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Christian Leaders Complicit in Covid Propaganda Machine - Part 1

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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February 11, 2022 7:00 pm

Christian Leaders Complicit in Covid Propaganda Machine - Part 1

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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February 11, 2022 7:00 pm


James Macpherson, columnist, The Spectator Australia

Megan Basham, reporter, The Daily Wire

Over the last year, reports have been coming out of Australia that the country formerly known for its happy-go-lucky “G’day, mate!” disposition has slid into authoritarian beast mode in its response to Covid. The government’s heavy-handed mask and vaccine mandates, quarantine centers, travel strictures, and protest suppression, cheered on by the media, left many to question, “What’s up Down Under?”

So when the No. 1 tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic, arrived in Australia last month to compete in the Australian Open, an inevitable showdown occurred…but not on a tennis court. The issue was that Djokovic was unvaccinated but had received an exemption from the Victoria state government to enter the country, at least in part because he had recently overcome the virus.

Djokovic was detained upon arrival and quarantined for days while a legal battle ensued. The media spotlight from around the world was white-hot. Would one man who posed little-to-no health threat to anyone be allowed to stay? Sure to form, the federal government said no, deporting him “on health and good order grounds”.

The draconian repression of individual liberties taking place in Australia, Canada, Europe, and yes, America, should be concerning to Christians. While the faith will never be extinguished through government oppression—in fact, it often grows through it—every believer has the God-given desire to speak and live God’s truth in freedom.

James Macpherson, a columnist for The Spectator Australia, will join us from Sydney, Australia to discuss what is taking place in Australia.

Then Megan Basham, reporter for The Daily Wire, will join us to discuss how the most notable Christian leaders in America are willingly using their platforms to advance debunked Covid propaganda from government officials like Francis Collins, the former director of the National Institutes of Health and a professing Evangelical.

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Leaders propaganda machine that is a topic we discussed today. Right here on the Christian worldview with the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.

I'm David Weidner host the Christian worldview is a nonprofit radio ministry supported by listeners like you and our national sponsor Samaritan ministries who provide a biblical and frankly far better alternative to mainstream health insurance. Our website is the Christian in our toll-free number is one AAA 646-2233 over the last year.

Reports have been coming out of Australia that the country formally known for its happy-go-lucky good day mate disposition has slid into authoritarian beast mode.

In his response to covert the government's heavy-handed mask in vaccine mandates, quarantine centers, travel strictures in protest suppression cheered on by the media left many to question what's up down under. So on the number one tennis player in the world. Novak joke of it from Serbia arrived in Australia last month to compete in the Australian open and inevitable showdown occurred, but not on the tennis court. The issue was that joke of it was unvaccinated but had received an exemption from the victorious state government.

One of the states and Australia to enter the country, at least in part because joke of which had recently overcome the virus, but joke of which was detained upon arrival in quarantine for days while a legal battle ensued. The media spotlight from around the world was white-hot would one man who pose little to no health threat to anyone, be allowed to stay sure to form the federal government and Australia said no deporting him on quote health and good order grounds unquote. The draconian repression of Individual Liberties Taking Pl. in Australia, Canada, to our north Europe. And yes, America should be concerning to Christians while the faith will never be extinguished through government oppression.

In fact, often grow through it. Every believer has the God-given desire to speak and live God's truth in freedom, James McPherson, a columnist for the spectator. Australia joins us today from Sydney Australia to discuss what has been taking place there.

Then Megan Basham reported for the daily wire will join us to discuss how the most notable Christian leaders in America are willingly using their platforms to advance highly debatable or debunked covert propaganda from government officials like Francis Collins, the former director of the National Institutes of Health and also who is a professing evangelical you are highly encouraged to read Megan's recent expos on this entitled how the federal government used evangelical leaders to spread covert propaganda to churches we have it linked in our website the Christian but first let's speak with James McPherson colonists for the spectator in Australia in our regular couple of your recent columns about What Had Been Taking Pl. in Australia with regard to co-vivid and the more specifically the recent incident with Novak joke of which this was international news. Because of his high-profile nature, being normal in the world. He's 19 Australian open titles and he's also 120 grand slam title that's tied with the doll and Fedor the three players in the same generation of each 120 major titles, which is a record for each of them and they're both vying to see you can get the moles before they have to retire so this is a really big story from a sporting standpoint that the number one players been deported from Australia deplaning restaurant open, but also the whole element of co-vivid and we've heard here in America really the authoritarian manner in which Australian government has has dealt with this this virus.

So what was a situation like in Australia. Well, you know, we've had some of the most restrictive letdowns in the world here in Australia particularly in Melbourne which hosts the Australian open, so a lot of us were looking for to the tennis as some relief from the overbearing restrictions we can do it for the better part now of two years, but David, one of the things it's happened with describing opening date with a lot of sporting events in the spiders they become increasingly political and they being used to promote different political causes in a strategy might be a way. Margaret Court is out most famous tennis player sure she's one more grand slams and any other woman in the world and every year because of her strong stance against same-sex marriage is a campaign to remove her name from one of the mind courts.

The tournament is play the palm side so the LGBT QI lobby use this Dragon open every year to push vehicles and then this year. Of course, Novak arrives he has not disclosed his vaccination status and the government decided to use him as an example of what happens if you go against the narrative being that you must be vaccinated will somehow your terrible person and so Novak's crime was to arrive as a perfectly healthy, fit, young man, but without having had the vaccine and that goes against everything webbing Tollway being told. If you don't have the vaccine.

You are a danger to yourself. You're a danger to others and if he had come unvaccinated and won the Australian open as nonvaccinated man with cut against everything that the government is trying to inculcate people with so they could not allow that. And so they found a reason to deport him and make an example of him for many of us here in Australia we shot at the think if that's what they'll do to the number one tennis player with the allies of the world on Australia would they do to a private citizen who synonymous who stands against the government narrative, so it was quite incredible. I did and I think it it sends a message.

Not a good one about where Strider is at right now. Well that is really incredible James McPherson with us today on the Christian really a columnist for the spectator in Australia can read is calcium linked in our website the Christian so why did they let him in Australia in the first place it. If they merely were going to say well, as you wrote in your columns. This is going to create a problem because people who are anti-vaccination covert vaccination are going to be encouraged or inspired by him being able to come in the country. That's what the government said they said we can't allow him to stay because so-called anti-vexes and of course I've never met an anti-Baxa club met lots of people who have questions. I've met lots of people who have concerns but they will be labeled anti-vexes which is is most intellectually lazy form of argument these days were instead of engaging with people's genuine concern. She simply label them as antimissile anti-that them and therefore you can dismiss them completely, but the government argued that somehow if if Novak was in the country, his very presence would inspire people to resist the vaccine and it's as if I imagine that every time Novak hit the crosscourt forehand winner and a 50 Australians would suddenly become unvaccinated as if he had these magical powers.

It was quite insulting to the intelligence of the strivings if you will hesitant to take the vaccine don't think the presence of a Serbian tennis player is somehow going to affect you one way or the other end and so was quite insulting to suggest that Australians are so infantile that they would take them medical cues from a foreign tennis player but anyway, back to your original question, how did they end up with Novak in the country there's a lot of conjecture about this and this is my suspicion, though at this point it's only suspicion I think tennis astride Woodberry King to have Novak here as you said in your introduction. He and the dollar tied on 20 grand slam wins H so the Australian open issue would be incredible with the two of them battling each other to become the most winningest player in history tennis astride he clearly wanted Novak in the atonement I he's worth a lot of money to them and I think tennis astride encouraged Novak that it would be okay if he just got here and if he had certain documents, he would be fine. I think that's what Novak was told, I think tennis astride your privately hoped that though it wasn't completely in order that once he got here, the Australian government would waive him through because after releasing them one tennis player and and they wouldn't want international embarrassment. What tennis astride your I suspect on the estimated was just how determined the Australian government to push. They covered narrative and of course would go to a federal election coming up later this year and in this country. If you've been strong on covert and restrictions. You you go up in the opinion polls. It's not like how I understand Florida is in America where if you give people freedom you become more popular in astride he would go to spook the situation with the more you restrict people's freedoms them will I love you and so the federal government who are trailing in the polls with an election looming decided this was a good opportunity to show how tough they on security and how committed they are keeping people safe. Even keeping people safe from a God who does nothing more than tennis balls across the court so Novak arrived on the Australian government called his bluff and sent him harm. What was interesting is that a court overturned the original visa cancellation because of the way that Novak was treated he was denied fantasy erogenous strategy was kept in an interview room for about eight hours after an international flight. I he was told that he could contact his lawyers that morning before his lawyers were even out of bed the Australian border force said you know what went up and allow you the opportunity was to cancel your visa and deport you immediately. Well that was appealed in court and the court found he was treated unfairly and that he should be allowed to stay within the federal government immediately appealed that and went to the federal court and the federal court found, not that Novak was breaking any loopholes basically found that the government under Al legislation has the right to kick anybody out of the country for any reason I want so visa was eventually canceled.

But as I said no because Novak did the wrong thing simply because the legislation here gives the immigration minister the power to expel a foreign awful pretty much any reason, so know that never had much of a chance and the reason really was and that they said it out loud was that they didn't want to inspire more anti-vaccination sentiment. Meanwhile at something like you wrote in your column that 90% of the country is quote unquote vaccinated, and yet the caseload all over the place is thousands and thousands of of cases per day and the idea that I think Australia has this covert zero purpose that they think they're going eliminate covert or something.

How does the public go along with more restrictions causes them to support those who put more of these really authoritarian restrictions on them. How does that work ethic astride his unite in an abusive relationship that government and I think when you're in an abusive relationship. You don't want to admit that you are in an abusive relationship.

The artifacts that truth because that's that's a terrible thing to have to face and so instead you rationalize and you make excuses for your abuser believing that ultimately know it's going to be all right nonfunctional. Their intentions are good, than if I just do this latest thing that they have asked me to do. That's all going to work out and I think astride using this strange relationship with our government with the nasty layout to us. The more we justify an excuse them because we would rather believe that, and face the truth that would be taken for a ride. The government originally told us just give us two weeks to prepare L health system and then you be released from lockdown will in a two week lockdown turned into months and months and months of lockdowns. Then I said I just get vaccinated and will give you back your freedoms. Now they're saying will get vaccinated. But when you continually change the definition of vaccinated to remain 1/3 booster shots and and probably 1/4 booster shot and even then when not sure if we'll be out of the give you back your freedoms and in the strivings of going along with this continually believing that if we just do that. The next thing the fastest today will will after that everything will be okay.

Much of the country is so invested in this now that it would be very difficult to turn around because we have to admit we've been fools and taken for a ride. Who wants to admit that. So for the moment at least most of the country is prepared to just keep going along with this thing and I hope that needle results itself. It's quite incredible situation within the cells and in comes to the Tennessean of the Australian open, you would know this.

Having played there. I became known around the world is that the happy slam and if you're familiar with the strivings with his happy-go-lucky demeanor she will be right everything is good that Estrella has disappeared in the last two years and would become a nation of dead witnesses who are literally so anxious and so stressful that we wet the bed almost every other not fearing for our lives from a virus that I'm not saying COBIT is not serious for some people, but let's face it, 99% of people who contract carbon recover without any problem. And yet it's become the dominant Fincher of animation directing everything from school policy to economic policy to help evaluate your listening to the Christian worldview and David week can support this radio ministry by calling one AAA 646-2233 visiting the Christian writing to Box 401 Excelsior, MN 55331 what happened. How do you break down American Christianity message that they're going out and taking the world is not you need to repent of your sin receive Christ the messages you actually have. They are under the weight of races or sex is for homophobia. The proceeding is from enemies within the church, a two hour documentary film that exposes how social justice ideology is infecting the church you can order the DVD for a donation of any amount to the Christian worldview go to the Christian or call one AAA eight 646-2233 right to Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331.

That's one AAA eight 646-2233 or the Christian knowing myself not really hungry.

It was never crossing my mind and dilated face any sort of language shield as I went to get a mammogram and the doctor walked in and immediately started tearing. She said Kelsey had known you for years and this is really hard for me to tell you it is breast cancer because I'm a member I knew that I had complete freedom in regards to which providers I saw treatment by winning. They are so generous when cancer needs a lot of other decisions to make.

How I was going to pay for and where I was going to be one of the things I was concerned about such a beautiful negative Samaritan community of Christians caring for each other with a biblical solution to healthcare. Learn W back to David week visit our website the Christian you can subscribe to our free weekly email an annual print letter order resources for adults and children and support the ministry were speaking with James McPherson today columnist for the spectator Australia. I really thought your columns were good. There's a lot of satire that is really well-placed. I think this this covert delusion that is taken over the world where hearing in America about quarantine camps in Australia and just really severe lockdowns and arrests and everything else describe the more really troubling aspects of the authoritarian nature of how Australia is dealing with this liquid had some bizarre incidents. We had a pregnant woman who posted on Facebook advertising freedom much and she had the police turn up at home arm confiscate her divorce and the rest to sickly for posting on social media advertising a freedom much of this was the first way is a strivings news that you can get in trouble simply advertising a protest march on social media. The fact that she was a pregnant woman in her own home did not dissuade police request. With the with that freedom matches every weekend for months now, and must that Capital Cities will we had police shoot protesters with rubber bullets.

These were peaceful protesters and peaceful protesters in the sense that CNN renewal country to peaceful protesters, but these were really peaceful protesters that want setting fire to anything that went lifting anything that was simply matching in support of civil rights and the police turn the Limited try to disperse them by shooting rubber bullets at them. I've never in my lifetime seen anything like that in Australia and what was crazy was that the Australian government's allowed people to march in support of black lives matter, but you couldn't match for your own civil rights to be restored due to coded restrictions somehow coded the virus recognizes valid protests and invalid protests if you mount for black lives matter you won't get infected. But if you match the civil rights will the virus recognizes that's not valid and it will infect you and cause you to get sick sides of the bowl. These inconsistencies, there are in Victoria that he created rules that met you once led to travel more than 5 km from your own home, you're only allowed out for a couple of hours a day to exercise.

You weren't allowed to go to work in the Northern Territory right now if you I'm vaccinated. You're not allowed to leave home at old North exercise to work.

So these are perfectly healthy people who have effectively under house imprisonment for the crime of refusing a medical procedure.

To me it's just astonishing that we are in a situation like that in Estrella, one of the great democracies of the world. Up until a couple of years ago and I could go on this being a lot of crazy goals and down and ridiculous legislation. It's displaying was unimaginable until a couple of years ago and I want to ask about that next James McPherson with us today here on the Christian review radio program coming to us from Sydney Australia. He's a columnist for the spectator in Australia.

You can find the link to I want to read this paragraph from one of your columns in there just again. Very good.

The one entitled welcome to Australia made jab or jail you said no that joke of it would not have had a problem entering Australia if he had just gotten jabbed.

According to a senior sports journalist at the estuary newspaper will of course you're right. Why didn't Novak think of that.

It is easy to solve problems. You're right.

If we all this vote Labor Party, which is kinda left in your country, there will be no arguments if we all become atheists or will be no religious differences. If we all go vegan.

There will be no climate wars. Novak should just rolled up his sleeve and the problem would've been solved and then you say most of us have been coerced to be vaccinated, and so Novak should be coerced to its now the Australian way and of course when everyone has been coerced. It's much easier to imagine that no one has been coerced jumping off that last answer you gave. How do you explain how a Western democracy which I'm assuming has individual liberties of Bill of Rights to some extent enshrined in your Constitution has turned so authoritarian so quickly and then part two of that. What is the point of all this command-and-control because it's clearly not stopping the spread of covert means not doing what they're saying is supposed to do.

We don't have a Bill of Rights Australia strikers always exercise common sense that Constitution is set up so that freedoms are assumed and we we've never really needed a Bill of Rights. Of course, many of us are talking now about the fact that maybe we ought to get one in terms of your question. How did we get here and what's what's the overall agenda. I think there's a couple of things that have coalesced because I actually don't think Australia has suddenly changed nothing covert perhaps is revealed. What has been lying beneath the surface of things and had been unrecognized until now. I think there's been a growing desire for more government and a belief that government can solve all problems when you describe Christianity. And when you when you put God to the side. Then all of a sudden, if there is no God to to help us then you start to turn to government because you will look to someone for salvation. If you're not looking to God for salvation you stop to look to the government and of course that's a floored way to think because the government is his floored people and so for a number of years now. There's been a growing desire for government to solve every problem and to intervene in every situation and the scope it has been the perfect opportunity for those in government and in bureaucracy seeking more power to do just that. Because of our emergency locals and what we didn't strike me was our politicians forget emergency locals which were designed for situation with perhaps a study was involved in a war what it was some cataclysmic events that required the government to act immediately without parliamentary authority. In other words, the government don't have to go back to the people to ask permission. They can just act unilaterally and they don't need live to just like they can simply dictate what happens that this was designed really for just maybe a period of a couple of weeks so the government could get stability before they return to Parliament and had you process will we had a two year emergency now where the government just dictate edicts about what can copy down and they keep extending these emergency powers for another three months another three months as a said he would bring in the scope emergency now from the two years I think that certain parts of our political elites see COBIT is a wonderful opportunity to expand the reach of government to shut down ideological enemies who they might disagree with not just about carbon vaccines but better a range of other social issues.

It's a chance to shut down senior role as people and to exercise greater control than they would ever have had the opportunity to exercise nothing. That's why some politicians are invested in keeping the covert emergency going for as long as they can personally, I do think in this enough that's been said to to give me grounds for believing that the covert emergency will evolve into the climate emergency in many of the same restrictions were seen used as a weapon against carbon will be employed and will be told it's to thought cataclysmic climate change, but I believe they'll find a reason to continue with this because there are certain portions of society who want big government by one control and they want to a suppressant and if I can smash ideological enemies is the old expression goes, never waste a good crisis and certain people are determined not to waste covert. I think you hit the nail on the head there James McPherson with us today on the Christian review radio program from Sydney Australia he writes for the spectator in Australia. You can find out more, read his columns find out his twitter handle and so forth by going to our website the Christian you write about how language has been co-opted during this time you people don't die of covert they die with co-vid.

Then you also talk about that there's a cognitive dissonance with regard to covert like you write one of your columns that there is 37,000 new covert cases yesterday for the day rather calm 90% vaccination rate and then you say that there is universally vaccinated cricket teams there having covert outbreaks were told that getting the so-called vaccine reduces your symptoms wearily know that how would you know that because once you get the vaccine.

You have no idea what a been like to get covert without it, how do you explain this this cognitive dissonance where you look at the facts of deaths and adverse reactions the vaccine.

The fact it is a really truly protect you from getting or spreading it in yet they continue to be able to pull this off and and lockdown society whipping conditioned to live with lies for long time now and the most obvious example is we are told that if a man believes himself to be a woman, then he is a woman and that everyone must recognize him as her and we must use different pronouns and and no one is allowed to raise any objection to any of this.

Otherwise you will be smeared as a bigot and a high-tech and so we will go along with this. I know in America. It's very similar to Canada is an interesting place right now in the Stryker is no different. And as I think all transgendered thing gives us a bit of a clue as to what's happening. We we've been conditioned to go along with things that we know instinctively are not true. And yet we want to admit that to anybody week we just go along with it and I think it's really dangerous situation where the population is cowered into telling lies, and of course the more you tell lies. The more you ultimately come to believe them yourself that a sale that to say what were quite used to living with this cognitive dissonance now infect you go to perfect cognitive dissonance to survive in Western culture where you continually being told something that you know instinctively is not right but you got to go along with it to survive. Otherwise you lose your job you be demonized on social media, you will lose a lot of your friends and so you go along to get along and some people can say well you know it doesn't really matter what harm is being done yet might not really hurt anybody to to say that if a man believes himself to be a woman will and he is progressing in women's sport. Right now it it's not just live and let live it. It does have real-world consequences for people in women's sport is now in jeopardy because of this, it creates a dangerous situation with with people will listen to lies and just know didn't go along with them because it creates a situation where people can get away with anything and so governments and telling us things we instinctively know not true, but we told don't believe your lying eyes. Believe us in a classic example.

Alluded to it earlier was in and we also around the world was when thing was CNN had a reporter talking about a peaceful protest while while the city burned behind them and so we were literally told don't believe your lying eyes disbelief away being told by the media and we'll go along with it. Who knows what's going to happen in the future and if if the population of being told to be quiet and being told to shut up and go along with things. It creates a situation where a tyrant could get away with murder and the population would just nod and go along.

Having been conditioned to shut their mouths and be quiet and so I think it's a dangerous situation with gotten ourselves into its wide mock people like you David and your program which encourages people to say things that you know in other parts of the meeting would not be allowed to say.

I think speaking truth is very important.

It really is and I look at the situation with Joe covets coming to Australia coming in the coming country legally. Then, deep being once they saw the uproar being deported because we can't have this. This is going inspire core anti-factors. The 10% of the country you know but I actually think Novak Joe covets whether he knows it or not was standing up for the second most important issue in the world right now. The individual liberty to choose to put what you want in your own body not have someone coerce you to do that or lose your job over it or be kicked out of the country.

I think he he he stood up for the second biggest issue with the first biggest issue part 100. That is, I believe the biggest issue in the world is the gospel how sinful man can be made right with a holy God.

That's the biggest issue now is setting up for that, but it is a big issue of individual liberties that he took a stand on, and I respect him a lot for that.

I really hope it makes a difference because as he's returned.

I think to Europe is from Serbia. We see news reports of what's going on in Europe. Similar I think in many cases to Australia. But maybe even going to be getting stricter mandatory vaccinations everywhere. Vaccine mandates and then the vaccine card, passport in Europe. Last question James is, where is this going in the world to me that this is does not. This seems like a biblical revelation end time scenario where you have a gigantic government being able to regulate where people go what they can do whether they can work whether they can buy or sell. Where do you see this going rate James McPherson will answer that question coming up. You're listening to a Christian worldview.

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James McPherson, columnist for the spectator in Australia is our guest today.

Let's get back to our conversation last question James is, where is this going in the world to me that this is does not. This seems like a biblical revelation end time scenario where you have a gigantic government being able to regulate where people go what they can do whether they can work whether they can buy or sell. Where do you see this going before we get to that. I think your point on bodily autonomy was really important when you agree with Novak's stance on vaccinations or not. The big issue is, does the government have the right to tell you what you should do or must do with your own body and sadly frighteningly many people at least in our country seem to believe that the government do have the right to dictate what you do with your own body that must be the first sportsman in the world to be disqualified for not taking a drug but once you got yourself in a situation where the government are able to tell you what you must do with your own body by arming the government on you.

This is no longer going than bodily autonomy. What do you have and it's frightening to think that most people don't understand the simple thing that you articulated so well. This is an incredibly important principle for getting vaccination or not vaccination. The big issue is bodily autonomy and so on with you why I salute Novak is not one of the most popular place you in strike because he's a bit of a robot. We prefer material send or use of a John McEnroe taught we we prefer those figures in a stray release we used now we we quite like rebel to go along with the covenant where we going look a lot of people believe, as you pointed out that social credit school is coming that all of our actions will be monitored and rewarded. All will be penalized for actions that don't make government requirements. Whether it's that in terms of the admissions that we use the food we ate the things that we say or don't say. And somehow that our ability to enter a livelihood or to trade and did business will be dependent upon us performing certain things and saying certain things.

It's not difficult to imagine. That's where we going. The trolley already in China is not difficult to see with the technology being put in place you in strategy we have vaccine certificates on our farms that have to be shown in order to into restaurants. In some places to get a haircut, you got to show you vaccination certificate until digitalized this talk of more things going digitalized. It's not hard to see this being used down the track to exercise far greater control over people and not just according to whether your vaccinated, but according to when it expressed the right opinions will not that that's a scary proposition.

What you think is driving this authoritarian worldview. One of the interesting things attempting at the moment is increased control by supra-national organizations like the world economic forum United Nations increasingly what happens in our nation is nothing decided by lectors, but being decided by globalist organizations and applications sing more concerned about reporting to them than they do. Reporting to the electric. Even my non-Christian journalist friends they will think we headed for one will government not in the sense that there will be a president of the world or an antichrist figure, but they will believe that there will be less and less national sovereignty and more globalized parties that dictate to everybody across the world how you must live in than their own.

Desperately afraid of that as well will. Let's hope that fear leads them to understanding this is where the Bible in Revelation says it's going to go to a globalized government led by a global leader in that many will come to saving faith in Christ before it's too late. We so appreciate that you are speaking the truth about What Is Taking Pl. in Australia. All of God's best in grace to you James. Keep up the great work and I hope we can we can talk again and get an update down the road you would love it. Thanks so much for having it's always a joy to speak to friends from the United States love America, love what you doing and privilege to be involved for thanks much for having okay that was James McPherson, a columnist for the spectator in Australia.

We have some of his articles that he's written about what we are talking about today link to our website. The Christian know what's taking place there is basically what's Taking Pl. in Canada right now with just heavy-handed lockdowns vaccine mandates vaccine passport you can't cross the border without a vaccine passport and this is why the truckers there are protesting with. If they driven to Ottawa with a capital on their part. Their trucks are honking horns in protest of the Canadian government led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's very much of a leftist, of course, the typical playbook of the left is to castigate the truckers as white supremacist. But the truth is there protesting to keep their individual liberties. As we mentioned in the interview James McPherson there really standing up for the second most important issue in the world which is individual liberty to make choices in life and not have mandates come down from government. The second most important issue. After the gospel. So as you make a bit of a transition here in the program today.

This is why it's a hard thing to reconcile why Christian leaders in America are using their platforms for government propaganda, whether on the issue of masks, vaccines, church shutdowns and other things that the government try to tell us about COBIT Megan Basham is a daily wire reporter and a believer and she just wrote a explosive must read article on this is that we spoke to her this week were just going to play a snippet of the interview before playing the interview in its entirety next week is part of that conversation with Megan Basham how the federal government used evangelical leaders to spread covert propaganda to churches that there really is that the thesis of the calm that there is a government. The Biden administration. The NIH is a government funded organization, the director of at the head guy, Francis Collins, that he used not just evangelical leaders but willing evangelical leaders like Ned Stetzer, like Rick Warren like NT Wright and this is all linked and evidenced in your article. Like Tim Keller. Christianity today, the gospel coalition. These are the big headliners and evangelicalism. Basically, they were willingly used by Collins and the government to all users were propagandize the evangelical world.

Other regular Christians churches pastors via this kind of media tour that he went on raise representing again the Biden administration Anthony Fouts. She works for Francis Collins at the time to get what we know now is a false narrative about COBIT like the virus came from an animal, not a lab in Wuhan that adding the vaccine or wearing a mask about loving your neighbor mass stop the spread of the virus and if you believe otherwise. Well, you're just a conspiracy theorist, so let me just read directly from your column or you talk about the types of policies that Francis Collins has led the national Institute of health you write. Perhaps the evangelical elites willingness to unhesitatingly credit Collins with unimpeachable honesty has something to do with his rather Mr. Rogers like appearance and gentle demeanor going by his concrete record.

However, he seems like a strange ambassador to spread the government's covert messaging to theologically conservative congregations other than his assertions of his personal Christian faith. There is almost no public stance Collins has taken that would mark him out as someone of like mind with the everyday believers to whom he was appealing.

So the obvious question is why has Francis Collins been so revered as this evangelical Christian. Then, I'm trying out critical thinking in the presentation at hand. He was out there and quite vocally supportive at times with Russell Moore and had any ERS DVR and the policy because all very Christian rather that I now lending their credibility and their contagion as men of integrity to Francis Collins getting one example. Rick Warren presented as a man of integrity and contrast so contract is a good man is a strong Christian even now at little in his record went back that and be very clear that people find when I was at work. You can find articles in time magazine. Thank because Francis Collins had these relationships with leaders in the evangelical world.

He went to mainland Anthony Patty was dispatched to secular media cons was dispatched to the Christian media sound disorder tour as you described it, and in all instances presented as a voice to listen to a voice to consider and maybe we will also based on their expert medical opinion. He was present and he is questionable sound give you an example. When he talked about churches not needing CM Tim Keller agreed that represented the churches who chose to go and start meeting again before the government that they claim churches like John MacArthur's in California. They were presented at the bad and ugly, good, bad and ugly COBIT responses within the church. There were other days where he and NT Wright near Christians you have question about math wearing are the vaccine dates. Write me a check and validate these people seem to think Jesus is my vaccine very Jesse presentation medical opinion anywhere now finding that there is a lot of debate on the whole background o'clock mass are as Francis Collins claimed a lifesaving medical device and dairy matching question now.

He presented it with specifically dealing these things shine down churches wearing her math getting back how you live that you love your neighbor needs major Christian leaders and pastors came along that there was no pushback there was now critical thinking there is no debate about that issue for me was where the story really got interesting because they want me I'll concerning marriage here of church and state where the state is now using the chart messages that it wants to spread and just turned out to be something that would have been personally damaging to Collins and South.

If you're following the probably seen a lot of secular mainstream outlets that Collins and Patty email to now need to wear day and we need to suppress a story about the last week.

At the virus originated in a lab which is very reasonable now. Now that very early scientists came to Collins and Co. we believe that the very reason the likely origin and the credit. I worked in the past that will be going to Christian media. You also find common thing. Thank you Christianity today. Thank this is what nature may human did not create fire and so you have a Christian out that furthering back narrative, after wrote an article again repeating that it is conspiracy. Gary was indulging in for Christians to spread this idea Wuhan last week.

Gary well at that point. When it became more apparent. In fact, it was lightly where the coronavirus came from sensors article on Christianity today disappeared. No editorial no acknowledgment and the only reason it was because it was no change in the way back machine if you're familiar now.

It will sometimes archive old article even if there delete. You can find them so that was where I found that they knew they had strained and going to acknowledge the mistakes it was going to write that was Megan Basham from the daily wire, a reporter there you can read your were going to play the whole interview next week, so be sure to tune in for that.

It's a very troubling situation but also very illuminating so much of this covert hysteria and the overreaction to it is based on fear of fear of dying, despite the fact that 99.9% of those who get covert will survive it, but my gender and from proclaiming the gospel ministry wrote a very insightful couple paragraphs this week in his newsletter. He said the fear physical death enslaves those who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ.

They are more than willing to give up their God-given rights and freedoms to trust an honest, trustworthy government to protect them. They gladly submit to government mask mandates contact tracing compulsory shots and lockdowns to protect them from the virus. Their constant fear and anxiety of physical death paralyzes them and makes them more susceptible to manipulation and control. I'll just interject to say that this is exactly why people are so willing to give up their individual liberties in exchange for quote unquote safety Mike goes on to say get their greater fear should be eternal death, where they will suffer the just punishment for their sins in a place of torment where they consciously experience pain and thirst from a burning fire. The horror and hopelessness is terrifying because the eternal state of punishment for their sins is your reversible. There is no second chance in no escape man's eternal destiny is sealed at the moment of physical death. This is the bad news dying of covert is one thing that's bad enough, but dying without being reconciled to God and being justly sent to hell will there's nothing worse than that.

But here's the good news. The Bible says believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved, you will literally be saved from God's wrath and judgment over your sin, because God sent his son Jesus Christ. His perfect son to come to earth and live a perfect life and then to offer himself on that cross as payment for your sin. If you've never repented and put your faith in Christ. We encourage you, we exhort you, we urge you in the strongest way possible. Do that today. You can find out more by going to our website. The Christian and click on the page. What must I do to be saved, thank you for joining us today on the Christian worldview. Thanks also to our Christian worldview partners and Samaritan ministry's for funding today's program just a moment there will be information on how you can hear a replay of today's program order transcripts and resources and support this nonprofit radio ministry, so be encouraged. We may live in a challenging world, one in which even Christian leaders use their platforms to advance government propaganda. But here's who we should trust the Bible says Jesus Christ and his word are the same yesterday and today and forever until next time think biblically live accordingly and stand firm. The mission of the Christian worldview is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians into proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. We hope today's broadcast encouraged you toward that end, to hear a replay of today's program. Order a transcript to find out what must I do to be saved. Go to the Christian or call toll-free 1888 646-2233. Christian worldview was a listener supported nonprofit radio ministry furnished by the over comer foundation to make a donation become a Christian worldview partner order resources subscriber free newsletter or contact us visit the Christian 1888 646-2233 right to Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331 that's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331. Thanks for listening to the Christian worldview

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