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What to Discern from the Church Fracture Where David Platt Pastors, Part 2 of 2

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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July 30, 2021 8:00 pm

What to Discern from the Church Fracture Where David Platt Pastors, Part 2 of 2

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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July 30, 2021 8:00 pm

Last week we discussed part 1 of our topic on the fracture taking place at McClean Bible Church just outside Washington DC where well-known Evangelical leader and author David Platt is the lead pastor.

The story has been covered in national media, including Christianity Today which stated:

“To some observers, McLean Bible Church’s conflict seems like a replay of other recent episodes from American evangelicalism, where leaders who appeal to Scripture to address social issues are accused of theological liberalism or secular influence even if they continue to hold traditional Christian views.”

More succinctly, it appears that David Platt sees ethnic reconciliation and integration as a priority of the gospel while those in opposition see it as partiality and the road to compromise.

On July 4, Platt called out a “small group” of people in the church for hindering the election of three new elders. Earlier this year, a 17-page letter was sent to church leadership, detailing their concerns about the direction of the church and its focus on social and racial justice.

The goal of this program is to analyze how the issue of social justice is fracturing Evangelical churches, to understand where both sides are coming from, to compare their views against the final authority of Scripture, and to learn from both good and bad examples so our own churches can be more faithful to God...

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What to discern from the church fracture were David Platt pastors today is part two of this topic right here on the Christian worldview radio program for the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

I'm David with a host and the Christian really is a nonprofit radio ministry. Thank you to our listeners for your encouragement and support, and also to our national sponsor Samaritan before getting the preview today. I just want to read a note note that's representative of the kinds of encouragement we receive every week from listeners and we just so appreciated.

This one comes from Barbara and Indiana.

She said to the Christian worldview. I listen to your program almost every Saturday on American family radio in Indiana. I want to support your program by giving a gift and hope to give more as I am able.

You have a timely message each week. I hope your program will continue.

I am 87 years old and live in a retirement facility. Sincerely, Barbara will Barbara I want to thank you for your letter means so much to us that you would take the time to write to us and support the ministry of the Christian worldview and do anything. We are is by God's grace to God be the glory for the great things he has done that last week we discussed part one of this topic on the fracture taking place at McLean Bible church just outside Washington DC were well known evangelical leader and author David Platt is the lead pastor what has been going on within the church is been covered in national media, including Christianity today which stated no read more of their article on the situation in the moment, but this read one paragraph now to some observers they write McLean Bible churches conflict seemed like a replay of other recent episodes from American evangelicalism were leaders who appeal to Scripture to address social issues are accused of theological liberalism or secular influence, even if they continue to hold traditional Christian views. Not surprisingly Christian. Today would have that perspective, because they are more on the theologically liberal end of things to put it more succinctly, David Platt, the pastor sees ethnic reconciliation and integration as a priority of the gospel, while those who oppose this move within the church see it as practicing the sin of partiality and it leads down the road to compromise now and July 4, Independence Day Platt called out a small group of people in the church what he called a small group of people for hindering the election of three new elders. Earlier this year, a 17 page letter was sent to the church leadership detailing concerns about the direction of the church and its focus on social and racial justice will get to that letter today that the goal of this program is to analyze how the issue of social or racial justice is fracturing conservative evangelical churches and to understand where both sides are coming from in this division and to compare their views against the final authority of Scripture and to learn from both good examples and bad examples. So our own churches can be more faithful to God will strive to do that today here on the Christian worldview. In part two of this topic.

We have a lot to get to today so I hope you can listen to the entire program I want to start up by reading some paragraphs from that Christianity today article because I think that she summarize fairly evenhandedly what is taking place at McLean Bible church.

The title of the article is Platt's McLean Bible church hit with attempted takeover. That's a Platt said and also lawsuit from opposition then was from a July 22 story on Christianity today, the Washington area mega church led by best-selling author David Platt has affirmed three new elders, but only after a public tussle over politics, race an alleged liberal drift plus a lawsuit filed by dissenters and again this story is been all over the country been big publications.

Even the Washington Post and other newspapers all across the country. The conflict at McLean Bible church is significant, they write, not only because of the congregation size and influence with several thousand attendees in a prominent place in the DC church landscape, but also because the incident marks the latest salvo in an ongoing clash within American evangelicalism. The let me just add here in the Twin Cities something similar has taken place with a very influential church year Bethlehem Baptist churches of the church formally pastored by John Piper and his successor, Jason Meyer has recently resigned and I don't know all the details of that, but from what I've heard of that situation. It sounds like these issues of racial justice, social justice were at the were at the core of the division that took place in that church and led to the resignation of the pastor, but again I don't have all the details just what I've heard so far. Similar situation taking place out here McLean Bible Church in Virginia. The article continues in July at a June 30 meeting nominees Chuck Hollingsworth these are elder nominees, Chuck Hollingsworth, whose white Jim Burris, whose Asian and Ken Tucker, who is black. I mentioned that because that's going to be a part of the program today as we talk about ethnic or skin color issues just so you know that had failed to receive a clear 75% majority vote. The margin required for elder election, the church, so a second vote was held July 18 at which all three nominees received at least 78% of the vote. Just before we go on here I want to play that soundbite or least a portion of the soundbite that we played last week.

If you didn't hear the program of what David Platt said to his church on July 4 of this would be after the June 30 meeting were the elders didn't receive enough of majority to get voted on the elder board in between July 18 at which was the second vote.

They took where they did get voted on to the elder board. So here's what David Platt said about what was going on in the church.

I want to listen closely to the words I'm about to say a small group of people inside and outside this church coordinated a divisive effort to use this information in order to persuade others to vote these men down as part of a broader effort to take control of this church.

And so here are some of the lies the people being told as they entered the building in that loving that night. If we affirm these elders and just hear all the buzzwords and scare tactics that were used in BC would be gone down the road of leaving the gospel behind leaving the Bible behind embracing liberal theology and cultural Marxism, the author of the Communist manifesto three would change our stance on abortion and sexuality that we would allow critical race theory in black lives matter and defunding the police to drive our agenda as a church. I could go on and on with ideas that are on questionably untrue and just a clearly communicated in the seriousness behind this behind all of this does this information and deception is a small group of people who have stated that their purpose is to take control of this church just to give you a glimpse I saw one email from one of the main leaders in this group. Using race to say that NBC is no longer McLean Bible church, but it's now melanin Bible church that is not acceptable for the body of Jesus Christ. That language has no place whatsoever here and I was sure that Fisher no ugly and painful. Even here want to point out the approach being used by people giving leadership to this group.

In these meetings and we need to say loud and clear that definitively does not represent who we are as a church we will not apologize for our increasing diversity commitment of only addressing racial issues from God is reuniting together on a glorious mission to proclaim this good word in our great God and the city were million Pleasanton women, boys and girls on the road that leads to an eternal hell and need the good news of God's love again that's David Platt, the pastor McLean Bible church basically calling out this group for accusing them and try to take over the church that there races. They've renamed the church melanin Bible church and that he's not going to give up on their noble cause for racial reconciliation racial issues that he talked about here. This is clearly a a passionate man who's on a mission and he ended up getting his way. He convinced enough of the congregation to come back and vote on July 18 and these three elders that he wanted elected were in fact elected. So let's continue with the article at Christianity today says Platt, the author of radical is known for his passionate call to evangelism. You just heard that.

And then that soundbite missions in Scripture what opponents claim is being Platt's a liberal or woke politics supporters see is a 42-year-old preachers commitment to Christ. Above all, it's all one's perspective right moving on in the story at Christianity today with a quote over the last several years. He watched David Platt take the church. The church rebuilt the church.

We love the church report our hearts and souls and lives into turned into a political stripped-down version of what used to be, wrote former elder Mark Gottlieb who is encouraging members of a group called save McLean Bible church to quote admit defeat and walk away after the July 18 vote and then they go on to some other things that have taken place with David Platt in the church recently that we didn't get into Lasix to hear some new information that just kinda adds to the whole story in July 2019 then Pres. Donald Trump showed up at a worship service and Platt prayed for him from the stage, an action that drew criticism from some in the church. A year later Platt and African-American McLean Pastor Mike Kelsey remember that neighbor again him later participated in a Christian March following the death of George Floyd which was construed by some as support for the black lives matter organization McLean Bible church stated in the Q&A and its website that Kelsey's son held a poster that read black lives matter to God Platt's 2020 book entitled before you float also drew criticism from some church members as being soft on traditional evangelical issues like abortion and sexuality will get into that today allegations that leaders were seeking to join the Southern Baptist convention is another issue in violation of the church's Constitution led McLean Bible church to suspend all contributions to SBC causes this month. The church claims it's not affiliated to the Southern Baptist convention. However, the article continues Baptist press stated in July 21 article that McLean Bible church is a cooperating church with the Southern Baptist convention.

Yet like all Southern Baptist churches remains independent and autonomous in its functionality and governance unquote. Moving on to some observers, McLean's conflict seems like a replay of other episodes from American evangelicalism were leaders who appealed the Scripture to address social issues are accused of theological liberalism or secular influence, even if they continue to hold traditional Christian views while the question is my response that would be do they really hold to traditional Christian views if they're espousing social and racial issues which are supported by Scripture. We move on with the column Chuck Hannah Ford, a Memphis clinical psychologist who has helped churches mediate conflicts for 30 years, said McLean Bible church is troubled or the latest iteration of a broader conflict between younger reformed Christians in older generations of white evangelicals interesting. There is some resistance from what some would consider the old guard in evangelical circles to younger guys accused of being soft on doctrine in an effort to reach a more diverse audience. Some older evangelicals seed is sort of a coup.

Meanwhile, younger leaders like Platt see the pushback as its own sort of coup and remain concerned about the influence of opposition fueled on social media and watchdog blogs okay just the last paragraph or so. Here, the Q&A stated quote we want McLean Bible church to be a place where people with all kinds of convictions on matters of conscience can thrive. So, wherever possible, we want to work together to move forward together on mission even with our different perspectives in the me just add to that that viewpoint diversity, even if it's on issues of conscience.

When you have lots of viewpoint diversity in those kinds of issues that does not work well in a church to be unified.

The article closes with a quote by Platt, which as we have walk through tumultuous days of the last year and the world surfacing many challenges in our lives, families, or country, the world and the church.

We all need God's grace to love one another well and to live for the spread of his love in a world that desperately needs what only he can give. And as we walk faithfully with God during these days keeping her eyes fixed on him.

I trust that he will work all these things together for our good and ultimately his glory unquote.

What kind of Christian could possibly be against what David Platt just said there until you start peeling back the onion was actually taking place within his church and find out that's the situation is very different than his call for unity that quote the Christian worldview. David Wheaton returns in just a moment at Samaritan ministry is our members are passionate about lien part of a Christian community that shares one another's medical means without the use of insurance Samaritan members Tony and Ginger Malik that passion to share health with others. Life is always my wife's dream come back to the farm wanted to be able to do is daintily raise the vegetables and behold where the food comes from.

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It is 264 pages, hardcover, and retails for 1899+ shipping for a limited time we are offering it for a donation of any amount to the Christian worldview go to the Christian or call 1888 646-2233. That's the Christian welcome back to the Christian worldview sure to visit our website and the Christian you can subscribe to a free weekly email and annual print newsletter resources for adults and children and support the ministry. Now back to today's program with host David Wheaton note last week.

We also talked about the four keys that lead to or cultivate unity in the church in the first one is for a church to be clear and committed to biblical doctrines we referenced passages of Scripture that was from first Timothy 416. Pay close attention. Paul writes to Timothy to yourself and to your teaching persevere in these things, for as you do this you will ensure salvation both for yourself and for those who here use will be clear and committed on biblical doctrines take pains to be very focused on that. Don't be fast and loose with biblical doctrines just for the sake of cortical unity number two second key, choose qualified pastor elders overseers who are discerning of false teaching and teachers and that's a big story but was going sideways at McLean Bible church third key to cultivating unity in the church is to focus on the fundamentals of what the church originally was meant to be for Max to that to teach the word fellowship of believers share in communion remembrance of Christ's death and resurrection.

Also prayer are those of the four fundamentals and by doing things beyond that that is going to necessarily impact the church. If you have tons of programs and ministries and you go down different roads and music worship bands and do all this, stuff it just distracts from the four fundamentals that are mentioned in acts 242.

Finally, the fourth key to cultivating unity in the church is to exercise church discipline and restoration that comes from Matthew 18. You can't let people who attend your church or members of your church just get away and sweep their sin under the rug. If there's unrepentant sin that's being practiced in the church. The church needs to deal with that, according to the model in Matthew 18. We talked about that last week we won't get into it again this week so just keep those things in mind as we read this letter from those in the church who are opposing who are against what is been taking place at McLean Bible church. Now I don't know this for sure, but I would be willing to guess that David Platt and those who agree with them at the church on the elder board and the group opposing him probably share about 85 to 90% of the same doctrinal views.

But when it comes to the issue of social justice. That's where they part ways, David Platt and the elders have decided that racial reconciliation and integration, and social justice should be a priority, while those who oppose it.

Realize that that's going to take the church down the wrong road, it's going to be divisive and is going to lead to compromise and more of a social gospel rather than the preaching of the true biblical gospel of salvation. Now David Platt to be clear would never say he believes in critical race theory, but his words and his actions make clear that she's in fact sympathetic and possibly even agrees that maybe in a lighter way with some of the tenants. If you listen the program out a no month or so ago we did that programmer did couple programs. Critical race theory and we pulled those six tenants of critical race theory off the got website number one that American government law, culture and society are inherently and inescapably racist. So I I would venture to bet that David Platt and those who think like him. I believe some of that they believe the country is systemically racist is look at our history.

It's you know it's it's a country that has come a long way but there's all kinds of racism still at work in our country. Number two second tenet of critical race theory. Everyone, even those without racist views perpetuates racism by supporting those structures. In other words, there is like an implicit bias by people in this country because you're just a white American. And so we support this systemic system. Number three. 1/3 10 in the critical race theory.

The personal perception of the old pressed there quote narrative outweighs the actions or intense of others. We need to listen to another persons narrative their own lived experience as that is valid even if it doesn't align with reality. Number four oppressed groups will never overcome disadvantages until the races structures are replaced and I would say that this is why churches believe and pastors believe that they are called to change these racist structures number 50 press or race or class groups never change. Out of all truism. The only change for self benefit and that's why these pastors need churches believe that it must be forced racial justice, social justice must be forced on the unwilling the ignorant, those who just don't get it. Number six tentative critical race theory is that application of laws and fundamental rights should be different based on the race or class group of the individual involved in this is wide. Churches like McLean Bible church and David Platt and others put a strong emphasis on we need to have leadership has to have a certain makeup in the church elder boards. Otherwise, the curriculum or read should be have representation thereby those of different ethnicities which they will call race just to show you that I'm not making this up.

I like to play audio bites of David Platt as he spoke. I believe that the Gospel coalition conference or there together for the gospel conference a couple years ago. Here's what he had to say with regard to racial issues within the church. I want to sacrifice more of my preferences as a white pastor, I need to grow in my laying aside of preferences for members of the spotted want Christ to be exalted through increasing diversity. Her leadership in our membership just to jump in here real quick. Did you hear what he said I want Christ to be exalted through increasing diversity in our leadership and in our membership. Now where is that Bible verse that Christ is exalted when there is greater diversity. Christ is exalted when there is greater unity amongst believers, regardless of their skin color. So don't get thrown off when someone throws words like the gospel in Christ in reaching people in missions, but there is this racial overtones of the whole thing. On a related note, I do not want to speak from the Bible on issues that are popular among white followers of Christ was things silent in the Bible on issues that are important to nonwhite followers of Christ. That's not a faithful pastor really. There are parts of the Bible that are popular amongst white people that will be popular amongst black people and vice versa. All of Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for all people, no matter what your skin color is there are no white parts of the Bible or black parts of the Bible that should be popular within a certain ethnic group actually read this week. Studies have shown that white church leaders are less likely to speak and act prophetically prophetically on race issues because white church leaders have more to lose when they do basically draw a crowd in general. Stay away from racial issues. If you want to draw a crowd of white people or electrical in this type of person after person stay away from saying anymore. Those types of people as part of the problem. Racial issues, the reality of many people manually comforted when they come to church as people work more naturally drawn to that which brings the most benefitover the least cost to give people a choice between the church of comfort in the church of comfort but you need to make sacrifices change a life. People will choose the church comfort. Most of her time and this is exactly why he's willing to fracture his church over pursuing racial issues. He thinks you need to hammer white people or dissenters over the head because they just don't get it.

They just want to be comfortable. They do want to be with people of different skin colors, and you can't let them stay comfortable in your church, which is why we designed so much of the church culture the way we have today. If I were so prone not to talk about issues that are uncomfortable to us. I just want to see the Bible doesn't give us that option with Amos five doesn't give us that option. We cannot truly worship God. While we stay silent on injustice and all kinds of very and I know is why pastor I have blind spots so I am part of the problem. I need friends and fellow pastors around me from different ethnicities who help me see those blind spots.

I'm committed to listening and learning and loving laying aside, whatever contemporary church growth methodologies is the best way to grow the church, i.e., ignore the issues of the exact opposite wants to hear God's word clearly on these issues and then we can trust him with the growth of his church to say if you just cry a little bit and speak very passionately people will listen to you and think you must be telling the truth, but it's very clear that what he's saying is, he has imbibed those tenants of critical race theory maybe up to the full on effective someone like Abram asked Ken D who wrote how to be an antiracist or Robin D'Angelo on white fragility, but he has certainly been an influence by that kind of thinking and now with the kind of influence he has. He's influencing people younger people, especially all over the country. With this kind of errant and divisive theology. How about treating people as individuals and just love your neighbor as yourself not treating people as communities or groups but just treating people as an individual made just like you are in the image of God.

Okay, we need to get to the letter. Otherwise, this is going to be a three or four part program. We started a little bit last week and read it was posted on the capstone report website and it said this letter to the elders of McLean Bible church was sent on February 3 so much earlier this year. This is a something just popped up in the church in the last month.

The letter outlines in 17 pages. Many of the concerns about the leftward drift of MBC in its move toward promotion of critical race theory in other divisive ideologies in the letter starts out like this. As you know, several months ago we provided the elder board with a paper discussing are grave concerns regarding the gospel. The church justice and racism GCJR that's a class they have the church we write again to share our deeper underlying concerns in the following key issues of elder oversight, lack of transparency, biblical preaching and teaching staffing outside influences to the church.

We believe that these issues are at the root of McLean Bible church's current predicament, and regrettably believe that they call into question the fidelity of MBC to Scripture, we are concerned that secular worldly ideologies have improperly influenced the teaching of Scripture at McLean Bible church confusing and dividing the church body, ultimately undermining the preaching of the gospel at MBC Summit get into all the various categories here today were not familiar to the whole letter we do have it links on the Christian and we would highly encourage you to read the letter. It's very instructive as to the various elements of the church. They touch on and what's going wrong at McLean Bible church first in the category of philosophy. They say we believe the elders have not properly exercise oversight of church doctrine as MBC has undergone major theological shifts, including embracing a social justice interpretation of Scripture and corresponding un-biblical prioritizing of unity at the expense of doctrinal truth which must exist before. Love can unite this is a very important paragraph and this is probably the headline for what is caused the fracture and everything else within a recount goes back to this, the elders have not exercised proper oversight over church doctrine. The church is gone undergone major theological shifts has been an embracing of social justice theology. There is been the un-biblical prioritizing of unity at the expense of doctrinal truth. You can have unity at the expense of truth.

Truth is the basis for having unity when everyone comes around and have the same understanding of doctrinal issues, then there can be unity in the Christian worldview.

David Wheaton returns in just a moment. David Wheaton here volunteer host of the Christian worldview radio program. Listeners are often surprised to learn that we as a ministry pay for air time on the radio station website or app on which you hear the program.

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The Christian that's 1888 646-2233. The Christian thanks for joining us on the Christian worldview. Just a reminder that today's program and pass programs are archived at our website. Christian Georgics are also available and be sure to share with others. Now back to today's program with host David Wheaton go down the next category board composition elder board composition.

We believe it is impractical for members of various campuses to accurately assess an affirmative vote. The impeccable spiritual and moral character of elder candidates from different campuses, most of whom they have never met. Next point, we are concerned that some of our current elders while they are good men have not demonstrated qualifications for being elders in particular in the matter of being able to teach from the Bible. That's when the qualifications of of of elders in first Timothy in a qualified elder must be able to teach the Bible next point. We believe the secular philosophy of quote affirmative action may have influenced recent decisions regarding the composition of the elder board and pastoral staff in pursuit of the secular goal of diversity in meaningless superficial characteristics like skin shade rather than strictly adhering to biblical qualifications.

Can you see how much there is in this letter, not just the second category.

There's a fly in the ointment here that we really haven't touched on in this is the fact that McLean Bible church is a congregation led church and it's a multisite church. So what this letter says about the fact that you're expecting the congregation to vote on elders that they don't even know they go to a different church, even though it's part of the same church family. How on earth will congregation know how to vote on people they don't even know and when it says it's congregation led means that the congregation is the final authority instead of the pastor and elders are as the Bible calls them overseers. There is no basis really for a congregation led church in the Bible it should be elder, overseer pastor led church elder should be making decisions the congregation can petition the elders or they can leave the church but should be the decisions in the church should be driven by these biblically qualified elders. That is the structure of the church is not meant to be a democracy and then finally in this category of board composition did the sin of partiality comes in.

Which means favoring someone according to characteristics that stay shouldn't be favored by another was thinking there must be some sort of ethnic makeup in leadership in the church need to have so many black people so many Asian so many whites in the board to truly be diverse. Instead of focusing solely on the character qualifications. The Bible lays out they bring in other qualifications that are meaningless. According to Scripture next category in the letter is on functionality where they say we believe the elders should be much more publicly recognize and accessible and be regularly involved in the leadership of the worship service.

Members of the congregation have put themselves under the spiritual authority of the elders, yet very few congregation members know who they are or have sat under their teaching and other said that this is a big problem in in big churches where you don't have much contact with the pastor you don't know who the elders are there not very visible. There's not enough elders qualified elders in these big churches to be able to serve and oversee thousands of people in the church next point in her functionality. We believe there is too much power, even informally vested in the chairman of the elder board or the lead pastor who is David Platt which endangers the congregation to the preferences of a single individual, or to and this is the tendency when you have a well-known and popular powerful personality like David Platt.

This is going to be the tendency to look to him as the human way look to him as the leader in the decision-maker in the church rather than being a part of a well-qualified elder board of men who are character qualified to be elders of the church next point. Under functionality we believe it is the elders responsibility they write to discern when the church is proceeding in the wrong direction in mission and focus in the current circumstance with MBC pursuing social justice and unity without sound doctrine around which to unite the elders have failed to diagnose and remedy the problem.

This is one significant example of the elders failure to meet their constitutional responsibility of quote guarding the reputation and doctrinal integrity of the church that this is one of the four keys to a unified church we mentioned earlier in the program is that you must have well-qualified elders who able to discern false teaching and false teachers. They need to be able to guard the sheep shepherd the flock from those who would come in, or those who are already in and be inserting false doctrines that will lead them astray next point. The elder should carefully review and approve positions in written statements before they are published. For example, David Platt's book on voting necessarily represented McLean Bible church with the position of dubious biblical fidelity when MBC senior leadership publishes a book to the world. They are representing McLean Bible church it's congregation and the elders. The same applies for statements written on social media or public speaking indiscretions in this area have severely damaged MBC's long-standing reputation locally as well as nationally. So what they're saying here is that David Platt's book on voting gave the impression of that Christians can really vote many different ways and you can vote for a Democrat as well as a Republican take a quote from the book. Yes, abortion is abhorrent. That's clear in the Bible, but is that the only issue at stake in an election. What about the scores of Christians including overwhelming percentages of African-American Christians who consistently vote for Democrats because of the parties record and other issues that they also deem biblically important. Can you really conclude that they lack faith in Jesus and are on a road that leads to everlasting suffering because of how they weigh those other issues we really exclude them from the church because they voted for a Democrat unquote.

He's basically drawing a moral equivalency if you're black and a Christian, you vote for a Democrat. There's really nothing wrong with that because they have a different priorities of issues whether you're white, evangelical, and you vote for a Republican candidate because they're against abortion and same-sex marriage and we need to get together and get along.

Voting is a comparative decision for a believer. A Christian should vote for the candidate whose policies will more honor God in his word for a Christian. It can't mean voting for the party that is the most God rejecting party of all that stands for killing babies as a sacrament.

The homosexual transgender agenda. The wrist redistribution of wealth and entitlement programs that ruin the family we would say that that it should not be the option for Christians there other options besides that one. That's the worst one of all. Okay, let's get to the next point. Under were still under functionality of the church where they write the letter to the elders. We believe the elders should have a prominent role in ensuring guest speakers and ministry associations whether Sunday preaching and conferences that we platform or host are in doctrinal alignment with MBC and thus, in keeping with faithful shepherding of our people.

For example, both Francis Chan and Jackie Hill Perry were questionable choices and whose behavior post speaking at McLean Bible church validated that they should not been given access to our pulpit now case you don't know who Francis Chan is. He went to the Masters seminary which is the seminary affiliate with John MacArthur but over the years, he has become charismatic in his theologies been involved in visions and the purported healings he he's partnered or supporter spoke at organizations like national house of prayer and the new apostolic Reformation. He's a firm Roman Catholic doctrine. Meanwhile, Jackie Hill Perry is a just overt social justice advocate. You can listen to the sound bite that she made with her husband in really advocating critical race theory is off the light and heal all people, and I say all laypeople within themselves is that God wears the deceitfulness of the heart where I bought into the narrative that all black people are criminals where not treating my neighbor not as better than myself. My assuming that I am sick.

They are in for the color of my skin made to such an obvious statement of critical race theory that all white people are biased, whether they know it or not I am sorry I am greedy you because they're made in your image Esca and also so yes I understand that white guilt is not okay yeah Mr. like, why have you is not. Repentance is what led by guilt you mean like Phyllis are Phyllis are as white guilt does white guilt will make you do it that is interesting. So it was, say, let me let me do what I can solemnly feel guilty so the consciousness of our conscience is clear, but still doesn't cause you to walk in love. What what what what love does love says I will step out of my comfort zone, step out about my Ma my privilege right. That's what humility does Jesus stepped out of his own fruitage he not come is right God a thing to be grasped, but was able to let them go live is able to let them go to certain people so again just wrapped in critical race theory you need to give up your white privilege, equating it to like Jesus giving up his privilege to come to earth to save sinners.

This is just black liberation theology and someone who absolutely should not be speaking at your church and so that's quick true Christlike love and humility does is I will let go of my own free will is all a whole lot like really something to be graspable in the lead in the lab (if you cannot do that they do not. The woman who spoke again is Jackie Hill. Need to know that name. She's very popular. She appears in lots of evangelical conferences article, she writes, and so forth. But you can to see from that soundbite. She's not someone that any church that is interested in sound doctrine should platform on their at their pulpit and have them speak to the people of their church next point. From the letter faithful shepherding of our flock in stewardship of our good name requires every speaker from main session to the smallest class small group or breakout session be in keeping with the stated doctrine of McLean Bible church. If this is about guarding sound doctrines in the church once again. If you have a church and you have your statement of faith on your website and you know what your pastor believes been your son is school classes you a people teaching doctrines that are consistent with what the Bible teaches you're not guarding the doctrine within your church. There needs to be a again a unity around sound doctrine your church where people are in agreement of those teaching the classes the next point goes on to say the promoted 2020 evangelicals for life conference speakers list include an Foss camp and Russell Moore, neither of which should be platform to McLean Bible church given their aberrant theological beliefs and political activism.

We've talked much about Russell Moore the.

The leftist influence that he had within the Southern Baptist convention when he was president of the ethics and religious liberty commission. Now he's no surprise working for Christianity today but and Voss May be someone that you don't know she wrote a book entitled the 1000 gifts. In that book it was gonna read a few quotes from her book on page 201 she said.

And there's this erotic connection. She she makes with God, she said, quote I fly to Paris and discover how to make love to God."

Page 211.

Quote I run my hand along the beams over my loft bed. Would she would buy a hand several hundred years ago. I can cheer him. God he's calling for a response.

He's calling for oneness in communion. Page 211. Another quote quote I remember this feeling the way my apron billowed in the running the light the air. The harvest moon. I remember the yearning to merge with beauty himself, referring to God, but sheer now really I am not at all certain that I want consummation and who wouldn't cower at the invitation to communion with limitless holiness himself on quote that's an Voss camp and they're saying someone like her should not be platform to at McLean Bible church and I would agree with that. Voss Also said about you choose the lead singer Bono. She said Bono is legitimately brilliant, legitimately sold out for Jesus and legitimately incarnating the gospel's call to live out gospel shaped justice on quote. Just beware when people are consciously throwing Christian needs gospel incarnational words out there is probably something that you're being sold. That is off base will according to Broadway world website at their concert in Chicago's United Center you to rename their iconic song in the name of love or pride in the name of love to gay pride in the name of love. This is our America shouted Bono before breaking into the hit song and Bono's been a big supporter of homosexual marriage back in his home country of Ireland as well.

Not someone who's legitimately sold out for Jesus.

When you are advocating for relationships that the Bible clearly opposes and one more example from her how she reads something into Scripture that is just not there is called ISA Jesus incentive exegesis pulling things out of Scripture that are accurate ISA Jesus is reading your own interpretation into Scripture. Listen to her comparison to Christ hanging on the cross and how that state symbol of hospitality are actual theology is best expressed in a hospitality. How do we live with open doors open heart, open homes, how open is your life to those who don't look like you there again. The explicit statement that hospitality is somehow better when you open up your home to someone else who doesn't look like you.

Hospitality is not sidebar to our theology is our theology very state of Christianity and the cross itself that of hospitality.

The wide open arms of Jesus on the cross is a form of Christianity if the form of the ultimate hospitality the form of welcome, I want you I invites you want to be with you. I'm sorry but that's just wrong to draw a conclusion about the son of God nailed in hanging and bleeding on the cross to being a symbol of hospitality rather than of what it actually was the son of God dying for the sins of mankind. Hospitality is a wonderful thing for a Christian to practice but it's not Jesus hanging on the cross next point. Additionally, Jen Wilkin scheduled speaker for the MBC word filled women's conference in February 2020 has advocated for homosexual inclusion and teaches that God's word quote whispers about homosexuality.

While the court shouts about other sins that you probably heard that before. Will JD Greer, the past president of the SBC in the current president Ed Lytton both use that quote from Jen Wilkin about the Bible, whispering about homosexuality and shouting the other sins and in their sermons. Jen Wilkin comes from her is based out of Matt Chandler's church in Texas.

Another point in the letter. We believe the elder should be much more involved in evaluating the biblical fidelity of corporate worship, which includes worship songs and artists which should reinforce, not contradict our doctrinal convictions. What what they're saying is that the the songs we sing as a church should be sound doctrinally and they shouldn't be from ministries who we have to pay royalties to that are actually not advancing strong biblical sound doctrinal content. Why are we supporting those should not be part of our worship service. We have so much more to get to, but were out of time today so just in conclusion, we do not believe that David Platt is an apostate, at least not at this point, one who denies Christ and the gospel.

I think an accurate way to put this situation is that David Platt sees racial reconciliation, racial integration, social justice, he views that to be a priority for the church and my expectation is that David Platt in this church, having now gotten their way getting their chosen elder board as you go much further down the road on these issues so let this be a lesson for all of us in our own churches don't pursue social justice proclaim the word of God in the gospel of Jesus Christ. And when you do true believers of every skin color will unite around the truth of God's word. It doesn't need to be forced or coerced. Read the messages of Christ to the revelation churches.

They lived in a very diverse world. Not one word was said by Jesus about a church, not being diverse enough keep the main point.

The main point at church to disciple believers in the faith to help them grow closer in their walk with Christ and to train them to proclaim. The only saving gospel that through repenting of sin and placing your faith in the person and work of Christ. You can be right with God. No matter your skin color, background think you as always for listening to the Christian worldview can hear past programs and order resources or sign of email and support ministry. Find out more about our national sponsor Samaritan going to our website the Christian we have a lot going on right now. So until next time, let's remember Jesus Christ and his word are the same yesterday and today and forever.

Think biblically live accordingly.

Treat others impartially and stand firm.

The mission of the Christian worldview is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. We hope today's broadcast encouraged for that and to hear a replay of today's program or to sign up for the weekly email to find out what must I do to be saved to your website Christian or call us toll-free at 1-888-646-2233 Christian worldview as a listener supported ministry and furnished by the overcoming foundation, a nonprofit organization can find out more order resources make a donation become a monthly partner and contact us by visiting the Christian bowling toll-free 1-888-646-2233 writing to Box 41, Excelsior, MN 55331 Xbox 41 seltzer, MN 55331. Thanks for listening to the Christian worldview. Until next time think biblically and live accordingly

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