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Enemies Within the Church Part 2: The Grand Scheme

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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January 28, 2022 7:00 pm

Enemies Within the Church Part 2: The Grand Scheme

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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January 28, 2022 7:00 pm

GUEST: MICHAEL O’FALLON, Founder, Sovereign Nations

Everywhere you look—government, education, media, entertainment, corporate America, and yes, the evangelical church—a toxic ideology has seeped in and overtaken the country.

Called “critical theory” or “social justice” or “woke-ism”, the ideology casts whites, males, Christians, and heterosexuals as oppressors and their opposites as victims in need of liberation, justice, and equity. The “system” must be blown up and rebuilt.

It’s not surprising when non-Christians believe and propagate these lies but it’s another story when Evangelical leaders and churches become “allies” in the social justice movement. You might hear something like “church boards need to diversify” or “seminaries need books from BIPOC authors” (Black Indigenous People of Color) and not just from a “white perspective”.

The social justice movement has become so pervasive so quickly that it seems like there’s a coordinated effort to transform Evangelical Christianity.

Michael O’Fallon, the founder of Sovereign Nations and a featured guest in the Enemies Within: The Church documentary, joins us on The Christian Worldview to explain how the social justice movement began and who is behind it...

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Enemies within the church to the grand scheme that is a topical discussed today. Right here on the Christian worldview radio program with the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. I'm David we host in our website is the Christian Thank you for joining us today for your support of this listener supported ministry and also to our national sponsor Samaritan ministries provide a biblical solution to healthcare. Everywhere you look.

Whether it's government, education, media, entertainment, corporate America and yes the evangelical church a toxic ideology has seeped in and overtaken this country called critical theory or social justice or woke is him the ideology cast whites.

Males Christians and heterosexuals as oppressors and their opposites as victims in need of liberation, justice and equity" system must be blown up and rebuilt. That's not surprising when non-Christians believe and propagate these lies, but it's another story. When evangelical leaders and churches become court and court allies in the social justice movement, you might hear something like quote church boards need to diversify."

Or quote seminaries need books from by pock authors unquote bipod meeting black indigenous people of color and not just cortical white authors. The social justice movement has become so pervasive, so quickly that it seems like a coordinated effort to transform evangelical Christianity.

Last week we heard from the executive producer of the film enemies within the church.

One of the guests in the film is named Trevor Lowden believe he is from New Zealand and he's expert in dealing with communist and socialist infiltration in the societies.

Here's what he has to say in the film above a coordinated effort against the church. Even before the Bolshevik revolution, American Communists and socialists were plotting to bring this country down one of the very first communist France formed in America. The Methodist Federation for socialist action was formed by Harry Ward from Union theological seminary, and he sprayed communist doctrines right through the Protestant churches in America that the enemies of America understood that America was a very strong country and that the churches with the backbone of America so had a unit destroy America you have to do it from the inside and you have to get inside the churches. That's exactly what is taking place this Marxist based ideology of critical race theory, social justice, whatever you want to call it is now not only in the mainline denominations that are way off the board. Years and decades ago, but now within the wants biblical, evangelical church in this country again.

That was from the film enemies within the church. In this next soundbite is also from the documentary just to give you a flavor of what this ideology sounds like when it is preached from the pulpit. This woman can't remember what her name was. But this is typical of one who has swallowed the lie of critical race theory and applied it to the Bible humanity on our meeting and all that. If you follow your heart and a Jesus rod you have what is your privilege you you can see clearly the kingdom of heaven, and what looked like a great and those that are suffering oppression. Jesus is for everyone. Jesus, for just as she spoke out against government justice. I think will be difficult to get a soundbite that better exemplifies what this critical race theory sounds like in this Christian sounding language use references of the Bible about Jesus that he was full of privilege and power. He gave it all up, just as you need to give it all up, especially if you're white.

If you're following a white Jesus you're going the wrong way. The purpose of Jesus to liberate the oppressed, that's that's this ideology that that's really liberation theology, the Communists have use this to a T. The Bible and Jesus are not about the salvation of individual souls about the salvation of communities and nations in the oppressed that we have enemies within the church.

This to our documentary that so well describes how this movement of social justice has just upended the evangelical church. You can order it on our website the Christian for donation of any amount to the ministry or call us one 888 646-2233. Just this week a story came out that the Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is retiring and this from the patriot poster said 83-year-old Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, who was a Bill Clinton appointee is being forcibly retired by partisans after nearly 28 years in the High Court.

The lack of an official announcement this week from the court itself is remarkable. It tells us a great deal, namely that Breyer himself wasn't ready to make the announcement in a faux show of solidarity.

Breyer will attend Joe Biden's remarks on his retirement. But make no mistake he's being put out to pasture. He's been kicked to the curb in favor of an as yet unnamed black woman. So it goes in the race obsessed world of the left. This is critical race theory applied to who he will point for a supreme court justice and that relates exactly to what we heard in that last soundbite.

Everything must be driven within a racial framework is matter fact present in Biden said this very thing when he was campaigning for president. Just listen to this I committed to the five elected president have an opportunity to appoint someone to the courts will be up I'll appoint the first black woman of the court's required that they have representation now is long overdue. Secondly, if I'm elected president Mike Mike cabinet Mike administration will look like the country and I commit that I will in fact appoint a pick a woman to be vice president or a number of women who are qualified be president tomorrow. I would pick a woman to be my vice president. It's amazing that you can be so blatantly racist and discriminatory and sexist when appoint a black woman to the court and when appoint a female vice president in our day and age. Just get away with it that's literally against the law to do hiring based on someone's race but apparently there's no accountability for this kind of statement needs Artie follow through on on half of it with appointing Kamala Harris as his running mate, like the woman who was speaking earlier, there is no more obvious example in the political realm of critical race theory than what Joe Biden just said is discriminatory. It's illegal, it's racism is demeaning when should we try to find the most qualified justice to interpret our Constitution. We will a black female, justice, rule more in favor of black women therefore against nonblack women is the law interpreted differently if one is black and female. That's what is called standpoint epistemology are guested in the program will get into what that is. Epistemology is how we know what we know you've heard this term lived experience as if that's a basis for truth that's critical race theory what Joe Biden is saying is we need the perspective of a black person and a female black person on the Supreme Court so that the law can be interpreted correctly, it can't be interpreted correctly without these diverse racial perspectives on the court. I don't want to get down that road too much here because I want to get back to the film enemies within the church and our guest for the day.

His name is Michael Fallon he's the founder of sovereign nations and is also a featured guest in the film enemies within the church. He joins us today in the Christian worldview to explain how the social justice movement began. Where did this all come from and what is the grand scheme behind it.

I think you will find this perspective very compelling, and one that goes a long way toward explaining what is going on right now Mike, thank you for coming on the Christian worldview radio program today. Tell us how you came to saving faith in Christ and what you do at sovereign nations that was baptized Catholic, but it was sore and my mid-twenties is 25, 26, I started to attend a midweek Bible study and in that midweek Bible study, which is where I met my mind.

Eventually it would be my wife.

We did about studying Galatians and in Galatians was a verse by verse.

Expository exegetical studies began to really wrestle with some of the things that I had seen in conflict in the Roman Catholic Church. When I say that in the Roman Catholic Church. I was very much involved.

My family was either employed by the Roman Catholic Church. I have a an uncle that was a priest, but I have been struggling with some things in terms of the Roman Catholic Church will be a progressive direction, especially when I was at the University of Florida saw some things that just didn't jive and ended up going to a more conservative Catholic Church just outside of town where the priest was very open about the influence of Marx, and Hegel. The dialectic actually within the Catholic Church. So for many years. I think it was prepared for then would be a real true invasion of the of the Lord Jesus Christ in my life. Through the Bible studying Galatians were I understood that it was not by my work that I could do anything, was simply by the grace of Christ, so through that. Then I really think I basically had a looser moment and thought it was my job to basically try to convert as many people as possible. Let the Catholic Church that was very, very difficult for my family and then I started to really get involved in Christian apologetics when I get involved in Christian apologetics are doing conferences, debates, and so for this going back to 1999 and then eventually that led me to start a company that we do conferences and cruises and I would use all profits to continue then to put on my own conferences and debates and I think that that's how I got to know you did, then how did sovereign nations come about. Well David there was a time I think when I met you back in 2009. All that was about the time that I'll say start to pick up a number of other clients, some of which had attachments to folks that were very much in favor of what was happening.

The Chinese Communist Party. Some of these folks were attached to organizations like the world economic forum, the Asia Society and the Council on foreign relations. So we start doing some of the readings we started mixing with those people and a lot of those folks they became friends and clients, but through that time. I started to hear a lot of things as well try to understand that there were other plans. There were some things were coming down the pike in the next decade that could change everything.

And the way that those things would take place would be really not just a question of bringing in ideologies into the church. This was really a meta-system change in the works that everything had to change education had to change the economy had changed the way in which we have our system of government had to change. We were going from really a national system to a supranational system and to have these changes take place in the in a technological or technocratic way.

We also had to start to phase our faith is will all face not just Christianity, but every single faith in the world had to start to change and basically develop the same ideological theological paradigms and so this was that between 2009 2013 and really creating a new faith that you will an ecumenical sense, but that was my first introduction to a lot of these things so sovereign nations started trying to tell a lot of my clients that were in Christianity.

A lot of my clients that were in politics as well as a lot of folks involved in business with that these changes were coming and we had to do something about it. Unfortunately, most people because it sounds crazy when you bring this and say look, there's going to be this thing is like a total reset of the world that will be coming out in cursive them to read Richard Florida's book that he wrote in 2009, 2008 really is when he wrote it called the great reset and it really explained what the plans would be eventually in terms of the complete reset everything that we have every paradigm changed the people look at me and as it I've kind of lost my mind and that is okay, might well that would never happen in Christianity that would never happen really in America would never allow that to happen but then he would start to see especially good. 2012 all the way through about 2017 it sealed real hard press to begin to really transition special in Christianity from a gospel oriented really and exegetical faith are faith, of course, is defined in our confessions kind of Christianity that all the sudden moving towards a Christianity that is really focused more on social justice now. I had a meeting at Doug's of the best convention about 12 years ago, when myself as well.

Brother Tomas goes with me and we were having dinner with men by the name of extensor and during that meeting Ed was saying the same things that I was hearing from my Chinese counterparts that were my clients. Basically that there's a change coming and there's nothing you can do about everything's going to be changing. We need to move in our paradigms to what truth works as opposed to just an objective approach to faith and to truth, so I'm hearing all the same things I heard from others, and it really started to make me question, but as I tried to explain to a lot of my my brothers in ministry and so forth and I understand there's a cognitive dissonance that can't be something that's happening here. It wouldn't happen here, but in fact it did.

By the time we got to 2017. I pretty much determined that no other ministry that I was deleted with was going to take this on.

So I began sovereign nations and of first conference I had. I did have James light and that is will Jordan Peterson, Jim Jordan Peterson because Jordan knows exactly what's going on and how so we need to start explaining things to everybody and that's really where sovereign nations found its niche Christian worldview. Wheaton returns in just a moment what happened, how do you break down American Christianity message that they're going out and taking the world is not you need to repent of your sin receive Christ messages you actually have they under the weight of racism or sexism or homophobia, the proceeding is from enemies within the church, a two hour documentary film that exposes how social justice ideology is infecting the church you can order the DVD for a donation of any amount to the Christian worldview go to the Christian or call 1888 646-2233 right to Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331 that's 1888 646-2233 or the Christian knowing myself. I really how it was never crossing my mind and I would base any sort of language and help initiate this, I went to get a mammogram and the doctor walked in and immediately started tearing. She said Kelsey had known for years and this is really hard for me to tell you saying it is breast cancer because I'm a Samaritan member.

I knew that I had complete freedom in regards to treatment my winnings again. They are so generous when I make how I was going to pay for and where I was going to be one of the things I was concerned about such beautiful negative Samaritan community of Christians caring for each other with a biblical solution to healthcare.

Learn more and Samaritan W. Welcome back to the Christian worldview sure to visit our website the Christian we can subscribe to a free weekly email an annual print newsletter resources for adults and children and support the ministry. Now back to today's program with host David Wheaton, Michael Fallon joins us today here in the Christian worldview radio program, the founder of sovereign is talked about that. Their website is sovereign he Jos podcast there call public occurrences very in depth on these issues. Were talking about today know you were one of the featured guests in the film event featuring the last last week and this week enemies within the church and I want to quickly let listeners know that they can get that film for a donation of any amount to the Christian really you just go to our website the Christian or call us at one AAA eight 646-2233 you brought something up about this great reset or that everything must change my that's obviously a very big statement tell us more about what this paradigm shift is that is being foisted on every institution, every element of society that we just have to change or else what exactly is that Michael love to take a look at something like a world war.

Safety will now it's time to change everything in terms of how our governments work how economies work. Transportation is done how security works which are almost using more so what happened during the French Revolution, the French Revolution. Of course, was very much on the bed rock of the ideas, thoughts, and so forth of them so then you have Robespierre the Jacobins that overthrew the king.

They basically took over the entire government of France. They declared that there would need to be a new social contract between the people and the government.

The rights of man and they declared year one. Same thing that Pol Pot did when he took over Cambodia in 1975. He basically said everything must change, and he declared year zero will in this sense really having a year zero moment starting about 2020 using the pandemic as the reason for saying everything must change and must change now. So these changes that were happening was a ideologically and theologically within the Roman Catholic Church with the promise evangelicals.

All of this was happening at the same time as an operational preparation of the environment.

In other words you're preparing the environment for a change that will eventually happen. So you begin to infuse into everything. Critical race theory, the concept of sexuality, radical subjectivism, all these things start to move into the consciousness of everyone all the time. It comes in through education through all the models are schools through our universities through our seminaries comes in through the corporate influence beginning to talk about things like micro aggressions talking about how we need to have diversity, equity and inclusion in all of our companies that same language is used everywhere so you would hear language of diversity, equity inclusion, let's say with a company like Coca-Cola or let's say, like Apple computers will show the DER language but then you see the same thing being honored by select back Chandler saying that we need to make sure that we bring in diversity equity inclusion into our church and into her face and have him start to talk about things like white privilege the idea from Peggy McIntosh back in the 1980s. So you're bringing in this neo-Marxist language into everything.

So what is coming to the church. The same sort of language is being used with people when they're watching a television commercial over there watching the NFL or when they're watching films that were films are becoming very intersectional in the way that they're casted, even if there. Pieces making it intersectional so so all these things begin to come in for reason and the reason is because everybody has to have a new paradigm of thought when they're moving into eventually what is a complete reset everything that we do into a new system that gives great contacts for organ. I discussed today with this film enemies within the church and what they resent. They are as critical race theory, social justice woke is them however you want to say it how that has really infiltrated the evangelical church and Thanksgiving is kind of the metanarrative there of the bigger movements even taking place outside the church that is influencing the church as well. Michael Fallon with us today here on the Christian worldview.

I want to read a blurb off your website. Sovereign for this series that you did on a rooftop in New York City called the Trojan horse series you interviewed the cofounders of the new discourses reading for site here. Dr. Peter Bogosian and Dr. James Lindsay and they were talking about what you just discussed the societal and institutional deconstruction being introduced throughout civilization under the banner of so-called social justice. Bogosian tells us.

Every organization has ever loved has been infected and taken over by this parasitic ideology. The rise of the primary tools of deconstructionism is not uncommon among other Christian denominations, secular universities, stem fields, knitting clubs, Boy Scouts medical field and corporations social justice paradigm shifting presence is nearly everywhere, and not appellees is everywhere in society today and you go on to say it comes in is a type of analytical tool.

Remember that phrase use of the Southern Baptist convention by Curtis Woods a couple years ago as I introduce that that proposal and using critical race theory is an analytical tool for the convention is offered with the intention of helping to better cortical the oppressed in issues of race, sex, gender, sexuality and other identities in heaven always had a fair shake in life and then it does exactly what is always claimed to do.

It makes the personal political effect it makes everything political, and the only politics it is interested in our identity politics, so talk more about why this particular ideology of critical race theory woke is in whatever you want to say why has this been able to be so effective when it's clearly so racist it just it demeans white people. It's so partial in the way it viewed people by skin color.

How is it so effective that people not to see it and say that's ridiculous that so wrong. I'm sure everybody's bit of the situation before it church or their job or in some sort of societal group departed where someone comes up to you and makes a completely false accusation right now most of us that are Christians, we would hear something that's completely false at the will is that true of me.

So we start to try to think through what they're being told, but basically what they're being told is that you and the system of the white system is responsible for the enslavement of the oppression of people through the centuries. So what they're talking about is that they need to make a system change so we refer something like critical race theory, critical race theory is basically the dynamite that you put underneath the building and in the building when you want to blow up. It was a race of building and take down a you know where the old casinos in Las Vegas so you could build a new one so you blow up the building at its foundations with CRT and then you build it back up again upside down with the true sexuality because of your sexuality basically is, if you will.

It's a postmodern construction majority postmodern modern architecture before you always see that it's also strange dreams. I know how that they stays out well that's basically what your sexuality is so you're destroying everything in society and then building it back up build back better if you will, ideologically, is the same thing. So as were going through these systems changes where everything is being blown up.

Talk about supply chain issue will why do we have a supply chain issue.

We have a supply chain issue because were making everything in the supply chain problematic were making it difficult to make sure that trucks are able to actually get into the ports. The ravens will load in the deliver those goods to your grocery store to your desk by say you're not able to do those things because all of a sudden you have draconian rules that are applied to people because of the pandemic or the longshoreman union.

There's an issue there.

Everybody must get vaccinated. Your your goal in the end is to create a completely autonomous court. What would you would have China without one person will now think about that and think about what you know doing within the faith you're deconstructing evangelical Christianity and what you doing is resetting this hierarchy. In this way of doing things really need to rethink the way that were doing things so this whole idea where you only have pastors that are male only to really maybe restructure the hierarchy on so you start to mess around with things like this.

A lot of these concepts come from shot Derrida of French postmodernists as well.

You have Michel Foucault who also factors in whose wells of postmark is a just power relationships. So if you're looking at everything I need to remove this male white dominated power structure and replace it with something else. So you use another constant call standpoint epistemology to say in Christianity you know that your Bible says, this was it that help you to understand that this is the approach to let's say the book of Ephesians or the book of Galatians how we know that this is the proper interpretation will say the problem is you only have a bunch of old white men that guided that process. So what you really need to do is you need to bring in those that are the oppressed, so you need to bring in someone who was African-American someone who's possibly Arabic someone who's that say Latino and they need to take a fresh approach to that scripture.

And so what you're doing is you applying standpoint epistemology to hermeneutics and you have standpoint hermeneutics and that's what you're seeing actually happening with the group, such as the Gospel coalition you're seeing that that some of our major seminary, such as Southern Baptist theological seminary with Dr. Jarvis Williams. That approach so while you're saying we still believe in inerrancy. But what you're saying is I do not believe that the interpretation provided is one that is sound because the epistemological method that was used in hermeneutics is wrong Michael Fallon with us today on the Christian worldview, the founder of sovereign nations sees a link to their organizations like our website the Christian Also one of the featured guests in the film were offering today enemies within the church. You can order that film for donation of any amount to the Christian worldview.

Just go to the Christian our website or call us at 1888 646-2233. You can also write to us and will give you our address later in the broadcast today.

A couple years ago think it was back and it was back in 2019.

I was at the shepherd's conference in California this is that John MacArthur's church, Grace Community Church. For those who don't know about. This is a large pastors and elders conference men men only come from all over the world, usually for 5000 men and it's very significant influential conference.

John MacArthur preaches typically Steve Lawson. From that time. 2019.

Before that almost every year you would have Al Mohler, the president of Southern Baptist theological seminary you have marked endeavor.

The pastor of capital Hill Baptist Church in Washington DC. Also the founder of the nine marks church formation planting organization. Also, Ligon Duncan, the president of reformed theological seminary Presbyterian. Those three Mohler Duncan endeavor always at the conference with MacArthur and Steve Lawson and others during a question and answer session at that conference and I remember it like it was yesterday.

All of a sudden this particular question came up from Phil Johnson who is the head of grace to you works for John MacArthur asked Al Mohler about the theological drift that is been taking place within more theologically conservative evangelicalism and sheer was Al Mohler's response go back to what you said about incremental changes that promote that sort of liberalizing tendency in and realize that just last year at both the Gospel coalition and together for the gospel. I was hearing some rhetoric that actually I first heard from Jim Wallace and sojourners, 20, 30 years ago and so I think what I'm asking you is, in fact, what I am asking you is, do you not see that that the evangelical movement.

Even the even our constituency the most conservative end of the evangelical movement is becoming a little more susceptible to that, but still you know me for a long time. You know the answer to the question is yes, but I'm not to be forced into a situation before thousands of people in which I have to say I'm going to do it your way. Sorry. I'm just not in a better fellowship amongst us will be a good time to find out this was like a nuclear bomb going off in Grace Community Church of the shepherd's conference is made news all around the world lease and conservative evangelical circles on that stage was MacArthur Mohler Duncan endeavor Sinclair Ferguson and and Phil Johnson asked that question that there's a there's a drift going on. Al Mohler and what you think about this. This is a time were social justice is beginning to be understood and kinda felt coming into the church and people were caught trying to figure out what's what's going on here and so Phil Johnson asked this question in Mohler's response. Again was just will. It was very very big push back a don't don't expect me to go your way on this. Can you tell us what was taking place.

There I was in Las Vegas at the time watching the shepherds watching this Q&A on my laptop. That was the moment were basically Phil Johnson is coming straight out and say look, there is something that we are now seeing here and we begin to see it clearly, and this is about maybe nine months after we had met in Dallas to start the statement on social justice in the gospel and Sawicki stated that when his look. We Artie see that there's a problem you have Al Mohler pushing back and say I'm not going to do it your way will you please explain what you mean by that, and what is our way.

So if our way is to say this. It must stop now. This all leads to end. That was probably something that the folks hated pushing these things or encouraging these things incrementally for the past 10 years. They weren't willing to stop it as if they're stopping a giant locomotive. So what you seen is you seen folks that were involved with that conversation, like Dr. Mohler.

We basically doing something you call Martin Bailey and so the Martin Bailey did a bit. I know you've been to England numbers.if you ever got to York you have Christ use of poor run towards it would take a look at the old Martin Bailey and what would happen as you would have the castle mock and so forth, that would be there when you retreat to win, you are losing the battle out of the grounds which would be the baby out past the bridge and so forth.

So when you're in the Bailey you're going you're driving hard your you have momentum you're winning the war, but the other side starts to win.

You retreat to the lot so what's happened since that conversation 29 2019. I should say is that you've had a number of these different folks that were involved in at least facilitating this move agreeing social justice as the prime epistemology by which we are all to be defined. You see them now retreat back to the lot and then to say that they actually opposing its other gas lighting, but you saw Phil at that point really taking courage and coming out and confronting the issue marked ever did want to say anything was very apparent. Ligon really did want to address the issues of Mohler you noted with some amount of courage decided that he would go ahead and take it on, but he would say that this is the time that we should find out if aggression fellowship anymore so you have this whole ball go off at the time, and this really did show that I think for a lot of people in 2017 and 2018 that were denying that any of these things were actually happening. It was all very very bare moment if you will that yes this is happening in here are the sites and so the question from that point is whether this is actually just in the church and whether this is something that we could just take care of and if you knew that the fact that my friend explains to the folks in Dallas back in 2018 that soon all the stuff the plans were to go legislative with this ideology and so you are preparing the church.

This is what was happening.

You're preparing the church that would accept that ideology so from the beginning of the time you do have the Gospel coalition the Gospel coalition force course. It was founded by DA Carson and Tim Keller basically act as a dialectical machine that is by process graduate Stickley incrementally bringing in concepts that are foreign to most evangelical Christians. And eventually, when you get 70 years down the road because he accepted a lot of the principles of being policy anti-nationalist. Let's say that you're accepting the principles of white privilege and that that the main issue that we have to deal with right now. Systemic racism start to accept in concepts like my progressions in your worship work you have met Chandler who actually has a song in his church. If they did that sings about their micro regressions. You start to bring these ideas into the church.

So what you do is you borrow from what was faithful what was true with let's say RC Sproul and John MacArthur were you knew that the men that were standing up there on stage with them. You knew that those were faithful men because they chose the little city start organization, then you invite in those guys to come speak at your conference in order. RC Sproul, John MacArthur, but eventually what you do is you create a simulacrum of what was true faith. Now you're creating something else that it's getting resembles what that true Orthodox faith. Faith was by the time you get to 2018 2019. It's a completely different thing is completely different from the gospel of Jesus Christ church that we know in the Orthodox Terrien reformed Baptist understanding of the faith, the Christian worldview. David Wheaton returns in just a moment.

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Christian things are also available and be sure to share with others. Now back to today's program with host David Wheaton Michael Fallon with this today on the Christian really really listening closely here Michael because it's as I think about some of that the names and organizations that you mention there.

The Gospel coalition Tim Keller well-known pastor and author of Redeemer Church in New York City. DA Carson Russell Moore is another one who is the head of the Southern Baptist convention's ethics and religious Liberty commission set up the political advocacy wing of the Southern Baptist convention no longer with them. Now with Christianity today at another organization or publication.

That's very much on board with what the social justice movements about many of the pastors like you mentioned met Chandler village church in Texas or David Platt McLean Bible church out in Virginia for BD on your plea life. Someone who was pastor dad at marked ever church in Washington DC the organization crew formally campus Crusade for Christ.

You mentioned Ed Stetzer who is involved in Wheaton College in Illinois and part of Christianity today Beth Moore. These are just the biggest names in Albert Mohler, Ligon Duncan, a mentor marked ever as well there and there's many more.

Beyond this, I am just sitting here trying to think how are they on discerning as to what this is, are they going along with it intentionally. Knowing where it's going to go.

You mentioned Ed Stetzer knows where it's going Southwark.

He wants to go there. How do you explain the Colossians to a question see to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ. So how do you process this that you know once formally respected, mostly biblically sound at all on the same basket.

But, you know, in the same wing of conservative evangelicalism that there is been an incredible divide maybe is not even the right word. It's it's it's it's a joining of all these together in some way to go.

A completely different direction. Then what you you and others are writing about in the statement on social justice in the gospel. If I could explain it quickly. I think first of all understand that. I think one of the reasons that I had clarity on these issues as I did as I was saying the beginning of the show at Artie seen this happen in Roman Catholicism. So this period of what happened in Roman Catholicism from the late 70s actually started back in the 60s going through to then make your way into Pope John Paul II then invented it to some extent, and yanked it back a little bit the other direction and then all of a sudden Pope Francis Gaiman. It was flawed Marxism, but when you look at what happened gradually.

Stickley within the church starting at about the time the Don Helder Camara who is a Bishop reef eight in Brazil.

He really had tremendous impact and what he brought in with this idea of really mixing socialism kind of unalike Marxism and neo-Marxism. If you will, into the idea of the Roman Catholic faith that was very much picked up by a gentleman who really, really, would say that Don Helder Camara is Bishop In re Dyke tremendous influence of the Roman Catholic Church touching South America.

The person that really attached himself to Don Helder Camara was a man by the name of Clow Schwab from the world economic forum and he would say that Don Helder Camara had a tremendous influence on his life you'll say that on the video so the concepts of where Helder Camara was going with this new approach to faith. This new role of religion is really what is been accepted. You'll see. Actually, the world economic forum on their website you'll see the full logistics wheel that they have for nearly everything. And within that there is the outreach data to present evangelical Christianity, mainly through little group with others.

I think Paul Singer has been somewhat involved in that in which you have is a transitioning of Christianity into a new world religion so you have folks like like Rick Warren that were heading over to the world economic forum back. You remember in the years that I was starting to get involved with some of these folks back in 2007 to 2010 and he was mixing with Devon sharing his ideas, talking about how yes we could transition the phase need to look at the faith from an exponentially new way so when you see this, there are people that do understand what is happening. The full big play and I can't tell you exactly who all those folks are, but I would say the very center of this movement, you have people to do understand what is happening what was going to happen and then what the role of religion would be, then you have another layer or another circle outside of that of people that are influenced by those men that want to make sure that they're in their good graces or they want to advance their careers. That something that have bought into whatever their leaders have told them that another circle. That of course would be influenced by the people that they obviously hold up so it's not like everybody's in on a giant life. There are some people that are in the very middle do understand exactly what is going on and understand how to related and if they could stick around in the church long enough while everything else in the world changes they believe in the other going to win so that's one of the reasons that I think it's incredibly important right now that we start standing saying this must be this entire game of of critical social justice's entire game of radical subjectivism. It must be excised from our faith. It must be excised from the church, you cannot play nice with this at this point it is mutual ungracious but you need to directly address it and these people need to be removed from their positions. I absolutely believe that.

Who are the evangelicals who know what's going on and where this is going and wanted to go there not not the unsuspecting lawns are listening to someone else and that sounds good for the people in the know on this, but I can't say exactly who they are.

I would say that I would very much think you know if I was to speculate would be some of the person that I first sat down with back in 2009 believe it was the subject's convention at Jack's place who said these things in the Ed Stetzer and is basically based his ministry upon the changes that need to happen in order for us to draw the bridge to the fourth Industrial Revolution. So I would say. Certainly Ed is aware of these things, he certainly seems to lead the charge and he's the one that has both gone after my partners as well has led the charge of some things that we try to do when we tried to start this five years ago by having the conversation talking about the topics. The articles that would come about me all the sudden try to paint me as some sort of white supremacy with activity to Jenny's growth of that somehow I was involved in a nationalistic lot to you to try to breathe some sort of totalitarianism.

That's what you call low projection so everything that you're actually trying to do you choose the other side of doing and so as we now I think everybody's pretty aware where things are going in 2022. You have to be.

I mean completely asleep do not see the larger plays are currently happening. We were talking about things back, five, six years ago. That's how they would scattered out but they believe that they could just hang on and stay in power that if they could get to the other side of the changes that needed to be made then it wouldn't matter what were saying. Because we are to be moving into really an autocratic society. All right, we have more interview with Michael Fallon that we will air next week on the program but I hope the conversation to day gave you more than a taste of how this grand scheme is being implemented. This is not by accident. It's everywhere in society. And there's also a major effort underway in the evangelical church to really just for lack of a better term, take it over and move it in a whole new direction and what Michael said there to conclude his last answer about turning things into an autocratic society, otherwise known as authoritarian is what another guest in the film talked about with regards to how this is being swallowed by so many evangelical leaders took to push this stuff somewhere. Maybe unsuspecting others are purposely doing it and then eventually where it's going to lead.

Here's another soundbite from enemies within the church. There are some who are just duped into this ideology, but many of them are purposeful, extremely purposeful and sly and the couch. Their language with nice sophistry and in some cases it sounds biblical because they'll use Scripture verses totally out of context with the use Scripture verses. Nonetheless, to try to prop up their their ideologies.

I fear that there will be widespread persecution of genuine biblical Christians in the United States of America and that there will be woken churches that don't bear the brunt of that but instead contribute to that persecution. It's already started. Can't you just see that happening woke churches turning in other pastors who vilify them as being contributors to hate and everything else that is gone wrong with our society. They get blamed.

So this is why we have featured this topic.

The last two weeks are going to go more into it for one more week on the program because we need to be informed about this, we need to be able to recognize it.

Push back on it not let it even get a nose in the door of our churches or any other Christian organizations you're part of your local school your college or seminary because frankly, this is the biggest attack on biblical Christianity of our generation.

There's always been attacks on the gospel on sound doctrine and this is it for our generation. If biblical Christians lose this one, we are going to lose a majority of our churches, schools, colleges, seminaries, it's going to be everywhere. But the good news is that God always preserves a remnant. He always preserves his true church, and this just may be the way it's going to go but we don't want you or your family or your church or your school, getting caught in this and this is what we hope these programs have sharpened your biblical worldview. With regard to this social justice movement but is always a sharp biblical worldview needs to start with true saving faith. And if you've never repented of your sin and placed your faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord.

We just exhort you to do that, make that most important decision today go to our website the Christian and read the page. What must I do to be saved in one final reminder before we run out of time that you can order this two hour DVD enemies within the church retails for 1495.

You can get a copy for a donation of any amount to the Christian worldview go to website the Christian or call us toll-free, one AAA 646-2233 and her address is given immediately following the program today woke-ism is certainly on the rise. It is changing everything within society and the church. But the Bible says that Jesus Christ and his word are the same yesterday and today and forever.

So until next time think biblically live accordingly and stand firm. The mission of the Christian worldview is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. We hope today's broadcast encouraged for that and figure replayed today's program or to sign up for free weekly email to find out what must I do to be saved to your website the Christian or call us toll-free at 1-888-646-2233 Christian worldview as a listener supported ministry and furnished by the overcoming foundation, a nonprofit organization can find out more water resources make a donation become a monthly partner and contact us by visiting the Christian bowling toll-free 188-864-6233 writing to Box 41, Excelsior, MN 55331 Xbox 41 Excelsior, MN 55331. Thanks for listening to the Christian worldview. Until next time think biblically and live accordingly

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