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The Cause and Effect of Critical Race Theory Part 1 of 2

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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June 4, 2021 8:00 pm

The Cause and Effect of Critical Race Theory Part 1 of 2

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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June 4, 2021 8:00 pm

Every cause produces an effect. Drop a pebble in a pond (cause) and small ripples form and travel outward (effect).

Likewise, ideas are causes that produce effects. Good ideas produce good effects and bad ideas bad effects. Big, unbiblical ideas are not like dropping a pebble into a pond but rather a nuclear bomb on a society—widespread destruction and even death are the effects.

Critical Race Theory, the idea that White Supremacy is the dominating operating principle in America oppressing all manner of oppressed groups (“people of color”, women, etc.), is the new Big Idea in America that is being imbibed and perpetuated by government, corporations, and the Left. The Evangelical Church is dallying with it as well.

The idea that America and the church are systemically racist leads to an effect—restitution and reparations must be made. “Equity” (equal outcomes, not equal opportunity) must be enforced. This is the thesis of a new book entitled, Reparations: A Christian Call for Repentance and Renewal (Brazos Press) by Duke Kwon, a PCA pastor in Washington, DC, and Greg Thompson, a former PCA pastor.

Kevin DeYoung, senior pastor at Christ Covenant Church in North Carolina, just wrote a lengthy review of the book and its call for reparations from Whites to Blacks.

We’ll discuss Critical Race Theory (the ideological cause) and reparations (the demanded effect) this weekend on The Christian Worldview. It’s important for Christians to understand this worldview that is taking hold on our country and the church.

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The cause and effect of critical race theory that was top will discuss today right here on the Christian worldview radio program. The mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview Christians and to share the good news that sinners can be reconciled to God. Faith in Jesus Christ, I'm David Reed the host and our website is the Christian the Christian worldview is a nonprofit listener supported and sponsor supported ministry. Thank you to our listeners and also our national sponsor Samaritan ministries to provide a biblical solution to healthcare we can find out every cause produces an effect you all heard that phrase before cause and effect, dropout, pebble in a pond.

It's a cause and small ripples form and travel outward. That's the effect now.

Likewise, ideas are causes that produce effects. Good ideas produce good effects and bad ideas, bad effects and big on biblical ideas are not like dropping a pebble into a pond, but rather well a nuclear bomb on a society widespread destruction and even death are the effects of those bad on biblical ideas, critical race theory. The idea that white supremacy is the dominating operating principle in America oppressing all manner of oppressed groups such as quote, people of color, women, etc., is the new big idea in America that is being imbibed and perpetuated by government corporations. The educational system, the media, the entertainment industry and of course the left and now you have the evangelical church dallying with critical race theory as well. You remember from two years ago that the Southern Baptist convention, the largest denomination in America had a resolution at their national convention about critical race theory that it could be used as an analytical tool.

They are going to be meeting again coming out they didn't have a meeting last you because of covert with the be meeting coming up, and no doubt this will be one of the major agenda items and something to watch about which direction they go on the issue of critical race theory that the idea that America in the church are quote systemically race.

This leads to an effect that restitution reparations must be made to right the wrongs of the past and the present equity so-called equity, which means equal outcomes not equal opportunity must be enforced.

That is the thesis of a new book entitled reparations a Christian call for repentance and renewal by Duke Quan, a Presbyterian Church of America pastor in Washington DC and Greg Thompson, a former PCA pastor Kevin DeYoung, who himself as a pastor at Christ covenant Church in North Carolina also writes for the Gospel coalition just wrote a lengthy review of the book and its call for reparations from whites to Blacks we It's a long book review but one worthy of your time and thought today a programmer going to discuss the idea of critical race theory.

The ideological cause, so to speak, and reparations, the demanded effect. It's important for Christians to understand this worldview that is taking hold on many many aspects of our country and also the church now this issue of cause and effect for every cause there is in effect is just self-evident. For instance, in the beginning of time, God spoke cause and the effect was that the universe took shape for Adam and Eve sinned as a cause and the effect of that was that there was physical death and also spiritual death resulted on all of mankind. Another cause and effect that Christ came and lived a perfect life on this earth and then offered his life on the cross as a payment for our sin. There is the cause and the effect of that is that God's wrath and his justice were fully satisfied by Christ's sacrifice on the cross and there is the effect that we had, now have the means people.

Sinners now have the means to be forgiven by God and made right with God and inherit eternal life.

That's the greatest cause and effect that's ever happened and that's open to anyone who repents of their sin and puts their faith in the person of Jesus Christ and his work on their behalf on the cross so as not just actions, though, that have a cause and effect. But ideas as well.

For instance the idea to found America over that.

Our founders did on the principles of individual freedom with acknowledgment of God as as Creator as reverence for him and implementation of some biblical values. The separation of powers to mitigate power being consolidated by sinful human beings having a representative republic where people had the power to determine who would represent them in government resulted in this country being the most free the most prosperous and the most powerful nation in the history of the world. You could say the common phrases. Ideas have consequences in the American idea has had huge positive consequences. Although their offensive negatives as well.

To which we'll get into conservative radio host Dennis Prager listed in a recent column.

Some of the positive effects of the idea of America.

For instance, when there is a natural disaster going on somewhere in the world. People look to America to help them. They don't look to China or Russia or Iran or North Korea. Maybe they help in some cases and it's in the region, but primarily people look to America they know our ideals will have an effect on something is going wrong in their part of the world or for instance when there is a a war or some grave injustice going on the world. People hope that America will intervene in some way and stop the carnage as we did in World War II when we went over to Europe and stop the that the threat of Nazi's and from taking over the globe are in the Pacific theater with Japan. Many many tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of Americans died to save the world from that that Tierney another example is that people are clamoring to come to America from all over the world, not the other way around. People are clamoring to get out of this country that making a mass exodus there.

They're coming here with just shows had were at the terrible country that the median educational system.

In this woke left make us out to be.

Otherwise people would be coming, they would be leaving and mass is a mention is to couple seconds ago. Yes there was an idea of slavery and racism.

There is a cause that had a terrible effect on this country during the time it held sway.

But that idea was overcome and is certainly not the norm in America today. Americas is known for providing opportunity for all, no matter who you are, what your skin color is. And there are many success stories to prove it. But there is a new idea in America, one that is divisive, one that is biblically an error because it shows partiality Bibles against that. It's really an evil idea and it's based on nothing new but really an old dead man that is corrupting every institution in this country and the people who are pushing it. That idea is critical race theory or the abbreviation is CRT. We talked about this previously in the program and it basically asserts that America is founded and built and still operates on white supremacy in the country was and is racist towards a what they called by Pok black indigenous people of color and other designated minority groups, identity groups, like women or homosexuals or transgender people or non-Christians or immigrants that the whites in this country will press all the people that aren't like them codeword for critical race theory. You often hear is called equity or diversity inclusion are those words are used together. That's a code word for it. In his frames, whites, Christians males heterosexuals as the oppressors and by Pok black indigenous people of color and others as oppressed. The system therefore that the effect needs to be there is the idea white supremacy.

The effect is will the system needs to be quote fundamentally transformed into a socialist or Marxist state that this is the new idea that is characterizing America and will characterized America in the years to come. And I don't know the future but for how long. I have no idea, but this is taken stronghold in this country. It is everywhere right now like a mention in government in the military in schools, in corporations, even in sports, everywhere. Critical race theory is rearing its ugly head. I want to got which gives a simple one page summary of the hundreds of thousands of questions they receive on certain issues.

I looked at me and what is critical race theory on that website may give a couple good bullet points about its key assumptions of CRT first when they give is that American government law and culture and society are inherently and inescapably racist. We Artie talked about that one.

Number two second key assumption of critical race theory is that everyone even though without racist views perpetuates racism by supporting those structures.

So in other words, you're guilty if you're a part of this society and you're not doing anything to be antiracist. He heard that expression to need to be antiracist not just not a racist, but you need to be antiracist working against the inherent racism of our society.

So he everyone, even those with without racist views while you're perpetuating it by supporting the structures of this country.

Number three third key assumption of critical race theory that there is a personal perception of the oppressed, which is quote their narrative that outweighs the actions or intense of others. In other words, is called the standpoint viewpoint someone's own personal narrative, their own personal standpoint. Their experience in life is enough to make something true if they've experienced something if they feel something if they believe something, therefore, that really outweighs facts, data reality, the actions or intense of others. Number four key assumption of critical race theory that oppressed groups will never overcome disadvantages until the races structures are replaced and where he talked about this when they meet fundamentally transform America because it structurally every part of it.

The legal system, the political system educational. The economic system.

You name the system it structurally racist and unjust, so oppressed groups, the, the designated oppressed groups black people of color, women so forth will never be able to overcome the disadvantages that they perceive and that they've experienced. Until these races structures are replaced. Number five key assumption of critical race theory is that old presser race or class groups never change. Out of all truism.

The only change for self benefits and other words that the white class will never change because it's the right thing to do of the liver become less racist towards Blacks. The only thing they'll do is only with a change if it somehow benefits them. That's a point I hadn't heard before. Number six key assumption that the application of laws and fundamental rights should be different based on the race or class group of the individual involved that this is where critical race theory is actually truly racist and you see this where quotas or preferences are given toward but say black people based on the fact that there black. This is something that we thought we had gotten away pass in this country. Now is going full circle back were preferences and priorities and quotas equity.

It's called equal outcomes are given based on someone skin color. Recently, Tucker Carlson of Fox News did a short feature on Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago. She is a black lesbian and very much on the left, and she recently's put out a press release or an announcement that going forward on a certain day, she was only going to grant interviews to non-white reporters. I kid you not, here's the audio from Tucker Carlson for months now we've been searching for a meaningful definition of the word equity equity is not the organizing principle of United states of America on the very day he was inaugurated. Joe Biden signed Executive Order 13, 985.

That order makes equity mandatory across the federal government and all the agencies. And yet, strangely, neither Joe Biden or anyone else in the administration is ever defined the word. So what is equity equity. It turns out, is racism.

It's as simple as that equity is racism we mean racism in the literal sense in the way that Martin Luther King defined the term, which is the act of hurting people and helping others purely on the basis of their respective races bigotry. In other words, prejudice, hatred. That's what equity is made is jumping here for a second to say that equity this word is all the rage in the public educational system. Right now we need to have equity curriculum and this is just code codeword again for equal outcomes, racial preferences, critical race theory is all part of the lexicon, the command of language to try to pull the wool over people's eyes, inherently sinful un-biblical ideas. The Christian worldview.

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We know that thanks to Lori Lightfoot, mayor of Chicago earlier today Lightfoot released a two page manifesto defining equity quote equity and inclusion are the North stars of this ministration. Lightfoot explained that she got specific about quote on the occasion of the two year anniversary of my inauguration as mayor of this great city will be exclusively providing one-on-one interviews with journalists of color so the name of equity. Lori Lightfoot is usually taken, interviews to white people. Lightfoot took pains to explain doesn't mean that personally. In fact conceded that some of the white reporters who cover City Hall in Chicago are talented and hard-working, but unfortunately they are Lightfoot said, quote white.

Nonetheless, there is as plainly as anyone is ever said it aloud what people are disqualified because they are white, not because of anything they have on or said think Bartlett doesn't care about that. She said so to Lori Lightfoot. All that matters is the fact there white because all white people of the state.

They are entirely defined by the color of their skin.

You can see if this makes a little easier for Lori Lightfoot. She knows who to hate just by looking at them any society that allows politicians to talk like this has a very ugly future ahead very ugly when I heard about the story of Lori Lightfoot. It was actually very hard to believe this Was Taking Pl. in America or that she could actually get away with this without a just a complete public outrage from every corner.

But did you hear about the story but a lot of you haven't heard about the story of the mayor of one of the biggest cities in America saying she's only going to grant interviews to nonwhite reporters of course are justification would be that well.

Whites have had all the privilege in the past and therefore it's time to start giving other people, people of color, a place at the table and so she's willing to be racist in order to solve what she sees as a past crime of racism to what she's only doing is perpetuating more racism and division and resentment Tucker Carlson continues their 50 members of the city Council Chicago.

The cold alderman. One of the Ald. call Raymond Lopez has repeatedly pressed Lori Lightfoot to explain what she's doing to the city.

Each of the Raymond Lopez is not a right way or is a Democrat who represents the 15 Ford, which is overwhelmingly nonwhite in some places it's impoverished, but right now Lopez cares a lot about his constituents to in January he raise an obvious point with the mayor maybe crime is shooting up in Chicago because shop Chicago to Century City is not enforcing federal law Lori Lightfoot respond to this.

She called him a racist. Being an immigrant for refugee is not a crime. Alderman Napolitano and alderman Ray Lopez. I just have to say shame on you here to debate which is at the heart of our democracy is not the same as using racist tropes and xenophobic credit rhetoric to promote yourself on the backs of others and demonizing okay that was Lori Lightfoot, the black lesbian mayor of Chicago. By the way she has 3 of intersection analogy, the oppressed group status. She's black, she's a female and she's a lesbian that gives her lots of intersection analogy power in this world of critical race theory and noticed the shaming she does of some of her fellow councilman on the Chicago city Council saying because they want to enforce the law about immigration not have it be a sanctuary city where they allow illegal immigrants to come and force the law. The federal law that they are Xena phobic rhetoric that we don't like outsiders. This is all the same again. You have to grasp the language being used all the time. She attacks someone who wants to enforce the law as being racist and Xena phobic another word shut up you should be intimidated because no one wants to be called a racist. No critical race theory doesn't just rear its ugly head in the political arena, but also in the religious realm as well.

That article by got questions goes on to say that in applying critical race theory to faith.

Some suggest that quote whiteness defined in a unique sense is a type of sin and incompatible with salvation. In other words, those in certain ethnic or socioeconomic groups must quote repent of such status. There whiteness above and beyond other sins in order to be truly Christian goes on to say less inflammatory uses of critical race theory.

Echo older claims that biblical faith is often presented as a quote white man's religion or that Christianity ought to follow a progressive theology, especially with respect to gender and sexuality evangelicals when they hear this good immediately defensive. No one wants to be considered a racist at so sinful, nonbiblical, and so when this charge is thrown at the evangelical church defensive posture and in a backing up posture immediately takes place.

He goes on to say the article from got questions, says critical race theory entirely violates a biblical worldview by suggesting that people are essentially defined by their race or the class rather than by their individual acts and attitudes.

That's how God evaluates us by our our motives, our thoughts are actions or attitudes not critical race theory. It's about how your identity. How you identify whether one of the oppressed, what your skin color is article goes on to say, critical race theory incorrectly emphasizes intersectional category zeros that were another codeword like again, Lori Lightfoot, black female lesbian that's intersectional. There is more power. When you have more oppressed status such as gender, race, sexual preference, and economic status above and beyond a person's own choices and responsibilities. Critical race theory also conflicts with the biblical approach to objective, absolute truth, in no small part.

This includes suggesting that an oppressed person's feelings matter more than what the oppressor has actually done or intended another words it doesn't matter if you haven't done anything racist. You're racist because you're a white you're part of the system. In my personal experience, my truth is what matters most. My truth the matter if it's based on faulty assumptions or a lack of reality is still the truth. Article continues by saying, as applied to spiritual matters. Critical race theory effectively replaces an individual personal relationship with God's not about individual sessions with God as the Bible teaches, replaces that with a tri-ballistic ethnocentric your your race is everything collectivistic socialistic system.

It also greatly emphasizes material and social concepts to the detriment or even the exclusion of the true gospel.

In other words sent about the salvation of your soul. The big mission in life is about changing things materially economically social structures in our society is the social gospel when and where prejudices are found in the church they should be addressed. According to sound doctrine. The article says, not according to an inherently un-biblical pros such as critical race theory that from got you can read the column yourself and got known short critical race theory presupposes the presupposition the baseline foundation is that everything about American society is thoroughly racist. It structurally adjusts systemically racist and that minority groups will never be equal until American society is entirely remade and transformed and really critical race theory is a kind of blame shifting it's it's someone else's fault for the sinful personal choices that one makes. So for instance, you may have children out of wedlock. There may be no father in the home. There may be generations of that one after the other. There may be use of alcohol and drugs or dependency on spending her lots of poor economic choices. Taking welfare when someone could work.

There is a gangster rap culture in the black community and some inner cities. And that's not to blame for any of the bad effects that happen in those communities. No, it's the white culture that is to blame for what's going on in these black communities know one of the clearest people on this particular topic of critical race theory in policing in this country and so forth is Heather McDonald has written a book entitled the war on top.

She frequently appears as a guest and some of the newest programs and she was recently on Mark Levine's program I Mark interviewed her about critical race theory and did the defunding of the police.

The call for that I what's driving this criminal behavior in the black communities is a couple soundbites that she made in the interview that I think worth hearing is Heather McDonald on Mark Levine's show talking about how the breakdown the black family is really the cause of crime even change this narrative is even possible whether it's political, as he said Mark but I would say it's even deeper than that and and for sure the playing of the race card is at a source of power that is truly inebriated to those that possess it, but it is also cultural.

We have been having for the last 4 to 5 decades and obsessive conversation about phantom police racism in order not to talk about a far more difficult and uncomfortable problem which is black crime that is what's driving policing today rightly so. Policing is data driven. It's not different by race everything out police command headquarters look at where people are being shot in drive-bys where they're being robbed and that is overwhelmingly in black neighborhoods.

The victims are black, but here is what nobody wants to say the perpetrators are black as well. Thanks to the breakdown of the black family and an extraordinarily dysfunctional toxic inner-city culture you have levels of violence that are simply unknown to the rest of America. America turns its eyes away from this problem and blames the messenger, which is the police.

The police don't want to have the fact that virtually every time a shots fired call comes over the police radio, meaning that somebody's been function shot in a drive-by.

They don't want the fact that they will almost invariably be called to a black neighborhood being given the description of a black suspect if anybody's cooperating with the police once they hope against hope that for once, it's good to be wider and Asian suspect. It almost never happens. The data is clear in New York City, for example, Blacks are about 23% of the population they commit about three quarters of all shootings, Weitzer 34% of the population they commit 2% of all shootings. Those disparities exist in every city and America, far from being white supremacist far from you know falsely are with Arduino vindictively demonizing Blacks would rather blame itself for this problem or blame the cops then say we need to be honest about the cultural breakdown and work on that work on reconstructing the family and for God sakes tell people not to resist arrest as a criminal if you stop by the cops. Don't resist arrest and you will virtually eliminate your chance of having elevated use of force to get used against you including lethal force that was Heather McDonald, the author of the Warren cops know it's too bad we have to say what a brave person for stating facts on this particular issue about the breakdown of the family within the black community.

By the way, this doesn't just apply to the black community.

There is a breakdown of the family in this counterculture in a white community. The same things are going to happen. But as she said our society is so quick to blame itself for the problems or blame the police but this doesn't mean that there is never any poor police encounters but the exception does not make the rule in these situations.

The exceptions are so rare in these cases, and overall the big problem is the breakdown of the family that leads to all these criminal acts in these interactions with police. That's the fact and the facts need to be stated. The truth helps people understand what needs to be changed is keep on pointing the finger at the wrong cause cause-and-effect again, then the effect that you can take the solutions you can propose to make things worse, or never solve the problem.

The Christian worldview.

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Many times, enormous power in playing the race hustle whites get get absolution for their phantom racism and Blacks have an enormous power over the rest of us in wielding our our good faith sense of guilt. It's a completely dysfunctional codependency.

But as we've seen in this last week. It's never-ending, I'm in the modeling elevation of criminals. The refusal to to talk about the criminal behavior that is driving everything in policing today. This is what Asians are not shot by cops what predicts being shot by cops is the rate of violent crime in one's group. Asians are not shot by cops because they do not virtually commit any street crime.

So if you don't want the cops in your community can do two things you can define the poisoning, get them out, and the consequences are. Here's the better way to bring parents back and demand parental responsibility demand that children go to school, pay attention in class.

Learn to maximize their potential and do not excuse or turn away from criminal conduct. We have these whitewashing of these criminals who get shot.

It's a tragic situation. These are current civil rights martyrs. We should have as civil rights heroes those hard-working black entrepreneurs who want the police who are working day by day against the thugs in their community but they don't have a voice as he listened to Heather McDonald. I just think what a shame. And what a tragedy that what she's saying is not being said by more people you would never hear that on CNN and MSNBC. You would never hear that many mainstream media news outlets but one woman. I'm sure there are others is stating specifically what the problem is and this is not an implication of all black people. Of course this is a generalization, generally in a lot of these communities.

There is a lot of crime that happens disproportionately to their population is more crime takes place and so there's more police interactions, and she say because of the breakdown of the family businesses in a stop, not the solution to that of course is a lot more difficult than single to stay together as a family. There is a necessary spiritual solution to this is it say it's a getting right with God through the gospel, repenting and believing the gospel.

It is the pursuit of sanctification and obedience to God's command to get married and stay married and raise children. The discipline and instruction. The Lord this is not just the thing that the government can do this needs a wholesale change in some of these communities where this family structure has broken down. Not easy to do, but necessary to be done in the solution to what's taking place get to hear all kinds of media attention when you had that rare occurrence where there is a white police officer Miss handles a case like the George Floyd case in need kneels on his neck for too long and so forth, and the man dies you hear those rare exceptional cases. But you don't hear all the kids the little the little black children that are being shot by stray bullets. It's a shame to see them on the news at night but there's no numbness civil rights leaders are swarming to minute Minneapolis to talk about all those killings were about them say their name, but of course, their names are never said because it doesn't fit the narrative of their systemically racist America okay so we talked about some background on critical race theory. I think it is good to be reminded of some of these things because these these worldview. That's what this is. This is a worldview and these things can be difficult to understand.

They come you haven't heard all these terms and then things change and is constantly morphing and it's really good to understand how un-biblical. These things are so when you're in a conversation with someone where they are talking to your children are talking to each other talking to people at church you can understand have a conversation and compare what the Bible says not to wonder what these ungodly worldviews being propagated in our society are so where did this originate the so-called battle between the old presser in the oppressed of critical race theory.

Will Karl Marx, the author of the Communist manifesto was really the founder of this theory are not necessary.

Critical race theory because he saw the world through economic depression medicine racial oppression if you live today. He certainly would, but he saw the world through economic oppression with the rich are the business owners.

They were the oppressors over the working class than the poor people and that's why he said let the workers of the world unite rise up and overthrow the business class E the business owning class. The rich so that here's the same outcome they want. They want this equal outcomes in the world, not equal opportunity that the quality they want equity equal outcomes coerced, forced equal outcomes and to get equal outcomes. By the way you to take away the rights of some people who are achieving who are in a meritocracy are trying to achieve. You push them down and you bring people up who don't necessarily have the same desire to achieve to get your equal outcomes so everyone would make the same. Everyone would be the same. That was the dream of Karl Marx, this is the cause and effect. The the idea and the effect there was the. The effect of this by Karl Marx was that there was in an equal misery shared by millions of people who lived under these communist socialistic governments, whether in the Soviet Union, whether in China, North Korea, Cuba. There is millions who lived in the shared misery. While there is always that small elite those in leadership those in power and those who have the guns they live like kings. Meanwhile, literally over 100 million people that that didn't go longer was seen as the outcast and not going allow the program.

Those the ones were killed in the gulags and in these communist countries. Next question is how do critical race theory become so pervasive, so quickly why think the lie has been told to Blacks by leftists in the Democratic Party about systemic racism in the educational system and how horrible this country is and how much the police are out to get them and how slavery determine their future, even if it was for generations back, so when these various police shootings of Blacks occur, no matter the rarity of it no matter the fact that the suspect may have been resisting arrest and had a weapon of it of his own.

It just proves the point of what they been lied to about it.

Once you swallow that lie. It has consequence, the idea that the country was founded, built and operates on racism then you have an evil that must be rectified by any and all means.

So, for instance, when George Floyd was was killed by dear children, the white police officer here Minneapolis and Memorial day 2020. That was like the perfect confluence of events the. The catalyst of a black man in a white police officer a torturous video of the police officer holding his knee in the neck of George Floyd until he died. He was it a prove the point that they had already concluded that there systemic racism by police in society and there is immediate call to defund the police are never hearing a thinking what what what on earth defund the police because of the actions of one man that never ever turned out to be racist, even the trial was never brought up even once.

That didn't matter. That was the grounds to start this movement the black lives matter movement. The critical race theory movement to try to transform this society into a socialist even communistic type state have a couple more soundbites from Heather McDonald that she talks about this how the assault on police. The pushback against them has actually led to more crime markets truly astonishing. The facts did not matter to this narrative, the dead bodies do not matter to this narrative. It's not a hypothetical question. We don't need to ask it. We've already have the data. The first major assault against police legitimacy that happened after the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson in 2014, resulted in what I called the Ferguson effect, which is the combined phenomena of officers backing off of constitutional law for proactive enforcement under this phony narrative that there racist and the resulting emboldening of criminals.

So 2015 2016 we saw the largest two-year increase in homicides in the last five decades. Another 2000 Blacks were killed to absolutely no objection from the black lives matter. Activists now post George Floyd last year 2020.

Saw the largest percentage increase in homicides in this nation's history. Probably another 3000 Blacks were killed last year, compared to 2019, four dozen black children gone down in their homes in their front porches attending birthday parties and barbecues by these insane, mindless, retaliatory shootings, not a single one of those black children's deaths were protested by the activists or by the politicians so it's only going to get worse.

The crime wave of 2020 is continuing unabated and the theme 20 or so Blacks who are killed every day in drive-by shootings are as usual, passing without the slightest moment of recognition from the media are Democratic politicians. We just had here in Minneapolis in the last couple weeks. Three young black children who have been shot by stray bullets in Minneapolis and one of them just had the funeral the other night. It was just traumatic to even watches beautiful young black girl who was gunned down because that there is a lawlessness basically on the streets of Minneapolis and in St. Paul now people won't go down there. The carjacking rate is off the charts murderers are happening. Matter fact, there was a column written by a man named Michael Tracy and you tell that one year after George Floyd Minneapolis is quote murder.

Apple us again. He writes with the gigantic outpouring of global attention that the Floyd case received and with virtually every major elite US institution united in their condemnation of the death inducing act and their claim to resolve to continue doing unspecified fied reparative work he would be foolish to not also notice the comparatively minuscule attention that other instances of unjust killings receive if one unjust killing of Floyd generate sustained historic society altering attention in hundreds of thousands of others generate virtually no attention.

The reasons for that disproportionality have to reflect something about a society's cultural and political priorities and he goes on to say that the murder rate in Minneapolis has gone up nearly 100% in the past year and more than 80% of those shooting victims in 2020 were black. Then he quotes a cop by saying one of us is going to get killed and nobody cares.

And that's what said nobody cares not the citizens, not our brass not her administration, not our city. They don't care they don't care one bit. You cannot run a civilized safe and orderly society as the Bible advocates for in Romans 13 is the role of government. When you take away the mitigating influence the police that are meant to put a hedge on the sin nature's on the streets and this is why Heather McDonald and one final sound bite from her saying this is the unwinding of the American society Democratic Party its entire culture. It's the universities as the corporations there is a religion now of antiracism, a commitment to the idea of enduring white supremacy because as I say, the country turns its eyes away from black dysfunction. They don't want to dress it. They feel guilty about it, but at this point nothing in our sculptures. Can a change unless that changes, because the academic achievement gap the crime gap. The idea of disparate impact is resulting in the unwinding of every meritocratic standard in our country because those colorblind standards that Martin Luther King invoked and pushed America heroically towards do have a disparate impact thanks to that toxic inner-city culture. We are unwinding our civilization. Because of this problem. Instead, we should address it head-on and and say it is not racist to be colorblind that again was Heather McDonald, the author of the war on cops and you that last thing she said that you probably heard that you think that will or are we supposed to be just colorblind will that's racist.

According to critical race theory that you can treat people just not on the basis of her skin color as the Bible wants you to do. You are racist for even trying to do their thinking and you can do that because a person's skin color, their ethnicity is the key part of their the primary part of their identity. So this cause and effect this idea of critical race theory and the effect this had, has just ramped up to a level previously unknown in this country where the government immediately started diversity training sessions using Robin to Angelo and her terrible book, white fragility, then it's moved into the corporations and businesses that are all stumbling over each other to see who can be most woken who can support black lives matter the educational system that the government system. It's all steeped in critical race theory now because of course as controlled by the federal government. It's in the military and now tragically it's making inroads into the evangelical church. Of course the mainline denominations have accepted this right away because they're left us politically but the troubling thing is it's now making inroads into the evangelical church and the idea there is the same one that Blacks are oppressed, and the church is complicit.

There is the idea. There is the cause. So what is the effect what needs to be done.

Reparations restitution's they use the example of Zacchaeus defrauding people the story from Scripture will get into this more next week about how he when he came to Christ. He said he'll pay back those he's defrauded, and therefore that is the basis for reparations. As a result of the oppression of Blacks in this country.

Kevin DeYoung writes for the Gospel coalition wrote an excellent review of this new book entitled reparations a Christian call for repentance and renewal in this is going to be coming to the church, your church sometime soon and I am very skeptical that Christians are going to be able to fend this off. We will read from that book review that Kevin DeYoung did on this new book entitled reparations written by a white person and person of Asian ethnicity. The arguments that these two co-authors make in the book are very persuasive and it takes a sharp biblical worldview to be able to dismantle them so we will get into that next week in the program. I hope you join us for part two of this topic. Thank you as always for listening to the Christian worldview. And supporting this ministry will also want to thank our national sponsor Samaritan ministries. We hope you visit our website the and find out more about them.

They are a great biblical solution to healthcare and we have a banner ad in our website where you can find out how they would be helpful to your healthcare needs.

As we talk about these issues of critical race theory. In these godless fallen corrupt philosophies of mankind there's always some truth in them. Course no one would believe them that there was no truth or there something always that appeals to us for appeals to our weakness. Satan knows how to do that when he tempted Eve in the garden. He knew what to say to make the lie attractive to her and she gave into it.

We believers cannot give into these godless philosophies of critical race theory and things like it. We must stand strong in the truth of the word of God because Jesus Christ and his word are the same yesterday and today and forever. So until next time think biblically live accordingly and stand firm. The mission of the Christian worldview is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians claim the gospel of Jesus Christ. We hope today's broadcast encouraged for that and you hear a replay of today's program or to sign up for free weekly email to find out what must I do to be saved to your website or call us toll-free at 1-888-646-2233 Christian worldview as a listener supported ministry and furnished by the overcoming foundation, a nonprofit organization.

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Thanks for listening to the Christian worldview.

Until next time think biblically and live accordingly

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