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Has the (Intentional) Economic Meltdown Begun?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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October 15, 2021 8:00 pm

Has the (Intentional) Economic Meltdown Begun?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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October 15, 2021 8:00 pm

GUEST: DAN CELIA, CEO/president, Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries

You’ve noticed it at the gas pump, grocery store, and elsewhere—prices are rising. But of course they are—the supply of dollars can’t be increased through printing more without the value and buying power of an individual dollar decreasing. The Wall Street Journal reported that inflation rose more the last 12 months than it has in 13 years.

More is likely to come, with rampant spending being proposed.

And it’s not just inflation. Have you noticed shortages on shelves…and at the car dealership? The government-ordered lockdowns of the economy over COVID and people not working has led to scarcity of goods and delays in transporting them.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration and the Left are doing everything they can to pass a $3.5T “Infrastructure Bill”, which has very little to do with roads and bridges and very much to do with expanding the power of government and dependency on it.

It all sounds like a prelude to the inflation and scarcity described in the End Times in Revelation 6, when a global leader and government takes control.

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Has the intentional economic meltdown begun. That is a topical discuss today write you on the Christian worldview radio program.

The mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. I'm dating we host in our website the Christian worldview.thank you to you, our listeners, for your encouragement and support, and also our national sponsor Samaritan ministries by the biblical solution to healthcare will you've noticed it at the gas pump. The grocery store and elsewhere. Prices are rising, but of course they are. The supply of dollars can't be increased through printing more of them without the value in buying power of an individual dollar decreasing, the Wall Street Journal reported that inflation rose over the last 12 months more than it has in 13 years and more is likely to come with the rampant spending being proposed is not just inflation.

Have you noticed shortages on shelves and at the car dealership, the government ordered lockdowns of the economy over covert and people not working has led to scarcity of goods and delays in transporting them. Meanwhile, the Biden administration.

The left are doing everything they can to pass this $3.5 trillion quote infrastructure bill, which is very little about roads and bridges and very much about expanding the power of government and dependency on government. It all sounds like a prelude to the inflation and scarcity described in the end times. Specifically, in Revelation 6 and elsewhere.

When a global leader in government takes control. Listen to two minutes from Tucker Carlson's program on Fox news channel the other night talking about what's going on in this country economically American manufacturing sector, meanwhile, is effectively gone, evaporated, along with millions of middle-class jobs. Most of the objects you by now are made in China maybe seen the pictures of cues of cargo ships trying out in the Pacific trying to get into American ports to unload their containers. You will hear the scene described as part of something called the global supply chain that intentionally understates what it actually is what you're looking at America's supply lines at this point were effectively an outpost totally dependent on a faraway headquarters for the things we need to live why so many empty shelves. US ports are backed up. Take a look at this cargo ship sitting in the sea waiting to pull into port.

It's causing major US retailers like Walmart, Home Depot and Cosco to turn a private cargo ships in a rush to fill shelves for the holiday season on the roads. There's a shortage of truck drivers. The White House says it's addressing the issues fueled by covert, 19 labor shortage and increased demand suddenly for the first time in generations of Americans are having trouble buying basic necessities. The things they need a new poll by Rasmussen found that 62% of Americans said they have shortages in stores with a live, the things they can buy are certainly much more expensive. The Labor Department reporting Wednesday meets poultry, fish, and eggs increased a combined 10.5% since September 2020 is not just food prices skyrocketing the consumer price index shows overall prices are up 5.4% from year ago were paid at the pumps. The national gas price rose a dollar since last year AAA showing the average price per gallon above from 218 and 2020 to $3.29. This year the Social Security administration says inflation is why nearly 70 million Americans receiving Social Security benefits. See nearly 6% increase in payments next year.

The highest increase in four decades. There are no signs that fundamentally any of this is going to improve anytime soon back on Wednesday.

The ministration acknowledge that your heating bills are likely to jump by more than 50%. This winter. Those the kind of things that people actually notice it hurts when you get poor and many people are getting poor. If that sounds dire to you. The economic situation in our country. I think that's because it is matter fact I looked at my newsfeed this morning and email I get every day and was gonna read some of the headlines out of that newsfeed number one new inflation numbers see the fastest rising 13 years number two what's actually in Biden 3.5 joined our budget a lot. One example $80 billion slush fund to hire an 87,000 IRS agent army to carry out Biden administration's plan to review every account above a $600 balance. Our guess we'll talk about that today.

Number three story Biden orders 24 seven work at docs to deal with the backlog of shipping containers trying to get into the country. Quote he will accomplish zero. We'll talk about that today number for the supply chain disaster reveals our dangerous dependence on China will talk about that to. So, depending on where you get your news if you get for more conservative and source you're going to hear that there are really serious economic threats taking place right now. If you go to places where it's more modern or more. The left leg and he avoids these stories because they're protecting those in power so today in the program. Dan Seeley is going to join us.

He is the CEO and president of financial issues, stewardship ministries, he joins us to explain what is taking place economically and financially right now and with the God rejecting in charge of our country. We shouldn't be surprised that the outlook is bleak. But Christians still need to be informed of what's going on so they can prepare so I hope you gain from listening to this interview with Dan Celia.

I want to start out today. Dan talking about this infrastructure bill. That's what it's called. In using these big huge bills.

The names are sort of euphemisms it would seem that in a time of uncertainty right now with with co-vid with unemployment lots of other things going on in our country that the largest expenditure in US history. Somewhere between the amounts of $3.5 trillion of printing and spending. By the way, this is a money we have, like in the bank saved up correlates with the largest expenditure in US history should not be considered but this bill is something the left wants so badly what is in the bill and why do they wanted so badly they wanted so badly because it's going to fulfill a lot of the work that they have plans on completing the work that is going to be the work of the far left. It's going to include things that are not infrastructure. It's going to include welfare programs for lack of better support programs however you want to call them. It's going to me free education and child care and Medicare for all possibly $1 trillion. Of course, is an enormous amount of money and it is more money than is even imaginable. This is going to go a long way to complete in a hurry. The progressive agenda. They don't want an infrastructure bill if they wanted infrastructure they would've passed the $700 billion infrastructure bill or worse case, they would've passed the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. This is not about infrastructure. They're not trying to put people back to work or not trying to improve the economy do the work that is going to take place.

It's not about that at all. That is just the Trojan horse. They understand David that one of the things said that they've got to accomplish in short order is more people dependent upon the government and they've got a have the money to get make that happen. They've got to get more people that are dependent upon the government for everything from childcare to community college education to relieving them of student loans to healthcare for free. Further, children, and on and on it goes, because that gets people dependent on the government and when they get 50% plus a few in the majority of people were already at 47% so they don't have far to go, then there belief is that they're going to be in power forever. It was one of my only I have very few, but one of my few favorite politicians was Margaret Thatcher. She was a woman of great strength and great common sense and wisdom and she said out to change what was going on. That was her goal and she quickly realized that it was impossible to ask people to give up the very thing that were sustaining that and that's where were going to be and that's where the left wants to get us and they need this much money to do it.

Okay Dan, let's get more specific. What are the real problems within this infrastructure bill. The problem is when we look at some of the things in this bill like 80,000 new IRS officers or agents. 80,000 that's a whole building in Washington. Why while they going to have to enforce a lot of new tax laws and are not a lot of new laws. There is no I mean Biden didn't sit did say that we were to pay this with taxes. What he didn't mention failed to mention that it's literally impossible to tax the top 10% 100% and still have enough money to even come close to paying for this, but one of the things that is in the bill is there some notion of the banks reporting every deposit and withdraw every financial transaction of $600 or more, they will know every transaction that happens and they will then be able to say would have a financial tax on deposits or on just withdrawals were on certain bills and get paid the road and narrow it down. Maybe first or their attacks. Everything with a very low level. In the beginning of tax that is going to be a fee that the banks are going to have to pay the neck to depend on people to pay it. It's going to be part of our doing banking business to make sure this financial transaction tax gets paid everything we do is a financial transaction.

We use a debit card. We use a credit card. We write a check. We make a deposit. We make a withdrawal. It's all a financial transaction.

So all of that will be eligible to be taxable to the government. That's just one way to pay it. We certainly will have a VAT tax like they have a new art that's not in the bill has been a proposal for that, but it will come so what were doing. I believe with this. They have no concern for the enormous debt. I was a Trump supporter from the beginning and and always was in it but I also called out the things that the administration wasn't doing correctly and one of that was focused on the debt they ward focused on the debt and Stephen Nguyen believed that we were going to grow our way out of debt.

We did an amazing job growing the economy. But back in 2013 I wrote and I said that we have now reached a point that it's going to be literally impossible to grow our way out of debt not going to happen and the only way possible that we can get out of the Ed is a combination of amazing growth. I think at that time, I estimated about a 7 1/2% GDP growth on a consistent basis for number years which I don't. I did believe we could do then I don't.

I certainly don't believe we can do it now, and a combination of that and cutting dramatically cutting the size of our government which would be an easy thing to do but there would be no will Washington to do either one of those things right now anyway or Doug appear as though when adding departments of government were expanding departments of government. We don't have the tax base to pay for what we have now just remember, it's not 3.2 2.5 trillion.

This is going to take us in seven months to just over $6 million worth of spending in in seven or eight months. It's insane. It's mathematically impossible. Now we will tax everything that we possibly can have a mileage tax and every mile we drive our mileage will be tracked. We are going to have a higher gasoline taxes would have a VAT tax or value added tax on everything you know the value-added tax in the euro zone started under 1% et al. date past and then they just kept going and going till we have to go there in order to support the government. Now the government is going to need an awful lot of us.

Social control in order to get us there and right now what is happening with approval ratings is such has been the best thing the border crisis.

The approval ratings could wake up enough people that it may, it may slow down their agenda, but there's one thing that all the politicians care deeply about and that is keeping her job don't care much about anything else they do care about that. There are congressmen that next November are running 12. All of them specifically running in purple states or even red state that now no in a fair election. They have no shot of winning, but they're doing it anyway. That's the scariest thing of all, I half feel that they Nancy hello CSA.

These 12 trust you're going to get a lot the Christian worldview returns in just a moment. Psalm 46 starts God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change the earth is changing a strong delusion has bewitched the leaders and peoples of this world.

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Now back to today's program with host David Wheaton then Celia is with us today here on the Christian will be the CEO and president of financial issues, stewardship ministries, their website is financial They also have a an app. F ISM is an financial issue stewardship I would think just hearing what you said in that first answer that the financial and economic turbulence. To put it mildly is going to occur from this. Whether it's recession, depression, inflation that affects everyone, even if you have a whole lot of money and maybe inflation doesn't affect you as much.

You have so much but it's also gets down to the supply chain. If you if you harm our economy that much Dan. I would think that it becomes difficult for for supply chains of food late to get people to work for such a big entitlement sector were just getting basically a universal basic income just to stay home and get paid by the government services.

Your people need.

These politicians need you think that people would not these politicians would not act against their self interest.

So why would they want such a thing. This does billing and then the ramifications that it's going to cause if is not can I have a functioning country one that's going to be very nice to live and live in this country for them while goes back to the social control and that's what they need. So the poor depending on them is a good thing.

The middle class depending on them is a good thing we are going to have inflation so very soon for our gallon of gasoline and impact to everybody. It robs people of discretionary income.

That's why they call a tax. It's like a tax. It robs people discretionary income and as it hurts consumer spending. It's going to hurt the economy dramatically and destroy the economy we are going to have food crisis. We are already seeing major problems. You've got an administration that is stop the Keystone pipeline has shut down pipelines rut of not gas money to New York and New Jersey that's happened just recently. He's approved a pipeline from Russia to Germany now given Russia all the okay we support you in that Russia will be recognizing not gas were begging Russia and Saudi Arabia, OPEC for more oil to put in the markets instead of calling in the will. CEOs of American SAG I step it up. We need more oil we gotta get prices down because he can't do it here. We can have anything that even is close to carbon fuel in any way shape or form here and now are starting to see the effects of that now we already have shortages because of transportation issues, but that is going to dramatically increase we will get more and more dependent on the government. We are see now the exact same thing that Mussolini and Adolf Hitler did in his very early year and the rise to power. We see in the same thing. I'm not trying to make up some sort of conspiracy theory or anything like that.

I'm not that kind of person to analytical for that II got have facts and details.

I don't know if there even smart enough to take a page out of that playbook, but it sure seems like they have one.

We watched this happening.

We know this much they need a crisis to accomplish what they want to accomplish, so I don't know if it's gonna be another variation was going to be a lack of food supply.

Now we have bottlenecks everywhere in the supply chain by now is aligning himself with the unions of the Teamsters and the longshoreman to try to get containers unloaded for all the ships anchored outside the ports Teamsters are going to do anything because they don't have a drivers and there's no trucks and the longshoreman are going to do anything because there is nowhere to put the containers that are on the ships were stacked as high as they can go and the trucks can't move them out fast enough fixing one link in a chain that has a very you know that has every other link this week is not going to solve the problem.

It's just gonna break somewhere else we have in its higher government instead of leaving it to the private sector is going to intervene try to take ownership of it in control of it and it's only going to get worse before it gets any better if it ever gets better Dan Seeley with us today in the Christian worldview. The CEO and president of financial issue stewardship ministries need to get connected with this ministry. Their website is financial this situation now and in the country. Dan where you have the biggest companies, Google, Amazon, social media, big tech companies.

Other other big huge businesses.

These companies are reaping record profits right now during this covert time. The Dow is at some around 34,000 the highest levels it's ever been. So the investment class in this country is getting astronomically wealthy.

During this this time of cortical crisis, but the regular wage earner what's is someone who earns him under $100,000, maybe a bit over hundred thousand dollars decent living. Nothing wrong with that at all, but there in a much different situation, especially with the inflation coming their dollars are earning are going to go as far they're not reaping huge rewards as as the investment class of the business class is getting in. This would all be blamed by the left on capitalism. This is capitalism's fault, the, the economic disparity that we have in this country to talk about this to your system that we have the investment class versus the working class in our country wide that spread is so wide and what is the what is the cause of that there is far more investment class people. Then there have ever been. But if you are an average show that is working for a living you're investing in your family in your house and your automobile in your everyday living expenses and that's as good as it's going to get. Now you hope you have a 401(k) or something that you can pitch it participated you never going to accumulate the enormous wealth that somebody that already has some wealth is through this irrational markets that we had for the last four years, five years, I think that the investment class is going to start to shrink. I look at how behavior of people is going to affect the economy and how the behavioral behavior of senior executives affect their companies and their wealth of the company.

When you look at the behavioral side of things. Those people that have all been added to the investment class will very quickly be added to the working class again. The difference this time is, they unfortunately have changed their lifestyle because that sheep free money lasted so long.

They guide very much settled in the class of living that they were living in that because of their investment status. That's going to be going all the prices that never went up are all going to be going up in the really go up far more dramatic for those people than they did 10 years ago because those people are far more entrenched in your lifestyle and have four more expenses and things that were very easily easy for them to pay that they can't. I believe the elites these big executives that you mentioned are believing were going to be like the European nations and the global list when we join all the globalist, but we won't suffer because were going to be part of the elites. There's going to be the elites and everybody else and every politician in every corporate executive believes they're going to be a part of that. Guess what, it's not big enough for the all of them to be a part of it and it's going to shake out and shake out and shake out so that they're not going to be where they thought they were to be when you look at these profits. Look at Pfizer billions and billions of dollars just last year more than they have ever conceived of making in all the other pharmaceuticals mint Turner has never been successful in 15 years, one after another, of getting a vaccine approved never ever had a money they didn't do anything they could do it look out-of-network. It is unbelievable what what is happened Dan Celia with us today here on the Christian worldview.

The CEO and present the financial issue stewardship ministries. Let's talk about one more thing down before we get into the, the issue of what should listeners who are hearing all this do to protect themselves from what's coming inflation every thing else before we get to that one more question about this unnecessary, ineffective so-called vaccine that's being mandated now all over the country with threat of losing your losing your job, what are those mandates going to do to the economy. We don't all this additional spending is you've Artie talked about that, but what of these vaccine mandate is going to do to the economy and business, we saw this recently as last week. Southwest Airlines employees walked out, shut everything down and so forth.

But what this is going to do to our economy and how are those who refuse the vaccine in our fire Fort how they gonna support their families. I think that we got a great case with Southwest Airlines so yesterday the CEO said I was made to do a mandate that I didn't want to.

Pres. Biden forced my head well hidden force deltas and learning the life force. Even force your hand you Kate. That's the problem so the vaccine mandates are going to be around much longer.

I don't think they're going to be as big an issue that thought they would be two months ago because they're seen the effects there's over reportedly 30 hospitals shut down there honey healthcare workers walking off you look at Southwest Airlines how that land a work out cost them tens of millions of dollars for that vaccine mandate and right now there are other companies sitting around saying I guy need to rethink this because as much as they want to maybe fall in the lockstep. They're probably going to be smart enough. Maybe at this point to reconsider that and the people that are laid off and have been fired or been facing that.

Yeah, that is going to be a huge burden on on the economy as well, but I think that part of the scenario is going to. I pray is going to be a little bit more short-lived than we originally anticipated because of what is happening when you can say that you you have a 99.8% chance of surviving covert. The fear starts going away, there's going to be the facebooks of the world in the far left of the CEOs that there were to do whatever they're told to do whenever they do what's good for the ultimate future of society in a radical Marxist regime. That's what.

Maybe that's what they want and they'll will follow along and do that but the government it will give them an excuse to get more and more money out of taxpayers that they can't pay back to try to support all those that they put out a work day and we often hear from politicians how the role of government is to create jobs or jobs jobs jobs here that always repeated is that really where jobs are sourced and created from.

We need to understand that the government's job has never been, and it never will be, at least under that structure that we have today. Your job is not to create jobs, not what they do, they should never be thinking that that is their job, they can't create jobs. The government's job is to create an environment by which the private sector wants to create jobs. That's how it's supposed to work in America and when you have a government that refuses to create the environment for the private sector to create jobs, we have a depression because the government is missing an important point. They can't create jobs they don't have the ability to create jobs unless they own all the companies.

There is no jobs there going to create. Yeah, government jobs, 80,000 IRS agents.

Maybe, but you're not going to create jobs for the masses to be able to spend money and grow an economy. We have a steel crisis, US steel crisis in America right now and always talking about but I guarantee you it'll get solved from steel coming from China. It's not going to get resolved by a president going at the Pittsburgh and going other places of the country and say got a ramp it up.

We gotta get going here. What you need. It's not a come from that it's going to be going to China in Russian say I got a deal for you will take your steel this is Zumba environment were living in their not creating jobs, cutting jobs to get rid of private sector jobs so dear hand, will be forced to take a much larger place and intervene in the private sector in a much bigger way so that maybe they can create jobs because private sector is not willing. We had eight years of Pres. Obama demonizing prophets demonizing fatcat bankers demonizing corporate America and Wall Street.

The four things that are job creators and now going to have an administration that is going to continue to try to live that out. Don't those fatcat bankers and all the big businessmen don't.

They love the government now Dante displays a lockstep thing they love and so they start losing money in all my years. I've never owned a backstop never owned a big backstock. I don't have any on my list on my website. The vast majority of bankers can't adequately articulate how they make money and why. And that's been like that for the last 40 years.

All they know is they're making so much money off the Federal Reserve. They could care less.

Airlines didn't care about anything they were making so much money or buying back their own stock and driving up the stock price they were increasing her capitalization and they were doing anything more. That's the world that we been living in for the last 10 or 15 years and when that's over there would have to change their tune.

The smart ones will change their tune. Smart fatcat bankers. The smart big business owners see you starting in a hurry will be living in a very very scary about living the nail, not a Christian worldview returns in just a moment when it comes to your healthcare provider.

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Thanks for joining us on the Christian worldview. Just a reminder that today's program and pass programs are archived at our website.

Christian six are also available and be sure to share with others. Now back to today's program with host David. We didn't seal you with us today here in the Christian worldview from all you've describe today.

Dan, how do we get from where we are economically right now you painted a pretty bleak picture for our future in America economically with all the terrible decisions going on, how do we get from where we are now and maybe it's not a long leap to what Revelation describes where there is a global leader there, the global leader demands that people take this market to be able to buy and sell with. Is there a trip switch.

You see, that's gonna take us faster. There are we headed there 100 miles an hour. How do we get there from where we are now to their 2009, I wrote a paper on what was going to usher in the end times. I said it's going to be a one world currency. The premise of it was, we can have a one world government. So we have a one world currency along world currencies will be of further reading very easy thing to make And we now have a communist global list Janet Yellen that is pushing that very very hard so we will soon have a currency that is a global currency.

It doesn't matter digital currency at six and a people want to buy bitcoin it's not going to be best going it's it's going to be a global currency that's going to come out all either a central bank or the IMF. My that would be the IMF.

The IMF been talking about since 2006 have a global currency. Once we have a global currency.

It's going to be pretty much easy Street to Osher and because once we have a global currency. The next sales pitch would be that we can have an organized global currency because we have 27 different parliaments. The United States Congress trying to all make decisions to do the same thing.

It's impossible. It'll never work. It didn't work. In the experiment of the euro block and finally had a have a central bank because they could get 17 parliaments to agree on anything and that's going to be the example to hold out that we gotta have a government.

And so in order to make things go smoother and better and get even better for everybody is going to be a one world government, and there's going to be right now, a 15% global time when everybody was pretty much a given yesterday. Janet Yellen was speaking that that's where were going that were an avid sooner than we think.

And now I wonder what corporate America is thinking about buying right now just what they need another 15%, but if there were to do business in Europe or China somewhere else to rent the pay that tax so we're going to have a one world currency, first would have a one world government. Soon after that, and I would imagine that somewhere, either in the beginning or the end of all that would have a mark that is going were to be given to buy and sell for to take it, you were asking a question like what we do about this on the what we do to protect her child. I was the vessel last question, what would you prefer to list what should listeners be doing to protect themselves from all these things you're talking about.

If that's even possible.

Well this is really not possible. There are some things that you can you should be doing.

You need to work harder than any on anything else you need to get out of debt, you need to not have any debt because in a one world society. The only thing that's going to have value, or things that have value and debt doesn't have any value so to put you at a really bad position. So you need to not have any debt and I I know that sounds really easy. Of course our discussion I had that I know it's hard pressing an environment with you harder and harder to work and to do that, but it's gonna take an enormous amount of discipline, but state get out of debt standard that that's going to be one of the best things you can do stock reading all the blogs that's another thing you can do that help you because you will be like a deer in the headlight all the time just firms and scare so you need to understand that there's not going to be a solution unite you can get all the gold you want to get it's not can help you.

You get all the silver and all the precious metals is not going to do anything you're not going to go to the grocery store and sliced all summer. Your goal for your bag of groceries is not going to happen. The government is not going to put into place a one world currency, and allowing alternative currency in their world. Whatever the world is at the time to replace or to minimize their currency are never going allow.

If you use it and if you have it. My guess is you want to sell it for some of the worthless dollars. You were trying to avoid in the first place. So I would tell you don't go there, look is going to be worth 8000 and $10,000 an ounce sure it is but if the day it happened. You can't get on a plane to Hong Kong with all your money and get rid of the goal all your goal get rid of the quick it's not going to do you any good, doesn't matter what it's worth your sell to anybody that will pay anything for it for a bag of rice and you just be careful on overstating all this, of course, for four arrived to drive the point home, but please don't do that is sent to save you getting out of debt, you should all have cash at home. If you have cash and hope I don't. I don't know what the amount is, but something maybe some of you can squirrel away, five, $600 in might be the difference between you being able to get enough gas to get to the emergency room or not, and you need to have some cash squared away.

If there is ever a change in the currency you need to understand that banks are going to shut down that they're going to have to, not because everything's going to crashing the lose all your money, that's not what's going to happen there when I have to keep the panic in the run from happening. So they're going to let the dust settle when I get time to explain in the room shut down for couple weeks and the will to reset. They gotta reset everything in. Whatever the new thing is it's going to have to be reset and so your dollars are going to be reset into some sort of digital or as Janet Yellen calls it a stable currency and it's going to be put into something like that before they reopened, and everybody so everybody doesn't panic aside from that, and you know having a little land.

The anodes are growing some things or things like that I is a number of things, but all the things that you do were going to be things to survive, not things to prosper or things to get by and will be a very difficult time in the rich and the poor will be standing in the same super line together we can stress over what we need to do or we can rest in the grip of God and understanding you when I have an advantage because we have a sovereign God that we depend upon.

We know how the story ends. We know what we where we are going in and out. We know what God can do we know what God can do with the smallest of the remnant and God might do that so I don't think it's ever going to be over until it's over. We serve a mighty, mighty God, and we have watched all through Scripture what he has done with the remnant because God needs to make sure that the whole world knows that if we get out of this. It is only by the hand of God. So we need to just rest on that and be prudent, wise, stop listening, to sue all the garbage and start thinking logical. For instance, it's not logical. The government's going allow us to have gold is a currency when they've just committed to a global currency. It's not even illogical that they would allow that to happen so we just we can figure those things out for ourselves if we just think logically so I don't have anything against gold on anything against silver and precious metals to me it's a speculative commodity. It's an investment that's fine, but to most people. That's not what it is. It's the sky is falling, saving, going so get added that be wise save some money. Say some cash at home. Don't be too overly dependent on banks. We need to have alternatives. It is going to be a difficult time if we get to that point. Thank you Dan for who you are and what you're doing with financial issues and we just wish all of God's best to you to you on your wonderful family and your ministry as well. Thank you for coming on the Christian worldview today. David say the same to you in your ministry and we we thank you for your friendship over the years.

Your your blessing to the people that you're serving and it is it is a joy to be with you anytime and I thank you for asking.

Okay, again, that was Dan Seeley of the CEO and president of financial issues, stewardship ministries, their website is financial We also have an app with television programs on an out as an financial issues stewardship ministries.TV you can download on your phone or you can just download it on your smart TV as well. Dan assessed what is taking place and he also gave the likely outcomes from his experience in finance and economics than the consequences maybe is a better word for it economic laws like supply and demand where if you increase supply the demand won't be as great or another law of if you print more of a currency inflation is sure to follow. These are hard and fast laws like gravity drop a bones going to hit the ground. No matter how the media spins them. Economic laws are economic laws so then you ask yourself why would they do all these things that are so bad for a functioning economy, especially in a free market system like America will were thinking about the wrong way. They hate America. They do not want this superpower for America with its Christian influence background to continue.

They want a global governance in a global currency so that is what is being attempted right now. A transition to global governance in a one world currency and Cove. It is the perfect vehicle to do this you just scare people to death produce so much fear in people you're going to die, you're going to die where a mass stay at home. Stay away from each other.

Don't go anywhere and then tell them that the only way they can be saved from this dreaded virus is through this government mandated vaccine so you get people more and more fearful and more more dependent on government Christians should not be scared that neither of the virus, nor of this economic situation because we know that government is not our Savior Jesus Christ is our only savior, there is one mediator between God and men, the man Jesus Christ.

There is no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.

Jesus said I am the way the truth and life. No one comes to the father except through me. And if you've never put your faith, your trust for salvation in him, you need to do that today the Bible so today is the day of salvation. Go to our website and click on the link. What must I do to be saved repent of your sin and trust Christ as your Savior that you have to have fear of this world we live in.

You only have a hope for God's rule in this world in heaven to come. We did this program today to inform you about what is taking place economically and financially so that you can be prepared. So here's what I would do to help prepare for what is already arrived and more of which is likely to come number one. Keep working you want to keep earning income. With these new inflated dollars. If you continue to have revenue sources where you're in earning these inflated dollars that's going to be a hedge against inflation. Number two.

If euro and the wage earning class.

You provided good or a service for someone you're not necessarily the investment classes.

Dan Seeley was talking about. You need to raise your prices with inflation. That doesn't mean you do it tomorrow but that means that you keep up with the inflation that's taking place all around you.

If you charge us a $40 an hour to do something you may want to look at how much inflation is infecting prices and raise your rates with the same amount that inflation is going up. So again, you can be in earning these inflated dollars you're gonna need more inflated dollars to buy the same thing. Number three. Diversify. It might be important to have not just your money or savings in one bank but maybe two banks or more in case something goes under in one bank you want to diversify your investments rather than having them just in individual stocks which may be susceptible to something going wrong and that company and your stock value going way down.

Maybe you do want to have some gold or precious metals know Dan wasn't in favor of those from a standpoint of buying and selling in the time of a new currency but he sees them as a commodity, almost a stock and so maybe is not a bad to have some precious metals have some cash on hand like you mentioning real estate.

It's a really good inflation hedge, because that goes up and said, take more inflated dollars to buy the piece of real estate that you owned that you purchased for the pre-inflation dollars overall have as little dependency on government and their supply lines is possible if you can avoid being totally dependent on the grocery store down the street for food and water. That's a good thing because we just don't know what is going to happen. In preparing for what may happen is not a lack of trust in God know it's being watchful and wise as you care for your family and for other people, but ultimately I don't think there's a way to avoid all of this inflation in these shortages. We are living in a horribly sinful world with the most God rejecting in power it rains on the unjust and the just sinful decisions affect everyone, and so I certainly wouldn't trust in the next election to turn things around. We don't even know if our elections are free and fair anymore, but we can trust in God. Our times are in his hands, he is controlling the trajectory of this world everything that's happening is happening according to his timetable.

So, let's remember the world may be changing Jesus Christ and his word are the same yesterday and today and forever until next time think biblically live accordingly and stand firm.

The mission of the Christian worldview is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We hope today's broadcast encouraged for that figure replaying today's program or to sign up for free weekly email to find out what must I do to be saved to your website the Christian or call us toll-free at 1-888-646-2233 Christian worldview as a listener supported ministry and furnished by the overcoming foundation, a nonprofit organization.

Find out more water resources make a donation become a monthly partner and contact us by visiting the Christian bowling toll-free 188-864-6233 writing to Botswana one Excelsior, MN 55331 41 Excelsior, MN 55331. Thanks for listening to the Christian worldview. Until next time think biblically and live accordingly

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