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TCW Short Take #5 - Week of

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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November 25, 2018 7:00 pm

TCW Short Take #5 - Week of

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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Let's say someone's tune into the program is never tuned in before their trying to make sense of all is being discussed today about the Reformation and the Puritans and the pilgrims and so forth and sanctification. Could you just describe what you mean by what is the gospel and how someone can be made right with God and why there is a necessity for us was a call for us to be right with God that a great question and we actually must have clarity here too we begin with who God is. We begin with this idea that there is a creator and this creator has revealed himself in his word. He has made himself known in his word and what we've learned as we look to his word is that we, his creatures were disobedient fields of the season of Thanksgiving will there's a text in Romans one that says we did not give him thanks.

Instead we sort of turned against God and worshiped the creation rather than the creator.

And that's our sin that's our sin before God with the sin of our first parent, Adam in the garden disregarded God's word disobeyed God, he plunged all of us into sin and the reality is, not only are we born a sinner but we sin and we terminal back on God, God in his graciousness, sent his son, his only son is beloved son and Jesus, when he came in the incarnation was born of the Virgin Mary, Jesus did what we cannot do that. He kept the law.

He was perfectly obedient to his father but he also undid what we did do and so while he was perfect and sinless and obedient.

He was condemned to the cross and died on the cross and what Scripture says about this event.

This historical event was that this was God pouring out his wrath upon sin. And so Jesus as our substitute in our place who died in our place and as this sinless, spotless lamb he took upon him. Our sin is so we can stand forgiven we can have our sins forgiven, we can approach this holy creator God that we are separated from and it's all because of what Christ is done for us, to the gospel is very simple. God is holy. We are sinful we need a substitute and that substitute is Jesus Christ and I were coming soon into the Christmas season here, and this is really the story of Christmas that Jesus came into this world to save us from our sin and he is the spotless lamb who can take away our sin, and so the gospel just points us to Christ and what he did for us on the cross. There were called to respond to all you just said by the repenting of our sin and entrusting by faith and in who Christ is and what he did for us on the cross so absolutely we hope you gain from this Christian worldview radio program here the full program and for the ministry.

Visit the Christian worldview.I'm David

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