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The Un-United States of America- 93

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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June 20, 2020 1:00 pm

The Un-United States of America- 93

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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June 20, 2020 1:00 pm

"I do think we are near the end of time." Stated Alex McFarland. this weeks guest of The Cure with Aimee Cabo in the opening discussion about where our country is heading, the lawlessness and moral decay.

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by visiting his website.


As a Christian apologist, author, evangelist, religion and culture analyst, and advocate for biblical truth, Alex McFarland speaks worldwide. He has preached in over 2,000 churches throughout North America and numerous more internationally. He also speaks at Christian events, conferences, debates, and other venues to teach biblical truths and preach the gospel.

Alex McFarland is an American public speaker, author, educator, and advocate for Christian apologetics. He currently serves as Director of the Christian Worldview Center at North Greenville University in Greenville, South Carolina and as organizer of the Truth for a New Generation Conferences. He also co-hosts the radio program "Exploring the Word" that airs on American Family Radio. You can read all about Alex McFarland by visiting his website

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As is usual, though we would always mosey.

It was in the window and look you'll with Amy Koppel, life can bring many difficult situations domestic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy Koppel and Q welcome cell hosting Abell meeting partner for cell line on your media also like that are here. Any smart phone website Isaac Caradoc Grant broadcasting state like Miami satellite and honorable.

11 states now live also in Pensacola, Omaha hunts down Alexander and Petersburg.

Soon after, Michelle on any podcast player is said yes to suffering the tenacity of the human spirit. The will to survive in the carriage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle with the help of God and each other. We provide testimonials to let people know that we are not alone, as well as experts and inspirational speakers testimony started with me having been a survivor from child abuse line to young adult I do believe we all suffer and we hope to be a spirit source of healing for each other. My source of healing is God, but other forms of healing are presented as well to service everyone as we know, life can be challenging but always know there's always someone who cares. There's always hope.

Happy happy.

First, the SMI guy and seemed to be Father's Day our hearts and prayers go out to those who are hurting these days and those who relatively helping others. Despite great danger. We pray for peace beyond understanding but that has never let us down and is to shall pass this only played earlier was a rock star by post-Malone and 21, S we live our lives we live our lives as if we were a rock star glorifying rage and violence. There was no law before they close the doors by blowing smoke that it does not call the fire that's within us with this today. Alex McFarland is a best-selling author of the leaching and culture analyst of world like speaker evangelist college professor and a broadcaster. Oh, and an apologist.

Mr. McFarland is frequently cast many TV shows and radios welcome to the care Alex and I was just talking about Alex. The song that displayed if you listen carefully to the words of the song which I love. By the way, it's really got a really good with them talks a little bit about moral decay, lawlessness and anarchy. We hear enough songs in social media and in the entertainment industry yet in today's world it's become a reality. I've never seen her arms like this and I'm wondering if were coming to the end of the world.

Something probably. I worked very talk about 10 signs that are indicative that it is near. I can see the rise of your little people making their own truths to take your Bible on your evil men will work work work on home and one of the three of world war, the wall of an employee one rated the last of Israel their land night before you may have before you respond nation and that night you're out. Israel became a nation again you prove was all black with no one of the most powerful language in the world. There capital the real world world there are more you per capita and 1.2 mile ago when everybody got on why America online you will many people probably don't have AOL in Jerusalem and really you could probably go on the miracle of the rebirth of the negative Israel Bible the rebirth of Israel Bible. It allows them to wiring all of the Internet and moved toward crypto current law of the American unit with the one matter cried what we needed one.

We need to move beyond not and Outlook Ugandan medical.

My goodness, it goes down like area good.

One of the other. The return of Christ, the gospel of salvation being taken around the world about 9 miles from where I you the Museum of language and is run by your results of Wycliffe Bible even the there are more than 100 Bible translators putting the word of God to all the language group.

We don't have John and one of the things that I think were near the return of Christ God somebody language God was going around the boy and everything hearing about you is amazing, amazing and I love you I love why.

After my and according to God's word to go to heaven when you overlay her goal of your your wonderful never called on the name they do that day you will ever do. I really do think you you made such an amazing plane and he took my next question. Actually because I didn't want to get an optimistic point saying email as we are seeing an increase in the drawing from God and our patient God, in God we trust, taking it out of the daughter of Dale taking God out of church and school line, you know, and it was at one point not call to let people know you're Christian because they thought that all your a hypocrite and this that as times get more difficult, and as people suffer more.

I see more and more people turning to God is not not record. Good you and we had. 3000 people that I've been doing for 20 years accrued or a new generation of generated and what we you know, I know you work with young people, and I think it's wonderful because the youth is our future. We continue talking with Marlon this day of moral decay. There presently experiencing life can bring many difficult situations, domestic violence, addictions, poverty, but even sexual abuse by your loved ones. The issue is not stay there, but to overcome all obstacles and show that with the love of God, your husband and your family. You can succeed.

Love is the answer. God is the key word reveals baby combos life, a warrior who didn't give up and achieve the dream of her life.

You can get to know more about her at her story on God is the key or buying her book on Continuing good neighbor welcome back and think speaking in remember that they can listen to the radio show live to our up the cured amicable laid of the book the sound that displayed last year so cool I found then he seems like some people say things to quite the opposite must have an antitrust but that will check everything these days. We no longer fall for the spine. It seems so many are fake and always start a conversation. We can't relate to cool. If you are so, so very cool it's easier to comply. It seems like you are team and we become unaware that we are puppets on a string where talking to Alex McFarland and honest conversation about moral decay. This data lawlessness rate headaches in the most important prayer I was just realized this I was thinking about this the other day. You know the our father who art in heaven, the most important prayer we acknowledge God we acknowledge the promises, but there's one thing and only one thing he asks of us in our prayer is for us to be forgiving of one another as he forgives yet will quick to judge even quicker to hold someone's past against them watching the destruction of history and opposite views are aggressively suppressed. Do we still believe in redemption. Are we more concerned with being cool while the Fae fitting in with mean when everybody else is okay with her.

Let's not gonna bring you down the things because you know faith is doing the right thing despite it being scary. I can't be on your your your you know video quality. During the break I got there with very very wonderful quality God and I went on your thank you. He's very good work. Work with man uplifting sunny Miami about the technology saw the lights Internet your argument for model prayer, beginning our father who art in heaven, I will by kingdom come, thy will be done and it is we forgive no boy felt like we should be quick to forgive and you always rent you know what record in our nation.

Now that your question, I will was listening to one of the commercials in in the right and there is this division between clusters and politics what your opinion should also be involved in politics. Should figure out on with Google perspective, but in reality the Bible political bull coming from mode Bay Road unit cried the end and was the body of the Israel was under Roman role would be great, but none bending force during the Christ.

Whatever you talking with the parent. The really dialogue with people and yet you before 430 and are an God and you know were God but one world week. We have an obligation to man that we we have 1 foot in heaven and 1 foot on earth as long as were living your and and I really do believe should think about moral political issue.

One things that God I was to follow the law to be a bit obedient to do those things. So when Morris talks about. Should pastors be political yes they have a certain obligation to speak the truth. But when my piece one day that the holy family was the wood they were illegals when they fled each out when the baby Jesus was gone the whole army was after baby Jesus Callahan.

I thought that was a legitimate case of if I am running for your life because it papers it was.

There were illegals, that's okay.

But wait, I thought God was perfect. He doesn't do illegal things any please explain this to me because I think you going to church after that great great about the ad that could government not only government order. But even log and army you know God, you may and right and that government did that God now about five all will horribly that you know and what why I believe that God think what went you know it might be all you log stand on the sidewalk. You hear so you mean to me that you need to many just think Jesus wanting illegals that were thinking is so good to hear that you, God, read to go to court with God because there and ate me well God be on what he now will find out why he said that after this brain won't launch the a and me one time run welcome back and remember when that every Saturday at 1 PM on your media applicator also records the podcast after the show, or just listen to it anywhere about Casa found that displayed less one more night by Linkin Park.

Some of us remember the fear from our previous falls. Who wants one more trip and needed. We are angry and we feel that we should. It's difficult when it all seems unfair always sees the anger, but it doesn't mean to hurt and winners.

Parallel, it doesn't mean God took a break constantly with us tending to every night goes out in the sky of a million stars and within our time never runs out. For this moment is not.

We are is what we make God where talking to Alex McFarland about the state of moral decay. We are now evil behaviors that were dealing with is not her systemic racism or systemic brainwashing.

You know, there's really only one rate human rate your world. There are different and you know my old God, you okay but genetic make up the good Lord gave me know what is our people will travel all around in my name European better white white white and people in South America, Mexico, and five and being open and the unique and we are made in the image of God, no. I honestly believe, of course, there are racial abuse, but not terrible thing in business in law-enforcement any human being involved. One way to Mesa's impending anyway.

It doesn't just have to be skin color. It can be your financial status or what they believe or how they hold your past against you. There's many different forms of racism just like there's many individuals that are evil to safest make the trend that I've noticed is a certain narrative that's been published in media in schools in society and it is getting us to just lose sight of the bigger picture and a morning if are told to believe this systemic racism and at the same time we don't realize being systemically brainwashed your right you're right and I work a lot with young people and young people that have been brainwashed your market. I'm a Caucasian that you can't help but you are right about people that I that you know you your child would and they don't know we were there for my goodness gracious, growing up in the cell or you know what you're like literally bank came out in your bank came out of our L because not my dad farmer wrote 25 years ago about you let God.

25 years ago when my wife and I got married I will job college. I clean gutters your work and and I give God, but I recall the degree with the right government money zero and $25 know what yet dollars. And now in good and we will, but I really do best of my knowledge, Jeremiah must part people and wicked will. Art has been in it in your mind that we can't even understand the depth of our hearted people and wicked who can know it. We can't even comprehend our capacity for self, like the Holy Spirit is his understanding that way we depend on it.

Yeah exactly. And help understand our need. I do not believe the monthly rate nation. I do not believe I'm right. You know I you know, just let me tell you this.

I know what it's like to feel that people hate you why people don't like healing stuff like that. I know what it's like to feel like the bad guy. I know what it's like her so I can understand others that are hurting. I can understand this something so differently didn't have God in my life and things were so much more painful things happen just so much more good about it and it world different point of view on and it's it's just a matter of letting them know that you know where all human. We are all equal.

We do love each other. It doesn't mind her what you look like what you've done what you think I know what it's like to be hated. I know what it's like.

It's okay I was wrong and I'll admit never that hated it was just the way I felt about myself. I needed to open my eyes and you know I want to challenge everybody and Michael prayed that God would not become like a world and we need white, black, black, white and Asian. We really do you know what I was real I was very guy growing up his backpack with graduate I couldn't get the eye with numbers cool so I could grab rather than the good introverted why read and like people got me the realization that people were wonderful and people left and I were that you appreciate people's challenge question Alex if we can do this in two minutes. One, we tend to easily delete those things I can see there's so much more to it than we know about like the greater God in the midst of chaos right wrong or indifferent. Someone's pain is real even if we haven't experienced it ourselves. We know because we know hurt in the same way we know God is real because it gives us a loving heart as he sat and we want to reach out to those unable to see the light being a culture expert in those trying times. What is the best way to do this will but have more moral With two more loving world begins with me that everybody got loved you and that injunctive 37 the one who comes to me I will not reject you open your heart, your problem and let you begin to turn you into that life and that loving person that will change the world. It began to change is the but we needed much your I'm looking for you guys getting five of your great work you guys are making the world a better place to play, pleasure, and I hope that we can come to the point, someplace that we can weaken, listen to each other's point of use and have discussions again.

It was if a patient had Alex time how much time you're very busy guy like welcome to stay with us longer if you like to thank you for more information about Alex Thank you, thank you ladies again, thanks for tuning in live every Saturday at 1 PM radio cure for any smart phone and session media just okay.

Later, the show will be available as above cost search for the cure and these listen to it if you like it really was a common and the writers also specific with five stars.

They just played less homesick or seeming, we can be in a better place feel broken and rejoicing. God nonetheless, the more we get to know God, the more we miss his face and the more we suffer, the more we long to be what we feel at home and not a place he turned to God for strength sometimes just to make it through another day in our darkest times we receive God's greatest comfort and an enormous opportunity to rectify our faith there is so many more homesick now also want to remind you about the compass we started that with no going for a while but is no suggestion for us all that we can play on the show. Thank you so much for everybody who was on the so request sold. You can do that through our contact us page of God is the and if we pray that you will receive $25 gift certificate moral structure of our society has been shared, but most of what we seen in use are the worst-case scenarios. There's so much good left in the world and God is so present, but those of us who believe in him and follow his way will have all things work for that matter. We have all had trying times in different ways, yet we still survive. We still get to we still move forward we find ways to reconcile because love is greater than reach and God is bigger than hate times can look skinny and moments can hurt. Nonetheless, we keep our faith fully love God, Inc. at times and bad times and when it's that's when it really counts.

Life can be full of disappointments and sometimes people have asked where is your God when bad things happen to you. Suppose it's okay to believe in God only when everything is going well. He did promise is troubling times have we forgotten the true meaning of unconditional love with you.

We have a listener caller Gola listener McCullough. While critical of the listens Michelle your no life at all. I wanted, but hopefully will help out right there on the whole it being born in collared know surely like black in color needed in white people.

I mean, I like presumed that you are like an out of people that are black.

I am actually coming and I will now I be color with God and with people under racist white. I will. You might like their form of matter black like matter here and the abolition of the fleet and the defendant plead in their platform for black all went 38 are ripped out of the womb, though beautiful black baby why don't matter when 80 Chicago Margaret R. Black victim perpetrated by black workers in criminal murder by don't matter now when it person wearing a blue one like thermometer there there logo, black matter will be only not find though we completely without great thinking people. There is no great and I one Barack Obama, many different colors do you see walking these tests, how many different colors DC walking these protests that shows that there is not systemic racism. Great no.

Going there. Your UK and member of the criminal, not black drug lords in line, finding great are not there, there are criminals there all white, good versus evil.

It's not a skin problem. The problem problem criminal problem we in color in every form. She is size. There is no exception, no non-white creek who believed everyone with me one one where there no other know what when the fiber McNary that are really think about it in color it) no part what we how they behave, their character and their fine, you're not. You're not late. Yes thank you Michelle that you made excellent points on that note, I want to share a KJV Bible verse devotion who I doubt that judges another man seven to his own master he stands at the father yeah he shall be holding up for God is able to make him stand Roman. 1414. The first falls in line with not judging one another. You have no right to judge and condemn another believer. If you see something is wrong, correct and out of love but that this mean make them aware that what they are doing is wrong in a gentle but firm manner offered to help them make the right decision. If the person becomes defensive. Don't fight and lead to discussion and pray for that love each you and all your confrontations. Dear God, I ask that your love will guide me in every situation and faced with when it comes to correcting people like me. I know how easy it can be to become judgmental. This is not what I decided at all.

I decided to build people up, not tear them down in Jesus name I pray for another share a pair to guard my heart will run to you, Lord, whenever we feel afraid, we know your hand will protect us and lead us into your shadow Almighty God, where we can rest and be safe. We know that bad things can happen to all of us to always there to bring good out of it and you promised that no one can harm our soul. The innermost part of us destined for eternity because we belong to you, you will give us safe passage. Although our eternal, but while we are still in her temporary house on earth.

I pray you will not only gotta guard our hearts. Also, our minds from foolish thoughts and actions expose the lies that try to twist the truth. Give us discernment. Lord in wisdom for the good times, the hard times and all the in-between times. Let us never leave home without your protection and without the spiritual armor you've given us. We place our trust and dependence on you today. Lord, like the command of a great army.

You are in control and you will get go to any lengths to ensure the safety at those under your wing. The protection we believe you want good harm for our life and we are asking that you will replace fear with the confident assurance that you will always that you're always here with us protecting us from harm others may try to hurt our bodies for that they can never destroy our souls I'm safe with you, Jesus, and Jesus precious name. Amen we are safe. Thank you also to Robin Gilmore and guiding shall never see how the guy they happy Father's Day tomorrow and please check out the cure power up your website got a secure

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