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Are Cops Really the Bad Guys?- 92

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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June 13, 2020 1:00 pm

Are Cops Really the Bad Guys?- 92

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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June 13, 2020 1:00 pm

It's dangerous to have so much anti-police rhetoric being discussed on the news and other places. 99% of cops are good people, so we should not overreact and look to punish all police departments stated Ed MacDougall guest of The Cure with Aimee Cabo.

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by visiting his website.


Ed MacDougall has dedicated his life to serving my fellow citizens at home and abroad. A former Green Beret (U.S. Army Special Forces) and also a tested combat veteran, volunteered for two tours of duty in Vietnam.

After returning home Ed became an officer with the Miami-Dade Police Department for more than a decade. In 2014 Ed became Mayor of Cutler Bay, Fl where he represented a town of 43,000 residents. Over the next 8 years Ed was instrumental with many positive changes within Cutler Bay.

Ed graduated from Florida International University with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and taught mathematics at Miami-Dade College. You can read more about Ed by visiting his LinkedIn page.

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No no okay with Amy, life can bring many difficult situations. Mystic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy, and Q welcome Out with my lovely partner of the department to department. I hope that's okay. In these troubled times. I hope and pray that our spirits a high know that God is with us always to shall pass Jesus, Jesus, and whatever else may come our way. Our show is available avenue medium also to the optics here on any smart our website got broadcasting live from Miami to satellite available. More than 11 states, among others. Soon after the shower, any podcast player to show deals suffering and the tenacity of the human spirit.

The will to survive in the carriage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle with the help of God and each other.

We provide testimonials to let people know that we are not alone in this show.

The testimony started with me having been a survivor from child abuse well into young adulthood. We also have experts in several fields and inspirational speakers that are willing to help us with valuable information. Knowing that awareness description, education is necessary and comfort is needed. I do believe are all suffering and we hope to be a source of healing for each other. My care is God, but other forms of healing & that as well. Service everyone life can be challenging but always know there's always cares there is always the song played earlier was savage. I love it so honest, I'm a savage, classy, G ratchet Kathy Moody nasty acting stupid, that's me and you haven't been at least one of these or if you these at least one point or another. I don't even know what Bucci arrested means you Bobby no limit Google's original I'm sure I've acted that way to Berkshire to point being no one's perfect everyone's human their mistakes in every profession and their corrupt people in every walk of life as well.

One good thing about being judged most of my life is that I learned not to judge others because my perception of things can only be viewed from my own personal experiences. I try to see it from the viewpoint of others.

I even do it with God. There has been times that I imagine being God of serving my behavior and then I realize what a brat. I'm being and so that works very good for me when I step back and look at it from another point of view, and sometimes I wonder how God has such amazing patience with me or others. It's also easier for us to relate to those emotions we feel most familiar with, such as the underdog are the prodigal son. Very few of us have walked the shoes of a hero does in the front lines. Those we call heroes because they take the hardest hits those who risk their lives daily as they walk into the line of fire status to save a stranger with no reward in sight. Police officers are the unspoken heroes tarnished often by a few bad apples while other professions get too slight by an election years don't help, coupled with desperation from a shut down but since most of us don't know what it's like to be a police officer as most of us have been on the receiving end one way or the other. We can only get the whole picture. When we list into each other and McDougall is a retired police sergeant in Miami-Dade Police Department, a retired veteran and a former Mayor Cutler Bay counsel in Florida. Mr. McDougall, thank you for being in the show and thank you for your service of both the Army and the police were Mr. McDougall, I remember the days we felt most concert good fighting crime and corruption and people didn't describe a person other than to say this man or this woman, we respected others. The opinions of others. We kept an open mind. He believed in justice, even though you life wasn't unfair and we were forgiving of one another. What changed it all off, I woke up one day in the world is racist. I don't know what happened to drive population were where your report are white or black world.

People I don't know why we were all their blocks are white or Hispanic world people are and where are bought all workers until I see the person they just on or this guy or this person, the name and then I'm like okay don't take this person that's heavy way of this person with right here were this person that's very true. Criminals are running around your mail okay will will white trailer park will will you publish what you almost 2 years old. Years ago retired from my grams about where we are today.

Also we sure sure so, Grell questioned about what it's like. Reality is not much is really strange overwhelming good morning good work you draw the project to curator family just really enjoy doing your very few criminals, but there are some which were will you will you show all well now. Speaking of criminals.

The job being a police job is to save others by Kathleen criminals. That's got to be the most scandalous job. There is when you're dealing with every other profession doesn't deal with so I understand you but here's another thing this country could we be partly culpable because no other country has tried so hard to make its wrongs right from all that colleges all by feeding apps to all-black television show February dedicated to Black history month and we got a black president. I felt racism was extinct. I felt he had, very, very long way. But did we try too hard.

You all know why colleges or dating apps. Maybe if we treated them as equals, not last or more because maybe with good intentions. We subconsciously set them apart. Your thoughts were very true to show more premium would have to be one where you feel about black is ridiculous you your Jewish know what door number show block African-American black with whatever we don't want that we want to be just like everyone else. I see them that way for the same reason everyone spoke English wanted to be well the same level. So the point is we do we do it right go quicker. But what that okay what about you a lot about but there's so crucial portions of the abuse of children. That usually is not physically see people all more than anything else. So we talk about because we always seen a lot of fun. The victim's point of view because we have such a compassionate heart also. We will continue talking McDougall not life can bring many difficult situations, domestic violence, addictions, poverty, sexual abuse by your loved ones.

The issue is not stay there, but to overcome all obstacles and show that with the love of God, your husband and your family. You can succeed. Love is the answer. God is the key word reveals baby cobbles life, a warrior who didn't give up and achieve the dream of her life. You can get to know more about her at her story on God is the key or buying her book on

This is the Jimmy is in God like to see Jimmy welcome back to the here things pertaining remember that you can listen to the radio show life through our secure or later is about because just look for the cure. Whatever book costs are the song that is played with skinnier eyes than he looked down these days it seems like a broken sky.

It's the best in the house only from a world mile high.

We all pretty shock, confusion and chaos. Others people only hurting to get somewhere. Have we never cared how he missing the bigger picture. We need your eyes, for just one second so we can see you want to see everything we could be missing. We want to love all humanity without exceptions. We need to embrace the brokenhearted specialty goes far beyond our reach. Help us reach out to those forgotten to one singing.

Most charities we are talking to McDougall about an honest conversation about police Mr. McDougall. I know that life is full politics. What is this about defunding the police. I can't imagine feeling safe but not knowing that there's police officers available to help and with really mean is that many the police: Margaret factual reality of the funding of law enforcement, not a reality conversation starter, and maybe it has to be. We collectively say we because I think the overwhelming majority of American people. You need more, but some of things I've heard to have social workers as you called say, think, requires social worker gets killed in the middle of the call light don't go out and you know workers reality shot law enforcement called oh, are you working on your working for the government whether the city state government. You. Doing what you have to abide by the law, you can't do that get out along with really simple all you are you are British law rules of the Constitution and you can be asked to violate those laws you are not made by us only by God personally disproves that primates have gone up where there is the police presence has been reduced where police has been demerit demoralized, aiming, look, for example, in Seattle learn the invaded six blocks and there's no police department and the other day, the police and police chief said. Emergency calls have more than tripled for rape, robbery, and all sorts of violent. Today I heard it was peaceful. Thank God that's not a guarantee. How is it that their site a big movement for defunding police to people not see what's going on average American leaders in their country. God wanted to go to work regularly like everyone else and then use so yeah it's a little depressing to your point that the people who were stirring up trouble.

I is my personal belief that I believe, like, or government reality. There are countries will miss working as an example of would love to see us fail. They want to be number one and will do anything to see us fail.

So I don't believe they punish those who do all our core belief in the right worship. We have a right to believe in God, that's horribly there are others actually want to stop doing so is your outside forces in the history of worship. Anyway, with young people who were so impressionable therapy are following a lot of searches following your friends will you just made a great plane because you mention politics, and I know that there's been a false narrative that has been punished and are systemically washing in the college is in the in the schools on that TV shows there's radios with Wharton pieces cut out. I got a call me this morning crying that in social media.

They responded to her always been taught that a good white man is a dead man. And that's the trail and the hatred that's been passed and she was crying because of that, because her father is white will go to court.

American white male when we are ready you are not there are jobs we want minorities and women to live, but I wanted to go to work society changes. Those shows about the Constitution of America to want to go to work. Most law enforcement people that I know what I know a lot of retired I still bio friends my grandchildren in the business.

I keep up with you on one welcome back and remember where you live every Saturday at 1 PM Eastern on your Also, the shows are available as a podcast video podcast or other podcast just look for the cure anywhere were part costs displayed. Let's bring the rain.

I may see me.

We can take the clouds that the sky but God should not be the only one to suffer for others and ultimately tie his suffering is the way to Corel and most acknowledge God and we can only get closer to his glory. We can easier feel the peace we can experience the joy it brings us in accordance with being like this till the days of pain if that's what it takes to follow the Lord.

We don't mind me where talking to Ed McDougall about the importance of police protecting us from lawlessness wherever: yeah, Jamie.

Please join working to help you with all I can hear Why I could barely but with call my mind off what people walk 44 in our country, and a total of 41 off like a curtain 4141 919-0802 our country. There was murder. Number 8901. Mom is more like being electron older how you have a rocking where my father going good good guy. Good info about what come from God and coming out with me look all all come out number 19 look at the real number and I'm hoping I immigration office. Hoping all comparable. I am really sorry to hear Jane, you're not alone. Trust me a lot with you is to McDougall's call to change in the decades begin my long career with what better place in the jail of estimation. Believe it or not. We don't want to look good. Please what I saw immediately when this skill by this police officer he was using drugs all was good. God what he was part in my. Courts will courts will decide but I know all that I spoke with retired back. This was a backup of the course of the charts right, but for the public to excoriate all along over a few I did yesterday and I will try to quick wash. One of my fellow soldiers from bozo breakout what was going on around some people have low threshold so people have brought high threshold police to see these things every day when I got home I sold more my mind they police officers rush on La every day like everyday police officers go through. I can only say this country.

This wonderful God. Country this place we call home. Replace that's been through many trial many tribulations of my riots to race riots through the Democratic national been shot at a super job in the history of this country. Assassinations are present. Things to I thought would bring a structured, you can't bring this country to its knees, because the people will always be the first things will get better and will allow it all. And with this. We live in a democracy that is not etched in stone.

This is this is a living principle of democracy is ever-changing and we are the ones who will change this. Past and from this will come good from this will come a better nation likely to McDougall God's healing and a wonder if that's the problem how we stopped paying God taught us how to treat others. We would like to be treated if we still believe in being our brother's keeper Lynn be allowing the rioters and antiviolence and destruction. I mean, we wouldn't be having a counsel culture where the freedom of speech. It is compromised. Why do we take God at a school. Why did we make him unpopular had we kept the values that once our Christian values. T believe that with it when been this bad. It would have gotten this bad. Do we need to bring God back in what we will. I think trying I think that we have to remember station remember the principles of experiment.

I think there was a time instructor equipment wasn't that long ago time when Warren change that long ago there was a time when they should be off to war and I couldn't vote, and legally couldn't drink 2121 to about time in motor were women. Not sure when I first joined the police department by 270 that's old.

There were zero female glacial exchange exchange.

We go through the bad to come to the good and sometimes we have to experience sheepish things happen to understand. To learn and have a better life for I say this is like so wonderful.

It's been so granted all the bad that I've seen most of the goods come about as strong from stress that you learn. People turn to God because many people turn to God because instruction are like too much to bear and a five piece so it's almost like and select only the peace that only God's mission again and things 15 like every Saturday at 1 PM Eastern media here is my phone on social Also, you can listen to Sharon about cost of the video podcast is another book of just search for the cure everywhere about customer sound that displayed less what faith can do.

I Every one of us follow at times when life is really hot when I picked is the hardest that Levi sent for life is full of lessons learned anyone I can feel a and it seems so mean that we know that we are stronger the tenacity of the human spirit does not allow us to get up just in God means hope is always there, even though the sky is falling, only must do is work with one another to mend the broken hearted have our silence. Prayers answered and dream solutions that move mountains.

We believe that God it's possible that's what faith can do. Only faith can data contained talking to Mac who is helping us understand that we still have values that we want to protect Mac wherever four callers critical okay I can. You are now online high oh yeah: no, I start how you and we all know the Scripture, or clearly state law will leave the time of those things which talk about and so you know, the American feel very humble, though not the end of the world.

No more chances you not humble, though United will come 20 okay I think we are not there yet.

Thank you, thank you for keeping William.

I think we have William back. William what is your comment yeah I wanted to refer back to about getting back to God and God like value and I think that part of the year back that it will believe the man of the road all their land water. You probably also the old way with the turtle and pray they will also go with the other overgrown leadership in that I don't think it's only only belonging to Christians that we are one God. But what I don't want be written for that reason, the rent I am. Why do I want to be like that. One thing something else you know 100 God talk about meddling in our elected and all the food in Venezuela. We don't want to let God break and overgrow that well maybe what no I don't think we did all know about those things and a little off-topic but thank you for calling William please call us again and Mr. Duvall get your thoughts please God was a shudder of Christians want to choose one nation or group of Muslims is one nation under God where your God is or if your godless nation blamed Christians are to blame Jews and Muslims was a most good people are there some Christians are bad Muslims are bad another church. Those who want to believe what everyone else is. I believe that yes you know country was built on top wherever they walk on the golf but this is the first truck offers people the opportunity to live free and hope for a better future for their family and I truly do believe that these things are happening today are seeing a lot of my life. This will come to pass.

This country will learn from.

We will be a better nation and will be a better nation for all those throughout the world will be a beacon of light and hope for those who want to live free worship free be free and hope for a better tomorrow. I get guys coming from his two pickpocket is very clever.

Sheep's hunting wolves in sheep's clothing. Of course they can use God and act like their villages and actions show something different and therefore now we take it out against God.

Oh that's phony. Oh, that's typically thinking of police officers one is bad. Oh, the police is bad you have to follow very, we can see it for what it is as individuals that are bad for individuals that are racist. There is Christians that are hypocrites, but we cannot generalize you for your very quickly something major take away what was going on the country right now and I followed. Not like everyone is very close and I wondered are we going down the wrong road what's going to happen, but there is a light that I see that this is the light, the African-Americans that they are awake themselves and they know that the crime of your inner cities are speaking about they know claims more lives were quite pleased to them or twice due to blocks. They want to eliminate race. They don't want to be black. They want to be Americans over and over again. They want to want to be told you're black you have you have support to somewhat kill someone.

We don't care. You have to support it because they're black most wax. I don't believe that there's an awakening because they want a better family and a better life for themselves to they wanted nothing more than a man or woman in America going to work at taking care of of three black nieces and I have black science you know and and it's like I don't I don't do some I don't.

And we almost did of the show and I this is the end of the show to show we can the project with a prayer to prayer for police thank you Mr. McDougall for being the best. He gave a lot of great information. I hope we can take it home with us said a prayer for police O Almighty God, his great power and eternal wisdom embraces the universe watch over all policeman and law enforcement officers father and have been. Please give strength carriage and perseverance to enter. I'm just condemnation danger and physical abuse to which they are at times subjected. We recommend them to your loving care because activity is dangerous. Dear God, these brave men. Almighty protection, unite them safely, their families, after Judy has sent you show I wish you Godspeed in your life.

Your government is talkshow host one.

Rationally indicated things I really appreciate it.

I this is Amy.

You have been here and thank you so much pertaining please take our podcast Caddo. I think each of our listeners until next week. Always. Much love and also we need to think more people.

Robbie inspiration the Christian guy guy awesome sound. Keep safe guys. We all go through this, as we have in the past that are troubled times kind to each other. Keep guiding your mind and tell this to say my love please check also the podcast the cure everywhere about cassette. I'm like a machine for putting stuff. What cusp of customer focus and lectures very very interesting to special guests is going to be Alex McFarland anyway and I know I some other time. Saturday surprise and the like to know I podcast any of the previous show I

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