people like Bart more people like maybe and more people like everything the person looking to the show right now you have a mission and undervalue the Bible, the we take accountability for your life and move yourself forward. Unbelievable. I want everybody to experience a known fact that faith is about taking rest. Even though it's scary. It's believing when you have no reason to believe it is about you. Now I cannot not battling for life thinking that you're not capable of giving everything I try you now don't don't cut yourself short and as importantly, the circumstances change and you are don't we act in a way that company has trained you to react email shock people shock people differently can be. Don't be a follower stick standout let people know there's a better way. Because we sometimes restart in our perception of our ally okay cancel and sometimes when you see somebody that can't terrible things scare me that well in your real life if possible. There's a different reality cam that happier you can choose peace over misery doesn't have to be miserable. You don't have to believe the lie that you can also use this invite me into corporate America.

P idea of faith in the idea of bringing God. Is it possible in the workplace in a row that sometimes God isn't very popular religious disorder. They never break coming up and tell you know, everybody had a faith believe that we should go to work that when you take what you believe you are into every environment, every aspect of your life hundred million dollar company like the Bible about the relationship just quietly continue but because God is about claimant closed all the time should be copied any 1 Particular Pl. In fact, the more you overlap further with Dr. break even more good things well. The more people you can interact more people want to interact with you and I will change the profits grow with the people that want profit and client retention. I think employees want to stay and what about the people to become happy and before mechanics by the rain later in this chapter I very helpful advice. Please check out the mindset that fascinates mindset that Bilotta Helpful Information and Thank You so Much Rudy You Are Wonderful, Amazing. I Loved Everything Had to Say and We Will Graduate Very Rare Reality Partner. We Have Come to a Trying Time in Our Life. We Are Not Sure Which Direction to Go.

We Know That If You Speak to Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and We Will Be Walking Our Best Way of Life Forever and Always Help the Lord to Be Wise in Our Decision I Make at This Junction for Various Doors Had Been Closed behind Leaders, Lord, in the Direction You Would Have Us Go Cayenne and Day out. Lord We Want Our Life to Count and We Want to Be Successful in Making a Difference. Take Our Life and That Is Crossroads Last That You Rearrange My Direct Our Directions at the Best Teens 14 and I Think It Had in Progress 16 Theory Commit to the Lord. Let Every Detail and He Will Establish You Go about Your Daily, Your Moral Website regarding "Unreasonable in Writing. Thank You for Your Anxiety. You Suffering in the City. A Successful Life Leaves Clues Meaning Everyday People Take Life Setbacks and Turn Them into Fulfilling Lives during the Mindset Success for Free and Learn from over 20 Incredible Success Stories in Bite Sizes Limit You Daily over Three Weeks to Teach You How to Take Your Life to the Next Level with Happiness, Joy and Freedom That Is Mindset Success

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